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Is there democracy or emergency in Andhra Pradesh, asks BJP


Andhra Pradesh BJP President Somu Veerraju on Thursday lambasted the state government and asked if there is democracy or emergency in the state.

“I am asking Jagan Mohan Reddy whether there is democracy or emergency in your government? If you have the right to impose emergency, you can impose it. But we are observing several incidents. When we called for ‘Chalo Antarvedi’, you arrested our leaders all over the state,” said Veerraju.

He alleged that the government is filing several police cases on the basis of social media posts, including allegedly arresting people just for sharing information.

Veerraju claimed that thousands of people are being arrested and BJP leaders are not being allowed to visit Ramateertham, where an idol of Lord Ram was desecrated and decapitated by unknown miscreants.

“The government has to issue a statement as to why these things are happening. The DGP has claimed that BJP’s role is there in temple attacks. First he said there was no role of political parties,” he said.

The BJP President said his party leaders had tried to discuss these baseless allegations with the government.

He also asked if posting on social media about fallen temples is equal to demolishing them. Veerraju said it is a shameful act of the government to arrest senior BJP leaders who wanted to discuss these allegations.

“As there is an undemocratic rule in the state and attacks are happening on Hindu temples, the BJP will not keep quiet. It is a cowardly act to block the BJP in this manner,” he said.

According to Veerraju, no BJP activist is scared of these activities by the government and the party is poised to take out ‘rathyatras’ soon.

He also claimed that an attack on BJP is an attack on Hindus.

Veerraju said a report has been submitted to Union Home Minister Amit Shah about the state of affairs in Andhra Pradesh.

Incidentally, senior leaders such as C.M. Ramesh were arrested by the police on Thursday.

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AP BJP threatens defamation suit against DGP


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken serious note of DGP Gautam Sawang’s statement. The BJP has demanded the DGP to give clarity on his accusations against the BJP leaders in the temple attack cases. The DGP has vaguely talked about the involvement of the BJP leaders in desecrations. But, the real cases were relating to social media comments. How can social media comments be interpreted as attacks on temples?

BJP AP President Somu Veerraju has written a letter to the DGP seeking clarification. He has demanded the DGP to give an explanation. Because of the DGP’s vague statements, a wrong impression is gaining ground among the public that the BJP leaders were behind the temple attacks.
Veerraju threatened that if there is no acceptable clarification, the BJP would file a defamation suit against the DGP. Even criminal proceedings would be launched.

This Sankranti witnessed heated responses of the Opposition leaders against the DGP statement. Both the TDP and the BJP solely focused their attack on the DGP. Doubtless to say, the DGP’s statement effectively served the YCP’s purpose to embarrass the rivals for this festive season.

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Veerraju on twin missions of ‘Aakarsh and temples’


BJP AP President Somu Veerraju is carrying out multiple tasks at one go these days. He has led his partymen in an unforgettable fight at Ramatheertham where he swooned along with his party leaders recently. He has also announced an agitation to fight for the protection of the Hindu temples and idols.

Simultaneously, Veerraju has speeded up his ‘Operation Aakarsh’ to attract the outside leaders into the BJP fold. Needless to say, the BJP leader is knocking on the doors of every probable leader to win over and claim that as his trophy. But, the situation is quite different in AP. The outside leaders are not so much attracted to the BJP policies with regard to AP.

However, Veerraju has recently met with film actress Vani Viswanath. There were also rumours that she would soon join the BJP but it was not yet announced. Obviously, she might be thinking again and again to join the BJP considering its present plight in AP politics.

Veerraju is also meeting major Kapu leader in Godavari district who is Mudragada Padmanabham at Kirlampudi tomorrow. It is well known Mudragada is devoted to only is caste agenda which is something undigestible to a single religion party like the BJP. Also, rumours are afloat that Veerraju is meeting TDP leaders Kala Venkatrao and Padala Aruna. Having no choice, Venkatrao has already reiterated that he would not leave the TDP under any circumstances.

The BJP is trying to win over Venkatrao since he is removed from the TDP AP president post and Atchannaidu is brought in that place.

