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Is TDP planning two yatras in 2023 to defeat YS Jagan?


The TDP insiders say that both Chandrababu and Lokesh are planning to organize huge yatras across the state of Andhra Pradesh in 2023, which is a good one year before the elections. They want to time the yatra so as to create a massive buzz about the TDP. If sources are to be believed, two yatras would be taken out. One will be led by Chandrababu, while the other one will be led by Nara Lokesh.

The yatra is likely to cover the whole of Andhra Pradesh. If TDP insiders are to be believed, Chandrababu Naidu is likely to take up a bus yatra in view of his age, while Lokesh is likely to take up a bicycle yatra. This will help in improving the recognisability of the party’s election symbol. So,  a cycle yatra covering all the districts and major towns would be able to rejuvenate the party, the think tanks of the party feel.

The only issue of concern is Chandrababu’s age. He would be around 74 by 2014. Will he be able to withstand the pressures of the yatra? Sources say Chandrababu is known for taking care of his health. He is known to be a yoga and meditation enthusiast and is known to keep himself fit. So, party sources say that he would be able to withstand the rigours of the yatra. In fact, he had earlier conducted yatras ahead of the 2014 elections. So, party sources feel that he would be able to manage the tough rigout of the yatra.

The party also estimates that Jagan may not be able to take up a padayatra this time as he is in power and his presence is needed in the capital for longer periods of time. Similarly, his yatras would need more security that what is needed for a leader of opposition. So, the TDP estimates that Chandrababu’s padayatra would be able to elicit better response.

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Lokesh improves his working style


AP’s political watchers see a perceptible difference in Nara Lokesh Babu’s working style. Despite objections and complaints from seniors like Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary, Lokesh Babu is showing marked improvement in picking the right issues and planning programmes to achieve positive results. The results of Lokesh Babu’s new and transformed working style are now being felt by the party workers.

Using online communication systems like zoom, he first took up the issue of unemployment. He organized a series of online programmes that helped build a mood on the issue. Later, he took up the issue of cancellation of the SSC and Intermediate examination. He addressed several well-attended programmes, where students and youth connected well with Lokesh Babu. The issues he had highlighted compelled the Jagan government to effect necessary changes in the system.

His quick response to the brutal murder of engineering student Ramya Sri too has helped the TDP put the YSRCP in a spot. He rushed to Guntur to call on the parents of the girl. By arresting him for calling on Ramya Sri’s parents, the YSRCP had betrayed its nervousness and garnered sympathy for him. The YSRCP leaders rushed to her house and offered sops to the parents. In fact, the government promised a job, a piece of land to Ramya Sri’s sister. All these were due to the initiative taken up by Lokesh.

Now Lokesh Babu’s statements and his taking up of various issues are now being discussed even among the YSRCP cadres. The YSRCP leaders too are appreciative of the pro-active steps of Lokesh Babu. They also feel that lokesh has worked hard on his physical appearance and other such issues.

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Handling senior leaders: What Lokesh can learn from Jagan?


A war of juniors vs seniors is on in the TDP. Several senior leaders, who have put in years of service in the TDP are finding it difficult to adjust to the leadership of young Lokesh. Lokesh has brought in a corporate style of functioning and accountability into the party and this is not to the liking of seniors. This is said to be the real reason for Butchiah’s revolt.

Many senior TDP leaders are said to be okay with Chandrababu’s domineering attitude. But, they are unable to put up with young Lokesh. Several seniors like Butchaiah, JC Diwakar Reddy and former speaker Pratibha Bharathi have similar complaints. They say that Lokesh does not meet without a prior appointment. For the seniors, taking Lokesh Babu’s appointment while they freely walk into Chandrababu’s office is quite unpalatable.

But, some say Lokesh has to learn how to handle the seniors from YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. When he formed the YSRCP, several of his father’s associates and fellow travellers had the same kind of problem. They felt Jagan was too domineering. But then, Jagan carefully edged out his father’s close associates. He managed to edge out the likes of KVP, Raghuveera and even Vundavalli Arunkumar. Lokesh too is facing the same situation. While there is a lot of craze for him among the youths, the seniors look at him differently.

