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Komatireddy lauds Sharmila: Is Revanth Reddy the real target?


Why did Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy express his support to Sharmila’s deeksha in Munugode? He has not given any indication that he would leave the Congress or join Sharmila’s party, but he has lauded her deeksha on the issue of joblessness in Telangana. He even made a phone call and said that her protest deeksha was timely.

Those in the know say that Komatireddy’s phone conversation with Sharmila is mainly meant to tease and taunt Revanth Reddy. In fact, Sharmila had personally called them up and asked them to join hands with her. But, the Komatireddy brothers simply said “No Thank you.” The same Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy was effusive in his praise of Sharmila now. Sources say that he was indirectly sending signals to Revanth Reddy that there is an alternative leadership for the Reddy community.

Interestingly, Rajagopal Reddy’s brother Komatireddy Venkat Reddy personally went to the JRC Convention Centre, where Sharmila’s party YSRTP was launched. He congratulated her and came back. This has happened after he was bypassed for the TPCC chief post over Revanth Reddy. This was mainly meant to show anger and displeasure against the Congress high command, which cold-shouldered him. Both he and Rajagopal Reddy have invoked YSR and said that he still lives in their hearts.

Both the brothers were very careful not to overstep the party line. Even while staying well within the party line, they challenged Revanth Reddy’s leadership. At the same time, they have indicated that the Reddy community has an alternative in the form of Sharmila. This is being seen as an indirect signal to Revanth Reddy that he alone is not a symbol of Reddy politics in Telangana. Clearly, the Komatireddys are not yet reconciled to Revath Reddy’s appointment as the TPCC chief. They are showing their displeasure by speaking in support of Sharmila sometimes and BJP yet other times.

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Why Revanth keeping silence on Kokapet lands?


TPCC chief A Revanth Reddy raised a hue and cry over Kokapet lands auction conducted by Telangana state government two weeks ago.

Revanth alleged Rs 1,000 crore scam in the auction. He also accused that all the lands were grabbed by Telangana CM KCR’s benamis, friends and relatives for cheaper rates.

He said KCR’s close aide Jupally Rameshwar Rao of My Home Group bagged most of the land parcels in auction.

Revanth also charged Siddipet collector Venkatram Reddy of threatening others not to take part in auction and ensured lands for Rajapushpa Realty group owned by his brother.

Revanth demanded KCR to cancel auction and conduct fresh auction through Swiss Challenge method. He gave four days time for KCR.

If not, Revanth threatened to complain to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah seeking CBI probe into Kokapet scam.

But suddenly Revanth became silent on this issue. Though he is in Delhi at present to attend Parliament session, he has not complained to Modi or Amit Shah.

This triggered speculations that My Home Rameshwar Rao and Revanth reached a compromise on this issue. Rao reportedly promised Revanth to give full coverage to him in his TV9 network till 2024 Lok Sabha polls and no negative reports will be carried on Revanth.

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Revanth to mobilise 1 lakh dalits, tribals against KCR’s Dalit Bandhu!

TPCC chief A Revanth Reddy is devising strategies to counter TRS chief and Telangana CM KCR’s plans to implement Dalit Bandhu scheme only in Huzurabad Assembly constituency initially, which is going for bypoll soon.

Revanth says KCR has come up with Dalit Bandhu scheme only to woo dalits in Huzurabad, who are a majority in the constituency with an eye on bypoll.

Revanth has decided to mobilise one lakh dalits and tribals from across the state and conduct a huge public meeting at Indravelli in Adilabad district on August 9.

He named public meeting as “Dalit Dandora” demanding Dalit Bandhu scheme for all dalits and tribals in all 119 Assembly constituencies in the state and not just Huzurabad.

He said Telangana Congress will also hold Dalit, Girijan Dandora in all the 119 Assembly constituencies in Telangana from August 9 to September 17 to expose KCR’s hidden agenda behind Dalit Bandhu scheme and create awareness among dalits and tribals across the state on the need to implement Dalit Bandhu simultaneously across the state and not just in Huzurabad if KCR is really sincere about the development of dalits in Telagnana.

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How YSR’s friend became Revanth Reddy’s benefactor?


