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Lokesh decries tying up women with ‘chunnis’


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Friday condemned the latest atrocious behaviour of the revenue officials towards a mother and her daughter at Gudipadu village in Gudur mandal of Kurnool district.

Nara Lokesh called it inhuman on the part of the Jagan Government to misuse women police to suppress the rights of women in the State.

The TDP MLC said Meenakshamma and her daughter put up a stiff resistance when the officials came to take over the site in front of their house. In a very alarming manner, the women police used their ‘chunnis’ (dupattas) to tie up and immobilise the protesting mother and daughter.

Lokesh deplored that the common public were suffering untold misery because of the non-stop atrocities being committed by the Chief Minister and his party leaders, police and volunteers. It was high time Jagan Reddy should begin one more exclusive app to protect the public from his own party YSRCP goondas.

Lokesh said the victims of lawlessness were terrorised and prevented from raising their voices against the Government’s excesses. The time would come when all sections of men and women would come together to fight against the chaotic regime of Jagan.

The TDP MLC said that the civil society hanged its head in shame as the officials humiliated the mother and daughter at Gudipadu. Instead of feeling ashamed of such incidents, the YSRCP and its Government were only committing more such offences with no concern for the people’s rights.

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Lokesh demands arrest of YSRCP MLA Jakkampudi Raja


TDP general secretary and former minister Nara Lokesh on Thursday demanded immediate arrest of YSRCP Rajanagaram MLA Jakkampudi Raja for ‘slapping’ an assistant executive engineer (AE) in Polavaram project in East Godavari district.

Nara Lokesh termed as ‘atrocious’ the YCP MLA’s unprovoked attack on Polavaram AE, T Surya Kiran at the R&B guest house in Rajahmundry in the presence of senior officials.

The TDP MLC said the frustration and maniacal outbursts of the ruling party MLAs were crossing all limits. When Jakkampudi Raja slapped the AE, the senior officials did not try to stop him. But later, the same bosses brought pressure on Surya Kiran not to file the police case against the MLA.

Lokesh said T Surya Kiran has been working as the AE in Polavaram Irrigation Project Left Main Canal (PIPLMC) division-2 in Dowleswaram. The YCP ‘rowdy MLA’ slapped the AE right in the presence of PIPLMC Circle superintendent engineer B.S.S. Yadav, irrigation SE D. Rambabu and PIPLMC sub division-1 SE M. Srinivasa Rao.

Lokesh condemned the manner in which the Government employees’ associations did not respond despite such a humiliating attack on a colleague. Moreover, the YCP MLA resorted to the attack in an official meeting in the presence of senior officials. Jakkampudi Raja targeted the AE over non-payment of bills to his followers.

Lokesh released videos that showed the AE narrating how the YCP MLA slapped him thrice in the face. The MLA did not even give time for him to explain his limitations and his inability to pay the bills. The AE gave a written complaint to the Rajahmundry 3-Town police, saying that the YCP MLA attacked him over the Rangampeta pushkar works.

The TDP MLC said that the YCP goondas have now targeted the Government employees after victimising the opposition TDP and the general public. If the employees’ associations raised their voice when Dr. Sudhakar was persecuted, the ruling party leaders would not have repeated such attacks.

Lokesh pointed out how Dalit doctor Dr Sudhakar was beaten, paraded half naked, branded as insane and then driven to death. Senior IPS and IAS officers were ill-treated. The TDP would not keep silent on this and it would intensify its fight against the barbaric rulers.

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Lokesh accuses YCP leaders of building wall to block a street


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Wednesday accused the ruling YSRCP leaders of competing with their CM Jagan Reddy to harass the people with their lawless activities.

Lokesh said YCP leader Sameer Reddy went to the extent of constructing a wall to shut down Anakalaveedhi street in Veldurthi in Kurnool district.

The TDP MLC expressed shock that the YCP leader and his followers unleashed a vicious attack on the local residents when they opposed the wall. The lawless YCP mob pelted stones and glass bottles, causing injuries to the remaining residents in the street.

Lokesh said even women and children were attacked by the ruling party goons. Not a single top leader of YSRCP tried to prevent Sameer Reddy from constructing the wall right across the street. The Veldurthi incident marked the peak levels to which the ruling party leaders’ sadistic attacks could reach.

