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Mega family stays calm on RGV, not Mega fans


Ram Gopal Varma announced a film titled Powerstar and without stopping here he posted a bunch of pictures that featured the look-alikes of Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan. This did not go well with anyone. Mega fans took a dig on RGV and trolled him badly but Ram Gopal Varma was not much bothered. His social media pages are flooded with messages from Mega fans. Mega family decided not to respond to this. After the coronavirus outbreak, Pawan Kalyan stood calm and is not in touch with his filmmakers.

Ram Gopal Varma is currently editing the film which is expected to release this month-end. Powerstar is made on a strict budget and will release through ‘RGV World’. Apart from these, Ram Gopal Varma is also busy with multiple projects. His team took a break for four days after one of the assistant directors was tested positive with coronavirus.

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Sainiks happy over the release of Law Nestham funds


Jana Sainiks, the followers of Pawan Kalyan party, are overjoyed over the release of funds for ‘Law Nestham’ by the Jaganmohan Reddy government. They are giving all credit for this to their leader. On July 5, Senani wrote a letter to the Chief Minister, saying that the financial assistance was not being released to junior lawyers in recent months. Two days later, all the pending dues for over four months were released by the Government.

Jana Sainiks and advocates expressed their happiness on social media. They thanked Pawan Kalyan. They wished the Government will henceforth release the funds every month without backlog. The Law Nestham was announced on December 3 last year on the occasion of National Lawyers Day. A monthly assistance of Rs. 5,000 was announced for junior lawyers for three years. Initially, support was extended but for the last four months, payments were withheld.

Now, the question is why the YCP Government promptly responded to Pawan demand on lawyers issue. Undeniably, the ruling party was under heavy pressure from multiple and all-round attacks from the TDP and the BJP. Especially, the BJP was stepping up its criticism and decided to hold joint protests along with Jana Sena. In the Sujana Chowdary issue, Jagan Reddy is facing serious embarrassment from the BJP. Amid this, the CM obviously avoided yet another embarrassment and duly cleared all dues under Law Nestham. A timely demand from Pawan has cornered the YCP very badly. Will the CM fulfill other demands of Senani like resolving sand issues, construction workers’ problems, Capital city and so on?

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Jana Senani vows solidarity till Amaravati farmers get justice


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan heaped praise on Amaravati Capital City farmers, women and youth for continuing their protests even after 200 days of their agitation. He assured them of his party’s total support for the cause of retaining Amaravati as the only Capital City. The farmers are demanding ‘One Capital One State’ ever since CM Jagan Reddy surprised all Andhras with his 3 Capitals master plan.

Senani asserted that it was a great sacrifice on the part of Amaravati farmers to voluntarily give 34,000 acres for Capital construction. They made this sacrifice for the larger interests of the Capital dream for the people of the entire state. Jana Sena along with other parties would not allow such a big sacrifice to go waste.

Pawan Kalyan said the unilateral decision on shifting Capital was aimed at insulting the sacrifices of the Amaravati farmers as well as the sentiments of all AP people. It may be recalled Jagan Reddy has been facing increasing criticism that he supported Amaravati Capital prior to 2019 election but after coming to power, he reversed his stand and began demolishing Amaravati Capital.

Senani’s belated blessings came as a big boost for Amaravati farmers and agitators. They were already overjoyed over massive support from all over including support from NRIs from over 200 cities across the world.

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Pawan Kalyan ‘ Deeksha ‘ for the nation


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has taken up a 4-month long penance for the well-being and recovery of the nation from multiple threats of Coronavirus, economic crisis and destruction of livelihoods. He started Chathurmasya Deeksha and he will be taken only one meal a day for the next four months. There will be no regular dinner. He will take just some milk and fruits after sunset till the penance is over.

Senani’s political secretary P. Hari Prasad says that for nearly two decades, Senani has been doing this deeksha and this time it is dedicated for the national and global wellbeing in times of pandemic crisis. Pawan will take ‘satvic’ food which is light, vegetarian food completely. He will totally stay away from non-vegetarian dishes during this time. At the end of the four months, he will wrap up his penance by taking satvic vegetarian food for dinner on the final day.

Senani is especially concerned about the daily wagers, migrant workers and those depending on the traditional caste professions like weavers, hawkers, tailors and all. They were badly hit financially, psychologically and personally. They have lost their livelihoods. Senani’s strong wish is for early recovery of these people from these difficult times.