This old warhorse is back in action. Once upon a time, he was a shadow chief minister and had his imprint on everything that the government did. He and his friend were like two bodies and one soul. After the friend’s death, he became a king-maker in Telugu politics and played a key role as the messenger-cum-taskmaster of the AICC. But after bifurcation of the state, he completely became inactive. Nothing was heard about it.

But it was this old warhorse who sprang into activity and helped Revanth Reddy gain acceptance among the seniors in Telangana. Yes. We are talking about KVP Ramachandra Rao. KVP was inactive after the state was divided. The Congress was defunct in AP and did not need him in Telangana. Except for holding a couple of memorial meetings for YSR, he was practically doing nothing.

But, when Revanth Reddy took over and there was fierce opposition from the senior Congress leaders, the AICC called for this old trouble-shooter. It was only after he talked to seniors like VH, Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, Uttam Kumar Reddy and Sridhar Babu that they fell in line. Many seniors agreed to attend the swearing-in of Revanth Reddy. Almost all leaders except Jeevan Reddy and Komatireddy, have reconciled to Revanth’s appointment and fell in line.

KVP reportedly spoke to them on behalf of the AICC leadership and assuaged their feelings. They told them to stand by Revanth Reddy. No wonder, KVP was the prime attraction when Revanth took oath as the Congress president.

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Revanth trying to fix KCR in Pegasus spyware issue!


Pegasus spyware issue is rocking the nation for the past three days. The BJP government at the Centre is under attack from all quarters for allegedly using Israel based Pegasus software to hack phones of Opposition leaders, media organizations, journalists and judges of various courts etc.

The ongoing Parliament session is facing disruption with severe protests from Opposition parties in the House.

TPCC chief Revanth Reddy is now trying to fix Telangana CM KCR at national level by raking up phone tapping issue in Telangana using Pegasus spyware since 2015.

Revanth is telling Delhi media how KCR tapped former AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu phone in 2015 as well as phones of opposition leaders and media using spyware.

Revanth said KCR engaged Intelligence IG Prabhakar Rao to tap phones of all opposition leaders, media and judges using Pegasus spyware.

Revanth said he exposed this issue on July 16 itself but at national level it was exposed by national media on July 18.

Revanth alleged that KCR diverted Central funds given for modernization of police force to purchase spyware and equipment to tap phones of all important persons in Telangana.

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Stopped from attending Parliament, Revanth complains to Speaker


Congress MP and Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) chief A. Revanth Reddy on Monday complained to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla that police prevented him from attending Parliament session by placing him under house arrest.

The Lok Sabha member from Malkajgiri has written to the Speaker that Telangana Police at the instance of the chief minister, the chief secretary and the DGP obstructed him from discharge of his duties as a Parliamentarian to attend Parliament and voice out the people’s concerns.

Revanth Reddy said he had decided to raise in Parliament the issue relating to the state government selling government land at throwaway prices to their relatives and ruling party functionaries.

“Despite the fact that I have to attend the Parliament Session which scheduled from today and repeated requests to the officials concerned, the Telangana State Police at the instance of the chief minister, chief secretary, DGP have obstructed my discharge of duties as Parliamentarian to attend the Parliament and voice out the people’s concerns,” the MP wrote.

“I was prevented from attending Parliament which offends the parliamentary privileges during the progress of the session, permission of the Hon’ble Speaker is absolutely necessary to arrest the parliamentarian, particularly when it is a political arrest,” Revant Reddy added.

The MP sought the Speaker’s intervention to enable him to attend Parliament and proceed against authorities mentioned by him for violation of parliamentary privileges.

Revanth Reddy was placed under house arrest in Hyderabad early Monday by the police. According to police, this was done to prevent him from staging a protest in the Kokapet area where the state government last week auctioned government lands.

Alleging Rs 1,000 crore scam in e-auction, Revanth Reddy has demanded fresh auction of the lands in a transparent manner through ‘Swiss Challenge’.

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Revanth-Devender Goud meet: PCC chief makes a splash, buts comes back empty handed


Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief Revanth Reddy is continuing to create a buzz and he has some ace up his sleeve every day. On Sunday evening, he sprang a surprise by calling on former TDP heavyweight and former home minister of the undivided AP, Devender Goud. He, party’s senior leaders Madhu Yashki Goud and Mallu Ravi, went over to the Tukkuguda residence of Devender Goud and held discussions for well over half-an –hour.

