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All eyes on BJP-YCP affidavits on Capital shifting


The High Court of Andhra Pradesh has indeed pushed the BJP and YCP into a corner by asking for affidavits on the political parties’ stand on Amaravati Capital before and after 2019 election. Especially, the BJP would find it indeed a very tight-rope walk to strike a balance in its arguments. Its alliance partner Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena has already filed its affidavit categorically favouring only one Capital which should be at Amaravati. It has opposed 3 Capitals.

Ever since the Capital shifting row came to the fore, the BJP has been speaking in two voices. Its leaders Somu Veerraju and GVL Narasimha Rao have been consistently saying that the AP Government has a right to change Capital. The Central Government has no role to play in this. At the same time, they are saying that the previous TDP regime has failed to complete the Capital within five years of its rule. However, AP should protect the interests of Amaravati farmers in the event of forming 3 Capitals.

All such confusing arguments so far made by the BJP and its Spokesman GVL would not help to satisfy the High Court now at this juncture. The BJP would have to simply say whether it supports Amaravati as only Capital City or not prior to election and what its present stand is. BJP has been arguing that it has always asked for the High Court in Kurnool, which is a matter for political debates but not filing affidavits in the court.

On its part, YCP will have a very tough time to support its 3 Capitals plan. CM Jagan Reddy himself welcomed Amaravati Capital in the Assembly before elections but later he came up with 3 Capitals in the name of development of all regions. How YCP would now explain its changed positions in its court affidavit is now a matter of curiosity?

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CM Tirumala visit: BJP and TDP leaders under house arrest


In view of Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy visit to Tirumala, several BJP and TDP leaders have been kept under house arrest.

The BJP and TDP leaders demanded that Jagan Mohan Reddy sign a declaration form. They demanded that the Chief Minister be allowed to enter the Tirumala shrine only after submitting the declaration form. A posse of police personnel was deployed outside the residence of former TDP MLA Sugunamma. Angry TDP leaders protested the police action to keep Sugunamma under house arrest. Further, the TDP leaders demanded that the government follow the age old tradition laid down during the British regime to declare one’s faith before entering the Tirumala shrine. They wondered why Jagan visits Tirumala shrine by himself, while his entire family accompanies him when he visits Jerusalem.

TTD chairman YV Subba Reddy, who is also Jagan Mohan Reddy’s uncle, stirred a Hornet’s nest by stating that there is no need for the chief minister to sign a declaration to prove his faith in Lord Venkateswara.

” Former President APJ Abdul Kalam and AICC chief Sonia Gandhi also signed the declaration during their visit to Tirumala. Only on declaring faith in Lord Venkateshwara will a person from another faith be allowed inside,” they demanded. The TDP leaders alleged that attacks on Hindu temples, like the burning of chariots and stealing of idols, were going on unabated in the state in the last more than one year rule of Jagan Mohan Reddy. “The government had failed to take any concrete measures to protect the temples from attacks, the Centre should intervene to safeguard the sanctity of temples and uphold the sentiments of Hindus and people of other religions,” the TDP leaders said.

Earlier, TDP president and former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu had criticized the TTD Board’s decision not to demand a declaration of religion from Jagan Mohan Reddy during his visit to the Lord Venkateswara shrine at Tirumala.

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Kodali Nani statements at the behest of Christian CM: RRR


TTD trust board chairperson Y V Subba Reddy, the maternal uncle of Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, has once again stirred a Hornet’s nest. After proposing to sell Srivari assets, Subba Reddy had recently stated that it is not mandatory for non-Hindus to sign a declaration form to enter the temple premises, a departure from age-old tradition. His statement triggered protests from the Opposition parties, mainly the TDP and BJP.

The former chief minister and TDP president Chandrababu Naidu questioned the need to change the age-old system and insisted that established traditions at Tirumala should not be altered for the sake of a “non-believers” referring to Y V Subba Reddy and Jagan Mohan Reddy. Naidu asked Jagan to sign the declaration before entering the abode of Tirumala. This prompted YSRCP leader Kodali Nani, known for his loose tongue and abusive remarks, to lash out at Naidu. Kodali Nani questioned Naidu as to why Jagan should sign the declaration form.

