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Bigg boss: Noel becomes captain, but no immunity


Singer Noel becomes captain of Bigg boss house for the second time. Usually whoever becomes captain, gets immunity from nominations and eviction for the next week. In fact, that is the main reason for the contestants to compete for the captaincy. However, despite becoming captain of the house Noel is not saved and has already been nominated for the next week. Details are as below

Deal or no deal task continued for 2 episodes in the Bigg boss house. This task between the two teams of the blue team headed by Akhil and the red team headed by Ariyana. Bigg boss keeps on giving some deals at periodic intervals and the amount of that deal. Silver rings the bell after the buzzer out of Ariana and Akhil will get the chance to take up the deal.

The tasks involved were not completely new to the Bigg boss audience. One task is that the contestant has to give up all his belongings. Abhijeet has successfully done this task. Another task is one woman contestant of the house has to cut her hair and dye with red color. Harika has agreed to this deal and cut her hair. She became emotional while doing so. Kumar Sai did a physical task and got appreciation from the housemates.

Akhil vs Abhijit again, Monal support to Akhil, who is on the opposite team:
Nobody knows Akhil before this Bigg boss season. Abhijit joined the house as a film hero and Monal joined as the heroine. Obviously, there was some chemistry between Abhijit and Monal initially. But Akhil got more footage in this show by expressing his jealousy whenever Monal getting closer to Abhijit. But later she also started moving closer to Akhil. By observing her double game, Abhijit chose to be within her limits and this helped Akhil to become a thicker friend of Monal. This gave rise to a clash between Abhijit and Akhil. In the recent task, Akhil was supposed to sit in a chair in the garden without moving away till Bigg boss notifies. Abhijit, who is in the other team, shampooed his head heavily to see if Akhil moves away. Monal, despite being in Abhijit’s team, tried to help Akhil by pouring water on his head.

Avinash vs Sohail:

Sohail is ‘Sanchalak’ for this task and he did not do his job fairly. Sohail, being a good friend of Akhil, tried to show partiality towards his team. E.g. when Divi came out of the tub, he could have disqualified her but he didn’t do so. Also, he tried to help Akhil. Avinash pointed out this and burst out at Sohail. Sohail controlled his anger but he too exploded after going into the house.

Noel becomes captain, but…

As the blue team of Akhil won the task, all the members of that team became contenders for the captaincy task. In this task, they have to push the balls into the net with the bat tied to their head. Noel pushed more number of balls and became the captain. But, Noel self-nominated before this task during the ‘deal or no deal’ task. So, Bigg boss announced that, despite becoming captain, he will be in the nominations for the next week. Probably this is a rare thing to happen to anyone in Bigg boss’s house.

Overall it was an interesting episode.

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Gangavva exits Bigg Boss, Nagarjuna to fund her new house


Flamboyant Tollywood star Nagarjuna assured Milkuri Gangavva, one of the popular Bigg Boss-4 contestants, to fund the construction of a new house.

Gangavva, who quit Bigg Boss on Saturday due to health reasons, sought help for construction of a new house in her village in Lambadipally in Jagtial district. Bigg Boss housemates including Akhil, Lasya, Monal, Abishek, Amma Rajsekhar and Sohail were deeply distrubed at the voluntary exit of Gangavva.

The 60-year-old could not fight back her tears so were the housemates. Nagarjuna and the housemates were moved when she revealed her personal story. Gangavva, while leaving the house, narrated how her son physically abused her and left to Muscat leaving her in debts. Her parents got her married when she was five year old. She had recalled how she lost her daughter after suffering from seizures and how she had to struggle to get her daughter admitted to a government hospital. It was one emotional moment for everyone, including Nagarjuna who just about managed to fight back tears.

Gangavva had voluntarily exited the house owing to her ill-health. She played superbly in the Bigg Boss house and was a favourite among the housemates. She had often complained about her health and requested Nagarjuna to send her back to her village. She complained that she was not able to eat or sleep. Nagarjuna had earlier convinced her to stay in the house. However, Gangavva’s health condition did not improve. A team of doctors
conducted a battery of tests.

On Saturday, Gangavva again requested “Pedda anna” (Bigg Boss). Nagarjuna had shown her medical reports to the viewers and appealed to Bigg Boss’ to send her back to her village as per her request.

Before leaving, Gangavva touched the floor of the house as a mark of prayer and hugged the housemates. It was one touching moment as everyone broke into tears at the separation. Nagarjuna called Gangavva a “strong and an amazing lady, a huge inspiration for many ”. He lauded Gangavva for “playing well” and assured that he will personally fund the construction of a new house in her village.

Gangavva lives in a dilapidated house in her village in Lambadipally in Jagital. An agricultural worker who became an overnight star on YouTube. She shot into fame through a YouTube channel named ‘My Village Show’ in Telugu. She became an instant hit catching the attention of the film industry. Soon enough, she got movie offers including ‘iSmart Shankar’ and ‘Mallesham’ and appeared in several shows in Telugu channels.

