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Raghurama says he would contest in the coming elections

Narsapuram MP K Raghurama Krishnam Raju had said that he would contest the coming general election. He told the media persons in Vijayawada that he would soon announce the constituency from which he would contest.

Raghurama Krishnam Raju offered prayers at Kanakadurga temple in Vijayawada on Wednesday evening. He said he had come to the city to pray to the presiding deity to bless the TDP, BJP and Jana Sena alliance in the elections.

He said he would be in the election battle this time. However, he said he was not sure whether he would contest the Parliament seat or the Assembly seat. There would be clarity on the issue in the next couple of days, the Narasapuram MP said.

Raghurama Krishnam Raju aspired for Narsapuram Parliament seat either from the BJP or from the TDP. However, the seat went to the BJP in alliance. The BJP had announced the candidature of Bhupathiraju Srinivasa Varma as its candidate. This had closed the doors for Raghurama Krishnam Raju to contest.

He was upset with the BJP not giving him the ticket. He expected the BJP to name him from the constituency. However, as the BJP named Varma, he alleged that chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy prevailed upon the BJP leadership not to give him ticket.

Raghurama Krishnam Raju is now looking at the TDP to give him the ticket. He said that the TDP has the responsibility to give him the ticket and ensure that he is elected to the Assembly or Parliament.

He did not join the TDP or the BJP. He did not even join the Jana Sena for that matter. However, he is expecting the TDP to give him the ticket. He asserted that the TDP would give him the ticket even though he did not join the party.

“There was no rule that one should join the party to get a ticket. The TDP had given a ticket to the Telangana BJP leader at Bapatla,” Raghurama Krishnam Raju told the media persons. It is to be seen if the TDP would give him the ticket or not.

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Raghurama complains to EC against AP CM


YSR Congress rebel MP K Raghurama Krishnam Raju on Friday lodged a complaint with the Election Commission against chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and the State government. He took strong exception to the state government issuing orders to keep two helicopters ready for the use of the chief minister.

The rebel MP said that the chief minister wants to use the helicopters for his election campaign. He said that the chief minister wants to use the helicopters procured at the cost of the state exchequer for his election campaign.

The state government had issued orders on Thursday to keep two helicopters ready for the use of the chief minister. One helicopter would be kept at Vijayawada while the other would be kept at Visakhapatnam. The chief minister has a threat from the Naxalites and hence the helicopters are required for his safety.

The state government said that the chief minister would tour the north Andhra region using the helicopter from Visakhapatnam and the rest of the state from Vijayawada. The government wants to ensure that the chief minister’s security is tightened, and he is safe from any attacks.

The rebel MP said that it was against the election code as the chief minister wants to use the government money for the election campaign. He wanted the Election Commission to look into the issue and ensure that the chief minister does not use the helicopters for his party electioneering.

He also alleged that the chief minister was resorting to several election irregularities. He was also using the government functions to give political speeches, the MP said. The MP wanted; the Election Commission to regulate the chief minister and prevent him from making political statements from the government programmes.

The rebel MP alleged that the chief minister was using the government functions for his political campaign. He cited the example of house sites distribution at Ongole in Prakasam district on Friday. He said that the programme was organised by the government, but the chief minister had given a political speech making it a political meeting.

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Raghurama files petition in SC on Jagan cases


YSR Congress rebel MP, K Raghurama Krishnam Raju, had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking transfer of AP chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s cases to another state. He said that Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa’s cases were transferred to Karnataka.

Raghurama Krishnam Raju said that Jagan Mohan Reddy’s cases were postponed in the court for 3,041 times so far. There was no regular hearing of the cases in the CBI court in Hyderabad, he said and wanted the Supreme Court to transfer the case to another state.

The rebel MP said that there are 11 cases filed by the CBI against Jagan Mohan Reddy. He wanted the Supreme Court to use CRPC section 406 and transfer the cases to another state, as was done in the case of Jayalalithaa.

He said that there was no progress in the cases of CBI in the Hyderabad court in the last ten years. If this trend continues, there is no possibility of completing hearing of the cases in the near future, he said.