Lokesh deplored that the common public were greatly suffering as the YSRCP leaders were showing their ugly sadism like villains in movies. As usual, the police officials were excellently performing their role as silent spectators to the ruling party’s villainism.

The former minister pointed out that the ruling party leaders were trying to suppress all voices with their brute power. While the YCP leaders were unleashing their brutal attacks, the general public were revolting against them with greater force. Jagan Reddy and his party should at least realise it would not be possible to stifle the voices of the public.

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Is Lokesh planning for padayatra?


The success of Mahanadu at Ongole this time had raised the confidence levels of the TDP leaders in the state. The leaders are now in an elated mood and believe that the party would return to power in the 2024 elections if they work a little harder.

The TDP leaders across the state have held press conferences where they displayed the increased confidence levels after the Mahanadu. The leaders asserted that the TDP would return to power in the state with just a little push by the top leadership.

Even the activists are in elated mood with the success of the Mahanadu. The ranks who are down morally with the party’s humiliating defeat in the 2019 elections and the subsequent defeat in the local body elections are now fully recharged.

As the mood of the activists is up, the leadership is planning to sustain the increased confidence levels among the activists. The top leadership is now busy evolving strategy to sustain the upbeat mood among the workers.

One such plan is to make TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh to launch padayatra. Lokesh wants to be in the midst of the people for the next two years. Interestingly, Lokesh too had agreed to undertake the padayatra to be with the people, particularly the party workers.

The party leadership is now working on the schedule and the strategy to be followed for the padayatra. While some of the leaders are of the opinion that Lokesh should tour all the 175 Assembly constituencies in the next two years, some leaders favour a route covering majority Assembly constituencies.

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is also planning for a bus yatra as his son Lokesh takes up padayatra. Naidu wants to engage both the media and the people through these two different programmes for the next two years and win the 2024 elections.

It is to be seen when the TDP would announce the programme and the schedule.

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Lokesh demands arrest of YSRCP MLC


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Friday demanded immediate arrest of YSRCP MLC Ananta Udaya Bhasker alias Ananta Babu for ‘murdering’ his former car driver in Kakinada district in Andhra Pradesh.

Lokesh said the YCP MLC arrived in his car, kidnapped Subrahmanyam and returned only to hand over the dead body around midnight. When family members alerted neighbours, the MLC left his car and the dead body there and vanished from the scene.

Lokesh also demanded a CBI investigation into the murder of Subrahmanyam, who worked as car driver for the YCP MLC till four months ago.

Lokesh strongly condemned the manner in which the police did not even respond when the victim’s parents complained about the ghastly crime. After eliminating the car driver, MLC Ananta Babu and his followers tried to turn the murder into an accident death.

Lokesh deplored that the ruling YCP mafia had turned AP into a State that was more dangerous than Bihar. The parents of ‘slain car driver’ were directly accusing Kakinada YCP MLC of killing their son. They said the YCP MLC himself came to their house, kidnapped their son around 8.30 p.m. and then brought back the dead body around midnight.

Lokesh released videos that showed Subrahmanyam’s friends and relatives blaming Ananta Babu for the murder. The parents strongly objected to the MLC bringing their son’s dead body to their house instead of reporting the matter to the police. It was a crime on the part of the ruling party MLC to shift the dead body from the accident spot if it really occurred.

Lokesh said that the common public were terrified at the non-stop criminal offences of the YSRCP leaders from top to bottom. The car driver’s friends deplored that the police did not respond to their complaints, he said. The staff at the Sarpavaram police station said the death occurred under the Kakinada Two Town police station limits and vice versa. This was totally unacceptable.

Lokesh condemned that the ruling YSRCP leaders were behaving as if they were licensed to kill. The law and order had totally deteriorated, he said and added that MLC Ananta Babu told the parents that the car driver died in an accident. The MLC brought the body in his car and tried to convince the parents. When the parents raised an alarm, the MLC left the body and his car there and escaped from the scene.

The victim’s relatives said the YCP MLC bore a grudge against Subrahmanyam over a woman. Jealousy would have been the reason behind the ‘ghastly murder’. It had become a ritual for the YCP goondas to kill and then turn those murders into suicides, heart attacks and accident deaths.

