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Biased Bigg Boss: Favoritism towards some killing the season 4?


Bigg boss season is falling in terms of quality as well as ratings. It seems favoritism of Bigg boss makers towards certain contestants is killing the show altogether, as per the opinion of the audience.

Who are the Bigg Boss’s favorites:

1. Monal: 

Bigg boss is very much biased towards her. Probably there is unanimity among the audience regarding this. She irritated the audience with her continuous weeping and the triangle story, but the audience could not eliminate her through their votes as Bigg boss making other contestants like Kumar Sai and Divi scapegoats to save her. Nagarjuna tried to clarify the elimination process in the latest episode but that further raised doubts on the bias of Bigg boss makers. Also, Bigg boss team gave too much praise to Monal speaking in Telugu, and to show her in a positive light, they didn’t hesitate to lambast other contestants severely.  

2. Akhil: 

Akhil also has been one of the favorites of Bigg boss makers, probably for the same reason as they are showing favoritism on Monal. Both of these are giving the footage to the show. Their flirting and special friendship seems to be telecast targeting towards the young audience. Akhil is not composed as he was seen crying many times. Akhil is childish and shows up jealousy when someone else is praised, e.g. when Nagarjuna praised Sohail’s pushups, he was seen feeling jealous. Despite many such drawbacks, it looks like Bigg boss is making up the footage of him as Bigg boss seems to be intentionally hiding some footage of Akhil to ensure he doesn’t get negative feedback.

3. Mehboob: 

When Mehboob was supposed to be in the nominations, Bigg boss gave a special opportunity to captain Sohail to save one contestant, and obviously, he saved Mehboob. Also, when TV9 Devi was evicted, almost all the social handles predicted Mehboob’s exit. In fact, hot star voting also seems to prove the same fact. But Bigg boss seemed to have saved Mehboob unfairly by eliminating Devi, as per the observers.    

Bigg boss proved bias in today’s episode as well:

As everyone knows, Akhil and Sohail had some misunderstandings earlier. In today’s episode, Nagarjuna asked them to go into a confession room and tried to clarify the misunderstandings between them by showing the videos of actual incidents.

When the audience thought that Nagarjuna and Bigg boss trying to clear misunderstandings. they immediately proved the audience wrong. He called Monal inside the room and showed the videos of Abhijit. Actually, the gap between Abhijit and Monal got cleared very recently but by showing some specific videos, Bigg boss and Nagarjuna successfully ensured to widen the rift between Monal and Abhijit. Bigg boss and Nagarjuna did the same by calling Ariyana inside the confession room and widened the gap between her and Amma. In fact, Amma and Ariyana clarified misunderstandings between them already.

Always projecting positive angle of Akhil raising many more doubts that Bigg boss is not showing the footage related to his negative emotions. Monal is continuously at the bottom of the votings as per social media but surprisingly Bigg boss saving her every week. Mehboob is much better than these two he is really good at physical tasks. But Bigg boss trying to save him at a crucial juncture two times, giving the impression that Bigg boss is playing a really unfair game with the audience this season. 

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Bigg boss: Will captaincy help or destroy prospects of Ariyana


At last Ariyana realized her dream of becoming captain of the house in Bigg boss season 4. But there was lot of drama during her captaincy task and immediately after she took over the captaincy. Details as below.

All the contestants compete to become captain of the house because that will give them immunity for a week from the nominations. Ariyana is one of those contestants who has been trying hard to become captain of the house. Finally she realized her dream in this week when only women contestants competed for the captaincy.

Captaincy task:

As per the task, there will be a box and the key of which is placed along with the box on the table. Male contestants have to compete to get the key after buzzer is on and once he receives the key, female contestants need to convince him to give the key to her. Whoever receives the key, can eliminate one female contestants from the competition. The process is repeated 3 times to select the captain from 4 ladies qualified to become captain of the house.