Raghurama Krishnam Raju wondered why the CBI and other investigating agencies were silent as the court is postponing the cases. He also wanted the Supreme Court to direct the central investigating agencies to speed up the hearing of the cases in the court. He also told the supreme court to direct the Central government to take steps to complete the hearing of the cases and punish the guilty.

Raghurama Krishnam Raju told the court that case 8/2012 was postponed 259 times, while case 9/2012 was postponed 374 times, case 24/2014 was postponed 217 times, case 12/2013 was postponed 243 times, 26/2013 was postponed 280 times, 28/2013 was postponed 213 times, 27/2013 was postponed 228 times, case 24/2013 was postponed 210 times, case 14/2012 was postponed 375 times, case 25/2013 was postponed 266 times, and case 10/2012 was postponed 376 times.

He wanted the supreme court to take a call on these cases and ensure that they are transferred to another state and hearing is completed at the earliest.

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Rebel YSRCP MP booked for assaulting Andhra cop in Hyderabad


Cyberabad police on Tuesday registered a case against rebel MP of Andhra Pradesh’s ruling YSR Congress Party, Raghurama Krishna Raju for allegedly assaulting a policeman.

On a complaint by a constable of the intelligence wing of Andhra Pradesh police, a case was registered at Gachibowli police station against the MP and his son Bharat for allegedly beating up the cop late on Monday.

The MP’s personal assistant Shastri, a CRPF constable and ASI was also named in the First Information Report (FIR). Constable Farooq Basha alleged that he was attacked when he was discharging his official duties. He alleged that he was illegally confined in the MP’s house for three hours.

The constable told police that five persons including Raju attacked him. He said they forcibly carried him in their car though he told them that he is an intelligence constable.

The complainant alleged that his identity card and purse were snatched and the MP and others abused him and attacked him with sticks.

Raju also lodged a complaint against the Andhra police constable. Police said they were looking into it.

Meanwhile, the MP wrote a letter to Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, demanding immediate action against those who conducted recee at his house. He alleged that six men conducted recce at his house on Monday.

The MP wrote to the chief minister that in view of the threat to his life, he has been provided CRPF security. The CRPF personnel chased those conducting recce and caught one of them while remaining escaped in a car.

Raju said the person who was caught claimed that he is Andhra Pradesh intelligence constable Subhan Ali Basha but refused to show the identity card. He also refused to call senior officials.

The MP said he complained to Gachibowli police station about the incident and demanded inquiry into the reasons for conducting recce. He claimed that he had complained to Gachibowli inspector in the past about the recce but no action was taken.

The MP also alleged that Cyberabad Police Commissioner Stephen Ravindra was cooperating with Andhra Pradesh police. He expressed surprise over booking of cases against him and his security personnel.

Raju said he suspects that the unidentified men had come to kill him and his family members.

The incident had occurred hours after Raju dropped his plans to visit Bhimavaram in Andhra Pradesh to attend the launch of 125th birth anniversary celebrations of freedom fighter Alluri Sitarama Raju by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday.

The Lok Sabha members from Narsapuram complained to Prime Minister Modi over not being invited for the programme.

Ramakrishna Raju has written a letter to Modi that the officials have not included his name in the list of invitees though he is the local MP. He blamed the YSRCP government for not including his name in the list.

The MP had left Hyderabad for Andhra Pradesh by Narsapur Express on Sunday night. He boarded the train at Lingampalli station but got down at Begumpet station in Hyderabad.

He also alleged that his followers were arrested and tortured by Andhra Pradesh police as he was planning to visit Bhimavaram. He claimed that he had to retreat for the well being of his followers.

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Raghurama goes back, not to be present in Bhimavaram


Having created hype for over two weeks about his visit to Bhimavaram and his challenges to the state government, particularly to Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, Narasapur MP K Raghurama Krishnam Raju had dropped his plans to visit Bhimavaram.

The MP had gone back from his train journey without attending the meeting in Bhimavaram, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address.

The MP had challenged the chief minister and the state government to stop him from his visit. He had gone to the High Court twice and got orders in his favour. He challenged everyone to stop him.

He used the media to create hype greater than the event. He accused and abused the chief minister of stalling his visit and dared them to stop him. He cited the high court orders to claim that he is right and the state government, the state police and the chief ministers were wrong.

