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Jagan grants 56 new BC Corporations for sub castes


There are widespread complaints that the existing SC Corporation, BC Corporation and Minority Corporation were not being given funds. Even the funds of the Brahmin Welfare Corporation were said to have been diverted. Now, CM Jagan Reddy is forming 56 separate Corporations for 56 sub castes among the backward classes. The parent BC Corporation is already suffering on account of lack of funds to carry out its financial and educational assistance programmes.

It is well known that the first one year Jagan Reddy has seen a massive erosion in the State revenues. Coronavirus lockdowns further worsened the situation. Even then, the Chief Minister did not relent on his Cash Transfer programmes. In view of the funds crunch, the funds from different programmes including those of the welfare corporations had to be diverted to the cash transfer programmes.

Because of arrests of BC leaders like Atchannaidu and Kollu Ravindra and also atrocities on Dalits, the Government was under pressure to prove its commitment to these sections. Now, 56 BC Corporations are being formed. Each BC caste with population above 30,000 population was being given a separate Corporation. These sub castes included Vannikula Kshatriya, Agnikula Kshatriya, Pulanati Velama, Besta and Eediga.

In a grand finishing touch, Jagan is earmarking more than 50 per cent chairperson posts of these 56 Corporations to women only.

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Govt begins works on building new chariot in Antarvedi temple


More than two weeks after the Antarvedi fire mishap incident, the Andhra Pradesh government has initiated works on building a new chariot for the Antarvedi Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple.

Upon Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy instructions, revenue minister Dharmana Krishnadas is overseeing the works on building the new chariot resembling the six-decade-old chariot which was reduced to cinders on September 5 in a mysterious fire mishap in the famous Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple at Antarvedi in East Godavari district.

The government has ordered special Bastar teak for the new chariot, while priests have already performed the necessary ceremonies to being the works on the new chariot. The state government has allocated Rs 95 lakh to build a new chariot.

So far, the Andhra Pradesh police have made no arrests. As a matter of fact, the police are clueless as to who burnt the six-decade-old chariot. The Andhra Pradesh government believes that the opposition parties were politicizing the issue even as it has miserably failed to nab the culprits responsible for the burning of the chariot. Since the police could not make a breakthrough in its probe, the Chief Minister has entrusted the investigation to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

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Andhra minister tests corona +ve


As the Endowments Minister, Vellampalli Srinivas was busy taking part in the recent Brahmotsavams at Tirumala temple. After returning from there, he complained of symptoms of cold, fever and breathlessness. In the tests, the Minister was found infected with Coronavirus. Though large crowds were avoided during TTD’s recent Brahmotsavams, quite a good number of the officials and ruling party leaders took part in the events. Moreover, more party leaders arrived to meet and greet CM Jaganmohan Reddy and Ministers.

Now, with the Endowments Minister himself testing Covid positive, the officials sounded alert to all those who took part in Brahmotsavams in the TTD temple. Lots of officials and the ruling party leaders happened to meet the Minister during the celebrations. They were being asked to undergo tests and take precautionary measures.

In recent weeks, the virus infections were silently increasing all over while there were decreased precautionary measures in general. The Government has also advised home quarantine new patients of the virus. In the absence of strict monitoring, the patients were taking light of quarantine and becoming responsible for the rapid spread of the disease.

Minister Vellampalli stayed for over one week in Tirupati for recent Brahmotsavams. It triggered concerns over the threat of large scale infections. Already, many archakas also suffered from virus infections atop Tirumala hills.

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Day of Declaration: Will Jagan honour TTD traditions?


Supreme suspense is prevailing in AP political circles over two issues now. Will CM Jagan Reddy sign the ‘declaration’ form required by non-Hindus before entry into Sri Vari Temple at Tirumala? Will he follow traditions while presenting the sacred silken robes to the deity? If he does not conform to these conventions, it will bring bad days upon the people of the State, says the Opposition and also the leaders of various Hindu organisations.

These issues came to the fore as the Chief Minister is all set to arrive in Tirumala today evening. After winding up his two-day tour in Delhi, Jagan Reddy is going straight away to Seven Hills to present the silken robes to the deity. Amid this, the Opposition has intensified its demand that Jagan Reddy should not avoid signing the declaration this time. Four to five times, he visited Tirumala temple but never signed the declaration form. His father YSR also never signed the form during his time as the Chief Minister.

