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Pawan Kalyan to wrap up film shoots to concentrate on politics


Telugu ‘Power Star’ Pawan Kalyan, who is one of the most-loved actors from Tollywood is currently shooting for multiple movies. But the actor-turned-politician who is juggling between movies and politics seems to be keen on making his political party stronger and more efficient.

Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena party needs more public attention, and there are areas where his political followers need to be updated. It is reported that Pawan Kalyan, who met some of his followers and social media wing members recently, had discussed various internal matters.

As identified by the team, Pawan Kalyan is apparently gearing up for more public presence and involvement, so as to make Janasena stronger. So the actor is to wrap up all of his movie shootings before concentrating on his political work.

Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming movies include ‘Bheemla Nayak’, ‘Hari Hara Veera Mallu’, and ‘Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh’. With ‘Bheemla Nayak’ slated for its release during Sankranti 2022, ‘Hari Hara Veera Mallu’ to get a wrap soon. Pawan’s movie under Harish Shankar’s direction titled ‘Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh’ would get on the floors soon.

Pawan Kalyan is also rumoured to have signed another movie under Surender Reddy’s direction, but there is no official confirmation yet.

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Kavitha arrived after Pawan left for “Alai-Balai”


It is known to everyone that senior BJP leader Bandaru Dattatreya organises “Alai-Balai” programme in Hyderabad every year during Dasara at Necklace Road, Hyderabad.

Leaders cutting across party lines attend Alai-Balai programme, which is all about meeting, greeting, and eating coupled with fun frolic.

Since Dattatreya now holds a constitutional post as Governor of Haryana, his daughter Bandaru Vijaya Laxmi organised the event this year at Necklace Road.

Vice president Venkaiah Naidu attended the event as the chief guest while Tamil Nadu governor Tamilisai Soundararajan inaugurated the event.

Bandaru Vijayalaxmi invited leaders of all parties including Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan and TRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha, the daughter of Telangana CM KCR.

Kavitha’s PRO team has sent a message to all media persons stating that Kavitha will attend the event at 11 am.

Soon after, they sent a revised message saying that Kavitha will arrive late and not at 11 am and the revised time will be intimated to media later.

Kavitha finally arrived at 12.30 pm. Pawan Kalyan along with Venkaiah Naidu attended the event promptly at 11 am, gave speeches and left the venue.

Kavitha arrived at the venue after Pawan left triggering speculations that Kavitha delayed her arrival only to avoid Pawan Kalyan.

It may be recalled that Pawan Kalyan and Kavitha were bitter critics during Telangana statehood agitation days.

Pawan demanded Kavitha to make the accounts of her NGO organisation Telangana Jagruthi public alleging that Kavitha was extorting money from rich people, businessmen, Tollywood personalities etc in the name of Telangana agitation.

Even KCR and KTR used to target Pawan Kalyan terming him as a ‘joker’.

Alai-Balai event includes felicitation of prominent personalities, besides cultural programme by noted artistes of Telangana.

The festival was started by Dattatreya two decades ago at Nizam’s College, Hyderabad to spread camaraderie and brotherhood among people, which is now being held at Necklace Road every year during Dasara since 2005.

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No alliance with BJP or TDP, Pawan wants to go it alone?


What is Pawan Kalyan’s next move? This is the question that is being hotly debated in the AP political circles. All the three major political parties – TDP, BJP and even the YSRCP – are watching Pawan’s moves with alacrity. Pawan, who has of late become active on the political front, is keeping everyone guessing.

As of now, one this has become quite clear. Pawan Kalyan no longer finds an alliance with BJP very attractive. He is finding that the alliance has fewer benefits for the Jana Sena. The dalliance with the BJP is adding up to nothing. In the panchayat, municipal, MPTC and ZPTC elections, the party could have done better had it gone alone.

Even the TDP appears to be an unattractive proposition. The TDP itself is in the throes of a crisis. The below-par performance of the TDP in Tirupati, MPTC and ZPTC elections has hit it very hard. Pawan reportedly feels that an alliance at this stage with the TDP may not be beneficial to the Jana Sena. So, he is not considering an alliance at this stage.

Meanwhile, Jana Sena thinking heads feel that the party should go it alone in the 2024 elections. There is a growing section which feels that Jana Sena should project itself as an alternative to the YSRCP rather than an alliance partner of some other party. The party feels that AP is looking for an alternative and that Jana Sena can fill the gap. Even Pawan is said to be of this opinion. It is because of this political reading that Pawan these days is seen as trying to chart out a new course of political action.