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Pawan Kalyan’s fans furious on Vakeel Saab picture leak


Right on the first day of shoot, one of the looks from Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab was leaked and it was circulated widely across the social media. Now, one more look of Pawan Kalyan from the completed court episodes is leaked. The click was leaked from the VFX content, the makers came to a conclusion through primary investigation. Pawan Kalyan is seen in the look of a lawyer in the leaked picture.

This picture has been trending across social media since last night. Pawan Kalyan fans are furious over the leak and they trolled the production house along with the team of the film. Vakeel Saab is aimed for Sankranthi 2021 release as of now. Sriram Venu is the director and 30 days of the film shoot is pending. Nivetha Thomas, Anjali and Prakash Raj will be seen in other crucial roles. Dil Raju and Boney Kapoor are the producers.

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Poonam Kaur’s sensational tweets against RGV

Actress Poonam Kaur made sensational tweets against director Ram Gopal Varma. She told that, director Ram Gopal Varma begged her for 1 hour to tweet against Pawan Kalyan in the past. She also added that she recorded all this conversation and send it to janasena party media head Hariprasad. Details as below.

RGV to mock Pawan Kalyan in his new film Power star:

This all started with director Ram Gopal Varma announcing movie with title Power Star. It is known news that director Ram Gopal Varma recently making some very cheap movies ( in terms of content as well as budget ) and releasing them on his app to make a few quick bucks. His recent movies like Climax, Naked received worst feedback but yet Ram Gopal Varma is boasting himself of being able to sell a few thousand tickets. Even if we go by his numbers, the total collected could have been a few lakhs. He seems to have forgotten that his movies were being awaited by biggies of the country at one point of time.

Yesterday Ram Gopal Varma tweeted that he is making a movie on Power star. He tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: My next film on RGVWORLDTHEATRE is titled POWER STAR ..it will be starring P K, M S , N B , T S, a Russian woman , four children , 8 buffaloes and R G V ..No prizes will be given for understanding who the characters are #RGV’sPOWERSTAR”

Poonam Kaur responded on RGV’s new film, reminds RGV begging her to tweet against Pawan:

Ram Gopal Varma announcement on power star movie did not evoke any response from power star fans as everyone is now aware that he is doing this for a few quick bucks. But quite unexpectedly, Poonam Kaur responded to Ram Gopal Varma tweet about power star movie.

She tweeted, “Plz include a character named #rgv who calls girls finding out their emotional weakness n instigates them to use abusive language and sends tweets to them to share as if they are doing it n then informs media about it …I respected U when I was a child …feel sad about u now”. She also added, ” I really wish I had recorded the call of this traitor director who brainwashed me for an hour to speak against a personality …the tweets he sent me were sent to respective party personal …thank god I have few genuine people in media I wouldn’t know ur intentions otherwise ….”

Poonam says, she sent these recordings to Janasena leader:

Even though she did not mention the name of Pawan Kalyan in her original tweet, it was understood by many as she quoted Ram Gopal Varma tweet on the movie Power Star. But she herself opened up when some netizens were asking about all the proofs. She told that she had recorded the conversation of Ram Gopal Varma begging her to tweet against Pawan Kalyan and sent it to Janasena leader Hariprasad. She tweeted, “The tweet msgs were sent to Hari- prasad Garu from your party who hails from Tirupati …. I don’t know if he saved it ! My responsibility was to inform them!”

Overall, it seems that Poonam Kaur, with her tweets, really exposed director Ram Gopal Varma ‘Naked’. We will have to wait and see how Ram Gopal Varma responds on this.

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Pawan Kalyan raises Kapu bogey, demands reservation


The issue of Kapu quota has once again been raked up. Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan on Saturday said the Jagan government has done great injustice to the Kapu community.

The actor-turned-politico made serious remarks on Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy for cheating Kapu community by removing the five percent reservation. He said that the YSRCP was trying to use the issue of Kapu reservation for its selfish politics. The Jaganmohan Reddy government has overturned his predecessor N Chandrababu Naidu’s pre-poll decision to grant five per cent reservation to Kapus.

“For the last 56 years, the successive governments have cheated and used the Kapu community as mere vote banks. The Jagan government is against the progress of the Kapu community and therefore the Andhra Pradesh government has stalled the move to provide 5 per cent reservation to Kapus,” Pawan Kalyan said.

Further, he tore into Jagan government’s claims that it had spent Rs 4,770 crore in the last 13 months. “This is a new theory being floated by the Jagan government only to deny reservations to Kapus. I would like to ask this government if the Rs 4,770 crore was given to only Kapus or all the communities,” he asked.