He said that he would be having Z Plus security, hidden cameras and the media around him when he arrives at Bhimavaram. He asked everyone to be away from him as he has greater security. He wrote to the Prime Minister’s office. He wrote to the Home Minister’s office. He went to the high court. He challenged everyone. He abused the chief minister. Dared the chief minister.

Finally, he withdrew from reaching Bhimavaram. Well, it is better, he should resign and seek re-election or stop sitting in front of cameras and speaking so highly about himself.

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YS Jagan govt caught in “Chintamani’ cleft-stick


It is almost certain that the YS Jagan government may have to rescind the decision to ban the famous drama “Chintamani.” Now with renegade MP Raghuramakrishnam Raju filing a petition against the ban, the government may be forced to back down on its decision.

The Government has banned the 100-year-old drama to appease the Vysya community, which was upset that a character – Subbisetti – a vysya – was depicted in poor light. The character mouths lewd and suggestive dialogues and is portrayed as a lecherous man. The Vysyas felt the character demeaned the whole community. Jagan thought the ban would endear him to the estranged Vysya community and immediately enforced a ban.

However, the drama, written by independence era writer Kallakuri Narayana Rao, is aimed at social reform and also seeks to oppose pushing hapless women into flesh trade. So, there were muted protests from various quarters against the ban. Meanwhile, Jagan’s bete noire RRR approached the court. He argued that the lewd comments mouthed by Subbisetti were later-day interpolations and said that the ban has no basis.

The court too sought to know why the government ban a drama that has been in circulation for over 100 years. With the court asking tough questions, the Jagan government is in a dilemma. Now the problem is if the court strikes down the ban, the government would end up with egg on its face. At the same time, it will also lose face with the Vysya community.

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AP CID sleuths knock RRR’s door, MP refuses to meet them


Early on Wednesday morning, Narsapur MP and renegade YSRCP leader Raghuramakrishnam Raju had uninvited guests. Four CID officials from Andhra Pradesh landed at his doorstep to serve a notice on him. However, Raghuramakrishnam Raju has not so far come out of his residence to receive the notices.

The CID sleuths from Andhra Pradesh knocked at RRR’s door at about 9 am on Wednesday. It is well-known that RRR has several cases pending against him. But, in view of the Supreme Court’s directions, he cannot be arrested. Sources say it is not known in which connection, the CID sleuths are at RRR’s door.

Sources said that RRR is in consultation with his legal advisors on how to respond to the notices that the AP CID intends to serve. Sources say that the CID officials want RRR to appear and depose before the sleuths in connection with the old cases. Eyewitnesses say that RRR’s advisors are talking to the AP CID sleuths.

RRR has challenged the might of AP CM and YSRCP supremo YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He has earlier been arrested. Protesting against the arrests, While securing a bail, RRR has obtained a blanket ban on his arrest from the Supreme Court.

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YSRCP rebel MP plans to resign, contest bypoll


Rebel MP of Andhra Pradesh’s ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) K. Raghurama Krishna Raju on Friday said he would soon resign as a Lok Sabha member and contest the by-election.

Stating that the YSRCP has been trying to get him disqualified, the MP from Narsapuram asked the party to specify as to how long it would take for his disqualification.

“If they fail to get me disqualified, I will resign and contest the election again,” he told reporters.

The MP said the outcome of the by-election would reflect how strong are the anti-incumbency sentiments in the state.

Alleging that people are disgruntled with the government led by Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, Raju said he would contest the election with Amaravati as the main issue.

He claimed that people want Amaravati to continue as the only state capital.

Meanwhile, YSRCP leader and government advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said there was no need to take Raju’s statement seriously. He pointed out that they have been asking him to resign.

Raju, who was elected to Lok Sabha from Narsapuram on YSRCP ticket in 2019, raised the banner of revolt in 2020 by openly criticising the party policies.

It was in July 2020 that the YSRCP had submitted a disqualification petition against him to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla.

The party leaders had brought to the Speaker’s notice that Raju had been making statements against the party. They said his conduct was highly questionable and he lost the moral right to continue as a member of the House representing the party. He was also accused of hobnobbing with the leaders of the opposition party and using unparliamentary language against party President and Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy and other party members.

