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Kesineni fires a salvo at TDP leadership


Vijayawada MP, Kesineni Srinivas, fired a salvo at TDP leadership ahead of the 2024 general election. He said he would not work for the party if his brother Kesineni Sivanadh or anyone with a criminal record is nominated.

He took strong exception to the party leadership promoting his brother Sivanadh and said that he would not agree with the strategy of the party leadership which, according to him, was splitting the families.

Kesineni said that he would continue to work for the people even if denied the party ticket from the Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency in the next election. “If required, I might also contest as an Independent and win the seat,” Kesineni asserted.

He further said that he would rope in several other national and international charitable organisations along with the Tata Trust and serve the people. He said that people would recognise his services and expressed confidence that they would bless him too in politics.

“I have done my best for the constituency in the last two terms. I will continue to do my best. That’s what Kesineni means,” he asserted.

It is said that TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh are entertaining Kesineni’s brother Sivanadh in Vijayawada politics. It is widely said that Chandrababu Naidu is favouring Sivanadh to contest the next election and had made up his mind to drop Kesineni Srinivas from the contest.

As he said, Srinivas may not remain silent if he is denied the ticket and would certainly play a spoilsport to the TDP in the constituency that might have an impact on seven Assembly constituencies.

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HC keeps suspense over Kesineni vote in Kondapalli


The Andhra Pradesh high court continued the suspense over the validity of Vijayawada MP Kesineni Srinivas (Nani) in the Kondapalli Municipality.

The Kondapalli municipality election has become controversial with both the ruling YSR Congress and the Opposition TDP winning 14 wards each, leaving one ward for the Independent. The two parties have tried to win over the lone independent ward member. The TDP had finally won the heart of the independent, taking its strength to 15, one seat more than the YSR Congress.

With this, local MLA Vasantha Krishna Prasad of YSR Congress secured ex-officio membership and thus the YSR Congress strength too had gone up to 15. Alerted with this, local MP, Kesineni Srinivas opted his ex-officio membership to Kondapalli Municipality.

The YSR Congress raised objections to this stating that Kesineni had already given a letter to the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation for ex-officio membership and his letter for Kondapalli is not valid. The MP went to the high court and secured permission to cancel his membership in Vijayawada Municipal Corporation and get fresh membership in Kondapalli.

This had again given one vote extra to the TDP in the council. However, the YSR Congress challenged the transfer of Kesineni’s vote from Vijayawada Municipal Corporation to Kondapalli. The high court had directed the district officials to conduct the elections for the council chairman and vice-chairman, and not to announce it.

This drama happened in November 2021 and the court finally took up the case for hearing on Thursday. The court held both the YSR Congress and the TDP petitions valid and posted the case for next hearing after three weeks.

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Kesineni complaints on fake twitter account


Vijayawada TDP MP Kesineni Srinivas lodged a complaint with the cyber police alleging that a fake twitter account was created in his name. He also alleged that some unidentified persons have created fake and fabricated posters in his name and were circulating in the social media.

The MP’s office in the complaint said that a Facebook account in the name of “Political Punch” was circulating some fake posters and photos involving the MP. These posts were causing damage to the prestige and integrity of Kesineni Srinivas.

“This is very humiliating and that this impudent act has been committed with an aim to malign and tarnish the hard earned reputation” of the MP, the complaint said. The MP’s office wanted the cyber police to act and take severe action against the persons concerned and involved in the fake campaign.

The MP office wanted early action against the persons and stop spreading of the fake and fabricated posters and photos through the Political Punch facebook account.

There have been a couple of posters created in the name of Kesineni Srinivas stating that some high drama was enacted in Delhi. The alleged fake posts have a message that proclaims that TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu had bowed before Prime Minister Narendra Modi and pleaded with him for a hand shake.

The MP’s office also claimed that Kesineni Srinivas accompanied Chandrababu Naidu during the latter’s tour in the national capital and the campaign was fake and fabricated.