With this, the rumour mill went into a tizzy claiming that Devender Goud was joining the Congress Party. There were also rumours that Devender Goud’s son Veerender Goud too was joining the party. There were rumours that Vijender, who has joined the BJP after the 2019 elections, was upset at not being given any party position in the BJYM. Sources said he was considering resigning the party.

However, it turned out that both Devender and son Vijender Goud did not make any big bang announcement. Vijender Goud said that both Revanth and Madhu Goud came over to discuss several issues pertaining to the state politics. He said that he would continue to be in the BJP and said there could be points of convergence among all the opposition parties.

Madhu Yashki, who claimed he was like a family member of Devender Goud, termed the latter as a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. He said they have come to discuss the issues relating to development and progress of Telangana. Revanth Reddy said he would continue to come and seek the advice of Devender Goud. He said both Devender Goud and late S Jaipal Reddy were symbols of probity in public life. Over all, throughout the day Revanth Reddy trended on the social media and managed to hog the limelight on the electronic media. But, the end turned out to be an anti-climax as both father and the son were non-committal.

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Revanth to take up Rs 1,000cr Kokapet land scam with Modi, Amit Shah!

TPCC chief A Revanth Reddy on Saturday addressed a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan to ‘expose’ Rs 1,000 crore scam by TRS government in Kokapet land auction held on July 15.

Revanth said all the plots were bagged by benamis and friends of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao.

He said the highest bid was Rs 60 crore per acre for one of the eight plots put up for auction but other seven plots were sold for just Rs 30 crore and Rs 40 crore respectively. Revanth questioned how can there will be such a huge price variation of up to 50% variation for plots located in the same place and when all are near Hitech City and Financial District.

Revanth alleged that KCR and his team ensured no outsiders bid for these land parcels and only his benamis and friends submit bids for low prices and grab them. By doing so, KCR caused Rs 1,000 crore loss to state exchequer and received kickbacks from his benamis and friends in return.

Revanth said he will complain on Telangana government’s Kokapet land scam to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah seeking CBI probe into the issue during the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament.

Revanth challenged BJP leaders to send KCR to jail on this issue if their daily statements warning KCR that BJP will send KCR to jail for corruption were really true.

Revanth demanded KCR to cancel these auctions and take up fresh auction based on Swiss challenge method prescribing Rs 60crore per acre as minimum upset price for all the plots to save public money.

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That lucky room in Gandhi Bhavan


The room that Telangana PCC chief Revanth Reddy is occupying is now the centre of attraction in the Gandhi Bhavan. There is great craze around the room as the vastu experts are suggesting that whoever occupies this room will go places. They say the person will rise to newer heights in his career.

In fact the corner room in the Gandhi Bhavan near the East gate was where Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka used to sit. He has now become the Congress legislature party leader. Earlier, Kusum Kumar used to sit in the same room. He was elevated to the AICC and is now an important person in the AICC coterie. He plays mediator in dispute and moderator in debates.

Earlier, even Revanth Reddy used this room as his chamber as the Telangana Pradesh Congress Working Committee president. In fact, Revanth strongly believes that this room is lucky for him. Several astrologers and Vastu experts too have suggested that Revanth turn this room into his chambers as the PCC chief. Accordingly, Revanth got several changes made in the room and has converted this into his chamber.

While Uttam Kumar Reddy was the PCC chief, he used the second room from the eastern corner as his office. During his time, the Congress Party was always on the downward spiral and suffered defections and dissensions, say Vastu experts. Revanth’s term will see new surge of energy in the party as he is occupying the right room. Soon after his name was announced as the PCC chief, Revanth got several modifications done to the Gandhi Bhavan. A lot of rooms were refurbished and a new east gate was opened. Revanth Reddy is said to be using this entry to reach his chamber.

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T’gana Cong leaders held during protest over fuel price hike


Police arrested Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president A. Revanth Reddy and other leaders during a protest against fuel price hike here on Friday.

Tension prevailed in the Indira Park area in the heart of the city as Revanth Reddy and other leaders tried to advance towards Ambedkar statue despite police denying them the permission.

The opposition party leaders wanted to march to Raj Bhawan to submit a memorandum against the fuel price hike. As Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan was not available, they wanted to march to Ambedkar statue to submit their memorandum.

TPCC had called for ‘Chalo Raj Bhavan’ to lodge its protest against the hike in fuel prices but police had denied the permission for the same.

