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Nagababu dares YCP leaders to bring Jagan for debate


Actor and Jana Sena leader K Naga Babu on Tuesday released a self-recorded video throwing two challenges to the ruling YSR Congress leaders. He called them tasks and wanted the YSR Congress leaders to complete them. He also called the YSR Congress leaders as jokers, the characters picked up from the comic puppet shows.

The first task that Naga Babu wanted the YSR Congress leaders to do was to declare that they are not going for early polls. He alleged that the YSR Congress leaders were giving leaks to the media about the possible early polls. He wanted a clear statement on this issue and asked the YSR Congress leaders to put an end to the speculation over early polls.

The second task that the actor gave was to make Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy to be ready to face Pawan Kalyan in an open debate on the development of the state. He did not mention the name of Jagan Mohan Reddy, but called him as Thanos Reddy, a name that Pawan Kalyan had given to Jagan. Thanos is the super villain character in the comic books of America.

Naga Babu said that the YSR Congress leaders were heckling Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena every time and wanted them to prove their worth. He wanted the puppet show characters of the YSR Congress to bring their Thanos Reddy to face Pawan Kalyan in the open debate.

He said the open debate should be held in the presence of neutrals, intellectuals and media representatives. It is now to be seen how the YSR Congress leaders would react to this statement of Naga Babu as it starts going viral in the social media.

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RGV and Nagababu: Previous fight and current reconciliation


Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma and mega brother Nagababu used to have war of words earlier. But it seems they have reconciled now. Details as follows.

Nagababu and RGV fight in the past:

During the pre release function of Chiranjeevi comeback film Khaidi number 150, Nagababu made surprise attack on RGV and Yandamuri for their previous derogatory comments on mega family. While Yandamuri apologised for the derogatory comments he made in the past, RGV retaliated by making series of comments on Nagababu, and commented that he is leading un-jabardast life. But RGV deleted his Twitter account after couple of days and came back to social media several months later only. Even before elections also he targeted Pawan Kalyan and mega family.

Reconciliation between RGV and Nagababu now:

Probably first time after that issue, Nagababu and RGV reconciled now. As RGV dared to question the ruling YSRCP government in the issue of movie ticket prices, entire industry is appreciating his guts. His questions to cinematography minister trending in the state now. Nagababu appreciated his comments and retweeted RGV questions.

Nagababu commented that “ You’re absolutely right… And you took the questions right out of my mouth… @RGVzoomin“. RGV responded to it by saying, “ Thank you Naga Babu Garu ..I hope more people from our industry will address this issue“.

We need to wait and see whether they will continue the same rapport in the future as well.

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Naga Babu submits his resignation for MAA


The elections of MAA for 2021-23 are held yesterday and Manchu Vishnu is elected as the new President of MAA. Naga Babu kept supporting the panel of Prakash Raj and the veteran actor lost in the polls. Naga Babu announced his resignation for MAA after the results are out. He said that MAA is occupied with people who are narrowminded and it is filled with regional feelings. Naga Babu said that he is not in a mood to continue as a member for MAA and he will send the resignation through his staff in the next 48 hours. Naga Babu also said that he took the call after thinking so much and there is no influence of anyone.

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MAA Elections: Naga Babu comes to support Prakash Raj


The prestigious MAA Elections will take place on October 10th in Hyderabad. There is a tough fight happening between the panels of Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu. Mega actor Naga Babu came out to support the panel of Prakash Raj and he addressed the media about the MAA Elections. He expressed his confidence in Prakash Raj delivering his promises made for MAA. He clarified that Prakash Raj is one of the finest actors of Indian cinema and he wants to take the responsibility of MAA despite packed schedules as an actor.

“Prakash Raj is one of the busiest actors of Telugu cinema. I asked him directly if he can dedicate time for MAA if elected as President. He replied that he is ready to lose films to work for MAA. There are people commenting that Prakash Raj is a Karnataka actor but this is not true. He is an actor who represents Indian cinema and not a single language. We have to support him as he wants to take this responsibility which is quite tough. Manchu Vishnu questioned if Prakash Raj stands in support of Pawan Kalyan or in the support of Tollywood. I am not sure about his thoughts. MAA will reach new heights only after Prakash Raj will work for three terms. He came up with different plans for the association and we are here to support him” told Naga Babu.

