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When will YSRCP hold its plenary session?


The one question that everybody in the YSRCP is asking is when the next plenary session of the party will be organized. The YSRCP constitution has mandated that the political parties should hold their plenary sessions once in two years. But it has already been four years since the YSRCP’s plenary session is held. So holding a plenary is imperative now

It goes to the credit of Chandrababu that despite Covid lockdown, Chandrababu managed to hold the plenary of the party online. The TRS in Telangana is now planning to hold the plenary. But, there seems to be no plenary insight for the YSRCP. The party could not hold the plenary in 2020 due to the Covid lockdown.

The last plenary of the YSRCP was held in July 2018. That was ahead of the 2019 assembly and general elections. It was in this plenary that YS Jagan has unveiled the ambitious Navaratnalu and announced his historic Praja Sankalpa Yatra. These two turned out to be game-changers for the YSRCP and catapulted it to power with an unprecedented majority. But since then, the same party executives are running the show at all levels. The village, mandal, and district level units need to be reconstituted. Those who have got positions of power are keeping away from the organizational work. There are reports that in some districts, even the district officers are being opened regularly.

Sources say that YS Jagan is planning to give key organizational responsibilities to the ministers who would be dropped from the cabinet in the upcoming cabinet reshuffle. They say that the plenary thus could be held only after the cabinet rejig is completed.

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Who is the super boss of Andhra Pradesh?


Who is the super minister of Andhra Pradesh? Who talks about every ministry in YS Jagan government? Who virtual super boss? Who doubles up for YS Jagan when the latter relaxes in his Tadepalli mansion? Who talks to all departments and who controls the party?

According to renegade YSRCP MP Raghuramakrishnam Raju, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy is the super boss of the YSRCP. He says that one has to approach Sajjala to get any work in any department done in AP. As the government advisor, has emerged as the real power centre without any responsibility. He is neither an MLA nor a minister, but he is making every department dance to his tunes, says Raghurama.

Sajjala is said to have discussed the coal and power situation in the state with the Coal India chairperson. At the same time, he is holding discussions with the government employees, who are on warpath over non-payment of salaries. Raghurama decried Sajjala’s power without any responsibility and said this would harm the state.

Sajjala, a political dark horse, is today the most important individual in AP after YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He managed to pip past both Vijay Sai Reddy and YV Subba Reddy to emerge as the key advisor to YS Jagan. Meanwhile, there is a buzz in Tadepalli that Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy could soon be inducted into YS Jagan’s cabinet.

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The story of an MLA and her four PAs


Chilakaluripet YSRCP MLA Vidadala Rajini is a sure-fire newsmaker. Her pro-active politics, ambitious moves and craze for publicity make her hog the headlines for some reason or the other. She knows how to occupy the centre-stage in any programme and knows the art of getting media coverage.

Rajini, who was with the TDP, joined the YSRCP ahead of the 2019 election. She defeated minister Prattipati Pullarao from Chilakaluripet and became an MLA. Ever since, she has been aiming for a ministerial berth in YS Jagan’s council of ministers. She is highly active both on ground and on social media.

However, it is her Pas who are her biggest problem. Unlike many MLAs, she has four PAs. One of them is government appointed, while the remaining are her personal staff. However, these four PAs are turning out to be biggest hindrances in her popularity. They are preventing the general public and even the party cadre from meeting her. Anyone who wants to meet her has to pass through these four ‘gate-keepers.’

One of the PAs is involved in cases pertaining to sand quarry lands and liquor trade. The second PA is embroiled in the PDS rice diversion. He is said to have exported the PDS rice to foreign countries. Another PA is said to be involved in collecting bribes for the transfer of the officials. For instance, Chilakaluripet CI has been transferred four times in the last two years. These PAs are said to be tarnishing Rajini’s image in Chilakaluripet.

Will Vidadala Rajini wake up and make a course correction? Will she replace the corrupt PAs immediately and control the damage? Let’s wait and see.

