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Clueless Sharmila finds students not interested in protest


Now that the YSR memorial meeting called by YS Vijayamma failed thoroughly in benefiting YS Sharmila, the YRP is now working on other strategies to ensure some political relevance for YS Sharmila’s YSRCP. Despite Shamila’s claims that she is Telangana’s daughter-in-law, no one seems to take her claims seriously.

As if to put a question mark on her claims, almost 99 per cent of those who attended the memorial meet called by YS Vijayamma were of Andhra origin. This has actually turned out to be counter-productive. Also, Vijayamma’s claim that the meet was not-political was belied by the political undertones in the gathering. Another major factor is the near total absence of active politicians. Only Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, AP Jitender Reddy and Kuna Srisailam Goud are active in politics. The others are retired politicians, ex-bureaucrats, who are not much of use for Sharmila.

On the other hand, her attempts to stage protests on the issue of unemployment too are not paying any dividend. Even the families of those who have committed suicide for not getting a job, appear not interested in joining hands with her. Two families locked their homes and went away before Sharmila came. Yet others refused her entry into their house. Now she has changed her tactic and began staging dharnas in front of the universities. On Tuesday, she staged a protest in front of the Palamoor University.

The attendance at her protests was meagre and not many party leaders turned up for the protest. The media did not show any interest in her protest. The programme turned out to be a non-starter. If the same trend continues, this protest too could be abandoned soon.

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Setback for Sharmila: Bereaved dad of unemployed youth refuses entry


It seems the honeymoon period for YS Sharmila’s YSRTP is already over. The leaders are deserting and the crowds are thinning. Now the latest is that those in whose name she is undertaking protest fasts every Tuesday are also shunning her. Her attempts to raise the issue of unemployment-related deaths of youth is turning out to be a non-starter.

Sharmila has made it a practice to undertake a fast in selected Telangana villages to highlight the plight of the unemployed youths. She is choosing the houses of the youths who had ended their lives and is dedicating her fast to the youth who died. She is using this opportunity to mount a severe attack on the TRS government.

This Tuesday (August 24), she wanted to undertake her fast in Lingapur village in Dandepalli mandal of Mancherial district. Village lad Naresh is a graduate who failed go get a government job. Frustrated, he ended his life. Sharmila wanted to hold a fast in memory of naresh.

However, she got a shock when Naresh’s father requested her not to come to his house. He said he did not want any sympathy from her. This has left the YSRTP leaders, who were making arrangements for Sharmila’s meeting, shocked. They did not know how to react. Sources say that Naresh’s father has four sons, of whom three are working in different government departments. Naresh reportedly got worried that the protest might put the jobs of the three other sons at risk. Hence he wanted Sharmila not to visit his home and launch the dharna there.

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More people leave YSRTP, Sharmila looks very shaky


With more leaders resigning from the party, the very existence of YS Sharmila’s YSRTP is now in doubt. After the resignation of high-profile Indira Shobhan, state executive committee members Madhu Vamsi and Srikanth too have sent in their resignations. With several leaders already leaving the party, Sharmila appears to be ploughing a lonely furrow.

Sources said that ever since she announced her state executive, Sharmila has been facing dissidence. Many leaders, who stood with her all these days, suddenly found that there was no place for them in the party. They were shocked to see newcomers take the cake leaving them in the lurch. As a result, many leaders have resigned from the party. Earlier too, key leaders like Pratap Reddy have deserted the party.

Insiders also say that another 20 state-level functionaries too would resign from the party. They pointed out that two to three leaders will resign from the party every day. This would leave Sharmila’s party considerably weakened and emaciated. The interest in Sharmila’s protest fasts has also come down significantly. “She has gradually slipped from the first pages of the newspapers. She is now confined to inside pages,” quipped a YS Sharmila’ supporter.

Another indicator is the dwindling crowds at the YSRTP office at Lotus Pond. The crowds are thinning and the footfalls are shrinking at the party’s state office. The cadres are also complaining about the way they are being treated in the party office and the meetings. Many say Sharmila’s abrasive style and hurling of invectives is alienating the party works, including people like Indira Shobhan.

