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TRS makes moves to prevent future ‘son -strokes’


Rudely jolted by the Vanama Raghava incident in Kothagudem, the ruling TRS in Telangana is now trying to know the impact of “son stroke” in various constituencies of the party. The party’s internal survey has shown that there are at least 35constituencies where the MLA sons are behaving like law unto themselves.

The study, commissioned by the TRS top bosses , showed at in most constituencies, the MLA’s family members are ruling the roost. But, there are at last 35 constituencies where the sons are hugely unpopular. They are seen as tormentors by the general public. In several constituencies, even the party workers are feeling the pinch of the excesses of MLA sons.

In fact, the TRS is promoting youthful leaders and there are expectations that the party would promote more youths in the 2023 elections to enable KTR to lead a team of young MLAs. While many are learning ropes and are preparing themselves for the big job. In some cases, sons-in-laws and even daughters are working hard. For instance, Minister Malla Reddy’s daughter and son-in-law are working hard. Similarly, Kadiyam Srihari’s daughter is also working hard to win the confidence of the party bosses. But, the party is now finding that there are some ‘bad apples’ too.

The Vanama Raghava episode, where the MLA’s son sought sexual favours from a woman and drove her family of four to immolate themselves, has come as an eye-opener. Though the party initially tried to bail out Raghava, it soon realised that backing his excesses would prove counterproductive. Now the party is planning to weed out such elements from the party.

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5 vice-presidents in ‘Rest-mode’


What are the five working presidents of the Congress Party in Telangana up to? It has been months since they have been given these prestigious posts. But, not one of them stirred out of their lairs and went to the people. They are largely confined to their residence and in a semi-retirement mode. This is causing a lot of heartburn among the Congress supporters in general.

Keeping the social equations in mind, the Congress party has made former minister Geetha Reddy, MLA JaggaReddy, Mahesh Goud, Mohammad Azharuddin and former MP Anjan Kumar Yadav the vice president of the party. They were given Parliamentary constituency-wise responsibilities to take care of. But, not one of these vice-presidents had gone to the public.

Geetha Reddy was given the responsibility of Nalgonda, Secunderabad and Hyderabad MP seats, besides handling NSUI . Anjan Yadav was given the responsibility of Nizamabad, Mahabubnagar, Medak and Peddapalli MP constituencies. He is also incharge of the Youth Congress. Azhar was given the responsibility of Adilabad, Zaheerabad and Malkajgiri. Jagga Reddy is incharge of Khammam, Warangal, Bhuvanagiri and Karimnagar. Mahesh Goud is incharge of Mahabubnagar, Chevella and Nagarkurnool.

Geetha Reddy has not conducted even a single review of the membership drive. Anjan Kumar Yadav is jetting in and out of hospitals due to ailments. Mahesh Goud is busy with handling Manickam Tagore’s affairs. Azhar has not attended even a single programme after he was made the vice-president. Only Jagga Reddy took up the issue of Intermediate results. The remaining were confined to their homes. Despite Manickam Tagore’s efforts, these leaders are not moving out of their houses.

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Is TRS-Congress alliance in the making for 2023 Assembly polls?


Political circles are abuzz with reports of possible alliance between ruling TRS and Congress in Telangana for 2023 Assembly elections.

Telangana Assembly elections are due for December 2023. There is still nearly two years left but the alliance between TRS and Congress is already creating a buzz in political circles.

It is learnt that both TRS and Congress leaderships came to an understanding that it is not possible to check the rise of BJP in Telangana unless TRS and Congress join hands. The BJP has stepped up political activities in Telangana with the sole aim of coming to power in 2023 Assembly polls.

The BJP top national leadership including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, union home minister Amith Shah, BJP national president JP Nadda are sending a party’s national leader or a union minister to Telangana daily to take on TRS and CM KCR.

TRS and Congress last joined hands in 2004 Assembly polls in Undivided AP. This alliance played a key role in dethroning the then TDP government and bringing Congress to power. But TRS parted ways with Congress soon after the Congress-led UPA government failed to fulfill the promise of formation of Telangana state.