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BJP fighting ‘epic battle’ with AP police at Ramatheertham


All small and top leaders of BJP AP unit landed in Vizianagaram for their ‘Dharma Yatra’ on the Ramatheertham idol desecration. The police also arrived there in double the number of BJP cadres. Very dramatically, the police refused permission to the BJP crowds to go to the hilltop temple.
BJP AP President Somu Veerraju raised the battle cry and pushed ahead through the police barricade. There was a lot of pushing and shoving between the BJP activists and the police. Veerraju had fainted in the process. Another state leader Vishnu Vardhan Reddy also fell down.
BJP national leader GVL Narasimha Rao had threatened to talk to Union Home Minister Amit Shah about the incident. GVL asked why the AP Government gave permission to the YCP and the TDP leaders to visit the Ramatheertham temple but not the BJP leaders.
Obviously, the BJP AP leaders were trying everything they could to take the Ramatheertham controversy to the next level. But questions are being asked whether the BJP leaders can beat the mind games of Jagan Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu in AP.

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Why BJP hates to talk about AP’s Special Status?


BJP AP President Somu Veerraju talks with a lot of confidence about their party coming to power in Andhra Pradesh in 2024. He says their party has a track record of making impossible possible in different states in the country. Veerraju says with greater confidence that it is only under the BJP that AP can have a bright future with expected development. But for reasons unknown, he gets angry and agitated at the very mention of Special Category Status.

So, Veerraju lost no time to hit back when TDP leader Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary made just a light hearted comment against the BJP and the YCP. Chowdary just said that Veerraju’s statement on Special Status and the YCP stand were creating confusion among the people. The BJP leader became very angry at this and made a counter statement against the TDP.

Veerraju straightaway attacked Chandrababu Naidu, saying that it was Naidu who agreed for a special package in place of the Special Category Status. Veerraju did not stop at that. He went on to say that Chandrababu Naidu accepted a ‘midnight package’ and thus became the reason for AP losing the Special Category Status.

Veerraju further told Butchaiah Chowdary that it was a fact that the Central funds that came under the ‘midnight package’ were shared between the TDP leaders. That did not help the people of the State in any way.

One thing that Veerraju and other leaders were forgetting was that the Special Category Status was a promise that was made on the floor of the Parliament at the time of passing the AP Reorganisation Act. Now, the BJP AP was suppressing all talk about Special Status but yet was aspiring to come to power in the State in 2024 polls.

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BJP spent Rs 50,000 Cr in Tirupati: No chance for Pawan


The BJP AP leaders are giving blow after blow to the people with their non-stop sensational statements. Their latest comments are regarding how the Modi Government has done lots of things to develop Tirupati. BJP AP President Somu Veerraju has gone a few steps forward and claimed that the Modi regime spent over Rs. 50,000 Cr for the overall development of the Tirupati Lok Sabha constituency.
All these thousands of crores were spent for laying national highways, development of smart city, infrastructure, national institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology, etc in the temple town and its jurisdiction. What more, a port and many industries have also come up. There are fast growing special economic zones like Sri City.

Now, the question is arising whether the BJP still deserves to put up its candidate in Tirupati bypoll instead of the Jagan Sena Party of Pawan Kalyan. The BJP Government might have spent Rs. 50,000 Cr but it got less than 1 percent vote share in the entire AP in 2019 while it got far lesser percent vote share compared to Pawan in Tirupati LS seat.

Nevertheless, the BJP leaders are raising their voice each day as if there is no party in AP that is ready to give any type of political or electoral challenge to it. The BJP AP leaders are considering as if both the ruling YCP and the Opposition TDP are non-existent while Pawan Kalyan’s party is no more than their pocket organisation.

