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AP High Court stay on ACB case against Ex Advocate General


The Andhra Pradesh High Court has issued yet another stay order on the latest case filed by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) against former Advocate General Dammalapati Srinivas. The stay was issued after the court heard the arguments of lawyers of both sides. The lawyers of Srinivas moved a house motion and argued that the FIR was filed against their client with a motive to harass him.

The AP ACB has made allegations that Dammalapati Srinivas misused his office of high position during the previous Government and indulged in real estate dealings in Amaravati lands. The ACB said that Srinivas has bought lands initially through benamis and then those lands were transferred to his name. However, such allegations have been levelled against the Telugu Desam Party leaders from before the 2019 elections. But, the Jagan Reddy regime was not able to prove with evidence any of these charges in the past 16 months.

The latest case against Dammalapati Srinivas came amidst fresh crack down by the Jagan regime to corner rival leaders who were agitating against his 3 Capitals idea relentlessly.

The stay in the former AG’s case came as a boost for the Amaravati farmers who have been holding protests in their villages for over 272 days. Countless cases are being filed in the courts on the issue of Amaravati Capital with orders coming against the Government consistently. Yet, the YSRCP took it as a prestigious matter to shift the Capital to Visakhapatnam. Sadly, the Capital issue has become a cat and mouse game with the courts and the Central Government being in the crossfire.

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HC relief to Bacchus worshippers


In a big relief to Bacchus worshipers, the Andhra Pradesh government on Wednesday allowed people to buy liquor from other states with certain riders.

Hearing a petition, the High Court directed the state government to permit people to buy liquor from other states as per GO411 .The HC directed the AP government to implement GO411 and allow people to buy not exceeding three bottles of liquor from other states. The petitioner argued that the Andhra Pradesh police was arresting people and slapping cases for buying liquor from other states even though GO411 allows people to buy three bottles of liquor. The petitioner appealed to the High Court to direct the government to implement G0 411.

The petitioner also contended that people were forced to buy liquor from other states after the Andhra Pradesh government had hiked the liquor rates by 75 per cent ever since the stores were reopened in May after nearly two months closure on account of the lockdown since March 22.

This forced several people from Andhra Pradesh to buy liquor from bordering states, including Telangana where liquor prices were relatively cheaper.

The high prices and low availability of liquor has even led people to consumer hand sanitizers.

The Andhra Pradesh police had arrested several people for buying and bringing liquor into the state from neighboring states.

Recently, several people in Andhra Pradesh died after consuming alcohol-derived sanitizer, as local liquor shops were closed due to a coronavirus-related lockdown.

With the HC order, people can now buy not more than three liquor bottles from neighboring states.

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Plea in Telangana HC to halt Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation project


A petition was filed in the Telangana High Court opposing the Andhra Pradesh government’s Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Scheme.

The petitioners Vamsi Chand Reddy and Srinivas argued that the Jagan government was going ahead with the project despite the Krishna River Management Board directing the Andhra Pradesh government to stop Rayalaseema project work.

The petitioners contended that the AP government had called for tenders to execute the project despite the Krishna River Management Board directive and also Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat instructions not to do so.

The petitioners also brought to the notice of the court that the Telangana government took objection to the AP government’s administrative sanction to draw and utilise six to eight TMC of water per day from the Srisailam reservoir on Krishna River.

Three firms — Navayuga Engineering Company Ltd (NECL), a joint venture of SPML – NCC, and Max Infra (I) Ltd — filed their bids and the officials held the technical evaluation of the same on August 13.

Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat had recently written a letter advising the Chief Ministers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh not to proceed with the construction of projects which have not been cleared by the agencies concerned such as the Central Water Commission (CWC).

Jagan shot back. In a letter to Shekhawat, Jagan clarified that that the Rayalaseema project is being built with the objective of using the water that Andhra Pradesh receives in the summer as per the Reorganization Act.

Jagmohan Reddy in response to the letter by Union Minister, Shekhawat regarding the new projects taken in Andhra Pradesh, the Chief Minister informed that “no” new project is taken up by the state government, Andhra Pradesh is drawing only the share allocated to the state in Krishna Water Disputes 1 (KWDT). Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) is implementing the same.

The Apex Council meeting scheduled to be held on August 25 was postponed after
Shekhawat was tested positive for Covid-19.