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Sharmila’s ‘meme metre’ shows there’s no love for Brother Jagan


Sister YS Sharmila tying a rakhi on the wrist of her brother and AP CM YS jagan Mohan Reddy is a common sight. The sibling bondage was the cynosure of all eyes. But, this time around, the paths of both Sharmila and Jagan have diverged. This was reflected on Rakhi Bandhan day too. This year, Sharmila, who usually goes to YS Jagan and ties the rakhi has just sent a greeting via online social media.

In the message uploaded on the social media, she merely greeted YS Jagan as ‘brother from the same mother.’ But in the same stretch he has greeted all the brothers of the Telugu states who are standing by her fight for her beliefs and principles. The wording is significant. She is not bracketing Jagan in the category of those ‘standing by her in her fight for her beliefs and principles. Even this was shared on the social media and is clearly meant for public consumption.

Sources say, Sharmila has posted this tweet online only to escape questions about her not tying the rakhi. In the past, Sharmila went to the place where Jagan was doing his yatra and tied the rakhi. But this time around, she did not travel to Vijayawada, which is barely three-and-a-half km away from Hyderabad.

Another shocking pointer is that the greeting posted by her did not have an image of her brother YS Jagan. Only an image of Sharmila, a rakhi and late YSR were there on the meme. In her early posts, Jagan’s image was a regular fixture. But this time, it is missing This clearly shows that the sibling relations have deteriorated beyond repair. Pro-Jagan mouthpiece Sakshi gave its own spin to the posting and said Sharmila has greeted YS Jagan.

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YSRTP’s lone noted leader in TS quits


Key leader and spokesperson of the YSRTP, Indira Shobhan has resigned from the party. In a statement, she sent her resignation to YS Sharmila. She had joined YS Sharmila’s party only in the first week of March this year. Within five-and-a-half months, she had decided to call it quits. If sources are to be believed, she is likely to rejoin the Congress Party.

Of late , Indira Shobhan was finding it increasingly difficult to stay in the YSRCP. There were several instances where she was pushed to a corner of the stage. She was also ignored by Sharmila on more than one occasion. Sources said she was unhappy with the way the party was functioning. More importantly, Indira Shobhan did not have any role in the party. For quite some time, she was feeling marginalized in the party.

Indira Shobhan is a Revanth Reddy loyalist and has always supported him. She left the Congress in the wake of the Graduate Constituency elections and expressed her dissatisfaction with Uttam Kumar Reddy’s leadership. Now that Revanth Reddy is back, Indira Shobhan has given indications that she would be back in the Congress. Interestingly, rumours of Indira Shobhan quitting the YSRTP have been doing rounds for over a month or so, but she had neither confirmed or rejected the reports.

She is the second major leader to leave Sharmila’s party. Earlier, Mahabubnagar district leader and senior party functionary Pratap Reddy too has resigned from the party recently. Both these resignations are seen as a major setback to the fledgling YSRCP.

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Why is Sharmila ignoring these two hottest topics?


YS Sharmila is now on her fifth protest fast in as many weeks. On Tuesday, she has chosen Gundenga village in Mahabubnagar to protest on the issue of joblessness in Telangana. While protests are happening with unfailing regularity, what about their impact? Well! The less said the better. Her protests may be making headlines in some friendly media outlets, but the people are largely ignoring them.

According to political watchers, it is ironical that she is talking about jobs at a time when the government is promising schemes like Dalit Bandhu, where huge amounts get deposited in a family’s account without doing anything. The Dalit Bandhu and other freebees are now the toast of the season. Especially since the Nagarjunasagar bypoll, even the youth do not seem to be bothered about jobs. Doles are what they seem to want. Given this situation, will the Sharmila protests have any impact?

Secondly, she is not talking about the two topics that are deemed very hot in political circles. She is not talking about Huzurabad bypolls, which has the attention of the whole state. Secondly, she is not talking about the Dalit Bandhu scheme, which is now being hotly debated. She has completely ignored these two topics. At a time when the TRS, BJP and the Congress are straining their every nerve in Huzurabad, she is not even talking about it. What more? She said she would support any unemployed youth who files nomination in Huzurabad. This only means that she has already given a walkover in Huzurabad..