On Monday, several BJP leaders demonstrated at Alipiri against Y V Subba Reddy’s statement demanding that he retract his views on the declaration form. The BJP accused the ruling YSRCP of attempting to destroy the Hindu religion systematically in the last more than one year rule. Meanwhile, YSRCP ‘rebel’ Lok Sabha MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju slammed Kodali Nani for his remarks that declaration form is not required for non-Hindus to enter the abode of Tirumala.

Speaking to media persons in New Delhi, Raju warned Kodali Nani that in the coming days’ people will revolt against the anti-Hindu policies of the YSRCP government. “It is going to be tooth-for-tooth and nail for nail,” Raju warned.

Participating in ‘Raccha Banda’ programme, Raju cautioned Kodali Nani that people will not think twice in “breaking bones” of the YSRCP leaders if the current dispensation continues with anti-Hindu policies. Raju, known for his sarcasm, took jibes at Kodali Nani in his inimitable style. “It is not the chariot that was burnt in Antarvedi, the sentiments of Hindus have been burnt to cinders. It is not the idols of Hindu deities that were broken, it is in fact the emotional feelings of Hindus that were shattered to pieces,” Raju stated.

Further, he said neither Kodali Nani, a practicing Hindu, nor Jagan Mohan Reddy, a practicing Christian can ever think of entering Mecca, the holy place for Muslims.

Referring to Kodali Nani’s statements that the government will make up for the three missing silver lion statutes in Kanaka Durga temple, Raju said “It is not just mere silver. There is a lot of divinity attached to it as it belongs to Goddess Durga. Kodali Nani, a Hindu is making anti-Hindu statements, at the behest of a Christian Chief Minister. If you want to win elections, you want the Hindu religion, but you don’t even keep one idol of Hindu deity. Hindus are a peace-loving community. They believe in harmonious co-existence. If you cannot respect the Hindu religion, do not disrespect it,” he warned

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Vizag South MLA to leave TDP and join YSRCP


Visakhapatnam South MLA Vasupalli Ganesh Kumar has distanced himself from the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) activities for quite some time. Now, time has come for him to announce his decision to leave the TDP and join the ruling YSRCP. Reports say that the TDP MLA will join YSRCP in the presence of Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy. They may not officially announce his joining considering the legislative complications in the Assembly.

Like other TDP MLAs, Ganesh Kumar would also meet Jagan Reddy and make some comments against the Chandrababu Naidu leadership. He would not be wearing any YSRCP flag just like Vallabhaneni Vamsi, Maddali Giri and Karanam Balaram who already shifted loyalties to the YSRCP.

For a long time now, CM Jagan has been making all out efforts to attract most TDP MLAs and leaders in Visakhapatnam and North Andhra districts. The ruling party has even tried to woo the Kinjarapu Yerrannaidu family which is known for its long-standing bond with the TDP. It was only because of this that K. Atchannaidu was made to face a lot of political harassment.

The Chief Minister’s special focus on North Andhra was evident from how he has been making futuristic plans for making Visakhapatnam the Capital of his political empire. It is well known Jagan Reddy has been saying he will be in rule for the next 30 to 35 years in Andhra Pradesh. Already, Vijayasai Reddy has taken a firm grip on North Andhra districts even though there are Deputy Chief Minister and senior Ministers like Botsa Satyanarayana.

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Jagan Reddy vote share eroded by 16%: TDP’s latest attack


The Telugu Desam Party has started a new information campaign that the YSRCP Government is paying a heavy penalty now for its continuing attacks and atrocities on the weaker sections and backward classes people in villages and towns all over Andhra Pradesh ever since coming to power in 2019 elections. The TDP says that in the last 16 months of its oppressive regime, the ruling YSRCP has lost support of 16 per cent voters. The BC, SC, ST and Minorities have distanced themselves from the ruling party unable to bear its misrule.

The TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu told the party leaders that the poorer sections were disenchanted and distanced from Jagan Reddy party. They were facing severe hardships because of the unbearable burdens from tax hikes and loss of livelihoods. Current charges were increased three times. Sand and cement rates increased heavily which created a big crisis. Liquor prices were increased by 300 per cent. Water cess and registration charges were also hiked. In just a short time, over Rs. 50,000 Cr worth taxe burdens were placed on the people.