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Vijaysai hits back at rivals within party with Praja Durbar


As if to answer the critics about his sudden silence, YSRCP general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Vijaysai Reddy has begun “Praja Durbar,” an interface to understand and solve the problems of the common people in Visakhapatnam. Anyone can meet Vijaysai and get their problems addressed immediately through this Praja Durbar.

According to sources close to the MP, the Praja Durbar would be on for five days a week from Monday till Friday, during which anyone can meet him without any appointment. Vijaysai will directly speak to the concerned officials and resolve their issues quickly sans any bureaucratic red-tapism. Till now, Vijaysai used to listen to the problems of only those who used to meet him with a prior appointment. Now, they can meet him during the Praja Durbar without any hassles.

Political analysts see this move as an attempt to answer the critics who claimed that Vijaysai Reddy has fallen silent these days. There was also a buzz that YS Jagan had asked him to lay off Visakhapatnam in view of the opposition from the other leaders in the YSRCP. Several MLAs and other party leaders had recently complained that Vijaysai was controlling every lever of power in Vizag and that his nod was needed for even small things.

There were also reports that he had shifted his base to New Delhi these days. However, proving all these claims wrong, Vijaysai has begun the Praja Darbar. Not just that, he has also signalled his intentions to contest from Vizag in the 2024 elections.

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Navaratnalu eats up all welfare programmes in AP


The Navaratnalu is the flagship programme of the YSRCP government and the government is taking every care to ensure that the delivery mechanisms are fool-proof and the benefits reach the target populations. But in the name of ensuring the success of Navaratnalu, is the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government watering down all other welfare programmes? Those in the know say – yes.

Schemes like foreign education promotion, best available school scheme, Kalyana Kanuka, incentives for inter-caste marriages, gifts during Sankranthi, Ramzan and Christmas festivals, building of community halls have been hit hard. Insiders say that the YSRCP government has stopped the construction of 1187 BC community halls being built at a cost of Rs 165 crore and 12 BC bhavans being built at a cost of 56.47 crore soon after it came to power. Similarly, the construction of SC, ST Ambedkar Bhavans and housing schemes have also been stopped.

Sources also say that schemes like Chandranna Kanuka have not been allocated even a single rupee. Even the incentives for inter-caste marriages have been stopped. Ditto with the financial help for higher education. The schemes that promoted education in foreign countries and the Vidyonnati scheme that enabled civil services aspirants to avail financial assistance have also been stopped.

The AP government says that Amma Vodi, Vidya Deevena and other schemes are enough to take care of the educational needs of the students. It has claimed that the earlier schemes were redundant and have been scrapped. Similarly, the festival gifts, that the earlier government had given to the people of the minority communities, has also been stopped. This has affected nearly 12 lakh households. The general opinion is that Navaratnalu is no replacement for the slew of welfare schemes. The specific purpose for which the schemes were put in place have been defeated, sources say.

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Will Butta Renuka be made YSRCP MP candidate again?


Remember Butta Renuka? She was the MP from Kurnool during 2014-2019. Her tenure was marked by party-hopping. Soon after winning on YSRCP ticket, she announced that she was joining the TDP. Peer pressure forced her to stay back in the party, but not for long. Later, she joined the TDP and ahead of the 2019 elections, she joined back the YSRCP. Ever since, she is in the YSRCP and is without any major party or official post.

But it now appears that happy days are here for her again. Jagan, who is currently reviewing the party MPs’ position in every constituency, is said to be not happy with the performance of sitting MP Dr SanjeevKumar. Jagan feels that Dr Kumar is not doing enough to win the people’s confidence and strengthen the party in the constituency. Party sources say that Jagan may not give the party ticket to him in 2024.