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2 Ex-ministers, 1 ex-MLA in touch with Pawan Kalyan?


Is Pawan Kalyan finally shedding his diffidence and planning something big in politics? Has he decided to focus more on political issues and take key decisions with respect to strengthening the party organisationally? It appears so.

If his attempt to perform Shramadanam over bad conditions was an indication of his new-found intent, his recent speech at Rajahmundry is being seen as a giveaway of his political intentions. Speaking at Rajahmundry, he said that he was in talks with some big ticket politicians and that they would soon join the party. Sources watching Jana Sena say that two former ministers and and a former MLA are in touch with Pawan Kalyan.

Jana Sena watchers say that Vizag north MLA and senior leader Ganta Srinivasa Rao could join the party. Similarly, former MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju, who is currently in the BJP is said to be in touch with Pawan Kalyan. Pawan is said to be in touch with some key leaders who were earlier with Praja Rajyam Party and then moved to other parties.

Another name doing round is that of Kamineni Srinivas. Kamineni is quite close to Chandrababu Naidu. This, the party watchers say, could help in bringing Kamma social community closer to the Jana Sena. Kamineni is a senior politician and has considerable influence in Krishna district.

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Pawan Kalyan’s Hari Hara Veera Mallu Updates


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan lined up a series of films and he is completely focused on Bheemla Nayak. Hari Hara Veera Mallu, a periodic drama directed by Krish commenced long ago but the film is yet to complete the shoot. There are no updates about the film from a long time. The film’s director Krish clarified that 25 percent of the film’s shoot is completed and the next schedule of the film will commence from the mid of November. Pawan Kalyan will join the sets and will wrap up a long schedule so that 50 percent of the shoot will be completed. The

Hari Hara Veera Mallu is a periodic drama and Pawan Kalyan plays the role of a thief in this action drama. Nidhhi Agerwal is the leading lady and some massive sets are constructed for the shoot. AM Rathnam is the producer and Hari Hara Veera Mallu will hit the screens next year. Krish during this break completed the shoot of Kondapolam featuring Vaisshnav Tej and the film is releasing across the globe on October 8th. Krish’s home banner First Frame Entertainments are the producers.

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Pawan Kalyan’s clever move brings YSRCP on the “roads”

Many may write off Pawan Kalyan as a part-time politician. But this guy sure has political acumen. With just one statement, he has put the mighty YSRCP government on the mat and pushed it into the defensive. The issue of the condition of the roads was taken up at the right time.

AP’s politics have strangely taken to “streets”. Yes… the politics in AP today are about streets. Strangely, it is the Jana Sena which is leading the fight over the condition of the roads, while the TDP, which ruled the state till a couple of years, is silent on the issue. YSRCP, which agitated over the roads two years ago, is now defending the condition of the roads.

Some sources say that Pawan had prior information that the Government would take up repairs to the roads. He had an idea about the exact areas where the roads would be repaired. So, he cleverly announced that he would take up an agitation from October 2. As part of the agitation, he was to do “shramadanam.” However, the YSRCP has hurriedly begun repairs at the same spot. Now, Pawan Kalyan can claim victory saying that the government took up repairs because of his agitation.

Interestingly, the TDP did raise its voice on the condition of the roads in the state of Andhra Pradesh. But, it lost its steam when the YSRCP countered the TDP saying that the condition of the roads had deteriorated even before the YSRCP government took over. This put the TDP on the defensive. Taking advantage of it, the Jana Sena came to the front and has claimed credit.

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Badvel by-election: Pawan let down fans yet again

Pawan Kalyan let down his fans once again with his statements on Janasena not contesting in Badvel by elections. Details as follows.

Janasena chief announced that they won’t contest in Badvel:

Venkata Subbayya, who won as MLA from YSRCP in 2019, recently passed away. YSRCP gave the ticket to his wife Sudha. TDP already announced that Rajasekhar, who lost in 2019, will be contesting again. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan now announced that his party is not going to contest in Badvel as their party would respect the lady who lost her husband and contesting the elections now. He also asked YSRCP to make the election unanimous by consulting other political parties that want to contest.

How many more sacrifices Pawan ?

