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YSRCP’s remarks on Ramateertham ‘dangerous thinking’, alleges TDP


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national president and principal opposition leader in Andhra Pradesh, N. Chandrababu Naidu, on Thursday termed the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) government’s statements on the Ramateertham issue as ‘dangerous thinking’.

He said the government is allegedly doing this with an ulterior motive to terrify and suppress the voice of the opposition cadres and the general public.

In December last year, unidentified miscreants had cut off the head of the Lord Ram’s idol at the Ramateertham hilltop temple in Nellimarla village in Vizianagaram district, which triggered a massive controversy with the opposition parties accusing the ruling party of allegedly ignoring the temples’ safety and security.

Naidu also condemned the arrest of party member Kala Venkatrao on Wednesday, asserting that he was a non-controversial leader with 40 years of experience.

“The government’s attitude is dangerous as it wants all the opponents to either kill themselves or get killed by criminals under suspicious circumstances,” Naidu claimed.

Training his guns on the police department, the TDP supremo demanded that Director General of Police (DGP) Gautam Sawang should explain what crime did Venkatrao commit.

“False cases have been filed against TDP leaders in the name of attack on an MP’s car. The DGP should explain why no preventive steps are taken nor any cases are filed against the YSRCP MP,” Naidu said.

He added that it is high time for Sawang to follow the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and safeguard the rights of the people, and not follow the ‘Jagan Reddy Penal Code’.

“If the DGP cannot overcome pressure from the ruling YSRCP leaders to implement the rule of law, he should resign and go home. The government is just daydreaming that the TDP leaders could be suppressed with fabricated cases and false arrests,” the former Chief Minister said.

Naidu also claimed that there is no proper response from the CM or the DGP despite the sawing away of Lord Ram’s idols and 150 alleged temple attacks.

“The DGP should at least respect his uniform. Otherwise he should quit expressing his inability to stop the atrocities,” Naidu said.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader welcomed the high court order to conduct rural local body elections and said that the YSRCP leaders should realise that judges may change, but justice will remain.

“They resorted to election irregularities which is why 27 per cent unanimous results were seen in the MPTC and ZPTC elections. The fake CM and his party leaders are trying to use rowdyism to terrify and suppress all sections of voters,” Naidu alleged.

He also asked Sawang how permission to the ‘dharma parirakshana yatra’ could be cancelled on Thursday after granting it on Wednesday.

Currently, a huge controversy is raging in the southern state over the alleged attacks on temples. While the YSRCP is blaming the TDP for these incidents, the latter is accusing the YSRCP of not protecting the temples and being lax about their safety.

Several alleged temples attack cases have emerged in the past six months, compelling the government to form a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to crack them.

The police are also focusing on people who are peddling fake news on temple attacks, resulting in some journalists and other social media users getting arrested for their alleged propaganda.

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YCP MLA calls Nellore SP a TDP agent


The IAS and the IPS officers were also coming under severe threat and pressure from the ruling YCP MLAs in Andhra Pradesh. Those officers, who expect some autonomy and independent functioning, are facing embarrassment. Now, it has become the turn of Nellore district SP to come face to face with the YCP leaders.

YCP MLA Nallapureddy Prasanna Kumar Reddy has threatened the SP for instructing the lower level staff not to book SC, ST atrocities cases. The SP has done this following pressure from the Opposition TDP leaders who threatened to go on agitation if false atrocities cases were filed against them. But, Prasanna Kumar Reddy argued that such atrocities cases were being filed freely in all other districts and why not in Nellore district.

The YCP MLA gave an open warning that the SP would not stay for more than a month as he was adopting a strange attitude. Nothing would happen if atrocities were filed. An inquiry would be carried out at the level of a DSP officer. What was the problem for the SP to file atrocities cases? The SP was acting like a TDP agent.

This one incident was enough to say how the ruling YCP MLAs were using the SC, ST atrocities cases as a political weapon to harass the Opposition leaders.

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Rath Yatra – new mantra of TDP and BJP to beat YCP


The TDP has already announced its massive Rath Yatra plans in nook and corner of the Tirupati parliamentary segment. Now, the BJP has decided to hold a Rath Yatra from Kapilatheertham in Tirupati to Ramatheertham in Vizianagaram district.