Reports say that Jagan has already sent feelers to Butta Renuka and asked her to prepare to contest the elections from Kurnool Lok Sabha seat in 2024. Like Dr Sanjeev kumar, Renuka too is a BC. She belongs to the handloom weavers’ community. Renuka is an entrepreneur and runs the famed Meridian School in Hyderabad. Her husband too is quite politically active. Sources say she is a personal friend of YS Bharathi and that Bharathi has played a key role in getting Renuka a ticket in the 2014 elections.

Sources say that Renuka has already begun consolidating her hold in Kurnool. She has begun building her network in the constituency. She is said to be holding small meetings with the key leaders in the constituency.

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6 of the 11 YSRCP MLAs get negative score in Jagan’s internal survey

Who are the six MLAs who got negative scores in the internal surveys of the party? This is the biggest topic of discussion in the YSRCP these days in the Visakhapatnam district. Internal surveys commissioned by YSRCP top leadership has shown that the performance of as many as six MLAs is below par and the dissatisfaction levels are quite high.

If sources are to be believed, five of the MLAs are first-timers while the other is a senior MLA. The survey also showed that out of the 11 MLAs seats won by the YSRCP in 2019 elections, there is anti-incumbency in four seats. The survey also showed that if elections were to be held today, the opposition TDP is likely to increase its vote share, if not seats.

Sources say that YS Jagan collected the responses from the people who have been with the YSRCP even before his Praja Sankalpa Yatra. He reportedly felt that the feedback of the loyal party workers was important. The general complaints were about rampant groupism, inaccessibility and lack of response on public issues. However, there was a positive response for the Navaratnalu and other welfare schemes of the YSRCP.

Jagan is said to be getting similar surveys commissioned in every district to ascertain the public mood and the perception about the performance of the party MLAs. Sources say that across the state, there is considerable disappointment at the working style of several MLAs. However, the Opposition is still not in a position to capitalise on this anti-incumbency. Hence, Jagan wants to ensure that the image of the MLAs is improved forthwith to tide over the 2024 elections.

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Cabinet reshuffle: Who will be in and who will be out from Srikakulam?


Two senior leaders from Srikakulam are pinning all their hopes on the proposed reshuffle of YS Jagan’s council of ministers. Both the leaders, who had their stint for over three-and-a-half decades and are at the fag end of their careers, want to have one more go at the ministry. Both the leaders are said to be moving heaven and earth to gain an entry into Jagan’s cabinet.

Dharmana Prasada Rao, who has been sulking for quite some time at being sidelined, is trying to become a minister this time. His brother Dharmana Krishna Das is already a minister. But, his performance is said to be quite disappointing. Party sources say that he could be asked to sidestep so that Dharmana Prasada Rao could be made a minister.

Similarly, Speaker Tammineni Sitaram too wants to end his long political career with one last stint as a minister. He has been lobbying hard for a ministerial position and is said to have even expressed his desire before YS Jagan in a personal meeting. Sources say that the top heads of the party are in a mood to oblige Tammineni. But sources say that Dharmana could be made the speaker in place of Tammineni.

Party sources say that another minister from Srikakulam S Appala Raju’s position is quite firm mainly because of the caste equations. It remains to be seen what YS Jagan will do while reshuffling his council of ministers. Who will be in and who will be out?

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Can YS Jagan remove these three ministers from the cabinet?


The talk of a massive overhaul of the council of ministers is the toast of the season in the YSRCP these days in Andhra Pradesh. Minister Balineni Srinivas Reddy, a close relative of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, has already stated that every minister, including himself, could be replaced. This has heightened the feverish debate over the cabinet reshuffle.

But, will it be a complete overhaul? Will all the ministers be sent packing? Will YS Jagan gather courage to ruffle the feathers of three party biggies – Botsa Satyanarayana in North Andhra, Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy from Chittoor and Buggana Rajendranath Reddy from Kurnool?

The buzz in the YSRCP is that Jagan may not touch these three ministers as they are too powerful and can upset Jagan’s apple cart if they are removed from the cabinet. Both Botsa and Peddireddy can cause an earthquake in their respective districts if they are removed. Buggana is very important in Jagan’s scheme of things. There is a general feeling that no other person can match Buggana’s skills in managing the state’s financial situation. Sources say that other ministers like Kodali Nani, Anil Yadav, Perni Nani, Kanna Babu and Dharmana Krishna Das could face an uncertain future, but not these three ministers.