It is known news that Janasena sacrificed the seat to BJP in Tirupati by-election. Now when it is time to contest from Janasena , as part of alliance Dharma, Pawan sacrificed the seat once again in the name of political tradition. Irrespective of the result, a political party is expected to contest the election and gauge its performance. While the same Pawan cried foul about the “forced unanimous elections by YSRCP ” during local elections, he is now asking the same YSRCP to make this MLA by-election a unanimous one and this is seen as inconsistency from the side of Janasena chief. Even though Pawan can justify that, in Tirupati, YSRCP didn’t give the seat to family member of the deceased MP and that’s the reason for contesting then, still his fans could not hide their disappointment with the decision of their demigod.

Pawan is still not behaving like a politician:

Most of his fans opine that, there is a huge anti incumbency on the ruling government and the political parties should give an opportunity for the people to express their opinion. They also opine that, even though Pawan Kalyan said that their party is not contesting out of the respect to the lady who lost her husband, ruling YSRCP will use, in future, this decision of Pawan also to portray Janasena as the party that has no guts to contest. Moreover, Pawan recently commented that he did not behave like politician till now but he will behave like politician in future. But his latest decision doesn’t conform to his statement.

We need to wait and see whether Pawan will understand the emotions of his fans and keep contesting the elections irrespective of results or will he keep sacrificing the seats for one reason or other.

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Tollywood producers’ crucial meeting with Pawan Kalyan


There are heated discussions going on between Pawan Kalyan and the YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh. The exchange of verbal abuse reached new heights. Some of the prominent producers have met AP Minister Perni Nani which turned out to be the topic of discussion. Top producer Dil Raju was cornered badly for the past two days. All the producers who met Perni Nani in Machilipatnam a couple of days ago met Pawan Kalyan today in his Hyderabad residence.

Dil Raju, DVV Danayya, Mythri Naveen, UV Vamshi, Bunny Vasu and Sunil Narang met Pawan Kalyan. Dil Raju along with the producers informed Pawan Kalyan about their plans and about the happening discussions. They also explaiend him about the major developments regarding the ticket pricing in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan Kalyan was quite convinced with them and he asked them to go ahead with their plans.

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BJP silent, but TDP is vocal in support of Pawan Kalyan


Will the Pawan Kalyan episode lead to new political alignment in Andhra Pradesh? Will this incident quicken Pawan Kalyan’s estrangement with the BJP and bring it closer to the Telugu Desam Party? What does BJP’s total silence and the TDP’s support to Pawan Kalyan indicate?

Pawan Kalyan’s hot comments on the way YS Jagan Government was harassing the film industry is now the talk of the town. More importantly, the way AP Minister Perni Nani and actor Posani Krishna Murali reacted has made matters worse. Posani has crossed all limits of decency when he attacked the womenfolk in Pawan’s family. Posani’s comments were not just deplorable but downright condemnable.

But where is BJP in all this? Why has it not condemned the attacks on Pawan Kalyan? Why is there a strange silence on the part of the BJP? Despite coming from the same social group as that of Pawan Kalyan, neither Somu Virraju nor Kanna Lakshminarayana came to Pawan’s defence. Not a single statement was issued. At the same time, the TDP enthusiastically backed Pawan Kalyan. TDP women wing’s chief Vangalapudi Anitha offered a spirited defence. She strongly condemned the abusive language used against the women from Pawan’s family. She wanted action against Posani. Similarly, Vizag MLA Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy too came to the defence of Pawan Kalyan.

Sources say this could well be the start of a new political alignment in AP. The BJP-Jana Sena relation could develop strains and the Jana Sena may be forced to go closer to the TDP, which has enthusiastically backed Pawan Kalyan. It is another matter that the whole of the film industry has largely dissociated itself from Pawan Kalyan’s comments.

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Pawan questions Jagan government’s attacks on Kammas


Pawan speech today garnered lot of attention due to severe verbal attack by YSRCP ministers and leaders like Posani. However, today Pawan’s speech was very matured and profound. Details as follows.

Pawan Kalyan started his speech reminding that he never criticised women or family members of rival party members and asked his fans also to maintain same restraint. After that, he started talking about YSRCP atrocities on one specific community. He condemned the attacks on targeted attacks on people belonging to Kamma caste. He added, when government changes, the next government also can target the Reddy community the same way.