He found fault with the ‘Kapu Nestam’ scheme for recognising only 2.35 lakh as beneficiaries. The scheme launched recently provides financial aid of Rs 15,000 per annum for five years only for 2.35 lakh women of Kapu, Telaga, Balija and Ontari communities. He also sought to know how much money was allocated to Kapu Corporation vis-a-vis corporations of other communities and how much money was disbursed. “The government should release a white paper on this,” Pawan Kalyan demanded.

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Cancel all the exams: Pawan Kalyan to Jagan


After the Andhra Pradesh government cancelled the SSC examinations, Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan on Tuesday demanded that the Jagan sarkar cancel all the exams stating that the current environment owing to the pandemic is not conducive to conduct any examination.

In a statement, the actor-turned-politico said the government should cancel all the exams, including degree final exams, MBA semester examinations, BSc, engineering, polytechnic and ITI in view of the alarming rise in corona cases in Andhra Pradesh.

Further, Pawan Kalyan said it is not advisable for students to travel from towns and cities to exam centers to appear for the exams. “Students have expressed their concern to the Jana Sena Party that there is a short time to go for higher studies and getting certificates for the campus selection and may lose eligibility in getting certificates due to delay in the exams. Keeping in view the future of lakhs of students, the government must cancel the examinations and declare them passed,” Pawan Kalyan stated.

Citing Maharashtra and Odisha government’s decision to cancel final year degree exams in their respective states in the backdrop of rising coronavirus cases, Pawan Kalyan suggested that the AP government should take a cue from other states.

In the last 24 hours, AP reported another 443 cases taking the tally to 9,372. Around five people have succumbed to Covid-19 during the same period. The total number of fatalities climbed to 111.

In view of the alarming rise in corona cases, the AP government had recently cancelled the SSC exams and all students would be promoted to the next class without any examination, as it would not be possible to hold the exam due to the spread of coronavirus. All the 10th class students will be promoted to the next class by giving them grades based on their internal assessment marks.

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Jana Senani tele conference on weavers’ problems


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan is reaching out to people by using new methods in view of Coronavirus virus threat. He held a teleconference with the weavers community to discuss their problems in the wake of losses and impact of lockdown restrictions.

In the process, Senani commented on the Nethanna Nestham benefits. He told the Government it was not correct to give this benefit only some weavers. While there are 2.81 lakh weavers in the state, only 81,000 we’re covered. The government should realise that the cooperatives should be strengthened with suitable support if the weavers are to work and earn their livelihoods smoothly.

Pawan Kalyan announced that he would soon form a committee to study and work for solving the problems of weavers. The AP Government should take proactive steps like in Kerala to create confidence in the weavers families to tide over the present crisis.

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Pawan Kalyan leaves his producers puzzled


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan turned a signing spree after he focused on politics for over two years. He is busy with the shoot of Vakeel Saab which is in the final stages of shoot. With the coronavirus outbreak, all the stars are not ready to join the shoots. Pawan Kalyan too is restricted to his home currently. As per the latest update, Pawan Kalyan is not thinking about any project other than Vakeel Saab.

He is in plans to complete the shoot of Vakeel Saab which doesn’t need a number of crew members. Pawan too will complete his part for the film in just 15 days. There are speculations that Pawan Kalyan will put Krish’s project on hold and will take up Harish Shankar’s project. AM Rathnam was quite worried after hearing about this. But Pawan Kalyan is not ready to think about Krish’s project or Harish Shankar’s film as of now.

It is clear that Krish’s film is a periodic drama and it needs hundreds of crew to shoot the project. Hence Krish and AM Rathnam are not mounting pressure on Pawan Kalyan as of now. Pawan Kalyan is not in a hurry and will take a call about his future projects after a couple of months.

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Hyderabad rains wash Pawan Kalyan’s film set


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan for the first time will be seen in a periodic drama that is directed by Krish. A week’s shoot took place in Aluminium Factory and several sets are erected for the film. The recent downpour in Hyderabad washed the set which has been erected with a cost of Rs 1.5 crores. The makers are said to have shot for just two days in the set before the coronavirus lockdown. Art director Rajeevan who erected the set says that they will have to re-construct the portions before the shoot starts and they cannot estimate the loss as of now.