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HC hearing on phone tapping deferred to Aug 27


The Andhra Pradesh High Court postponed its hearing on phone tapping to August 27. The court heard the arguments made by the petitioner’s lawyer Sravan Kumar today. It also instructed the petitioner to include the additional affidavit filed by his lawyer in the main petition. When the court asked for proof and maintainability of the complaints, Sravan Kumar argued that their petition was valid going by the past Supreme Court judgements.

The controversy surrounding phone tapping became a heated political issue now. Though the media reports came about tapping of phones of judges, it has acquired a political colour with the TDP entering the scene. On its part, the ruling YSRCP was dimissing it as a baseless allegation and challenged Chandrabab Naidu to submit proof if any. The High Court took up hearing of the case considering the serious nature of violations of the laws governing the right to privacy and fundamental rights of citizens.

In this case, the petitioner was demanding an inquiry by a special experts team from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as the people in power were involved in the phone tapping. It was being described as an attack aimed at defaming and undermining the judiciary.

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Don’t interfere in Secretariat demolition issue: TS govt tells High Court


Telangana government on Tuesday told the High Court that the courts should not interfere in the policy decisions being taken by it in the discharge of its executive powers conferred by the constitution of India.

The state government made these remarks while presenting its arguments in batch of Public Interest Litigation (PILs) filed against the demolition of the existing state secretariat building complex.

The petitions were filed by different concerned citizens of the state including congress party MP A. Revanth Reddy and Telangana Jana Samithi Vice President Prof. PL Visweswar Rao.

Arguing the case before the HC the counsel for the state government further said that the state cabinet had taken the decision of the demolition of the secretariat complex on the basis of the report submitted by an engineers committee.

Intervening at this juncture, the counsel for the petitioners told the HC that the committee had given its report following the orders of the state government. They urged the court to appoint an independent committee to examine the status of the existing secretariat buildings. Following this, a division bench of the HC adjourned the case till Thursday to hear further arguments.

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Is High Court only hope left for Amaravati farmers?


AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy has indicated to PM Modi, Amit Shah and Ravi Shankar Prasad about his 3 Capitals plan. Around the same time, BJP AP Incharge Sunil Deodhar and MP GVL Narasimha Rao have clarified once again that the Central Government cannot interfere in the matters of Capital shifting in an individual state. At the same time, Sridhar and BJP AP leaders said that Jagan had no Modi approval yet for 3 Capitals. But still, that is of no use here.

Fears are growing that CM Jagan is speeding up Capital shifting. He has already completed the formal ritual of telling the PM. As is known, Jagan is not in the nature of stopping his plans till approvals are taken from all relevant institutions.

The next few days are going to be very crucial for Amaravati agitators. It now depends more on the AP High Court orders how Jagan will take forward his 3 Capitals plan. Farmers, who gave lands, are turning to the HC for the final ray of hope. The court may not be able to give instant justice but certainly can make the government accountable for the losses to the farmers. There’s suspense what turn things will take.

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AP High Court shifting not possible for YCP


Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy has already provoked the sentiment for shifting AP High Court to his native Kurnool district. The ruling party has also made arrangements for the same silently. But, all of a sudden, the Centre dropped a bombshell in the form of Capital recognition to Amaravati in the official India Political Map. As a result of this, it would not be possible for Jagan Reddy Circar any more to move HC without the notification of President of India.
After the reorganisation, the President issued a notification for the relocation of AP High Court in the AP Capital City. If Jagan Circar is determined to move HC out of Amaravati, it would have to get the President issue a notification once again. AP CM does not have that influence at the Centre any more.

Another method for shifting HC is by getting consent of the majority judges. Rumours say that the AP judges including Chief Justice are unhappy with the YCP government’s policies regarding Capital City and facilities at HC premises. Meanwhile, the government may also face opposition from the Bar Council. Majority of the members of Bar Council are belonging to the coastal regions from Prakasam to Srikakulam districts. Most of them are already agitating for retaining HC in Amaravati.

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HC rejects KCR Circar’s report on RTC strike


The Telangana High Court has refused to accept the KCR government’s report on the steps taken to resolve the crisis due to RTC strike. The court ordered the government to file its fresh report in five days. The new report should comprise full details of how the government tried to solve the problems of RTC workers and what steps it has taken to prevent problems to travelling public. The hearing was taken up based on a complaint by a petitioner who wanted court to intervene in the matter.

The HC also ordered the RTC and the employees unions to file their reports. Whatever it is, the RTC crisis has become a much bigger problem in Telangana than expected. The state has a long history of leftists and working classes’ movements. During the united Andhra Pradesh also, most of the agitations and Maoist problems were faced on Telangana soil. Now, the RTC strike is getting support from all employees unions, opposition parties and revolutionaries.