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Kesineni refuses to give flower bouquet to Naidu


Vijayawada TDP MP Kesineni Srinivas alias Nani is moving away from the TDP, if one takes the recent developments into account. He is angry with the party leadership for promoting his brother Kesineni Sivanath without his consent.

The MP alleges that both Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh were promoting Sivanath in Vijayawada politics. In fact, Sivanath had started his direct entry into active politics recently by meeting some TDP leaders in Vijayawada.

In this background, Kesineni Nani is moving away from the TDP and he is reluctantly participating in the party activities. This was evident when TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu visited New Delhi on Saturday. The party MPs have received Chandrababu Naidu at the Delhi airport.

Party MPs, Galla Jayadev, Kesineni Srinivas, Kinjarapu Ram Mohan Naidu, and Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar, were present at the Delhi airport when Naidu visited the national capital, after a gap of four years.

TDP Parliamentary Party leader Galla Jayadev had offered a shawl to Naidu welcoming him at the airport. He had tried to pass on the flower bouquet to Kesineni Nani asking him to give it to the party chief.

It appeared that Kesineni Nani had refused to accept the flower bouquet and give it to Chandrababu Naidu. When Galla insisted, Kesineni Nani got angry and pushed the bouquet much to the discomfort of Chandrababu Naidu and other MPs.

It was then that Galla Jayadev offered the bouquet to Chandrababu Naidu and followed him to Rashtrapathi Bhavan, where they greeted new President Droupadi Murmu on her election.

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Kesineni’s brother enters Vijayawada politics


Sitting MP Kesineni Srinivas’ brother Kesineni Sivanath entered the direct politics of Vijayawada on Monday. Sivanath, who is also known as Chinni, had met former MLA Vangaveeti Radha Krishna at the latter’s residence.

The duo is said to have discussed Vijayawada politics and have planned programmes together. While Radha Krishna is planning to contest from the Vijayawada central Assembly constituency in the 2024 elections, Sivanath is said to be planning to contest from the Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency.

Sources say that Sivanath has the support of TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh. Kesineni Sivanath was brought to the limelight by Lokesh after Kesineni Nani refused to contest the next election. In fact, Kesineni Nani had told TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu that he would not contest the next election. He had also advised the TDP chief to make alternative arrangements for the Vijayawada Lo Sabha constituency.

It was then, Lokesh picked up Kesineni Sivanath, who is a real estate businessman settled in Hyderabad. Sivanath is slowly making inroads into the party and the Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency as well.

The entry of Sivanath into active politics has irked Kesineni Srinivas, who made hard hitting comments against his brother and the TDP chief as well. He had even lodged a police complaint against the use of his MP sticker by unidentified persons.

The Hyderabad police have recently seized the vehicles used by Kesineni Sivanath, which have the MP stickers. Sivantha had attended the TDP Mahanadu held at Ongole on May 28 and 29, using this sticker.

It is now to be seen how fast Sivananth would move in the direct politics in Vijayawada against his brother!

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Kesineni heats up TDP politics, locks horns with brother


Vijayawada MP, Kesineni Srinivas, alias Nani, is generating greater heat in the opposition TDP in Andhra Pradesh. While his entry into politics initially was controversial, his nomination for Vijayawada Lok Sabha seat by the TDP in 2014 too was equally controversial.

He continues the controversy in his second term as MP and is not on good terms with party chief N Chandrababu Naidu or general secretary Nara Lokesh. He is said to be unhappy with the way Lokesh is interfering with his Lok Sabha constituency.

Kesineni believes that Lokesh was behind the party leaders to revolt against him in Vijayawada. Party senior leaders like Buddha Venkanna, K Nagul Meera, Bonda Umamaheswara Rao and others have openly criticised Kesineni a year ago.

The MP did not meet Chandrababu Naidu for almost one year after his second victory in the 2019 elections. However, Chandrababu Naidu personally invited Kesineni and tried to pacify him. It was then, Naidu appointed Kesineni as the in-charge of the Vijayawada West Assembly constituency.