“Generational shift is very difficult to handle. The TDP is now passing through a generational shift. The senior leaders, who had proximity with Chandrababu, will find it difficult to get along with Lokesh. After all, the yardstick with which Lokesh measures the party workers and leaders is going to be vastly different from his father’s,” quipped a party senior.

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Why are TDP cadres happy at Lokesh’s arrest?


In the whole episode of TDP General Secretary Lokesh Babu’s arrest in Guntur, know who is the happiest? The TDP cadres. Yes. Unbelievable but true. The TDP is happy that finally they have got an issue to fight for. There’s a leader who is not arrested for past deeds like botched up dairies, sold out land deals.

Here was Lokesh, who was arrested for consoling a bereaved family. The girl was brutally murdered by a maniac youth who was spurned by her. This in itself evoked a lot of sympathy. When Lokesh went to console them, why should the YSRCP government arrest him? By arresting him, the YSRCP government lost some sympathy and Lokesh gained a lot of support.

Moreover, the way the police treated Lokesh too has created sympathy for Lokesh. He was held by the collar, dragged away and bundled into the police vehicle. All this has created sympathy for Lokesh. Also, shifting of Lokesh from one police station to another and registering a case very late have also turned out to be beneficial for Lokesh. The spontaneous protests across the state are an indication that the YSRCP has handed a potent weapon to the TDP. Hence the TDP cadres are happy.

Even YSRCP insiders feel that the police were over-enthusiastic and that there was no need to arrest Lokesh. By arresting Lokesh, many feel that the YSRCP scored a self-goal. This has given the TDP cadres, who were low on morale and down in the dumps all these days, a powerful stick to beat the YSRCP.

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TDP launches website to safeguard party cadres


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Wednesday said a website, itdpblog.com, has been launched to protect the party’s cadres.

“The itdpblog.com website has been designed for the protection of party activists. This is another step in the direction of standing by the TDP family,” said Lokesh.

The TDP’s second-in-command said that the platform will empower the party activists to expose the alleged atrocities of YSRCP leaders on social media as well as bringing to light the difficulties of people and solving them.

He advised the opposition party activists to make use of the WhatsApp phone number listed on the website to alert in the event of any trouble from the police or YSRCP supporters.

“Along with legal help, the party will stand by you in all ways. To save people from the atrocious rule of Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, all TDP activists should take part in this,” he said.

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‘Sky is limit’ for fuel prices in Andhra Pradesh: TDP


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) general secretary Nara Lokesh on Saturday alleged that “sky is the limit” for fuel prices in Andhra Pradesh, demanding the government slash tax burden on petrol and diesel.

“Fuel prices are zooming like sky is the limit. With record breaking prices, petrol is Rs 108 per litre and diesel Rs 100 per litre,” said Lokesh.

He said these exorbitant fuel prices are “sucking people’s blood worse than leeches”.

The TDP’s second in command questioned as to why Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is not slashing taxes on fuel and alleged that it indicates the magnitude of the government plundering the masses.

On Saturday, TDP leaders and cadres protested against the high fuel prices and consequently expensive goods and services by standing in a ring of fire in Nellore town near Gandhi statue.

The TDP leaders sent across a message hinting that a common man’s life is like burning inside a ring of fire under Reddy’s rule.

Earlier, Lokesh met with the representatives of students and youth unions to discuss the problems being faced by unemployed youth.

He demanded the government to cancel the recent jobs notification and called for a new one with 2.3 lakh jobs, declaring TDP’s support will be there for a protest being planned in Tadepalli for jobs.

Meanwhile, TDP MLC Gummidi Sandhya Rani demanded the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) to launch a full-fledged inquiry into the alleged illegal bauxite mining activities in Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts’ agency areas.