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Bigg boss 5: Nagababu reveals, whom he is supporting this season


Bigg boss is one show that is watched by common people and celebrities alike. Many celebrities like director Anil Ravipudi earlier revealed how big fans they are for this show. Nagababu also usually openly reveals whom he supports in the house. In the last season he supported Abhijeeth. Now he revealed his favourite contest this season. Details as follows

Nagababu commented on Bigg boss 5 recently. He told, he likes anchor Ravi, Annie master, singer Sriram, Priya and Nataraj master. But, he added, he is extending his full support to trans-woman Priyanka. It is known news that Priyanka started his career with Jabardast as Sai Teja and later changed the gender. She hails from Srikakulam district. Nagababu told that Priyanka faced many hardships in life. He also recalled how he helped her when she didn’t get opportunities after changing her gender. He reiterated his support is what’s with her.

We need to wait and see whether whether Priyanka will be able to leave her mark in the show.

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Naga Babu responds about Niharika’s Wedding


Mega girl Niharika Konidela is all set to get hitched soon. Soon after the news broke out about her marriage, the actress herself introduced her husband-to-be Chaitanya Jonnalagadda to the world through her Instagram page. The duo looked beautiful together and the engagement will take place soon. During his recent interview, Niharika’s father Naga Babu responded about her wedding.

“It is not a public event to discuss or reveal much. It is the wedding of my daughter and is a family affair” said Naga Babu. Niharika’s engagement with Chaitanya will take place on August 13th and the wedding date is yet to be locked. The duo may get married in December this year. Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan along with the family members will attend the engagement ceremony. Niharika decided to quit films after a series of attempts in Tollywood.

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Naga Babu comment on 2 leaders: Mega confusion


No doubt, the three celebrity brothers of Mega family are continuously changing their stand on burning issues of AP all through. In the process, they are sending more wrong signals than giving political assurances to the people. Now, the latest such self-contradictory message came from Naga Babu. He has tweeted that the AP people are getting crushed in between two real estate leaders. He not given names. But it is obvious that Naga Babu has targeted both Jaganmohan Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu. Political circles are expressing surprise on why Naga Babu made such a damaging comment against TDP boss at a time when his brother Pawan Kalyan is trying to work together with the main opposition to counter the oppressive Jagan Circar. Even more surprising is the question why the Mega brothers are changing their political policies frequently that are hurting the AP people rather than their rivals.

Already, Chiranjeevi announced his total support to Jagan Reddy’s proposal to shift Capital City, saying that it would resolve regional imbalances in development. Chiru stand came as a big surprise as he was long not reacting on political issues. Even Pawan Kalyan adopted such conflicting stand and gave tough time to Chandrababu Regime by opposing forcible acquisition of land for Amaravati Capital. He accused TDP of sand and other corruption that gave an advantage to Jagan Reddy who eventually won with a historic majority despite his Rs 43,000 Cr CBI assets cases. Now, Nagar Babu is creating confusion. Is lack of political clarity within Mega family proving to be a big disadvantage for AP people?

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Adirindi vs Jabardasth war reaches peaks


TV channels competing for TRP rating is not a new thing. But the specific program in one channel waging war with another program in a different channel is not very common. In Telugu tv world, one such war is currently going on. The war between the programs Jabardast and Adirindi seems to have reached peaks this Sunday. Details as below.

Mallemala team showing doors to directors of Jabardasth, Nagababu, and comedians of Pataas:

Jabardast program that is telecast on Thursday and Friday on ETV has been a very successful program in the Telugu TV industry. Nagababu, one of the hosts in this program, recently quit this show owing to the differences with Producers of the show. Prior to this, Nitin and Bharat, the directors of the show were shown the door by the production team of Jabardast. As per reports, Nagababu didn’t like the way the directors of the show, who put their entire efforts for this program, were removed from the show and that finally led to his exit. Mallemala team, the producers of Jabardasth, who also produced Pataas show did the same with several comedians of Pataas show earlier.

Jabardast extra show on Sunday to clash with Adirindi:

Now all those who got offended by Mallemala team, including the directors Nitin and Bharat, Nagababu, comedians of Pataas joined the new show with the title ‘Adirindi’ that is telecast in ZEE. This program is telecast on Sunday 9 pm while Jabardast is telecast on Thursday and Friday at 9:30 pm and so there is no clash between these programs. Adirindi program started last week and it is just 2nd episode this Sunday. But Jabardast program that is usually telecast on Thursday and Friday is telecast on this Sunday at the same time of Adirindi program, probably to hamper prospects of Adirindi show in the initial stage itself. It looks like Jabardasth makers intentionally telecast one of the old episodes of Jabardast at the time of the telecast of Adirindi.