On the other hand, she is talking about joblessness and unemployment in places like Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar, which are not seeing much political activity. So far, she has carefully avoided places like Nizamabad, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Medak and Warangal, which are the epicentres of political activity in Telangana. This kind of politics is likely to further marginalise her and reduce her political relevance, say political analysts.

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KCR grabbing Dalits’ lands for parks, industries: YSRTP


YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) founder Y.S. Sharmila on Saturday alleged that Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) is grabbing land from Dalits to build industries and parks.

“KCR is dragging Dalits on to the roads by grabbing their assigned lands for parks and industries, which they had been tilling for generations,” Sharmila alleged.

She claimed that Rao is feigning love towards Dalits on one hand with ‘Dalita Bandhu’ scheme while on the other, he has started grabbing their lands.

Sharmila demanded to know if KCR will ever change and alleged that he is resorting to land grabbing because the Dalits would not protest against him.

The new opposition leader in Telangana, claimed that Rao failed to give three acres of land to the poor but was grabbing their lands which they have been tilling since their grandparents’ time.

Earlier, she criticised the state government for allegedly slashing teachers’ jobs. Sharmila alleged that government education and healthcare have been destroyed during the seven-year rule of the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) government.

Alleging that nearly 7,000 teachers jobs have been lost, she claimed that KCR doesn’t know how to rule and he was a disgrace to the Chief Minister’s chair.

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Ms Sharmila! Will 2004 vintage strategy work in 2023?


How long will sentiment work? Normally, a sentiment will become a powerful political and electoral factor for one election or at the most two elections. Sentiments have pay by dates. Even Modi knows that Ram Mandir issue cannot get him votes for ever. So, he has dumped the issue. But, YSRTP chief YS Sharmila seems to think that sentiments are here to stay for eternity.

In 2003, which is a good 18 years ago, YSR had launched his game-changing Praja Prasthanam from Chevella in Rangareddy district. The yatra catapulted him to power in 2004. In 2012, his daughter YS Sharmila took out a 3100 km long padayatra in undivided AP from Chevella again. It was for her brother YS Jagan who was in jail. It managed to evoke sympathy for Jagan, who many felt, was jailed due to political vendetta. Also, YSR passed away in 2009, just three years ago. So, the memories were fresh and they helped her.

But, will a padayatra in 2021 have the same effect and evoke the same sentiments? Doubtful!!The last padayatra in the Telugu States was in 2018. That was in Andhra Pradesh not Telangana. YSR is largely forgotten in Telangana. Sharmila still seems to believe in the old symbolism. Her padayatra, which will begin on October 18 , will be launched from Chevella, the place whence her father launched his yatra 18 years ago. After all, the first time voters in 2023 may not even know what YSR’s Padayatra is.

Isn’t it time that Sharmila thinks of something new? Padayatra as a strategy is passé!! A lot has changed in the Telugu states. When the last padayatra was taken out in Telangana, it was part of the AP. Today, it is a separate state altogether. The pre-2014 idiom and symbolism may not work now. Hope Sharmila is listening to this.

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Are Sharmila’s royal “deekshas” proving counter-productive?


Is YS Sharmila fast ending up as a bundle of contradictions and something of a joke in Telagnana politics? Every Tuesday is a protest day for her. This is something unheard of in Telugu politics. People organise protests when there is an issue. But, Sharmila is looking for a cause to hold protest every Tuesday.

But more than the cause for which she is holding those protests, it is the way she is holding the protests that is becoming something of a joke. The latest issue she took up for fasting on Tuesday was the death of a jobless youth. One Paka Srikanth who tried fr many jobs but couldn’t get one committed suicide. She went to Nalgonda to console the family members and then sat on a day-long dharna.

So far so good. But, it’s not the protest nor the reason for protest that has become a source of derision. It is the way in which the dharna is staged. Normally, such dharnas are simple affairs. But, Sharmila’s dharnas have extra-large mattresses. Then at the centre of the mattress is a huge reclining pillow. Then there are side pillows to put her arms on. The whole thing gives an appearance of a royal queen reclining imperiously. She would look every inch a ‘dorasani’ that the Telanganites detest.

