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Peddireddy targets Lokesh, calls him poisonous like Naidu


Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy has been under increasing attack from the Telugu Desam Party over atrocities on Dalits in his native Punganur assembly constituency. Nara Lokesh has commented that the Miniter’s followers were not even sparing the journalists and a journalist’s house was demolished in Chittoor district. There was no freedom of the press under the Jagan Reddy regime. Lokesh’s comment triggered debate once again on the suspicious death of Om Pratap who was found dead a few days after he made disparaging comments against CM Jaganmohan Reddy in a viral video.

All through these controversies, Minister Peddireddy kept his cool and silence but the moment Lokesh made a comment, the Minister made counter allegations and accusations. Peddireddy clarified that the journalist was attacked by a group of persons when he tried to mediate in a case in which a head master allegedly molested a minor girl. The Minister said that Lokesh was spreading lies and untruths without checking facts about what really happened in the field level.

Peddireddy became furious and went making accusations against the TDP. He called Lokesh being equally filled with poison like his father Chandrababu Naidu. Both their brains were bent on doing evil things. Peddireddy was considered the second most powerful person after Jaganmohan Reddy in the YCP Cabinet. As a result, he was coming under greater attacks following untoward incidents taking place in his segment.

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Lokesh demands impartial probe into Dalit’s death


TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh has accused the YSRCP government of trying to weaken the case relating to the death of Chirala-based Dalit youth in Prakasam district. He demanded an impartial probe into the ‘killing’ of Y. Kiran Kumar who was attacked for not wearing a face mask. Necessary punishment should be given to the quilty persons so as to prevent such incidents in future. He advised the Government to desist from its efforts to cover up its failures and ensure a fair investigation to bring out the truth in the Dalit’s death case. Already, the family members of Kiran Kumar have demanded arrest of the cops responsible for the fatal attack.

It may be recalled that the Chirala youth was stopped on the road and beaten up by the cops following an argument over not wearing a face mask. The YSRCP Government came in for criticism as the Opposition leaders asked why such punishment was not being given to the Chief Ministers and the Ministers and the ruling party MLAs who were not wearing masks. Moreover, the YSRCP leaders were carrying out rallies and meetings thus becoming super spreaders of the virus in places like Srikalahasti, Sullurupeta, etc.

Meanwhile, the top police officials said that SI Vijaya Kumar has been suspended in connection with the Dalit youth’s death. The Dalit organisations have been demanding acton against him ever since Kiran Kumar succumbed to the injuries.

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Lokesh slams liquor sale extension till 9 pm: Covid compromise


TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh has launched a scathing attack on the YSRCP Government for extending sales at the liquor shops till 9 p.m. Mr. Lokesh termed it as an atrocious decision coming at a time when thousands of people were testing virus positive everyday while tens of patients were dying of the fatal infection. The extension of sale hours was only aimed at looting more public money. Very unfortunate that at this critical time, the ruling party was looking for more J-tax collections. On the other hand, the people were suffering due to lack of proper facilities and food at quarantine centres even as patients were dying on the roads.

The former Minister deplored that the government liquor shops have already turned into Jagan Reddy’s official super spreaders of Coronavirus infections. Minimum preventive measures were not being taken at the shops. Heavy crowds, long queues and no social distancing was triggering a spiralling rise in positive cases. The flow of cheap liquor brands was hurting the health of people already. At a time when immunity and nutrition of poor people should be improved, the government was giving least priority to public health.

Mr. Lokesh said the government was misleading the public by saying that the sale extension was for settling everyday accounts. From now, every Corona death would be treated as a death caused due to the government’s negligence. The liquor shops should be immediately shut down.

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Govt simply watching as people are dying on roads: Lokesh


Former Minister Nara Lokesh has expressed concern that nobody was taking responsibility to provide timely medical care to the patients suffering from severe Coronavirus symptoms in Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Lokesh termed it as inhuman that Covid patient Raja did not get any treatment though his family members prayed for help for over 8 hours in front of a hospital at Dharmavaram in Anantapuram district. As a result, the patient died under the tree within the hospital premises there.

In a statement here, the former Minister accused the YSRCP government of acting in a condemnable manner when the people were falling victim and dying on the roads because of the dreaded virus. The Dharmavaram incident exposed the deteriorating situation that was prevailing all over the state. It was obvious that CM Jaganmohan Reddy’s Corona publicity gimmicks were not saving the people’s lives.