In the recent few weeks, the TDP has been challenging again and again that Jagan Reddy should seek fresh mandate on his U-turns on his countless promises especially Amaravati Capital City. Amid the Parliament session and a lot of heat on AP politics, the TDP is taking its fight a step ahead saying that there is an erosion of 16 per cent vote share in YCP vote bank.

In 2019, YCP got 50 per cent vote share as against 40 per cent of TDP. It is clear how the TDP chief is making it obvious that their party has come into a winning position. Indeed, a bold challenge to the YSRCP.

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YCP raises Amaravati lands ‘scam’ in Lok Sabha


The YSRCP had done ultimate damage to Andhra Pradesh Capital by taking its hatred for Amaravati to the Parliament. YCP Floor Leader Mithun Reddy told Lok Sabha today that a massive land scam took place at the time of construction of the Amaravati Capital. Over 4,000 acres illegal land transactions occurred during that time. Lands worth thousands of crores rupees were acquired at very cheap rates.

Mithun Reddy told the Parliament that the previous TDP regime played hide and seek on the capital as the then CM Chandrababu Naidu first named Tiruvuru in Krishna district as the future Capital City. It was deliberately done to mislead the people only to buy lands in Amaravati at cheap rates. The TDP leaders used benami names of white card holders and bought lands in Amaravati.

What more, Mithun Reddy told the Lok Sabha that Amaravati Capital was the epicenter of the country’s biggest land scam involving insider trading in recent years. The AP Government already ordered a Special Investigation Team to probe the scam. Only to punish the culprits, the YCP was wanting a CBI probe into Amaravati scam.

Analysts say that the YCP is obviously taking its Capital shifting agenda to a logical conclusion by defaming Amaravati at the national level and then by finding legal loopholes to bypass the hurdles being created in the courts.

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Vijayasai demands Centre to release Rs. 3,805-Cr Polavaram funds


YSRCP Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy raised the issue of Polavaram irrigation project in the Parliament on the second day of the session today. He demanded the Central Government to release Rs. 3,805 Cr pending dues for taking up the Polavaram project works. He told the Parliament that the Jagan Reddy Government has decided to complete the lifeline irrigation project of Andhra Pradesh by the end of 2021. The lack of funds was becoming a hurdle in the completion of the project.

Analysts say that the deadlock on Polavaram works was a problem created by the ruling YSRCP for itself. If the ruling party did not arrogantly go for rentendering, the project would have been completed by now. Very unfortunately, the Jagan Reddy regime even embarrassed the Modi Government and disobeyed its suggestions for withdrawing the reverse tendering. As a result, the project works came to a standstill for a long period. At one time, CM Jagan went to the extent of saying that AP would complete the project with its own funds.

But, over the months, Jagan Reddy Government was getting caught and trapped in a financial crisis of its own making because of its multi-crore Cash Transfer schemes. The CM also faced allegations of diverting all Central funds for Cash Transfer schemes to strengthen his vote bank from now itself.
The BJP, which has plans of its own to grab power in AP, has stopped giving its cooperation to Jagan Reddy in his efforts to turn AP into his pocket state. Now the situation has come to such a sorry state that the YSRCP MPs have to plead for release of Central funds in the Parliament despite the fact that the BJP-led Government at the Centre was dependent on YCP support in Rajya Sabha.

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Jagan tells YCP MPs to demand CBI probe in Parliament


Despite rising opposition, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is pushing ahead with his 3 Capitals plan with the main objective of shifting AP Capital out of Amaravati. The TDP MPs, the Amaravati Capital farmers and other parties have raised their voice against 3 Capitals to attract the attention of this Parliament session. To effectively counter them, CM Jagan Reddy has now asked his party MPs to expose the alleged insider trading in Amaravati Capital City lands.
Following the CM’s latest instruction, the YCP MPs are going to raise the issue of illegal land deals that allegedly took place after the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) came up in Amaravati. They are all set to tell the Parliament and thereby the whole country that huge corruption took place in the Amaravati Capital City project in AP.

Most importantly, the YSRCP MPs’ express agenda would be to expose the alleged involvement of the TDP leaders in the Amaravati land deals. On their part, the Amaravati farmers have written to the Prime MInister asking him to pass a resolution in the Parliament in favour of Amaravati as the one and only Capital for AP. The TDP MPs have met the Secretary of Union Home Ministry asking him to take a relook at the affidavits filed in the AP High Court saying that the Centre has no role to play in Capital shifting issue of AP.