However, the gap continues for him in the party. The latest is that he feels that Lokesh is encouraging his brother, Kesineni Sivanadh alias Chinni in Vijayawada politics. Sivanadh is active in real estate business in Hyderabad and is said to be eyeing the Vijayawada Lok Sabha seat in the 2024 elections.

Kesineni Nani had now lodged a complaint with the Vijayawada and Hyderabad police alleging that some people were using fake stickers on their vehicles bearing his name. Following this, the police have registered a case and found that the car owned by his brother Sivanadh was having the sticker of Vijayawada MP. The police have also seized the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Kesineni Nani had lodged a complaint with the Parliament secretary alleging that his name and his identity were being forged and misused by some unidentified persons in the two Telugu States. He wanted the secretary of the Parliament to take action against such persons.

It is to be seen what turn this war between the brothers within the TDP would take in the days to come!

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Is trouble brewing in the Kesineni family?


The Vijayawada’s Kesineni family is in the news this week for a wrong reason. The news is that the Kesineni brothers are in fighting mode. However, it is not clear whether the two are really at loggerheads.

Kesineni Srinivas alias Nani is the two-time Lok Sabha member from Vijayawada won on TDP ticket. His brother Kesineni Sivanath alias Chinni has been a successful realtor in Hyderabad. The siblings were on good terms until the news came that they had become poles apart.

It is a known fact that Nani is not happy with the party leadership and has been keeping away from the party activities. He was first disappointed with the leadership denying him the Parliamentary Party leadership after the 2019 elections. Later, he was upset with the party leadership not acting against his critics and rivals in the party in Vijayawada.

While former minister Devineni Umamaheswara Rao is equally strong even after losing the 2019 elections, senior leaders K Nagul Meera and Buddha Venkanna have turned against Nani. They have even openly criticised Nani causing him embracement.

After these developments, Kesineni Nani has been inactive in the party. It is said that Nani’s indifferent attitude seems to have given a chance for the party leadership to set its eye on Nani’s brother Chinni and lure him with a better position in the party.

Sources say that Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh have reportedly held talks with Chinni and have even offered the Lok Sabha seat if Nani refuses to contest. Perhaps this is the reason why Nani is said to have hinted at similar treatment to the Nara family or even the TDP leadership.

“I will give you what you give me. If my enemy is your friend, remember your enemy will be my friend.” This is what Kesineni Nani had said in a meeting with the party leaders indicating the intervention of Naidu and Lokesh in his family.

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Naidu gives full powers to Kesineni Nani in Vijayawada West!


For long, the TDP in Vijayawada was hit with group politics within party.

The internal wranglings within party in Vijayawada between TDP Vijayawada Lok Sabha member Keseneni Nani and TDP leaders Buddha Venkanna, Nagulmeera adversely affected the party in various elections as both the groups tried to gain upper hand by openly indulging in war of words causing embarrassment to party leadership.

Finally, TDP president and former AP CM N.Chandrababu Naidu stepped in to end this political infighting in Vijayawada TDP.

Naidu preferred Kesineni Nani over Venkanna and Nagulmeera.

Naidu appointed Nani as party’s incharge for Vijayawada West Assembly constituency. He gave full powers to Nani to constitute his own divisional-level committees of the party in Vijayawada West.

Venkanna also vied for this post but Naidu rejected him. Naidu even allowed to scrap the division-level party committee constituted by Venkanna and Nagulmeera earlier.

The TDP leaders and cadre in Vijayawada now got full clarity over Vijayawada West constituency after a long uncertainty due to internal wranglings in TDP.

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How Kesineni Nani turned the tables against Bonda-Buddha-Meera combine?


The politics in Vijayawada took a sudden turn with a sulking Kesineni Nani becoming suddenly active in the TDP affairs. While Nani, who many thought would leave the TDP, is hyper active, hitherto active Bonda Uma and Buddha Venkanna are now sulking. They have suddenly lapsed into silence mode.