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Team PK’s Vizag survey results shock YSRCP?


Despite a string of electoral successes and a weak and emaciated opposition, if one thought that everything is hunky-dory in the ruling YSRCP, then think again. There is seething discontent in the party and both the people and the party workers are none too happy with the way things are going in the YSRCP. Surprised? But, this is what the preliminary report of the Team Prashant Kishore is saying.

Members of Team PK, who are currently surveying in Vizag, have brought to the fore these startling facts. The public image of the YSRCP MLAs and MPs is quite poor and there is a lot of discontent among the party cadre and the grassroots leaders over the way the nominated posts were given. There are several questions about the working style of the party leaders.

More importantly, there is lot of disenchantment with Rajya Sabha MP Vijaysai Reddy’s style of functioning. Almost all the YSRCP leaders had complained against Vijaysai Reddy. Reportedly there were complaints galore about his shady land deals and irregularities. There is a talk that he has emerged as the all-in-all for the YSRCP.

Sources say that the Team PK will collate the data and prepare a comprehensive report that would be submitted to YS a Jagan. This report will form the basis of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s corrective actions for the future. Sources say that PK will guide and decide the party’s future course in the next two years.

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Is Mohan Babu moving away from the YSRCP?


Though he considers himself non-political, actor Mohan Babu is closely linked to politics. He had in the past worked for the TDP and the BJP. His last political foray was in the YSRCP. In the 2019 elections, he has campaigned for the YSRCP. In fact, he had even staged a dharna slamming Chandrababu Naidu over non-payment of fee reimbursement.

But if one looks at his recent comments in the “Open Heart With RK” in ABN Andhra Jyothi, it becomes clear that he is not happy with the way things are happening in the YSRCP. He indirectly indicated that he could not get the TTD trust board chairperson post. He said it was the prerogative of the chief minister. He gave the post to his close relative, he remarked. At the same time, his unhappiness with the fee reimbursement appears to continue.

However, Mohan Babu was careful when he stopped short of blaming YS Jagan Mohan for this. He said some officials were misleading the government. He said because of this misleading advice, the higher education is suffering. He said he has indicated his opposition He said that the government had taken a decision and that the decision was not to his liking.

While Mohan Babu was quite careful with his words and did not openly show any defiance of Jagan Mohan Reddy, he did indicate his dissatisfaction with the AP government. At the same time, he did not also reveal whether he would campaign for any other political party in the next elections.

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Pawan Kalyan’s clever move brings YSRCP on the “roads”

Many may write off Pawan Kalyan as a part-time politician. But this guy sure has political acumen. With just one statement, he has put the mighty YSRCP government on the mat and pushed it into the defensive. The issue of the condition of the roads was taken up at the right time.

AP’s politics have strangely taken to “streets”. Yes… the politics in AP today are about streets. Strangely, it is the Jana Sena which is leading the fight over the condition of the roads, while the TDP, which ruled the state till a couple of years, is silent on the issue. YSRCP, which agitated over the roads two years ago, is now defending the condition of the roads.

Some sources say that Pawan had prior information that the Government would take up repairs to the roads. He had an idea about the exact areas where the roads would be repaired. So, he cleverly announced that he would take up an agitation from October 2. As part of the agitation, he was to do “shramadanam.” However, the YSRCP has hurriedly begun repairs at the same spot. Now, Pawan Kalyan can claim victory saying that the government took up repairs because of his agitation.

Interestingly, the TDP did raise its voice on the condition of the roads in the state of Andhra Pradesh. But, it lost its steam when the YSRCP countered the TDP saying that the condition of the roads had deteriorated even before the YSRCP government took over. This put the TDP on the defensive. Taking advantage of it, the Jana Sena came to the front and has claimed credit.