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YCP MP not allowed to attend Parliament due to Corona


YSRCP Chittoor MP Reddappa has gone to Delhi to take part in the Parliament session that began today. At the Parliament premises, the officials conducted Coronavirus tests. Reddappa tested Covid positive. It was despite the fact that he had no outward physical symptoms.

The Parliament officials immediately asked the MP to go back and stay in home isolation. They didn’t allow the MP to attend the Parliament as per the existing Coronavirus restrictions. Reddappa has no high temperature nor cold nor any of the symptoms. He was declared as an asymptomatic carrier of the virus.

The Central has issued strong guidelines for the prevention of the virus. This is the first time that the Parliament was meeting amid the imposition of Covid restrictions. A thorough screening of the MPs of all parties was taken up before permitting them into the Parliament.

Reddappa represents Chittoor where the ruling YCP leaders have faced allegations for negligence in Coronavirus prevention. Sri Kalahasti MLA Biyyapu Madhusudan Reddy has mixed with people and danced even though he suffered from virus infection.

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YCP MPs focus on GST funds, Special Status in Parliament


The Parliament’s 18-day session is beginning today amid continuing Coronavrius threat, reduced revenue all over the country and bigger financial crisis. AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has held deliberations with his party MPs to chalk out his party’s agenda on issues to be raised in the Parliament. Specific demands from the YSRCP would be to seek greater GST funds to tide over financial problems and also the long-standing special status promise.

YCP Floor Leader in Lok Sabha Mithun Reddy and other MPs took part in the later online discussions held with the Chief Minister. Andhra Pradesh has been struggling for reduced revenue within the State due to Coronavirus lockdowns and also decreased funds from the Centre. It has been decided to seek greater assistance from the Centre on funds under various developmental programmes at the national level. At the same time, AP Government has been facing funds crisis in respect of the Polavaram lifeline irrigation project of the State.

Already, CM Jagan Reddy has said repeatedly that regardless of the reactions from the Centre, the State Government would continue to plead for the Special Category Status at every given opportunity. Once again, the YSRCP MPs have discussed this. If there is a chance, the subject will come up once again.
There has been a rising demand from the Opposition parties on the YSRCP Government to use its MPs strength to bring pressure on the Centre and get Special Category Status so that most of the problems of the unjustly divided AP would be solved.

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Roja rides bike ambulances, draws criticism


Nagari MLA RK Roja created a sensation by riding a bike ambulance on the occasion of launch of two such vehicles in her assembly constituency. These bikes were donated by the Hero Motors company located at Sri City SEZ in Chittoor district. As the YSRCP cadres were making Roja photos riding a bike ambulance viral on social media, the rival TDP leaders issued a strong counter.

The Opposition party leaders claimed that years ago, the TDP introduced bike ambulances in considerable numbers in tribal areas. Chandrababu Naidu took special interest in reaching medical care to remote corners in agency areas. The bike ambulances were made good use of for that in the TDP regime but now they were not to be seen much in those places. Lack of commitment on the part of the ruling party was causing disruptions.

Meanwhile, TDP MLA Adireddy Bhavani’s husband Srinivas gave a strong counter to Roja saying that the bike ambulances were used a long time back by Bhavani Charitable Trust. This was nothing new. Roja should stop making a big show now as if these bike ambulances were a latest innovation under their party regime.
It has become a routine for the YSRCP to highlight old programmes as achievements of their own while the TDP immediately condemned the same by claiming real credit for their previous regime. Like in the case of Ease of Doing Business, bike ambulances, etc.

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Nandigam Suresh followers attack TDP activist


The followers of Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) MP Nandigam Suresh on attacked TDP an activist in Krishna district.

The incident took place on Monday evening when a TDP delegation lead by party’s spokesperson K Pattabhiram had gone to Kondapalli to take stock of illegal mining activities in the reserve forest. After their return from Kondapalli, the TDP delegation stayed at a hotel in Vijayawada.

Incidentally, YSRCP MP Nandigam Suresh and his followers also stopped at the same hotel. On seeing Sajja Ajay, who was part of the TDP delegation, the YSRCP party leaders and activists engaged in a heated argument for making adverse comments against the ruling party. Some YSRCP activists assaulted the TDP activist.