She had also participated and delivered a speech at NASSCOM Foundation Tech for Good Summit 2019 and received ‘Woman Achiever Award 2020’ from Woman Development and Child Welfare Department (Department of Language and Culture), the government of Telangana.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Sujatha and Amma Rajasekhar in the danger zone


Bigg boss season 4 is going on with huge TRP ratings. After Surya Kiran, Kalyani, Devi, and Swathi leaving the house, now the stage is set for the next eviction. Akhil, Noel, Abhijeet, Sohail, Amma, monal, Lasya, Sujatha, and Ariyana are in the nominations this week. As per the reports, anchor Sujatha and Amma Rajasekhar danger zone this week. Details as below

The strong candidates:

It seems Akhil, Abhijeet, Noel, and Lasya very good voting and so there is no danger for them in the house for a few more weeks. Next comes the list of three people who are having a medium range of voting this week – Ariyana, Monal, Sohail. Sohail has recently become the captain of the house. If he survives this week he will be there in the house at least for two more weeks. As of now, it looks like a possibility. Monal is irritating the audience but she is giving good footage and ratings to the show and it is unlikely that she will leave the house this week. Ariyana has improved her prospects a lot after humans vs robots task and coins tasks. She has demonstrated herself as someone who plays tasks well.

Sujatha or Amma – who will leave:

Out of the rest of the nominated contestants, Sujatha and Amma Rajasekhar are not getting good votings. Sujatha has irritated the audience in the second and third weeks a lot but she didn’t come into nominations. Had she been in nominations either Devi or Swathi Dikshit would have been saved in previous weeks as per some analysts. There were lots of memes circulated in social media which shows the desperation of the audience to evict her. On the other hand, Amma Rajasekhar got good feedback in the second and third weeks with his pranks and jokes. Also, Devi’s allegations on him and his crying as a reaction for that got him sympathy. But later, the audience has seen his double standards in the tasks. He is displaying “I am ok, you are not ok” mentality most of the time. All this created a negative impression on him.

Overall Sujatha and Amma Rajasekhar are the bottom two as of now. However, Amma Rajasekhar seems to be getting better ratings than Sujatha. If there is double elimination or Bigg boss gives a twist Amma Raja Sekhar may have to leave but otherwise, Sujatha is the most probable eviction this week.

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Bigg boss today: Potpourri of emotions

In Bigg boss’s house, today’s episode is filled with emotions, tasks, gossips, and fun moments. The episode was overall a potpourri of different kinds of emotions.

Avinash and Gangavva made the audience cry:

The episode started with some housemates sharing emotional moments of their life. Noel started by sharing his emotions and his bonding with his mother. Lasya too joined him and shared his feelings when she gave birth to her son.

Later, Avinash disclosed that he was on the verge of committing suicide during the lock down. He bought a house for his parents recently as he had some money which he thought is sufficient. But after paying money as a down payment, his father got cardiac problems and joined the hospital and he had to spend all the money he had. As his mother was also hospitalized at the same time for different problems, he had to borrow 10 lakhs on interest. As EMIs for the house, interests on borrowed money started mounting up, and at the same time lockdown severely impacted his sources of money, he almost decided to commit suicide. But later he got some courage and confidence and moved on in life. Gangavva also explained a very tragic incident from her life when she lost his little daughter due to fits. Her narration made the entire house cry.

Avinash imitation of Bigg boss:

Bigg Boss gave a task to Avinash to imitate him and the housemates can ask any questions to Avinash who is doing the role of Bigg boss. He utilized the opportunity given to him fully as always. He evoked laughs most of the time while doing this task. His one-liners on Harika, Noel, Amma, and Lasya and his conversations with Divi were entertaining.

Avinash and Amma teasing Divi:

Avinash and Amma Rajasekhar are time and again displaying that they are very good entertainers. When Akhil and Divi were having a private conversation, Avinash, Amma Rajasekhar, and Ariyana formed a group and embarrassed them by singing songs that relate to their conversation. The spontaneity shown by Avinash and Amma in the selections of songs entertained the audience.

Overall today’s episode was enjoyable.

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Bigg boss today: Sohail is the new captain of the house

Finally the hotel task ended in the Bigg boss house. Guests team won over the hotel staff team as the hotel staff team failed to get 5 star rating. Even though Abhijeet tried his level best to make his team win, lack of unity in the team and secret tasks done by the Avinash made this team lose the task.

After the task was over Bigg boss asked the winning team to select best player from their team. No team member was willing to say the name of other member as the best contestant and all of them wanted to name themselves. At this point Sohail asked Mehboob to support him for the captaincy task as he had supported Mehaboob earlier during the coins task by sacrificing all his coins to Mehboob. Surprisingly Mehboob denied to do so despite being very good friend of him. After lot of debates and arguments, team has finally named Sohail as the best player. He became the first contender of captaincy task.

During the task, Bigg boss gave all the guests some money. They can give it as tips to the hotel staff. After the task was over, Akhil from hotel staff team had more money compared to all others and so he became the second contender for the captaincy task.