With both TRS and Congress facing threat from BJP in Telangana after Dubbak and Huzurabad Assembly bypoll victories, they want to join hands again to defeat their common rival BJP in 2023 Assembly polls.

The TRS too has mellowed down its attack on Congress and only targeting BJP these days raising speculations of Congress-TRS alliance in the coming days.

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Reddy leaders row turns murkier in Telangana Congress!


Just when an impression has been created in Telangana politics that Congress has started regaining its lost ground in Telangana after Revanth Reddy took over as new TPCC chief in June 2021, the Reddy leaders in Congress are dragging feet of each other to pull down Congress in Telangana.

The row between Revanth Reddy and Sangareddy MLA Jagga Reddy, who is also TPCC working president, turned murkier on Friday (today) with the involvement of one more Reddy leader, Chinna Reddy.

Chinna Reddy is the chairman of TPCC disciplinary committee. Chinna Reddy made a public statement before media saying that Jagga Reddy has breached the party’s discipline by ‘leaking’ his letter written to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi complaining against Revanth Reddy.

Jagga Reddy is angry that Revanth is taking decisions on his own without consulting anyone and holding programmes in his home district Medak without informing him. Jagga Reddy is raising an objection over Revanth announcing Rachaband programme at CM’s farmhouse in Erravelli, which comes under Undivided Medak district.

Jagga Reddy expressed serious anger at Chinna Reddy for giving media statements against him. Jagga even demanded Chinna Reddy to take disciplinary action against Revanth first for taking party decisions without consulting anyone.

Jagga Reddy said he will appear before the disciplinary committee only if Revanth appears before it.

This feud between Reddy leaders in Telangana Congress has come as a shot in the arm for TRS, which wants Revanth and Congress to weaken further.

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TPCC chief Revanth Reddy placed under house arrest


Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president A. Revanth Reddy was placed under house arrest here on Friday to prevent him from leaving for Bhupalapally to participate in “Rachabanda” programme.

Policemen were deployed at the Congress leader’s house in Jubilee Hills as he was preparing to leave for interacting with farmers facing problems due to their paddy not being procured by the state government.

As part of the state-wide programme to highlight the problems of farmers, the opposition party planned to organise “Rachanbanda” in Bhupalapally on Friday evening. Police say that there is no permission for the programme.

Revanth Reddy took to Twitter to slam the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government. He posted a video of the policemen deployed around his house restricting his movements.

“Telangana under dictator rulea Police personnel deployed again at my house restricting from visiting farmers. Is this Afghanistan or North Koreaa?,” he asked.

Through another tweet, the TPCC president wondered if consoling the farmers was a crime. He criticised Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao saying he was spending hours at the houses of ministers and MLAs to attend marriages or to consoling them but he has no time for paddy and chilli farmers who are suffering.

Meanwhile, Congress party’s national spokesperson Pawan Khera also took to Twitter asking the chief minister why he was so afraid. “You really think you can stop Revanth Reddy and Congress from raising their voice for farmers,” he asked.

This was the second time this week that Revanth Reddy was prevented from participating in Rachabanda. On December 27, he was arrested here on Monday as he was leaving for Erravalli village to lead a protest at the farmhouse of the chief minister.

Revanth Reddy had earlier released photographs of paddy cultivated at the chief minister’s farmhouse. “On one hand the chief minister is saying that the government will not procure paddy from farmers while on the other he has taken up paddy cultivation over 150 acres at his farmhouse,” the Congress leader had said.

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How will TDP snatch minority votes from Congress?


Who will win the minority votes in the 2024 elections? This is the most critical question facing the political parties and analysts alike. The minority vote bank, which accounted for just 5 per cent in 2014, has grown to 12 per cent in the 2019 elections. By 2024, it could grow by another percentage point. Whichever party bags the minority votes, will stand a strong chance to win the 2024 assembly elections.

As of now, the minority vote bank is safely in the YSRCP kitty. There is sympathy factor in favour of the YSRCP especially because of the 4 per cent reservation that late YSR had put in place for the Muslims. Even in the 2014 and 2019 elections, the minorities were firmly in support of the YSRCP.