Adirindi seems to be successful but…

On the other hand, ‘Adirindi’ program also seems to be successful and it garnered almost the same kind of views on youtube. As the artists in this show – Dhanaraj, Venu, Chammak Chandra, and RP are already familiar faces to the audience. But the initial hiccups are clearly visible. Even though Adirindi is entertaining the audience, the skits are not yet on par with those of Jabardasth


Telugu audience loves comedy. That’s why we have so many comedians in our industry. Definitely, there is scope for more comedy programs in TV industry and there is no need to kill the prospects of other programs for any of these programs. Makers of these programs need to realize that there is no need for unhealthy competition or predatory practices. More comedy programs also mean work for more TV artists.

-ZURAN (@CriticZuran)

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Actor Shivaji Raja’s return gift on Nagababu


Actor Shivaji Raja today convened a press meet and fired on mega brother Nagababu, who is contesting as MP from Narasapuram constituency. It is known news that Shivaji Raja challenged to Nagababu after losing in Movie Artist Association (MAA) elections that he will give a return gift to Nagababu. It seems this press meet of Shivaji Raja is part of that return gift.

Shivaji Raja fired on Naga Babu for supporting Naresh P, Rajasekhar and Jeevitha in the MAA Elections and told how can Nagababu support those who lambasted Chiranjeevi earlier. Shivaji Raja clarified that he doesn’t have anything against Chiranjeevi or Pawan Kalyan but he is against Nagababu only. He alleged Nagababu has never helped a single penny to anyone in his entire life. He asked people not to vote for Nagababu as he misutilized MAA funds when he was MAA president. He called Nagababu supporting Naresh panel as backstabbing. He told, if Nagababu is won, Narasapuram will not at all develop. He told all castes will join hands to defeat Nagababu.

With Shivaji Raja’s comments, Narasapuram contest has become even more interesting. It is known fact that Shivaji Raja also belong to the community that both the opponents of Nagababu in Narasapuram (Raghurama Krishnam Raju, Shivarama Raju) belong to.

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Pawan Kalyan’s brother Naga Babu to fight LS polls


Actor and Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan’s brother Naga Babu on Wednesday joined the party and was immediately named the party candidate for the Narsapuram Lok Sabha constituency in Andhra Pradesh.

K. Nagendra Babu, popular as Naga Babu, is also an actor and producer. He formally joined the Jana Sena in the presence of his younger brother, who welcomed him into the party fold with a party scarf.

Speaking on the occasion, Kalyan said it was because of Naga Babu that there was political awareness in him. He exuded confidence that his brother would win the election from Narsapuram.

Naga Babu said Kalyan was his leader and he would do whatever his leader wants.

Both Naga Babu and Kalyan had campaigned for the Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) floated by their eldest brother and superstar K. Chiranjeevi in 2008. They, however, did not contest the elections while Chiranjeevi had entered the fray from two Assembly constituencies.

In the 2009 election, PRP could win only 18 seats in the then 294-member Assembly of undivided Andhra Pradesh. Chiranjeevi subsequently merged the PRP with the Congress party and became a minister in the Congress-led UPA-II government at the Centre.

Kalyan formed the Jana Sena in 2014 when Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated. In the elections held the same year, Chiranjeevi campaigned for the Congress while Kalyan supported the Telugu Desam Party-Bharatiya Janata Party alliance.

Following the Congress party’s humiliating defeat in Andhra Pradesh, Chiranjeevi distanced himself from politics and made a comeback in the film industry.

Kalyan had on Tuesday announced that he will contest Assembly elections from two constituencies – Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka.

Jana Sena is contesting next month’s Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections in alliance with the Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India-Marxist and the Bahujan Samaj Party.

Elections to the 175-member Assembly and all 25 Lok Sabha seats are scheduled on April 11.

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Nagababu satirical video on media goes viral


Mega brother Nagababu, who has been making videos in YouTube on various social and political scenarios, has come up with a satirical video on Telugu media yesterday. His video goes viral and currently trending in YouTube.