In the first round, Akhil won the key and, no prizes to guess that but, he gave it to Monal. She took the key and eliminated Harika from the competition. Disappointed Harika left the place. In the next round, Mehboob won the key. Surprisingly, he gave the key to Ariyana. It is known news that he nominated Ariyana this week despite the fact that she nominated herself last week and saved Mehboob. Probably, to clear of that misunderstanding, he helped her during captaincy task. Ariyana was elated with this and obviously she eliminated Lasya, who has more acceptability among the housemates. With this, after second round Monal and Ariyana were in the race and third round would be tie breaker.

Amma broke the tie and helped Ariyana:

In 3rd round, Amma Rajasekhar won the key and, obviously gave it to Ariyana. As soon as he won, Monal was seen disappointed as she knows he won’t help her, given the bitter arguments they had during the nominations this week. As she predicted, he gave it to Ariyana and then Ariyana eliminated Monal from the competition. This made her the only contender for captaincy and she became captain of the house.

Argument with Amma are becoming captain:

After becoming captain, she appointed Monal as ration manager. This irked Amma, who helped Ariyana. He openly expressed his unhappiness as he was expecting that position and that led to argument between Ariyana and Amma, who were supporting each other couple of minutes ago. Though they came to terms later, the audience who watched the show thought whether captaincy will help or destroy the prospects of Ariyana in Bigg boss house.

We need to wait and see how will be her captaincy.

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Nag returning back to Bigg Boss 4 sets


King Nagarjuna kick-started the shoot of his next film Wild Dog in Manali and the schedule is expected to happen for over three weeks. He missed hosting the weekend episode of Bigg Boss 4 and Samantha replaced Nag as the host. Her hosting skills received a decent response. There are speculations that Nag will stay away from Bigg Boss 4 for the next couple of weeks. But the actor returned back to Hyderabad taking a break from the shoot of Wild Dog.

The actor is shooting for the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss 4 currently and he would fly back to Manali to join the sets of Wild Dog once he is done with the shoot of Bigg Boss 4 for this weekend. The shoot of Wild Dog is in the final stages and the film will have an early 2021 release. Solomon is the director and Nag plays the role of an NIA officer in this action thriller. Matinee Entertainments is bankrolling Wild Dog.

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Bigg boss: Singer Noel leaves the house


Singer Noel , who joined the house as hot favourite, had to leave the house intermittently because of health reasons. After Gangavva, he is the second person to leave the house on health reasons this season. Details as below.

Singer Noel is known to the Telugu audience not only as a singer but also as an actor. Especially, his performance in the movies like Eega and Kumari 21f got good appreciation. It seems big boss team contacted him during season 2 itself but he could not make it. Finally he joined Bigg boss season 4. He was seen very active during the first couple of weeks. In fact he was the first one to become captain of the house this season. But all this changed after he went to jail as part of a task. He was seen dull and passive after coming from the jail . Even though Bigboss did not show any footage of his suffering , the audience could guess that he might have some health problems by seeing the way he is behaving and his walking style.

In social media rumours started floating that, he is suffering from arthritis or some other similar issue as joint pains has been mentioned by other contestants regarding Noel’s health condition. In recent episode, Bigg boss asked Noel to come to confession room and told that his health condition requires the treatment by specialists as well as some rest and so he had to leave the house. Singer Noel seemed to be happy with the decision considering his health condition. But the housemates became very emotional while bidding adieu for him. As it is known to everyone, singer Noel is one of the non controversial person of this season and he even got the title of ” Relangi Mavayya of Bigg boss season 4″ after the character portrayed by Prakash Raj with the same name in the movie Seethamma Vakitlo.

But big boss finally announced that he still has chances of coming back into the house provided his health conditions improve quickly. This announcement made the housemates happy and all of them wished singer Noel to come back as early as possible into the house.

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Netizens satire: Bigg boss Telugu season 4 to be remembered as “Pulihora” season?


Bigg boss season 4 started grandly, then dipped for a week or so, but again rose from 3rd week. Then onwards, it went on to get good ratings for a couple of weeks. But all of a sudden, the ratings as well as quality of the content dropped huge. More than all this, there have been satires on this season by the netizens that this season will be remembered as the best “Pulihora” season in the history of Telugu Bigg boss.