On the other hand, he also reminded his affection for Vangaveeti Ranga. At the same time, he reminded that Vangaveeti fans, who used to attend in lakhs to his meetings, couldn’t save him despite knowing the danger of being killed by the then ruling party. This was indirect criticism on the failure of his own community people. He emphasised on the unity of castes.

He shared one incident that happened during the beginning days of Janasena . He revealed that many people asked him who is his “class enemy”. Usually communists talk about class enemy. He explained people that during the Telangana movement, “Andhra rulers” are his class enemy. The same way, YSRCP treated “Kammas” as their class enemy. But Janasena, Pawan added, has no class enemy except for corruption and looting people money.

Overall, Pawan’s maturity in today’s speech surprised many.

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Case filed against Posani Krishna Murali


Ever since Pawan Kalyan spoke about the ticket pricing GO against the government of Andhra Pradesh, actor Posani Krishna Murali arranged press meets and stepped out for verbal abuse. It is quite clear that Posani Krishna Murali lost control and crossed the limits. The last night’s press meet of Posani made Pawan’s fans angry. Some of them rushed to the Press Club to attack Posani Krishna Murali. Shankar Goud, the Incharge of Telangana Janasena filed a complaint against Posani in Panjagutta Police Station.

He requested the government of Telangana to boycott the press meets of Posani Krishna Murali. Janasena leaders even warned him to get ready for the consequences in the coming days. Apart from Posani, several YSRCP leaders targeted Pawan Kalyan and the war of words continued. Social media is filled with posts related to the issue.

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War of words continue between Pawan Kalyan, Andhra ministers


The war of words between actor-politician Pawan Kalyan and leaders of YSR Congress Party continued on Tuesday with the Jana Sena leader slamming Andhra Pradesh’s ruling party for what he calls its “policy terrorism”.

Pawan Kalyan tweeted that YSRCP’s “policy terrorism” is destroying all sectors and all communities and remarked that the time has come to counter it.

For the second time in a day, the Jana Sena leader took to Twitter to launch another attack on the YSRCP government led by Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, this time targetting it for attacks on Hindu temples.

He wrote that there were not one or two but 140 attacks on Hindu temples and idols of Hindu deities. “This is the progress made in Andhra Pradesh during two-and-a-half years of rule of the YSRCP,” he remarked and alleged that those involved are safe.

Tuesday’s tweets further intensified the war of words going on between Pawan Kalyan and the YSRCP leaders since the former lambasted Andhra Pradesh government during the pre-release event of movie “Republic” starring his nephew Sai Dharam Tej. He criticised the Jagan government over the proposed online movie ticket booking system and alleged that the government is trying to profit from movie tickets.

Andhra Pradesh’s ministers including Information and Public Relations Minister Perni Nani countered Pawan’s criticism saying his view does not represent the view of Tollywood. While pointing out the government already consulted the Tollywood elders on the proposal, they also remarked that Pawan Kalyan’s movies have not done well commercially for the government to make any attempt to benefit from them.

This triggered a bitter war of words. In a tweet on Monday, Pawan Kalyan compared YSRCP leaders to dogs. He also posted the video song “Who let the dogs out” with the comment that this is one of his favourite songs.

Perni Nani hit back at the actor for his “culture of marriages” and compared him to a pig. The minister also posted a video of Pawan Kalyan with the song “Who let the dogs out” in the background.

Meanwhile, government advisor and YSRCP General Secretary Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said on Tuesday that the state government is trying to do good for the film industry by being a facilitator with the online ticket system.

He said that some prominent people in the film industry consider Pawan Kalyan as a huge burden to the industry and fear that they may get into trouble by being with him. He said that the state government is ready to cooperate with the film industry and even distributors, and exhibitors were happy with the online ticketing system as this would bring transparency. If the film industry still has any doubts, it can meet the Chief Minister any time and get them clarified, he added.

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Pawan Kalyan’s fans try to attack actor Posani


Fans of actor-politician Pawan Kalyan on Tuesday tried to attack actor and producer Posani Krishna Murali for his remarks against the former.

Pawan’s fans reached the Hyderabad Press Club where Posani was addressing a news conference. They raised slogans against him. This led to tension.

The protestors, including workers of Pawan’s Jana Sena party, tried to barge into the hall where Posani was but police foiled their bid by taking them into custody.

Police also escorted Posani safely to his house in a police vehicle. The actor alleged that he faced a threat to his life from Pawan Kalyan’s fans.