As per the latest reports, Jagan Reddy will reach Tirumala after 6 p.m. Accordingly, the authorities have made all the arrangements. His Ministers and Advisors are still asserting that there is no need for the CM to sign the declaration. They were also stressing the need for removing such a declaration which is standing as a hurdle between the devotees and the deity.

Now, analysts say that it will all depend on the CM at his personal level to sign the declaration or not. If the statements of the Ministers are to be considered, Jagan Reddy is most unlikely to sign the declaration. He is also not likely to follow the conventions while presenting the silken robes to the deity of Tirumala.

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Atchannaidu appointed as TDP president (AP wing)


TDP MLA and former Labor Minister Atchannaidu, who was tested positive for Covid-19 and harassed by the ruling YSRCP government, has been appointed as the president of Telugu Desam Party (AP wing).

Atchannaidu elevation is a clear indication that former chief minister and TDP national president Chandrababu Naidu has recognized the Srikakulam strongman’s loyalty and experience.

Atchannaidu will replace Kala Venkata Rao as the new TDP president (AP wing). Several TDP leaders have endorsed Atchannaidu as the party president of AP, in place of Kala Venkat Rao, who reportedly offered to step down after the party’s debacle in the last elections. Atchannaidu was chosen as the party president as he is known for his aggressive posture against the YSRCP and had been vocal about several issues. The Srikakulam strongman hails from Backward Caste, one of the key factors for his choice. His elevation is expected to consolidate the BC vote bank.

Naidu strongly backed Atchannaidu when he was arrested in the alleged ESI scam. In an act of political vendetta, the YSRCP government ordered an ACB probe into the alleged irregularities in the purchase of equipment, medicines, and other items in the Directorate of Insurance and Medical Services between 2014 and 2019.
The senior TDP leader was arrested in Srikakulam on June 12. The CB sleuths went to the senior TDP leader’s residence at Tekkali in Srikakulam district and arrested him an early morning swoop down. At the time of arrest, the TDP leader had undergone surgery for piles. Yet, the TDP leader was taken by road from Srikakulam to Guntur, more than 400 kms and nearly 10 hours of journey. He was shifted to Guntur GGH on health grounds and discharged after second piles surgery on July 1. Following an interim order of the High Court on July 8, he was shifted to Ramesh Hospitals the same day. Later, he was tested positive for Covid-19.
Meanwhile, Kala Venkat Rao had been with the TDP since 1983 although he had a brief stint with the Praja Rajyam Party. Kala Venkat Rao held key portfolios such as Home, Municipal Administration, and Commercial Taxes. He was also a Rajya Sabha member and Chairman of the TTD.

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All parties eye on Kapu Vote bank


The Kapu vote bank is stronger in the twin Godavari districts and also in Visakhapatnam.This vote bank is crucial for any party to get that winning edge in the elections. YCP lost all four assembly segments in Vizag port city in 2019. But still it is still shifting Capital there. Hence, Vijayasai Reddy made in charge of the mission to attract Kapus and establish unquestioned supremacy of YCP there. This was why Vijayasai spent more time in North Andhra city and even claimed the caste name in certificates of most Reddys is ‘Kapu’ only.

Pawan Kalyan certainly has got charisma and glamour but that has not translated much into votes in 2019. His party could not win a decent number of MLAs like his brother Chiranjeevi’s party did before. Even then, Pawan’s influence in AP electoral politics is being recognized by one and all because of his caste vote bank. This is why the BJP is not ready to lose his support at any given opportunity.

On the other hand, the BJP is solely banking on Kapus’ larger support base to establish itself in AP. At any cost, it wants the Kapu vote bank. The obvious reason is that the other two dominant castes, Reddys and Kammas, are sailing with YCP and TDP. The BJP’s game plan is to get total support of Kapus in addition to the Hindu vote bank it wants to create. Hence, the BJP needs Kapu leaders Somu Veerraju and also Pawan.

Now, another Kapu group is trying to emerge on the scene to play politics around this caste vote bank. Mudragada Padmanabham, who quit politics, was under pressure from this to come back and lead the caste in their agitation for reservations.

For the TDP, it has its own support base among the Kapus in Godavari districts and North Andhra. Now, question is who will split this vote bank to what extent.