Three YSRCP activists were arrested for assaulting the TDP activist. Cases were booked under Sections 341, 323 of IPC. Meanwhile, TDP president and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu condemned the incident stating that the YSRCP leaders were misusing power and unleashing attacks on all those opposing its corrupt practices. . “The TDP leaders’ were checking facts on illegal mining being carried out by the YSRCP leaders in Kondapalli reserve forest.

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Former TDP MLA joins YSRCP


Former TDP MLA Panchakarla Ramesh Babu joined the YSRCP on Friday.

He joined the party in the presence of Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy at the CM camp office in Tadepalli.

Ramesh Babu had resigned from the TDP some time back.

YSRCP Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy and endowments minister Vellampalli Srinivas were also present.

Rajya Sabha member Vijayasai Reddy played a key role in Ramesh Babu joining the YSRCP.

Rsmesh Babu was first elected as MLA of Pendurthi on Praja Rajyam Party of Chiranjeevi which later merged with the Congress Party. Ramesh Babu later joined the TDP and won from the Yalamchili Assembly constituency in 2014.

After joining the YSRCP, the former TDP leader hailed Jgan Mohan Reddy over the creation of three capitals, especially Visakha as the executive capital of the state.

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Finally, big relief for Atchannaidu

The High Court on Friday granted bail to former minister and MLA K. Atchannaidu who was arrested in the alleged involvement in ESI scam

The former TDP minister was arrested on June 12 for alleged irregularities in the procurement of equipment and services for ESI hospitals across the State. Atchannaidu is currently getting treated for Covid-19 at NRI Hospital in Mangalagiri.

Cases were booked under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Act, 2018 and Sections 409, 420 and 120-B of the Indian Penal Code. Till now, the Anti-Corruption Bureau has failed to submit enough evidence against Atchannaidu of having received any money in the ESI scam.

Earlier, the Anti-Corruption Bureau court on had turned down the bail plea of TDP leader Atchannaidu after Supreme Court senior lawyer Luthra, representing his client Atchnnaidu, has filed the bail petition. Sidharth Luthra argued that Atchannaidu be allowed in a private hospital as he has not completely recovered from the second surgery. The lawyer contended that Atchannaidu needed better medical attention after he underwent a second surgery in the Guntur General Hospital. However, the ACB apprehending that Atchannaidu could tamper with the evidence has rejected the bail petition.

On July 2, a petition was filed in the Andhra Pradesh High Court to shift Atchannaidu from Vijayawada sub-jail to the Guntur General Hospital. The petitioner, P Venkatesh, argued that the YSRCP government in an act of political vendetta has exerted pressure on the Guntur General Hospital management in discharging Atchannaidu from the hospital and shifted him to Vijayawada sub-jail. On July 1, Atchannaidu was discharged from the Guntur General Hospital and was shifted to Vijayawada sub-jail. Atchnnaidu was shifted to the Vijayawada sub-jail after the ACB sleuths had completed its interrogation in the Guntur General Hospital.

Atchnnaidu had also written to the superintendent of Guntur General Hospital that he be discharged from the hospital after his complete recovery. Further, Atchnnaidu in his letter to the superintendent noted that certain medical reports were still pending.

It may be noted that Atchannaidu was arrested on June 12 in an early morning swoop from his residence in Tekkali in Srikakulam district. Around 300 police personnel circled Atchannaidu’s residence, some of them even scaled the compound wall, barged in and arrested. The TDP leader at the time of arrest underwent piles surgery.
Despite the surgery, the TDP leader was made to travel more than 500 kms from his home town to Guntur and forced to sit in a car for over 15 hours. Atchannaidu was arrested in the ESI scam that relates to the purchase of drugs, medicines, medical kits and furniture.

The Vigilance and Enforcement directorate found irregularities in the procurement of drugs, medicines and medical kits. However, Vigilance and Enforcement directorate in its report named three directors of IMS, but Atchnnaidu’s name was not mentioned in the report.

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YCP Minister feigns ignorance of gambling in his village

The police raid on a ruling YCP Minister’s village created a sensation in Andhra Pradesh. The police went in mufti clothes while the local gambling organisers attacked them with chilli powder. As this has created a big controversy, Labour Minister Gummanur Jayaram asserted that he has no role behind the gambling activities in his own village.