The parents asked why the police did not take action when there was his car, video and other evidence available to accuse the YCP MLC of murder.

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Lokesh says Jagan lost trust of poor people


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh accused the ruling YSRCP of using hired goons and criminals to suppress the rising voices of the people against the Jagan Reddy misrule.

Lokesh condemned the latest attack by the YCP miscreants on Dalit woman Karlapudi Venkayamma just for voicing her strong feelings against the Government’s policies. They attacked her house at Kantheru in Guntur district.

Lokesh asserted that all sections of people in the State were expressing the same opinions as those of Venkayamma. Would Jagan Mohan Reddy target all the 5 crore people of Andhra Pradesh? There would be serious repercussions if any harm would be done to the illiterate and poor SC woman.

Lokesh said that Venkayamma had genuinely expressed her concern that the poor people were leading miserable lives under the Jagan rule. Instead of realising their mistake, the ruling party leaders were threatening the Dalit woman and her family members and relatives. Every citizen of the State was vexed with the manner in which the YSRCP was targeting critics and rivals.

Lokesh further criticised CM Jagan Reddy for unleashing more heinous attacks on the political rivals. It was apparent that the faction mindset of Jagan Reddy was reaching new lows after the people were running away from his public meetings.

Lokesh decried the attack by the YSRCP miscreants in which the car of TDP state secretary Sainatha Sarma was damaged and vandalised in Kadapa district. The TDP leader was targeted just because he was exposing the massive corruption of Jagan Reddy’s maternal uncle and MLA Ravindranath Reddy.

The TDP MLC asserted that the CM and his party MLAs were suffering from the phobia of defeat in the next elections. Because of this, they were trying to use threats and intimidation. The people had realized that the Chief Minister’s promises were all lies and betrayals.

Lokesh said that Jagan Mohan Reddy had lost the trust of the people a long time ago. The people would not be afraid of the ruling party’s attacks and victimisation.

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Gadapa Gadapaku turned into ‘Dabidi Dibide’, says Lokesh


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Monday lauded the people for boldly raising their voices against the ruling YSRCP MLAs and Ministers in the ongoing ‘Gadapa Gadapaku Government’ programme.

Lokesh said the Government had to hold the mass contact programme ‘behind the purdahs and curtain nets’ because of rising protests from all sections. The huge public backlash had further exposed the massive anti-Government wave in the State.

Lokesh sarcastically thanked Chief Minister Jagan Reddy for exposing his own regime’s unpopularity by holding Gadapa Gadapaku. The whole State had come to know the high range to which the anti-Government feelings among the people had reached in just three years.

Lokesh said the common public had turned the Government’s Gadapa Gadapaku into their own ‘Dabidi Dibide’ programme. They were openly questioning and criticising the YCP MLAs for not solving their problems at all. They demanded explanations from the Ministers on the ‘Badude Badudu’ taxes and charges that made their lives miserable.

The TDP MLC termed it as a pity that the ruling YSRCP MLAs and Ministers had to go to the people with massive security by the police. The intelligence wing had cautioned the Chief Minister about the huge public outcry that would come during the Gadapa Gadapaku visits.

Lokesh said that due to lack of an alternative, the ruling party leaders were carrying out Gadapa Gaddapaku programmes amid unprecedented bandobast. Drapes, curtains and nets were being used to prevent the public from freely interacting with the YCP leaders. Moreover, shops were being closed and preventive arrests were being made ahead of the Gadapa Gadapaku visits.

Lokesh called it ironic that the Chief Minister, who claimed credit for massive welfare programmes, had to take the help of the police even to face the public. Jagan Reddy held padayatra all over the State before the 2019 elections but in just three years, he was not able to freely go to the people’s doorsteps.

The TDP MLC said that the YSRCP regime used the police to suppress the voices of the opposition, social media activists and civil society in the past. Now, it was using the police force to silence the voices of the poorer sections who were just pouring out their unresolved problems to the YCP MLAs.

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YSR threatened to break Jagan legs, says Lokesh


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Friday asserted that it was Jagan Mohan Reddy who was well known for spreading lies and betrayals but not Chandrababu Naidu.