The recent municipal corporation elections have left the TDP deeply divided. Deep differences arose between MP Kesineni Nani, who wanted to project his daughter Shweta as the mayoral candidate. Seniors Bonda Umamaheshwara Rao, former MLC Buddha venkanna and another senior leader Nagul Meera strongly opposed it. As a result, Nani began sulking and threatened that he would leave the party.

Meanwhile, the issue of the YSRCP attacks on TDP offices in the wake of Pattabhi’s comments on YS Jagan came to the fore. Nani, who was inactive till then, suddenly became active and joined the protests. He played a very active role in organizing the protests. During this deeksha, both Nani and Chandrababu had a secret meeting in Chandrababu’s bus. Later, Nani also played an active role in securing an appointment with the President of India. Soon after this programme, Chandrababu announced the Vijayawada Parliamentary Committee and filled it with Kesineni Nani’s supporters. This has left the Buddha-Bonda-Nagul combine disappointed.

As a result, while Kesineni and his team are over-the-moon, the Bonda-Buddha-Meera team is disappointed. They feel that they do not have many options. They do not know how to tackle the situation. The party workers feel that as of now Nani has gained an upper hand in Vijayawada TDP. One needs to wait for the Bonda-Buddha-Meera combine to react to this new development.

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Is Kesineni Nani saying “Tata” to TDP?


Politicians have different ways of saying “Tata bye bye” . Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani too has his own way of saying “tata TDP.” The MP, who is estranged with the TDP for quite some time, now appears to be planning to say final adieu.

Kesineni Nani is unhappy with Chandrababu for not addressing his grievances. He wants Chandrababu Naidu to take action against the troika of Bonda Uma, Buddha Venkanna and Nagul Meera. He feels that the troika had marred the chance of his daughter Shweta becoming the mayor of Vijayawada by sabotaging the party’s winning chances. To his dismay, Chandrababu is not responding at all, let alone initiate action against the threesome.

Recently, he has written a letter to Chandrababu saying that he and his daughter would not be available for the 2024 elections. He asked the party to look for another candidate. Interestingly, Chandrababu did not respond even to those threats.

So, on Monday, Nani first removed all the posters of the Telugu Desam from his office – the Kesineni Bhavan. All banners and posters of the party were taken off. The cut-outs of Nani with Chandrababu Naidu were also removed. Even inside the Kesineni Bhavan, all the party flags, posts, photographs and cutouts have been removed. Instead of Chandrababu, now a photograph of Kesineni Nani with Ratan Tata adorns the room.

This is Kesineni Nani’s way of saying “bye bye Tata” with a photograph of Ratan Tata.

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Kesineni Nani’s storm in the TDP cup!!


Remember Butchaiah Chowdary’s resignation and revolt against TDP top boss Chandrababu Naidu? He raved and ranted but melted like ice when he met Chandrababu Naidu. He meekly mouthed his dedication and determination to work for the party. What looked like a storm ended up as a storm in the tea cup.

Is Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani’s decision not to contest in 2024 elections too is a storm in the teacup? Highly placed sources say that it is likely. Nani through a letter indicated that neither he nor his daughter Shweta would be interested in contesting the 2024 elections. He has also asked Chandrababu to look for an alternative to him. This created quite a commotion.

When he wrote this letter, he was out of station. As soon as he reached Vijayawada, his followers and supporters flocked to the Kesineni Bhavan demanding that he take back his letter. Nani told them that he would stand by them and that Kesineni Bhavan would always be open to them. The supporters told him that they cannot imagine a Vijayawada TDP without him. Nani did not give them any assurance but said he would consider his decision.

Sources say Kesineni Nani is upset over party leaders Bonda Uma and Buddha Venkanna for not cooperating with him in the VMC elections. He was showing his displeasure by talking about not contesting in 2024. Finally, the whole drama ended with Nani assuring his supporters that he is yet to take a decision. Thus ended the storm in the tea cup.