Last year, the MP moved a CBI court seeking cancellation of bail of Jagan Mohan Reddy and YSRCP MP Vijaya Sai Reddy in quid pro case. After the CBI court dismissed his petitions, he approached the Telangana High Court, which last week reserved its orders.

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What’s common to RRR in AP and TJR in Telangana?


What’s common to both Congress MLA from Telangana’s Sangareddy Turpu Jagga Reddy and YSRCP MP from Narsapur Raghuramakrishnam Raju? Both are rebel leaders who challenge the party’s leadership but refuse to leave the party. They do not defect or betray. They remain in the same party that they are fighting against and torment it from within.

Raghuramakrishnam Raju has been the bête noire of YS Jagan. He has called for the cancellation of YS Jagan’s bail. He has criticised his own party and its leader. But, he refused to leave the party. Despite being arrested and put in jail, he managed to come out and has become a huge headache for his party.

Ditto with Turpu Jagga Reddy. Like RRR, he to changed parties. He was in the BJP, then joined TRS andthen joined the Congress. He too is strongly criticising TPCC chief Revanth Reddy and refusing to listen to him. But, at the same time, he is not in a mood to leave the party.

Interestingly, the high command wanted to get rid of RRR, but failed. In case of Jagga Reddy too, Revanth Reddy loves to see his back. But, both the leaders are staying put in their respective parties. While RRR is tormenting the YSRCP with his posts, statements and comments, Jagga Reddy is troubling the TPCC with his letters to Sonia Gandhi. Both the parties are working overtime and are burning their midnight oil to find out ways and means to contain them, but to no avail.

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Raghurama’s ‘legal war’ against Jagan, Vijayasai continues!


It’s not even a month since the CBI court in Nampally, Hyderabad dismissed the petitions filed by YSRCP rebel MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju seeking cancellation of bails granted to YSRCP president and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy and YSRCP Rajya Sabha member Vijayasai Reddy in illegal assets cases booked by CBI and ED against them.

Raghurama filed a fresh petition in the Telangana High Court on Wednesday (today) challenging the judgement of CBI Court dismissing his petitions seeking cancellation of bails granted to Jagan and Vijayasai.

The CBI Court dismissed Raghurama’s petitions on September 15 after hearing the cases for over three months.

Raghurama filed petitions in CBI Court arguing that Jagan and Vijayasai violated bail conditions by influencing witnesses in CBI cases filed against him after becoming CM and MP respectively.

However, Jagan and Vijayasai argued that they did not violate bail conditions and Raghurama filed the petitions against them for political reasons.

The CBI Court was convinced with Jagan and Vijayasai’s arguments and dismissed Raghurama’s petitions

After waiting for three weeks, Raghurama again filed a fresh petition in the Telangana High Court challenging CBI’s judgement.

The High Court is expected to hear the case after Dasara vacation till October 17.

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NHRC notices to Andhra govt over delay in report on MP’s arrest

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued notices to the Andhra Pradesh government over the delay in submitting a report on the arrest of rebel YSRCP MP Raghuramakrishna Raju.

The NHRC had earlier sought for a report from the state government on the arrest of the MP.

On Tuesday, the commission expressed anger over the delay in filing the report and issued conditional summons to the state government.

The commission has ordered the state government to submit its report by August 9.

The MP’s son Bharat had approached the NHRC, after his father was arrested on sedition charges, by the AP CID in May this year.

The NHRC had ordered the Andhra Pradesh DGP to enquire into the MP’s allegations of being tortured while in custody.

The DGP was supposed to submit the report to the NHRC by June 7, but was delayed.

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Curious case of Raghurama Krishna Raju, YSRCP’s Trojan horse

Kanumuru Raghurama Krishna Raju, rebel Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party Member of Parliament (MP) from Narasapuram constituency has emerged as an unlikely Trojan horse in the ruling dispensation of Andhra Pradesh.

Nobody expected that Raju would do politicking from within on several of the pet projects of YSRCP founder and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, beginning with English medium education, three capitals and many others.