The TDP is now eyeing this vote bank. It wants to dent the YSRCP domination over the Minority vote bank and it also wants a significant portion of this vote bank for itself. The TDP now is said to be planning to give more seats to the candidates from the minorities. But the biggest problem is does the TDP have candidates for giving tickets?

If sources are to be believed, the TDP wants to give at least 10 seats to the minorities, especially in Kadapa, Kurnool, Anantapura and Vijayawada areas. But the biggest problem for the TDP is that it is in search of right candidates to contest. It remains to be seen how the TDP is address this question.

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Where are all the Congress spokespersons?


Silence, they say, is golden. But, silence in political communication has dangerous consequences. Silence can create wrong perceptions about the party. Failure to answer allegations and complaints will spell doom for the party. Hence parties have spokespersons, whose job is to speak up, defend, attack and answer.

Unfortunately the spokespersons of the Congress Party in Telangana seem to think otherwise. Though there are as many as 12 spokespersons, very few are speaking out and are defending the party. Except for a couple of spokespersons, the others are silent. This has now become a hot topic of discussion both within and outside the party.

Curiously, only TPCC chief Revanth Reddy and Congress Legislative Party leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka are leading the charge. The daily press briefings and press conferences are becoming rarer by each passing day. For a party that is out of power for two consecutive terms, the spokespersons should be doubly active. But, except for persons like Addanki Dayakar, the others are all deafeningly silent.

Another interesting feature is that most party voices seem to prefer attending TV debates and not press briefings and press conferences. Old-timers also say that the spokespersons are not visiting the Gandhi Bhavan on a daily basis. In major political parties, one or two spokespersons would always be available for commenting, explaining the party’s stand and for refuting the allegations. The T Congress is turning out to be a major failure in this direction.

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This is why TRS is worried despite MLC victories


Though the ruling TRS has won all the MLC seats it has contested, there are more than one reasons for the party to be both worried and alarmed. The candidates sponsored or supported by the Opposition have polled more votes than they actually have. And all these votes have come from the TRS kitty. Probably for the first ever time, the ruling party had to herd all its voters to camps to prevent poaching by the Opposition and the opposition has in fact succeeded in denting the ruling party by snatching away some of its votes.

In CM KCR’s home turf of undivided Medak district, the Congress got eight votes more than its actual strength. The party has 230 votes, but Sangareddy MLA Jagga Reddy’s wife Nirmala Jagga Reddy got 238 votes. This only means that eight TRS local body representatives have voted for the Congress Party.

Khammam was the biggest shock for the TRS. The Congress has only 116 MPTCs and ZPTCs. At least 20 of them have joined the TRS. This means the effective vote strength of the Congress is just 96. But, the Congress got 247 votes. It is clear that as many as 151 TRS voters have voted for the Congress Party.

In Karimnagar and Nalgonda too, where rebel TRS leaders were in the fray, several TRS leaders have voted for the rebel candidates. For instance in Nalgonda, the TRS has 971 votes, but its candidate got just 917 votes. This means, 51 votes from the TRS have gone into the Congress kitty. In Karimnagar too, rebel candidate Ravinder Singh polled more votes than his actual strength. The only party that lost its voters to other parties in the ruling TRS and this is a cause for both worry and alarm.

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Despite brouhaha, no takers for BJP, Congress tickets in Kuppam


Despite continuous reversals and complete rejection by the voters in Andhra Pradesh, the two national parties – the BJP and the Congress- brag about beating the regional parties and regaining the lost glory. But, both the national parties that talk big, could not even put up candidates for all the wards in Kuppam Municipal Council in Chittoor district.

Kuppam election has assumed great political significance as the ruling YSRCP is trying to dislodge a formidable TDP, which has never lost an election Kuppam till 2021. In fact, it returned Chandrababu for a consecutive seven times with a thumping majority. While the TDP and the YSRCP are engaged in a bitter battle, the BJP and the Congress appear to be putting up no fight whatsoever.

Interestingly, there is no comment from either BJP or the Congress Party. BJP state chief Somu Veerraju has not spoken a word about Kuppam. The Congress too is quite silent about the all-important election. There are 25 wards in Kuppam. The BJP has put up candidates in just five wards. The Congress is a shade better. It has put up candidates from 14 wards. One wonders why the BJP, which was overenthusiastic about contesting from Badvel assembly constituency, is so silent about Kuppam.