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Conspiracy to rob Rs 112 Cr from AP CM Relief Fund


The State Bank of India (SBI) officials at Mangalore, Delhi and Kolkata successfully foiled a conspiracy to rob Rs. 112 Cr from the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF). The gangsters tried to use the fake cheques in the name of Assistant Secretary to AP Government, Revenue (CMRF), AP Secretariat, Velagapudi. The fake cheques have all the necessary stamps and signatures. It was mentioned account payee also. But still, the SBI officials got suspicious and cross checked with the AP Government.

On getting suspicions, the SBI officials telephoned their counterparts in the SBI Velagapudi branch at AP Secretariat. With this, it was revealed that the Assistant Secretary to the Government did not issue such cheques at all. The reasons for the bank officials to get suspicious were that the cheques involved huge amounts. Three fake cheques were used for drawing Rs. 52.65 Cr Mangalore, Rs. 39.85 Cr at Delhi branch and Rs. 24.65 Cr in Kolkata. All the cheques carried details of the Bank MG Road branch.

The SBI officials could prevent the massive fraud with alertness and caution. But the questions were arising how the fraudsters could get to know about the confidential details of the CMRF banking transactions. Officials are suspecting that there is a bigger conspiracy behind the entire failed fraud. It is not yet known whether the Government has initiated any probe or ordered any police investigation into the incident.

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Jagan gave benefits to judges who helped in his cases: RK


AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s YSRCP is on a single point programme to defame all those judges and courts which are passing orders against his Government’s unconstitutional decisions. It has reached a peak with the YSRCP MPs passing defamatory comments against the judges of Andhra Pradesh High Court directly in the Parliament. What more, the YSRCP MPs were commenting that the judges were acting in such a partisan manner because they were given house sites in Amaravati Capital City.

ABN Radha Krishna, in his latest Weekend Comment, made a specific reference to Vijayasai Reddy’s manipulative statement that the courts in AP did not give such orders against the then Governments’ decisions. RK reminds the YSRCP MP of how the courts at that time have issued many orders favouring CM Jaganmohan Reddy to bail him out of his illegal assets cases. RK recalled how Jaganmohan Reddy was surviving politically and was able to continue as Chief Minister just because of his manipulative tactics in the courts.

RK especially said that Jagan Reddy made retired judge Justice Raja Elango the Chairman of AP Real Estate Appellate Tribunal now. It was this same Justice Elango who issued stay orders on the confiscation of Bharati Cements properties by the Enforcement Directorate. The same justice also issued similar relief for Hetero Pharma company also at that time. Also, similarly personal exemption was given to Jaganmohan Reddy from appearing before the CBI courts amid reports of management by the YSRCP sympathisers.

RK commented that like never before, a kind of mob attack was launched by Jagan Reddy, his MPs and Ministers and MLAs on all systems and institutions. Even the judiciary is now thrown into a pitiable situation to defend itself to protect its own sanctity.

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AP country’s hotspot, but bars will re-open from today


Andhra Pradesh in the 24 hours on Friday reported 8,096 new infections and 67 fatalities, taking the tally to over six lakh and death toll to 5,244.

Even as the state remains the country’s Covid-19 hotspot with the surging caseload, the Jagan-led YSRCP government on late Friday decided to reopen bars from today.

The Jagan government had been claiming that it is committed to eradicating alcohol. However, the state government has decided to continue all the 840 bar licences, existing as on June 30, 2020, till June 30, 2021, subject to the outcome of a pending batch of writ petitions in the High Court.

The Andhra Pradesh government decided to levy a 20 per cent ‘Covid-19 fee’ on the basic licence of bars and also a 10 per cent additional retail excise tax on liquor. With the Covid fee on bar licences, the state government expects to mop up Rs 40 crore and Rs 300 crore as an additional retail excise tax.

In the first week of May, the Andhra Pradesh government had permitted wine shops which led to massive queues stretching up to more than five kilometres with ‘Bacchus Lovers’ throwing the Covid-19 protocols to the winds.
In some parts of the state, several people died after consuming sanitizers due to lack of availability of liquor.

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Section 30 and 144 in Amalapuram, BJP leaders detained


The Andhra Pradesh police clamped Section 30 and 144 of the CrPC in Konaseema region after the BJP’s ‘Chalo Amalapuram’ call to protest against the burning of the historical chariot at Antarvedi Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple.