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‘Co-robbers’: Veerraju comment on Jagan and Naidu


Day by day, the political confusion is deepening in Andhra Pradesh. Average common man is perplexed and confused as to which parties are allies and which are enemies. The ruling YCP totally targets the TDP but does not speak a word against the BJP. Even the main Opposition TDP does not criticise the BJP much. Whereas, the BJP fully targets the main Opposition while partially and selectively criticising the ruling YCP. The Jana Sena’s policy is not clearly known and its identity as an independent political party has become questionable ever since its hurried alliance with the BJP.
While the overall political situation is so volatile, BJP AP President Veerraju now says that CM Jaganmohan Reddy and Ex CM Chandrababu were co-robbers. Both the YCP and the TDP were causing harm to the State by pursuing their selfish political interests. Only the BJP would be able to give a better rule for the AP people.
Doubtless to say, the Modi Government is taking all the help of the YCP and the TDP MPs at the national level for passing its bills in the Parliament but it is not fulfilling Reorganisation promises like Special Status. The BJP got less than 1 per cent vote share in 2019 but still it is trying to dominate the AP political scene taking advantage of the YCP, TDP and Jana Sena weaknesses.

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Central Govt Institutions will continue in Amaravati: Veerraju


BJP leaders are speaking in different voices from different places on the fate of Amaravati Capital City. It almost became a child’s play for them. More or less, the BJP is fishing in the troubled waters in Andhra Pradesh. GVL Narasimha Rao says the State Government has a right to shift Capital City.

Now, BJP AP President Somu Veerraju says the Capital City of AP will continue to be in Amaravati. But, he has put a condition for that, which is that the BJP would have to come to power in the State. Only the BJP can continue Amaravati as the one and only Capital City. Obviously, Veerraju’s comment means that either the BJP should retain Amaravati or Jagan Reddy may destroy Amaravati. There would be only two options left for the people of the State.

Interestingly, Veerraju made these comments at the meeting of Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, a front organisation of the BJP, held in Tulluru village in Amaravati city. He went on to say that once voted to power, the BJP would create a marvellous city out of Amaravati as per the aspirations of the people. Also, the BJP would develop the farmers’ plots with Rs. 2,000 Cr. Jagan Reddy tried to give away these plots to the poor people under the free house sites programme.

Veerraju said that the Central Government Institutions would remain in Amaravati regardless of Jagan’s 3 Capitals. Obviously, as per the BJP’s line, the President would not approve of the YCP’s decision to shift the High Court to Kurnool.

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Somu Veerraju vote bank politics on Nandyal suicides


BJP AP President Somu Veerraju is taking all risks possible in order to embarrass the TDP and thereby to extend indirect support to the YCP. In the past few days, the TDP has been making non-stop allegations against the YCP on the Nandyal family joint suicide. The bitter most attack was that the TDP accused the Jagan regime of insulting the Muslim family by not giving a proper postmortem and respectable burial.

The YCP leaders could not counter the TDP attack on burial of two bodies in one pit. Now, Somu Veerraju made a surprise on the TDP, saying that Mr. Chandrababu Naidu was playing vote bank politics. The TDP chief was politicising the Abdul Salaam family suicide for the sake of electoral benefits.
What more, Somu Veerraju went a step ahead and said that it was not necessary to find fault with the police in Nandyal suicide case. It was not correct to arrest the police as they just did their duties. Would anybody arrest the police who were only carrying out their duties as per the laws?
Veerraju posed a very curious question, asking whether anybody would arrest the Chief Minister if the farmers committed suicides due to debts and loans. Finally, the BJP leader launched a joint attack on both the TDP and the YCP, saying that these two parties should stop trying to use the Muslims as vote banks.
Analysts say that Veerraju has definitely selected a wrong issue to bring religious vote bank politics into debate. All said and done, Salaam family suicide was a case of alleged harassment by local police and ruling party leaders. Veerraju should have remained silent rather than making such remarks.

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Somu Veerraju visits Tirupati, criticises YCP


The BJP leaders in both national and state levels are not criticising the YCP on different burning issues. But, when it comes to the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, they do not waste a minute to attack the Jaganmohan Reddy Government. In the past two days, the porn link controversy is raging within the TTD and the SVBC channels. One low level attender, probably a temporary worker, has been given harsh punishment.