As some of the policemen were injured in the attacks, the department took it very seriously. The raids were made at Gummanur in Kurnool district following a tip off that large scale gambling was going on. Gamblers and influential persons from different parts in Kurnool district were coming there regularly. This has led to eventual raids.

Because of the local people’s revolt against the police, several persons were arrested. However, some of the close followers of the Minister were allegedly released following top level pressure.

Lot of criticism was coming up amid doubts of how large scale gambling with hundreds of people could be organised in a Minister’s own village without his knowledge and permission.

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TDP or YSRCP or BJP, which is on ventilator support?


It is not unusual to dismiss a political party as something on a deathbed in the first two to three years after an election defeat. The same is happening with the Telugu Desam Party now. CM Jaganmohan Reddy’s strong arm and aggressive attacks are creating an impression that the very existence of TDP is under threat. Coupled with this, the ruling BJP at the Centre is extending indirect support. There is no doubt that it is going to be the test of his lifetime for Chandrababu Naidu.

At the same time, it has become a routine for some critics to say that Naidu is ageing while his son Lokesh has no leadership skills. They are not however explaining what sort of skills that Lokesh is lacking in. Some others are saying that currently Andhra Pradesh is suffering from a political vacuum. Within just 15 months of coming to power, CM Jagan Reddy has attracted some attention with his welfare schemes but has failed to raise hopes on the development front. There are also allegations about a multiplicity of corruption scams. Jagan Reddy’s multiple capitals have also triggered widespread criticism. Already, the Opposition is challenging the CM to resign and seek a fresh mandate on his 3 Capitals plan.

Analysts say that no political party is gaining the confidence of the vast majority of the population as of now in AP. There is no election round the corner right now. Yet, many are talking about the future of different political parties. The BJP, which got less than 1 per cent vote share, has ruled itself out from the power race by ignoring Special Status and Capital issues. The TDP is facing a big threat from CM Jagan. At the same time, the YCP is facing unprecedented criticism on social media which is an indication of rising disappointment about its policies especially on liquor and sand.

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Can RRR be defeated by a YCP Grama Volunteer?


These days, YSRCP MLAs and Ministers are on a single point agenda to attack, humiliate and threaten rebellious MP Raghu Rama Raju (RRR). Ruling party Tanuku MLA Karumuri Nageswara Rao is now challenging RRR to seek fresh mandate from the people. The MLA threatened that their party would put up a Grama Volunteer to defeat Rajugaru. With each passing day, the more RRR is questioning the Government on sand crisis, Corona cases, Amaravati, etc, the uglier the attacks being launched by the YSRCP leaders.

While RRR is making issue-based criticism, the ruling party MLAs and Ministers are making direct, personal attacks and issuing challenges on this, that and everything else except the burning issues like facilities at quarantine facilities and hospital beds for infected patients. Now, the question is what makes the YCP MLAs so bold to challenge RRR to contest against a Grama Volunteer. Everybody knows that Grama Volunteer is at the lowest rung in village administration without any secure job conditions. In the past, politicians used to challenge rivals to contest and win a ward. Nowadays, the scene has changed that they are threatening to put up a Grama Volunteer and defeat their rivals.

On his part, RRR is still maintaining that he won on his own strengths but not solely depending on CM Jagan Reddy’s image. Then, why is Rajugaru not accepting YCP’s challenge to seek a fresh mandate? Analysts say that already, RRR had to take Central forces’ protection following police cases filed by YCP MLAs. It is enough to say how YCP would create such conditions that Rajugaru would not be able to enter his constituency in the event of an election. Engaging a CM like Jagan Reddy in an election would not be as easy as criticising him in a TV debate. RRR may have the blessings of some top BJP leaders, but at the same time the same top BJP leaders were also the secret strengths of AP CM in some ways.

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AP Minister tests Covid +ve, tensions in YCP leaders


YCP’s Education Minister Adimulapu Suresh has contracted Coronavirus infection and he has been undergoing home isolation. He is the second minister from Prakasam district to become an infection patient. Already, Balineni Srinivasulu Reddy fell sick with the virus and he recovered fully later. The latest test was conducted on Suresh also following symptoms of the virus. At the advice of the doctors, the Minister preferred to take treatment while staying at home.