It is known news that some of the Telugu media has become completely biased and supporting some political parties blatantly. Pawan Kalyan who doesn’t have his own media is the biggest loser because of this nexus of media and political parties as they are completely avoiding any news of Pawan Kalyan and janasena. So Nagababu made a video on trend of current Telugu media. English video he personified corrupted media and media with values. he played the role of a Baba who preaches corrupted media to be on the side of public rather than the corrupted politicians.

He indirectly mentioned Andhra Jyoti, Sakshi, Radha Krishna, Ravi Prakash, Rajnikanth, Vasanth, Murthy, Sambasiva, and some other media personalities. At the same time it doesn’t look like a direct attack on any of them. Video also made indirect references to TDP and ysrcp by mentioning their party symbols. As the video didn’t miss the entertainment quotient, many people are liking the video and the video became trending in YouTube.

We will have to wait and see how far the videos of Nagababu will help Janasena

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Nagababu to contest for Narsapuram MP from Janasena?


Mega brother Nagababu has been in news in recent times for various reasons. Just before the release of NTR biopic, he came down heavily on actor and MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna for the senseless comments he made earlier on Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi. Recently he has been making videos in social media targeting ruling TDP. But he never disclosed his interest to join direct politics.

But as per reports it seems, janasena may give Narsapuram MP ticket to Nagababu. Nagababu spoke to Pawan Kalyan yesterday and ever since that speculations are doing rounds in political circles about Nagababu contesting from Narasapuram. Earlier there was news about Karatam Rambabu, who has very good name in this area , contesting from janasena for this constituency. But it seems his age is a hindrance. As per latest news Pawan Kalyan is considering to field Nagababu from this constituency. As per social equations, this constituency is supposed to be very strong for Janasena.

We will have to wait and see how will be the political future of Nagababu.

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3rd degree on Janasainiks, Nagababu fires on TDP


It is known news that TDP leader Yamini Sadineni complained to police after she was trolled by some netizens in social media. Police arrested some netizens, who are supporting Janasena, and reportedly they were beaten up by police. Nagababu responded through social media on this and lambasted TDP government, Chandra Babu Naidu and DGP for this. Details as below.

Click here:TDP Spokeswoman – Who is Yamini Sadineni?

Background of the case:

TDP leader Yamini Sadineni, has been in news ever since she entered politics. Despite coming from entrepreneurial background, immediately after joining politics, she targeted Pawan Kalyan and made derogatory comments like – Pawan Kalyan is pavala (25 paise) while Lokesh is worth of Rs 2000/-, Pawan Kalyan knows only one thing i.e. crushing Jasmines (malle poolu nalapadam). The video in which she made these comments immediately went viral.

After her comments, Janasena followers also started trolling her on social media. At the same time YSRCP followers also trolling her as she has been making sharp comments on Jagan. But it seems, these trollings crossed limits and some unknown elements are even making threatening and malicious phone calls to Yamini. Her morphed photos are posted on the social networking sites. TDP IT wing has looked into this and TDP has filed complaint with the Guntur police.

Nagababu response:

Nagababu responded on this issue and told that, it is ok for her to complain to Police as she was trolled and the matter needed to be dealt legally by producing them to court. But the way police handled them, is causing concern, Nagababu told. He told, police beaten up those Janasainiks and applied third degree on them. He questioned, how can police resort to such illegal punishments. He also alleged that Yamini herself went to police station and manhandled one of the netizens. Nagababu asked, “Are these guys terrorists to manhandle like that?”. He reminded that their family also was abused by some people on media but why TDP government never took any action on them. He also lambasted media and told, no media covers these kind of incidents when people supporting Janasena are beaten up by police as all these media channels are busy working for TDP.

Nagababu told, if situations demand, he will not hesitate to fight directly and he is willing to sacrifice even his life to protect Janasena cadres. He told, TDP leaders need to understand, Power is not permanent and TDP is on the verge of losing power in 2019. Overall, even though the way netizens trolled Yamini needs to be condemned, police and Yamini taking law into their hands and beating up youngsters need to be condemned. We will have to wait and see how these kind of incidents will impact elections.

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RGV supports Nagababu comments


It is known news that Nagababu has recently targeted Nandamuri Bala krishna. Earlier he made comments that he doesn’t know who Bala Krishna is. Later he made further fun by saying he know who Bala Krishna is by showing the photo of yesteryear comedian Bala Krishna. Now, Nagababu came out and started explaining the reasons for his trolling on Bala Krishna.