Though the Narasapuram MP himself attended English medium schools in Vijayawada and Chennai and reaped the benefits, he somehow went on to oppose the idea of English medium education for all school children, many of whom come from very poor background.

Abandoning his constituency, where several villages lack even potable drinking water, the MP with a penchant for flanking cinema stars and celebrities in photographs, mostly divided his time between his cozy environs of Hyderabad and Delhi.

Employing mockery, vulgar antics and disparaging expressions, Raju would directly attack the chief minister for reasons best known to him.

Entire AP and the Telugu diaspora are clueless as to why he is spewing venom on the CM, nobody knows what transpired between these two individuals.

Invoking religion, caste, reservations, the Christian minority institutions-educated Raju has been incessantly targeting the government and the CM for more than a year now.

Despite several demands from YSRCP legislators to expel him for anti-party activities and disobedience towards the CM, Raju never relented and instead claimed that he won the election with his own ‘glamour’ and money.

He even went to the extent of claiming that other MLAs in his constituency also won because of his name and fame, completely negating the tsunami of success wave ridden by Reddy.

In fact, Raju joined YSRCP some 10 days before the 2019 polls.

Though the Andhra chief minister is known for exacting complete discipline, obedience and loyalty from his subordinates, just like his late father and former CM Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, Raju has curiously emerged as an aberration.

The Parliamentarian did not tone down his attacks on the CM and government even after undergoing a bypass surgery. In fact his attacks gained more ferocity after the surgery.

What appeared like preparing himself to shield from any retaliation from the government or his own party members for his activities, the Narasapuram MP met Speaker Om Birla, President Ram Nath Kovid and several other bigwigs in Delhi.

However, one fine day in May, AP CID police swooped on him in Hyderabad for being on the wrong side of the law with his vitriolic speeches against a caste and a religion.

Raju claimed that police beat him brutally in custody, an allegation which played a key role in him getting the bail.

But the bigger question is would a heart patient who had recently undergone bypass surgery stay alive after allegedly being meted out third degree torture by police?

Meanwhile, Raju started a war of letters against the government and CM claiming that many promises were not fulfilled.

In his latest letter to the Chief Minister, Raju alleged that senior YSRCP leader and Rajya Sabha MP V. Vijayasai Reddy is making ‘objectionable comments’ against Mansas Trust chairman Ashok Gajapati Raju.

Unlike Raju’s earlier videos in which he would abuse Reddy using his caste and other derogatory references, the MP kept his tone and tenor in the letters respectful and dignified, including addressing the CM as ‘dear sir’.

However, his observations on ‘objectionable comments’ did cause a surprise considering the lengths and depths of vulgarity Raju stooped to in his attacks on the government.

Raju does not have an impeccable record either. At a time when he is incessantly lecturing about morality, ethics, integrity and other virtues, another Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) case was recently registered against him for alleged bank forgery scam worth Rs 238 crore.

Recently, a group of Dalits who claimed to have voted for the Narasapuram MP lodged a complaint with the police to arrest him for failing to fulfill the promises he made during elections. They complained that the MP is always absent.

Despite all these developments, Raju has his legions of supporters and admirers. Upon his arrest and release on bail recently, a couple of large flexi posters sprung up in his home district, appreciating his ‘boldness’.

Meanwhile, there were reports a week ago that Raju;s name was struck off from YSRCP MPs list.

With another three more years left in his tenure as an MP, it remains to be seen what Raju will be upto? Will he start a new political party, as some of his supporters have commented, to ‘trounce’ Reddy’s YSRCP? Will contest as an independent? This space has to be watched.

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Raju’s exclusion from YSRCP website takes a new turn!


YSRCP rebel MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju continues to trouble his party.

This time, over removal of his name from YSRCP official website.

The YSRCP has listed the names of all its Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members on its website.

Raju’s name was also there on this website all these days. But his name disappeared from the list all of a sudden on Saturday.

This made Raju angry who immediately dashed off a letter to YSRCP chief and Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

In the letter, Raju sought clarity from party chief to tell whether he has been dismissed from YSRCP.

Raju gave 48-hours time for Jagan to respond on this issue else he will file a petition with Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla to declare him as “Independent MP”.

Raju said the removal of his name from YSRCP MP’s list amounts to dismissal from the party and he will become Indepedent MP.

