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Kodumuru turns a battlefield as YSRCP men attack cop


Though the YSRCP has turned out to be an unstoppable juggernaut elsewhere, it has been limping and floundering in one constituency in Rayalaseema. In Kodumuru assembly constituency, it has conceded considerable ground to the TDP. In the local body elections too, the TDP performance was a shade better.

The reason? The intense group fight within the YSRCP. The YSRCP is a deeply divided house in Kodumuru constituency of Kurnool district. In Kodumuru, sitting MLA Dr Sudhakar and constituency incharge Harshavardhan Reddy are not getting along well. Both the leaders are trying to undercut each other. The differences have only intensified on the issues such as illicit liquor, illegal sand quarying and even monthly vasools for the cops.

The situation has come to such a pass that that two factions clashed bitterly on the occasion of the yatra organised to mark the completion of four years of YS Jagan’s Praja Sankalpa Yatra. The yatra was organised by the MLA and the rival group created a ruckus over it. Meanwhile, some supporters of the MLA, suspected to be involved in illicit liquor cases, were arrested by the local police. The MLA went with his supporters and forcibly released the arrested persons. In another incident, some followers of the MLA were allegedly collecting vasools in the name of the police. When the police tried to stop them, they attacked the cops, including the SI.

Curiously, the party leadership has not tried to curb the intense factionism. Despite the clashes, the leadership has done nothing to stop them. Though these things are tarnishing the party’s image in Kodumuru, no concrete steps are being taken to set the house in order.

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YSRCP declares candidates for Legislative Council polls


Andhra Pradesh’s ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) has announced its candidates for the November 29 elections to the three Legislative Council seats.

P. Vikrant, Ishaq and Govind Reddy are the candidates announced by the party on Wednesday night.

Advisor to the state government, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy declared the names after their candidatures were cleared by Chief Minister and YSRCP President Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Former District Cooperative Central Bank (DCCB) chairman, Vikrant, is from north Andhra region and belongs to the Turpu Kapu sub-caste.

Ishaq’s candidature was announced by the party as per an assurance given earlier to the minorities by the Chief Minister. He is a Market Yard Chairman in Nandyal in Kurnool district of Rayalaseema region.

The third candiate, D.C. Govind Reddy is a former MLC. He is from Badvel in the YSR Kadapa district, also in Rayalaseema.

Talking about the names of other canditates, the state government advisor said: “The party will also announce the names of 11 candidates for Legislative Council elections for local authorities’ constituencies, in a day or two. Also, proper representation to various social groups will be given while finalizing the candidates.”

He said 50 per cent of the candidates for elections to 14 Legislative Council seats from MLA quota and local authorities constituencies will be from backward classes, scheduled castes and minorities.

“In every election, YSRCP has given 50 per cent tickets to these communities. YSRCP leader Jagan Mohan Reddy will take a decision for the remaining 11 seats of the upper house in line with the same policy,” he said.

Out of the 18 sitting members of the Council belonging to YSRCP, 11 are from Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes and Minorities.

The last date of filing nominations is November 16. The scrutiny of nominations will be taken up on November 17 while November 22 will be the last date for withdrawal of nominations.

Polling will be held on November 29 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The counting of votes will take place the same day.

Although, the term of the sitting MLCs expired on May 31, the elections could not be conducted due to the second wave of Covid-19.

Given the strength of YSRCP in the Assembly, the party is confident of winning the elections.

The YSRCP has 151 members in the 175-member Assembly.

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YSRCP set to win 13 MLC seats, Jagan will now have a majority in council too


The YSRCP in Hyderabad has now become a beehive of intense activity. In one instant, as many as 14 MLCs would be elected and they would completely shift the balance in the legislative council. As many as 11 MLCs would be elected from the local body constituencies and three would be elected from the MLA quota. Needless to say, the YSRCP is set to win all the 14 seats.

Party insiders say that Jagan has already finalised the list of the candidates. There are two seats each in Krishna, Guntur and Vizag, one seat each in Anantapur, East Godavari, Vizianagaram, Chittoor and Prakasam districts. Sources say that the possible MLC candidates have already been sounded out and that Jagan has already taken caste, regional and other issues into account while preparing for the list.