Mr. Lokesh charged the government with negligence at a time when it should have been extending much needed help to the people. The death of Raja in Anantapuram reflected the inefficiency of the ruling party and its inability to create confidence in the people. Family members waited for treatment on the road inside the hospital premises. Eventually, Raja died in the hands of his wife whose grief was inconsolable. At least now, the YSRCP government should wake from its slumber and come to the people’s rescue.

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Naidu, Lokesh decry Govt ‘failure’ to save journalist


Former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has expressed shock over the untimely death of senior journalist Sunkara Rama Rao due to lack of oxygen supply and expert medical care in Rajahmundry. He asked for what purpose the government was running when it could not even save the life of a senior journalist, leave alone the suffering of the common public. It is time the journalists and media persons should be included in the list of frontline warriors along with doctors, nurses, medical staff, police, sanitation staff and others.

It may be recalled that the journalist Rama Rao aged 52 years was taking treatment for Covid which became severe. The incident happened in Rajahmundry rural segment. When he suffered severe breathing difficulties, local journalists admitted Rama Rao at the Rajahmundry Government General Hospital. They requested officials for supplying oxygen but the patient could not get even 10 percent of it. Eventually, Rama Rao succumbed to the dreaded virus.

The TDP chief, in a Twitter post here, demanded that as the journalists were risking their lives in the field-level fight against Coronavirus, the government should implement Rs. 50 lakh Corona health insurance for them.

TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh, in a statement, demanded the government to provide PPE kits to the journalists considering the dangers to their health in their line of duty. He appealed for reviving and implementing the health scheme and insurance plans for the working journalists.

Mr. Lokesh said it was unfortunate that though local journalists promptly took Rama Rao’s oxygen requirement to the notice of the authorities concerned, there was no timely action. The government should step up Coronaviru treatment facilities and provide enough oxygen supplies to save lives. The demands of the journalists should be fulfilled.

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Lokesh slams AP Police for Chirala Dalit’s death


Former Minister Nara Lokesh has charged the police for the death of Dalit youth Y. Kiran Kumar in Chirala in Prakasam district. Just for not wearing a mask, the police attacked him leading to his eventual death. It may be recalled that the Dalit organisations were questioning why the police were not taking similar harsh action against the ruling YSRCP leaders and Ministers who were not wearing protection masks. Even the Chief Minister was not wearing a mask in meetings and also spoke of the virus as just another cold and fever which could be tackled with paracetamol and bleaching powder.

Mr. Lokesh, in a post on Twitter, expressed concern that the police were acting hand in glove with the ruling YCP leaders and behaving like goondas towards the Dalits. Many doubts were being raised on the law and order situation in the state. Instead of protecting the people, the police were indulging in atrocities at the behest of the YSRCP leaders.

The former Minister asked the government to explain whether the Dalits have no right to live in Andhra Pradesh. In East Godavari district, the police themselves got a Dalit youth tonsured in the police station premises. The Dalit was beaten and humiliated just for questioning the authorities and the government on the rampant illegal sand smuggling in the area.

Mr. Lokesh demanded an enquiry by a fast track court into the tonsure case at Seethanagaram. The Dalits should be given assurance on protection of their fundamental rights.

Meanwhile, former Minister Nakka Ananda Babu blamed the Chief Minister’s anti-Dalit attitude for the unchecked rise in attacks on the weaker sections all over the State. The CM was not wearing a mask in official masks and his comments were responsible for the easy going nature of the employees and the general public. At such a time, it was unfortunate that the police acted brutally leading to the death of Chirala youth. Stringent action should be taken against the police officials concerned.

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Doubts on YS family’s Chennai suitcase companies: Lokesh


TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh has asked the ruling YSRCP leaders to explain whether or not the largescale black money was being illegally transported to Chennai for eventually routing it to Mauritius through hawala transactions. He said that by now, it was clear how the YSRCP leaders were looting big money from all resources in Andhra Pradesh and transporting the same to Chennai in cars displaying the ruling party leaders’ stickers. It has to be proved now how this money was being sent to Mauritius via Chennai.