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This firebrand woman leader faces heat on home turf


She may be a firebrand who took on Chandrababu Naidu. She may be a two-time MLA, who proved her mettle both inside and outside the assembly. She may be a top-notch leader of the YSRCP and may have won praises from one and all. But, within her constituency, she has always been facing challenges and problems. What is interesting is that they are not from the rival political party, but from within her own party – the YSRCP.

Nagari MLA RK Roja’s problems stem from within not from outside. Now her biggest problem is how to get her nominee as the MPP of Nindra mandal. The biggest obstacle is from YSRCP leader and Srisailam Trust Board Chairperson Reddivari Chakrapani Reddy. Out of the 8 MPTCs in the mandal, seven went into the YSRCP kitty and one to the TDP. Normally, this should have been a celebration time for the YSRCP. But, the problem is of the seven MPTCs, only three – Deepa – are from MLA Roja’s group. The remaining four belong to the Reddivari Chakrapani Reddy group. This group has won over the lone TDP MPTC

While Roja is rooting for Deepa, Chakrapani wants his brother Bhaskara Reddy to become the MPP. The rivalry has gone to such lengths that at one state Chakrapani has dared Roja to contest against him and win from Nagari. The election of the MPP has been postponed due to his rivalry. Now the election commission has announced that the election would be held on October 8.

Now both the groups have met Chittoor strongman and minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, but to no avail. Now the issue has gone to Tadepalli. YS Jagan is now seized of the matter. Both Roja and Chakrapani Reddy are adamant that the Nindra MPP should be their respective nominee. Let’s see if Roja will bloom or Chakrapani Reddy has his way.

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Survey says 66 YSRCP MLAs are in the red zone


An interesting political survey is doing rounds in the AP circles these days. The survey says that the people are by and large happy with the YS Jagan government. It says the satisfaction levels are high. But then, there is a lot of discontent against the MLAs and the MPs. The survey conducted by a survey agency called Atma Sakshi, throws up interesting results.

Out of the 151 MLAs of the YSRCP, at least 66 are having a very poor rating. Of them, 46 are deemed extremely poor performers. These MLAs got only 26 marks out of 100. As many as 20 MLAs got between 27 t0 35 marks. Out of the 22 MPs, there is a high level of dissatisfaction against 8 of them. The survey, conducted from March to September, was done in three phases. IIT students were involved in the survey.

Sources said that the details were collected from 68200 persons from 13 districts. One of the major outcomes is that though the people would vote for the YSRCP, they are not happy with the performance of the MLAs and the MPs.

The survey also showed that the going is very tough for ministers like Anil Yadav, Mekathoti Sucharita, Vellampalli Srinivas, Pushpa Srivani, Sankara Narayana, Gummanuru Jayaram, Thaneti Vanitha, Cherukuwada Sriranganatha Raju, Dharmana Krishna Das, Pinipe Viswaroop and Avanti Srinivas. They do not seem to have any grip in their constituencies, according to the survey.

But there is another disconcerting factor. While the YSRCP MLAs and ministers are losing in the popularity game, the situation in the TDP is no better. All the TDP MLAs, including Chandrababu Naidu, are in the red zone. All the MLAs have got 27 per cent approval ratings. The TDP too will have to do a lot of homework to regain the last ground.

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Will TDP accept YSRCP offer on Badvel bypoll?


Will the TDP accept the YSRCP offer of not contesting the Badvel bypoll and allow the kin of dead MLA Dr Venkata Subbaiah to become an MLA in his place? Or will it contest the poll as it did in Tirupati? This is the question that is being hotly debated in Badvel now.

Badvel MLA Dr Venkata Subbaiah trounced the TDP by over 44000 votes in 2019 elections. Since then, the TDP has been on the downslide in the constituency. It lost the panchayat and the local body polls. The TDP didn’t do much to redeem itself. But, the party has announced Obulapuram Rajasekhar as its candidate. Rajasekhar had contested and lost in 2019. Will he be able to make a mark this time is the big question before the TDP.