It seems he has done lot of home work before making comments on Bala Krishna. He is revealing 6 instances of past when Balayya made demeaning comments on Pawan or Chiranjeevi or Janasena party. Even though Nandamuri fans and TDP fans are fuming at Nagababu for this, mega fans are elated with Nagababu comments because they are seeing at least some one countering Bala Krishna’s demeaning comments on Janasena and Mega family.

Now maverick director Ram Gopal Varma tweeted in support of Nagababu. He told he is jealous of Nagababu and appreciated the way he supported his star brothers. He added, ‘we also love your brothers as much as you love’. It is surprising to see RGV supporting Nagababu as both of them had bitter war of words earlier.

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Naga Babu has a political motive behind his comments ?


Few days ago, actor and Chiranjeevi’s brother Naga Babu raked a controversy with his statements on Nandamuri Balakrishna. Firstly, he said that he is not doesn’t know who Balakrishna is. Later, he mocked him by saying that he knows a comedian named Balakrishna. Continuing his attack, he targeted Balakrishna again and again through his social media posts and videos.

Standing pat by his statements, Naga Babu, earlier today, posted a video and said that he made comments on that particular person only because the latter has insulted his brothers several times. He said his brother has campaigned for TDP during last elections and opined that it is not right on the part of the person ( Balakrishna) to say that he is not aware of Pawan Kalyan.

Naga Babu has his own reasons for launching a tirade against Balakrishna. But, one might wonder why he is creating friction between fans for the comments made by Balakrishna six months ago. If he was hurt with those comments, why hadn’t he reacted at that time? What made him wait all these days. Also, why is he not openly admitting that he is making comments on Balakrishna ? What is reason behind his evasive statements on Balakrishna several times and finally saying that this is a tit for tat to his comments made on Pawan Kalyan. What is reason behind raking over the old coals again and again at this juncture ? All these questions point to the impression that Naga Babu might have a political motive behind his comments. When all star heroes and their families are maintaining good rapport, foolish acts like this are creating frequent discord between fan groups resulting in unnecessary hatred.

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Naga Babu irritates Balakrishna yet again


Mega brother Nagababu has been making sarcastic comments on hero and MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna recently. Once again he made similar but indirect sarcastic comments on Nandamuri Balakrishna.

Earlier, Nagababu surprised everyone by saying he doesn’t know who Balakrishna is. When the reporter asked about Balayya, he spoke about senior character artist Balayya. Later in another video spoke about yesteryear comedian Valluri Balakrishna. As everyone knows, Nagababu is taking revenge on Nandamuri Balakrishna who earlier made haughty comments on Pawan Kalyan saying he doesn’t know who Pawan Kalyan is. Recently also Nagababu posted a video of a small kid singing “Sare jahan se Acha ” song , obviously to irk Balakrishna, who forgot the song in a public campaigning.

Now the latest is – Nagababu posted the photo of a buffalo and commented that “these buffaloes and pitbulls are up for sale, they have sustainable breed and bloodline. Please go through above websites to buy buffaloes and pitbulls.”. This may look like a generic post but if one observes it carefully, it is clear that Nagababu is trolling Balakrishna who earlier, in a TV interview, spoke that he is from a rare bloodline and his family comes from rear breed.

It seems Nagababu is not willing to stop this trolling on Balakrishna, as NBK was the one who started these kind of arrogant statements on Pawan Kalyan.

– Zuran

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Naga Babu mediating between Janasena and YSRCP


With the Telangana election fever coming to an end, the entire focus shifted towards Andhra Pradesh. The Assembly and Parliament elections will take place during April / May next year. The political picture in the state has been changing on regular basis. Recently Mega brother Naga Babu met YSRCP senior leader Vijay Sai Reddy and this news created sensation all over. The discussions are on from the past three days informed a source.

There are wide speculations that YSRCP and Janasena will join hands in the upcoming polls and Naga Babu meeting Vijay Sai gained political prominence. There are talks that Naga Babu took the responsibility to convince Pawan Kalyan in joining hands with YSRCP and the party is happy to offer 25 Assembly seats, 5 Parliament seats for Janasena. Pawan Kalyan is currently holidaying in Europe with his family and it is still unclear if he is aware about the meeting of Naga Babu and Vijay Sai Reddy.

There are even speculations that YSRCP is in talks to join hands with Janasena and met Naga Babu initially. We have to wait to see how Pawan responds on this after he returns back.