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Is this the real reason behind Kesineni Nani’s decision not to contest again?


After Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani’s sudden announcement that neither he nor his daughter Shwetha would contest the election in 2024, it has emerged that many more MP candidates are of the same opinion. It is not just the opposition TDP leaders, but even the ruling YSRCP MPs too are disinclined to contest for the MP seat next time. It is another matter that they have not come out into the open with their opinion.

Kesineni Nani told Chandrababu Naidu to start looking for a suitable candidate for Vijayawada MP seat. Initially, it was thought that there was some kind if groupism in the TDP. One major reason for this is allegedly the rising cost of contesting an election. An MP candidate may have to shell out his fortune to contest. On an average, an MP constituency has six to seven assembly constituencies and thus, the cost of contesting for a Lok Sabha seat is an arduous task from the financial view point.

There is another issue, according to sources in the know. Ever since the BJP got an absolute majority, the dependence on the regional parties has come down. So, an MP post has no leverage whatsoever. With the governance centralized in the hands of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, the MPs cannot influence any ministry or bureaucrat to get some project or some contract Thus the MPs are unable to take any advantage of their position as they used to do earlier.

Earlier, the MPs during the Congress regime had secured several contracts and projects in Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and other states. One such MP from Rayalseema had earned so much that he had even become the CM of undivided Andhra Pradesh for two terms, according to sources. With that benefit removed due to Modi, the MP post has become unattractive, the sources say.

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Kesineni fires at Krishna Collector’s political tweet


It is well known the Jaganmohan Reddy Government is rewarding richly all those employees who openly support the ruling party leaders and activities. Even the central civil services officers were joining this race. Already, IPS officers are facing lots of criticism for openly toeing the YCP line in most cases. Now, Krishna District Collector Intiyaz Ahmad got embroiled in a tweet controversy with the Opposition leaders taking strong objection to it.

TDP’s Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani has made his objection on twitter. He asked the Collector how he could retweet a message sent by a ruling party MLA despite the fact that former CM Chandrababu Naidu was named and criticised in that tweet. YCP Avanigadda MLA Simhadri Ramesh tweeted in praise of CM Jagan for deciding to construct another barrage on the Krishna river near Prakasam barrage directly by the Government.

The YCP further commented that Chandrababu would have given these works to contractors but CM Jagan was getting it done for the sake of transparency. Kesineni asked how Collector could retweet such a politically controversial tweet. The MP advised the Collector to correct his mistake. But, the MP must realise that deliberate mistakes made on social media are not meant for correction.

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Kesineni’s alarming tweet on ex MLA brother’s Covid death


The Coronavirus problems were multiplying day by day in Andhra Pradesh. As of now, nearly 7,000 new cases were being reported each day on an average. In every district, over 300 new cases were being reported daily. Apart from these shaking numbers, another disturbing factor is the lack of beds and facilities for virus patients at the hospitals.

Amid this, the latest tweet of TDP MP Kesineni Nani raised political temperatures all of a sudden. He said the very of this was sending shivers down the spine of everyone. The situation in Vijayawada city was horrible. No hospital could provide a bed to the Covid infected brother of a former legislator. They used all their influence with all political parties but could not find admission for the patient. Eventually, the ex MLA’s brother remained confined in the ambulance outside a hospital for hours together. As no help came, it finally led to the death of the patient in the ambulance itself.

Narrating this story, the MP asked what the suffering of the common man would be if a former MLA could not get support for his own brother. This comes amid debates going on about the lack of enough facilities at the Corona isolation centres. The government is depending more on the private hospitals but there are not enough beds available.

Analysts say that a great human tragedy awaits in AP if the government does not open exclusive Covid hospitals with a considerable number of beds.