All the roads leading to Amalapuram have been closed and barricaded. DIG Mohan Rao stated that there the police is not permitting anyone to participate in the ‘Chalo Amalapuram’ protest programme and appealed to the people not to go to Amalapuram. He also warned stringent action against those who violate the rules as per Section 144 and 30 of the CrPC.

Earlier, BJP vice-president Vishnu Vardhan Reddy was arrested last night in Amalapuram. The police have detained several BJP leaders and activists who were on their way to Amalapuram from Vijayawada. Security has been beefed up outside the residence of state BJP president Somu Veeraju and Kanna Lakshminarayana to foil their bid to participate in Chalo Amalapuram agitation. State party vice-president Ravela Kishore Babu, who is on his way to Amalapuram, was detained by the police at Hanuman junction in Krishna district.

BJP demanded the immediate release of those who were arrested in Antarvedi during the agitation against the temple chariot burning incident and lift the cases filed against them.

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AP Covid cases cross 6 lakh mark, deaths 5,177


Coronavirus infections continue to rise at an alarming rate in Andhra Pradesh. The total virus cases crossed 6 lakh land mark with the total death toll reaching 5,177 now. In the past 24 hours, over 8,702 new Covid cases were reported which is 11.22 per cent of the total 77,492 virus tests conducted all over the State.

The total number of Covid cases rose to 51.18 lakh with the total death toll put at 82,198 as on today. Over 97,894 new cases were reported from all over the country in the last 24 hours. Andhra Pradesh is making a significant contribution with over 8,700 cases during this period. The Government is still attributing this high number of virus cases to the higher number of tests being conducted in the State when compared to other States. Over 77,492 tests were conducted in the last 24 hours.

With virus infections continuing to spread fast, most of the patients were taking treatment at home quarantines. Only in critical cases, they are getting admitted to hospitals. Over 175 workers at Polavaram project site also fell ill with Covid virus. They were mostly spread over various Covid centres in West Godavari district. Workplaces were functioning with staff wearing face masks and observing physical distancing, yet infections are spreading wide.

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After TDP, it’s BJP leaders’ turn to taste Police travel treatment


Everybody has seen how the AP Police have forced the arrested TDP leaders to travel in police vans for long, long distances as a unique kind of punishment. In the name of investigation, Atchannaidu was made to travel for over 700 kms even though he was recovering from surgery. Now, a similar kind of treatment is being given to the BJP leaders. The same BJP leaders, who watched as silent spectators previously, are now expressing serious dissent against the ruling YCP attitude.

The latest victim is BJP senior leader Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, who is one of those leaders to speak softly towards Jagan Reddy regime now and then. But now, Vishnu Vardhan Reddy has been placed under preventive arrest. Not stopping at that, he was taken around in police vans for over 350 kms throughout the night.

Vishnu Vardhan’s only crime was that he reached Amalapuram as part of BJP AP President Somu Veerraju’s call for ‘Chalo Amalapuram’ to register protest against Antarvedi chariot burning. VV Reddy expressed concern that the police were not even telling where he was being taken and where he was being detained. He said that he was seeing the arrests of dissenting opposition leaders only under the Jagan Reddy Government.

The BJP leader has asked whether CM Jagan and AP Police have written for themselves a separate Constitution to suppress the rights of the people of the State.

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AP govt serves notices to pvt schools


The state government on Thursday issued notices to more than 20 private unaided schools in West Godavari district, mostly belonging to Sri Chaitanya. The notices were issued by District Educational Officer (DEO) for not paying salaries to teachers and employees several months. Nellore Ravindra Bharathi EMHigh School in Tanuku, Sasi EM High School in Nallajarla), Sivani School in Eluru, C.V. Raman School in Bhimavaram Sri Vidyaniketan EM School in Akiveedu)were among the schools against whom notices were served.

District Educational Officer ordered the officials concerned to ensure that the private school teachers and employees receive their salaries.

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Robbery of silver lions confirmed but no police case yet


The endowment officials have finally concluded after a day that 3 silver lions were stolen from the Kanaka Durga temple in Vijayawada. Immediately, this should have been complained to the city police to launch investigation. But, as of now, an internal inquiry was begun in the endowments department. The regional joint commissioner and executive officer of the Penuganchiprolu temple will enquire and submit a report.