Sources also say that he has also taken into account loyalty to the party and the contribution f the leaders to the party. He has also kept a record of the assurances that he had given in the past. Sources say that Jagan had given assurance to Marri Rajasekhar of Chilakaluripet, who was asked to stand down for Vidadala Rajani.

With this election, the YSRCP would secure an unassailable majority in the council too This will effectively reduce the TDP to a minority. The party would from now on be unable to block the bills passed in the assembly.

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Jagan doing nothing even as Anakapalle YSRCP cauldron is simmering


He was once the lord of all he surveyed, a powerful minister whose word was law. But, at the fag-end of his illustrious political career, he is finding himself checkmated by his juniors. They are pushing him around and trying to dictate terms to him. So exasperated he is that he has to finally put his foot down and openly say that he has no superiors except YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

We are talking about former minister Dadi Veerabhadra Rao. For the first time ever, he is facing challenge from within in Anakapalli. He is unable to get along well with Anakapalli YSRCP MLA Gudivada Amarnath. He and Amarnath are exchanging barb in full public view. Of late, Amarnath faction has stopped inviting Veerabhadra Rao to the YSRCP meetings.

As a result, Dadi and Gudivada have been holding separate meetings. But Dadi Veerabhadra Rao has suddenly changed his strategy and has been attending party meetings even when he was not extended an invitation. In one such meeting, he burst out that he is not answerable to anyone and that his only boss is YS Jagan. He also said that he is not going to obey anyone else’s order.

This has created a difficult situation for the ruling YSRCP in Anakapalli. The party workers are divided between the two leaders. YS Jagan, who is aware of these differences, has done nothing so far to set the things right. As a result, Anakapalli’s political cauldron is simmering.

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Fuel price cut by Centre eyewash, says Andhra minister


Andhra Pradesh’s Civil Supplies Minister Kodali Venkateswara Rao on Tuesday said that the slash of fuel prices by the Centre is only an eyewash, as the BJP was defeated in most of the by-elections across the country and lost their deposit in Andhra Pradesh.

The minister recalled that the Centre increased the prices of petrol and diesel despite the fall in the price of crude oil in the international market. He pointed out that the fuel rates have gone up to Rs 110 from Rs 70 per litre. The Centre cut the price only Rs 10 even though the hike was almost Rs 40, he said.

Addressing a press conference, the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) leader said the BJP leaders were propagating as if they have achieved something big, while the common people were suffering with the abnormal fuel rates.

Nani, as the minister is popularly known, stated that the BJP had lost deposits in both Badvel and Tirupati bypolls, and became a “silly” party in the state, indulging in cheap politics by creating differences between castes and religions. He questioned the BJP leaders if they analysed the reason behind losing the deposits.

The BJP suffered the defeat for creating a malicious propaganda against the State government’s initiatives, he said.

Referring to the TDP leaders’ protest at petrol bunks, he alleged that the previous TDP government had imposed a surcharge of Rs 2 on the fuel prices and looted almost Rs 10,000 crore from the public for over four and a half years. He clarified that the current government had only levied Rs 1 for repairing roads that were terribly neglected during the TDP rule.

The minister dared TDP President Chandrababu Naidu to stage a protest in Delhi as it was the Centre which hiked the fuel prices. He alleged that the TDP leaders’ protest at petrol bunks was only to create a law and order issue.

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YSRCP men prevent TDP leaders from filing nominations in Kuppam?


There are widespread allegations that the YSRCP goons are stopping the TDP candidates from filing nominations in Kuppam municipality. The TDP says that at several places, the TDP candidates were threatened with dire consequences if they filed their nomination papers. This has led to a tense situation in Kuppam municipality.

Kuppam is former chief minister and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu’s borough and the party has been winning every election since 1984. Chandrababu has recently toured Kuppam for four days recently to campaign for the party.