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General Hospital turns coronavirus centre, MP objects


The AP government has turned the Vijayawada General Hospital into a designated centre for treatment of COVID-19 patients. It will be exclusively meant for patients coming from six districts in coastal area. The government’s decision triggered protests from different sections in the city. Especially, TDP MP Kesineni Nani has taken total objection to this move as it will disrupt services to the general public especially poor families from all over the district.

As of now, there is panic in public about mass spread of coronavirus. If General Hospital is earmarked for the epidemic, normal patients will be afraid to come there. Kesineni says that general public have no other place to go if they have medical emergencies. If general hospital is completely converted into a corona centre, it will cause problems in the nearby residential localities also.

Everywhere, the governments are taking over college hostels and closed buildings for developing corona isolation centres. The MP says that the AP government should also search for buildings away from residential areas for COVID-19 treatment centres.

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Andhra Pradesh disappointed with Union Budget


The YSR Congress Party government in Andhra Pradesh on Saturday expressed its disappointment over the Union Budget 2020-21 and voiced its doubts over the projected GDP growth.

State Finance Minister B. Rajendranath Reddy said the Budget presented by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman offered nothing for the state.

He said it was disappointing that there was no mention of the long-pending demand of special category status for the state and other commitments made in Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014.

Reddy also voiced his doubts over the GDP growth rate projected by the Union Finance Minister and also the targeted disinvestment of Rs 2 lakh crore. He said similar claims were made in the previous Budget, adding that the entire Budget looked questionable.

“The special category status is our right, but the Centre is not doing anything about it,” Reddy said, as he aired serious concerns over the dwindling central devolutions to the state.

He said the state’s share in central taxes was cut by Rs 2,500 crore in 2018-19, which was a huge setback.

Reddy also noted that there was no clarity with regard to the help to the state to bridge the revenue deficit. The minister said there was neither a package for seven backward districts, nor industrial incentives.

He also voiced concern over the delay in reimbursement of funds for the Polavaram project.

YSRCP parliamentary party leader V. Vijaya Sai Reddy said the state was given a raw deal in the Budget. He told reporters in New Delhi that the state had expected incentives and new schemes, but there was no such mention.

Even the amount of Rs 24,350 crore assured for backward area development fund for seven districts was not taken into consideration.

The MP said the Polavaram project has to be included in the allocation of Central projects and funds have to be released for the project immediately. The injustice done to Andhra Pradesh after the bifurcation of the state has to be rectified and the Centre has to explain how the Budget would address the need for providing basic amenities, he said.

There is no clarity on the Centre’s claim that the income of farmers would be doubled, the MP said and reminded that since Andhra Pradesh was a agro-based state, the Centre must make adequate allocation to the state in this regard.

Vijaya Sai Reddy noted that there was no provision of new railway lines for Andhra Pradesh in the Budget and there was no mention of allocation of funds for the development of airports in the state.

He said the Centre should allocate funds to the states with the concept of a holistic development of the country and not with a partisan view

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Buddha Venkanna good bye to Twitter war


TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna has decided to stop his Twitter confrontation with MP Kesineni Nani. At the same time, he has indicated that he will not even react to any further tweets from his rival. Venkanna said that Chandrababu gave him MLC post as he is a backward classes leader. His decision comes amid Nani’s ultimatum.
Meanwhile, YCP Vijayawada leader Potluri V Prasad made satire of the TDP internal fight. He advised rivals to attend to people’s problems rather than sitting in seats and growing their buttocks. Even the BJP is closely following the Twitter war between TDP leaders. The party is waiting eagerly to win over unhappy leaders and dissidents from other parties.

Analysts say that Nani is just creating controversies within the party out of sheer frustration over lack of weightage to his word on issues relating to Vijayawada West assembly segment. Despite this, Nani has no immediate plans to resign from TDP. Leaders like Nani are immediate target of BJP which wants to expand its base in Andhra immediately.