Even within the Durga temple, the officials launched an internal inquiry to find out when the robbery took place. The sole work of these departmental enquiries was to determine the day and time of robbery of lions. On the day of robbery yesterday, the executive officer said that lions might have been in a locker somewhere. Now, it’s being confirmed that the robbery has been committed and the lions are gone for good.

Questions are being raised now why no police inquiry is launched till now. Are there CCTV cameras there? Concerns are being expressed that no evidence is being available in temple incidents just like in Antarvedi chariot burning.

The Durga temple incident has created a bigger controversy. Even BJP AP President Somu Veerraju visited the spot and demanded immediate nabbing of the robbers.

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BJP complains to Governor on Durga temple incident


Both the TDP and the BJP have raised their concerns over alleged missing of silver statues of 3 lions at the Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple. On the other hand, the temple Executive Officer is dismissing the possibility of a robbery. He is asking for three days time to check whether the statues are located. Right now, there are rising concerns that three out of the four silver lions were missing from the ‘Ammavari Ratham’ (sacred chariot) located under the Mahamandapam complex at the temple.

As per reports, each lion weighs up to 8 kg. The officials say the statues might have been in a locker and this should have to be checked. Alleging foul play, TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna rushed to the temple and inquired about the incident. He demanded the temple officials and the government to come out with facts as to what happened.

Whereas, BJP AP President Somu Veerraju met and complained to Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan that yet another attack took place on Hindu temples this time at Durga Temple. He demanded immediate efforts to nab the accused and recover the statues. Questions are asked why no complaint was not made to the police yet. Endowments Minister Vellampalli Srinivas visited the temple and instructed the officials to launch immediate steps to trace the statues of lions.

Undoubtedly, the continuing incidents at temples are giving embarrassment to the Government at a time when the Parliament was in session. Amid this, there are rising allegations that the officials and the Government were trying to protect the persons responsible for the disappearance of missing lions statues.

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HC gag order on Amaravati land scam case


The Andhra Pradesh High Court on late Tuesday issued an injunction against any reporting by the media on the contents of the First Information Report (FIR) with regard to corruption charges against several people in the Amaravati land scam.

The High Court, in its order, stated, “It is directed that the news in regard to registration of FIR or in the context of the said FIR shall not be made public in any electronic, print or social media, to foist the office of a former Advocate General and also with respect to the other alleged accused persons.”

Earlier, the Jagan government had urged the central government to order a Central Bureau of Investigation probe into the alleged land scam in the Amaravati capital region, during the previous TDP regime.

Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy also instructed his MPs to rake up the issue in the ongoing Parliament session.

The YSRCP had accused the previous TDP government of insider trading that allegedly former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, his family members, and those close to them.

The YSRCP’s bone of contention was that 4,070 acres of land were purchased in Krishna and Guntur districts by those involved in insider trading before the announcement of Amaravati as the state capital.

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Veerrajju to breathe new life into BJP with new jumbo team


BJP Andhra Pradesh President Somu Veerraju is going ahead at a jet speed to strengthen his party. Actually, he has now strengthened his squid by appointing a 40-member strong jumbo team. Ever since he took over, Veerraju has been creating a distinctive mark for himself by making contradictory and controversial political statements. While making both pro and anti-Jagan Reddy statements, Veerraju has given a latest interview to Venkata Krishna of ABN channel.

Veerraju asserted his party’s equi-distance with YSRCP and TDP in his interview but at the same time, he appealed to ABN channel to take a critical view of Chandrababu Naidu’s style as well. Veerraju has been constantly in the public spotlight on each and every issue.

Now, Veerraju’s latest game plan is to pursue his ‘mission AP’ by gearing the party machinery up for the challenge. Accordingly, he has appointed a 40-member team with 10 vice presidents, five general secretaries, 10 secretaries, six official spokespersons, a treasurer and state party office secretary.

The new Vice Presidents are Vishnu Kumar Raju, Malathi Rani, Nimmala Jaya Raju, Adinarayana Reddy, Relangi Sridevi, Vijaya Lakshmi,
Venugopal, Surender Reddy, Ravela Kishore Babu, and Chandramouli.

The new general secretaries are Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, Suryanarayana Raju, PVS Madhav, Madhukar and L. Gandhi. The official spokespersons are Bhanu Prakash Reddy, Sambasiva Rao, Anjaneya Reddy, Tirupati Rao, Suhasini and Srinivas.