In Ward No 14, TDP candidate Venkatesh went to file his nomination papers. He was stopped by the YSRCP workers, who snatched away his papers. In the melee, Venkatesh suffered minor injuries. Venkatesh has lodged a complaint with the police claiming that he was prevented from filing his papers for the upcoming municipal elections. The filing of nominations closes at 3 pm on November 5.

TDP leader and former MLA Amarnath Reddy decried the attack on Venkatesh and alleged that the YSRCP was resorting to hooliganism to prevent the TDP leaders for filing nominations. He said that the TDP would not tolerate such attacks. He said that the YSRCP was afraid of losing the elections and was hence targeting the local TDP leaders.

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Why is YSRCP worried about the Huzurabad bypoll verdict?


One political party that is keenly observing the Huzurabad bypoll result is YSRCP in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh. The reason? The party feels that even schemes like Dalit Bandhu and the host of pensions could not save the ruling party. Despite all these, the ruling TRS lost to the BjP., which did not promise anything.

Schemes like Rythu Bandhu and welfare pensions were implemented in a very methodical manner in Telangana. The TRS government has brought in Dalit Bandhu specifically for the Huzurabad bypoll. It was formally introduced in Vasalamarri village and then in Huzurabad. The beneficiaries were identified and the Dalit Bandhu amounts were deposited into the savings bank accounts of the beneficiaries. Despite this, the TRS lost the elections by a very convincing margin.

Since he took over reins of power, YS Jagan too is implementing a slew of welfare schemes. He is ensuring that the benefits reach the target population. Not just that. He has stopped all the developmental schemes to run the welfare schemes. The government is borrowing heavily to implement the scheme. He has even set up a system of village volunteers to ensure that the delivery mechanism is fool-proof. Now after the Huzurabad verdict, the YSRCP thinking heads were worried whether all their welfare schemes will come to naught by 2024 elections.

There is a rethink in the YSRCP inner core as to whether all these schemes were useful. One group is said to be arguing that the party has immensely helped the YSRCP in Tirupati, Dubbak bypolls and the local body elections. They feel that these schemes would continue to help the party. But another strong section feels that people’s connect is more important and all these schemes are excluding the elected MLAs from the implementing mechanism. Will this prove counterproductive in the long run, they ask. Insiders say, Huzurabad verdict is a lesson for all the parties tht purely depend on welfare schemes to win elections.

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Maha Padyatra a ploy by Chandrababu Naidu to create unrest: YSRCP


YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) MP Nandigam Suresh on Wednesday alleged that the ‘Amaravati Maha Padayatra’ is a ploy by Telugu Desam Party (TDP) President N. Chandrababu Naidu to safeguard his real estate interests.

Suresh told reporters here that Naidu is provoking the people of Amravati in the name of the padayatra demanding for Amaravati as a single capital. He claimed that the former Chief Minister was keeping his ‘benamis’ in the forefront and portraying it as an agitation by farmers.

Alleging that the entire stir is being led by Naidu to create chaos in the state, the MP said Naidu should take responsibility if people from Rayalaseema or north Andhra object to this padayatra, as they are all supporting the proposal of three state capitals.

He dared Naidu to take the padayatra in Rayalaseema and north Andhra opposing the three capitals.

Suresh noted that it was Naidu who went to court opposing the distribution of house sites for the Dalits in Amaravati region, citing demographic imbalance as they could turn the capital into slums.

“What the leader of opposition was doing in the name of Amravati was not a movement but a selfish campaign to safeguard his personal interests,” he alleged, adding that the TDP chief wanted only one community to thrive in the Amaravati region, and Amaravati only for real estate capital devoid of weaker sections.

The YSRCP leader said that Naidu is not staying in Amaravati and was more like a visitor to the state, where even people have started to forget him, which is why he had to gather people by splurging money in his own constituency Kuppam. He reiterated that Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy had assured to develop Amaravati region into a legislative capital and promised to provide a better package for the farmers.