Lokesh said that late Y S Rajasekhara Reddy had himself threatened to break the legs of his son Jagan Reddy if the latter set his foot again on the AP soil.

Lokesh pointed out that former CM late Konijeti Rosaiah had revealed this about YSR’s warning to his son. It was apparent that Rajasekhara Reddy could not tolerate the lawlessness, intimidation, cheating and betrayals of Jagan Reddy in those days itself.

The TDP MLC released a video showing how Rosaiah explained about the frustration of YSR over Jagan Reddy’s illegal activities at that time. Because of this only, Jagan Mohan Reddy had targeted and subjected Rosaiah also to political victimisation. Jagan Reddy’s misdeeds and excesses had started even during his father YSR’s regime itself.

Lokesh called it a misfortune that Jagan Reddy, whom YSR had asked not to set foot on AP soil, had eventually become the ruler of the State. The moment he became the CM, he started perpetrating a regime of frauds, illegalities and betrayals on the people.

Lokesh condemned the circumstances in which Sarpavaram SI Gopala Krishna died in Kakinada district. There were suspicions that the ruling YSRCP leaders had victimised and harassed him, eventually leading to his death. The Jagan Government caused the untimely death of an honest police officer.

Lokesh said that it was now the turn of the police after the opposition and people to face the onslaught of Jagan Reddy’s arrogant vendetta. As usual, the fellow police officials were spinning unbelievable stories on the SI’s death. A judicial enquiry should be launched into the suspicious death of Gopala Krishna.

Lokesh demanded stringent punishment to the culprits however highly placed they may be. The Government should come to the rescue of the family of the deceased police officer. If the remaining police officials would not do justice to Gopala Krishna, nobody would come to their rescue if they would be targeted in future.

The TDP MLC asked how the police could ensure safety and security to the people when their lives were not secure. The YCP rulers have victimised all sections from political rivals to Government employees to social media activists and construction workers. The police officials were no exception.

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Lokesh decries ‘cover-up’ of Proddatur gang-rape

TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh asked why ‘neither gun nor Jagan’ came to rescue when a Dalit girl was gang-raped and impregnated at Proddatur in the Chief Minister’s own native Kadapa district.

Lokesh called it ‘inhuman’ on the part of the police to cover up the molestation cum impregnation case. The woman police wing brought the gang-rape to light and tried to do justice to the victim girl but it all went in vain.

Lokesh demanded the Government to explain why the police officials did not immediately register the case. Instead of making efforts to nab the culprits, they made efforts to hush up the gang-rape. They silently shifted the girl to a private home in violation of the rules.

Lokesh recalled how crores of public money were spent on advertisements in the media to lift up Jagan Reddy image. They campaigned extensively that Jagan would come before the gun to rescue victims of atrocities. But now, neither gun nor Jagan arrived to prevent the Proddatur atrocity.

Lokesh said the offenders had molested and made a teenage girl pregnant. The YSRCP Ministers should answer why they failed to do justice to her. Was it correct on the part of Jagan rule to protect the accused? The Chief Minister had no right to talk about women safety any more.

The TDP MLC said that it had become a habit for the Government and the police to protect the culprits even in the most heinous of atrocities. Victims were being further victimised while the offenders were being protected under Jagan Reddy’s reverse rule.

Lokesh expressed concern that the Government was not taking any corrective measures to rescue women. The gangsters were taking drugs and drinking J-brands of liquor. They were committing non-stop atrocities. There was no safety at all to girls and women who were facing atrocities on a daily basis in some place or other.

The TDP MLC termed it as ironical that the woman home minister was not able to do anything to check the rate of atrocities on women. Jagan Reddy was preferring women as the home ministers but not showing any interest in woman safety.

The CM should realise that atrocities would come down only when deterrent punishment would be given to the culprits. A molestation accused took his own life fearing stringent punishment under the Chandrababu rule.

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One chance CM giving no chance to live, says Lokesh


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Wednesday expressed concern over the steady ‘deterioration and collapse’ of all systems under the YSRCP Government in the past three years. Lokesh said the latest death of accident victim Ramakrishna in Atmakur hospital in Nellore district indicated the alarming situation in the Government medical and health services.

Lokesh said that the staff at Atmakur hospital played with the life of lecturer Ramakrishna. There was a duty doctor but the services of a sweeper and security guard were taken to treat the bike accident victim.

