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Deputy CM only in name, no real power whatsoever


The joke in North Andhra is the deputy chief minister Pushpa Srivani’s efficacy. Though termed a deputy chief minister, she wields no real power. She really carries no weight among the heavyweights of North Andhra like Botsa and Avanthi Srinivas. The situation is such that even the tribals are mocking her post and power.

Pushpa Srivani had won in 2014 and again in 2019 from tribal-dominated Kurupam and has always been loyal to YS Jagan. Even when other tribal MLAs like Kidari Sarveswara Rao and Giddi Eswari shifted their allegiance from YSRCP to the TDP, Pushpa Srivani did not swerve and remained loyal to the party. Realising this, Jagan not only rewarded her with the tribal welfare ministry but also gave her deputy chief minister’s post.

But two years down the line, the deputy Chief Minister’s post is only ornamental and she does not wield even the authority that the Deputy CM from the minority quota wields. Even as the tribal welfare minister, she has pretty much nothing to boast of. The elephant menace, which has been dogging the constituency for the last two years, has not come under control. A herd of six elephants is destroying the forests and the farm lands in Kurupam and nothing much was done to control them.

The much-touted Purnapadu and Labesu bridge remains incomplete, due to which people of over 25 villages are forced to travel an extra 60 km via Parvathipuram. Several checkdams,small and medium irrigation project are also incomplete. All these are making the tribals comment that the deputy CM post is only of an ornamental value and a mere tokenism that has no real power.

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Story of a YSRCP MLA: Depend on PAs, ruin yourselves


How to ruin one’s own political career and lose popularity as fast as one gets? For all these, one should only study North Andhra’s Pathapatnam’s YSRCP MLA Reddy Santhi. Coming from an illustrious political family that has three former MLA, Reddy Santhi is now said to be finding herself on the political crossroads with anti-incumbency rising against her by each passing day.

Reddy Santhi’s grandfather Saibabu Naidu, father Rajasekhar and Mother Rukmini were all MLAs. But in the recent local body elections, her son Sravan could not win the ZPTC election. At a time when the YSRCP swept all the ZPTC, MPP elections, her son has lost from Hiramandalam ZPTC seat. This has given rise to the public talk that the MLA has lost touch with the constituency and that she has lost her grip on the constituency.

There are 38 ZPTC seats in Srikakulam district. The YSRCP had won 37 of them. The only ZPTC seat lost is that of MLA’s son. To add insult to injury, in three of the five mandals in the constituency, the elected MPPs do not belong to her group. She could not get a person of her choice as the MPP in Hiramandalam, Kothuru and Meliaputti.

The general complaint against the MLA is that she is being guided by her PAs. Even senior party leaders say that her PAs dictate terms and the MLA merely follows them. As a result, even those belonging to her own social category are said to be getting alienated from her. Will the MLA wake up and set her house in order?

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2 years after victory, YSRCP is a divided house in Vizag


Despite all its focus on Vizag, the gateway to North Andhra, problems continue to dog the YSRCP. It has 11 MLAs and the support of a TDP rebel MLA. Yet, the party is finding itself on a shaky ground. Everything looked hunky-dory for the first two years, but now fissures are coming to the fore and opposition to the sitting MLAs is growing.

The cadre took to the streets against the local MLAs in both Payakaraopet and Vizag South. This dissidence has shown its effect on the recent local body elections, where the YSRCP performance was below par. There are reports of similar discontent in other assembly constituencies of the district also.

Meanwhile, the party has made its Kapu face in North Andhra MLA Gudivada Amarnath the president of the Anakapalli Lok Sabha constituency. Though Amarnath is a diehard follower of YS Jagan and has previously worked as the district party unit president, there is a heated debate over his appointment. Gudivada Amarnath’s supporters say that he was made the president as Kapus are the dominant social group in Anakapalle Lok Sabha constituency and also because of his hardwork and dedication.

But his detractors say that this was Jagan’s way of denying Amarnath a post in the cabinet. Gudivada Amarnath has been lobbying very hard for a minister’s post. However, now that he is made the Lok Sabha constituency president, his chances of becoming a minister are slim, they say. Now this has become a hot topic for discussion and the party in Anakapalli is divided into two groups. Instead of solving the problems of groupism, the latest appointment has only added to the problems.

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TDP MLA’s plight in YSRCP, na ghar ka, na ghat ka!