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Defector MLAs face difficult times in Vizag YSRCP


When he ditched the TDP and joined the YSRCP, Vizag South MLA Vasupalli Ganesh may have expected a red-carpet welcome. He thought he would be rewarded for his switch-over. But, the exact opposite is happening for him. He is finding that he is not welcome in the YSRCP. There is stiff opposition to him in the YSRCp.

If the recent Janagraha Deesha of the party, organized to counter the TDP on the issue of Pattabhi, is any indication, there are at least two strong groups against him. They are now said to be baying for his blood.

Vasupalli Ganesh, who won on the TDP, joined the YSRCP as there was a leadership vacuum in the party. It’s most prominent leader Dronamraju Srinivas passed away, while Kola Guruvulu became more focused on the fishermen cooperative society, of which he is the chairperson. So, he felt he could assume the leadership of the party.

But in the recent GVMC elections, the YSRCP did not perform as expected in Vasupalli Ganesh’s constituency. The YSRCP could win only four of the 13 divisions. The total votes polled by the TDP were 38000, while the YSRCP got just 34000. Since then, YSRCP old-timers have begun criticizing Vasupalli’s leadership. He is being accused of promoting group politics in the party.

There is a cold war going on between the newly elected corporators, senior leaders and the MLA In the recet Janagraha Deeksha, there was three different programmes in each constituency. While the corporators and former MLAs had held a deeksha at the GVMC Dharna Chowk. Vasupalli Ganesh had a separate deeksha at another place for one day. Kola Guruvulu organized his own deeksha at the fishing harbor. Even during the Asara programme, there was a verbal duel between Ganesh and the other leaders. This groupism has hit all the plans of the MLA to assume leadership of the party. Now, he is looking towards the high command to bail him out.

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Jagan curtails portfolios of Dy CM Swamy, next in line Dharmana!


In a sudden political development in ruling YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy curtailed the portfolios of his Deputy CM K.Narayana Swamy.

Narayana Swamy has been holding the portfolios of commercial taxes department and excise department as deputy CM in Jagan’s cabinet since June 2019.

Jagan took a sudden decision on Sunday (today) to take over commercial taxes department from Swamy.

Jagan transferred commercial taxes department to finance minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy. With this, Swany now holds only excise department.

Speculations are also rife in YSRCP circles that Jagan is all set to curtail the portfolios of even another Deputy CM Dharmana Krishna Das.

Dharmana is now holding the portfolios of revenue department and stamps and registration department.

Jagan now wants to take over stamps and registrations department from Dharmana and confine him only to revenue department.

It is not clear who will hold stamps and registrations department and it is speculated that Jagan will handover this also to Buggana or Jagan will keep with himself.

But this sudden changes in cabinet triggered speculations that Jagan may not opt for cabinet reshuffle anytime soon.

Jagan had earlier announced to change entire cabinet after two-and-a-half-year term which ends in November this year.

The new cabinet should come into effect from December this year.

When only one month time is left to replace entire cabinet as per Jagan’s earlier decision, why should he make changes in portfolios at this moment for a period of just one month is the question for which there is no answer.

YSRCP leaders feel that Jagan wants to continue this cabinet for six more months till June 2022 as ministers have been requesting extension of six months on the ground that they could not function on a full scale as ministers since March 2020 due to Covid lockdowns and restrictions. For this reason, Jagan is making changes in portfolios of existing ministers.

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Jumbo TTD Trust Board: YSRCP planning to amend Endowment Act


The TTD trust board, which was lean and mean, has now become bloated. From just six members besides the chairperson, is now bursting at the seams with a whopping 81 members. The government is still facing pressures from various quarters to include more persons. The AP Cabinet is likely to take a key decision on the number of people in the cabinet.

As per the Endowments Actof 1987, the TTD can have no more than 29 members. Initially, the number was just six. Later it went up to 29. But, pulls and pressures from various quarters have ensured that there are 25 members, 4 ex-officio members, eight special invitees.

This time around, the AP Government increased the number to 81. It included 25 trust board members and 51 special invitees. The BJP and the TDP have challenged this jumbo trust board in the courts of law due to which the High Court has suspected the 2 GOs.