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Can BJP create a strong Hindu vote bank in AP?


Within 15 months of his rule, the young and aggressive Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy has given many burning issues for the Opposition parties to start their agitations to attract the attention of the people. Undoubtedly, the credit for bringing Pawan Kalyan and the BJP would only go to the CM whose party leaders’ political harassment has forced Jana Senani to join hands with the saffron brigade. Now, the joint force of the BJP and Jana Sena is posing enough of a challenge that the Jagan Reddy regime has shivered at just a call for ‘Chalo Antarvedi’ against chariot burning.

Complacency of the part of YSRCP has led to a general impression that there are increasing attacks on Hindu temples even as all Opposition parties and devotees are becoming greatly agitated. Seeing massive response, the BJP leaders have become confident of carrying out their plans to divide AP voters along religious lines thereby to grab power in Andhra Pradesh by pushing the TDP aside in the next elections. But the question is whether the Hindu voters could be divided as a single block to benefit the BJP so much in AP.

It is a confirmed fact that the caste factor dominates the electoral politics in AP. More than anything else, even NTR could counter political maneuvers of Congress in his time because of his caste’s solid support. The same is the case with Pawan Kalyan whose caste is giving undivided support along with a small margin of his fan base. As such, Kapus may sail with the BJP because of the Senani factor. But, it cannot be the same with the Kamma voters. Though they are Hindus mostly, majority of them will support TDP regardless of strong religious feelings. Similarly, majority Reddys who are Hindus will also go with Jagan.
If BJP really wants to divide AP voters along religious lines, surely it would have to invent a miracle formula that would work despite all odds.

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Nothing wrong if AP creates 3 capitals: Union Home Ministry to HC


The Union Home Ministry has once again informed the Andhra Pradesh High Court on Thursday that the capital city of Andhra Pradesh is a matter to be decided by the state government and that the Union government has no role in it.

The Union Home Ministry filed an additional affidavit before the High Court on Thursday. In the affidavit, the Union Home Ministry contended that there was no mention in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014, that Andhra Pradesh should have only one capital. Further, the Union Home Ministry argued that there was nothing wrong if the Andhra Pradesh government’s move to create three capitals. The Union Home Ministry also made it clear in its affidavit that it will provide all the necessary support in the creation of three capitals. The central government had already granted ₹1,500 crore towards the creation of capital in Amaravati, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself laid the foundation stone for Amaravati as capital.

In the additional the affidavit, the Union Home Ministry once again reiterated that the capital the issue is a state subject and that the union government has no role to play in it.

The state and the central BJP leadership has been taking in different voices over the three capitals issue. Earlier, BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav took a jibe at Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy stating that he will remain in the history as the only CM who proposed to create three capitals for one state. Ram Madhav questioned the wisdom of Jagan over his three capitals idea stating that when a a large state like Uttar Pradesh has only one state, where was the need for the Chief Minister to envision three capitals for a much smaller state like Andhra Pradesh.

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5 days over, no clues on Antarvedi chariot burning


The Andhra Pradesh Government has appointed a special officer for bringing the situation under control at the Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy Temple in Antarvedi in East Godavari district. Endowments Additional Commissioner Ramachandra Mohan is now appointed as the special officer. He will stay at the temple for the next 15 days to make sure that normalcy is restored. He is given the special task of ensuring that the new chariot be made and ready for the next celebrations and procession of the deities.

Meanwhile, 5 days are over since the chariot burning occurred but the authorities could not find any conclusive clues to resolve the mystery. Five to six special teams have been formed to question and extract information from the staff of the temple, archakas there, residents of Antarvedi village and also devotees who visited around that time. One team is checking the footage from over 20 CCTV cameras fixed on the temple premises. The staff and devotees found in the footage in the past two weeks were being questioned.

The Government has taken the investigation into the fire very seriously. As of now, there are no firm clues to suspect the involvement of honey hunters. The suspicion angle against the mentally unstable person did not make much progress.

Just like most other untoward incidents at places of worship, the probe into Antarvedi fire is hitting many roadblocks. The Government is under heavy pressure now in view of the continuing mystery. As a precautionary measure, special measures are being taken to keep round the clock surveillance at the sacred chariots of temples all over the State.

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