Few TDP MLAs have joined YSRCP after 2019 Assembly polls with a hope of enjoying power and position if they join ruling party instead of remaining powerless in Opposition party. But all their hopes were dashed as they neither got power or money or even the respect they deserve as an MLA.

YSRCP chief and Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy met them only while they joined YSRCP. There has been no CM’s appointment for them later

One such poor MLA is Vasupalli Ganesh, who won from TDP from Vizag South constituency and later joined YSRCP. The YSRCP corporators in Vizag are not allowing him to undertake any activities in his constituency.

The YSRCP leaders and cadre are not ready to accept Ganesh as their MLA even after two years. Moreover, the YSRCP has been divided into three groups in his constituency and rival two groups are working against Ganesh.

Ganesh enjoyed power and position when TDP was in power. He expected the same in YSRCP but shocked to face humiliation from his own party leaders and cadre

Reportedly, he is now planning to make a comeback to TDP but TDP leaders and cadre are resisting his re-entry as they are angry at him for ditching TDP when the party is in crisis.

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Vizag East: Is TDP walking into YSRCP trap?


Is the TDP leadership scoring a self goal in Visakhapatnam East assembly constituency? Is it falling into the YSRCP trap? Is it playing into the hands of the YSRCP, which is using the BC card to confuse the TDP? Well! The political moves of the TDP bosses make it amply clear that the TDP is well on course to fall for the YSRCP bait.

Since its formation in 2009, Vizag East assembly constituency has been a TDP citadel. In 2009, liquor baron-turned-TDP leader Velagapudi Ramakrishna Babu braved Congress and Chiru’s Praja Rajyam Party to win by over 3000 votes. In 2014 too, he had won by a huge margin from the same constituency. In fact, his victory margin was the second highest in the state.

Even in 2019, he braved the Jagan tsunami and managed to win by a huge margin of 25000 votes. This showed his personal connect and popularity among the Vizag East voters. Thus, he earned the sobriquet of ‘Hattrick Hero.’ But, after that the TDP overall performance began to take a beating and the YSRCP had won the local body and GVMC elections.

Now, the YSRCP has begun playing the BC card and has begun saying that Velagapuri Ramakrishna Babu is an outsider for Vizag and that he comes from the Upper Castes. It gave MLC post to Vamsikrishna, a BC and the Vizag mayor too is a BC. The TDP too appears to have fallen into the BC trap and is said to be thinking of projecting a BC. Thus, it is actually falling into the YSRCP trap. Already, there is a talk within the TDP that Velagapudi could be denied the ticket. If that happens, the TDP would only play into the hands of the YSRCP, say analysts. Is someone in TDP listening?

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AP CID sleuths knock RRR’s door, MP refuses to meet them


Early on Wednesday morning, Narsapur MP and renegade YSRCP leader Raghuramakrishnam Raju had uninvited guests. Four CID officials from Andhra Pradesh landed at his doorstep to serve a notice on him. However, Raghuramakrishnam Raju has not so far come out of his residence to receive the notices.

The CID sleuths from Andhra Pradesh knocked at RRR’s door at about 9 am on Wednesday. It is well-known that RRR has several cases pending against him. But, in view of the Supreme Court’s directions, he cannot be arrested. Sources say it is not known in which connection, the CID sleuths are at RRR’s door.

Sources said that RRR is in consultation with his legal advisors on how to respond to the notices that the AP CID intends to serve. Sources say that the CID officials want RRR to appear and depose before the sleuths in connection with the old cases. Eyewitnesses say that RRR’s advisors are talking to the AP CID sleuths.

RRR has challenged the might of AP CM and YSRCP supremo YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He has earlier been arrested. Protesting against the arrests, While securing a bail, RRR has obtained a blanket ban on his arrest from the Supreme Court.

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Why political scene in Dharmavaram hotting up 2 years before election?


Elections are a good two years away but the political scenario is heating up in Anantapur’s Dharmavaram. Three strong candidates – an ex-MLA, a present MLA and a person who wants to become an MLA in future, are raising the political mercury.

The issue was ignited when G Suryanarayana, the former MLA, who is now in the BJP, leveled serious allegations against sitting MLA Kethireddy Venkatrami Reddy. G Suryanarayana, who is a diehard TDP man, is now taking refuge in the BJP. He has furnished some proof and said that the MLA was resorting to irregularities. He alleged that there was land grab and even destruction of the temple for a hidden treasure trove.