However, the Congress leaders were only allowed to hold a protest meeting at Dharna Chowk at Indira Park.

When Revanth Reddy and others removed the police barricades and tried to force their way towards Tank Bund to reach Ambedkar statue, police stopped them. This led to pushing and jostling between the two sides.

The police arrested Revanth Reddy, TPCC working president Anjan Kumar Yadav, AICC secretary Madhu Yaskhi, former union minister Balram Naik, MLA Seethakka and other leaders and shifted them to different police stations.

Revanth Reddy said police cannot suppress their voice with arrests. He vowed to continue the fight against the price hike.

Earlier, addressing the dharna, the TPCC chief alleged that Modi government has put Rs 36 lakh crore burden on people. He claimed that no other country in the world has such a huge tax on petroleum products.

Revanth Reddy slammed both Modi and KCR governments saying they are responsible for Rs 6 lakh debt burden on every citizen.

He termed the behaviour of police as atrocious. He said NSUI state president Venkat Balmoor was arrested despite the permission granted for protest at Indira Park.

The Congress party alleged that several leaders and workers were placed under house arrest or were prevented from reaching Indira Park.

AICC secretary N. Bose Raju also participated in the dharna protest against the increase in process of petrol, diesel and LPG. He said repeated fuel price has adversely affected the livelihood of common man.

He pointed out major component of fuel price is excise duty imposed by Modi government. He said excise duty on petrol is Rs 32.98 per litre and on diesel it is Rs 31.83 per litre. He recalled that at the end of term of UPA II, excise duty on petrol was Rs 9.21 per litre and that on diesel was Rs 3.45 per litre.

This was the second major protest programme organised by Congress on price hike issue since Revanth Reddy took over as TPCC chief last week.

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KTR feels Revanth’s heat, convenes emergency party meet!


It’s not even three weeks since the Congress high command announced the name of firebrand leader A Revanth Reddy as new TPCC chief on June 26 and its only a week since Revanth took charge as TPCC chief on July 7, but the ruling TRS in Telangana seems to be already feeling the heat of Revanth Reddy.

This became evident after TRS working president KT Rama Rao convened an emergency meeting of all key state-level TRS leaders including party’s general secretaries at Telangana Bhavan today (Wednesday) to discuss party’s strategy on how to counter Revanth’s aggression in Telangana.

KTR is already countering Revanth’s criticism on KCR and TRS every day by taking part in some programme or the other at Telangana Bhavan.

The fact that KTR is visiting Telangana Bhavan every day since he was appointed as TRS working president in December 2018 and keeping himself available for TRS leaders and cadre itself shows the impact of Revanth’s appointment as TPCC chief has created on TRS and KTR.

Though KTR promised to visit Telangana Bhavan every day and interact with party leaders and cadre in December 2018, he never followed it as the need did not arise since TRS was stronger and there was no trace of any opposition in Telangana all these days.

But now the political situation has completely changed in Telangana after Revanth came as TPCC chief. Several leaders from TRS and BJP who are upset in TRS are planning to join Congress and work under Revanth’s leadership with a hope that Congress will come to power in Telangana in 2023 December Assembly polls and Revanth will give them better opportunities in Congress government.

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One week… three hits… Revanth shows his ‘batting’ skills

It’s just one week that Revanth Reddy took over as the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief. He managed to ensure that there is a buzz around him and that he stays in the headlines all through. Within one week, here are the three things that he got right and has shown that he means business.

SHOWS HIS INTENT: He ensured that his swearing in ceremony was a colourful affair. Day-long rally through the streets of Hyderabad was used to announce his arrival. Unlike the hush-hush swearing-in, Revanth Reddy made a statement with his rally. The presence of the large number of youths was evidence that his focus would be to reach out to the younger sections of the society. This was important as the Congress has lost its appeal among the youth. The swearing-in speech too was like his mission and vision statement. He showed that he was unlike the earlier PCC chiefs.

ESTABLISHES DOMINANCE: He deftly played his game in the Kaushik Reddy affair. He has not only exposed Kaushik Reddy’s two-timing. He showed that Kaushik Reddy was in touch with the TRS and at the same time was angling for the Congress ticket by posing as a fighter who was raring to take on Eatala Rajender. Revanth exposed him, cornered him and then edged him out of the party. This was a clear signal to most of the Congress leaders two were acting as the coverts of the TRS. At the same time he hit Uttam Kumar Reddy for another boundary as Kaushik was largely seen as Uttam Reddy protégé.