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Jagan promised lakhs of jobs but released only hundreds: TDP

TDP’s second-in-command Nara Lokesh on Wednesday demanded the arrest of Chief Minister Y. S.Jagan Mohan Reddy for allegedly promising lakhs of jobs but releasing a calendar with only hundreds of jobs.

“I demand the arrest of Reddy who promised lakhs of jobs but cheated by releasing a notification with only hundreds of jobs,” alleged Lokesh.

He condemned the arrest of unemployed youth and students who were protesting demanding the state government to release a job notification with the 2.3 lakh jobs promised in the ruling party’s manifesto.

Lokesh alleged that the job aspirants were protesting the recent ‘jobless’ notification released by the government and demanded the police to release them from their illegal arrest.

He alleged that under Jagan’s democracy, even a peaceful protest by unemployed people is being considered a crime.

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Why YSRCP’s targeting of Lokesh is good news for TDP?


The TDP cadres are happy these days. Despite the recent electoral reverses at the panchayat, mandal, ZP and Lok Sabha bypoll levels, they are feeling more confident. The reason? The significant image makeover of their young leader Nara Lokesh has given them a fair amount of confidence.

Gone is the hesitancy in choosing words. Today Lokesh is no longer a Twitter star. He is jumping into the field at every available opportunity. He is rushing to the places where the TDP workers are under attack and is the first to reach the trouble spots. Not just that! His statements are now more meaningful and his choice of words has significantly changed.

For instance, his comment that Minister for Education Adimulapu Suresh is actually a minister for confusion has become an instant hit. The fact that many are now addressing the Suresh as Minister for Confusion is indication that the punch line has hit the bull’s eye.

The recent spate of online meetings with students, the unemployed and the Group 1 aspirants show that he is maturing as a leader. Also, his quick reaction to the twin murders of TDP workers in Kurnool district too has instilled confidence among the party workers. Many workers are now beginning to look up to Lokesh.

More importantly, the ministers and the spokespersons of the YSRCP are now targeting Lokesh more. They are directing their barbs against the young leader. This is good news, according to the TDP cadre. Their targeting of Lokesh will only further strengthen him, they say. The more criticism, the better for Lokesh and for the TDP, they claim.

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Nara Lokesh sets 36-hour ‘deadline’ for AP govt to cancel board exams

Telugu Desam Party’s second-in-command Nara Lokesh on Wednesday issued a 36-hour ‘deadline’ for the Andhra Pradesh government to cancel 10th standard and intermediate examinations in order to save the lives of lakhs of students, parents and teachers in the state from Covid-19.

The TDP national general secretary demanded the state government change its adamant stand and admonished it to mention in the affidavit to the Supreme Court that it is willing to cancel the exams.

“Otherwise, the Telugu Desam Party would further step up its agitation as well as its legal struggle to bring the stubborn regime to its knees and to protect the interests of students at any cost,” he said.

Incidentally, Lokesh started the agitation after introspection and stated that as a father he would not like to send his own son to write examinations at the risk of getting infected.

“Minister Adimulapu Suresh should also think like a father and he should introspect whether it would be correct to apply different moral standards for his own children and those for the rest of the parents in the state,” he said.

The former TDP minister urged Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy to pay a little attention to the students’ problems and called on the government to immediately promote all students to higher classes.

“No exams should be conducted and marking system should be followed on the lines of the CBSE. It is high time for Reddy to decide whether he would want to continue to be a ‘Mental Mama’ or change to become a ‘Manchi Mama’ (Good Uncle) to the children,” Lokesh noted.

According to Lokesh, an IIT-Kanpur report has warned of the likelihood of a third Covid wave peaking in October and observed that if the southern state were to hold exams in July or August, it would put the students at greater risk compared to other states.

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Lokesh begins youth outreach, looks leaner, more communicative

Nara Lokesh is slowly but surely trying to reach out to youth, students and women in a systematic manner. With Corona restrictions and lockdowns trying him down to his residence, he has begun an outreach programme online to interact with the youth, most of whom would become voters by 2024.