Amid these issues, BJP AP President Somu Veerraju visited Tirumala temple and had darshan of Lord Balaji. After his darshan, he came out and made his comments in his usual typical style of not letting listeners know whom he is criticising. When his attention was drawn to the controversies on the Seven Hills, Veerraju started and launched an attack on the ruling YCP. He said that the TTD properties and resources were under threat from the ruling party leaders. The Government should take greater steps to ensure protection to the Sri Vair properties.

Veerraju stressed the need for spending every single rupee donated by the devotees for the devotional and spiritual programmes meant for the overall welfare of the people. He further said that he prayed the Lord of Seven Hills to confer some good intention on the present rulers to work for the protection and development of AP as a whole. The State has got immense natural resources. The Government should proceed with a proper intention to use them for the betterment of the people.

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AP will see Dubbaka-like victories: Somu Veerraju


The Dubbaka victory has come as a short in the arm for the BJP leaders in South India. BJP AP President Somu Veerraju has hailed it as an indication of the rising patronage for their party everywhere. The Bihar and Dubbaka victories reflected how the people were giving their unfailing support to the BJP policies.

Somu Veerraju asserted that their party was getting greater support in Andhra Pradesh. Just like in Dubbaka, there will be similar victories in AP as well. Very soon, lots of cadres will join the BJP in North Andhra. There would be inflows into the party in Rayalaseema region also.

Veerraju, in an upbeat mood, said that the BJP wave was already sweeping in South India. In future, the party would establish itself in a comfortable position in both the Telugu States.

It is well known the BJP has got less than 1 per cent vote share in the 2019 AP Assembly election. But, its leaders are confident that their party will rise in future. In Dubbaka also, the BJP was in third place in previous elections. Now, they pulled out a surprise win as if by a miracle. Undoubtedly, not all is well for the regional parties in Telugu States. One national party might have bitten the dust but another national party is rising on the horizon.

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Visit flood-hit AP, Veerraju writes to Centre


BJP state president Somu Veerraju on Friday expressed concern over the Andhra Pradesh government’s alleged failure to tackle the flood problem in the state and demanded the central government’s intervention in this regard.

In a letter to the central government, Andhra Pradesh BJP president noted that farmers have suffered huge losses and crops in lakhs of hectares were destroyed due to the flash floods. The state government has failed to pay compensation to the farmers who incurred heavy losses.

He appealed to the Union government to send an inter-ministerial team to assess the damage due to heavy rains and floods in Andhra Pradesh. He alleged that the Andhra Pradesh government had failed to take up adequate measures to minimise losses arising out of the recent floods.

He appealed that a central team should tour several flood-affected districts in Andhra Pradesh, interact with affected people and inquire about the relief operations. He said the central team should hold discussions with senior officials, villagers and farmers to obtain information on the nature and extent of damage caused by the floods.

A five-member team, led by Joint Secretary Praveen Vashista, is currently touring flood-hit districts in Telangana to assess the extent of damage caused by the torrential rains.

Meanwhile, Jagan Mohan Reddy on Friday reviewed the flood situation in the state and enquired about relief measures and damage caused by floods and heavy rains. Minister Kanna Babu informed the Chief Minister that 40,000 hectares of paddy crop in East Godavari was completely damaged due to floods. He apprised the Chief Minister that the flash floods and heavy rainfall submerged crops in 1.07 lakh hectares across the state.

Earlier, Jagan had appealed to the central government to release Rs 1,000 crore as immediate relief. However, Minister of State for Home Kishan Reddy had recently suggested that state governments should use funds from the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF), constituted under the Disaster Management Act, 2005.

“It is the responsibility of the state governments to utilize the funds for providing immediate relief to the victims of natural disasters from the State Disaster Relief Fund. The Central Government contributes 75% of SDRF allocation for general category States/UTs and 25% will have to be borne by the state government,” Kishan Reddy had said.

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Veerraju, BJP leaders arrested ahead of ‘Chalo Amalapuram’


The Jaganmohan Reddy government has banned the ‘Chala Amalapuram’ programme called by the BJP and Jana Sena leaders. The police imposed prohibitory orders in the entire Konaseema region in Godavari districts. Section 144 and 30 were declared in the region to prevent any protest on temple attacks in Konaseema.