Sources say that the YSRCP government is now trying to amend the Endowments Act itself to enable the inclusion of 81 persons in the trust board. It is planning to bring amendments during the winter session of the AP legislative assembly which would be held in November. However, a determined opposition too is not ready to let the matter go. It is planning to knock on the doors of the High Court once again.

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Punters bet on YSRCP margin, BJP votes in Badvel bypoll


Though Badvel bypoll is a clear cakewalk for the YSRCP and there is no doubt about the victory of YSRCP candidate Dasari Sudha, betting has reached a crescendo over the verdict in Badvel. The punters have hedged their bets big time and even leaders of the respective parties too are joining the betting rings.

Interestingly, the BJP leaders and cadres are betting that the BJP would get up to 18500 votes. Most bettings are on how many votes the BJP would get. Similarly, the majority of the punters are betting on the majority that the YSRCP would get. If sources are to be believed, bets are being hedged for an 80000 majority for the YSRCP candidate Dr Dasari Sudha.

Sources say that the betting is in full swing in Proddatur and Jammalamadugu assembly constituencies. Sources say that in the Tirupati bypoll, a BJP leader reportedly hedged huge amounts claiming that the YSRCP would not get the claimed 4 lakh vote majority. With the YSRCP majority falling way too short of the 4 lakh mark, this former minister reportedly ended up winning Rs 5 crore.

Badvel bypoll was caused due to the demise of sitting MLA Venkata Subbaiah. He won by over 44000 votes against the TDP candidate. The TDP has opted out of the bypoll this time. But the BJP has put up Panatala Suresh as its candidate. The YSRCP has nominated VenkataSubbaiah’s wife Dasari Sudha as its candidate. The polling would be held on October 30 and the result would be out on November2.

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Will Roja be disappointed again?


Will her caste become film star-turned politician RK Roja’s bane? Will she be denied a place in the Jagan cabinet this time too? Political watchers say it is likely that Jagan, who is known to take caste equations quite seriously , may ask her to stand down one more time.

Roja has carved a niche for herself in politics. This is mainly due to her film glamour, her firebrand image and her work in the constituency. This two-time MLA is hugely popular in the constituency mainly because of her activism. She is a great supporter of YS Jagan and is known to defend him to the hilt. Thus, she has all it takes to become a minister.

But she could not be made a minister because there were already too many Reddy’s in the contention. When she wasn’t made a minister, she fretted and fumed. She made displeasure known to the party biggies by skipping the swearing in of the ministers.. Later, Jagan tried to mollify her by offering her the chairperson post of the APIIC. However, being a Reddy has become a headache for her. This time too, it is likely that she many not be picked this time too. Another major reason is that Chittoor strongman Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy is staunchly opposing Roja’s inclusion in the council of ministers. Let us wait and see how things unfold for Roja.

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Will this controversy mar SC MLA’s ministerial ambitions?


This first time MLA was in the good books of YS Jagan. A lady…a well-educated young politician… someone from the scheduled castes…. everything was going for her. She was tipped to become a minister in the next reshuffle of the Jagan government. But, one small mistake is now threatening to ruin all her chances.

Jonnalagadda Padmavathi, the MLA from Anantapuram’s Singanamala constituency is now embroiled in an unseemly controversy. She is now being accused of trying to grab the land of a small farmer. The allegations have now reportedly reached Tadepalli.

The MLA has recently purchased five acres in Korrapadu village. The land is close to the Highway and the MLA wanted an access to the highway from her land. So, her family members reportedly tried to bring pressure on a small farmer identified as Nagalinga Reddy to sell of his land. However, Reddy refused and the MLA’s henchmen reportedly gave the small farmer their trademark ‘treatment.’

However, much to the discomfiture of Padmavathi, the video clip of MLA’s family members beating Nagalinga Reddy went viral on the social media. The video clip also showed the MLA’s men destroying Nagalingareddy’s crop by mowing down with a tractor. All these are now turning out to be a huge headache for her. There are fears that this could actually hit her chances of becoming a minister from the SC quota.