These outreach programmes, which began a week ago are aimed at repackaging himself. A leaner, tee-shirt clad, bearded Lokesh is trying to talk to the students, especially the girl students. He is raising right questions such as lack of jobs and the YSRCP government’s plans to hold examinations despite Covid restriction. On June 10, he interacted with youths on the issue of unemployment. On June 16, he interacted with intermediate students, whose exams have been postponed.

Lokesh tried to allay the fears of the students about the Covid uncertainties. Using the online platform, he attacked the YSRCP government. He called education minister Adimulam Suresh as a confusion minister and termed YS Jagan as ‘mental mama.’

This programme, which was aired on all major TV channels and their YouTube versions, tried to position Lokesh as a communicative , youth friendly and concerned leader. In a clever move, Lokesh covered up the shortcomings in his speech by speaking mostly in English. Secondly, he tried free chatter to endear himself to the youths.

This surely must be one of the strategies suggested by poll spin doctor Robin Sharma, who is advising the TDP. But the response seems to be encouraging. The general feedback is that Lokesh needs to improve his looks. He has become too lean these days. The lean frame is gawky and he needs to work out on this, said PR and image-making experts.

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Andhra govt is under-reporting Covid deaths: TDP


Telugu Desam Party national general secretary and Andhra Pradesh opposition leader Nara Lokesh on Monday alleged that the state government is hiding the actual number of Covid deaths to deny paying compensation.

“We have been saying this from the beginning – the YSRCP government is shamelessly covering up deaths to deny compensation in the future. The latest figures have shocked us,” alleged Lokesh, citing a media report.

According to the data shared by the TDP’s second in command, more than 1 lakh deaths occurred in May but only 2,938 were categorized as Covid deaths.

From the beginning of the pandemic until Sunday, the AP government officially reported that 11,940 people have succumbed to the virus.

Meanwhile, Lokesh wrote to Governor Biswa Bhusan Harichandan, requesting his immediate intervention in the ‘opaque and highly questionable practices of the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC)’, pertaining to the Group I selections.

“The conduct of the Constitutional body (APPSC), some of whose members were appointed by your office in the past two years, has led to aspirants of Group I examination to approach the High Court,” he wrote.

Lokesh demanded a thorough enquiry by a sitting judge to ‘restore trust and legitimacy’ on APPSC.

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‘Amul Baby’ giving away AP wealth to Gujarat: Lokesh


TDP MLC Nara Lokesh has launched a scathing attack on CM Jaganmohan Reddy, saying that the YCP regime is bent on handing over valuable public and private properties in Andhra Pradesh to the Gujarat-based companies. CM Jagan Reddy has literally turned into an ‘Amul Baby’ by ruthlessly trying to give away all the long-standing dairies in the State to Amul Dairy. Quite alarmingly, the AP Government has stooped to the level of preparing to spend Rs. 3,000 Cr public funds of AP to pass on benefits to Amul.

Lokesh visited Vijayawada and called on Sangam Dairy Chairman and TDP ex MLA Dhulipalla Narendra who was released on bail after a prolonged legal struggle. Lokesh said it was only after Mr. Narendra successfully exposed the Chief Minister’s misinformation campaign on ‘insider trading’ that false cases were filed and political victimisation was stepped up against the TDP leader.

The AP Government would have to pay Rs. 500 Cr public funds towards principal and interest to Amul every year because of the CM’s wrong policies. Dhulipalla Narendra had exposed the wrong ‘insider trading’ claims with the help of a ‘sting operation’ in the Capital City area. The YCP leaders should explain whether it was wrong on the part of Mr. Narendra to give Rs. 4 more per litre additionally to the dairy farmers. Was it a crime to provide medical services to the local people by constructing a hospital? The Sangam Dairy was rendering wonderful services for decades but now it became a target for political vendetta.

The TDP MLC warned that some officers were implementing the partisan and factionist Raja Reddy Constitution and they would surely face serious consequences. The TDP would pay back with compound interest to each and everyone who were showing unde enthusiasm to victimise the opposition and to destroy the State.