Avinash was the member of hotel staff team but he was given a secret task to spoil the prospects of his own team. He was very successful in his task as he spoilt food of Mehaboob and also irritated the members of guest team. So he became the third contender of the captaincy task.

Captaincy task:

The task was test of stamina of these 3 contestants. The contestants have to hold ice cubes in their hand, stretch their legs while burning coals are placed between their legs and stay still in a bending position. Whoever stays long will be the captain among these three. Out of Sohel , Avinash and Akhil, Akhil looks like a tough guy as he is the runner up of most desirable men competition in Hyderabad. But it seems he doesn’t have at least as much stamina as Avinash and he was the first one to lose the competition. Finally Sohail emerged as a winner and became captain of the house.

Relaxing time:

As the tasks are over, the housemates came into relaxing mode. Avinash imitated Divi and that evoked some laughs. Later Avinash made a small prank and he slept at a different place. This made Gangavva restless and she was seen searching for Avinash for so long at different places of Bigg boss house. Finally, she found him and the housemates laughed at all this. All other housemates also seen having night conversations with other housemates.

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Bigg boss today: Hotel task continues


In Bigg Boss’ house, the hotel task that was started in the previous episode continued today also. This is not a new task for the audience as they have seen similar tasks in the previous season also.

The teams:

Abhijit is the hotel manager, Akhil is a security officer, Sujatha and Lasya are chefs, Amma Rajasekhar is asst chef, Noel and Kumar are housekeeping staff, Monal, and Divi from the service spa. Avinash is an assistant manager. The rest of the housemates are the guests at the hotel. Out of the guests, Ariyana is a princess, Gangavva is her mother. Hotel staff has to impress the guests and get them good star ratings from the guests. They can also get tips from the guests.

Secret task:

Bigg boss gave a secret task to Avinash. He has to ensure the hotel team doesn’t get good ratings by irritating the guests. He did justice to his role very well by doing funny tasks that irritate guests. In fact, neither the guests nor the hotel staff got an iota of doubt regarding this.

Physical tasks:

The guests did not play well. They gave physical tasks to the hotel staff like Noel, Amma Rajasekhar, Akhil, and Abhijit. They did those enervating tasks very well and impressed not only the guests but also the audience.

Mehboob temper:

Mehboob didn’t get proper food as Avinash spoiled the food by adding too much salt in it as part of a secret task. As Mehboob didn’t get food, he ordered it multiple times but the hotel staff did not give as he was not giving tips to the staff. This irritated him and shouted at the staff. Most of the housemates objected to his language. His friend Akhil also had an altercation with him.

Harika got a head massage with Abhijit:

Harika is from the guests’ team and Abhijit, with whom she has been having a special relationship in the house, is in the hotel staff team. She told him she can ask him anything as he is part of the staff team. She got a head massage from him, even though he is not from the spa team.

Split in Hotel staff team:

There was an altercation between Abhijit and Amma, who are part of the same team. As a manager, Abhijit asked his staff not to serve the food to the guest until they clear previous bills (in the form of star ratings and tips). Amma as chef denied this. He wanted to get his own tips from the guests. Staff members like Sujatha, Divi spoke in favor of Abhijit but Amma denied compromise.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Monal felt happy with my eviction, says Swathi


Bigg boss is one show that brings out real characters of the contestants within a short span of time. It is not possible to act and fake the behavior for so many weeks for anyone. Monal, who is known to Telugu audience as the heroine of Sudigadu movie showing a lot of variations in the show. Swathi Dixit, who left the house, made interesting comments on her.

Swathi Deeksit played well in the first week. But she could not develop the vote base yet. Meanwhile, Amma Rajasekhar nominated her in the first week itself. She got evicted from the house based on voting. After leaving she gave some interviews and made some interesting comments on Monal. It is known news that both of them are heroines. Swathi explained that Monal was not happy to see another heroine entering the house and expressed a sort of insecurity. She added that, after Swathi evicted, Monal showed a different kind of behavior in the house and it seems she was more than happy seeing Swathi leaving the house.

Many housemates are trying to expose the double standards of Monal but it seems Monal can turn the game in her favor with her tactics.

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Bigg boss today: Bitter arguments and serious conversations during nominations


In Bigg boss season 4, so far Surya Kiran, Kalyani, Devi, and Swathi left the house. Today the stage is set for the next eviction. Entire episode filed with the nominations task today. A total of 9 members got nominated this week. Except for Captain Kumar Sai, Gangavva, Avinash, Mehboob, Divi, and Harika rest of all are into nominations this week. Through out the nominations, there have been bitter arguments and altercations.

Nomination process:

Akhil started the process and his obvious choice is Abhijeet. The audience has thought that Akhil and Abhijit are fighting over the topic of Monal. This triangle love story has irritated the audience. Akhil blamed Abhijit for portraying Monal in a bad way on the TV. He also nominated Amma Rajasekhar for the way he behaved coins task.

Lasya nominated Divi and Noel. Noel recently agreed to the statement that Lasya is playing the fake games in the show. That upset Lasya and she told because of that single reason she is nominating him.