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Has YSRCP walked into Chandrababu Naidu’s trap?


On the issue of Pattabhi’s comments, it appears that the YSRCP and the Chief Minister have unknowingly walked into TDP’s trap.  By attacking the TDP headquarters and assaulting the family members of TDP spokesperson Pattabhi, the YSRCP ended up losing sympathy. Now the party is forced to do a lot of explaining.

In fact, it was the YSRCP which started the slanging match. YSRCP motor-mouth minister Kodali Nani used very abusive words for both Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh. When the TDP tried to object, he became even more bellicose. But, clever Chandrababu Naidu kept his cool and gained sympathy. In the whole process, Nani ended up losing support and even his own party found his comments difficult to defend. So, Nani has been silent for quite some time.

Now the TDP has begun upping its ‘abuse quotient’ with Lokesh, Dhulipalla Narendra and other leaders attacking the YSRCP right left and centre. On the issue of the recent drug seizures in Gujarat and their possible link to AP, TDP spokesperson Pattabhi went ballistic. In a recent press conference, he used unprintable words only to excite and incite the YSRCP. The party reacted predictably and its cadre attacked Pattabhi’s house, TDP headquarters and offices across the state in retaliation.

Now, Chandrababu effectively played the victim card and called up Union Home Minister Amit Shah. He also made Pawan Kalyan to speak up against the attacks. Thus the TDP ended up gaining sympathy. Not just that. He and the other TDP leaders were very quick to point an accusing finger at Nani’s diatribes, which were far worse than Pattabhi’s. Thus, Chandrababu achieved the twin objectives of silencing the loud mouths of the YSRCP and gaining public sympathy. Jagan, the master strategist, ended up losing on both counts.

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This constituency as the worst form of groupism in YSRCP


Group fights and factionalism… these seem to be the order of the day in the ruling YSRCP these days. In almost every assembly constituency, there are groups within the party and one is trying to pull down the other. But, the worst kind of groupism in YSRCP is in a constituency where it could not win. Yes, Razole in East Godavari, where the party lost to the Jana Sena where the group fights are most intense.

In fact, Razole is the only constituency where Jana Sena had won in 2019 elections. But, soon, Jana Sena MLA Rapaka Varaprasad joined the YSRCP and began working his way in the party. The YSRCP loyalists have fiercely opposed his entry and have since been fighting pitched battles with his group. As a result, the rival groups are involved in a competition to outdo one another. The disputes have now reached Tadepalli and CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is seized of the issue.

In Razole, the groups led by MLA Rapaka, YSRCP constituency incharge Pedapati Ammaji and former incharge Bontu Rajeswara Rao are holding programmes separately. Each is trying to outwit the other. There is also great anger and dissatisfaction over Rapaka giving all the nominated and party posts to only his followers. He is trying to keep away the other groups.

The loyal YSRCP workers and the leaders are unhappy at the way factionalism is destroying the good will that the party has in Razole. They have taken the issue to the notice of chief minister and party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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YSRCP MLA asks Jagan not to ‘cheat’ people


YSRCP MLA from Tadipatri constituency Kethireddy Pedda Reddy created a flutter by making controversial remarks against his own party boss and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Pedda Reddy asked Jagan not to ‘lie’ and cheat people for his political survival.

He said it’s not good for a leader of the stature of Jagan to make false promises to people or tell lies to people and cheat them for the sake of power.

Pedda Reddy said Jagan has reached a stage where he is unable to make out what to talk about and what not to talk about for his selfish political interests.

The MLA made these comments while participating in the cheque distribution programme for women beneficiaries of YSR Aasara scheme on Monday (today).

Pedda Reddy who began his speech attacking opposition parties suddenly changed his track and started criticising his own party chief and CM Jagan.

YSRCP local leaders and cadre besides women beneficiaries present in the meeting were shocked at their MLA attacking his own party and CM Jagan.

Later, local leaders and cadre tried to downplay the issue saying that MLA’s comments were not intentional but a ‘slip of tongue’.