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Pawan, Somu, Lokesh slam Govt for Ruia oxygen deaths


The Opposition parties are stepping up their attacks on the YCP Government in the wake of oxygen shortage tragedies at different hospitals in Andhra Pradesh. The latest tragic death of over 11 patients for lack of oxygen supply at the Tirupati Ruia Hospital triggered all out criticism from the rival parties.

Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has demanded the Jaganmohan Reddy regime to take responsibility for the deaths that were happening due to oxygen shortage. There were reports from all over about the patients dying due to this problem in the Government hospitals. Senani decried the YCP regime for not having a proper plan on the oxygen supply chain management till now.

Even BJP AP President Somu Veerraju has blamed the Jagan Reddy regime for its negligence in this time of the Coronavirus rampage in the State. He has advised the YCP leaders to correct their mistakes and take remedial measures immediately.

On the other hand, TDP MLC Nara Lokesh has said that many more deaths took place at the Ruia hospital as per the relatives and eyewitnesses. There were all the Government murders. The CM should wake up from his slumber and show some humanity in this hour of crisis.

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Lokesh says his ‘sarcastic thanks’ to AP Minister


TDP MLC Nara Lokesh has thanked Minister for Education Adimulapu Suresh for saving lakhs of students and their parents from Coronavirus threat by postponing the Inter examinations eventually. It was a bold decision on the part of the Minister not to blindly follow the adamant stand of the Chief Minister. It was indeed a victory for the virtual agitation and legal struggle waged by the students against the Government’s initial decision to hold the exams compulsorily.

It was Mr. Lokesh who first started the agitation for postponing the exams after students made requests to him on social media. He said now that a great threat to over 15 lakh students was averted with today’s postponement of exams. Had the Government taken the decision in the first week of April itself, over 10,000 students would have been protected from Covid infections. The practical exams conducted during the initial stages of Covid spread had led to infections among some students.

Mr. Lokesh appealed to the Government to take a conscious decision on the 10th class exams which were scheduled to begin in a month’s time. Any decision on going ahead with the exams should be taken only after a close review of the prevailing Coronavirus situation at that time.

On the Tirupati by-election result, Mr. Nara Lokesh said that it was a defeat for democracy and a victory for the YCP leaders. Also, the YCP’s majority was ‘less than half’ of over 6 lakh votes that the ruling party leaders projected in this election from the beginning. The YCP could get even this victory by misusing power and official machinery at every level. All ministers and over 120 MLAs were in the field to influence the voters.

Mr. Lokesh said that busloads of bogus voters were brought from other segments and other States. The media itself showed videos as proof of how bogus voters themselves admitted to their illegal activities. In addition to this, the police threatened the TDP agents, the officials worked for the YCP candidate and the volunteers committed all sorts of violations in favour of the YCP.

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Lokesh trying hard to match Kodali language


Former Minister Nara Lokesh is slowly increasing the dose of threatening language in his speeches these days. In his latest attack, he has warned that the TDP would peel off the skin of those YCP leaders who are daring to attack and murder the TDP activists and leaders. He repeatedly used the term ‘psycho Reddy’ to criticise Jagan. He warned the YCP leaders will face very serious hardships and they will have to pay back with multiple interests. Lokesh made these statements after calling on the family of a slain leader in Sattenapalli assembly segment.

Comparisons began to be made between the speeches of the TDP leader and Minister Kodali Nani who unleashed a damaging attack on Naidu on the issue of massive loans. Nani has used abusive and unprintable language. To that, some leaders other than Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh have already reacted in a very attacking manner. But their reactions did not get the spotlight that came to Kodali.

Analysts say that however much the TDP leaders were trying to beat Kodali and Anil Kumar, they were not able to create the impact that was expected. Lokesh is trying hard to sharpen the attack by using ‘psycho Reddy’, ‘peel off skin’, ‘cowardly CM’ and so on. Yet, there is a gap that cannot be filled. Lokesh is not able to use the sort of abusive language against the YCP Ministers. Whereas, it is beneath the level of Chandrababu Naidu to reciprocate that attack. Finally, the TDP is stepping up its language of threats while the YCP is using more abusive words.