Pawan Kalyan will have to complete Vakeel Saab first and he would then move to Krish’s project. With the monsoon season starting now, heavy rains are expected in the next few weeks and the makers are left worried about the erected sets. Krish and his team are just waiting for the shoots to resume so that they could work on the sets. The makers are staring at huge losses even before the major schedule of the film started. AM Rathnam is bankrolling this big-budget periodic drama which will release next year.

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After joining BJP, did Senani bid farewell to arms?


Last time, Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan raised his strong protest against YCP’s authoritarian rule was the Kakinada attack in which Jana Sainiks were chased and injured. Instead of continuing his street protests here in Andhra, Senani along with his team flew to Delhi and reached a deal with the BJP national leadership. After that, there were no major clashes between YCP and Jana Sena back in AP. That was politically interesting as to why Jagan Reddy has scaled down his attack on Pawan party. However, the CM’s hostility escalated gradually in proportion to the increasing resistance being given by Chandrabab Naidu. The TDP is attacking sand, mine, land, liquor, Coronavirus kits, bleaching and other irregularities in a non-stop manner. In the same way, YCP is foisting false cases and making arrests of TDP leaders ceaselessly.

Carrying forward its fight, TDP issued a whip to its three rebel MLAs who had no choice but to make their votes invalid in Rajya Sabha polling. But, Jana Sena has not issued such a whip to its lone MLA. Consequently, Senani has indirectly become responsible for his party MLA Rapaka Vara Prasad voting for the YCP. Analysts say that Pawan Kalyan is not still living up to his avowed goal of dedicating most of this time to politics in order to save people from exploitation, poverty and discrimination. When a chance is there to challenge the rivals, a political party should take it.

Jana Sena leaders are providing a weak defence, saying that their party was not taking its MLA issue seriously and left him to take his own decision. Doubts are arising now whether Pawan has bid farewell to arms in AP after joining hands with BJP. Or, is it a fact whether the BJP’s pro-YCP intellectuals like GVL Narasimha Rao are remote-controlling Pawan in their own tricky ways. Certainly allowing its MLA to vote for adversaries is a self-defeatist decision for any party at this juncture.

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#10thstudents_livesmatter: Pawan questions YSRCP’s double standards


It is known news that YSRCP government is not in mood to cancel the exams of 10th class despite the ongoing Corona crisis. Even though some states like Telangana, Karnataka, Punjab, Odisha, and Tamil Nadu etc already cancelled the exams and some courts have already questioned the governments whether the exams are more important than the lives of students. Even in AP also, the government has already cut short the assembly sessions to just 2 days because of the current Corona crisis. But the same government is arguing it is safe to conduct exams in the state.

Pawan Kalyan questioned this double standards of the government which says it is difficult to hold assembly sessions for more than 2 days and at the same time it also says 10th class exams can be conducted in the state safely. Pawan Kalyan tweeted, “YCP led AP Govt reduces Assembly session to 2 days citing Corona but declares safe to conduct 10th exams.The govt is clever; they know 10th students do not have voting rights.”

The hashtag created by Pawan Kalyan , #10thstudents_livesmatter, goes viral and many netizens already started supporting this demand. After Pawan Kalyan started this demand couple of days ago, former CM Chandra Babu Naidu also raised the same demand. We will have to wait and see whether Jagan will pay heed to this demand or not.

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Exclusive: Pawan Kalyan’s offer for Trivikram


Top director Trivikram Srinivas is waiting for the arrival of NTR to start his next. He is sure that he would be left in waiting mode as NTR needs to focus and complete his part for RRR which is not going to happen anytime soon in these situations. Trivikram also penned a script for Venkatesh and Nani. Venkatesh recently clarified that he is not going to join film shoots anytime soon and he would be idle for this year.

It is during this time Trivikram received a call from Pawan Kalyan. The top actor is expected to complete the shoot of Vakeel Saab by the end of July. His next film will be directed by Krish and is a periodic drama. Considering the issued guidelines, Pawan cannot start the project. Pawan Kalyan proposed Trivikram to come up with an interesting and engaging script to start the film soon which can be wrapped up in a quick time. The meeting took place a couple of days ago. Trivikram is currently in thinking mode if he can do a quick film before the arrival of NTR. Things will be finalized very soon.

Haarika and Hassine Creations along with Pawan Kalyan Creative Works will produce this project if things fall in the right place.

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Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab pushed to Sankranthi 2021


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is keen to return back to sets next month and he would complete the pending portions of his comeback film Vakeel Saab. The film directed by Sriram Venu has 30 days of pending shoot and Pawan Kalyan will have to shoot for over 15 days to complete his part. As per the update, Pawan is in plans to complete his work by the end of July. Dil Raju and Boney Kapoor are jointly producing Vakeel Saab which is the official remake of Bollywood film Pink.