Interestingly, the BJP leaders said that this is going to be a joint Rath Yatra with the Jana Sena party. It will start from February 4. The objective of it is to protest and create awareness among the people on the rising attacks on the Hindu temples and idols.
As expected, the BJP is drawing plans to to take advantage of the political situation. But the TDP supremo is making advance strategies to steal the thunder from the BJP.

Already, Chandrababu Naidu has taken the lead on the issue of the Ramatheertham idol desecration. This has put a severe strain on the BJP AP leaders.

Now, the BJP AP leaders are under greater burden and pressure to make the temples agitation and Rath Yatra a success.

Doubtless to say, the BJP’s pro-YCP stance under Somu Veerraju has hurt the saffron party very badly as far as its future political prospects are concerned.

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Vijay Sai mocks at Naidu’s sorry to AP voters


YCP firebrand MP Vijay Sai Reddy has launched an unsparing counter to Chandrababu Naidu’s latest statements. He says Naidu has started a new drama to blame the people for the humiliating defeat he suffered in the 2019 election. It is nearly two years since the TDP was ousted from power but Chandrababu is still not recovering from the hangover.
Vijay Sai is expressing surprise how Naidu can say that he doesn’t understand why he was rejected by the voters. Moreover, Naidu is tendering apology to the voters who never asked for the same. The TDP chief has started multiple dramas on the election, temple attacks, etc. He is saying he is changing now. But the people are having a laugh at all this.
The YCP MP asked how many times Naidu will change. Now, the TDP chief has started another drama to blame people while masterminding the attacks on the temples and idols.
Whatever, CM Jagan, Vijay Sai and Sajjala are all slowly throwing the blame for the temple attacks on the TDP directly or indirectly. The temple attacks are taking such a political turn that there seemed no end to them till the next Jamili 2023 election.
With both the ruling YCP and the opposition TDP ready for a fight along religious lines, the AP political scene has become exciting to watch.

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YSRCP is ‘Gita, Quran, Bible’ party: Rambabu


Senior Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) leader Ambati Rambabu on Wednesday lashed out at Telangana BJP chief Bandi Sanjay for attempting to polarise Andhra Pradesh on religious lines and stated that “YSRCP is a party of the Bhagavad Gita, Quran and the Bible”.

“Yes, ours is a Bible party, Bhagavad Gita party and Quran party. YSRCP is an amalgamation of these three. It is a party of all religions,” said Rambabu.

He castigated Sanjay for dividing people on the communal lines and told him that the ruling party will never become like Sanjay’s party.

Rambabu also reminded the saffron leader that it was allegedly Nara Chandrababu Naidu who called the seven hills abode of Lord Venkateswara as ‘two hills’, which was corrected by former Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy through a government order as seven hills.

He admonished the Karimnagar MP and told him to get his facts right.

“Who is this Bandi Sanjay? I am not understanding what he is talking. There is no place in AP for a political party which tries to benefit by provoking castes and religions,” asserted the YSRCP leader, even as religious politics is raging in the southern state which was seldom saw this kind of a toxic atmosphere.

Rambabu highlighted that BJP would have won elections in other states using religion but that tactic would not succeed in Andhra Pradesh.

“It doesn’t work here. This state is being ruled by Jagan Mohan Reddy. This state is being ruled by YSRCP which looks after all castes and religions with equal justice,” he stressed.

Referring to the Ramateertham incident, he said the investigation will reveal everything, including who defaced Lord Ram’s idol.

He also criticised Telugu Desam Party’s (TDP) national general secretary and Naidu’s son Nara Lokesh for accusing Reddy over a person’s murder, believed to be a TDP supporter.

Ramababu ridiculed Lokesh that he was not even qualified to speak about Reddy, considering he didn’t even win an election.

“Talk when you win somewhere about the person who single-handedly won 151 seats,” Rambabu said, asking Lokesh how long he will use his father’s name and fame.

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YCP should not test patience of people, says Balayya


Actor and MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna issued an indirect warning to Minister Kodali Nani not to provoke the feelings of the public on needless issues. It was condemnable that the Minister made the comment that if anybody would be caught playing cards, he would pay Rs. 10,000 and come out.

Balayya advised the YCP Ministers not to test the patience of the people. There was no respect to the laws of the land. Justice was thrown to winds. It would not be correct to make loose talk on such controversial matters. What message would go to the young generation?