He said that the MLA has built a swanky palace on the banks of Dharmavaram lake. He said the palace has a boating facility and houses a horse stable. In his rebuttal, Kethireddy said that the former MLA was leveling all these allegations only for cheap publicity.

The political waters got further muddied when Paritala Sriram, who is the TDP incharge for the constituency, entered the fray. He has attacked both Kethireddy and Gonuguntla Suryanarayana. He said that Suryanarayana was fighting for his existence and political future, while Kethireddy was amassing unlimited wealth. With the hyper activism of all the three key leaders, the Dharmavaram politics are heating up even two years before the actual elections.

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“WhatsApp exit” shakes YSRCP govt!


Thousands of employees working in village secretariats and ward secretariats across Andhra Pradesh have quit from official WhatsApp groups enmasse giving a major jolt to YSRCP government.

The employees opted for this novel protest route to vent their ire at Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy for failing to fulfill his promise of according them ‘permanent employee’ status by confirming their probation period for the last two years.

Jagan promised to give them permanent employee status in two years which expired on October 2, 2021. But he failed to do so even in January 2022 now.

Jagan has now come up with a new promise that he will accord permanent employee status by June 30 this year. This triggered severe protests from employees.

They have decided to exit from AP government’s official WhatsApp groups which instruct them on their job chart and duties every day.

These WhatsApp groups are run by joint collectors in each district. The administration in village and ward secretariats came to a standstill with staff exiting from WhatsApp groups one after the other.

Officials are warning employees of removal from jobs if they exit from WhatsApp groups but it failed to stop employees from exiting groups.

Now YSRCP government is clueless on how to make staff join WhatsApp groups again and save village and ward secretariats from closure.

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YSRCP rebel MP plans to resign, contest bypoll


Rebel MP of Andhra Pradesh’s ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) K. Raghurama Krishna Raju on Friday said he would soon resign as a Lok Sabha member and contest the by-election.

Stating that the YSRCP has been trying to get him disqualified, the MP from Narsapuram asked the party to specify as to how long it would take for his disqualification.

“If they fail to get me disqualified, I will resign and contest the election again,” he told reporters.

The MP said the outcome of the by-election would reflect how strong are the anti-incumbency sentiments in the state.

Alleging that people are disgruntled with the government led by Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, Raju said he would contest the election with Amaravati as the main issue.

He claimed that people want Amaravati to continue as the only state capital.

Meanwhile, YSRCP leader and government advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said there was no need to take Raju’s statement seriously. He pointed out that they have been asking him to resign.

Raju, who was elected to Lok Sabha from Narsapuram on YSRCP ticket in 2019, raised the banner of revolt in 2020 by openly criticising the party policies.

It was in July 2020 that the YSRCP had submitted a disqualification petition against him to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla.

The party leaders had brought to the Speaker’s notice that Raju had been making statements against the party. They said his conduct was highly questionable and he lost the moral right to continue as a member of the House representing the party. He was also accused of hobnobbing with the leaders of the opposition party and using unparliamentary language against party President and Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy and other party members.

Last year, the MP moved a CBI court seeking cancellation of bail of Jagan Mohan Reddy and YSRCP MP Vijaya Sai Reddy in quid pro case. After the CBI court dismissed his petitions, he approached the Telangana High Court, which last week reserved its orders.

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Why is this No.2 in Jagan cabinet undertaking hectic tours?


Andhra Pradesh minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy is considered as the No. 2 in cabinet after Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy. He is known to be the only minister in the cabinet who can meet CM Jagan without any prior appointment.

Peddireddy got elected as MLA thrice from Punganuru seat in 2009, 2014 and 2019. Peddireddy is undertaking hectic tours in Punganuru constituency all of a sudden these days.

His sudden tours for 15 days at a stretch at this stage is creating doubts among all. This is because there are no elections in AP until 2024.

Moreover, Peddireddy never undertook tours in constituency for so many days even after getting elected thrice.

Speculations are rife that he is doing this to save his minister post in case Jagan reshuffles his cabinet. He wants to project himself as an efficient minister who deserves full 5-year term as minister.

Another talk doing rounds is that Peddireddy is worried about new TDP incharge for Punganuru, Challa Babu who is slowly gaining hold on the constituency with his public outreach programmes.

To counter this, Peddireddy is reportedly undertaking hectic tours in constituency and see that his followers do not switch sides to TDP.