PUTS BJP ON THE DEFENSIVE: In another swift move, he met KCR critic and former MP Konda Visweswara Reddy and got his support. Thus, he checkmates the BJP. Then in another dash forward, he met BJP’s Mahabubnagar unit president Erra Sekhar and announced that he would leave BJP to join the Congress Party. He then met Dharmapuri Sanjay, brother of BJP MP Dharmapuri Aravind and announced that he too was joining the BJP. These two developments have jolted the BJP, which is now on the defensive.

Let’s wait and see what other aces does Revanth Reddy up his sleeve and what surprise will he spring in the coming days.

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Roja targets Revanth Reddy on Krishna water row!


Actress and firebrand YSRCP MLA Roja blasted TPCC chief Revanth Reddy on Friday for unnecessarily dragging her into the ongoing Krishna water row between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Ever since Revanth Reddy became TPCC chief, he has been frequently blaming Roja for ‘secret deal’ between Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy for diversion of Krishna water to Rayalaseema.

Revanth is alleging that KCR and Jagan have struck a deal at Roja’s residence in Nagari.

It may be recalled that KCR and his family members visited Roja’s house in Nagari in August 2019 on their way to Kanchi Varada Swamy temple.

Roja hosted sumptuous lunch for KCR at her residence.

Revanth is alleging that after KCR visited Roja’s house, Jagan started construction of Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Scheme to divert Krishna water to Rayalaseema.

Roja on Friday strongly condemned Revanth’s allegations daring Revanth to show proofs when Jagan visited her house.

She questioned how can KCR strike a deal with Jagan at her house when Jagan never visited her house.

She accused Revanth of being a ‘covert’ to Naidu in Telangana Congress. Roja reminded Revanth that it’s TDP chief Chandrababu who hosted lunch for KCR at his residence in Amaravathi with 28 varieties of dishes in December 2015.

Roja also lashed out at AP BJP leaders for alleging that Jagan and KCR have struck secret deals at her residence.

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Telangana Congress chief booked for taking out rally


Hyderabad police have booked a case against the Congress’ Telangana chief Revanth Reddy and other party leaders for taking out a rally without permission on Wednesday.

The rally was organised on the occasion of Reddy taking charge at the Gandhi Bhavan, the party headquarters.

Reddy had taken out a rally with his supporters after offering prayers at Peddamma temple in Jubilee Hills and had reached Gandhi Bhavan after passing through several busy areas including Nampally where he stopped to offer prayers at the Dargah Yousufain.

The rally had led to taffic jams at several places in Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Khairatabad, Lakdi Ka Pul, Basheerbagh, Moazzam Jahi Market, and surrounding areas, causing severe inconvenience to people.

The Begum Bazar police booked a a case against Reddy, also a member of Parliament from Malkajgiri and state Congress Working President Anjan Kumar Yadav and others.

The event was marked by grand celebration by the party. Leaders from various parts of the state had descended on Gandhi Bhavan, where a public meeting was also organised.

The party workers burst firecrackers and played loud music.

The Congress leaders were booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including unlawful assembly and public nuisance. The leaders were also booked for violations of the Disaster Management Act as Covid protocol was not followed, a police officer said.

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who is planning Revanth Reddy’s strategy?


Revanth Reddy’s speech while taking over the PCC chief’s post has now become a hit. The clips and punchlines from the speech are going viral. Revanth’s inner circles are happy that for a major part of the day, he has managed to make headlines. Revanth’s punchlines were very well received by the fans who gathered at his swearing in.

One such punchline was about hiring Prashant Kishore. He said all his party cadres were like PKs and AK 47S. This punchline was very well received. The crowds went into a delirium when he said this. But, sources say that though Revanth denied that he needed PK to defeat the TRS, the inside story is different. He is said to have hired some very effective image makers and brand builders. The sources say that the planning of the massive rally, the well-orchestrated welcome, quick circulation of the video clips of Revanth’s rally and speech show that there is a well-oiled mechanism at work.