In a statement here, Mr. Lokesh pointed out that members of the YS family, YS Bharathi Reddy, YS Sunil Reddy and YS Anil Reddy, were acting as directors in Foress Impex, Qanna Exim, 4S Exim India and Work Easy Space Solutions. All these firms were registered as having one address in the Tamil Nadu Capital.

The former Minister said that Work Easy Space Solutions was registered with YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy’s email ID as its official email. This firm was also registered on September 20 in 2019, which was after the YSRCP came to power in Andhra Pradesh. This confirms that Work Space is a suitcase company for the YS family.

Mr. Lokesh said the whole history of A-1 and A-2 was to loot AP people’s money and hoard it in their suitcase companies. From those companies, they send the money abroad through hawala route. Even now, the same story was continuing. A detailed investigation should be taken up in this. The people of AP deserve to know facts.

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Total Rs. 1,200 Cr black money sent to Mauritius, alleges Lokesh


The controversy surrounding cash seizure in Tamil Naidu is taking new twists. TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh came down heavily on the YSRCP Government on the issue of the seizure of Rs. 5.27 Cr allegedly from the followers of AP Science and Technology Minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy in the AP-TN border.

Mr. Lokesh alleged that the seized amount was just the tip of an iceberg and a small part of the Rs. 1,200 Cr hawala money sent to Mauritius already.

Taking to Twitter, Mr. Lokesh said: “What ‘Science and Technology’ has Minister BSR used to grow a Hawala ‘forest’? Who has created a safe “Environment” for him to operate with full ‘Energy’?”

He said that reliable sources say that Rs. 5.27 Cr seized in TN was only a small part of Rs.1200 Crore black money sent to Mauritius via Chennai and Bangalore through hawala in the last one year. “Who’s the kingpin behind? Is BSR protecting the J-family or is the family protecting BSR?” he asked.

It may be recalled the seizure of huge money in TN sent political shockwaves in Andhra Pradesh with the accusing finger pointing towards Minister Srinivasa Reddy. The TDP has blamed the ruling party leaders for indulging in rampant corruption in multiple scams in liquor, lands, sand, 108 ambulances, test kits, bleaching powder, etc.

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Lokesh humble plea to CM Jagan Reddy on face mask


Everybody knows that CM Jagan Reddy doesn’t care for any advice, both from inside or outside. He has got dozens of advisors drawing astronomical salaries from people’s treasury but none of them is ever seen being consulted by the CM on any issue. Even the Coronavirus dangerous time is being seen as like a normal disease that comes and goes. Now, as infections are still growing, Telugu Desam Party National General Secretary Nara Lokesh has made a humble appeal to the CM not to set a wrong precedent by continuing to appear in public meetings without face mask.

Mr Lokesh took to Twitter, saying that the YCP Government was indulging in a fake SMS Covid testing racket while CM Jagan himself was personally flouting the rules and the Central guidelines. The CM was moving without wearing a mask. Is this the precedent he wants to set for the ruling party leaders? It is well known that already, the YCP leaders acted as Super Spreaders of the virus with their irresponsible rallies and meetings.

The TDP MLC asked whether there was one rule for the CM and another one for the common man. The latest comments of Mr Lokesh assumed significance in the light of allegations that CM Jagan Reddy was continuing his initial complacent mindset towards the virus preventive campaigns regardless of the epidemic threatening to pose bigger dangers.

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Lokesh renews demand for ‘One Capital One State’


Telugu Desam Party National General Secretary Nara Lokesh demanded that the YCP Government acknowledge the rising sentiments of AP people and take a new decision to continue Amaravati as the only Capital of Andhra Pradesh.

He said in the name of decentralisation of development in the state, the Chief Minister has begun the three cards game to divide and rule the people. He renewed his demand for ‘One Capital One State’.

In a statement here, Mr. Lokesh lauded the farmers, women and Telugu people across the world for continuing the anti-3 Capitals agitation for the last 200 days. All Opposition parties were opposing Jagan Reddy Capitals plan but the ruling party was not respecting the opinions of any section of the people.

The TDP MLC appealed to the people to take part in the 200 days protests of Amaravati Capital struggle on Saturday and make it a grand success. Telugu NRIs in over 200 cities across the world are taking part in this agitation for justice, development and future prosperity of the state.

Mr. Lokesh asserted that true and long-standing development of AP would be possible only with growth one single Capital city in a central location. He stressed the need for doing justice for the farmers who have given 33,000 acres lands just for noble task of developing a potential Capital City at Amaravati.