Literally this means tamarind rice. But as a colloquial, this term is used to refer someone who is trying to flirt with girls without focusing on the actual work they are supposed to do. Comedy shows like Jabardasth, Adirindi, and comedians like vennela Kishore and Hyper aadi were seen using this word frequently.

Why this season is called pulihora season by the netizens:

Bigg boss season 1 is so far the cleanest season in Telugu. Season 2 completely revolved around Kaushal. The housemates who tried to develop relations in the house were outrightly rejected by the audience in that season. Season 3 was mostly entertainment based, though Rahul and punarnavi romantic thread was called pulihora by vennela Kishore. People had lot of negativity on Punarnavi and evicted her as soon as she came into the nominations after being saved by Bigg boss for several weeks.

Unlike the previous seasons, this season has mostly bachelors and so housemates formed couples among themselves. Monal and Akhil, Abhijeet and Harika, Avinash and Ariyana behaving like couples who are seeing each other. Monal kissing and hugging Akhil when the lights went off on one of the episodes did not go well with some sections of the audience. Her triangle story in the initial episodes also irritated the audience. Bigg boss focusing on the romantic moments between these housemates giving an impression to the audience that this season is targeted to attract youth towards this show.

Bigg boss decisions also confirming that this season is meant for “pulihora”?

The audience of Bigg boss is getting surprised by the evictions during this season. While the elimination of Surya Kiran, Karate Kalyani and Sujata are in congruent with the opinion of the audience, the eliminations of Devi, Kumar Sai and Divi seen as biased decisions by Bigg boss makers. It is known thing that these three housemates were strong during the tasks and got very good voting too. Bigg boss makers seemed to have manipulated the final results on those weekends. Kumar and Divi, as per reports, made scapegoats to save Monal. Bigg boss makers retaining some house mates, who were giving footage to show through their special relationships, and eliminating the contestants who are playing the game genuinely giving the impression that this season is indeed a “PULIHORA” season.

We need to wait and see if big boss is going to change the ways and provide clean entertainment in the coming days or not.

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Bigg boss: Bitter arguments on the Nominations day


As everyone knows Monday is the day of nominations in Bigg boss house. Today Bigg boss asked each of the housemates to nominate 2 persons and justify the reasons.

Avinash nominated Lasya and Harika. He gave the reason that Harika did not participate fully in the previous task indirectly referring to her inclination to join the Abhijeet team. He also nominated Lasya for her rude behavior towards him when he asked for a cup of tea.

Lasya nominated Amma Rajasekhar for calling her smile a cunning smile. Also nominated Monal for not at all mingling with her and yet complaining that Lasya not mingling with her.

Mehboob’s unfair game:

Mehboob nominated Ariyana and Monal. Mehboob told, he wanted to clear his misunderstanding with Ariana and so he is nominating her. It looked very unfair on part of Mehboob. Last week only Ariyana nominated herself and saved Mehboob. At that time he assured her of posting it back. But immediately next week he nominated her. He also nominated Monal.

Akhil vs Amma high-voltage fight:

Akhil nominated Amma Rajasekhar and Ariyana. He told Amma is playing a sympathy game. He also nominated Ariyana.

Amma Raja Sekhar nominated Akhil and he rightly pointed out Akhil’s arrogance while Kumar Sai leaving the house. Akhil and Amma argued a lot during the nominations. Akhil still defended his behavior with Kumar Sai while he was leaving. He also nominated Lasya for her cunning smile.

Helpless Ariyana vs Strong Mehboob & Sohail duo:

Ariyana nominated Mehboob who has been nominating her every time despite her positive gesture towards him. She also nominated Akhil for his behavior towards her during the hotel task.

Sohail also nominated Ariyana, maybe because of his friendship with Mehboob. He also nominated Amma because of his friendship with Akhil. Sohail doesn’t seem to have his individual opinion this week.

Noel is one contestant who is not displaying negativity even during the nominations. He nominated Mehboob and Akhil and explained that both are very strong contestants hundred only reason he is nominating them.