Catchy slogans and punchlines that he has used were also included after thorough research. Revanth Reddy called the Congress leaders Vanara Sena. This too was a carefully included word. The punch line about PK and AK 47 too was a well-thought out move. These have been identified by the PR team and have been included in the speech. Sources say that the PR team has planned to the minutest of the details and ensured that nothing went wrong.

Quite interestingly, no details are coming forth about Revanth Reddy’s PR team. The details of the personalities involved in the publicity strategy have been kept a closely guarded secret. Sources revealed that some of his former associates in the TDP too are chipping in with help in this regard.

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Revanth and Kishan : Elevated on the same day, and for same target?


Telangana leader Kishan Reddy is elevated as cabinet minister yesterday by Modi government. On the same day Revanth Reddy assumed the position of Telangana state Congress party chief. With this, political analysts started drawing similarities between these two key events and are concluding that both the events have taken place keeping in mind the same target. Details as follows

Kishan and Revanth, some coincidences:

Both Kishan Reddy and Revanth ready lost the 2018 Assembly elections. This fact became even more interesting because both of these leaders used to win the assembly elections no matter how their party fares in the election. The ruling TRS party was is successful in defeating these two strong leaders in 2018.
But surprisingly both these leaders were elected to Lok Sabha in 2019 elections. Moreover, it is first time for both of them to become parliamentarians.
Political observers believe that, usually the first timers do not get big posts. However Kishan Reddy became minister of state and now cabinet minister even though he’s in the Lok Sabha for the first time. Same way, in the grand old Congress party, it is difficult for someone to become state president in such a short span. Revanth Reddy joined the party only four years ago and now elevated as PCC chief.
Same target for both:

Also it is observed that both these leaders are elevated by their respective parties keeping the same target in mind. These two leaders have the potential to suffocate the TRS even more severely in the coming days because of the positions they are offered.

Kishan Reddy elevation and the reason for it:

Kishan Reddy, who started his political career as a party worker, rose to become an MLA, party chief of the state, and Minister of state, Home Affairs. Now he has been appointed as the Cabinet Minister. It is clear that the party has given signals to go aggressive against KCR government. It seems Kishan Reddy is promoted not only to take the central schemes widely to the people of Telangana but also to go aggressively against the ruling TRS.

Revanth Reddy to revive Congress image :

TPCC president Revant Reddy, who assumed responsibility yesterday, attacked the ruling party on the day 1 itself. He stated, Chief Minister KCR held Telangana mother hostage in his farm house. He gave a call to the party workers to defeat KCR and liberate ‘Talli Telangana’ in the upcoming elections. It is clear that the high command pinned their hopes on Revanth Reddy to steer Congress into power in 2023

We need to wait and see which of these two Reddys succeed in their mission.

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Things that Revanth Reddy did right on his Day 1


Morning shows the day, so goes the adage. Telangana PCC chief Revanth Reddy’s day 1 shows that he is playing his cards right and is doing things right. He has given ample indications that he will lead from the front. Here are the key positives of Revanth Reddy’s speech on the day of his taking charge as the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee.

PROMINENCE TO CADRE: He has given enough indications that the party would be driven by the cadre. Unlike the hitherto practice of a handful of leaders deciding everything, Revanth Reddy said the party workers will lead the party to victory in 2023. He said the party cadres were like the Vanara Sena (the army of monkeys) that helped Lord Rama liberate Sita and slay Ravana. He also said that the Congress does not need Prashant Kishores. He said every party worker was both a PK and an AK 47. These comments were greeted with lusty cheers.

HIDING AMBITIONS: When some enthusiastic party workers shouted that Revanth Reddy was going to be the next CM, Revanth not only cut them short, but also said that the Congress Party will work through collective decisions. There would be Jai only to Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and none else. This is a clear indication that the next CM would be decided by the Centre.

SHOW OF STRENGTH: Unlike many PCC chiefs of the Past, Revanth managed to stay in the headlines throughout the day. He did not want the PCC chief’s ascension a hush-hush affair. Starting from worshiping at the Peddamma temple, to long-winding day-long impressive procession, he showed that he has the support of the youth in a big way. His rally was dominated by youth. Also carefully orchestrated garlanding, bursting of crackers gave an impression that there was a real challenger to KCR.