Ariyana nominated Akhil and Amma Rajasekhar. Amma and Ariyana have been not on good terms since the coins task. Akhil’s absent-mindedness during the items selected for the luxury budget has upset the housemates.

Avinash nominated the duo of Akhil and Monal. They have been criticizing Avinash saying he plays a safe game. Also, Monal didn’t take Avinash’s comedy line on her sportively.

Sujatha nominated Akhil and Ariyana. She also mentioned Akhil’s absent-mindedness in the confession room. Surprisingly, Akhil still defended himself saying, Bigg boss did not tell that housemates can not share the selected items. The fact is not only the housemates but also the audience heard it.

Kumar Sai nominated Noel and Sujatha. Noel has not been good to Kumar in the initial week. Sujatha simply agrees to whatever Noel says.

Sohail nominated Abhijeet and Noel. He has been not on good terms with Abhijit and they have argued a lot in the house. He nominated Noel for not taking a stand on behalf of him during the task.

Gangavva nominated Abhijeet and Noel.

Mehboob nominated Sujatha and Lasya. Sujatha switched his coins in the previous task and so he could not contend for captaincy. Lasya did not support him in the task.

Amma Raja Sekhar nominated Akhil and Ariyana. Even though he gave reasons, it looked like he nominated them as both of them nominated him.

Harika nominated the duo of Akhil and Monal. Akhil argued a lot with Harika and he looked arrogant.

Divi nominated Lasya and Sohail. Lasya nominated her earlier. Sohail is not on good terms with her since the task of the robot.

Monal nominated Harika and Avinash. Incidentally, both of them nominated her.
Abhijeet nominated. Akhil and Sohail. During this process, he tried to clarify Akhil’s allegations that he ridiculed Akhil’s education qualification. Abhijit clarified that he just said, Akhil is from BiPC background and so he might be a little weak in maths compared to him who is an engineering graduate. He added, there is no intention of belittling his education qualification.

Noel nominated Amma Rajasekhar for nominating Swathi and indirectly becoming the reason for her eviction in the first week itself. He didn’t intend to nominate Sohail initially and he told that too. But Sohail unnecessarily interfered with Noel while he was talking. Irritated Noel nominated him.

Overall – Akhil, Noel, Abhijeet, Sohail, Amma, monal, Lasya, Sujatha, and Ariyana are in the nominations this week.

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Bigg boss today: Big bomb on Amma, no double elimination


In the previous episode of bigg boss, Swati dikshit got eliminated and rest of the nominated contestants not saved. This gave rise to speculations that there may be another elimination this Sunday. Bigg boss once again proved the speculators wrong and there was no elimination today.

Revenge: Swathi deekshith big bomb on Rajasekhar

Swathi deekshith was there in the house only for one week. She was nominated by Amma rajasekhar despite the fact that she gave him the opportunity to dine with her in the lounge on the day of her entry into the house. While leaving she was asked to match the given nicknames to the housemates. She did this job fairly well. She gave the nickname of arrogant person to Abhijeet, manipulator label to Monal, gossipmonger label to Sujatha, luckiest person label to Kumar Sai, backstabber label to Amma rajasekhar, and so on.

She was given a big bomb that whoever she names, she will not be eligible to contend for the captaincy next week. Obviously She Chose Amma Rajasekhar, because of whom she is leaving the house now. She put him in great danger and it will be no surprise if he gets eliminated in the next two weeks.

Role reversal game:

After Swati dikshit left the house, there were some funny tasks. All housemates dressed as opposite gender today and enacted some dance and comedy sequences as pair, but playing role of reverse gender. For example Amma Rajasekhar and Sujata played the scene of soundarya and chiranjeevi in chudalani undi movie, in which rajasekhara played the role of Soundarya and Sujata played as chiranjeevi. Gangavva dances as allu ramalingaiah along with Kumar. Divi and Noel played the scene from athadu movie. Most of the the dances and skits were enjoyable. Later , there was kabaddi game played by the housemates.

No double elimination:

After Swati dikshit left the house still there were six contestants in the danger zone. Nagarjuna asked all these 6 contestants i.e. Abhijeet, Harika, Mehboob, Sohail, lasya and Kumar to give self rankings. Abhijeet stood at first rank, Mehboob at second rank , and Lasya at 3rd rank. Rest of the three contestants were also in agreement with this ranks but they couldn’t come to an agreement regarding fourth fifth and sixth ranks. Nagarjuna asked housemates to help them regarding the same. Ariyana adjusted Kumar at 4th, Sohail at 5th and Harika at 6 th ranks. After maintaining the suspense for a few more minutes, Nagarjuna revealed that these rankings are not correct as per the audience and all these six contestants got saved by the audience.

Why this Sunday episode is just an average episode:

Overall, it is above average episode. Mainly because, the elimination process got over in the previous episode itself. Moreover, after 50% of the episode audience could predict that there will be no further elimination today because, if there had been an elimination , host would not have wasted lot of time playing the games like kabaddi. This killed the excitement for rest of the episode.

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Bigg boss today: Swathi evicted from the house.