The YSRCP has sent a request to the TDP asking it not to field its candidate. Normally, the convention is that the other parties do not field their candidate in case of a bypoll caused by the death of a sitting MLA. The YSRCP did it in case of Nandigama bypoll. In case of Tirupati bypoll, this convention was not followed as the YSRCP did not field anyone from the family of the dead MP. But in Badvel, the YSRCP has fielded Dr Venkata Subbaiah’s wife Dr Dasari Sudha. But, will the TDP accept the YSRCP request and avoid confrontation or will it field a candidate and test the waters?

As of now, the relations between the YSRCP and the TDP are extremely sour and the TDP feels that the anti-incumbency is crystallising. Hence it feels that it should give a try in Badvel. The YSRCP is well-prepared for a contest in Badvel. A final call could be taken in a day or two. The election notification would be issued on Friday.

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Why VIijaya Sai Reddy is silent?


MP Vijaya Sai Reddy is known for his arrogant comments on opposition party leaders and he is always very active in social media. However, his silence in recent times is surprising many. Details as follows.

Vijay Sai Reddy, in the recent past, trolled Pawan using nick names and foul language. He also used derogatory words on Kapu community some times and Kapu leaders complained to police on him. However, in the last 3 days, political atmosphere in the state has been charged and intense war of words is going on between Janasena and YSRCP leaders but still he is not responding on the issue. If he were the same person as earlier, he would have attacked Pawan with the most severe words by now. But he is silent and that surprised many.

While some say he didn’t get any confirmation for extension of his Rajya Sabha which is due to expire next May, some others say he has been maintaining silence since last couple of months due to unknown reasons. It is known news that, Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju, Vijaya Sai, Pawan and others met in Delhi recently during a marriage function and didn’t hesitate to let the public know about it.

We need to wait and see whether Vijaya Sai will respond on the ongoing issue or maintain strategic silence.

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YS Jagan set to purge pro-TDP officers from AP administration


The ruling YSRCP is in a purge mode. It is now trying to purge the administration of pro-TDP officials at all levels. The YSRCP is now in the process of identifying the IAS officers and other officials with known TDP sympathies. The party is planning to send them to unimportant posts so that they do not upset the party’s applecart.

One of the biggest problems of the YSRCP government has been the leakage of information. While AP was in a dispute with Telangana over Krishna water, the government found that the Telangana irrigation officials had advance information about AP’s communications to the centre and pre-empted them. Similarly, the YSRCP was rattled to find that Chandrababu Naidu had advance information about some of the key decisions of the YSRCP. There were officials who had leaked key financial information to political rivals. So, now the government wants to eliminate such officials and push them to loop-lines.

According to sources, a comprehensive list would be prepared in two to three months. The list would include those officials who are in touch with Chandrababu Naidu or the TDP leaders. Jagan has already identified some such leaders and has already sent them to looplines. For instance, an IG level officer has been sent to an unimportant post. Two more IPS officials have also been identified.

Surces say that Jagan Mohan Reddy wants to fully sanitise the government staff and remove all those who are sympathetic to the erstwhile regime. The idea is not just to prevent information leakage. Sources say that this is also aimed at gaining complete control over the administration before 2024 elections.

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What does Jagan’s series of meets with MLAs, MPs indicate?


Is AP chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy slipping into the election mode? Otherwise, why has he begun talking to the MLAs, MPs individually? Why did he call warring Rajahmundry MP Margani Bharat and MLA Jakkampudi Raja to bring about rapprochement? He is he trying to patch up the differences among the top leaders? Not just that. Known to be accessible even to ministers and MPs, Jagan has suddenly become highly accessible and getting an appointment has become quite easy. Political observers say these are the advance indications of Jagan going into poll-mode.

