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Sharmila campaign badly hit by Corona 2nd wave


For the past few weeks, YS Sharmila has been very active and taking out political protests and rallies. This was despite the rising Coronavirus infections and most politicians maintaining a low profile. She has also staged a Deeksha amidst large scale gathering of followers in Hyderabad against the KCR government. Now, the situation appears to have turned against her aggressive style. Over 10 members in YS Sharmila camp are stated to have tested Covid positive in the last few days.

As a result, her close followers have started going into home quarantine and taking preventive measures. The Lotus Pond residence, which was a beehive of activity till the other day, has now worn a deserted look. Even Sharmila herself has cut short her meetings with her party leaders.

The Covid second wave impact has also fallen on Sharmila’s grand plans to hold massive tours in the districts throughout the Telangana State. Close advisors are also cautioning against her tour schedules considering the rapid spread of the virus infections.

Till yesterday, none in the Telangana State appeared to be able to stop the YSR daughter. But now, the scene has changed with Sharmila being forced to go slow on her political campaigns.

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No KCR’s permission to counter YS Sharmila!


YS Sharmila, the daughter of late CM YS Rajashekar Reddy and sister of AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy, who is on a mission to start her own political party in Telangana on April 9, is taking TRS government to task for the past one month.

Sharmila is camping in her Lotus Pond residence in Lotus Pond, Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad and holding political meetings with the supporters of late YSR and her supporters.

In every meeting, Sharmila is launching a scathing attack on TRS government and Telangana CM KCR.

She is alleging that TRS government has totally failed in the implementation of Arogyasri, fee reimbursement scheme etc that were introduced by YSR which changed the lives of poor people in Telangana.

On international women’s day on March 8, Sharmila criticised KCR for taking six years time to make a woman as a minister in his cabinet.

Despite all this, no TRS leader is responding or countering Sharmila.

TRS sources say they have no permission to criticise Sharmila and for that reason they are keeping mum.

KCR reportedly directed party leaders to ignore Sharmila till he allows them to speak against her.

Ministers, TRS leaders especially women ministers and leaders in TRS are eagerly waiting for KCR’s permission to tear into Sharmila.

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Sharmila will also sell the party like Chiranjeevi did: Former MLA


Former MLA Gone Prakash made interesting remarks about YS Sharmila launching the party. Details as below.

Former MLA Gone Prakash has been giving solid insider information regarding Sharmila party since begging. When YSRCP, Sakshi and many others condemning the rumours about Sharmila launching the party, he was the one who confirmed that she will launch the party. Moreover, he even revealed the date on which Sharmila will start meeting her fans. Most of his predictions came true later. Speaking to the media today, he said that Sharmila is launching political party because of the internal issues in the YS family. He reminded that Jagan did not give Sharmila a Lok Sabha seat or a Rajya Sabha seat and that’s the primary reason for her to launch the party. He said there were property disputes too in the family.

He added, in the past, when Chiranjeevi launched the party, many joined him and they even sold their properties to have bright political future. But later, as Chiranjeevi merged his party into Congress, these leaders lost everything. He added, Sharmila’s party is also running on the same lines now. He added that, she will also sell her party sooner or later and all the people joining her now will meet the same fate as those who joined PRP met.

We need to wait and see how Sharmila fans respond on his comments.

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Sharmila’s team intentionally releasing those ‘trolled videos’?


Recently YS Sharmila started preparations to launch her own political party in Telangana. She has been meeting her fans and some political leaders who are not in form. Some of the videos of Sharmila’s meetings with them are circulated on social media and are trolled heavily. As per some inside info, Sharmila’s team is intentionally releasing those videos despite predicting that they will be trolled. Details as below.

Recently Sharmila met with students and one young man spoke high of Sharmila and became very emotional during his speech. He came to terms only after being consoled by Sharmila herself. This video went viral on social media and was trolled heavily for the over-drama enacted by the young man. Congress leader Revanth Reddy responded to this video and clarified that the name of that person is Sunand Joseph and also revealed that he is not a student but he is one of the musicians in the Calvary temple choir team. He ridiculed all the incident and commented that both the Youngman and Sharmila deserve an oscar for their performance.

However, it is learnt that Sharmila’s team is well aware of these consequences and intentionally released this video as they expect such ‘tagging’ will have a positive impact on their party. It seems the aim of Sharmila’s party is not to win any election but to consolidate one section of people towards their party and thereby dent the other major political party which would otherwise get these votes. So, it seems Sharmila’s team will be releasing many such videos in future and will try to project that their party is the common choice of one section of people.

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KCR also an outsider in Telangana: Sharmila


YS Sharmila is hitting hard at her critics on the issue of her new party in Telangana. Many other party leaders are advising her not to start her party in Telangana because of her roots in Andhra Pradesh. Some are saying she should better open her party in AP and take on her brother Jaganmohan Reddy straightaway.