Lokesh called the death of Ramakrishna a ‘Government murder’ as it happened because of the absence of services at the hospital. While Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy was busy with his political vendetta, all institutions and systems witnessed a gradual decline. The general public falling prey to the failure of systems.

Lokesh said the people gave ‘one chance’ to Jagan Reddy in the elections. After coming to power, he was giving ‘no chance’ to the public to lead happy and peaceful lives. The general public were losing their right to live under the present rulers.

The TDP MLC recalled how the Chief Minister spent huge amounts on his publicity advertisements in the media. The ruling YSRCP Ministers described Jagan Reddy as a saviour of the people’s lives. But in reality, the CM proved to be an agent of death like Yama for the innocent people.

Lokesh deplored that lack of timely treatment was causing untimely deaths of accident victims. The Government was ‘totally responsible’ for the death of Unguturu YSRCP MPP Prasanna Lakshmi in a road accident in Krishna district in the past. The life of woman MPP would have been saved if the ambulance arrived to shift her to hospital in time.

Lokesh said that bad and pot-holed roads were resulting in frequent accidents. Dismal ambulance and hospital services were taking a heavy toll on the people. Innocent people were becoming victims of the YCP inefficient rule, its endless greed and corruption.

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Naidu, Lokesh slam arrest of Narayana


TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu and general secretary Nara Lokesh on Tuesday accused the YSRCP Government of arresting former Minister P. Narayana as part of its endless political vendetta against the opposition leaders. They said the Jagan Reddy regime was resorting to the cheap tactics of arresting the TDP leaders to cover up its failures and misdeeds.

The TDP leaders asserted that Narayana’s arrest was made only to cover up the Government’s inefficiency in the 10th class paper leakage. The Narayana couple were arrested in a case in which they had no role to play in any position or manner.

They deplored that it had become a habit for the present rulers to pass on the blame to others for all their failures. The Jagan and Co have made it their trademark to commit offences and irregularities for which others were being made scapegoats.

The TDP leaders recalled how Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayana and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy had made contradictory statements over the 10th paper leakage scam. All the people of the State had seen how the Minister changed his statements on the issue.

Lokesh termed it ‘atrocious’ that the Government was arresting the TDP leaders while not touching the ruling YSRCP leaders who were the main culprits. By protecting the offenders and harassing the innocents, the Jagan Reddy regime has been deriving sadistic pleasure.

Lokesh said that the Government was focusing on political vengeance rather than protecting the interests of lakhs of students who were writing different examinations. The present generation was suffering very badly because of the narrow policies of the YSRCP.

The TDP MLC asserted that the Jagan Reddy Government was using cheap gimmicks to divert the public attention from its countless frauds and failures. The unlawful arrests of the opposition leaders were part of the ulterior plans of the CM.

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Lokesh slams gun culture under Jagun rule


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Monday expressed concern that Bihar-type ‘gun culture’ has come to terrorise the people of Andhra Pradesh. Lokesh expressed shock over the brutal attack on a girl by a gun-toting maniac at Thatiparthi in Podalakuru mandal in Nellore district.

The TDP MLC termed it as ‘inhuman’ that one Suresh Reddy shot dead the girl just for refusing to marry him. The golden future of an innocent girl was cut short by the bullet from a maniac’s gun.

Lokesh demanded that the Government should put a full stop to the rising and non-stop attacks on girls and women. Unless stringent action was taken against the culprits, such incidents would not stop.

Lokesh recalled how the ruling YSRCP leaders made full-throated promises that Ja’gun’ Reddy would arrive much before the ‘police gun’ to stop atrocities on girls. After coming to power, the YCP was not able to check the growing crime rate against women. All sections were feeling unsafe as of now.

The TDP MLC deplored that a wide variety of reasons were becoming responsible for the deteriorating law and order in AP. It was high time for the Government to wake up and prevent the State from sliding into total lawlessness.

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CM relatives extorting public in Pulivendula, says Lokesh


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Monday asked Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy to explain how the initial suicide theory turned into rape in the Tejaswini case.

Lokesh said that all possible efforts were being made to protect the YSRCP culprits who were responsible for the ‘rape and murder’ of pharmacy student Tejaswini at Gorantla in Sri Satya Sai district.