It is undoubted that KCR Regime has failed to take alternative steps to overcome RTC strike. Consequently, festival travellers faced untold problems. General public are openly expressing their anger. KCR is now coming out with his brilliant ideas on partial privatisation. But damage is done already and the High Court is not going to sit as a silent spectator. KCR embarrassed Andhras a lot in agitation and now he is facing greater embarrassment from Telangana society from all sides?

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AP new Chief Justice Jitendra Kumar


The Union Law Ministry has issued orders appointing Jitendra Kumar Maheswari as the new Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court. He is presently a judge in the Madhya Pradesh High Court. AP Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan will soon administer oath of office to Justice Jitendra Kumar.

Earlier, the Centre did not approve and returned the recommendation of Supreme Court Collegium for appointing Justice Vikramnath as AP Chief Justice. As a result, the Collegium recommended Justice Jitendra Kumar name. The Collegium consisted of Supreme Court Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Babde and Justice NV Ramana.
Right now, there are strong indications of Jaganmohan Reddy government to shift AP High Court to Kurnool. However, this has triggered protests from advocates in coastal region. The advocates have even boycotted courts demanding continuation of High Court in Amaravati.

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High Court notice to Govt on Swaroopananda land


The Telangana High Court issued notices to the Chandrasekhara Rao government for giving 2 acres prime land to Vizag Swamiji Swaroopananda at Kokapet near Hyderabad. The Swamiji paid just Re 1 per acre of this very costly land. Now, this has got into litigation. A person named Veerachari petitioned the High Court to cancel the land allotment saying that it was unconstitutional and against norms. Any government land should be given only in public interest matters like creation of employment or for old age people or for those who have track record in rendering public service.

But there is no provision as per government guidelines to allot land for setting up an ashram. The High Court admitted Veerachari petition. It has given notices to the KCR government to give its clarification. In recent times, the court has nullified many orders of the KCR Regime. With this, there are also doubts whether Swaroopananda land order will also meet the same fate. From the beginning, this land allotment has become controversially in Telugu states.

Meanwhile, Swaroopananda is also trying for land in Amaravati area for which he is lobbying hard with YCP leaders. The Swamiji was known for his unabashed statements in support of Jagan and KCR while making controversial remarks against their political opponents. He did yagnams for Jagan and KCR victories.

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Jagan-GVL conspiracy on High Court shifting?


All the worst fears are coming true all the time thanks to CM Jagan Reddy’s determined efforts to demolish and kill Amaravati. Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy himself has confirmed that AP High Court will shifted from the present capital city to Kurnool town. He is very happy about this as HC is coming to his native district.

Rajendranath Reddy is actively pursuing this at the state level. But shifting of HC requires total support from the Modi government at the Centre. So, Brahmin intellectual and BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao assured all his support to Jagan Circar. GVL even visited Kurnool and announced his party support to HC shifting. It is not clear whether GVL has taken permission from BJP state president Kanna Lakshminarayana.

At the time of reorganization, BJP leaders joined Congress and announced that a better capital city would be developed for AP. After five years, leaders like GVL are hell bent on colluding with Reverse Jagan and they together started demolishing the centrally located Amaravati. Analysts say that the Jagan-GVL duo are now certain to shift the High Court to Kurnool. This will no doubt be the beginning of the end of Amaravati Capital City.

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HC notice to TRAI over Jagan channels ban


As per the regulations, the cable operators cannot stop free to air channels to their customers. But they have stopped ABN and TV 5 following pressure from the YCP government. After hearing the complaint in this regard, the High Court has issued a notice to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). The next hearing is posted in two days.

Jagan Circar is unhappy that some channels and newspapers are publishing wrong reports to damage its reputation among the people. But the channel managements argue that they are entitled to their freedom of expression as per the constitution. Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao once banned ABN and TV 9 but these channels got the ban cancelled in the court. Analysts say that the KCR and Jagan Reddy governments are just giving a tough time to the media despite knowing the fact that such bans will not stand in court.

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High Court refuses to stop Praja Vedika demolition


The AP High Court heard a petition filed by social activist P. Srinivasa Rao for stopping the demolition of Praja Vedika at Vundavalli in Krishna river Karakatta. The court heard both parties till after midnight and finally refused to stop the demolition. The petitioner contended that the present government is wastefully taking up demolition of a Rs. 8.9 crore worth structure which could be used for some public use. He also argued that the demolition should be taken up only after the government discusses it in Assembly and takes a final policy on all illegal structures in Karakatta and all across the state.