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Where is Disha? Lokesh asks Govt on attack on woman


Telugu Desam Party National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Tuesday demanded stringent punishment against the culprits who were responsible for the heinous attack on a woman employee at AP Tourism Office in Nellore district headquarters town. Mr. Lokesh deplored that though the Government was bringing in special laws, the atrocities were being carried out unceasingly against women all over the state.

The TDP MLC asked the Government to explain why it was failing to use the so-called Disha Act that it has brought to deal firmly with the persons who were guilty. It would not be enough just to suspend the tourism deputy manager Bhasker but deterrent punishment should be taken against him.

Mr. Lokesh deplored that the Disha Act was not coming nowhere to help the women when they were falling victims to discrimination and oppression. It may be recalled that a differently abled woman employee was beaten up by the deputy manager who was angry at her for asking him to wear Coronavirus face mask while in office. The video footage went viral on the media, projecting the tourism department in poor light.

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Lokesh calls on Atchannaidu family in Srikakulam


TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh has made a whirlwind visit to Srikakulam district and called on the family members of the arrested former Minister Atchannaidu at their ancestral house at Nimmada village located in Kotabommali mandal.

Mr. Lokesh was accompanied by TDP AP President K. Kala Venkata Rao. Srikakulam MP K. Rammohan Naidu, MLA Adireddy Bhavani and scores of leaders were present on the occasion.

Mr. Lokesh launched a scathing attack on the Jaganmohan Reddy Government, warning that the TDP was recording all the omissions and commissions of the ruling party leaders and officials so that all their atrocities would be paid back with interest at the earliest opportunity. He blamed CM Jagan Reddy for foisting his grandfather Raja Reddy’s fanatical and faction-driven constitution rather than Ambedkar constitution in Andhra Pradesh. A day will soon come under this oppressive rule that anybody would be jailed even for forwarding a message to his wife or his family members.

Stating that the backward classes leaders came under severe attack now, Mr. Lokesh said Atchannaidu was being harassed and implicated in false cases just because he courageously stood up against the scams and mafia activities of the ruling party. There was no name of Atchannaidu in the vigilance and enforcement report in the ESI scam but the present Government has launched a witch-hunt out of political vendetta. The false cases against the TDP leader were unlawful and illogical and would not stand in the court of law.

Replying to a question, Mr. Lokesh asserted that the TDP would throw all its weight behind the party leaders and activities against whom the YCP is filing false cases. Till now, as many aas 33 TDP leaders were implicated in fabricated cases. Legal struggles would be waged with greater focus. Many leaders have already got bail.

The TDP MLC deplored that even senior leaders like Ch. Ayyannapatrudu, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu and Chinarajappa were being targetted in a very heinous and condemnable way. The ugly nature of YCP mindset was evident from how Nirbhaya case was lodged against Ayyannapatrudu who was known for his long years of flawless public services. Just for attending a marriage function, Ramakrishnudu and Chinarajappa were implicated in fabricated cases. All these were serious matters and the TDP would repay in full for the YCP atrocities against even the Opposition sympathisers in the name of social media posts.

Mr. Lokesh recalled how Dalit doctor Sudhakar was harassed and humiliated just for asking for PPE kits in view of Coronavirus threat. The Jagan Reddy Government has no sensitivities towards the lives of the people and it is trampling upon the fundamental rights of the citizens without the least concern. The ruling party Ministers do not try to know the basics before criticising TDP. With cheap liquor brands, YCP leaders were plundering money from the people and huge funds were going into the pockets of the Chief Minister in the form of J-tax.

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Stock yards havens of YCP sand mafia: Lokesh


TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh has blamed the Jaganmohan Reddy’s new sand policy for the misery and suicides of construction workers while, on the other hand, the overall construction industry has collapsed in the state. He deplored that the problems of construction workers began ever since the YSR Congress Party came to power. In the name of new sand policy, a severe crisis was created for four precious months which led to over 60 workers committing suicides due to lack of work and earnings to lead their daily lives.

In a letter addressed to Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy here, Mr. Lokesh expressed concern that the new policy has only crippled the construction industry while the ruling YCP leaders have amassed hundreds of crores of illegal money taking advantage of the new sand regulations. The best example of YCP sand mafia was how loose soil was supplied instead of sand for the house construction of a ruling party Minister himself in East Godavari district recently.