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When YSR failed, what can Jagan do: Lokesh on CID case

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national general secretary Nara Lokesh took a jibe at Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy saying when his father Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy could not do anything to his father N. Chandrababu Naidu then what could the current chief minister do.

Lokesh was referring to the alleged CID case on land grabbing from Dalits in Amaravati region.

“Your father could not do it, after all who are you Jagan Mohan Reddy? It is a habit for your family to file false cases against Naidus and get criticized by the Court,” claimed Lokesh late Friday.

He shared an 8-minute-long video furnishing details of the alleged attempts made by the Reddy family to implicate Naidu by lodging multiple cases in the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Court and the Supreme Court.

The video claimed that all attempts to file alleged false cases against the TDP supremo have failed and stated that Naidu’s honesty is like a burning ember (nippu).

It is mentioned in the video that despite repeatedly failing, the YSR family is allegedly not stopping their attempts to implicate Naidu and tarnish the TDP supremo and former chief minister with alleged corruption charges which have always fallen flat.

They said cases have been filed against Naidu since 1999 by Rajasekhar Reddy which were dismissed by the Courts.

Lokesh alleged that Jagan Mohan Reddy failed to question the central government despite having 22 Members of Parliament (MPs) at his disposal.

“If YSRCP candidate wins in the Tirupati Parliamentary by-poll, it will be another mute voice but if TDP candidate Panabaka Laskhmi wins, it will be a voice that will raise questions on behalf of the people,” the TDP general secretary claimed.

The Scheduled Castes reserved high stakes seat of the Tirupati bypolls is scheduled on April 17 and all eyes in the state are on it.

On Friday, YSRCP founder and Chief Minister, Reddy, held a review meeting on the issue and told his party leaders and ministers that their candidate M. Gurumoorthy’s triumph should be so huge that the entire nation should take note of it.

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Jagan social media gives tough time to Lokesh


Since the 2019 election, the YCP social media has been on the offensive. The aggressive campaign launched by the Jagan social media teams have given huge embarrassment to the TDP. It has gone to the extent that Chandrababu and Lokesh were found going on the defensive on many occasions. Even nearly two years after coming to power, the YCP is in the same attacking mode.

In the latest development, a video appeared on youtube in the name of Nara Lokesh. It has abusive content against the TDP MLC. Left with no alternative, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has made a formal complaint in the Mangalagiri police station urging for serious action against those responsible for uploading the ‘fake video’ in youtube. The party asserted that the video was aimed to taint the image of Nara Lokesh.

The TDP leaders complained that the fake video was uploaded under the hashtags – #YS Jagan, #YSRCP and #Newstoday Telugu. In a deliberate attempt to defame Mr. Lokesh, the miscreants have given the wrong video a highly objectionable title. The title ran as ‘once again call leak and Nara Lokesh booked in an inebriated condition’.

Telugu Yuvatha State President Gundlapalli Sriram Chinnababu, Telugu Yuvatha State leader Bandaru Vamsi Krishna and TNSF State President Manam Pranav Gopal have made the police complaint. They urged the Mangalagiri police to verify the facts and take deterrent action against the culprits.

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Frustrated Jagan filing silly cases: Lokesh


MLC Nara Lokesh has launched a scathing attack saying that the Jaganmohan Reddy Government has stooped to the lowest level of filing an SC, ST atrocities case against former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. This was out of sheer frustration over deadlock in the Capital City shifting. Jagan Reddy’s silly cases were just laughable and they would not be able to do any damage to the TDP chief.

Lokesh said that the CM might come out with any number of devious plans to kill Amaravati. However, the pious Capital would save and preserve itself on the strength of justice and ethical values. The courts have clearly said many times that there was no ‘insider trading’ in the Amaravati lands issue. They tried very hard for over 21 months and finally failed to find evidence to book Naidu in the Capital lands cases. Now, they lowered themselves to the cheap level of threatening a former CM with SC, ST atrocities case.