So far, the BJP has not even formed committees and appointed coordinators to spearhead the campaign in Kuppam. Ditto with the Congress Party. On the other hand, the TDP and the YSRCP have taken it as a prestige batte and are pulling all stops. Curiously both the national parties are putting up only a token fight.

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‘Reddy war’ to bag top post in AICC


Two top Reddy leaders in Congress from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are in the race to bag the coveted post of General Secretary in AICC (All India Congress Committee).

While one is N.Kiran Kumar Reddy, the last Chief Minister of Undivided Andhra Pradesh, the other is N.Uttam Kumar Reddy, Nalgonda Lok Sabha member and former TPCC chief.

The Congress high command has recently decided to reorganise party structure across the country.

With this, there is heavy competition to bag coveted posts in the party at national level.

Uttam worked as minister in Kiran’s cabinet. Kiran quit Congress in 2014 to protest then Congress-led UPA government’s decision to bifurcate AP.

Though Kiran launched his own party ‘Jai Samaikyandhra’ and contested Assembly polls in 2014, he closed the party soon after his party drew a blank in election results in 2014

After remaining inactive from politics for four years, Kiran rejoined Congress in 2018 in the presence of Rahul Gandhi.

Kiran is now lobbying hard to secure AICC general secretary post as Congress high command wants to nominate only one from Telugu States.

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Know who is the real joker in the Huzurabad pack?


Who is the biggest loser in the Huzurabad poll? No marks for guessing. It’s a guy called Padi Kaushik Reddy. Kaushik Reddy, the brightest star of the Congress Party, had an excellent pedigree. Former PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy is his close relative and Kaushik enjoyed the best of relations with the present PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy. But, hasty decisions and hurried choices ended up making him the joker in the political pack.

He was the natural choice for the Congress Party for the Huzurabad bypoll. He gave a tough fight to Eatala in the 2018 elections and has filed a slew of cases against Eatala. But, instead of focusing on building his base, he began hobnobbing with the TRS. The plan was to defect to the TRS after the Congress gave him a ticket. This would thoroughly demoralise the Congress. But, Revanth pre-empted him by exposing him. Left with no option, Kaushik had to resign from the Congress and join the TRS.

With the surprise element gone, Kaushik was of no use to the TRS. Yet, it forwarded his name for MLC position under Governor’s quota. However, the Governor raised questions about the pending cases against Kaushik Reddy and sought to know his “record of public service.” As a result, his becoming an MLC is a remote possibility now.

Now, highly placed sources say that KCR wants to reward Gellu Srinivas, who lost to Eatala in the bypoll, with an MLC post. There is anger among the Yadava community that Gellu, a Yadava, was made a scapegoat in the whole process. To address this grievance, KCR is reportedly planning to make Gellu an MLC. If this is true, then winner Eatala has an MLA post. Runner-up Gellu too would be an MLC. And Padi Kaushik Reddy is now the real loser. He lost his place in the Congress. He is unwanted in TRS and becoming an MLC is a distant dream.

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Drinkers can’t become Congress Party members!!


“I do not drink. I shall not do drugs and I shall not criticise the party in public!!” This is the undertaking that every Congressman has to give if he wants to join the party. This signed undertaking is a must for all the members of the party. Sounds shocking! But it’s true. The latest Congress Party membership drive would see all its members signing this undertaking.

The membership drive of the Congress Party will begin from November 1. The drive would be completed by March 31, 2022. Based on the membership, the elections to the district, state and national level , AICC chief would be elected. The new president would be elected between August 20 and September 20 next year.

Meanwhile, the netizens are trolling the Congress oath. They are lampooning the oath through comments, memes and satirical posts. Some were seen asking as to what will happen to those who are already members and are in the habit of drinking. Some said that what about those who take drugs.

Several netizens are lampooning the whole election process in the Congress Party. They pointed out that the Congress had an elected president only once in the recent history. The party already has a future president who is also a past president. When one already knows who the president is, why should there be a drama of elections, asked one netizen.