The court posted the next hearing after two weeks. Over 80 per cent of the Praja Vedika structure was brought down to the ground with the help of JCBs throughout the night and by Wednesday morning. The TDP asked CM Jaganmohan Reddy whether his own luxurious residential building at Lotus Pond in Hyderabad was a legally constructed one. Was Jagan’s Lotus Pond residence not constructed by filling up part of a big water body in the middle of Hyderabad?

BJP AP President Kanna Laxminarayana said demolition of Praja Vedika alone would not be correct and the Jagan Reddy government should remove other illegal structures also. He advised Jagan to stop politics of diversion on Special Status and cooperate with the Centre for development of Andhra.

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Prabhas Guest House Case: High Court slams Telangana Govt


The Telangana High Court slammed the revenue officials calling it their fault in forcefully seizing actor Prabhas’ guest house located in Hyderabad. Prabhas owns 2083 sq.yds land in Raidurgam near Hi-tech city. After the guest house was seized by the revenue officials, Prabhas approached the High Court seeking justice. The court called the action unlawful and said that the process of law wasn’t obeyed by the revenue officials.

The High Court directed the state government to consider the application of regularisation filed by Prabhas within eight weeks as Prabhas bought the land as per the laws, though the disputes were on from the past few decades. The court even refused to restore the land to the actor as it falls in CS-7 litigation zone. The court suggested the government to introduce an amnesty scheme that can benefit genuine purchasers.

The court also reminded that this would earn thousands of crores income for the government as per CS-7 of 1958 act. Prabhas approached the court during January 2019 challenging the seizure of his guest house. High Court said that even after the rejection of regularisation plea, Prabhas can file a civil suit against the Telangana government in the coming future. The High Court said that the amnesty scheme would help the purchasers and the state.

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Did BJP save Jagan with sudden division of High Court?


With just five days notice, the staff and advocates of AP High Court are forced to shift from Hyderabad to Amaravati. The separated AP High Court will function from CM Camp Office from Jan 1. Along with it, the CBI court will also be divided and a separate CBI court will have to function for AP from the same date. This would eventually mean the illegal assets cases of Jaganmohan Reddy will have to be looked at afresh.

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu emphatically says the hurry in which the court division was made clearly shows how efforts are being made to help Jagan in CBI cases. He said almost all the legal processes have been completed with regard to Jagan’s cases but with latest division all the trials in his cases would come back to what they were at the beginning. Obviously, all this had given a much-needed relief at a time when Jagan is going to face the 2019 election.

CBN’s comments assumed significance in the light of the fact that the TDP has long since accused the BJP and the YCP of having secret understanding. The ruling party leaders say Jagan has moved very close to the BJP leadership as he requires the Central government’s support to save himself from the CBI cases. There are doubts PM Modi, Amit Shah and Telangana CM Chandrasekhara Rao are in favour of Jagan in 2019 elections.

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High Court’s nod for theatres to hike prices


Honorable High Court of Hyderabad gave interim orders allowing movie theaters to hike prices in Telugu states. With this directive from the court, now the theater owners in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are allowed to increase the ticket prices for all classes. Details as below.

Earlier, in 2013, government of Andhra Pradesh has issued a G.O allowing theaters to hike the prices but High court made it null and void and asked the government to form a committee to frame regulations on price hike. Court gave a deadline of March’2017 to form such committee and take a final decision on movie ticket prices. However, neither the united AP nor the twin states post bifurcation took any action on the court directive. So theater owners have approached High court for permitting them to hike the prices until the government takes a final decision on this. High court has now considered the petition of theater owners and delivered interim orders on this petition.

Justice S V Bhatt, while hearing the petition, pointed the inaction of governments of Telugu States in forming the committee as per the court direction and gave orders in favor of theater owners. As per this directive,now theaters can hike the prices without any prior permission from the concerned authorities. But they just have to inform the authorities about the hiked prices and pay taxes as per the hiked prices. HC asked the governments to file the counters soon and adjourned the further proceedings to February.

With these orders, ticket prices of upcoming Sankranti movies (Agnathavasi, Jai Simha and Rangularatnam) are expected to skyrocket denting the wallets of moviegoers.

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HC tells Jagan: No bunking of CBI court on Fridays


High Court has dismissed Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s petition seeking exemption from individual attendance in the CBI court during the course of trail. He has been attending the CBI court every Friday as he is named as accused in 11 cases.