Only yesterday, YSRCP Narasaraopeta MLA tested positive and preferred home quarantine. With the continuing rise in infections, the ruling party leaders and activists are falling victim because of their need for regular interaction with the people.

As Minister Suresh got the infection now, the officials were identifying all those who came in contact with the Minister in the past few weeks. In the beginning of the epidemic also, there were reports that the Minister frequently travelled between Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad. His family members were still staying in Telangana Capital.

The list of the YSRCP Ministers, MPs and MLAs so far infected are as follows:

1. MP Vijayasai Reddy
2. Deputy Chief Minister Amjad Bhasha
3. Minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy
4. Minister Adimulapu Suresh (Yerragondapalem)
5. MLA Ambati Rambabu (Sattenapalli)
6. Gopireddy Srinivasa Reddy
7. MLA Kadubandi Srinivasulu (S Kota)
8. MLA Kilari Rosaiah (Ponnur)
9. MLA Kiliveti Sanjeevaiah (Sullurupeta)
10. MLA Silpa Chakrapani Reddy (Srisailam)
11. Deputy Speaker Kona Raghupati (Bapatla)
12. Biyyapu Madhusudhan Reddy (Srikalahasti)
13. MLA Anna Rambabu (Giddaluru)
14. MLA Karanam Balaram (Chirala, ex TDP)

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RRR’s indirect attack on Jagan Govt on Vizag Capital


The Jaganmohan Reddy government is hell bent on making Kapuluppada on the outskirts of Visakhapatnam the centre of the State future administrative Capital. But, rebel MP Raghu Rama Raju (RRR) gave a new twist to this. He says Kapuluppada is heritage place with the presence of historical structures there. It’s located nearest to the Thotlakonda Buddharamam. Hence, the Central Government should declare and include Kapuluppada in the list of the country’s heritage sites.

Rajugaru is further demanding that all efforts should be made to protect Kapuluppada from destruction. It’s clear that the unstoppable MP is making indirect attacks on the Jagan Reddy regime. RRR has even written a letter to the Union Ministry of Culture to protect and preserve the Buddhist heritage place.

The MP wrote another letter to CM Jagan saying that the schools should not be reopened on September 5 considering the rising Coronavirus threat. RRR says the children are very vulnerable and it would be very difficult to enforce social distancing in schools. The parents’ opinions should be taken into consideration before taking a final decision on this. It’s well known that each day nearly 10,000 Covid are being reported in AP.

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YSRCP vendetta: Rayapati Mamtha summoned for Swarna Palace fire


After former minister and TDP deputy floor leader in the state Assembly K Atchannaidu, Ayanna Patrudu and a host of other TDP leaders, the YSRCP government is now targeting the family of Guntur strongman Rayapati Sambasiva Rao.

In the politics of vendetta, the Jagan government turned its guns on Rayapati Mamatha, daughter-in-law of Rayapati Sambasiva Rao. Her only fault is she is the chief operating officer of Ramesh Hospitals which was recently in news for the fire mishap in Swarna Palace that has left at least 10 Covid-19 patients dead and 18 seriously injured. Ramesh Hospitals was using the Swarna Palace hotel as a COVID Care Centre.

The Vijayawada police on Friday served notices to Rayapati Mamatha to appear for questioning on the Swarna Palace for the fire accident. It is learnt that Rayapati Mamatha, a medical doctor, was recently tested positive for Covid-19 and is in home isolation. Despite this, the police summoned Rayapati Mamatha for questioning.

Sambasiva Rao is a four time TDP MP. He was elected to 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th and 16th Lok Sabha. Currently, Sambasiva Rao
is facing CBI probe pertaining to Rayapati’s company Transtroy over defaulting on bank loans.

Rayapati Mamatha will appear before the Vijayawada police. The notices to Rayapati Mamatha is seen as another classic case of vindictive politics unleashed the Jagan government to arm twist the TDP leaders and family members. This comes at a time even as the top management of the hospital, including the founder and Managing Director (MD) of Ramesh Hospitals Dr Ramesh Babu, are absconding and untraceable.

Lasr week, a four-member team was formed to nab the managing director of the hospital, but to no avail. Since the MD of the hospital and other top management officials are on the run, Rayapati Mamatha became an easy and a new target for the YSRCP government to further its politics of vendetta.

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