Lokesh recalled how the local DSP wasted no time to announce it as a ‘suicide’ even before the post mortem report arrived. Did the DSP do that only to see joy in the eyes of the CM and YCP leaders?

Lokesh said that the Chief Minister and his Ministers should at least open their eyes and realise that the TDP’s so-called noise was not meaningless. Would the CM respond in the same indifferent way if their children became victims of a similar crime?

Lokesh asked how the DSP concerned could make a hasty announcement when Tejaswini’s parents were clearly saying that their daughter was raped and then killed. No doubt, the suicide theory was aimed at rescuing the YSRCP ‘Dandupalyam gang’ from punishment.

The TDP MLC expressed concern that while Jagan Reddy was looting the public through the sand and liquor mafia, his own relatives were competing with him by carrying out extortions in Pulivendula. Jagan close relative Y.S. Konda Reddy tried to extort huge money from a construction company which was carrying out development works in the CM’s own segment.

Lokesh said the common public should guess what would be the situation in other parts of the State when the Chief Minister’s own assembly constituency witnessed threats and extortion by his own relatives. At least now, the Government should take serious action against the gangsters and fraudsters who were looting the general public.

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Lokesh plea for proper Intermediate exams


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Wednesday urged Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy to take steps for conducting the intermediate examinations in a trustworthy manner.

In a letter to the Chief Minister, Lokesh said the students would have suffered severe setbacks due to paper leakages and mass copying in the 10th class examinations. The Government should wake up and learn its mistakes from the way the 10th class exams were conducted.

Lokesh said that the YSRCP Government’s failures were exposed in the 10th class examinations conducted for the first time since its election in 2019. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the examinations were not held under the Jagan Reddy rule for the first two years.

The TDP MLC deplored that the examinations held by the YCP Government for the first time had opened a dark chapter in the country’s history. This was because of the failure of the administration led by Jagan Mohan Reddy. There were daily incidents of paper leakage, impersonation and other wrong practices.

Lokesh said that the question papers circulated widely in the ruling YSRCP groups in different parts of the State. Obviously, it was meant to get good marks for the ruling party leaders’ children. However, the teachers were being implicated and arrested out of vengeance for their protest agitations for PRC and CPS cancellation.

Lokesh slammed the Government for fixing targets for the teachers on the one hand and, on the other hand, suspending them by holding them responsible for paper leakages. In the TDP regime, GMC Balayogi resigned following the paper leakage at that time.

The TDP MLC said the failures of the CM, officials and his party leaders’ greed had endangered the future of 6.22 lakh students who took the 10th exam. The question papers of Telugu, Hindi, English and Maths appeared in the YCP whatsapp groups even before they reached the exam centres.

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Will Lokesh stay away from any yatra?


The TDP leadership had almost made up its mind to launch a mass contact programme for party chief N Chandrababu Naidu. The programme is likely to start in August and the schedule is to be decided during Mahanadu to be held in the last week of May.

In all probability, Chandrababu Naidu would undertake a bus yatra across the state. He is planning to cover every revenue mandal in every Assembly segment in the next two years. The back of the TDP is preparing a list of the failures of the YSR Congress government in the last three years to highlight them during Naidu’s bus yatra.

The strategic team of the party, which sits in the NTR Bhavan in Hyderabad, is also busy preparing route map and the issues to be raised during the public meetings of the party chief.

While the party leadership is busy with the preparatory work for Naidu’s bus yatra, the young teams of the party are encouraging their general secretary Nara Lokesh to undertake a parallel programme to be in the midst of people.

Initially there was a proposal for Lokesh to start padayatra but it is said that majority of the party leaders are in favour of cycle yatra. According to the initial plans, Lokesh would go around the state with about 50 cycles with him.

However, there is another argument that the two simultaneous yatras would divert the attention of the media and the people as well. Lokesh yatra would take a portion of media attention and that would dilute the seriousness of Chandrababu Naidu’s bus yatra.

The senior leaders advise Lokesh to stay back as Chandrababu Naidu would go around in the bus yatra. They want the media and the peoples’ focus to remain with Chandrababu Naidu so as to counter the ruling YSR Congress campaign and strategy.