Giving her strong counters now, Sharmila asked whether KCR and Vijayasanti belong to Telangana. Nobody has a right to question the local status of hers. Jayalalithaa didn’t belong to Tamil Nadu but she ruled there for a long time.

Sharmila asserted that she had got an inseparable connection. She has every right to start her party in Telangana.
She admitted that her brother had no liking for her decision but that would not come between their family relations. Jagan himself should be asked why he had not given any post to her after coming to power.

Sharmila is virtually giving a hard time to both TRS and Congress with her threat to divide their respective vote banks.

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Jagan’s Lotus Pond new office of Sharmila’s party


Amid conflicting reports, it is finally confirmed that the new political party of YS Sharmila will carry out its Telangana activities from the Jaganmohan Reddy Lotus Pond residence in Hyderabad. CM Jagan had carried out his AP electioneering in 2019 from this house itself. He got a resounding victory with the AP voters giving 151 out of the total 175 MLA seats. From this residence itself, YS Sharmila is going to operate her new party.

This has given rise to fresh doubts whether there is an understanding between different players behind the new party of YSR’s daughter. Already, rumours are doing the rounds that KCR-Jagan together have brought Sharmila to the fore to divide the Reddy and pro-Congress vote banks in Telangana. The BJP Delhi leaders were also suspected to be involved in this larger game plan behind the Sharmila party.

The TRS has already decided not to criticise the Sharmila party. The latest report on Sharmila’s party office at Lotus Pond has given rise to more doubts. Jagan Reddy advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy has said that AP CM has not given his approval for Sharmila to start the party in Telangana. Now questions are being asked how CM Jagan could have allowed his sister’s party to function from the premises of his residence.

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KCR-TRS silence on Sharmila party raises doubts


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao never leaves an opportunity to make unsparing criticism of the Andhra parties and lifestyles. He swore to wipe out the TDP and Chandrababu Naidu memory from his State permanently since it was an Andhra party. He once threatened to send out all Andhras from Hyderabad. But now, KCR’s attitude seems to have changed.

The TRS boss unusually kept silent on the move by YS Sharmila to start a political party in Telangana. What more, the TRS leadership has stopped its social media wing from posting comments against Sharmila. Some comments already posted were also being withdrawn.

KCR repeatedly challenged and asked how the TDP dared to contest in the Telangana polls in 2018 when it was an Andhra party. He used the Telangana sentiment once again in that election to gain an edge over the rivals that eventually gave him a second consecutive victory.

Already, some Congress leaders in Telangana have begun expressing doubts whether there was a big conspiracy to divide the pro- Congress vote bank in their State. There is also speculation that the final target of KCR and the BJP is to finish off the Congress in Telangana forever.

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‘YSR Telangana Party’ is Sharmila’s party name?


A lot of speculation is going on about what would be the name of the new political party that YSR’s daughter YS Sharmila is likely to float soon. Latest reports are indicating that she has already finalised her party name as ‘YSR Telangana Party’ (YSRTP). Her supporters have already started discussions with the election authorities concerned to get the same registered in the election office records.

The party name is very crucial in politics. In this respect, Jaganmohan Reddy has made some errors. He simply borrowed the name of an already existing title ‘Yuvajana Shramika Rythu Congress Party’ (YSRCP). This has later drawn a lot of criticism from the Opposition. This is because the Jagan party leaders are not using this full name but just YSR Congress Party in their party letterheads.

The rivals have also contested in the Supreme Court, saying that the Jagan Reddy party leaders have no right to use the YSRCP name in their correspondence.

Amidst such issues, the Sharmila team is stated to have decided to register their party name outright as ‘YSRTP’ right in the name of her father. Speculation is that she had already discussed this with the close confidantes at today’s meetings at her Lotus Pond residence in Hyderabad.

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Sharmila rendezvous with YSR loyalists raises heat


All sorts of rumours are spreading fast and far about YS Sharmila’s meeting with the YSR loyalists in Hyderabad on Tuesday. This rendezvous is coming amidst reports of Jagan’s sister being unhappy with him and ready to begin her own political party anytime now. Incidentally, this meeting is being held to celebrate the marriage anniversary of YSR. In this, Sharmila, her husband Bro. Anil Kumar and Vijayamma are going to meet the close loyalists and senior leaders known to YSR from both the States.

What added credence to these reports was the latest statement by a senior YSR loyalist like Gone Prakasa Rao. He has commented that the recent statement of Bro. Anil Kumar about ‘Gudu kadultondi’ (birds’ nest is getting disturbed) indirectly referred to Sharmila’s political ambitions only. He said that the YSR daughter was totally unhappy with Jagan for ignoring her after becoming CM of AP.