The deeksha begins at about 10 am and continues till 5 pm. It is hardly six hours. Can’t she sit for five or six hours without this paraphernalia? Did not anyone suggest to her to keep the arrangements simple? Why is a humble protest turning into a show of royalty? Why have such huge setup for a day’s dharna, where what she is forgoing is just one meal and a cup of coffee? Did not anyone tell her how simple her father’s yatras and dharnas were?

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Why is everyone adopting the strategy of silence vis-à-vis YS Sharmila?


The biggest insult anyone can hurl against anyone is just ignoring one. Interestingly, all the three major political parties in Telangana are adopting the same strategy against his new-born party. They are not even bothering to comment on this party. No marks for guessing the party in question. It is YS Sharmila’s YSRTP.

Ruling TRS and its main challengers – the Congress and the BJP – are completely ignoring Sharmila in Telangana politics. They appear not to consider her as a contestant in fray. Though Sharmila is oozing confidence and is making tall claims about her party, no one in the political circles seems to have high hopes for her. But, she is trying hard to poke and provoke the rivals and make them comment about her party. However, all the three parties seem to have adopted an ambivalent attitude against her.

Revanth Reddy, the new Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief has said that he does not even consider her party a political entity. He said he does not care about her party. The TRS too has not commented on her or her party so far. They too have completely ignored her. In fact, the only reference that KCR has so far made to her was indirect. Referring to her dharna on unemployment, KCR said some people were doing dharnas like women do periodic vratams. He has not even mentioned her name.

As for the BJP, it does not seem to consider Sharmila’s party as a political entity. It has refrained from talking about it. The party perhaps feels that talking about her will give her unnecessary publicity and bring it onto the political centre stage. If no one talks about her party and herself, she would not get any traction, feels the BJP. The result? Despite the media attention she is getting, Sharmila is still a non-starter in Telangana politics.

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Why is Sharmila’s party not contesting from Huzurabad?


Finally, YS Sharmila has launched her party and has shown all intent to become a potent and powerful political player in Telugu politics. But, will she face the first biggest test of her strength or give a simple walkover? Will she fight the upcoming bypolls or will she opt out of the contest?

In her first ever press conference after launching the party, Sharmila has clearly indicated that her party is not going to contest from Huzurabad assembly constituency, which will soon witness a bypoll. Why is she not contesting in this all-important poll, which is politically a make or break election for Telangana? After all, this is a fight between the might of KCR and his long-time associate-cum-rival Eatala Rajender. Both are fighting a very serious battle and are pitting their strengths into the battle. Such being the case, why is Sharmila shying away from trying her hand?

Sharmila says that since this bypoll was all about revenge, it would be essentially bipolar and that other parties do not stand a chance. She says this election is a fight between two individuals and that YSRCP does not want to be part of it. So, we are not contesting, she told the mediapersons. She also said that nothing would change on the ground regardless of the outcome of the elections.

But analysts say that Sharmila does not want to enter the fray as she knows she is sure to get defeated in the election. She does not have her organisational structure in place in many places in Telangana and especially in Huzurabad. She is yet to form her committees in the region. There is no point fighting a poll without a strong candidate and proper organisational structure. Also, a defeat at this stage will make people write her off in Telagnana.

Highly placed sources say that Shamila may have taken this decision on the basis of the advice given by her elections spin doctor Priya, who is an associate of Prashant Kishore. So, one may have to wait for some more time to test the real strength of YS Sharmila’s party.

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Cong leaders mentioned YSR’s name in FIR: Sharmila


Former united Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy’s daughter and founder of YSR Telangana Party, Sharmila, on Friday lashed out at Congress leaders for trying to appropriate the late leader and said that they introduced his name in the FIR.

Sharmila recalled that it were the same Congress leaders who introduced Reddy’s name in the FIR after his death and criticized their attempts to own him up now.

By invoking FIR, Reddy’s daughter is referring to the multiple alleged corruption cases slapped against her brother and current Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy by the then Congress government in the state as well as the Centre, in some of which Rajasekhar Reddy was also mentioned as an accused.

She said the former CM gave political birth to many Congress leaders.