Mr. Lokesh said that the YCP leaders were perpetrating their sand mafia activities under the cover of stock yards. Officials were hand in glove with the ruling party leaders in this daylight plundering. The Government has made bold statements that it would not tolerate sand mafia activities but did not take action for reasons well known to all.

The TDP MLC recalled how Kerala state was creating all facilities to rescue construction workers there from Coronavirus impact. Whereas, in Andhra Pradesh, the workers were given just the Central assistance while the State Government has not given a single rupee. The AP Government should immediately form a welfare board with the workers’ leaders. It should also release a white paper on the cess collections made from the workers.

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Lokesh ‘No CID’ punch on sand, liquor, mines, J-tax, etc


TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh has fired at the ruling party on the issue of his party sympathisers being arrested in the name of social media posts. He took to twitter posting a pungent comment. The TDP MLC used party MLA and actor Balakrishna’s famous dialogue. Lokesh said there was ‘no CID’ when YCP mafia was rearing its head to plunder sand resources. There was ‘no CID’ when largescale corruption was taking place in the house sites.

Also, there was ‘no CID’ when J-tax collections rose to a peak in liquor. There was ‘no CID’ when YCP was supplying cheap liquor which is more dangerous than poison.

Mr. Lokesh, in a bitter way, said there was ‘no CID’ when there was a huge scam in 108 ambulances. There was also ‘no CID’ despite continuing atrocities against women, attacks on freedom of expression and plunder of mines.

Mr. Lokesh said there was ‘no CID’ when so many misdeeds were taking place but the same CID was quick to make midnight arrests of TDP sympathisers for no fault of theirs. The CID has no right to attack the right to expression. The TDP will stand by Krishna and Kishore who faced harassment now. The same CID is keeping silent when YCP MPs, MLAs and Ministers themselves were blaming Jagan Reddy misrule for problems of the people.

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Lokesh denied permission to visit JC at Kadapa jail


TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh called on JC Diwakar Reddy and his family members in Tadipatri town in Anantapur district. He discussed with them about the ruling party harassment by foisting false cases against the JC family. Mr. Lokesh was given permission by the Kadapa Central Jail authorities to meet JC Prabhakar Reddy and his son Asmith Reddy. Both the leaders were sent there for 14-day judicial remand.

In Tadipatri, Mr. Lokesh flayed Jagan Reddy regime for its total violation of the laws and the rules in order to harass rival leaders and force them to leave the TDP. Prabhakar Reddy and Asmith Reddy were illegally arrested out of just a politically motivated vilification campaign and persecution. The officials have not bothered to take the views of the Ashok Leyland company which has sold the vehicles. It is not correct to defame the JC family who have been in the transport business ever since the 1940s.

Mr. Lokesh asked why Jaganmohan Reddy was not able to provide a good rule even though he got a massive mandate of 151 MLAs. For all wrong reasons, this Government has only focused on demolitions beginning with Praja Vedika and persecuting the TDP leaders with false cases and arrests. Atchannaidu said he was bleeding and needed rest but the ACB officials shifted in a vehicle from Srikakulam to Vijayawada non-stop which caused health risk. What more, the officials even got a certificate to say that the TDP MLA was fit for arrest despite knowing the fact that he underwent surgery a few days ago.

Stating that the BC leaders were coming under targetted attacks, Mr. Lokesh said it was all because of the CM’s frustration over the rising public backlash against his party’s irregularities and massive corruption scams. The persecution was so at a peak level that TDP leaders were not even allowed to go into the courts’ premises. The police cannot put restrictions like this but the YCP government has worsened the whole situation in order to cover its scams, failures and misrule.

Mr. Lokesh challenged the YCP Government and the ACB to make public the reports of the ESIC concerning the so-called huge corruption scam in which Atchannaidu was wrongfully implicated. Atchannaidu only said Telangana Telehealth services model could be followed while the ESIC took all decisions independently. The TDP MLA has no role to play and he cannot be arrested.