TARGET BJP: Revanth Reddy’s speech talked about all major temples and pilgrimage places in Telangana. Repeated references to Ramayana, Lord Rama, Vanara Sena and other Hindu motifs indicated that taming the BJP would be his first task. He did not want to give the BJP a chance to speak about its Hindutwa brand of politics. So, he himself tried to appropriate some motifs from the Hindu party.

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Five challenges before Revanth Reddy


Now that Revanth Reddy is set to take over as the PCC chief officially, he is sure to encounter several challenges en route. He carries youthful enthusiasm, derring-do and a charismatic approach. But, how he faces the challenges and steers the party through the troubles will decide his success or otherwise.

Here are the five big challenges that Revanth may soon face in the days to come:

CASH-FOR-VOTE CASE: Revanth Reddy comes with a baggage. He is an accused in the Cash for vote scam. While he was in the TDP, he was accused of trying to bribe Anglo-Indian MLA Stephenson to vote against the ruling TRS in an MLC election. The video clips and audio files of Revanth Reddy with Stephenson are in the public domain. The TRS government may try to rake up this issue. Now he is in the Congress, but the TDP vintage case might torment him.

PAST HISTORY OF PARTY-HOPPING: Both the BJP, TRS and his detractors in the Congress Party may try to pull out clips and comments from his past political avatars. They will use these to rile at Revanth Reddy. His earlier comments on Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi could be brought out of the closet. These will be of nuisance value for Revanth Reddy.

SENIOR PROBLEM: Tackling seniors would be a major issue for any PCC chief and more so for Revanth. Several senior Congress leaders are unhappy with the quick rise of Revanth Reddy. They would throw spanners in his work. The opposition could range from total non-cooperation to blatant opposition. Many could even lodge complaints with the high command against Revanth Reddy.

COVERTS IN CONGRESS: Handling coverts in the Congress would be a huge task for Revanth Reddy. There are several Congress leaders who have business and friendly relations with the TRS. They would leak information about their strategies and action plans to the TRS leaders, who could use the info to pre-empt him. How he handles them will decide his future performance as PCC chief.

HANDLING THE YOUTH: Living up to the expectations of the Congress Party’s young cadre is the fifth big challenge for Revanth Reddy. His biggest support comes from this sector and if Revanth gets bogged down in running the party, handling the seniors and patching up the warring groups, he would end up going the way of the past presidents. His term too would become insipid.

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Revanth ‘pacifies’ disgruntled Cong leaders before swearing-in!


Newly appointed TPCC chief A Revanth Reddy could successfully pacify the disgruntled senior leaders in Telangana Congress and garner their support a day before his swearing-in-ceremony as TPCC president.

Revanth is set to take charge as new TPCC chief on July 7.

Revanth visited the residences of senior Congress leaders on July 6 (today), who are angry at Revanth’s appointment as TPCC chief.

Revanth first sent former MP Mallu Ravi as his envoy to the residence of CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka.

Mallu Ravi held talks with Bhatti, who is his brother, pacified him and sought his support for Revanth. Bhatti agreed to work with Revanth.

After this, Revanth rushed to Bhatti’s residence and sought his support and blessings. Bhatti said he is ready to work with Revanth to bring Congress back to power in Telangana.

Revanth later met Marri Shashidhar Reddy, who resigned to various party posts in protest soon after Revanth’s appointment as TPCC chief.

Later, he met D Sridhar Babu, who was in the race for TPCC chief post. Sridhar Babu felicitated and congratulated Revanth.

After that, Revanth rushed to Sangareddy MLA Jagga Reddy’s residence, who strongly opposed appointment of Revanth as TPCC chief from the beginning. Jagga Reddy also expressed his support to Revanth later.

Finally, Revanth could successfully convince all the Telangana Congress seniors except Uttam Kumar Reddy and Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and garnered their support just a day ahead of his swearing-in as TPCC chief.

Revanth is trying to meet Uttam and Komatireddy also later.

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Will Congress’ gamble pay off in Telangana?

Desperate to revive its fortunes in Telangana, the Congress party appears to have taken a risk by appointing firebrand leader Anumula Revanth Reddy as its new state party chief despite his controversial past and ignoring several strong contenders for the post.

Revanth, who has an ABVP background and joined Congress only four years ago, pipped many senior leaders and loyalists to get the key post.

The 53-year-old leader, known for his aggressive style of politics and considered popular among youth, is seen as someone who can lead the Congress to victory in 2023 elections.