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Kesineni Nani ultimatum to Chandrababu Naidu

The war of words within between MP Kesineni Nani and MLC Buddha Venkanna has reached a point of no return. It even went to the extent of Nani giving an ultimatum to none other than the party boss Chandrababu Naidu. The MP said that it’s high time for Naidu to decide between sensible leaders like himself and those who behave like pet dogs. TDP leaders are unhappy with Nani. They say that he could as well have discussed the matter with Chandrababu to settle the issue within the party forum.

A general feeling is prevailing that Nani is giving trouble to the party leadership at a very difficult time. In his latest tweet, Nani asked Naidu to control his pet dogs. He said that he would not hesitate to resign from the party membership and even from Lok Sabha membership if Naidu doesn’t want people like him. Nani’s frustration is clearly evident this time. Right from the day TDP was defeated, Nani has been expressing his dissatisfaction at the party leadership. At one time, Naidu called and convinced Nani. This time, the MP has made really serious allegations against his rivals within the party. Can Naidu afford to take action as he got only three MPs?

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Sunday Twitter war: Kesineni vs Vijaya Sai Reddy


Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani and YSRCP Rajya Sabha MP Vijaya Sai Reddy are seen exchanging words through social media today. While Vijaya Sai Reddy posted a tweet asking Kesineni Nani to change his behaviour, Kesineni Nani countered it saying, the one who went to jail and on bail now should change first. Details as below.

Kesineni Nani has been very active in social media in recent times. He has been using social media platforms to criticize the decisions taken by the recent government. He posted satirical comments on Jagan for demolishing ‘Praja Vedika’ inferring, Taj Mahal is not demolished as it is on the banks of Yamuna and had it been on the banks of Krishna river, Jagan would have demolished that as well. Today he made another comment indicating that Jagan is helping KCR by demolishing constructions in Amaravati as it is damaging the brand image of Amaravati.

Vijay Sai Reddy took it to Twitter to condemn the comments of Kesineni and he suggested Kesineni change his mindset. Vijay Sai Reddy also added, TDP leaders always supported CBN when he allied with BJP and the same leaders again supported when CBN distanced himself from BJP. Vijay Sai Reddy told CM Jagan need not fight with KCR just because previous CM fought with him. Kesineni responded to Vijay Sai Reddy and said, “Vijay sai Reddy garu, people who are accused in CBI and ED charge sheets and having corruption allegations and who went to jail and out on bail should change – not clean people like me.”

Kesineni Nani seems to have given a powerful punch to Vijay Sai Reddy by saying those who went to jail need to change first. We have to wait and see if Vijay Sai Reddy responds to Kesineni’s punch or not.

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ED, CBI, IT pocket firms of Modi-Shah duo, says MP Kesineni Nani


The Telugu Desam Party leaders have taken strong objection to misuse of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) by the BJP government at the Centre to conduct series of raids on the property of former Union Minister and TDP Rajya Sabha MP Sujana Chowdary. Vijayawada MP Kesineni Srinivas (Nani) has described ED raids on Sujana Chowdary as the ultimate example of BJP’s misuse of central agencies to settle political scores with its rivals.

Nani challenged ED and CBI to carry out similar raids on properties of BJP President Amit Shah’s wife, son and daughter-in-law for their involvement in illegal activities. He asked about the status of investigation into the cases of Jay Shah, son of Amit Shah. Nani said that the central agencies would not touch properties of those who are friendly to the BJP but they would probe cases and harass all those who became inimical to Modi-Shah duo.

Meanwhile, Sujana Chowdary has dismissed allegations levelled by the ED as baseless and that he was going to take legal recourse with regard to the claim that his companies have committed bank irregularities worth Rs. 5,700 crore. He said that the ED has needlessly rushed to make damaging statement against his companies without completing its enquiry. He asserted that his companies’ details were available in the websites and in the stock exchange and there was no need to hide anything about this.

Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao blamed the Modi government for posing danger to democracy by misusing central agencies to their political advantage. He said that because of BJP’s illegal activities, an emergency-like situation is prevailing in the country now.

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