Usually, Sunday is the day of eviction in the Bigg boss house. But today Swati Dixit got eliminated from the house. Details as below.

The court task:

Before the elimination process, there was a task played in the house. Each of the housemates will get a chance to act as a police inspector. They can accuse one person in the house and file an FIR by giving proper reasons. The accused can defend himself or request any housemate to act as a lawyer on behalf of them. The rest of the housemates will act as a jury and decide whether the accused can be acquitted or convicted. This task was boring for most of the parts except for a few cases.

Monal’s outburst after Divi’ comments:

Even though this task was in a lighter vein for most of the time, Divi vs Monal’s verbal war resulted in an outburst of Monal and some serious emotions. Divi narrated a funny incident in which she teased Abhijit to Nagarjuna. She said that, in the storeroom, Monal told Abhijt that she “likes” him but most of the time she spends time with Akhil. She further added after Akhil goes to bed, she comes and talks to Abhijeet indicating Monal is playing a double game. This all shocked Monal. She later conveyed to Nagarjuna that what Divi said is partially true and her statements are nothing but an assassination of her character.

Monal clarified that ‘THERE IS NO TRIANGLE STORY WITH AKHIL AND ABHIJIT FOR HER AND SHE IS COMFORTABLE WITH AKHIL ONLY“. But Divi stood strong on her words and told there are no kids in the house.

Avinash’s ‘Pulihora’ with Ariyana:

Out of the other scenarios during this task, one that entertained the audience was Avinash’s discussion with Nagarjuna. The host asked him what did he write on the Sofa to communicate to Ariyana. He also mentioned the hugs of Avinash and Ariyana. Avinash reacted very funnily on this and that brought the house down. Finally, he admitted that he wrote ‘You are cool’ on the sofa to communicate to Ariyana.

Swathi Dixit eliminated:

In a rather surprising twist, Swathi Dixit is eliminated today and none of the other housemates nominated are saved yet, indicating the possibility of a double eviction. Swathi was nominated by Amma Rajasekhar and it was just her first week in the house. But to her bad luck, she had to leave so early from the house.

We need to wait and see if there is a double eviction this week.

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Media: Big drop in Jabardasth’s ratings, courtesy IPL and Bigg boss


Jabardasth is one show that has been earning the top ratings for the last 5 plus years. The show that earned very good ratings in the past even during the off-seasons now seems to be recording the very low ratings, which is becoming a cause of concern for the makers. Details as below.

Jabardasth show initially started with Nagababu, Roja as judges, and Anasuya as the anchor. Later, there were many changes in the show as some contestants left the show and some others joined. Recently Nagababu was replaced by Mano. Even though many criticize the program as a sleazy program with double entenders, the masses just love this program and it is evident in its ratings. But of late, the skits are becoming repetitive, and in each episode, only 2 out of 5 skits could tickle the funny bones of the audience. All this has gradually brought the ratings of this showdown. Moreover, the 3 months of the year during which Bigg boss is telecast, Jabardasth has always lost the viewership. This time, IPL and Bigg boss both are going on almost during the same time and this has a severe impact on Jabardasth and reportedly, Jabardasth is recording career-low ratings.

Some say it is the high time Jabardasth has to be more innovative, while others say, it is just temporary and once IPL and Bigg boss are done, Jabardastha will again restore its viewership. We need to wait and see how will be the fate of the Jabardasth in the future.

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Bigg boss today: Kumar Sai is the new captain of the house


The captaincy task that continued for the last 2 episodes in the Bigg boss house completed today . Kumar Sai, who joined the house as an underdog has become captain of the house. There were a lot of dramatic events that happened during this task. details as below.

3 level of the task:

The task of collecting the coins started after the nomination process. The task continued in the 3 levels. In the first level, coins are thrown into the house and the contestants have to collect as many coins as possible. Sohail and Mehboob who were lagging in the score at the end of the day, have become top scorers overnight as they have stolen the coins of all others.

Later, there was a 2nd level in which, using killer coin the contestants have to play a game similar to musical chairs. By the time of buzzer sound, whoever had the killer coin with them will lose 50% of their coins. During this round, Avinash got injured and so was not part of the final round. After this round also, Mehaboob and Sohail were leading.

In the 3rd level, contestants can negotiate with others, steal their coins, and whatever trick they want to. During this 3rd level, most of the housemates colluded.

Akhil-Sohail-Mehboo-Monal group vs Amma Rajasekhar’s group
These 4 formed against Amma Rajasekhar who has the support of most of the housemates. After colluding, Mehaboob scored 10 thousand while Amma Rajasekhar had 3 thousand scores. Kumar Sai and Harika who played their game individually had around 1300 scores.

Switch twist:

During the game, there was a switch coin thrown into the house. Mehboob collected it, read it, and threw it away thinking it is useless. Sujatha collected it. Bigg boss later announced that it is a very special coin. After all the rounds, Bigg boss asked Sujatha to use the power of a special coin. She can switch i.e. swap her coins with any other contestant. Obviously, she swapped with Sujatha.