Meanwhile, the newest party founder denied speculation that she has started a political party in Telangana only because she was denied an MP ticket in Andhra Pradesh.

“I reiterate, the reason for me to establish a party in Telangana is for the welfare of the people. Telangana people are being meted out justice,” said Sharmila.

According to the YSR Telangana Party founder, Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) has not achieved anything in the past seven years and that she has been observing it.

“Unemployment rate rose four fold in seven years. Our state is at the top in unemployment. Similar case with farmers’ suicides. What did they do with billions of rupees debt? Did they build a house or offer a job to anyone?” Sharmila posed.

She said KCR has misused the opportunity given to him and questioned as to whose pockets were filled with this money.

“Nearly 54 lakh people have applied to the government that they are unemployed. If 54 lakh people have applied, imagine how many more have not applied?” Sharmila observed.

The opposition leader alleged that ‘KCR’s bathroom has been made bulletproof’ and queried if unemployed youths’ lives don’t matter?

She reasoned that there is a need for her to establish a political party and offer her fighting spirit to the people of Telangana for their welfare but not because she did not get any post in Andhra Pradesh.

“This is not true, not true, not true. I am telling you again and again,” she clarified.

Sharmila said a political party means its activists, leaders and that it is an organisation. She said a party is an establishment and it should happen if someone is there or not.

She noted that YSR Telangana Party should continue whether she is present or not and highlighted that there is the name of ‘YSR’ in her party.

“We established this party for the ambitions of the great leader (YSR) and not because I was angry at someone. I reiterate, please don’t bring this issue up again,” she added.

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Sharmila goes on fast, demands jobs for unemployed


YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) leader Y.S. Sharmila on Tuesday went on a fast in Wanaparthy district of Telangana demanding the state government to fill the vacancies in government departments.

A day after announcing that every Tuesday will be observed as ‘unemployment day’, Sharmila reached Tadiparthi in Wanaparthy district and consoled the family of an unemployed youth who recently committed suicide.

Sharmila, sister of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, broke down while consoling Kondal’s family members at their house. She offered some financial assistance to the family.

The YSRTP leader later sat on fast at Tadiparti bus stand. Speaking on the occasion, she slammed Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for his indifference to the burning issue of unemployment.

The daughter of late chief minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy said that her protest is to wake up KCR from the deep slumber. She alleged that the problem of unemployment was driving many youth to suicide.

Sharmila, who launched YSRTP last week, said the government should take immediate steps to fill 1.90 lakh vacancies in various government. She said the government need to recruit over 3 lakh people to fill the vacancies and the posts created with the formation of new districts.

She said 54 lakh unemployed have submitted applications for jobs to Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC).

She earlier announced that till the government fills the vacancies, her party will observe every Tuesday as unemployment day. She said every Tuesday she will console the family members of unemployed who died of suicide and sit on day-long fast near their house.

This is the first public protest launched by Sharmila after launching her political party on July 8. She vowed to bring back ‘Rajanna Rajyam’, a reference to the welfare rule of her late father.

Rajasekhara Reddy had implemented several pro-poor and welfare schemes when he was the chief minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh from 2004 to 2009.

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3 reasons why Sharmila is a non-starter in Telangana


What is the future of YSRTP in Telangana? Will YSRTP be able to make a mark in Telangana? Will any big name join the YSRTP in the days to come? Will leaders from parties like Congress, TRS, Telugu Desam Party or even BJP leave their parties to join YS Sharmila? These are the questions that are being asked in Telangana political circles. There are three main questions about YS Sharmila and her party.

SHARMILA’s CREDIBILITY: Analysts say Sharmila’s political credibility is the biggest issue. Sharmila is not known to have led any political party. She did undertake a massive padayatra while YS Jagan was in Chanchalguda prison. At that time, she called herself “Jagananna Vadilina Banam’ (Arrow darted by Jagan himself). She was seen more as someone who was holding the fort while Jagan was in captivity and not as an independent leader. After Jagan’s release, she confined herself to her home. Hence, her leadership was never tested and never accepted. Hence no leader is ready to join the party.