Posani, also a screenwriter and producer, said if he anything happens to him, Pawan Kalyan will be responsible. He said he would lodge a complaint with the police on Wednesday.

Posani, who alleged that Pawan Kalyan’s fans can’t digest criticism, claimed to have received thousands of abusive phone calls and messages during last 24 hours.

A supporter of Andhra Pradesh’s ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP), he had made certain remarks against the leading actor and Jana Sena leader on Monday.

Reacting to Pawan’s attacks on the YSRCP government over the issue of online sale of movie tickets, Posani had stated that Pawan Kalyan does not have the stature to speak about Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

He also alleged that a noted Tollywood personality cheated a Punjabi actress by impregnating her and asked Pawan to demand justice for the girl.

Though Posani did not name the celebrity who cheated her, YSRCP supporters started tweeting with hashtag #JusticeForPunjabGirl and soon it became one of the top trends on Twitter.

At Tuesday’s press conference, Posani said while criticism and counter criticism is common in politics, speaking out of personal vendetta is not proper. He alleged that Pawan Kalyan was resorting to personal attacks.

He made it clear that he will respond to any criticism of Jagan Mohan Reddy as he is a big fan of the YSRCP leader, and Pawan Kalyan was neither a leader of people nor of the film industry.

The actor also revealed that differences between him and Pawan Kalyan cropped up during the shooting of “Gabbar Singh”. He narrated an incident which occurred during the shooting when Pawan Kalyan turned up on the sets very late and got angry with him for leaving the sets before his arrival. He alleged that following this incident, Pawan Kalyan got him removed from the movie.

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I don’t agree with Pawan comments: Manchu Vishnu


Manchu Vishnu today filled his nominations for MAA elections. He also convened a press meet after the nominations and expressed his views on ongoing tussle between film industry and AP government.

Manchu Vishnu told that he is not in agreement with Pawan comments on AP government not helping the film industry. He reminded that film chamber has already expressed its view in which the president of the chamber differed with the comments made by Pawan without mentioning his name. Vishnu added that he concurs with the opinion of Film Chamber. He also responded to the comments made by Pawan on his father Mohan Babu. He told, his father himself will respond to the points raised by Pawan and will answer to each and every point raised. Speaking on MAA elections, he told, after seeing his manifesto, even Chiranjeevi and Pawan also will vote for him. He also questioned whether Prakash Raj wants to stand by the side of industry or by the side of Pawan Kalyan.

Overall, Manchu Vishnu seems to have determined to face the challenge and compete with Prakash Raj. On a related note, actor and producer Bandla Ganesh also filed his nomination independently today.

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Mohan Babu responds to Pawan Kalyan’s statements


Taking the pre-release event of Sai Tej’s Republic as the needed stage, Pawan Kalyan made sensational comments on AP government which has issued a new ticket rate GO and is in plans to start a ticketing portal. He also addressed some of the actors and questioned them why they are unable to take the challenges to the notice of AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy. He said that Mohan Babu is close to YS Jagan’s family and questioned why he could not meet YS Jagan and discuss the issue with him.

Mohan Babu today issued a press statement saying that his son Manchu Vishnu is contesting in the MAA Elections and he would respond and discuss about the issues after the completion of the elections. He also asked Pawan Kalyan to vote for Manchu Vishnu in the MAA Elections. Ever since the AP Government announced a movie ticketing portal, there are mixed responses from the celebrities. Megastar Chiranjeevi along with several actors planned to meet YS Jagan but they were denied an appointment.

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Nani thanks Pawan and requests Jagan


Natural star Nani responded to Pawan Kalyan’s fiery speech on the issues faced by Film industry yesterday. He thanked Pawan and requested Jagan to resolve the issues.

For the uninitiated, Pawan Kalyan attended the pre release function of Sai Dharam Tej’s Republic Movie and spoke a few words in support of Nani. Nani has recently released his tuck Jagadeesh movie on OTT platform and faced ire from the theatre owners for this decision. Pawan came to the support of Nani and told that there is nothing wrong in Nani’s decision and if theatre owners have guts, they should go and ask YSRCP leaders for stopping theatres from functioning normal. Nani responded to Pawan comments through Twitter.

Nani tweeted, “ Keeping aside the political differences between Pawan Kalyan sir and AP Government. The film industry issues addressed are genuine and needs immediate attention. Thank you @PawanKalyan sir. As a member of film fraternity I humbly request @ysjagan gaaru and concerned Ministers to look in to it before it gets too late for the cinema to revive “.