Mud pit task for captaincy:

After the switch twist, Sujatha, Amma Rajasekhar, Harika, and Kumar Sai became the contenders for captaincy. The captaincy task of the ‘Mud pit task’ is not a new task for Bigg boss viewers. There will be coins in the mud pit, they have to search and collect maximum coins. Kumar Sai collected maximum coins and Amma Rajasekhar stood in second place.

Though many thought he will not continue for more than 2 weeks, Kumar Sai is becoming strong day by day in the house. But the next week is crucial for him as people will keenly watch his behavior after becoming the captain. We need to wait and see how he will behave as captain.

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Bigg boss today: Thieves in the house


The task of yesterday continued in Bigg boss house today. The task goes like this. Randomly, coins of different face values will be thrown into the house. Housemates should compete to collect the coins. They can steal the coins of others and should save their coins from being stolen. Whoever has more coins at the end of the game, will have special benefits in this captaincy task.

Sohail and Mehboob’s night out:

The game that started the previous day continued overnight. At the start of the game, contestants like Divi and Amma Rajasekhar were having more coins. Housemates threw a lot of tantrums during this task. Some stole the coins of others while some others double-crossed those who stole the coins. Sohail and Mehaboob were lagging in the game at the start of the night. But once housemates went to bed, along with other young contestants like Harika, and Ariyana they stole the coins of all others. Sohail and Mehboob were seen active throughout the night, stealing the coins of all others.

Switch coin:

Out of the coins thrown, there was a switch coin. Mehboob got it but he thought it is useless and threw it away. Sujatha collected it without knowing the value of it. But later Bigg boss announced that whoever has the switch coin will have a special benefit. Sohail reprimanded Mehboob for missing the opportunity that landed into his hands. After Sujatha slept, Mehaboob tried to steal it but was not successful.

Housemates fight with Sohail and Mehboob:

As soon as they woke up, housemates got shocked to see their coins being stolen. They found that Sohail and Mehboob were the culprits. They argued with them but Sohail and Mehboob were able to save their coins.

Next level task: Killer coin:

Once the level 1 was over, Mehboob and Sohail were leading. Divi, Amma, and Gangavva were at the bottom of the score. The next level task, Killer coin started. In this task, there will be a killer coin in the garden. Housemates have to take that coin and stick it to someone. They should take it and try to stick it to someone else. At the time of buzzer, whoever having that killer coin stuck to them, will lose 50% of their points.

After this next-level game started, Sohail was seen playing aggressively and had a bitter argument with Amma Rajasekhar. Meanwhile, Avinash got injured while playing the game and was rushed to the doctor’s room.

The task will continue tomorrow too.

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Bigg boss: Monal, Divi, and Avinash safe game ensures their continuation for 2 weeks?


In Bigg boss season 4 Telugu, there are 7 contestants nominated for eviction this week i.e. Abhijeet, Lasya, Harika, Mehboob, Swati, Kumar, and Sohail got nominated this week during the ‘killing contract’ task. After seeing the task, the audience has observed that Monal, Divi, and Avinash played a safe game and ensured their continuation in the house for the next 2 weeks. Details as below.

During the killing contract task, contestants like Amma Rajasekhar, Ariyana, Sujatha, Mehboob, Harika, and Noel tried their level best and ran to the lounge to nominate someone. By doing so, they got wrath from the candidate whom they nominated. Swathi Deekshit was upset with Amma Rajasekhar and given a chance she may nominate him the next week. Abhijit nominated by Mehboob and he is upset with Mehboob for this. Harika and Mehboob’s enmity still continuing. Sujatha nominated Kumar Sai and Noel also tried to nominate Kumar. It is more likely that Kumar will nominate one of them this week.

On the other hand, as it is not mandatory to nominate someone this week because of the task. Divi, Monal, and Avinash were not active in the game. They were neither nominated by anyone nor they nominated someone. By doing so, at least for this week, they are not at loggerheads with any other housemate. Because of this, it is less likely to get nominated next week too – if other factors don’t come into the picture.

In this way, those follow Bigg boss say, Monal, Divi, and Avinash played a safe game and this may help them continue in the house for next week also.

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Bigg boss: Collection king will be the captain


In Bigg boss season 4 Telugu, usually, Tuesday is the task for the luxury budget task. But today Bigg boss clearly announced that this will be the captaincy task.

The task:

During this task, some coins will be thrown randomly into the house. The coins will have some face value like 50, 100, etc. Housemates have to compete for the coins being thrown into the house and collect them. They can steal from others and save them from being stolen. In the end, whoever has more coins will have special benefits during the captaincy contest.

Game started:

As soon as the game started, housemates did all kinds of tantrums like – Divi stealing Kumar Sai coins, Amma Rajasekhar saving Divi’s coins from others, Abhijit scolding Monal for giving her coins to Akhil, etc. Ariyana and many others made deals with other contestants that if they are having more coins than them they can give their coins to her and vice versa. In the end, contestants can sacrifice their coins to others if they are not sure of winning. While Monal was supporting Akhil by giving her coins to him, Swathi was seen bonding with Abhijit and sharing her coins with him. Monal-Akhil duo was seen keenly observing this development. Amma Rajasekhar was seen playing the double game by helping Harika to save her coins at safe place and later showing that place to Sohail. The task will continue tomorrow too.