WHO’S B TEAM: There is no clarity about whose B Team Sharmila’s party is in Telangana. The Congress says YSRTP is aimed at under-cutting the Congress base. The TRS says, Sharmila’s party is the B team of the Congress. The BJP feels Sharmila is aiming to divide the anti-TRS votes and thus, she is the B team of TRS itself. It strongly feels Sharmila is being propped up by the TRS itself. Though she is quite harsh on KCR, it is only a facade and that she is actively helping the TRS.

IS YSR STILL A VOTE-GETTER?: The party has not spelt out its programme so far. There is no clarity as to what it want to achieve. The policy statements are yet to come out. Except for talking about vague terms such as Rajanna Rajyam and Rajanna Bidda, she has nothing new to offer. It is not clear as to how the name of YSR is still a vote-catcher in Telangana. Post- bifurcation, the politics have changed a lot and YS Sharmila has to come out with something special to offer to the people of Telangana, sources say.

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Sharmila’s entry not likely to have much impact on T’gana politics

A series of developments last week added some spice to the otherwise dull politics in Telangana which has been completely dominated by the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) since the formation of the state in 2014.

The first development was A. Revanth Reddy taking over as the new president of the Congress party in the state on July 7. The firebrand leader brought new enthusiasm among the party cadre and raised hopes of a revival of the grand old party’s fortunes in its former stronghold.

The next day saw Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister Y.S. Sharmila formally entering Telangana politics with the launch of her YSR Telangana Party.

The resignation of Telugu Desam Party’s (TDP) Telangana unit president L. Ramana from the party on July 9 and his decision to join TRS was the third consecutive development, although not of much political significance as TDP’s presence in Telangana has almost come to an end.

The emergence of a new party on Telangana’s political scene sparked a debate in political circles. When seasoned politician and former chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu failed to keep the TDP afloat in Telangana, how will Sharmila succeed in taking on the TRS, which claims to be the only true champion of Telangana sentiment?

Like Chandrababu Naidu, Sharmila is also seen as a leader from Andhra. The TRS sees her entry as another attempt by Andhra leaders to meddle in Telangana.

Sharmila, like her brother, is trying to invoke the legacy of their father Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, who was the Chief Minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh.

YSR, as Rajasekhara Reddy was popularly known, served as the Chief Minister from 2004 to 2009. He died in a helicopter crash on September 2, 2009, a few months after the Congress party under his leadership retained power.

Sharmila, 47, made her formal political foray on the birth anniversary of YSR. Like the Jagan Mohan Reddy-led YSR Congress Party (YSRCP), Sharmila’s political outfit also has YSR’s name.

Interestingly, she launched the party at a time when the two Telugu states are engaged in a bitter fight over sharing of the Krishna river water and TRS leaders have been attacking Jagan for trying to take away Telangana’s share of water like his father did as the chief minister of the undivided state.

Sharmila promises to bring back ‘Rajanna Rajyam’ in Telangana. The term usually refers to YSR’s rule when he launched several pro-poor schemes. She declared that welfare, self reliance and equality would be the three main pillars of the new party.

However, for TRS and other groups which fought for statehood to Telangana, YSR is still seen as an anti-Telangana figure. They say YSR took up projects to divert the Krishna river water from Telangana to Rayalaseema, the region he came from.

TRS leaders also maintain that there is no room for Andhra parties in Telangana. They refer to the injustices meted out to Telangana for over 50 years by ‘Andhra rulers’ in the undivided Andhra Pradesh. On the slogan of Telangana self-rule and self-respect, the TRS effectively countered the Chandrababu Naidu-led TDP. It is likely to use the same strategy to take on Sharmila.

Despite the slogan of ‘Rajanna Rajyam’, Sharmila’s party is not likely to have much impact on Telangana politics. Political analyst Telakapalli Ravi believes that the YSR Telangana Party will have a very limited impact on state politics. In fact, her entry is expected to help the TRS in 2023 by dividing the anti-incumbency votes.

“She may take a chunk of YSR fans’ votes and provide shelter to some disgruntled Reddy group leaders unhappy with the Congress, thereby helping the TRS. The new party may split anti-TRS votes. She may prevent these votes from going to the Congress and the BJP,” he said.