As a preventive measure, BJP AP President Somu Veerraju and several of his party leaders were arrested and told not to go to Amalapuram. All major leaders in Godavari districts were placed under house arrest and strict warnings were issued. The government acted very quickly considering the volatile political situation as feelings are badly hurt on the issue of Antarvedi chariot burning.

Veerraju reacted sharply to the arrests and issued a strong warning to Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy. The BJP leader told the CM that he would face the consequences like Chandrababu Naidu if the BJP leaders were not allowed to exercise their democratic right to express protest.

Veerraju asked the CM to explain why the culprits in temple attacks were turning out to be insane persons while those throwing even a stone at churches were branded sane and being arrested. The BJP would not tolerate this sort of discrimination any more.

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Govt sets up panel; Veeraju visits Kanaka Durga temple


After meeting Andhra Pradesh Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan on Wednesday, BJP state president Somu Veerraju on Wednesday visited the Kanaka Durga Temple after the news that three silver lion statues went missing from the chariot of Goddess Kanaka Durga.

Somu Veerraju visited the famous temple in Vijayawada along with party leaders. Veerraju has enquired with the temple executive officer about the missing idols and expressed his anger over the alleged ‘negligence’ of the temple authorities. The temple officials informed the BJP leader that there is only one lion left on one of the four pillars of the chariot.

The Andhra Pradesh government on Wednesday stated that it has constituted a panel of revenue officials to look into the issue. Minister Vellampalli Srinivas also visited the temple to take stock of the situation at Kanaka Durga temple.

The chariot has four silver lion statues, of which these three are missing. Each statue is made up of eight kilos of silver. Security measures have been beefed up in Kanaka Durga temple after the silver statues went missing. Police are examining the silver chariot at the temple premises to check for any clues.

BJP leaders and Hindu organization activists are likely to intensify their agitation over what they call “increasing attacks on Hindu temples.”

Earlier, several BJP leaders were under house arrest over the century-old chariot burning incident in Antarvedi. Somu Veerraju was placed under house arrest when he had planned to visit the ancient temple in Antarvedi.
The Andhra Pradesh government had ordered a CBI probe into the incident after former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu had demanded a probe by the premier investigating agency into the chariot fire and other incidents. The TDP president and BJP chief had earlier alleged that the YSRCP government was ignoring several incidents of attacks on Hindu temples.

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Somu Veeraju under house arrest, Naidu tweets on Antarvedi incident


Andhra BJP president Somu Verraju was placed under house arrest as he planned to visit Antarvedi where a century-old chariot burnt in a suspicious fire accident.

The BJP leader lashed out at the Andhra Pradesh government over attacks on Hindu temples and that the current dispensation was not serious about addressing the issues related to attacks on the Hindu temples. He said ever since the YSRCP rode to power, the government has been funding the construction of churches and the attacks on the Hindu temple have increased.

Stating that the government was playing with the emotions of the people of Andhra Pradesh, Lanka Dinakar, another BJP leader, demanded a probe into the burning of the Antarvedi temple chariot. The chariot of the famous Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple in Antarvedi of East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh was gutted in a fire mishap on September 6.

He said the attacks on Hindu religious sites are on the rise in the state and accused Chief Minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy’s government for not taking it seriously.

Meanwhile, former CM and TDP president Chandrababu Naidu demanded a CBI probe into the incident. “Andhra Pradesh has been a progressive, pluralistic State where all faiths have thrived & co-existed peacefully. However, under the tyrannical YSRCP regime, people of AP are now fearful of a continuous state-sponsored attack on their faiths. More than 20 such attacks have occurred,” the former CM tweeted.

“From charring of sacred chariots at Antarvedi & Bitragunta to idols being demolished at Pithapuram, from attacks on priests like Devarampadu incident to propagation of other religions under TTD mgmt & illegal takeover of Simhachalam temple board there seems to be a pattern,” Naidu said in another tweet.