Jagan requested the court to excuse him from appearing before the CBI court regularly as he is the opposition leader in Andhra Pradesh and has to run errands in his role. He also said that his lawyers will be attending regularly on his behalf. But the CBI argued against Jagan’s plea and requested his presence in the court.

Apart from dismissing the YSRCP supermo’s plea and accepting the CBI’s argument, Court noted that in future Jagan has to appeal in the CBI court in case of any such requests. This is a major setback for Jagan who is facing charges in the disproportionate assets case.

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J C Diwakar Reddy approaches High Court after airline ban

Telugu Desham Party Leader J C Diwakar Reddy knocked the doors of the Hyderabad High Court after being banned by all the major domestic airlines. He requested the court to declare the flying ban as illegal and wanted the court to order the airlines to permit him to board the flights.

The MP terming that the whole episode was tainted, in his plea said that the airlines should have filed a FIR had he misbehaved with them. Since they did not , Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju, helped him board the same flight.

The 73-year-old in his petition noted that he cannot think of alternative modes of travel due to health reasons at this advanced age.

He mentioned that the ban was against the rights given in the constitution as there was neither an enquiry nor show-cause notice. In his plea, the MP mentioned that it goes against the guidelines framed by the director general of civil aviation especially since he is not proven guilty.

On the other hand, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu who is unhappy with the whole incident asked him to resolve the issue as soon as possible with the help of Gajapathi Raju without causing further damage to the party. It is evident that Diwakar Reddy is not going to apologize unless court directs him to do so.

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Kavita targets AP CM in Lok Sabha


TRS Nizambad MPs Kavita on Wednesday directly attacked AP CM Chandrababu Naidu in Lok Sabha for the delay in the bifurcation of Hyderabad High Court. Dragging chief minister of a state  into a controversy and leveling charges against him is generally not the practice of House. However, Kavitha made a scathing attack on Naidu during  Zero hour in Lok Sabha sparking protest from Government.

Breaking the convention,  Kavita, not only referred to CM of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu by name but also  accused  him of blocking the division of Hyderabad High Court, which was immediately objected to by urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu and law minister Sadananda Gowda.

For the past few day the TRS member have been agitating demanding immediate bifurcation of the High Court. Today also they raised the issue in Zero hour.  Participating in the reference, Kavata alleged that,” Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu is trying to rule Telangana through High Court.”

She said Naidu had always been the stumbling block for Telangana and now for the division of High Court. She also criticized centre for not cooperating in the creation of separate high court for Telangana state. Earlier, another TRS MP AP Jitender Reddy said T-government was ready to allot any premises to Andhra Pradesh to set up their own High Court in Hyderabad and they could stay put for ten years.

Speaker Sumitra Mahaja also disapproved of Kavita’s remark and advised her not level charges against chief minister of a state from the House.

Reacting to Kavita remark against Chandrababu Naidu, Venkaiah Naid took strong objection. He said taking reference to a person who was not a member of the House was not right. “Don’t talk like a child. You are not supposed to refer to somebody who is not a member of the House. If you don’t like I will ask law minister to withdraw his statement. Do whatever you like,” Naidu said angryly and sat down.

” In the bifurcation of the high court,  a political decision has been taken already. Implementation of decision is getting delayed due to practical problems involved,” he said.

Responding to the debate law minister Sadananda Gowda said center was committed to th  e bifurcation of the state. Protesting the remark of Kaviata, Gowda said, the matter was sub judice and could not dwell more on the subject.



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TRS Stages Dharna in Lok Sabha of High Court


Telangana Rashtra Samithi PMs staged a protest in Lok Sabha on Monday demanding immediate bifurcation of Hyderabad High Court. The MPs stormed into the well the moment house assembled for the day in morning and rushed towards Speaker’s podium with placards and chanting slogans.
Earlier, TRS Mahabubnagar MP Jitender Reddy tried to move a resolution seeking division of the High Court. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, however, disallowed the resolution, which forced TRS MPs to stage the protest in the well of the House.
TRS MPs have been agitating on same demand from the day one of the monsoon session They even staged demonstration near the Gandhi statue in the Paraliamentary premises.
Speaking to media later Nizambad MP Kavaita said Telangana was getting raw deal in High Court as the court was dominated Andhra people. ” When other states got the High Court established without delay after their creation, there is no reason in delaying the bifurcation of Hyderabad High Court,” she said and added that the agitation would continue till their demand was conceded.

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