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Cops stop Lokesh, TDP ministers to meet Atchannaidu at ACB court


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh on late Friday rushed to the ACB Special Court to meet the arrested party MLA Atchannaidu. However, the police stopped Lokesh from meeting Atchannaidu saying he cannot be allowed without the permission from the court. At around 11. 30 pm, Atchannaidu was taken to the ACB Special Court to appear before the judge via video-conference. When Lokesh insisted that he be allowed to meet the arrested TDP leader, the police barred him from doing so. Lokesh was accompained by TDP ministers.

Atchannaidu, who was arrested by the ACB in an early morning swoop at his residence in Tekkali, reached Vijayawada at around 8.30 pm. He was taken in a car by road. After a gruelling 10 hours drive from Srikakulam to Vijayawada, Atchannaidu was taken to ESI Hospital at around 9 pm for medical examinations. Dr Hima Bindu had conducted certain medical tests for more than one hour. Atchannaidu recently had a minor surgery and according to his family members he was not allowed to even take the medicines. After medical examinations, the TDP leader was taken to a judge’s residence at Mangalagiri where the police has been beefed up. There was a lot of confusion as to where Atchannaidu was being taken. After nearly 16 hours, at around 11.30 pm Atchannaidu was produced before the CBI Special Court judge. It is learnt that the judge will hear the case a video-conference.

The TDP leaders who gathered out the ACB Special Court had alleged that state police wasa trying to frame its MLA allegedly in a false case in order to stop him from attending the Assembly session scheduled to be held from June 16.
Earlier at 7.30 pm on Friday, hundreds of cops surrouned the TDP leader’s house. ACB DSP(CIU) TSRK Prasad along with a team of Anti-corruption Bureau and a posse of more than 100 police personnel arrested the TDP leader from his residence in Nimmada village of Kotabommali Mandal in Srikakulam district. Some cops even scaled the walls of Atchannaidu as if they were arresting a terrorist who would flee. The senior TDP leader was arrested without following the procedures such as serving notices to the former minister. Further, the TDP leader was barred from talking to his family members after the authorities cut the network connections.

The ACB had arrested the TDP leader in the alleged ESI scam worth Rs 404.86 crore. The ACB had accused Atchannaidu of involvement in the alleged scam even as the TDP leader’s name does not figure in the Vigilance and Enforcement Department report. In the report, Vigilance and Enforcement Department had named three directors of IMS for lapses in purchase of drugs, medicines, medical kits and furniture.

TDP president and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu alleged that the Jagan government was misusing the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for ulterior motives. He accused Jagan of deliberately implicating a sitting MLA in order to prevent him from participating in the Assembly proceedings that are scheduled from June 16. Further, he termed the arrest as ‘police kidnapping’. Further, the former CM demanded that Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, Home Minister Mekatoti Sucharita and DGP Gautam Sawang explain the real motive behind his arrest.

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TDP chargesheet: Jagan used ‘One Chance’ for AP destruction: Lokesh


TDP National General Secretary and former Minister Nara Lokesh on Monday asserted that the ruling YCP leaders have no moral right to talk about welfare of AP people since not even one of its ‘Navaratnalu’ cash transfer promises was implemented 100 per cent in the past one year.

He released the TDP chargesheet against the one-year rule of Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy at TDP Central Office here. Addressing a press conference on the occasion, he said just like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) framed a chargesheet listing out Jagan Reddy’s scams worth Rs. 1 lakh crore during his father’s rule, the TDP has now issued the present chargesheet as Jagan indulged in even larger corruption in his capacity as Chief Minister.

“The One Chance given by the people was used for AP destruction. Navaratnalu was turned into a bundle of scams and lies. Constitutional violations and human rights violations were rampant in the last one year. Jagan Reddy has used his innovation to launch new schemes only to carry out his scams and plunder public money. Not the opposition parties, even YCP leaders and the general public are making allegations against,” Mr Lokesh said.

When asked about YCP claims on welfare benefits, the former Minister said Jagan Reddy promised to give Ammavadi cash benefits to 82 lakh beneficiaries but after coming to power, only 43 lakh were given this benefit. The elderly poor citizens were promised a hike of Rs. 1,000 in pensions prior to polls but only Rs. 250 increase was there. For each and every promise in Navaratnalu, the CM is now using ‘conditions apply’ clause in their implementation so as to deny the benefits to the poor beneficiaries as far as possible.