The hopes he will re-establish its connect with the voters in its former stronghold and lead it to power, which remained elusive despite the party granting statehood to Telangana.

The Congress suffered crushing defeats at hands of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) both in 2014 and 2018. Reeling under a series of defections and after suffering defeats in by-elections and local body polls, the party’s morale is at its lowest.

The choice of Revanth Reddy, however, raised the question whether he can steer Congress party to a victory in country’s youngest state, whose politics has largely been dominated by TRS under the leadership of K. Chandrasekhar Rao popularly known as KCR.

“Across all regions in the country, the is skidding downwards due to lack of strong leadership at various levels. It needed to take some bold decisions and back them with conviction. Appointment of Revanth Reddy is surely a step in the right direction for the party battling for existence,” said political analyst Palwai Raghavendra Reddy.

“Congress would have surely assessed the pros and cons before taking this big decision. Revanth will be accountable for a good show in the state even if some senior leaders leave Congress before 2023 polls.”

He believes that Revanth Reddy has the mass appeal and charisma to attract voters towards the party.

“His aggressive style will send a strong message across Telangana and will indicate that Congress is back in the fight and is the real opposition to TRS,” he added.

Revanth’s appointment came at a time when TRS completed half of its second term in power and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is projecting itself as the only viable alternative to TRS. This is also almost coinciding with the entry of Y.S. Sharmila in Telangana politics.

Sharmila, sister of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy and daughter of late Chief Minister of combined Andhra Pradesh Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, is set to float her political party on July 8.

Following its victory in bypoll to Dubbak Assembly seat and impressive performance in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) late last year, BJP was upbeat. However, the TRS bounced back recently by wresting a seat of Legislative Council from the saffron party and retaining Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly seat.

At a time when the BJP is gearing up to wrest another Assembly seat (Huzurabad) from TRS, appointment of Revanth has given new hopes to the demoralised Congress cadres.

Huzurabad seat fell vacant after Eatala Rajender resigned from Assembly after being dropped from the Cabinet by KCR following allegations of land grabbing. Rajender will be contesting the bypoll as the BJP candidate.

The by-election will be the first major test for Revanth Reddy. A bitter critic of KCR and his family, he is known for making sensational allegations against his political opponents.

Immediately after taking over as PCC chief, he claimed that an industrialist close to KCR arranged a chartered flight that brought Union Minister of State for Home G. Kishan Reddy to Hyderabad from Delhi to hold discussions with Eatala Rajender on his entry into the BJP.

“In the next two-and-a-half years, our fight against KCR will intensify. We will take up public issues of importance and will leave no stone unturned in showing how this government is against Dalits, minorities and tribals,” he said.

However, analysts say his past and the internal bickering in the party could be major challenges for him. Some senior leaders had opposed his candidature stating that he comes from RSS background and was a leader of ABVP in his student days. His alleged involvement in cash-for-vote scam makes him vulnerable to attacks by political opponents.

Revanth Reddy was caught by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in 2015 when as the then leader of Telugu Desam Party (TDP) he offered Rs 50 lakh to a nominated MLA belonging to TRS to make him vote for TDP candidate in Legislative Council election from MLA quota.

Once considered to be a close confidante of TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu, Revanth quit TDP to join Congress in 2017. He was elected to Lok Sabha on Congress ticket from Malkajgiri constituency in 2019, a few months after losing Kodangal Assembly seat, which he had won twice as TDP candidate.

Interestingly, Revanth began his political career with TRS in 2003. He later quit TRS after being denied the party ticket. He fought Legislative Council election in 2008 as an independent. The same year he joined the TDP and was elected to Assembly from Kodangal in 2009. He retained the seat in 2014 election.

Differences within Congress over Revant’s elevation to the top post could be a major challenge for him. The central leadership of the party ignored senior leaders like Hanumanth Rao, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, T. Jeevan Reddy, Sreedhar Babu and Madhu Yashki to make Revanth party chief.

Venkat Reddy publicly criticised Revanth’s appointment. He alleged that this happened like ‘cash for vote’ scam and predicted that Congress under Revanth will become an extension of TDP. couple of leaders even quit the party in protest.

Though Revanth is reaching out to senior leaders in the party to win their support, some leaders are trying to avoid him.

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