Sources close to the YSRCP establishment say that having focused for the first half of his five-year tenure, Jagan is now focusing on setting the party in order. After he took over the reins of power, he fought three major elections – the panchayat elections, local body elections and the Tirupati bypoll – and secured resounding victories in all of them. The opposition is in complete disarray and there are no signs of the rivals regrouping anytime soon. Even in the appointments to the nominated posts, he has ensured that there are not many disappointments within the party.

Now, he is planning one-on-one review meeting with his MPs. He would meet eight MPs per day to discuss the situation of the party in the constituency, delivery of the welfare schemes, groupism among the cadre and the preparedness levels of the organization with them. A recent survey that he had got commissioned too would be discussed, according to the sources.

Later, he would hold a series of meetings with the MLAs and constituency incharges to take stock of the situation. If sources are to be believed, he has already begun preparing and planning for 2024 elections. He could also be exploring the possibility of going for an early poll to pre-empt the rival TDP.

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Why is Anam Ramanarayana Reddy angry with his own party?


Former finance minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy’s frustration is showing. He has once again slammed his own government over handling of the administration. He said that the government should first release funds and then slam the officials for the tardy pace of any work. Without releasing funds, one cannot pressurise the officials, he said. And significantly, he said this in the presence of minister Balineni Srinivas Reddy.

Anam is frustrated at being sidelined in the YSRCP. Anam, who was once the Finance Minister of the state, joined the YSRCP ahead of 2019 elections and became an MLA from Venkatagiri. However, YS Jagan has ignored his claims. As a result, he has not been made a minister or wasn’t even given a nominated post. The YSRCP leaders have completely ignoring him. Recently, the municipal authorities removed his father’s statue during the road widening without even bothering to inform him.

In Nellore town, Anam is feeling sidelined by an aggressive Anil Kumar Yadav.He has also complained that even the officials were not listening to him and expressed apologies to the people for being unable to take up any developmental activities. Despite these comments, the YSRCP largely ignored him.

On Wednesday, minister Balineni reviewed the progress of works in Venkatagiri. Even as the minister was asking the officials to complete the pending works, Anam interjected and slammed the minister over non-payment of bills. He said that the government has to pay up to Rs 12 crore to the contractors. He wanted the government to pay the pending bills first before taking up any new project. He has slammed the YsRCP government’s lopsided priorities. His comments are now the talk of the town. Sources say that the feeling of being sidelined is making him vent his ire on his own party.

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Jana Sena to throw its hat into Badvel ring, wants BJP to back it


Now that the line is clear for the Badvel bypoll, the political situation has suddenly hotted up in Kadapa district. While both the ruling YSRCP and the Opposition TDP have already announced their candidates, there are questions about who would be the candidate from the BJP-Jana Sena combine.

Sources say that the Jana Sena is determined to contest the election this time. In the Tirupati Lok Sabha constituency bypoll, the BJP had contested the poll and lost its security deposit. Though Pawan Kalyan himself campaigned on BJP’s behalf, the situation did not improve. The Jana Sena wants to contest this time and try its luck. On Wednesday, Pawan Kalyan will hold wider consultations with the party rank and file from Kadapa district on Badvel bypoll. Based on the discussions, the party would take a final call.

The Jana Sena cadre feels that the party should be given a chance to contest this time. They feel that since BJP was given the ticket to contest from Tirupati , the Jana Sena should be allowed to contest from Badvel. The party will decide on the candidate soon. The YSRCP has already decided to field Dr Dasari Sudha as its candidate. She is the wife of Dr Venkata Subbaiah, whose death necessitated the bypoll. The TDP has already announced that Obulapuram Rajasekhar, who contested and lost the 2019 elections, would be its candidate.

Issues like whether Pawan Kalyan will campaign for the party and how BJP will cooperate with the Jana Sena would also be decided soon. This has assumed significance especially in view of the supposed rift between both the BJP and the Jana Sena. The Jana Sena hopes to give a tough fight to both the TDP and the Jana Sena.

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