Gone Prakasa Rao has been known for several decades as a close confidante of the YSR family. He has confirmed that there were differences between Jagan and Sharmila. He pointed out that in her recent rejoinder statement on the ABN reports, Sharmila has not said that she will not start her own party.

Prakasa Rao has also said that Sharmila has sent PA to a family advocate to get her party registered. But the same advocate is also close to Jagan. This is where the differences have arisen between them.

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RK offers a variety ‘conditional apology’ to Sharmila


The ABN reports on the serious differences between CM Jagan Reddy and his sister YS Sharmila have caused political tremors in Telugu states. The Sakshi media immediately released a signed statement of Sharmila who dismissed the ABN reports as baseless. Now, it has become the turn of the ABN to prove that its reports were true. There was no chance to do so because Sharmila herself released a duly signed press statement.

Talking about this in his latest Weekend Comment, ABN Radha Krishna has come forward to offer his apology to Sharmila but he put a very tactical condition. Both Sharmila and Vijayamma should swear on the Bible that what the ABN has reported was baseless and unfounded.
Obviously, RK seems to have found out the ‘weak point’ in the mother-daughter duo who were known for their unquestioned devotion to their religious faith. The whole State saw how they carried the Bible even during the election campaigns and played a critical role in bringing Jagan Reddy to power.
At the same time, RK said that Sharmila did not write the statement that was published by Sakshi in her name. Somebody else wrote that statement. Vijayamma carried that to Bangalore and got Sharmila’s signature.
RK still stood by his report that Sharmila made some preparations for her new political party.

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Why only Sakshi carried Sharmila’s counter?

AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s sister YS Sharmila has not directly made any official statement so far to condemn the ABN report on her future political party. No media organisation has received any statement from Sharmila to this effect. Nor there is a video in which she has taken objection to the ABN report. Till now, she has not officially released any press statement in this regard.

However, the Sakshi media carried Sharmila’s statement prominently, saying that she has dismissed the ABN report as false and baseless. The Sakshi report says that Sharmila has denied having any plans to float her own political party in Telangana. Sharmila has also threatened to initiate legal proceedings against the ABN for publishing such reports with an ulterior intention to defame the YSR family.

The publication of Sharmila’s counter only in Sakshi media is raising eyebrows in AP political circles now. To what extent, this will get credibility. Evidently, the YSR daughter would have to come on record in public or issue a press statement directly in order to give clarity on the subject. Till now, whether or not Sharmila has got differences with her brother will remain a mystery.

Even Vijayamma, mother of Sharmila, has not come forward to condemn the ABN report. This report has claimed that Vijayamma has almost decided to support her daughter in the event of a clash between her children. The ABN also reported that Vijayamma has been unhappy over how Sharmila was neglected totally after Jagan became the Chief Minister.

Whatever, an uneasy silence is still there in the YS family as a whole on the latest rumours about differences between themselves. Analysts say that if these differences are true, it will surely embarrass the CM politically in future.

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YS Sharmila to start a new political party on Feb 9?


Is AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy going to face an all out revolt from his own sister Sharmila? Are the two children of YSR totally divided with irreconcilable differences? Is Vijayamma going to express her unquestioned support to her daughter?

ABN Radha Krishna came out with a sensational report on all these questions in his latest Weekend Comment. As per this, YSR’s daughter Sharmila Reddy is on a war parth against her own brother. She is going to announce her new party on February 9. She has also chosen the name Telangana YSR Congress (TYSRC).
What more, Sharmila has also decided to begin a Padayatra from Chevella in Telangana, which was the very place from where YSR started his Padayatra that eventually made him the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The immediate reasons for all this was that Sharmila was deeply upset over how her brother had sidelined her from all the businesses after becoming the CM.

Also, Jagan Reddy has not fulfilled his promise to Sharmila that he would make her the Chief Minister of Telangana by strengthening the YSRCP there. She is of the opinion that after becoming CM, Jagan has become friendly with KCR and KTR to protect his property in Hyderabad surroundings.

According to RK report, Jagan Reddy has already tried to talk to Sharmila on phone to persuade her not to go ahead with her party. But she has not talked to him. Those close to the YSR family are saying that Sharmila is more adamant than Jagan. Once she makes a decision, she will not go back on this. Moreover, YSR loyalists from Andhra Pradesh have reportedly narrated their woes before her on how Jagan has been ignoring them after coming to power.

More interestingly, even Sonia Gandhi has tried to win over Sharmila to Congress but the YSR daughter decided to start her own party considering their family’s ideological differences with the Congress.

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Sharmila episode: Jagan looking for victim sympathy ?


Political parties were stunned after YSR’s daughter Sharmila made a police complaint over social media posts against her character. She said she never had any affair with actor Prabhas but political rivals are spreading lies about their relationship with bad motives.