The anti-defection law will not attract Independent MPs. If Raju is declared as Independent MP, the YSRCP cannot even seek his disqualification for anti party activities or if he joins another party.

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Rebel Raju sending letters to MPs on his ‘torture’


In addition to the wheelchair campaign in Delhi, rebel MP Raghurama Raju has begun sending letters to all the fellow Members of Parliament narrating how he was put to ‘custodial violence’. After going to Delhi, Raju became very active and returned to his original aggressive style despite the health limitations.

In the latest letters, Mr. Raju has claimed that he would be the first MP in the entire country to be ‘beaten up in police custody’ in a State. This is the first time ‘custodial third degree’ was used on a Member of Parliament anywhere in the country. As expected, the fellow MPs were starting to express shock and surprise at Raju’s plight.

Congress MP Manikkam Tagore went to the extent of posting Raju’s letter on Twitter. It took social media by storm. Tagore condemned the ‘custodial beating’ of the MP and described the Jagan Reddy regime as a ‘Hitler rule’.

Some MPs have stressed the need for all the members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to condemn with one voice the ‘third degree custodial torture’ used on a fellow MP. On his part, Raghurama Raju kept silent after sending his letters to the fellow MPs. The other YSRCP MPs are spending sleepless nights on how to explain their version in the national capital on the Raju conflict.

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RRR complains to Rajnath Singh against Army Hospital registrar KP Reddy!


YSRCP rebel MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju on Sunday levelled sensational allegations against Army Hospital, Secunderabad registrar KP Reddy.

Raju has submitted a letter to union defense minister Rajnath Singh accusing KP Reddy of colluding and conspiring with APCID police to arrest him at Army Hospital and send him to Guntur jail.

Raju had undergone treatment at Army Hospital last week following the directions of Supreme Court after he alleged custodial torture by APCID sleuth in Guntur jail where he was beaten up and sustained injuries. Raju was arrested by APCID on sedition charges on May 14. However, Supreme Court granted him ‘conditional bail’ on May 21.

In his complaint to Rajnath, Raju said that KP Reddy conspired to discharge him from the Army Hospital early even before his recovery and handover him to APCID officials.

Raju also complained that KP Reddy allowed APCID officials in mufti to remain in hospital all the days when he had undergone treatment. He also submitted proofs of mess bills paid by Army Hospital to APCID officials to Rajnath Singh.

He complained that KP Reddy and TTD EO Dharma Reddy and Guntur SP Ammi Reddy conspired to hand over him to APCID officials.

It may be recalled that Raju rushed to Delhi by a special flight soon after his discharge from Army Hospital on May 26 and got admitted himself in AIIMS Delhi for further treatment.

Rajanth Singh assured that his ministry will conduct an inquiry into this issue and if proved guilty, KP Reddy will be punished as per law.

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Raju 10-page letter to KCR: Hyderabad police collusion

Rebel MP Raghurama Krishna Raju is on a mission to write letters to top leaders in Delhi and Telugu States. He has sent a latest letter to Telangana CM K Chandrasekhara Rao, urging him to take action against the Hyderabad police. Hyderabad Commissioner of Police and Gachibowli police have cooperated with the AP police to illegally arrest him. He was then put to severe torture by masked men while in the police custody.

Mr. Raju held the Hyderabad police also accountable for the alleged custodial violence launched against him. In a way, the Telangana police have also given their support to the AP police to carry out their ill motivated arrest. In the 10-page letter sent to KCR, the rebel MP explained how he has been manhandled despite being a people’s representative.

RRR has written similar letters to the Prime Minister, Union Home Minister and other top dignitaries in the national capital. Raju’s allegations are raising political temperatures all over. Even after the sensational ‘custodial torture’ allegations, the rebel MP is not relenting and taking it as a matter of pride and prestige. Even journalists and colleagues close to him are saying that Raghurama Raju would not give up his fight for justice that easily. Whatever, the Raghurama episode has certainly caused some embarrassment at the national level. He has also criticised KCR in the past. Wait and see how KCR will respond to his letter now.