At the same time, Balayya expressed total disappointment at the ruling party for filing cases against the social media activists. In a democracy, the people have freedom to express their opinions. The Government should respect the feelings of the public and act accordingly.

Balayya toured his Hindupur assembly constituency and visited damaged crops there. He enquired from the farmers about their well being.

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CPI became ‘Chandrababu Party of India’, says Roja


From the CM to Ministers to MLAs, all the YCP leaders are following one single agenda which is to launch counter attacks against rivals. Issues and problems are not the immediate criterion. Counter allegations should get highlighted. Now, RK Roja is using these strategies to the maximum possible extent. She launched a scathing attack on an unlikely rival which is the Communist Party of India (CPI).

It is well known CPI State Secretary Ramakrishna has been raising dissent on each and every programme of the Jagan Reddy regime. His statements have embarrassed the Government the farmers’ suicides, atrocities on BCs, SCs and STs and Muslim Minorities.

Apparently agitated, RK Roja said that the CPI has now turned into the ‘Chandrababu Party of India’ in Andhra Pradesh. CPI Ramakrishna has harmed the prestige of the party by colluding with Naidu. She asked the CPI whether the left party gave lakhs of house site pattas in the States where their parties were in power.

Roja made sarcastic personal remarks against Nara Lokesh and Devineni Uma as well. Whatever, the YCP MLAs and Ministers were switching into an aggressive, offensive mode in order to silence the Opposition rather than debating the issues that were being raised. With far fewer numbers in Assembly, the Opposition too became handicapped to pressurise the Government.

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Police may use YCP colours for uniform in future: Lokesh


The use of colours similar to YCP flag on some police vehicles has triggered a big controversy in AP. Former Minister Nara Lokesh says this is highly objectionable and not welcome in day to day governance in the State. He termed it as yet another betrayal of the people to give the ruling party colours to the police vehicles in the name of the Disha Act that could not be used to save women from atrocities till now.

Lokesh said that some overenthusiastic police were crossing all limits and they might even go to the extent of changing uniforms into YCP colours in future. Instead of wasting their time and energy on such unwelcome activities, the police should focus on their basic duty to protect the people. The ruling YCP has been adopting such distasteful and unwholesome activities despite severe backlash from the public. The Government suffered setbacks with respect to the colours on the panchayat offices but it was not changing its habits.

Referring to the ghastly murder of disabled woman in Ongole, Mr. Lokesh deplored that Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy had not responded till now. Lack of prompt and proper action from the Government side was giving rise to serious consequences. The atrocities on women and girls were on the rise ever since the YCP came to power by making empty promises to all sections of society. In the past 18 months of Jagan Reddy misrule, over 310 atrocities took place on women. The Government should order a detailed probe into the murder of Ongole woman volunteer Bhubaneswari. Exemplary punishment should be given to the culprits so that such incidents would not repeat anywhere in the State.

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Like Naidu, YCP Ministers making futile trips to Delhi


It is well known how the YCP mocked Chandrababu Naidu for failing to impress upon the Central Government to get a better deal during the TDP regime. Naidu made over 29 visits to Delhi but could not get Special Category Status. In the later years of his regime, Naidu regime was also denied Central funds for different projects.

In the beginning, the Jagan Reddy Government could get a positive response from the Centre. It was largely because Jagan Reddy fulfilled the Modi-Shah wish to demolish the TDP in AP. But, as months rolled by, the Modi Government had shifted its gears and started giving a tough time to the YCP as well.

These days, the Jagan regime is literally starved of funds. The liquor business is also not turning out expected revenue. The Polavaram project has become a big challenge. Only 30 per cent works remained to be completed. But the funds problem has become a big issue. Minister Buggana Rajendranath is making frequent visits and almost staying in Delhi making rounds to the Central Ministers for sanction of funds.

Even today, Buggana along with Anil Kumar Yadav met Jal Sakti Minister Gajendra Singh. After the meeting, the Ministers said that there was a positive response. Funds will come soon for the AP project. The Union Minister did not utter a single word before the press. No doubt, the BJP is giving the same problems to the YCP now just how it bothered the TDP in the past. Going by this, Jagan Reddy would meet the same fate that Naidu met with after his alliance with the BJP.