However, sources say that Lokesh is unwilling to stay away while his father goes around. Lokesh and his coterie want the young leader to play a key role in the 2024 elections to be close to the people. It is to be seen whether Lokesh would stay silent or would take up a simultaneous programme along with his father.

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Sirisilla police obstruct Ka Paul’s visit


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Monday asserted that whatever statements made by Telangana Minister K.T. Rama Rao on the prevailing situation in Andhra Pradesh were all facts. “There is no power, no water and no roads. The media people are suffering more and they are getting spondylitis because of potholes. I know four reporters who have been taken ill because of this,” said Lokesh.

During his visit to Kurnool, Nara Lokesh called on the family members of Rajavardhan Reddy who passed away in an accident. The TDP would stand by the side of the family of Rajavardhan who quit the IT profession to become an MPP and even studied law to fight legal battles on behalf of the public.

Replying to questions at a press conference on the occasion, Lokesh said the ruling YSRCP leaders first attacked the opposition TDP and then the general public. Now, they started attacking even the neighbouring State Ministers just for telling facts about the AP people’s suffering. The TDP had never resorted to such attacks or criminal activities.

Lokesh asserted that even on the issue of Vanajakshi during the TDP rule, Chandrababu Naidu did not suspend her. A committee was appointed and action was taken based on its report. But, the Jagan regime did not appoint any committee on the remarks made by Dalit doctor Dr Sudhakar. He was victimised, branded as insane and driven to death just for asking for a face mask.

Lokesh recalled how later Rajavardhan Reddy worked hard to strengthen the TDP in Kurnool. From now on, only hard workers and fighters would have a future in the TDP. Tickets would be given to only those who would come out and fight on behalf of the people. Those staying in the AC rooms would have no future.

The TDP MLC said that Jagan Mohan Reddy had made huge promises to develop Kurnool as a judicial capital. But in the past three years, not even land was acquired for the High Court building. The Chief Minister had failed to even take it up with the Chief Justice during their recent meeting. It was the TDP which brought a mega seed park, two cement factories and solar parks in Kurnool.

Lokesh said after the next Mahanadu, he would undertake field visits to all the irrigation projects to expose the YCP Government failures. Jagan Reddy had done nothing to help the farmers in any region of the State. The TDP regime came up with the Pattiseema project so as to ensure water supply to both Rayalaseema and Coastal districts even during dry spells.

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AP health services deteriorated completely, says Lokesh


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on Wednesday condemned the attack on an infant’s father by Talli Bidda Express drivers at the Government Hospital in Visakhapatnam.

Lokesh said the Vizag hospital incident came as a shock to the people who were yet to recover from seeing the inhuman behaviour of the ambulance mafia at the Tirupati Ruia Hospital the other day.

The TDP MLC also said the series of disturbing incidents at the Government hospitals had exposed how badly conditions have deteriorated in the medical and health sector in the State. They were forcibly collecting Rs. 3,000 for delivery of a male child and Rs. 2,000 for a female child in the gynaecology ward of KGH.

Lokesh asked whether the Jagan Reddy Government was deriving amusement out of the woes of patients. Doubts were arising whether the medical and health department was sleeping when the Chief Minister was confining himself to the four walls of his Tadepalli palace.

The former minister released a video in which the infant’s father showed who he was attacked and injured. They said the drivers attacked them when they brought their own transport to shift the infant. All these problems arose because of the rampant corruption in all services in the KGH hospital.

Lokesh strongly condemned the latest cases filed against Gudivada revenue inspector Aravind and other staff. The victims of the ruling YSRCP mafia were implicated in fabricated cases. The Jagan Reddy reverse regime has been harassing victims and protecting gangsters and criminals ever since it came to power in the State.

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Tonsure your head, Lokesh tells Jagan

TDP general secretary and former minister Nara Lokesh reacted sharply to chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s statement that no one can pluck his hair. Jagan Mohan Reddy said in Nandyala Public meeting the other day that the opposition parties were leading a false campaign against him and his government.

Stating that he has the support of the people and blessings of God, Jagan Mohan Reddy said that no one can pluck his hair, indicating that the opposition and vernacular media can’t defeat him in the next elections.