Harika nominated Ariyana for not understanding the point of view of others. She also nominated her arch-rival Mehboob.

Monal irritated yet again:

Abhijit nominated Monal for obvious reasons. She called him a manipulator earlier. He also nominated Amma Rajasekhar.

Monal nominated Mehboob for conveying her calling Abhijit as a manipulator to others in the house. She also nominated Lasya for not considering her vegetarian habits while preparing food. Monal never completes the task of nominations without an emotional burst out.

Overall- Amma Rajasekhar, Ariana, Mehboob, Akhil, Lasya, and Monal nominated for the eviction this week.

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Bigg boss: Hyper Adi hilarious comments on the housemates


As Nagarjuna is out of the station, Samantha handled the shown this weekend. Though her hosting is good, the overall episode was boring for most of the parts. But one part that stood out in the episode is when Hyper Adi passed some hilarious comments on the housemates. He entered the house as a detective who can read the minds of the housemates. As part of this task, he tried to evoke some laughs in the house and he was successful in his task

Amma Raja Sekhar: Hyper Adi compared Amma Raja Sekhar with Aparichitudu and explained various shades of him in different scenarios comparing with multiple personality disorder.

Sohail: Hyper Adi told Sohail was like Arjun Reddy initially but now became like Swathimuthyam. His conversation with Sohail was very entertaining.

Mehboob: He compared Avinash and Mehboob’s performance during Konte Rakshalu task. When Mehboob turned a good human from the monster, Adi observed, it looked like RGV directing Shankarabharanam.

Akhil: Adi passed sarcastic comments on his flirting with Monal. He also added that Akhil is reducing the burden for editors as he is always with Monal and editors need not look for different footage for Monal. This made the entire house burst into laughs.

Monal: Hyper Adi tried to evoke laughs by saying to Monal that his name Adi also starts with ‘A’. It is known news that she initially flirted with Akhil and Abhjit whose names start with ‘A’.

Divi: He praised Divi and compared her with Bhoomika in Kushi movie.

Noel: His comments on Noel were so hilarious. He told there are only three good people in the world, one is Prakash Raj in ‘Seethama vakitlo’, another one is Satyaraj in ‘Brahmotsavam’ and the last one is Noel in Bigg boss 4. He also poked fun of Noel getting huge elevation while going to jail.

Ariyana: Adi passed satires on her that he could make even RGV also fall for her and Avinash is nothing for her. Many have watched her interview with RGV that has gone viral.

Abhijit: He told when Akhil and Abhijit were fighting for Monal, it looked like a Prema Desam movie. But now, he added, Abhijit became director of that Prema Desam instead of being one of the heroes in Prema Desam.

Harika: Adi reminded her about her emotional blackmailing of Bigg boss and compared it with Brahmanandam requesting Nagarjuna in Dookudu movie

Lasya: He passed comments on Lasya and told that whether it is outside the house or inside the house, it is only Lasya, who will laugh for the jokes told by Lasya

Avinash: Hyper Adi told, after ‘why Kattapa killed Bahubali”, the most famous question in Telugu states is “What Avinash wrote on Sofa”, indirectly poking fun at Avinash-Ariyana romantic thread in the house.

Overall, Hyper Adi was successful in evoking a few laughs, in an otherwise boring episode of Bigg boss 4 today.

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Bigg boss: Divi eliminated from the house and Monal is safe

After her 50 days of the journey in the house, finally, Divi evicted from the house in the episode hosted by Samantha.

Details as below:

Monal, Divi, Ariyana, Noel, Abhijit, and Avinash are in the nominations this week. This week, during the nominations, Bigg boss divided the housemates into pairs and asked them to decide between them who will be saved and who will be in nominations. Divi was paired with Lasya. Lasya asked her to give a break from nominations as she has been in the nominations continuously. Divi agreed to that and that proved disastrous for her. After all other contestants got saved, Samantha announced her eviction and asked her to pack the bags. Amma Rajasekhar got shocked by this and was seen crying. Divi told that he was really like her ‘Amma’ in the house.