The TDP leadership is taken by surprise over this and it is initially confused not knowing how to react. All the more interesting is the fact that Sharmila chose to make police complaint before the Telangana police. In the Kodi Kathi case also, Jaganmohan Reddy made the police complaint in Hyderabad while the incident took place in Visakhapatnam.

This is clear from the KCR government’s outright support to Jagan. The TDP leaders concluded that the Sharmila episode is another media gimmick by Jagan to get people’s attention ahead of the 2019 election. Moreover, there’s the effort to project the image of victim to get sympathy from voters. The TDP leaders say this case shows the frustration on the part of Jagan to get support through whatever means. The question arose why YCP kept silent last four years but raking it up now.

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Rakhi Moments from Kavitha to KTR, Sharmila to Jagan


On the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan, brothers and sisters celebrate the special bond of love and promise to protect each other. Ministers, MLAs, MPs wherever they are and whomsoever they have become, sibling love never fades and the pious occasion of Rakhi ensures to bring them together.

YSR Congress party leader YS Sharmila tied a Rakhi to her brother YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The Andhra Pradesh Opposition leader shared the moment on his twitter.

TRS Member of Parliament K Kavitha Rao tied a Rakhi to her brother KT Rama Rao today. She not only offered sweets but also gave a helmet to him as part of her sisters for change campaign. Minister KTR gifted her a handloom sari to signify his campaign for handlooms. The campaign started by Kavitha requesting every sister to gift a helmet to her brother on the occasion of Rakhi festival received tremendous response and appreciation.

Sisters of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao tied Rakhi to him at his Camp Office today

Andhra Pradesh Minister of IT &C Nara Lokesh celebrated Rakshabandhan at the Secretariat with his politician colleagues. Minister Paritala Sunitha tied Rakhi to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

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Sharmila Unbound: Paramarsha to enter Adilabad


Sharmila, daughteer of YS Rajasekhar Reddy, though feeble voiced, is known for her tenacity. She has been carrying forward her Paramarsha Yatra in Telangana for the past few months. The yatra, is meant to meet the families of those persons who purportedly died of shock in the wake of YSR sudden death in copter crash in 2009. She has been on the mission of meeting these families and extend some help. On and off the yatra has been going on for years in AP and Telangana. Normally, such activities taper once the party loses the election for these activities are meant to connect with the voters basically. This did not happen in the case of Sharmila. Even though YSR party lost miserably in Telangana in 2014, she has not called off the yatra. Sharmila had earlier, toured Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda, Ranga Reddy and Warangal districts. Now, after completing the Yatra in Warangal she entered Karimnagar district. One could see no fatigue on her face nor disillusion noticeable in her eyes.

After a break now, she will resume the Yatra from October 1 from Husnabad constituency for the next two days, travelling 450 km, and consoling 18 families, according to Telangana party General Secretary K Shiv Kumar. On October 3 evening, the Yatra will enter Adilabad district at Nirmal, and she will travel 110 km consoling 10 families, which lost a member upon watching the news the demise of YSR, during the next two days. From Kagaznagar, Sharmila will cross over to Nizamabad district and will visit 19 families on October 5 and 6 before rounding off the Yatra.

There are no elections near future and the party is unlikely to emerge a force in the new state. The smooth sail of her yatra in Telangana is attributed to the fact “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Jaganmohan Reddy, president of YSR Congress, is an arch rival to TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu, who is seen as enemy number one by TRS, the ruling of party of Telangana. So, Jagan, who had been hounded out of Telangana few years back, is no longer an enemy to TRS or Telangana forces. There are even complaints from TDP that Jagan and TRS leader KCR are working in tandem to finish Naidu in cash for vote scam. They show Jangan’s aggressive campaign , more aggressive than TRS, for booking Naidu as accused number 1 in the case. While TRS had been silent, Jagan went to New Delhi submitted memoranda to centre.

Then what could be reason behind this strenuous campaign in Telangana in the name of Paramarsha Yatra by Sharmila. It is naiveté to conclude that it is just a humanitarian yatra to help the bereaved families. There must be some political meaning to it.

Observers see two reasons in Sharmila’s Yatra in Telangana.

1. She is helping the ruling party to destroy the Telugu Desam in Telangana by preventing people of Andhra origin from moving over to TDP, in the absence of YSRC, and Andhra Party. She seeks to achieve this by sending across a message that the YSRC is not out, it is alive and kicking.

2. Sharmila wants to keep memories of YSR alive and this would be useful to generate wave of protest in case Jagan is arrested in “disproportionate cases”, now on fast-track trial in CBI court. Jagan’s constant refrain is that the these cases have been booked at the instance of Congress and TDP. Let us wait and see what course the Paramarsha politics take in future.

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