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Ban of Eenadu, ABN, TV5: Nani’s overaction irks YSRCP!


Andhra Pradesh minister Kodali Nani announced a ban on Eenadu and Andhra Jyothy newspapers, besides, ETV, ABN and TV5 news channels. Kodali Nani announced the ban by conducting a press conference on Thursday (today).

Nani said that this ban is announced on behalf of YSRCP and no minister or MLA or any other leader of YSRCP or party workers will speak to these newspapers or TV channels. He also said that all YSRCP leaders from top level to bottom level should not read these newspapers or watch these TV channels.

Nani cited ‘false propaganda’ carried by these media groups against YSRCP government as the reason for banning them.

It is not clear whether this ban decision was taken by Nani himself or whether it was announced on the directions of YSRCP chief and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

But Nani nowhere claimed that it was announced on the directions of Jagan. This became evident that it’s the decision taken by Nani.

YSRCP leaders and cadre are reportely irked at Nani’s ‘overaction’ in announcing the ban. They question who gave powers to Nani to take decisions on behalf of YSRCP.

Is Nani YSRCP founder or YSRCP president to take decisions and announce them on his own without consulting anyone in the party? they ask.

In this era of digital and social media, is it possible to ban any newspaper or TV channel? they ask.

It remains to be seen how Jagan or Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy react to Nani’s ban on media organisations.

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Incharge minister Anil fuels group politics in Kurnool!


Andhra Pradesh irrigation minister Anil Kumar Yadav is also the incharge minister for Kurnool district. YSRCP chief and Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has appointed Anil as incharge minister for Kurnool to set right the things for party and government in the district.

Incidentally, Jagan replaced senior minister Botsa Satyanarayana who was incharge minister for Kurnool district with a junior minister Anil. Such was the confidence of Jagan on Anil.

But Anil’s entry into Kurnool district created more problems for YSRCP than doing good, feel district party leaders and cadres. This is because he is accused of encouraging group politics in Kurnool instead of strengthening the party and government.

Anil is totally neglecting development of Kurnool district. He hardly visits district to monitor development programmes. It was more than one year since Anil came to Kurnool.

He is not even attending DRC meetings to review development programmes in district. As this is not enough, he is damaging YSRCP politically in Kurnool by creating rift between rival groups in party.

Kurnool YSRCP leaders and cadres reportedly demanding Jagan to remove Anil from the district incharge minister post to save party in the district.

Fearing that Jagan may initiate action against him, Anil has decided to tour Kurnool district for two days soon.

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Its Duvvada vs Perada in North Andhra YSRCP


The ruling YSRCP is fast becoming a haven for group fights and battles for supremacy. Already, intense groupism has marred the ruling party in Rayalaseema and Palnadu. Now, even in North Andhra, differences between leaders are threatening to weaken the party. The battle of one-upmanship between party leaders Duvvada Srinivas and Perada Tilak is blowing up into a full-scale war in Tekkali constituency of Srikakulam district.

As part of the efforts aimed at containing the influence of TDP MLA and party AP unit president Atchen Naidu, YS Jagan promoted both Duvvada and Perada in a significant way. Duvvada was made an MLC, while Perada was made the chairperson of the Kalinga Corporation. Instead of weakening Atchen Naidu, these two leaders are fighting among themselves.

Recently, the anti-Duvvada group held a meeting in Tekkali and demanded that Duvvada Srinivas be removed from the post of constituency incharge. It is an open secret that Perada Tilak is behind the meeting. Not to be outdone, the Duvvada group too met at Tekkali and took to social media to attack Perada Tilak. This group alleged that Atchen Naidu was behind the anti-Duvvada group.

The ruling party leaders are watching these developments with alarm. The party leadership is now said to be talking to both Duvvada and Perada groups. They want both the groups to bury their differences and work for the party. However, nobody seems to be listening.

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Is YSRCP using Mudragada, Ganta to rob TDP’s Kapu votes?


The TDP is watching the developments among the Kapu community with alarm. With the community leaders talking of a caste conglomerate to grab power in 2024, the TDP is worried that this could be a plan aimed at eating into the TDP support base. The TDP has banked on the Kapu votes to regain power in 2024. Now, Kapu community leaders are threatening to usurp the carefully held vote bank.