Sohail’s temper

Before the start of this game, Sohail and Abhijit were seen bitterly arguing about the last week’s task. It is known news that Abhijit played the game with mind, tricked Divi and turned the game into their favor. This furiated Sohail and he was seen shouting at robots team on that day. But it seems the gap that started during the task still continuing between Sohail and Abhijit. Mehboob was seen supporting Sohail. Abijit was trying to defend himself but at times he looks like an arrogant person. Sohail tried to provoke Abhijit by saying Abhijit cant play physical games and he takes shelter behind the girls. Sohail was also seen arguing with Ariyana in the same episode today about stealing the coins. Given he is in the nominations, this temper of Sohail may hamper his prospects.

Overall, this task is good as of now, though not as fierce as the similar task in previous seasons. The task will continue tomorrow too.

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Bigg boss today: Killing contract nominations


Monday is the day of nominations in Bigg boss house. After emotional episode in which Devi nagavalli left the house in the third week of Bigg boss season 4, now the stage is set to eliminate one more person from house this weekend. Bigg boss gave and interesting game for the nominations this week.

The task:

As per this task Akhil and Sohail are hit men who take killing contracts from the contestants. They will be waiting in the lounge. Rest of all the housemates will be waiting in the living room. As soon as buzzer is on, housemates have to run into the lounge. Whoever reaches first gets the chance to give a killing contract. They have to explain the reasons for the contract and give the money to hit men. One of the hit men will go and kill that particular contestant after explaining the reasons given by the person who gave them contract. The person who gets killed will be nominated. Out of Akhil and Sohail whoever captures the gun first will get the chance to kill and also the money offered. At the end , out of Akhil and Sohail whoever has more money will get saved and the other will be nominated.


When the first round is on, Amma Rajasekhar is the first one to reach the killers. He nominated Swati Dixit who is the new entry into the house. He cited the reason that the rest of all the housemates have become friends with him but Swati is not still very friendly with him.

In the next around it is Mehboob who reached killers first. He nominated Abhijeet citing the reason that Abhijeet called them street boys during the task. It seems the housemates are still in the hangover of the humans vs robots task.

In the third round Ariyana reached the lounge first. She nominated Lasya. It seems Lasya told her that some housemates are getting irritated by the behaviour of Ariyana. So she wanted to get the names of those who got irritated from Lasya.

In the fourth round Harika reached first. She nominated Mehboob again this week. It is known news that mehboob took decision of eliminating Harika in one of the weekends but that turned out to be fake elimination. It seems she is still carrying that negative impression on him. Last week also she is nominated the same Mehboob. However she gave the reasons related to the humans vs robots task.

In the last round, Noel reached first and Sujata reached next. But Kumar Sai objected to this by saying Noel has violated a rule that he has to be in the living room before the buzzer rings. Noel denied saying there is no such rule but Kumar was able to prove that such rule exists by showing rule book. He ensured that Sujatha is given a chance instead of Noel. But the irony is Sujata nominated Kumar Sai who got her the chance to nominate someone.

Out of Akhil and Sohail , at the end of the game, Akhil had more money and so Sohail got nominated.

Overall , Abhijeet, Harika, Mehboob , Swati , Kumar and Sohail got nominated this week.

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Bigg boss twist: Devi eliminated instead of Mehboob


In Bigg boss season 4 Telugu, today there’s a super twist as Devi got eliminated instead of Mehboob. This almost shocked the housemates. Details as ago.

Devi, Ariyana, and Mehboob were the bottom three on the day of nominations:

Out of the contestants nominated this week, Devi, Ariyana, and Mehboob were the bottom three. So, since day-1 the audience expected that one of these 3 will get evicted. But they were divided on who out of these 3 will leave the house this week. The humans and robots’ task actually changed the fate of the contestants. Ariyana who got lots of negative feedback earlier changed the impression during the task. The way she played the game and the oneliner that ‘i want to try even if I am sure of losing the game’ changed the impression on her and suddenly her voting improved.

1% difference between the voting of Mehboob and Devi.

As per the reports, Mehboob and Devi got the almost same number of votes with less than 1% difference. There were also rumors that Mehboob got slightly lesser votes than Devi. Social media also reported that Mehaboob is packing the bags this week. But there is a sudden twist in the game and Devi is out of the show this week.

Is the elimination based on voting or Bigg boss twist:

Exactly in the third week of season 3 also, there was a similar twist. As per reports at that time, Rahul got the least voting compared to Rohini and Shiva Jyothy but Bigg boss saved Rahul and sent Rohini out keeping some commercial prospects in mind and also given the fact that the difference in votes is very small. There is an opinion that Bigg boss did the same this week.