Sharmila’s entry into Telangana politics also raised questions about who is behind her. Jagan Mohan Reddy has distanced himself from his sister’s foray into Telangana politics.

When she began consultation with the loyalists of her late father in Telangana in February, the YSRCP made it clear that she is acting on her own and that the brother and sister have difference of opinion as Jagan is not in favour of floating a party in Telangana.

Jagan’s YSRCP had to wind up in Telangana after all its three MLAs and lone MP elected in 2014 defected to the TRS. Jagan, who had developed good relations with his Telangana counterpart K. Chandrasekhar Rao, never tried to revive his party in Telangana.

Sharmila too publicly spoke about differences with her brother. “He (Jagan) did not want me to float a party. But I am ready to face him in the interest of the people of Telangana,” she had earlier said. However, some say this may be a deliberate attempt to have her separate identity in Telangana politics.

“Jagan promised to keep off from Telangans politics but allowed his mother and party’s honorary president Vijayamma to hold the same position in her party,” pointed out Ravi.

Y.S. Vijayamma blessed her daughter at the party’s launch event and appealed to the people to support her to bring back ‘Rajanna Rajyam’ to Telangana.

Vijayamma said that her children are not thieves and that both of them, representing two states, inherited the commitment and determination from her husband.

“Sharmila is in Telangana now to fulfil the incomplete goals of YSR as he always dreamt of transforming Telangana into a prosperous land. Although my two children are representing two states now with separate interests, they are committed to work for the cause taken up. They have one common virtue of commitment and resolve to stand-by the given word,” Vijayamma said.

The wife of Anil Kumar, an evangelist, Sharmila calls herself the daughter-in-law of Telangana.

“I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. I know each and every street in Hyderabad,” she said.

To ensure that she does not get the Andhra tag, Sharmila repeatedly said that she is for protecting every drop of water of Telangana’s share. While launching the party, she wanted to know why the chief ministers of the two states can’t sit, discuss and resolve the water issue.

When Jagan was in jail in a disproportionate assets case in 2012-13, it was Sharmila who had taken out a ‘padyatra’ (walkathon) to mobilise support for him. She covered 3,112 km across the then undivided Andhra Pradesh. She along with her mother actively campaigned for YSRCP in the Assembly elections both in 2014 and 2019.

As ‘padyatras’ always politically helped the YSR family, Sharmila is again preparing to launch a walkathon , this time in a different political landscape.

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Two suggestions for Sharmila’s new party

Now that YS Sharmila has launched her political party in Telangana, several questions are coming to the fore. Will she succeed where her brother failed? Will she be able to take on the might of the TRS and its boss KCR? How will she snatch the initiative from the Congress and the BJP? How will she manage the baggage of late YSR, who was a known opponent of the separate Telangana? There are no immediate answers as of now.

As for Sharmila, she will have to be very careful about what she speaks. She cannot make off-the-cuff remarks. She will have to think ten times before saying anything. She has to develop a think-tank of media professionals to identify the issues and decide on what Sharmila should say and should not say. The party does have a social media backup team. There are reports that some senior journalists are guiding her in public talks.

At the same time, she has to lure key leaders from various parties into her YSR Telangana Party. In fact, most political parties grow by luring talent from other parties. In fact, when TDP was launched, it attracted several key leaders from the Congress Party. Similarly, the TRS grew mainly because of the defections from other parties. As soon as the BJP did well in Dubbak and GHMC elections, a large number of leaders from the Congress and the TRS joined the political party. The Jana Sena is unable to grow as it has failed to attract talent from other parties.

Sharmila’s team too is trying to lure talent from other parties. In fact, they have already begun talking to leaders from Khammam, Warangal and Nizamabad. As of now, no leader seems to be interested in her party. Unless she gets some big names, her party would remain an also-ran. Let’s wait and see how she manages to get leaders from the other parties.

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Ahead of launching political party in T’gana, Sharmila prays at father’s grave


In the run up to launching her political party in Telangana on Thursday, Y.S. Sharmila visited her father YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s grave and offered prayers on the birth anniversary of her father on Thursday.

Arriving in the morning at her father’s final resting place at Idupulupaya near Kadapa, Sharmila spent time in prayers.