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Pawan blames YCP for making money while ignoring farmers


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan arrived in Tirupati as part of his two day visit to the cyclone damaged crops. He warned the YCP Government of serious consequences if it continued to neglect the plight of the farmers. Everywhere and in everything, the ruling party leaders were making lots of easy money. But, they were not at all bothering about the well being of farmers who suffered heavy damages.

Pawan said that four farmers committed suicides unable to bear the losses and on seeing their crop completely damaged in the heavy rains. The YCP Government has given just Rs. 5,000 in some places and did not bother to give full compensation. At least Rs. 35,000 per acre should be paid as compensation.

Senani said that over 17 lakh acres of paddy was damaged in the State but the Government was totally unmoved. If this indifference continues, the Jana Sena would take up a programme named Jai Kisan and rally together all the farmers to bring pressure on the ruling party.

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Jagan a ‘betrayer of farmers’, Naidu a ‘runaway Zoom Babu’


Sparks flew as the ruling YCP and the TDP leaders had heated exchanges on the first day of the AP Assembly session. The YCP leaders once again launched scathing attacks on former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Instead of playing the role of a constructive opposition, Mr. Naidu has spent time all these days in another State.

Minister Kodali Nani advised Mr. Naidu to conduct online meetings as a ‘Zoom Babu’ if five days of Assembly session are not enough for him. Without addressing public issues, the TDP leaders were making needless comments on the murder attempt on Minister Perni Nani.

The YCP said that it was Chandrababu Naidu and his party leaders who told lies to the world about the Alipiri attack in which the former survived an attempt on his life. Kodali Nani asserted that their party had no need to tell lies on Kodi Kathi attack against Jagan Reddy or Tapi attack on Minister Perni Nani.

On their part, the TDP leaders called the Chief Minister a ‘betrayer of farmers’ and the only CM who had committed breach of trust on promises like Rythu Bharosa, old age pensions, Capital, etc.

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YCP uses Covid fear to say no to ‘media point’ in Assembly


Different Governments are using Coronavirus excuse in different ways to show their power over the people. In Andhra Pradesh, the YCP Government has been facing allegations of discrimination in applying the Covid restrictions. Now, the Government is once again using the virus excuse to stick to its stand that there should be no media point in the Assembly premises during the session beginning from Monday.

Speaker Tammineni Sitaram has already issued orders for not setting up any media point and also for continuing the ban on a section of the media. Obviously, the media not wholly favourable to the ruling party was banned from covering the House proceedings.

However, the issue of banning even the media point has become a major controversy. The TDP has brought a lot of pressure saying that the Government was depriving the people of their democratic right to watch how their elected representatives were debating the problems they were facing.

Government Chief Whip Gadikota Srikant Reddy has straight away clarified that there is no question of allowing the media point in view of the Coronavirus threat. He just said that Chandrababu was staying far away from the State but was just raising meaningless issues.

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BJP targetting Jagan to attract anti-YCP Seemandhra voters


The election heat is rising in the elections to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). Now, the Bharatiya Janata Party Telangana leaders are making unsparing attacks on both KCR and Jagan Reddy. The YCP is not contesting the GHMC elections but still its name is being dragged into the election debates frequently there. Newly-elected Dubbaka BJP MLA M. Raghunandan Rao made sensational comments on the YSR death.

Raghunandan, in his inimitable Telangana style, warned KCR that he would meet the same fate as that of one leader who also behaved in the same way with arrogance. That particular leader became a ‘pavuram’ (dove) in Pavuralagutta and KCR would also meet a similar fate. Following this, the YSR social media activists launched a hate campaign against Raghunandan under the titles like ‘say no to hate’.

The YCP leaders asked why the BJP leaders were targetting the YCP though it was not contesting in the GHMC elections. They also called upon YSR family loyalists in Telangana Capital to vote for the TRS and ensure the defeat of the BJP everywhere.

On the other hand, the BJP was apparently trying to encash the anti-YCP feeling among Seemandhras residing in Hyderabad because of the heartburn against Jagan policies in sand, liquor, projects, etc in AP.

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Gurumurthy likely nominee of YCP for Tirupati bypoll


AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy is once again giving top priority to his family’s unquestioned loyalist in selecting party nominee for Tirupati bypoll. Latest reports say that Jagan has almost decided to field Dr. Gurumurthy who has served his family and himself as well during his prolonged Padayatra across the State prior to the poll.