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Will dozen TRS MLAs join Congress after Nov 2?


Speculations are rife in political circles that a dozen TRS MLAs will join Congress any time after November 2.

This raised a pertinent question why after November 2 and who are those dozen TRS MLAs.

November 2 is being speculated as it is on this day the Huzurabad Assembly bypoll result will be declared.

But why TRS MLAs want to join Congress after November 2?

These speculations are being spread like wildfire by Telangana Congress in various social media platforms.

In Huzurabad, the war is between TRS and BJP. Congress is nowhere in the picture. Not just Congress, even people in Telangana came to a conclusion that it should be considered great even if Congress retains its deposit in Huzurabad.

Huzurabad will be won by either TRS or BJP. Then why would TRS MLAs want to join Congress, for which there is no scope to retain even deposit.

Moreover, the Assembly elections in Telangana are due for December 2023, which means still more than two years tenure is left.

Against this backdrop, why would any MLA from a ruling party be eager to join an opposition party two years before?

There is a chance that some TRS sitting MLAs may join Congress or BJP if KCR denies them ticket to contest Assembly elections in December 2023.

Which TRS MLAs will get party tickets and who will not get will be known one or two months before 2023 December. Where is the hurry to defect from a ruling party to an opposition party?

Any MLA wants to remain in the ruling party as it will give them chance to make some money and keep money bags ready for upcoming Assembly polls to meet expensive election expenditure. What they will get if they join opposition parties?

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Don’t let 1990 repeat itself in Kashmir: Manish Tewari


Amid reports of migrants fleeing from the Kashmir Valley after targeted killings by the terrorists, Congress leader Manish Tewari on Wednesday cautioned the government and asked not to allow the repeat of 1990 when Kashmiri Pandits had to flee and the government could not provide security.

In a statement on Wednesday he said, “I urge the Prime Minister and Home Minister Amit Shah, do not Under any circumstances allow this ethnic cleansing by another name to take place”.

He blamed that the situation has arisen due to the abrogation of Article 370. “Provide security and give confidence to migrant workers. Some will die. That is COST unfortunately for the August 5, 2019 folly. Don’t let 1990 repeat itself.”

He said Punjab was brought back from the brink because the Punjabi Hindus stood their ground and never fled in fear. Hundreds of Hindus were pulled out of buses and trains and shot but they never baulked. They suffered but never surrendered, he added.

“In Kashmir we are surrendering to Terrorists.”

“This is ethnic cleansing by another name. In 1990 BJP & communist parties supported VP Singh who made a cardinal error by not providing security to Kashmiri Pandits. In 2021, same mistake is being made again by facilitating departure of migrant workers,” Tewari said in a statement.

Tewari’s comments came after terrorists killed 11 non-local individuals in the Valley in the last 16 days. Due to this an atmosphere of fear has been created there leading to the exodus of migrants.

Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and informed him about the steps taken by the Jammu and Kashmir administration and the Union Home Ministry to improve the security situation there. The two leaders discussed the atmosphere of fear created due to targeted killings by terrorists in Kashmir. The Home Minister also informed the Prime Minister about the exodus of fear driven migrants from the Valley.

Amit Shah will visit Jammu and Kashmir on October 23-25 and will hold important high-level meetings with regard to the security situation in the Valley. This is the first visit of the Union Home Minister to the union territory after the abrogation of Article 370.

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Revanth stumps TRS with long-term plans!

TPCC chief A.Revanth Reddy continues to give sleepless nights to TRS top brass ever since he took over reigns of Congress in Telangana.

TRS leadership is not able to assess the clever political moves of Revanth.

TRS strongly believed that Revanth will field a strong candidate like Konda Surekha in Huzurabad by poll scheduled to be held on October 30.

TRS hoped that this will split anti-TRS votes between Congress and BJP and make TRS victory easier in Telangana.

But Revanth gave a twist by fielding an unknown face Venkat Balmoor in Huzurabad after realizing that Congress has no chance to win this election in this big battle between KCR and Etela Rajender.