The TDP insiders feel that the alienation of the BC and the Kapu voters is the chief cause for the party’s stunning defeat in 2019. It feels that while the BCs are slowly but surely coming back to the TDP and efforts are underway to bring back the Kapus. The party’s assessment is that the Kapus are slowly moving away from the ruling YSRCP. The party is also trying to forge an alliance with the Jana Sena with Kapu votes in mind.

But now Kapu patriarch Mudragada Padmanabham is making an effort to polarise the Kapus. This would only cause a division in the Kapu votes. This would also wean away some Kapu leaders from the TDP. The TDP is now probing into who is behind the latest political activism among the Kapu community

The TDP feels that the YSRCP is behind this move. Mudragada, a known YSRCP-backer and turncoat politician Ganta Srinivasa Rao, who made several attempts to join the YSRCP after the 2019 elections, are being propped up by the YSRCP.

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Non-Reddy YSRCP MLAs revolting against Reddy leaders!


YSRCP is known to be a ‘Reddy dominated party’ since its inception. But after YSRCP came to power in Andhra Pradesh in 2019, the Reddy domination has crossed all the limits

YSRCP chief and AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy might have given key cabinet minister posts to Non-Reddy MLAs to balance caste equations, but it is widely believed that these Non-Reddy ministers have no powers. It’s the Reddy leaders in respective districts and Assembly constituencies who are not even MLAs run the show.

People approach these Reddy leaders for any works or recommendations and they ignore non Reddy MLAs. These Reddy leaders get their works done by reaching out to top YSRCP Reddy leaders directly without the knowledge of their non Reddy MLAs.

Non Reddy MLAs in YSRCP are reportedly feeling humilated with this attitude of Reddy leaders. The situation is more worse in Prakasam district.

Non Reddy MLAs in Prakasam district have reportedly joined hands to revolt and fight against Reddy domination. MLAs from Vyshya and Yadav community are angry at Reddy domination in their respective constituencies. Even education minister Adimulapu Suresh is learnt to be angry at Reddys.

If Jagan fails to control this, there is a risk of non Reddy MLAS quitting YSRCP and join TDP or some other parties.

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Will YS Sharmila eat into YSRCP votes in Pulivendula?


The political circles in Andhra Pradesh are agog with the buzz about the possible foray of YS Sharmila into AP politics. There are animated debates about the possible impact that Sharmila might have on AP politics. Questions are being raised as to whether her entry would upset the calculation and political fortunes of the ruling YSRCP and its chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Speculations are rife about Sharmila’s entry into AP politics, ever since she made sensational remarks as to whether there was a bar on her from entering AP politics. This is being seen as a direct challenge to YS Jagan. The relations between Sharmila and Jagan have soured and both are on a collision course.

But the question is what? impact she will have on AP politics, especially the ruling YSRCP? She would cut into the votes of the YSRCP only as she cannot get any support from the voters who prefer other parties like the TDP, BJP and Jana Sena. There are fears that with the fast dwindling popularity of YS Jagan and his government, she might eat into Jagan’s support base. But, will YS fans move towards Sharmila instead of YS Jagan? What will be the role of YS Vijayamma? Will she campaign for Sharmila instead of YS Jagan? Will Sharmila’s influence be limited to the Rayalaseema districts alone or will it extend to the whole state?

Similarly, there are also unconfirmed reports that Sharmila might contest against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in Pulivendula. If that happens, which way will the voters of Pulivendula go? Will she be able to give a tough fight to YS Jagan? These questions are now being debated in political circles and one has to wait and watch for this story of sibling rivalry to unravel.

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YSRCP’s big headache: MLA, MLC fight protocol wars


Both are legislators from the ruling party. But, both are not seeing eye-to-eye. Those in the know say they do not even like to wish each other. Now the tussle between the two legislators of the same party is threatening to spill over onto the streets. The leaders in question are Kasu Mahesh Reddy, the MLA of Gurajala and Janga Krishnamurthy, the MLC.

Both the leaders are from the Palnadu region and are at war with one another. Both are trying to get one-up on the other. Janga has been a two-time MLA from Gurajala, but became an MLC. Mahesh is from Narasaraopet and has since shifted to Gurajala in 2019. The Janga group accuses Kasu group of ignoring them and sidelining them. The situation has come to such a pass that both the leaders are not participating together in any programme.

Recently, the YSRCP MPTCs from Dachepalli mandal were sworn-in in the presence of Janga Krishna Murthy. Soon after the MLC left, Kasu Mahesh reached the pace. The MPTCs were sworn in again in the presence of Kasu. This has become a big issue in the constituency. Janga has in fact lodged a complaint against breach of protocol on the issue.