However, late MP Balli Durgaprasada Rao’s son and wife had also met the CM. It was being rumoured that the CM has offered their an MLC post afterwards. The sudden coming to the fore of Dr. Gurumurthy’s name has come as a big surprise for both the rival parties as well as the YCP insiders.

The candidate selections has come as a rude shock especially to the Pedda Reddys of Nellore district who have already been unhappy over the Jagan Reddy regime’s unwillingness to recognise their significance.

Already, the YCP Ministers have declared that whoever is the candidate, the party would make sure he will win the Tirupati bypoll.

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YCP gives Kodi Kathi shock to Fusion Foods owner


Fusion Foods Hotel owner Harsha Vardhan came into spotlight after the sensational Kodi Kathi incident in Visakhapatnam airport prior to the 2019 elections. The incident became controversial at that time as the Kodi Kathi attack took place at the hotel of Harsha Vardhan, who is a TDP follower. Now, the YCP Government gave a rude shock to him.

The officials of the Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority got Fusion Foods Hotel vacated from the VMRDA site. The authorities argued that the Government rule only allows lease agreements for a period of three years. But, the hotel was running there for over a decade.

It was found out that the previous Government gave permission from 2015 to 2024. Now, the officials are saying that after the expiry of three years, an auction should be held.

On his part, Harsha Vardhan alleged that the authorities had got him vacated without giving any prior notice. He had got permission under lease till 2024.
The TDP sharply reacted to the incident saying that the ruling YCP was carrying out its attacks against a particular community out of sheer political vengeance.

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Reddys not sharing power with others: YCP SC MLA audio


YCP SC woman MLA Vundavalli Sridevi is caught in the eye of a huge controversy now. His former followers have released an audio clip of her voice in which she passed highly controversial comments against the Reddys in the YCP. The audio went viral on social media within minutes of posting it.

The MLA has been at war with his former followers Suresh and Sandeep for a few weeks now. She has filed a police case against them that they were trying to eliminate her. She is also alleging that some leaders within the party are giving support to the two activists who are already dismissed from the party.

Now, the sensational audio came out in which Sridevi’s voice was heard as saying that the Reddys are not sharing power with the weaker sections and backward classes within the party. The Reddy lobby only wants the support of weaker sections leaders only at the time of elections.

Sridevi has especially talked about how YCP Guntur leader Appi Reddy was trying to diminish her political chances within the party. The latest audio came as a big embarrassment at a time when the YCP was already facing Opposition attack on atrocities against Dalits, BCs, STs and Minorities.

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SEC need not bear Kangaraju’s expenses: HC


The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Tuesday observed that the state election commission will not have to bear the legal costs incurred when former Tamil Nadu Justice Kangaraju was appointed as the SEC by the Andhra Pradesh government.

Hearing a petition filed by State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, the High Court ruled that the legal expenses and other costs during Kangaraju’s brief tenure as SEC need not be borne by the State Election Commission.

Further, the court made it clear that if Kangaraju appointed legal counsels, the fees should be entirely borne by Kangaraju. The court also asked the SEC can reconsider bearing Rs 20 lakh for the accommodation and Rs 15 lakh furniture expenses incurred when Kangaraju was the election commissioner.

“The details of the expenses and expenditure incurred for Kanagaraj’s legal counsel should be made known to the people. It is public exchequer and the people have a right to know,” the High Court observed. The Andhra Pradesh government had appointed retired Madras High Court judge, Justice V. Kanagaraj, as the State Election Commissioner (SEC) in the place of Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, whom it had expelled through an overnight ordinance.

Ramesh Kumar challenged the Jagan government’s ordinance and appointment of Kangaraju as SEC. After a prolonged legal battle in the HC and SC, Ramesh Kumar was reinstated as SEC.

Meanwhile, Ramesh Kumar had recently filed another petition contending that the YSRCP government was not releasing funds required for the maintenance of the State Election Commission office. Nimmagadda Ramesh had argued that the government had stopped funds allocation towards the maintenance of the Election Commission.

The High Court on Tuesday observed that the Andhra Pradesh government was willfully not cooperating with the State Election Commissioner.