Revanth’s strategy is that TRS should not benefit due to vote split between Congress and BJP and he wants TRS to lose at any cost and he doesn’t mind even if BJP wins in this election.

Revanth feels that if TRS loses Huzurabad, KCR will weaken and lose his grip on TRS and TRS will collapse by 2023 Assembly polls.

It will benefit Congress in the long run although Congress suffers temporary setback in Huzurabad now by fielding a weak candidate like Venkat.

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Is Team PK planning to use 3-capital issue for snap polls


Is YS Jagan Mohan Reddy preparing a master plan to go to snap polls on the issue of three capitals and stoke sub-regional fires? Is he trying to corner the TDP and portray it as a party that is supporting Amaravati only to protest the real estate interests of his partymen? Will this lead to sub-regional tensions between the three regions?

Highly placed sources in the YSRCP say that both YS Jagan and Prashant Kishor, who recently rejoined YS Jagan team, have decided to use the three-capital issue. The YSRCP wants to project Chandrababu as the obstructor-in-chief for the three capitals proposal. This would help turn the tide against the TDP in north Andhra and Rayalaseema. The Rayalaseema region is already firmly in the hands of the YSRCP and the TDP might not be able to regain its hold anytime soon, claim the YSRCP sources. They also claim that north Andhra too will move away from the TDP on the issue of Vizag as the administrative capital.

The YSRCP also feels that there is not much support to the Amaravati farmers’ agitation. The agitation has already fizzled out, the party feels. This is an agitation of just 22 villages and might not even impact the Guntur district, feels the YSRCP. Hence it feels that this issue will benefit it. Meanwhile, team PK is said to have begun the task of fine-tuning YS Jagan’s strategy The team also feels that the welfare schemes will help the party in a big way.

However, some analysts say that the three-capital issue could boomerang for the YSRCP. It feels that the three capitals issue has not moved forward. Already there is discontent in Kurnool as no additional benefits will accrue to the city due to setting up of the high court. Except a couple of new Xerox shops, there would be no developments, said a Kurnool local. The TDP hopes to capitalise on this issue.

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Cong seniors non-cooperation with Revanth hits party!


TPCC chief A.Revanth Reddy is making all the efforts to take all the senior Congress leaders into confidence ever since he was appointed to head Congress in Telangana in June.

He is trying to consult seniors on all the issues. But the seniors who are angry at Revanth’s appointment as TPCC chief are not cooperating with him even after two months.

Seniors like Uttam Kumar Reddy, Jana Reddy, Komatireddy brothers, V Hanumantha Rao etc are avoiding Gandhi Bhavan.

They are also not participating in party activities undertaken by Revanth.

They are just confining to their constituencies. 

This non-cooperation by party seniors in Congress is giving ammunition for TRS to attack Revanth.

TRS media is aggressively carrying negative reports on Revanth pointing out split in Telangana Congress due to revolt by seniors.

Although Revanth was successful in creating a josh for Congress in Telangana after he took over as TPCC chief, the non cooperation by seniors is creating negative impact on party and making Revanth’s efforts futile.

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Is Revanth trying to lure his TDP friend into Congress?


Casual meeting or condolence meeting…. Everything has some significance or the other in politics. When two leaders in opposite camps meet, politics is bound to crop up. So, when PCC chief Revanth Reddy met Hyderabad’s former mayor Teegala Krishna Reddy, there is bound to be speculation. The question, is Teegala joining the Congress?, is bound to come up.

The other day, Revanth Reddy called on his old friend Teegala, whose son-in-law passed away the other day. But, the political circles began ringing bells. The reason? Teegala is unhappy in the TRS. So, when Revanth met him, the political circles felt Revanth could extend an invitation to his old friend to join the Congress Party. Though neither of the leaders confirmed it, the buzz refused to die.

Teegala began his career in the TDP and was with the party through thick and thin. In 2014, he won on TDP ticket, but defected to the TRS. In the 2018 elections, Congress candidate Sabitha Indrareddy trounced him. Later, she joined the TRS and went on to become a minister. Thus, the importance for Teegala has begun to come down. He began to feel that he was marginalized and ignored in the party. When the BJP fortunes were on the upswing, especially after the Dubbak and GHMC elections, Teegala tried to join the BJP. He even met some key BJP leaders. Realising the danger of losing Teegala, KCR personally telephoned him and invited him to the Pragathi Bhavan. Teegala stayed back. But, after that KCR simply forgot him.

