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One more shock for Tollywood from OTT Platforms


After the coronavirus pandemic, the theatres are back to track but a section of the audience are preferring to watch films on OTT platforms rather than in theatres. The digital platforms offered hefty prices during the lockdown time and bought the rights. Some of the biggies headed for a direct digital release. But the deals are slashed after the theatres reopened. Several producers are holding talks with OTT platforms for a direct digital release. The OTT platforms have now changed plans.

A top producer who has four small budget films ready approached a couple of top digital platforms to ink a deal for a direct digital release. But these platforms wanted the films to have a theatrical release first. The quote for the digital rights too was quite low. The producer was left surprised as he wanted to head for a direct digital release to save the promotional budget on these films. Netflix signed the digital deal contract for Virata Parvam on a similar agreement. It was then the makers released the film in theatres.

All the digital platforms are now signing contracts after the producer agrees to a theatrical release. The amount for the digital deals will be settled only after the theatrical run of the film comes to an end. This comes as a huge shock for the producers who are aiming at a direct OTT release by skipping a theatrical release.

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OTTs turning saviors for Tollywood producers


The theatres are shut for months which never happened in the past. The exhibition industry is completely shattered and the producers are suffering from the heaped-up financial strain. Several producers opted out for a direct digital release to prevent the mounting interests and end up safe. Several films featuring stars too were released directly on digital platforms and the digital release saved the producers from huge losses.

Nani’s V, Anushka’s Nishabdham and Venky’s Narappa are the prominent Telugu films that were released directly. The makers made good profits through the digital release. The real fact is that all these three films could have ended up as cost failures if released in theatres. Several small films like Dear Brother, Ek Mini Katha, Pachchis and Ardha Shathabdham headed for a digital release. The makers of all these films made handsome profits as per their investments. The audience would have turned down these films if released in theatres.

All the filmmakers made good profits because of the direct digital release. OTTs directly or indirectly turned out to be the saviors for Telugu filmmakers in these tough pandemic times. There are talks that Drishyam 2, Virata Parvam and Maestro are gearing up for direct digital release soon. It would take a couple of months for the theatres to reopen on a full-fledged note considering the current situation and the third wave of coronavirus.

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It’s Time We Support Theaters, Keep OTT Away: TFC


The key members of the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce have come before the media and requested the producers not to go for the OTT release for their films and wait until theaters open.

“All of us got benefitted due to the theaters. Just because OTT platforms are giving rosy offers, it is not fair to dump them. We request you to wait until October 30th. If things are not normal by then, you can release your films on OTT,” the Chamber’s Hon. Secretary Suniel Narang asked.

“You should give us two three months’ time for us. We are expecting everything to open by August first week. Small producers preferring OTT due to financial issues is understandable. At least the big producers should understand. If you do not listen to us, we will take our steps,” he added.

President Murali Mohan, Vice-President Sridhar, Abhishek Nama, and other members of the chamber who spoke at the press meet also echoed a similar opinion.

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Hundreds of web-based projects struggling to see light


Top digital giants Amazon Prime and Netflix ventured into the Indian market and they are producing web series and web-based movies. They have strict guidelines and a project starts after the script gets approved. A corporate style of filmmaking will be followed right from scripting to the production of the project. There are several enthusiastic filmmakers who locked the scripts and produced such projects. They are keen to ink a deal with these top digital streaming platforms and release their completed projects.

There are hundreds of completed projects and the filmmakers are negotiating to release these projects. Digital giants like Netflix and Amazon are against these completed projects. Several upcoming writers and directors worked on projects and there are an ample number of web-based projects that completed shoot but they are unable to see the light. Several small digital platforms have been floated in the recent months and some of the completed projects are released on these platforms on pay-per-view basis.

After the arrival of the first wave of coronavirus, several top directors were focused on web-based projects but most of them are kept on hold and they never materialized after the shoots resumed. Though some of them released, the response was limited. Telugu digital platform Aha is picking up some of the interesting projects while most of the completed projects will struggle to hit the digital platforms.

There are hundreds of completed projects that are yet to have a release and they are stalled as there are not viable financially.

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