“Governments will change, but the constitutional institutions will always exist. Democracy will be in deep danger if constitutional institutions are not protected,” the High Court said.

The High Court asked the State Election Commission to submit a detailed report on SEC expenses to the government within three days. The court also directed the government to look into the SEC report and submit an action taken report to the High Court within 15 days.

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Retiree IAS to target Nirmala Sitaraman


The YCP Government is known for its effective use of retired persons to attack its opponents. It is well known how retired judge Justice Kanaga Raj was made the State Election Commissioner to embarrass Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar. Now, the political circles are full of rumours the YCP regime was using a Delhi-based retired IAS officer to target none other than Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman.

Subhash Chandra Garg served as the Secretary in the Union Finance Ministry. Somehow, he could not go down well with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman. He was transferred to another department from where he took voluntary retirement and joined the Andhra Pradesh Government as an advisor. Suddenly, these days, Garg was making allegations against Nirmala Sitaraman. Delhi political circles were rife with rumours that AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy and his MPs were targeting Sitaraman. This was because the Union Finance Ministry was not approving all the requests being made by the AP Government.

Recently, AP Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy and senior IAS officers visited Delhi and tried to convince Sitaraman to allow AP Government to take more loans. There was no positive response. Even in respect of Polavaram funds, Sitaraman could not approve the requests made by AP because of several issues. This was being seen as the immediate reason for the YCP to target the Union Finance Minister.

In fact, Sitaraman has been helping the AP Government to maximum possible extent. Last year, she gave approvals to make Rs. 13,000 Cr loans additionally. This year also, AP was given permissions to make Rs. 5,000 Cr more loans. But, the Union Finance Ministry has rejected some more requests of AP that were against rules. Also, it was asking many questions on Polavaram expenditure. Political circles are curious to see where this latest confrontation will lead to.

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War between Lady Gajapathi Rajus goes personal


The people of North Andhra hold in high esteem the families of the Gajapathi Rajus. Since the YCP came to rule, things have changed for the worse. The ruling party has adopted the age-old British policy of ‘divide and rule’ against the royal families of Vizianagaram. The ongoing Pydithalli Utsav became a forum for settling scores between the divided families. With the help of YCP, Sanchaita Gajapathi Raju is wielding all the power right now over the royal family’s property and trusts. She is the daughter of Anand Gajapathi Raju.

Anand’s another daughter Urmila Gajapathi Raju has also become active. Their mothers were different. Now Urmila is opposing her step sister’s ways of bringing down the prestige of their family as a whole. As such, Sanchaita has used the Police and the Endowments officials to prevent Urmila from taking part in the Pydithalli Sirimanu utsavam. The officials obstructed Urmila from using their right to watch the Sirimanotsavam from the ramparts of the fort there.

A furious Urmila Gajapathi Raju criticised the officials for surrendering to the tactics of Sanchaita. Not stopping at that, Urmila has accused Sanchaita of insulting their father Anand Gajapathi Raju and their royal family as a whole. Despite the rising criticism from the other family members, Sanchaita was not relenting and going on aggressively implementing her own policies regardless of the protests from the local people and organisations. Urmila’s appeals for her rights are also falling on deaf ears.

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TDP MLC Sunitha resigns, decides to join YCP


TDP MLC Suneetha has resigned from her post and strongly criticised the Telugu Desam Party leadership. She has sent her resignation letter to the Chairman of the AP Legislative Council asking him for accepting her resignation letter. For several months now, Suneetha has distanced herself from the Opposition TDP and she is one among the TDP leaders who have been lured into the YCP fold. It may be recalled how Dokka Manikya Vara Prasad and other Dalit MLCs and leaders were won over by the ruling party with a clear plan to go forward with its agenda.

After sending her resignation letter, Pothula Suneetha came down heavily on the TDP leadership, saying that the main Opposition party has been working in violation of the spirit of the Amdedkar ideals. She asserted that the TDP has been failing to discharge its duties as a constructive opposition. Moreover, the TDP leadership is adopting anti-policies and obstructing the development being brought by the ruling YCP.

It is well known how while leaving the TDP, all the leaders are saying how they are getting attracted to the pro-Dalit and pro-people policies of the Jaganmohan Reddy regime. The YCP has been specifically targetting the SC, ST leaders under its Operation Aakarsh programme.

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