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Somu Veerraju takes charge in Amaravati, target 2024


BJP AP President Somu Veerraju officially took charge at a grand meeting held in Amaravati Capital City region here. However, he did not talk much about his party stand on Capital shifting. His speech mostly focused on his plans to bring the BJP to power in Andhra Pradesh in 2024 general elections. He says the people will come forward to support the BJP since they were unhappy with the family-dominated regional parties. Both the YSRCP and the TDP had their weaknesses while the BJP has everything to gain.

From the day he was appointed AP unit President, Veerraju has been talking about the BJP chances to grab power in next elections in AP. He was talking about their party vote share already touching 24 per cent because of support from Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan. Veerraju’s calculation is that Chiranjeevi got 18 per cent vote share in 2009 polls while Pawan got 6 per cent in 2019 polls. He apparently combined both these figures and put them in the basket of the BJP.

Everywhere, Veerraju is talking about 2024. Now, he has raised the issue of caste and this should not be allowed to mar the chances of the BJP in the next elections. Analysts say Veerraju has already distanced himself from one caste. His efforts to lure his own caste in Godavari districts would not be useful unless Chiranjeevi and Pawan support him.

Whatever, BJP national leader Ram Madhav, former AP president Kanna Lakshminarayana, former union minister Purandeswari and others were present.

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GVR Sastry shock treatment to Somu Veerraju over Amaravati

Out of personal convictions, Akhil Bharata Hindu Mahasabha National General Secretary Prof. GVR Sastry has been firmly defending pro-Amaravati Capital agitation. He has even become the Chairman of Amaravati Capital JAC. He has also been bringing pressure on the BJP AP and national leaderships to play their positive role in protecting and preserving Amaravati for its rich culture and heritage. Now, GVR has swung into direct action to undo what BJP AP President Somu Veerraju is doing in his hurry to favour CM Jagan Reddy’s 3 Capitals plan.

To dilute Amaravati agitation, Veerraju has been suspending one by one all those party leaders who are voicing against Capital shifting. His latest victim was Velagapudi Gopala Krishna who has been strongly voicing dissent against Jagan policy on TV debates. Velagapudi’s suspension has sent shock waves among political parties and Capital city agitators. Since Veerraju took over as BJP AP President, the party State leaders were also forced to speak cautiously. They were receiving threats from Veerraju group that any dissenting voice against the party stand on Amaravati would be punished. Veerraju has been saying that it was the BJP national leadership’s stand that the Central Government has no role to play in AP Capital City issue. But, this line taken by BJP badly hurts the wishes of Hindu Mahasabha which wanted Amaravati to remain as AP Capital and also flourish as the Ayodhya of South India in future.

Now, GVR Sastry has stepped in and decided to give a strong counter to Veerraju. Sastry has appointed Velagapudi Ramakrishna as the AP state president of Hindu Mahasabha. In that new capacity, Velagapudi can raise his voice even more fiercely than before and even criticise Veerraju. Now, BJP AP leaders say that by ordering a hasty suspection, Veerraju has created new problems for himself within days of taking charge.

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Somu Veerraju meets Pawan Kalyan


Political temperatures touched an all time high in AP now. At the time of 2019 elections, Jaganmohan Reddy faced allegations that he would shift Capital if elected. Then, he and his party leaders issued repeated statements promising to retain Amaravati. After coming to power, the promise was broken. From day one, they were on a single point agenda to shift the Capital in the name of 3 Capitals Bills. All the Opposition parties were waging agitations and legal battles.
At such a time, BJP AP president Somu Veerraju appeared to have his own agenda. He even cracked a joke saying that if he was given a chance, he would create 13 Capitals at the rate of one Capital for each of the existing districts. People are surprised that he might create 25 Capitals if the number of districts was increased from 13 to 25 by making each of the 25 Lok Sabha constituencies in AP into an individual district.

Whatever, Veerraju is currently on an endless tour, visited Delhi and met with party national leaders. Later, he met with Chiranjeevi. Today, he met with Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan. They were discussing the political situation in the State.