The Kasu group has its own litany of complaints. All the 31 councillors of Piduguralla municipal council were elected unopposed mainly due to the efforts of Kasu. But, they were felicitated by Janga group. Kasu was not invited to the function. Recently, both the groups tore each other’s flexis. This led to fisticuffs between both the groups. Locals say that CM Jagan should intervene and set the house in order.

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Is this why Jagan is rushing to Delhi?


Barely days after former Union Minister and BJP national leader Prakash Javadekar said that all key YSRCP leaders would be put behind the bars, YSRCP boss and AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will visit Delhi on Monday. He would also meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 4 PM on Tuesday.

While the official sources say that he would discuss issues like special status, revenue deficit, assurances given during the bifurcation, Kadapa steel plant, Duggarajupatnam port and revised estimates on Polavaram project, unofficial sources say that most of these are settled facts and Centre is not yielding even an inch to the State Government’s requests.

Sources say that the BJP-YSRCP relations are going to be the key issue for discussion. The relations are strained these days with BJP state chief Somu Veerraju going ballistic on the YSRCP. Similarly, Javadekar’s comments are being viewed seriously. Suddenly, the BJP has upped its ante and is attacking the YSRCP. The recent public meeting of the BJP too is being seen as a step in this direction.

Another significant pointer is that this is the first time that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is meeting the Prime Minister after withdrawing the bill meant to trifurcate the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Sources say Jagan had withdrawn the bill on the advice of both the PM and Amit Shah. Thus the meeting assumes special significance.

Sources say that Jagan may not be discussing bifurcation related issues with the PM as a meeting is scheduled for January 12 for the specific purpose. Sources say that the relations between the two parties and the future politics could be the chief agenda for the meeting.

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Roja’s ‘strategic moves’ puts YSRCP, CM and ministes in a fix!


YSRCP firebrand leader, actress and MLA Roja is making ‘strategic moves’ to take on her own party leaders in her home constituency Nagari. Her rivals in YSRCP are undertaking an aggressive negative campaign against her on social media platforms accusing her of indulging in illegal transportation of sand and indulging in other irregularities to make huge huge money by misusing her power.

Roja, who kept mum all these days, suddenly sprung into action to check her political rivals in YSRCP. But Roja is using TDP as a weapon to gain upper hand over her rivals.

Roja met Chittoor SP Senthil Kumar and complained that some vested interests with an aim to benefit and strengthen TDP in Nagari were resorting to false propaganda against her on social media platforms and requested the police to file criminal cases against them.

She complained that some persons with vested interests are spreading false information on social media that she was transporting sand illegally but the fact remains that the sand is being transported legally by government departments to undertake development programmes in Nagari and also to build Jagananna colonies.

She said this false propaganda is damaging the reputation of YSRCP government, CM YS Jagan, Chittoor district ministers, mining minister and government departments.

Instead of taking on her rivals directly, she complained in a manner by dragging YSRCP government, CM Jagan and ministers into this issue.

Now, party high command is not in a position to talk anything on this issue as she complained in a strategic manner by approaching police against TDP.

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See how YSRCP is losing ground in Anantapur district


It was once the citadel of the TDP. The whole district had returned the TDP in a big way in 2019. But, in 2019, the story reversed and the YSRCP had won all but two seats in the district. In Anantapur, only Uravakonda and Hindupur remained loyal to the TDP. In all other seats, the YSRCP flag fluttered proudly.

But has the YSRCP been able to retain its superiority? Has it lived up to the expectations of the people? Has the YSRCP addressed the long pending problems of the district? How are the MLAs from the YSRCP performing? The unanimous opinion is that the YSRCP leaders have failed to understand the pulse of the district.

The biggest problem in Anantapur YSRCP is that there is intense groupism. No two MLAs are friendly. The MPs and the MLAs are working at cross purposes. There is literally no coordination between the party leaders. Sources say there is no sense of unity and commonality of purpose among the YSRCP leaders.

Some of the victorious MLAs are focusing on their businesses. Some have shifted their base to Bengaluru, which is just two hours drive from Anantapur town. Those who stayed up in the district headquarters are focusing on wreaking vengeance on their political rivals. If the same trend continues. The YSRCP may not be able to repeat its 2019 success story in 2014, says sources.

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