She was accompanied by her husband Anil Kumar, mother Vijayalakshmi, and other family members. Later, she proceeded to Hyderabad by air.

The aspiring politician, who is Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister, is set to announce the formation of her Telangana-based political party from Rayadurgam in Telangana on Thursday evening.

On April 9 at a public meeting in Khammam, Sharmila had announced her intention to launch a new political party in Telangana.

YSR’s daughter had said she was launching the party to question those in power and to fulfill the aspirations of Telangana movement and for the self-respect of the state.

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Why is Sharmila chanting “Priya … o .. priya?”

YS Sharmila these days is regularly referring to the name ‘Priya’ during her private conversations. She is asking her close confidants to talk to Priya. Not just that, she herself is holding secret meetings with this ‘Priya.’ There is a buzz about this ‘Priya’ in the political circles these days.

Our investigations revealed that Priya is her political and media advisor. Priya advises her on her speech content, body language, modulation, usage of punch lines and also the strategy to be adopted to create a buzz about Sharmila and her to-be-born party. She is also taking care of Sharmila’s social media campaigns.

Now, who is this Priya? She is the daughter of Congress MLA from Tamil Nadu Rajendran. But, that’s not her ticket to fame. She is actually a key member of Team Prashant Kishore. Highly placed sources say that after she failed to make a splash, Sharmila approached Prashant Kishore for help. But, PK, who has more important things to do, has deputized his close confidant and colleague Priya. Since then, she has been advising Sharmila.

Priya is said to have guided her in making controversial statements that ensure that the focus is on her. Of late, Sharmila’s punch lines have become sharper and stronger. She is able to grab media space despite the fact that biggies like Eatala and Revanth Reddy are making the news. Sources say Priya is behind all these improvements. It is now being said that Priya is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the party’s formal launch on June 9 becomes a major news story of the day.

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Double whammy for Sharmila: Telangana unhappy, Seema angry with her

One wrong statement can ruin the career of a politician. It appears, YS Sharmila has made that cardinal mistake. It may well threaten her career. Her comments on water diversion through Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Scheme to the parched Rayalaseema region have effectively pitted her against the very area she belong to.

Sharmila, who is all set to launch YSR Telangana Party with an eye on the Telangana politics, has taken to Twitter to comment that she would oppose tooth and nail any attempt to divert even one drop of water to Rayalaseema. She said she would wage a relentless battle to protect the interests of Telangana.

She may have tweeted this comment to escape the criticism of being an Andhraite at heart. She would have thought she would win the battle of wits with the ruling TRS, which was planning to put her in a spot.

However, this comment of hers has angered the people of Rayalaseema. They are questioning her comments. Being a person of Rayalaseema origin with live links to Kadapa and Idupulapaya, how can she comment this way, asked several netizens. They sought to know how she can enter Rayalaseema again after making such anti-Rayalaseema statements. We will oppose her tooth and nail for these comments, the netizens are commenting. Now that her brand of politics has boomeranged, Sharmila is a confused politician. She must surely be realising that politics is a double-edge sword and one has to tread on it cautiously.

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Sharmila to launch her party in a function hall !


YS Sharmila, the daughter of former Undivided AP CM YS Rajashekar Reddy and sister of AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy has decided to launch her party in Telagnana in a fuction hall in Hyderabad on July 8.

Sharmila had earlier announced plans to launch her party by conducting a huge public meeting mobilising lakhs of people from all the districts in Telangana.

But she has now dropped plans to hold public meeting and instead launch her party in JRC Convention Centre in Jubilee Hills Hyderabad.

Sharmila already announced her party name as YSRTP (YSR Telangana Party). She will be launching her party on July 8 on the occasion of birth anniversary of her father late YSR.

She has invited only 1,000 party leaders from all the 33 districts in Telangana for the party launch programme.

However, Sharmila’s party leaders made arrangements to enable at least lakh people to take part in the launch programme from districts in virtual mode.

But why Sharmila dropped her plans to hold a huge public meeting is the question being raised in political circles. Because there are no lockdown restrictions in Telangana at present. The Telangana government has totally lifted all the corona related restrictions in the state.

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