Dil Raju who was keen to release Vakeel Saab for Dasara is said to have changed his plans. Vakeel Saab will now release for Sankranthi 2021 and the makers are in plans to make an official announcement on this soon. With the number of coronavirus cases increasing and with the reopening of theatres not possible anytime soon, the makers decided to push the release. Nivetha Thomas, Anjali and Prakash Raj will be seen in other important roles in this social drama.

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Vakeel Saab will not let Pawan Kalyan look down

Director Sriram Venu made his debut with Oh My Friend a decade ago. He directed Nani’s MCA which is the biggest hit in Nani’s career to date. Tollywood circles are left surprised after Sriram Venu bagged an opportunity to direct Pawan Kalyan in the remake of Pink. Frankly speaking, Pawan’s fans weren’t excited after the actor decided to make his comeback with Vakeel Saab. The first look generated positive waves and the first single is an instant hit.

Speaking about the film, Sriram Venu says “Vakeel Saab is not a film that will let Pawan and his fans look down. It is a story that should be told to the Telugu audience and delivering a strong message through a person like Pawan Kalyan will always have a strong impact. It needs a person of his stature to deliver the message right and reach wider sections of the audience. All those who watched Pink and Nerkonda Paarvai too will love Vakeel Saab for sure”.

The film’s shoot will resume next month and the makers are eyeing Dasara release for the movie. Nivetha Thomas, Anjali, Prakash Raj will be seen in other crucial roles in Vakeel Saab that is produced by Dil Raju and Boney Kapoor jointly.

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Krish has a plan for Pawan Kalyan


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan planned to work without breaks and signed back to back projects. An unexpected break came in the form of coronavirus. Pawan is expected to join the sets of Vakeel Saab soon and he has 15 days of work left for the movie. Pawan would turn free by the end of July as per the update. He will have to join the sets of Krish’s periodic drama followed by Harish Shankar’s film. But Pawan Kalyan changed his mind and decided to go up with Harish Shankar’s film first before he starts Krish’s project.

Krish’s film is set before independence and needs huge crew members. The loud action episodes cannot be shot with the limited crew members and hence Pawan wanted to start Harish Shankar’s film. But Krish decided to shoot all those episodes which need a minimum cast, crew members and they will be shot in the next couple of months before things calm down. He is said to be convincing Pawan with this new move. Pawan Kalyan is expected to take the call soon.

We have to wait for some more time to see if Pawan Kalyan goes with the old plan or puts Krish in waiting mode. Krish’s film is a pan Indian project and is produced by AM Rathnam.

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Pawan Kalyan and Krish in rethinking mode


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan will complete the shoot of Vakeel Saab at the earliest after the shooting permissions are granted. The shoot will not involve a number of crew members and Pawan Kalyan will complete his part in just 15 days. What’s worrying the actor is his next project. He will work with Krish for a periodic film. The film will have to be made on lavish standards and the number of crew members working on the sets on a regular basis would be huge. It would not be possible to shoot the film as per the guidelines issued by the government. The film also has a huge dose of action which should be shot on a grand scale.

Pawan Kalyan asked Krish to can the scenes that need less number of crew members initially. Some of these scenes cannot be shot as they need special sets that are yet to be constructed. As per the update, we hear, Pawan Kalyan is also in plans to delay Krish’s project for a while and start Harish Shankar’s project if the script work is done. The talks are currently on and Pawan would take the final decision this month. He is expected to complete shooting for Vakeel Saab by July and will move on to his next project.

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Senani fires at YCP: Where have all those lorries of sand gone?


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan launched a never-before attack on the Jaganmohan Reddy government. He emphatically said if the government doesn’t ensure availability of sand, the construction industry will remain in crisis and construction workers will face bigger problems.

Senani stressed the need for giving autonomy to the Construction Workers welfare organization so that it can use its funds for improvement of the workers’living conditions. Even in the lockdown crisis, no effort is made to help the workers using the welfare fund.

Pawan made a special attack on the government on the issue of illegal transportation of sand during lockdown. He said that though all other vehicles came to a standstill due to Coronavirus restrictions, thousands of lorries transported sand in Andhra Pradesh. But those lorries didn’t unload the sand at the stock points. The government should answer where all that sand has gone.