It may be recalled Chiranjeevi already announced his support for 3 Capitals. Pawan was demanding justice for farmers more than the agitation that was needed to stop Capital shifting. Now, Veerraju was giving out confusing signals. But, one signal Veerraju was sending out was clear that he was trying to polarise the Kapu caste vote bank in favour of the BJP. Already, Jana Sena is sailing with the BJP. But it is well known that Pawan is an unpredictable politician. Obviously, Veeraju’s immediate challenge is to play his caste card well so as to prevent further erosion of BJP base in the State.

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Centre has no role, three capitals is state subject: BJP


After the Governor gave his assent to the three capitals bills, BJP leaders on Friday asserted that the Andhra Pradesh government’s plan to set up three capitals does not have the central government’s approval.

Talking to media persons at a separate conference, newly appointed state BJP president Somu Veerraju and party MP G V L Narasimha Rao said the decision to choose a capital is completely a state subject and the central government has no role to play in it. “The Union government will not interfere in it. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) had decided to develop Amaravati against the recommendations of the Siva Rama Krishna Committee.”

Both the leaders stated that the BJP had passed a resolution in its core committee meeting in favour of Amaravati as the capital of Andhra Pradesh and same had been forwarded to the party and the central government. Trashing allegations that the central government had played a critical role in the entire matter, G V L Narasimha Rao said, “It is a constitutional process and the central government has no role in it.”

While asserting the BJP stand that the Amaravati should be the capital as the central government had released ₹2,500 crore for capital construction in Amaravati, Rao reiterated that the party will not oppose the Andhra Pradesh government’s proposal to create judicial capital in Rayalaseema. “We welcome the Andhra Pradesh government’s plan to set up the judicial system in Kurnool, but our stand on Amaravati remains. In our manifesto, we had clearly stated that the High Court should be set up in Rayalaseema. On that front, we have no two opinions,” Narasimha Rao said.

Somu Veerarju also pointed out that the three-capital formation is the decision of the YSRCP government. However, he assured that the BJP will not go back on its stand on Amaravati as the capital. “We will stand by the farmers,” he said.

Meanwhile, farmers in Amaravati are caught in political crosshairs. At least 28,000 farmers pooled their land towards the construction of the city of Amaravati as part of the previous TDP government’s Land Pooling Scheme (LPS). During the TDP regime, at least 35,000 acres of land were acquired for capital creation in Amaravati. Today, the farmers are protesting over the last 230 days ever since Andhra Pradesh announced creation of three capitals – Vizag as executive, Kurnool as judicial and Amaravati as legislative. As a matter of fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had himself laid the foundation stone for Amaravati.

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Veerraju’s all out efforts to get rid of pro-Jagan tag

One more Raju Garu from Godavari belt is going to give a tough time to CM Jaganmohan Reddy. Somu Veerraju is not a Raju by caste but a Kapu leader. But, he is known for his own controversial and aggressive style just like YCP rebel MP Raghu Rama Raju. Veerraju began removing his image as being a pro-Jagan and anti-TDP leader in the BJP. Immediately after becoming BJP State President, Veerraju gave a full-length interview to ABN Andhra Jyoti Channel’s Venkata Krishna. Veerraju tried his best to leave an impression that his appointment would not change any policies of BJP AP that were laid out during Kanna Lakshminarayana’s regime.

he first thing he said was that he was not in favour of CM Jaganmohan Reddy. Veerraju asked how Jagan can construct 3 Capitals when Chandrababu Naidu could not complete even a single Capital in five years. The new BJP AP president asserted that Amaravati shall remain the only one Capital City for Andhra Pradesh. There shall be no uncertainty or confusion or dilution of the BJP stand in this regard.

In his inimitable style, Veerraju once again asserted that a new Chief Minister would emerge on the AP political scene in 2024 elections. That CM would be from the BJP-Jana Sena Party. As of now, BJP has got less than 1 per cent vote share as against Jana Sena’s nearly 7 per cent as per 2019 poll results.

In the first two days of his appointment, Veerraju has given all indications that the coming days will see two Rajus from Godavari belt giving Jagan Reddy a hell of a time. Incidentally, RRR is also becoming close to BJP Delhi leaders.

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