Mr. Lokesh hit back strongly at the YCP criticism against Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, saying that the ruling party was so scared that it got an entire flight cancelled in order to prevent the former CM from calling on the victims of LG Polymers gas tragedy in Visakhapatnam. Mr. Naidu was known for his untiring public services as was evident from his good work during Hudhud and Titli cyclones. Whereas, CM Jagan Reddy became known for his multiplicity of corruption scams in sand, liquor, lands, mines and so on. Even the national media was blaming YCP Government for its ‘utter insensitivity’ to the cause of public service and social responsibility.

Referring to YCP promise on total prohibition, Mr. Lokesh deplored that after one year, Jagan Reddy has ended up becoming the brand ambassador for cheap liquor. Very harmful liquor brands were being sold at the Jagan Reddy liquor shops being run in the name of the Government. The scam behind this liquor scheme was designed to amass Rs. 25,000 Cr in the five years of his rule.

The TDP General Secretary recalled how Jagan gave countless kisses to the people during his Padayatra before coming to power but after becoming CM, he started raining a series of blows on all sections of society. Rampant corruption led to denial of benefits to BCs, SCs, STs, Minorities and Kapus. The multi-crore funds meant for their development were diverted to YCP corruption schemes.

Mr. Lokesh pointed out how the ruling party MLAs themselves were raising protests against shortage of sand which was being sold at Rs. 50,000 per lorry as against its cost of Rs. 10,000 during TDP regime. Because of the YCP sand mafia, 40 lakh construction workers and their families were on the roads now without work while 60 of these workers committed suicides, unable to feed their families.

Mr. Lokesh said while YCP indulged in corruption all through the year including in Coronavirus kits and bleaching powder, the TDP under the leadership of Mr. Chandrababu Naidu fought for justice to the people in regard to LG Polymers leak, lockdown violations by YCP leaders, sand and liquor mafia activities and so on.

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Kankaraju’s death is murder by state, says Lokesh


In a series of tweets on Tuesday, TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh said in the one year rule of YSRCP, Dalit rights have been abused with impunity.

The biggest achievement of the past one year rule of the YSRCP governance was the growing attacks on Dalits, constitutional bodies, the collapse of democratic institutions, the rise of autocratic rule, fuelled by vendetta politics, Lokesh tweeted. Activists who speak of injustices are jailed. Dr Sudhakar Rao who spoke against the government over shortage of medical equipment was beaten, dragged on the streets, arrested, illegal confined in a mental asylum. The Dalit doctor who had asked for an N-95 mask was treated like a terrorist and the YSRCP government should explain why the doctor was being threatened, Lokesh tweeted. Further, Lokesh said the state government has victimised Andhra University professor P Premanand by subjecting him to caste discrimination and had been constantly harassed and insulted just because he is a Dalit.

On the death of Kanakaraju who succumbed to the exposure of styrene gas leak from LG Polymers in Vizag’s Venkatapuram, Lokesh said it is a murder by the state. Lokesh attributed the latest death to clear cut negligence and gross failure on the part of the state government to effecitvely monitor the health of villagers as was advised by several research agencies. Days after being discharged from hospital, Kanakaraju’s condition deteriorated and died on Tuesday. It may be recalled that 13 people, including two children, died when the styrene vapour leaked from the LG Polymers plant at RR Venkatapuram in Vizag on May 7. Hundreds of people from five nearby villages surrounding LG Polymers fell ill after inhaling the toxic styrene gas. Lokesh the death of Kankaraju clearly underlined the long-term and acute ill-effects of the gas leak and advised the Jagan government to conduct regular monitoring of the villagers. “The death of Kanakaraju is murder by the state. The government had clearly overlooked the need to give long-term medical treatment to the villagers. In a tearing hurry, victims of gas leak were discharged from the hospitals and were asked to go to their respective villages and left to fend for themselves. The state government instead of looking after the welfare of the victims of gas leak has sided with LG Polymers company,” Lokesh tweeted.

The YSRCP ruling under Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has indeed worked hard to undo Andhra Pradesh in as many ways as possible. The state economy is on a wobble thanks to 1 year of policy paralysis. Further, Lokesh said Andhra Pradesh had lost major investments due to the unsavory decisions taken by the Jaganmohan Reddy’s government. With Jagan’s reverse tendering policies Andhra Pradesh has slipped into investment unfriendly state with major investors backing out of the projects entered into with the previous TDP government. Jobs are down, no employment was generated as no fresh investments were attraced into Andhra Pradesh.