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Varun Tej and Naga Babu surprises Pawan Kalyan


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan floated his political party Janasena and he is busy with political engagements staying away from films. Mega Prince Varun Tej and his father Naga Babu surprised Pawan with their donations. Varun donated Rs 1 crores for Janasena while Naga Babu donates Rs 25 lakhs. Pawan revealed this news through his official Twitter handle.

“My heartfelt thanks to Varun Tej for Rs 1 Cr donation & to my brother Nagbabu garu for Rs.25 lakh donation to JSP. It came as a surprise Christmas gift for the Party.I am truly greatful for what you both have donated. Once I am back,I will meet you up to convey my gratitude” posted Pawan. He is currently in Europe and is holidaying with his family.

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Opinion : Naga Babu please keep your mouth shut for the sake of Varun Tej


Mega brother Naga Babu, in one of his recent interviews to a YouTube channel, made a controversial statement on Balakrishna. When the interviewer asked his opinion about Balayya, Naga Babu replied he is not aware of anyone with that name. This has now become a hot topic of discussion among everyone in film industry.

While Mega fans have interpreted this statement as a tit-for-tat reply to Balakrishna’s earlier statements on Pawan Kalyan, others have criticised Naga Babu for needlessly kicking up a controversy with his silly comments. It is well known that Naga Babu’s son Varun Tej is just now emerging as one of the promising young heroes from Mega clan. At this time, these needless controversial statements from Naga Babu might turn out to be a bad press on Varun’s image.

Through out his career, Naga Babu was under the shadow of his brother Chiranjeevi’s image and popularity. Also, he hardly succeeded as a producer. So, when his son Varun is making good strides and trying his best to carve out a niche, these silly comments have definitely come at a wrong time. Naga Babu should keep his mouth shut atleast for the sake of Varun Tej.

— Surender Reddy

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Viral video: Naga Babu’s tit for tat for Bala Krishna


Naga Babu, in an interview given to youtube channel, told he doesn’t know who Bala Krishna is. The comment came as surprise, because as everyone knows Naga Babu knows Bala Krishna very well. But actually this is in fact a tit for tat by Naga Babu to Bala Krishna, who earlier asked “Who is Pawan Kalyan?”.

Bala Krishna’s comments in February 2018:

In the early 2018, while Bala Krishna was interacting with media, a reporter asked for his response about Pawan Kalyan’s plans to contest from Anantapur district. In one of the earlier meetings, Pawan told that he will contest from Anantapur district. As everyone knows, Bala Krishna represents Hindupur constituency, which is also in the same Anantapur district. So he got irritated with the question and answered – “Who is Pawan Kalyan, I dont know” (Pawan Kalyaanaa? Evarathanu?”).

Netizens’ reaction in Feb 2018:

That video went viral and netizens lambasted Bala Krishna for his arrogant comments. Some netizens posted Bala Krishna’s earlier photo with Pawan and reminded him that he knows Pawan. Some others lambasted Bala Krishna’s opportunism as Pawan extensively campaigned for TDP in 2014 elections and played crucial role in TDP winning the elections and questioned, “Is this the way to treat a person who helped you?”

However, except a few. most of the channels didn’t show the video of Bala Krishna’s arrogant comments on Pawan Kalyan and so, many people have doubt that whether Bala Krishna made such comments. But the video is available in social media dated 2nd week of February, in which Balayya made these arrogant comments.

Naga Babu’s Tit for Tat

In a latest interview of a youtube channel, reporter was asking Pawan Kalyan’s brother Naga Babu about his opinion of celebrities like RGV, Bala Krishna etc. Out of all the answers he gave, his answer regarding Bala Krishna caught everyone’s attention and the video came viral in social media immediately.

Reporter asked “What is your opinion on Balayya”. Naga Babu replied, I don’t know who Balayya is. Later Naga Babu corrected himself and told (albeit sarcastically), I know Balayya, he is very senior actor and character artiste and went on talking about character artiste with the name ‘Balayya’. Then reporter intervened and asked Naga Babu, “I mean, here, Balayya means Nandamuri Bala Krishna, not character artiste Balayya”. Then Naga Babu told again that he doesn’t know any one with the name Bala Krishna.

As everyone knows, Naga Babu knows Bala Krishna very well as Chiranjeevi family and Bala Krishna’s family are very close to each other. This answer from Naga Babu needs to be seen as Naga Babu’s tit for tat for Bala Krishna’s arrogant comments earlier.

-ZURAN (@CriticZuran)

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