Mr. Lokesh slammed CM Jagan for sticking to his ‘adamant’ policies only to make the people believe in his illogical and meaningless ideas. Jagan Reddy has not learnt any lessons though the courts have passed strictures against his Government in the cases pertaining to the lands in Amaravati. Finally, the YCP Government got an atrocities case filed against the TDP chief based on a complaint given by a fake Reddy.

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Lokesh blames Govt for farmer couple’s suicide


TDP MLC Nara Lokesh has held the Jaganmohan Reddy Government totally responsible for the agricultural debt crisis that led to the latest suicide by a farmer couple in Allagadda in the Kurnool district. Farmer Sanjeeva Reddy and his wife ended their lives at P. Chintakunta village after they could not repay Rs. 11 lakh debts which they had faced following losses in agriculture. As a result of their extreme step, their three children have now become orphans to whom the YCP Government owed an explanation.

Lokesh slammed CM Jagan for immersing himself in his party foundation day celebrations while the farmers were facing a life and death situation on account of worsening debts and failure of crops. Jagan Reddy’s worst rule was the reason for the farmers committing suicides after losing hope of any assistance or support. This insensitive Chief Minister should rise from his deep slumber in order to prevent the farmers’ suicides. Instead of making empty claims, the YCP Government should make sincere efforts to give confidence and hope to the cultivators. The CM should immediately come to the rescue of the Sanjeeva Reddy family.

Lokesh said that false cases were being filed against Anaparthy former MLA Ramakrishna Reddy only because he exposed the corruption and illegal activities of the local YCP legislator. Not stopping at that, the YCP leaders forced the police to make illegal arrest of Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy. Under this oppressive regime, the police were targetting the victims while allowing the attackers to continue their harassment against the TDP leaders.

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‘TDP will fight on’: Lokesh condemns party leader’s arrest


Telugu Desam Party General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Thursday condemned the arrest of party leader Kollu Ravindra and hit out at the YSR Congress government over its “oppression”.

Accusing state Information and Public Relations Minister Perni Venkatramaiah of being behind the episode, he said: “I condemn the arrest of non-controversial common man Kollu Ravindra. A good CM will enjoy the state developing while an obstinate Chief Minister like Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy will derive evil happiness from opposition leaders’ arrests.”

He asserted that neither Reddy nor Venkatramaiah can harm Ravindra, or his party.

“How much ever you try to oppress (it), the TDP will bounce back and continue its fight,” he said.

Lokesh also warned officials “playing to the tunes of YSRCP leaders drunk on power” to “prepare to eat food in prison with Reddy”.

Meanwhile, Ravindra, who subsequently secured bail from a local court, claimed that he was illegally arrested because he “questioned injustice”.

“When I went to exercise my franchise, they (the government) themselves created trouble. Police told me not to talk to the media and put me in house arrest, leading to me staying at home all of Wednesday,” the former minister said.

He said police arrived in the morning on Thursday after registering a case against him.

“Today is Shivaratri and I thought of going to the canal but I wasn’t allowed, depriving me from offering prayers to the gods. If they (police) ask me, I myself would come and answer but they have troubled me since morning,” he alleged.

He claimed that Reddy cannot last long with this police rule and vowed to take all the “crimes” of the ruling party to the people.

“We will definitely fight until we get justice. All these cases and troubles are temporary. Please remember what could happen in the future as well. Remember that tit for tat will always be there,” he warned YSRCP leaders.

There is rivalry in Machilipatnam between Ravindra and Venkatramaiah and a few months ago, Ravindra was arrested for alleged involvement in the murder of an aide of Venkatramaiah.

Getting bail later, he had again accused the Minister of targeting him.

Meanwhile, phone calls to the local SP and ASP to check why Ravindra was arrested went unanswered, though it is speculated that that the skirmishes involving him during the polls on Wednesday were the reason.

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