Senani told the Government to respond at least now as the middle class and lower middle class families are not able to construct their houses sheerly because of lack of easy accessibility of sand.

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Bandi Sanjay meets Pawan Kalyan. Discuss Pothireddypadu, temple assets issue


Telangana BJP president and Karimanagar MP Bandi Sanjay on Monday met Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan in Hyderabad.

Both leaders held consultations for over an hour at the Jana Sena Party office in Jubilee Hills. In the hush-hush meeting, according to sources, the BJP leader Bandi Sanjay reportedly asked Pawan Kalyan to work with the BJP on important issues.

Pawan Kalyan who belongs to the strong Kapu community is a massive crowd puller and provide the necessary fillip to the BJP’s political prospectes in Telangana. This is the first time Bandi Sanjay Kumar has met Pawan Kalyan after taking over the reins of BJP affairs in Telangana. In April, Pawan Kalyan had extended his best wishes to Bandi Sanjay soon after he took over as the state BJP president. “Special wishes to Bandi Sanjay from Janasena leaders on assuming the charge of office as BJP state chief,” Pawan Kalyan had tweeted.

In the closed-door meeting on Monday, Bandi Sanjay Kumar, it is learnt, had asked the actor-turned-politician to work closely with the BJP. In his Twitter account @bandisanjay_bjp, Bandi Sanjay wrote, “Met Shri @PawanKalyan Garu & had a fruitful discussion on current issues.” According to sources, Bandi Sanjay discussed Pothireddypadu head regulator lift irrigation issue. Talking to mediapersons, Bandi Sanjay said he had discussed the Telangana government’s failure to halt the AP government from taking up capacity enhancement of the Pothireddypadu head regulator lift irrigation project, the TTD attempt to sell the temple assets in Tamil Nadu and the corona pandemic situation in the state among others. He said both the AP CM and Telangana CM were playing games on sharing river water. He also said the BJP will spearhead public agitation against the TTD’s move to auction the temple assets in Tamil Nadu. “The Andhra Pradesh government should immediately withdraw its plan to sell temple assets,” he said talking to mediapersons on Monday.

The BJP has upped its ante against the TRS after Bandi Sanjay took over as the party president in Telangana. He hit out at the ruling TRS on the issue of testing. He had accused the state government of misleading the Central team which had visited Telangana to take stock of the measures to contain COVID-19 in the state. Sanjay Kumar came down heavily on the TRS government stating that it had failed to chalk out and implement any concrete plan to tackle the problem faced by the state farmers and the issue of migrant workers.

On Monday, Bandi Sanjay Kumar took to his Twitter handle to take on both the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments. He said the Jagan government was trying to turn Andhra Pradesh into the fiefdom of Christianity while the KCR government was turning Telangana into Muslim kingdom. “We will protect Hindu temples from these rulers and dig the political grave of these political parties,” Bandi Sanjay tweeted. In the Tweet, Bandi Sanjay asked if the Andhra Pradesh government intends to pay salaries of pastors by selling the temple assets in Tamil Nadu and warned of moving heaven and earth to halt the government’s move to auction TTD assets.

In Andhra Pradesh, the BJP and Jana Sena Party already announced alliance for the civic body elections which were postponed due to the corona virus outbreak. Pawan Kalyan has been quite vocal in attacking the YSRCP dispensation on several issues including the controversial decision to introduce English as compulsory medium of education in government schools, illegal sand mining and the idea of three Capitals. On Monday, Pawan Kalyan took to his Twitter handle to strongly condemn the TTD’s move to sell around 50 temple assets in Tamil Nadu. “Andhra Pradesh has suffered and is still suffering a lot post bifurcation; the state still does not have a full fledged capital city; the economy of the state is very weak and fragile. AP needs investors to create jobs and revive the economy; one of the major resources for any government is land. Land can attract investors, land can be used to create value, land can generate revenue and hence the government must try all possible ways to protect and secure government properties, especially land. Hurting the devotee’s sentiment and belief and risking the economic opportunities for the state in the future, it would be a grave mistake if the YCP led state government lets TTD sell off the lands in the prevailing circumstances,” Pawan Kalyan tweeted.

“Devotees have donated house sites, agricultural lands and buildings. The TTD has insulted the devotees by calling these assets as non-remunerative. The devotees donated the properties for Hindu religious purposes and to ensure service to the Lord, and not to the State government to sell the assets. The properties donated by the devotees should serve the devotees and pilgrims coming to the Lord’s abode,” Pawan Kalyan noted in his tweet.

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