Click here: Bigg Boss Titbits for sake for ratings

Housemates got shocked and Ariyana cried a lot:

It seems housemates couldn’t believe that Devi is eliminated this week. They all thought she is not only a strong person but also a strong contestant in the game. Even when Kumar Sai and Devi were contending for eviction, the housemates believed Sai will leave the house. But when the final decision was announced, the was shocked and there was silence as they couldn’t believe it. Ariyana and Devi recently discussed that they wanted to see a woman winning the game this this time. Ariyana cried a lot and said she sees a perfect woman in Devi and she wanted an elder sister like her.

Big bomb:

While leaving Devi gave suggestions to each of the housemates. As per the big bomb, she saved Ariyana from nominations next week.

Leaving of Devi left the audience also in disappointment as they enjoy watching the game of a strong woman. But the fact is that, like Surya Kiran, she also doesn’t have social media following compared to other youtube stars in the house and she got evicted the first week she came into nominations.

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Anushka in Bigg Boss 4 house?


The fourth season of Bigg Boss which is aired on Star MAA registered good TRP in the opening week. The small screen audience have been spending ample time for the reality show. Nagarjuna’s hosting skills also received a decent response. Going with the news, top actress Anushka will enter the Bigg Boss house to promote her upcoming movie Nishabdham which is gearing up for a digital release on October 2nd.

Anushka is set to promote her film on Bigg Boss and is expected to enter the house today. Hemanth Madhukar is the director and Anushka, R Madhavan, Shalini Pandey, Anjali, Subbaraju, Srinivas Avasarala, Micheal Madsen are the lead actors in this action thriller. The trailer received a decent response and the makers are yet to kick-start the promotions. Anushka is expected to start the promotions of Nishabdham in the Bigg Boss house. People Media Factory and Kona Film Corporation produced Nishabdham.

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Bigg boss today: Games and awards


Nagarjuna is really proving that he is the king of hosting on Telugu TV. The ease with which he is hosting the show in recent times. Today’s episode is another example of his exemplary hosting skills. Today he played the truth tower game with the housemates.

Truth tower game:

Kumar Sai targetted by Harika, Devi, and Mehaboob:

This is like the most popular game of Jenga. After a contestant taking out one stick, they will be asked a question by Nagarjuna, for which they need to reveal the truth. Harika was asked a question that whom does she think is not at all a competitor for her. For this, she answered Kumar Sai. Later Nagarjuna asked her about the ongoing rumors of the relation between Harika and Abhijit. Later Devi Nagavalli also targeted Kumar Sai and told, given a chance, she will swap him any of the nominated contestants. Mehboob also targetted Kumar Sai and told, he is not fit for the game.

Monal, Ariyana, and Lasya’s answers:

Answering a question, Monal told, she believes Sohail is the Narada of the house. Nagarjuna also teased her about her triangle love story between Abhijit and Akhil. Lasya answered a question and said Monal is the liar in the house. Answering a question, Ariyana told, it is Sohail who annoys her a lot in the house. Sohail also named her as the person who annoys him the most.

Kumar Sai vs Abhijit vs Akhil:

Kumar Sai answered that Abhiit is the fakest person in the house. He also attacked Abhijit’s character by disclosing that he has a loose tongue. He also cleverly dragged Akhil, who is in loggerheads with Abhijit from the beginning, into the conversation. This later turned into a verbal war between Abhijit and Akhil.

Awards and negative qualities:

Nagarjuna asked the house to select one ‘Maha Nayakudu’, ‘Maha Kantri’, and ‘Mahanati’ in the house. Abhijit was selected as Mahanayakudu by Nagarjuna. House unanimously selected Avinash as Maha Kantri for cheating Rajasekhar during the task. Nagarjuna showed the video of Gangavva during the task that surprised the housemates and the house unanimously gave her the title of Mahanati. The video of Gangavva shown for this was hilarious and evoked laughs in the house.

Later, Nagarjuna asked the housemates to tell one person and tell negative quality about them. Monal told Akhil has anger issues. Noel told Amma Rajasekhar is telling a lot of dirty jokes nowadays. Divi told Abhijit is acting like an innocent person. Avinash generated comedy while talking about Lasya. Amma also did the same with Divi. Lasya spoke negatively about Swathi

As of today, Lasya and Monal got saved from nominations. We need to wait and see who will leave tomorrow. As per the reports, it is Mehboob but we need to see if Bigg boss gives a twist, especially given the fact that the vote difference between Mehboob and Devi is less than 1%.

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3rd wild card in 4th season of Bigg boss Telugu


Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 already had two wild-card entry contestants i.e. Avinash and Sai. Now there will be a 3rd wild card entry into the house, as shown in the promo of today’s episode.

Actress Swathi Deekshith is going to join the house as third wild card entry into the house. This Hyderabadi girl has worked in Telugu and Tamil movies. Swathi was the title winner of TV show Andamaina Bhamalu. She worked in films like Ladies & Gentleman (Telugu), and Simba (Tamil). She also acted in films like Allari Naresh’s Jump Jilani.

Already with 2 wild cards in the house and 2 contestants leaving the house, so far 16 members are there in the house even after 2 weeks. With Swathi joining, there will be 17 contestants. We need to wait and see how she is going to play the game.

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