Reacting to this statement, the TDP general secretary advised Jagan Mohan Reddy to tonsure his head so that no one can pluck his hair. He further said that if Jagan continues to govern the state like this and take it to the debt trap, people would pluck his hair and tonsure him in the 2024 general elections.

Lokesh alleged that Jagan had failed on all fronts in the last three years and had taken the state backward. Every sector is now showing a downward growth and it will take decades for the next government to keep things in place.

Lokesh has been actively touring the state and improving his contacts with the party workers and the people. He is seen mostly among the people every day and is finding his place in the media too speaking against the government.

The defeat in the 2019 elections seems to have taught him some lessons as he is changed and found in the midst of the people unlike in the past. It is to be seen how far people would take him seriously in politics.

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Lokesh raises ST status demand for Valmikis, Boyas


TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh has urged Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy to convince the Centre to include Valmiki and Boya communities in the ST list. He wrote a letter to the chief minister raising the issue.

Lokesh stressed the need for conferring the ST status on the two communities which have been eking out their livelihoods by hunting and gathering forest produce since ancient times. The Satyapal team, formed by the Chandrababu regime, also reported how Valmikis, Boyas were lagging far behind in socio-economic and political spheres of life.

In a letter here, Lokesh told Jagan Mohan Reddy that on December 1, 2017, the Chandrababu Cabinet approved a resolution recommending to the Central Government for including the two communities in the ST list.

The State’s recommendation was based on the Satyapal panel report. The Cabinet, AP Assembly and Council resolutions along with the Satyapal report were sent to the Centre for further proceedings.

Lokesh reminded the Chief Minister of his pre-election promise to strive for ST status to Valmikis, Boyas. The previous TDP regime had provided all the required information to the clarifications sought by the Union Tribal Affairs Ministry on September 5, 2018. Ever since, the issue has been pending with the Centre.

The TDP MLC strongly objected to Jagan Mohan Reddy turning totally indifferent to the cause of getting the ST status for the two deprived communities. In the past three years, many sessions of the AP Assembly and Council were held but the CM did not take up even a single small debate on the Valmikis, Boyas issue.

Lokesh recalled that on October 20, 2021, former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu wrote a letter to the Prime Minister seeking the ST status to Valmikis, Boyas. It was on the occasion of the Valmiki jayanthi. However, the AP Government has not initiated any efforts towards this objective.

Lokesh said any Government should continue efforts to complete the tasks and projects initiated by the previous Governments for solving the problems of the people. The AP regime was totally neglecting this. As a result, Valmikis, Boyas have suffered severe losses. After three years, the ruling party MPs gave a memorandum to the PM on the ST status issue.

Lokesh urged Jagan to take an all-party delegation to Delhi to press for the inclusion of Valmikis, Boyas in the ST list. There was a strong need to convince the Centre to approve the AP Assembly and Council resolutions and Satyapal report that were already submitted to it.

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Nara Lokesh to take out Padayatra from August?


Nara Lokesh is all set to embark upon a massive Padayatra starting from August. The Padayatra, according to the TDP sources, is going to be record-shattering. The TDP ranks feel that such massive yatra alone will be able to channelize the anti-YSRCP mood among the people. The yatra, if sources are to be believed, will start from Chandrababu’s home turf of Kuppam.

The yatra would be year-long but with three to four breaks in between. Originally, the idea was to take up a yatra in April or May, but this idea was abandoned in view of the oppressive heat during that season. Hence a cooler August is being preferred for the yatra.

The chief aim of the yatra is to project Nara Lokesh as a credible alternative to YS Jagan. Lokesh has suffered severe damage to his image after he lost the MLA elections in the 2019 elections to a relatively unknown Alla Ramakrishna Reddy in Mangalagiri. Also, the gaffes in Lokesh Babu’s speeches and some of his controversial comments have seriously dented his image. It is to refurbish his image that the yatra is being planned.

Padayatras have been passports to political success in Andhra Pradesh. In fact, late YSR started this and his Praja Prasthanam catapulted him to power. Later, Chandrababu undertook Padayatra and came to power in 2014. Jagan and Sharmila’s padayatra took YS Jagan to the portals of power. Will Lokesh Babu’s padayatra too do the same thing for Lokesh? Let’s want and see how things pan out.

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