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Jagan turned ‘Sunrise State’ into ‘Sunset State’: Nara Lokesh


TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh made a scathing attack on Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy calling him the ‘Don’ of the sand mafia, and accused him of being the root cause of the rampant corruption and land scams in the state.

Lokesh said the Jagan government had cancelled free sand policy in the state, a move to encourage sand mafia which has left lakhs of construction workers with no work. Sand scarcity in Andhra Pradesh was created by a sand mafia which was active with the full support of Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. “The man-made scarcity of sand has brought the construction activity in the state to a halt. Lokesh said several workers committed suicide as they were not finding the work in the absence of construction activity.

Further, Lokesh said Andhra Pradesh had lost major investments due to the unsavory decisions taken by the Jaganmohan Reddy’s government. With Jagan’s reverse tendering policies Andhra Pradesh has slipped into investment unfriendly state with major investors backing out of the projects entered into with the previous TDP government.

“Naidu succeeded in bringing in Kia Motors, the Isuzu and Ashok Leyland to the state in the hope of turning the state into a manufacturing hub. The Jagan government scared away big investors to Andhra Pradesh despite Andhra Pradesh having enormous potential for attracting domestic and foreign investments. Chandrababu Naidu garu took so much care to build AP into a ‘Sunrise State’ with his business friendly policies to attract global investors.

Sadly, the ‘Sunrise State’ under the TDP government has now turned into a Sunset State’. We brought the Kia Motors to Andhra Pradesh with great difficulties. The present government harassed the management of Kia Motors and subsqueently several accessories industries went away to other states. We could attract big investments from Foxconn, HCL, Kia Motors, Adani, Reliance. Today, Andhra Pradesh has become a ‘Sunset State’ because of the flawed polices and vendetta politics of the present government,” Lokesh hit out.

Adani Group’s solar-powered data storage and technology park remains in a limbo, United Arab Emirates-based conglomerate Lulu Group is not keen on fresh investments in Andhra Pradesh, while Reliance Group had once threatened to withdraw its investment proposal to build mega electronics manufacturing project in Tirupati.

Indonesia-based Asia Pulp & Paper, which entered into one of the biggest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) agreements with the TDP government at that time, had backed out under the YSRCP government. After Jagan came to power on May 30, around Rs 55,000 crore worth of work commissioned by Naidu came to a grinding halt in Amaravati.

Turning his guns on YSRCP Rajya Sabha MP Vijaysai Reddy, Lokesh said the A2 Sai Reddy has turned Visakhapatnam, often known as the ‘steel city’, into the ‘stolen city’. He said Vijaysai Reddy has eyed the prime lands in Vizag. He said Vijaysai Reddy was involved in Rs 1,000 crore land scam in Waltair and Daspalla Hills in Visakhapatnam.

Lokesh also pointed out there was largescale corruption in procurement of kits and masks to contain the spread of corona virus. He said the state government had procured rapid testing kits from South Korea at a cost higher than other states. The Andhra Pradesh government paid Rs 730 plus GST for each kit, while Chhatisgarh bought each kit for Rs 337 + GST. Further, he said the state government had made huge profits by selling masks at higher prices. “Substandard masks were procured at Rs 9 and were sold at Rs 30 each. The state government sold around 5 crore masks and profited by at least Rs 30 crore,” he pointed out.

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Nara Lokesh fitting reply to body shamers


While the TDP’s Mahandu-2020 was the talk of the town for first ever political party in the country to embrace digital socialization in these days of corona virus by holding online conclave, TDP general secretary was the star attraction at the Mahanadu event.

Lokesh, who was slightly on the healthier side earlier, looked incredibly smart with his new toned body. It is learnt that Nara Lokesh nearly shed some 20 kgs. Wearing a white shirt, Lokesh showed up at the Mahanadu event with face mask. He seemed to have chiselled his physique silencing his political detractors who made inappropriate, and negative comments on his body weight.

Often, Lokesh was a victim of body shaming by the YSRCP leaders. Not to be cowed down by body shaming, Lokesh used the complete lockdown to his advantage by shedding those extra calories. The TDP general secretary followed a strict diet regime and tight workout schedules to reduce weight. The TDP leaders and cadre were impressed by the new avatar of Lokesh and praised him for his grit and determination to stay fit and healthy.

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