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Army Clinic did not confirm Raju injuries: AP CID

The AP CID officers are making every effort possible to convince the people that they did not use ‘custodial torture’ against rebel MP Raghurama Raju. They have released a latest statement saying that the Army Hospital in Secunderabad did not say the MP suffered injuries in his legs. They further said that the Army Clinic’s report went along the same lines as that of the one given by the medical board of the Guntur General Hospital.

One critical issue that the CID officers are missing is the internal injuries and fracture on one toe that came out in the Army Clinic’s report. That has also suggested complete rest for the MP. Whereas, the GGH doctors said that the MP had no injuries at all and the red colour was because of the general edema. Based on the GGH report, the CID rushed the MP to the jail even though he was saying that he was not able to walk and that he needed immediate medical treatment.

Obviously, the latest CID statement came in the face of the Delhi AIIMS’ report which said that there was severe cell damage in the feet of Raghurama Raju. Such damage would not be possible in general edema conditions. Moreover, the Delhi AIIMS prescribed two weeks total rest and that the MP should not walk under any circumstances.

The Union Health Minister had also instructed the AIIMS Delhi Director to take special care of Raghurama Raju considering the serious circumstances involved in the process.

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RRR discharged from Army Hospital, leaves for Delhi by special flight!


YSRCP rebel MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju was discharged from Army Hospital, Secunderabad, on Wednesday.

Soon after his discharge from the hospital, Raju headed straight to Begumpet airport, Hyderabad.

He took a special flight from Begumpet airport and left for Delhi.

Raju was admitted in the Army Hospital last week for medical examination and treatment following the directions of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has also granted him ‘conditional bail’ in the sedition filed by APCID against him.

Raju complained that he sustained severe injuries due to custodial torture by APCID, which filed a sedition case against him for making derogatory remarks against AP CM YS Jagan and YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh.

The medical report of Army Hospital revealed that Raju sustained injuries.

However, Raju’s visit to Delhi straight from Hyderabad has triggered speculations over the purpose of his visit and whom he will meet there.

Supreme Court had directed Raju to cooperate with APCID in case investigation and attend for inquiry whenever it summons him.

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Contempt notice to Guntur SP in RRR bail case

The Supreme Court of India has given bail to rebel MP Raghurama Raju but the controversy surrounding the case has not died down. Once the YCP regime targets somebody, the officers concerned will be on that task all seven days a week. Now, Guntur SP Ammi Reddy has reportedly ordered the escort staff of Raghurama Raju to bring him to Guntur once he is released from the Army Hospital in Secunderabad.

This sounded alarm among the lawyers arguing for Mr. Raju. They questioned how the Guntur Urban SP could unilaterally try to take Raju into custody once again even after the bail given by the highest court. Suspicions arose then whether RRR would be harassed by slapping some other case.

Whatever, Raju’s lawyers immediately sent a notice to SP Ammi Reddy and accused him of committing contempt of the Supreme Court order. The notice was sent to the SP’s official WhatsApp phone number. The SP was said to have told the escort staff that the surety formalities would have to be taken up. That was something outside of the SP’s jurisdiction.

Actually, the Apex Court has given 10 days time from the date of release of Mr. Raju to submit his sureties for bail. Once the MP is released on bail, the police have nothing to do with him. The lawyers argue that

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Slight delay in RRR’s release from Army Clinic


Two days passed since the Supreme Court of India gave bail to YSRCP rebel MP Raghurama Krishna Raju. But, the procedural delays have postponed his release from the Army Hospital Secunderabad until Monday. The family members of Raju met him at the Army Clinic along with his lawyers.

In all probability, the SC bail orders will be submitted before the CID court in Guntur tomorrow. The release orders are expected by Monday evening when Mr. Raju will be released from the hospital. The doctors at the Army Hospital have told Raju’s family members that the MP has fully recovered and he is free to go. The only hurdles remaining are the release procedures. They are waiting from the court’s release orders.

In accordance with the court’s orders, the rebel MP and his family members have not made any comments against the AP Government or the CID police. The Apex Court has set a precondition for the Raju and his family not to talk about the ‘custodial torture’ nor the Army Hospital report in public. On the other hand, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has quoted the Army report as confirming a fracture on the left leg toe and also injuries in the right leg.

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