We need to wait and see whether Jagan government will resolve the issues of Film industry or not.

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Media watch: Sakshi completely avoids Pawan speech


Sakshi news paper is known for extreme partiality when it comes to political news as it has the responsibility to work for its owner Jagan. It once again proved its biased nature by avoiding any sort of coverage to Pawan speech. Details as follows

Pawan Kalyan gave a terrific speech in the pre release function of Republic movie. The way he raised his voice against the government busted the myth that cinema people cannot fight with local governments. He exposed the reason why government wants to sell movie tickets. He explained that government wants to show that revenue as the government revenue to the banks and take loans from the banks. He also exposed the double standards of minister Perni Nani who says that he has brotherly feeling with Chiranjeevi but doesn’t help Film industry. He also mentioned that ysrcp leaders are crushing Telugu Film industry only to take revenge on Pawan Kalyan.

However, Sakshi paper, as expected, completely avoided Pawan speech in its paper. In fact it avoided complete Republic function. Only in digital version, it gave small snippet of Vaishnav’s appeal to fans to use helmets. But in print even that is not published. Of course, Sakshi has been banning Pawan speeches and his statements since long and so it didn’t surprise the audience.

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Pawan criticises Mohan Babu silence in Film industry issues


Pawan Kalyan speech in the pre release function of Republic Movie gave goosebumps to his fans. During his speech Pawan criticised Mohan Babu silence on Jagan’s decision on Film industry.
Details as follows

It is known news that Jagan government is planning to sell Movie tickets through a government portal. This GO would be catastrophic on Film industry, if fully implemented. Chiranjeevi recently requested Jagan government to reconsider the decision. While Chiranjeevi requested politely, Pawan came down vehemently on the government. At the same time he criticised Mohan babu for being silent on this issue. He reminded that Mohan babu is a close relation to YS family. He questioned why Mohan babu is silent on the issue pertaining to Film industry despite being a close relation of Jagan. He also reminded that Mohan Babu is Ex parliamentarian and so he has more responsibility.

Pawan told the popular incident during world war 2 in which Protestant pastor wrote –

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Pawan reminded above prose to Mohan Babu and told if he doesn’t speak today, tomorrow YSRCP leaders may target Mohan Babu’s Vidyaniketan institute and then none would be there to speak for him. We need to wait and see whether Mohan Babu would respond to this issue or not.

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Pawan serious comments on Jagan


Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan vehemently came down on Jagan’s government and his party. He called Jagan’s ruling as directionless, cruel and worst. Details as follows

Pawan Kalyan congratulated the Janasena candidates who won in Parishat elections despite facing troubles from ruling YSRCP. He told, Janasena won in 177 seats out of the 1200 seats they have contested. He also added that Janasena got 25.2% votes in this recent Parishat elections. He also told JSP won 2 ZPTC seats. He stated that this is the beginning of the new era. He explained that YSRCP party, despite winning so many seats, is now trying to harass JSP candidates. He reminded that, even during elections and counting also, YSRCP did lot of manipulation. Pawan told, he will visit Vijayawada on 27th and 28th to give direction to the party cadres on how to defend themselves from the atrocities of ruling party. Pawan reiterated that he will protect his party cadres and candidates at any cost.

Overall, Pawan’s serious comments on YSRCP government seems to have found some consonance with the people as ruling YSRCP has agreed won 80% of seats and still trying to harass or lure the remaining 20% candidates.

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Mega Brothers coming for Sai Tej


Supreme Star Sai Dharam Tej suffered minor injuries recently and he will have to stay away from promoting his upcoming movie Republic. The entire Mega family will step out to promote the film in the absence of Sai Dharam Tej. Megastar Chiranjeevi will release the theatrical trailer of Republic today and Powerstar Pawan Kalyan will attend the pre-release event as special guest to promote Republic. The entire movie unit excluding Sai Tej will be present for the event.

If everything goes well, a small video byte of Sai Dharam Tej will be out before the release. The other Mega heroes will take their social media pages to promote Republic. The film is a political drama directed by Deva Katta. Sai Dharam Tej, Aishwarya Rajesh, Jagapathi Babu and Ramya Krishna will be seen in the lead roles. JB Entertainments are the producers and Zee Studios acquired the entire rights of Republic.

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