But it failed to douse the fire in YSRCP.

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When will YSRCP hold its plenary session?


The one question that everybody in the YSRCP is asking is when the next plenary session of the party will be organized. The YSRCP constitution has mandated that the political parties should hold their plenary sessions once in two years. But it has already been four years since the YSRCP’s plenary session is held. So holding a plenary is imperative now

It goes to the credit of Chandrababu that despite Covid lockdown, Chandrababu managed to hold the plenary of the party online. The TRS in Telangana is now planning to hold the plenary. But, there seems to be no plenary insight for the YSRCP. The party could not hold the plenary in 2020 due to the Covid lockdown.

The last plenary of the YSRCP was held in July 2018. That was ahead of the 2019 assembly and general elections. It was in this plenary that YS Jagan has unveiled the ambitious Navaratnalu and announced his historic Praja Sankalpa Yatra. These two turned out to be game-changers for the YSRCP and catapulted it to power with an unprecedented majority. But since then, the same party executives are running the show at all levels. The village, mandal, and district level units need to be reconstituted. Those who have got positions of power are keeping away from the organizational work. There are reports that in some districts, even the district officers are being opened regularly.

Sources say that YS Jagan is planning to give key organizational responsibilities to the ministers who would be dropped from the cabinet in the upcoming cabinet reshuffle. They say that the plenary thus could be held only after the cabinet rejig is completed.

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Who is the super boss of Andhra Pradesh?


Who is the super minister of Andhra Pradesh? Who talks about every ministry in YS Jagan government? Who virtual super boss? Who doubles up for YS Jagan when the latter relaxes in his Tadepalli mansion? Who talks to all departments and who controls the party?

According to renegade YSRCP MP Raghuramakrishnam Raju, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy is the super boss of the YSRCP. He says that one has to approach Sajjala to get any work in any department done in AP. As the government advisor, has emerged as the real power centre without any responsibility. He is neither an MLA nor a minister, but he is making every department dance to his tunes, says Raghurama.

Sajjala is said to have discussed the coal and power situation in the state with the Coal India chairperson. At the same time, he is holding discussions with the government employees, who are on warpath over non-payment of salaries. Raghurama decried Sajjala’s power without any responsibility and said this would harm the state.

Sajjala, a political dark horse, is today the most important individual in AP after YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He managed to pip past both Vijay Sai Reddy and YV Subba Reddy to emerge as the key advisor to YS Jagan. Meanwhile, there is a buzz in Tadepalli that Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy could soon be inducted into YS Jagan’s cabinet.

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The story of an MLA and her four PAs


Chilakaluripet YSRCP MLA Vidadala Rajini is a sure-fire newsmaker. Her pro-active politics, ambitious moves and craze for publicity make her hog the headlines for some reason or the other. She knows how to occupy the centre-stage in any programme and knows the art of getting media coverage.

Rajini, who was with the TDP, joined the YSRCP ahead of the 2019 election. She defeated minister Prattipati Pullarao from Chilakaluripet and became an MLA. Ever since, she has been aiming for a ministerial berth in YS Jagan’s council of ministers. She is highly active both on ground and on social media.

However, it is her Pas who are her biggest problem. Unlike many MLAs, she has four PAs. One of them is government appointed, while the remaining are her personal staff. However, these four PAs are turning out to be biggest hindrances in her popularity. They are preventing the general public and even the party cadre from meeting her. Anyone who wants to meet her has to pass through these four ‘gate-keepers.’

One of the PAs is involved in cases pertaining to sand quarry lands and liquor trade. The second PA is embroiled in the PDS rice diversion. He is said to have exported the PDS rice to foreign countries. Another PA is said to be involved in collecting bribes for the transfer of the officials. For instance, Chilakaluripet CI has been transferred four times in the last two years. These PAs are said to be tarnishing Rajini’s image in Chilakaluripet.

Will Vidadala Rajini wake up and make a course correction? Will she replace the corrupt PAs immediately and control the damage? Let’s wait and see.

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