An unhappy Teegala is now said to be looking towards Revanth Reddy, who has been a good friend since the TDP days. So, when Revanth called him on, Teegala responded positively. This has set off a buzz that Teegala will join the Congress. As of now, Teegala has neither confirmed nor refuted the allegation. Is he waiting for a better deal from KCR? Or is he waiting for the right moment to defect? Let’s wait and see.

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Kaushik Reddy to join TRS tomorrow, is he Huzurabad candidate?


Padi Kaushik Reddy, who quit Congress last week, has decided to join TRS on Wednesday (tomorrow).

Kaushik Reddy contested as Congress candidate against then TRS candidate Etela Rajender in 2018 December Assembly polls but he lost by 43,719 votes. Etela secured 1.04 lakh votes, while Kaushik got 61,121 votes. All other parties lost their deposits.

Ever since Etela quit TRS and Assembly seat in June, Kaushik Reddy is waging a war against him in Huzurabad constituency with an aim to contest bypoll and defeat Etela.

Kaushik was trying for Congress ticket and at the same time TRS ticket to contest against Etela.

But the unexpected developments in Telangana Congress following the appointment of A Revanth Reddy as new TPCC chief on June 26 changed the fortunes of Kaushik Reddy in Congress.

There were speculations that Revanth was against Kaushik Reddy and wants to filed former MP Ponnam Prabhakar in his place in Huzurabad bypoll after there were reports in media that Kaushik Reddy met TRS working president KTR and also maintaining ‘secret relations’ with TRS.

At this stage, an audio clip of Kaushik Reddy which was leaked and went viral on social media platforms has put Kaushik Reddy in a fix. In the audio clip, he was heard telling Huzurabad local TRS youth leader that TRS high command has confirmed TRS ticket for him in the bypoll.

The TPCC issued show-cause notice to Kaushik. But instead of replying to show cause notice, Kaushik resigned to Congress and levelled serious allegations against Revanth Reddy alleging that Revanth became TPCC chief by bribing Rs 50 crore to AICC Telangana affairs incharge Manickam Tagore.

With Kaushik Reddy deciding to join TRS on Wednesday, speculations are rife in TRS circles that KCR wants to field Kaushik Reddy from TRS against Etela as Kaushik has put up a good fight against Etela in 2018 and has more chances to win against Etela on TRS ticket in the bypoll.

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Revanth-Devender Goud meet: PCC chief makes a splash, buts comes back empty handed


Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief Revanth Reddy is continuing to create a buzz and he has some ace up his sleeve every day. On Sunday evening, he sprang a surprise by calling on former TDP heavyweight and former home minister of the undivided AP, Devender Goud. He, party’s senior leaders Madhu Yashki Goud and Mallu Ravi, went over to the Tukkuguda residence of Devender Goud and held discussions for well over half-an –hour.

With this, the rumour mill went into a tizzy claiming that Devender Goud was joining the Congress Party. There were also rumours that Devender Goud’s son Veerender Goud too was joining the party. There were rumours that Vijender, who has joined the BJP after the 2019 elections, was upset at not being given any party position in the BJYM. Sources said he was considering resigning the party.

However, it turned out that both Devender and son Vijender Goud did not make any big bang announcement. Vijender Goud said that both Revanth and Madhu Goud came over to discuss several issues pertaining to the state politics. He said that he would continue to be in the BJP and said there could be points of convergence among all the opposition parties.

Madhu Yashki, who claimed he was like a family member of Devender Goud, termed the latter as a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. He said they have come to discuss the issues relating to development and progress of Telangana. Revanth Reddy said he would continue to come and seek the advice of Devender Goud. He said both Devender Goud and late S Jaipal Reddy were symbols of probity in public life. Over all, throughout the day Revanth Reddy trended on the social media and managed to hog the limelight on the electronic media. But, the end turned out to be an anti-climax as both father and the son were non-committal.

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