Big bomb:

After coming out, she looked composed and told that her career has just started. In fact, on the first week itself, she was at the bottom of the list till mid weak but one episode, in which she analyzed the housemates brought her applause and saved her from eviction. Since then she was getting good votings. But one episode in which she nominated Lasya by saying ‘Dal prepared by her was not good’ brought a lot of trolls on her. It seems all is not well between Lasya and Divi. Even during the big bomb task also she selected Lasya for the task of preparing food for the entire house next week.

Monal saved by Bigg boss again:

Most of the social media handles predicted Monal to leave this week too, but Bigg boss makers seem to be showing personal bias towards Monal for some reason. It is known news that Bigg boss show is receiving a lot of negative feedback in recent times for saving Monal, who has been the most irritating contestant of the season, at the cost of other housemates who are sincerely playing the game. In fact, many people opine that Bigg boss intentionally made Akhil and Monal a pair during nominations so that only one of them will be in the nominations which will help the nominated contestant get more votes as the fans of these two will vote for a single person. But despite that, the inside information is that Monal is the one who got the least voting this week too.

Overall, Bigg boss season 4 Telugu lost its credibility in recent weeks because of the unilateral decisions of the makers based on their whims and fancies. This is also evident in recent ratings of the show. The audience is still hoping that Bigg boss team will make necessary corrections. We need to wait and see if the Bigg boss team makes necessary corrections.

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Bigg boss: Samantha is good, but the episode is not great…


Samantha replaced Nagarjuna as the host today. As soon as the trailer showing Samantha as the host was out, people became really curious to see her hosting and they glued to TVs this Sunday. As a bonus, MAA TV also pulled Akhil Akkineni on to the screen for some time. MAA TV added a lot more attractions to the episode but after finishing the episode, it didn’t look really great. Details as below:

Samantha hosting:

Samantha hosting was cute though she looked a bit nervous at times. Her frequent smile was sweet, but at times it looked artificial, might be because of her nervousness. Even though her Telugu was ok, she didn’t look very comfortable speaking a lot of Telugu. It seems Bigg boss makers also know this and gave a lot of padding to her by sending different persons who took over the show at frequent intervals. Also, her speaking at times looked like she was getting prompts on her headphone. But she definitely looked gorgeous and tried her level best to give her best.

The entry of Akhil:

Akhil, the most eligible bachelor of the Telugu states joined the show and promoted his upcoming film “Most eligible bachelor” Akhil was given the task of selecting ‘best Jodi’ and ‘worst Jodi’ out of the contestants. Avinash-Harika, Abhijit-Divi, Akhil-Monal, and Mehboob-Ariyana performed as Jodis. Akhil finally announced Mehboob and Ariyana is the best Jodi. Bommarillu Bhaskar, who directed the movie also joined the show and promoted the movie

Tasks and emotions:

As every weekend episode, this episode also had some tasks. ‘Swayamvaram’ task was given the bachelors in the house to impress the beautiful girls in the house. Finally, Akhil emerged as the winner in the house. Also, Samantha showed the family videos of the housemates. Housemates like Lasya, Akhil, and Monal became very much emotional after seeing the videos. Other housemates like Abhijit managed composure.

Dance performances and skits:

This episode is a special episode and Bigg boss makers packed it with a lot of performances. There were dance individual performances by Karthikeya (hero of RX 100) and Payal (heroine of RX100). The performances were ok. Hyper Adi also entertained the house for a few minutes.


Overall, this episode lasted for almost 3.5 hours and was a bit boring for the regular viewers of Bigg boss, though the dance performances and Hyper Adi episodes may appeal to general the audience who have watched the show on the day of the festival. Samantha hosting is average but she looked gorgeous, which means her hosting is ok for a single and special episode like this but she may not be able to handle the regular weekend episodes with the command that is required for Bigg boss host.

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Drastic drop in Bigg boss 4 Telugu quality, all of a sudden

Bigg boss 4 Telugu seems to be failing to live up to the expectations of the audience. As per the reports, even the ratings of the Bigg boss saw a sudden dip in recent times. Details as below.

Bigg boss makers running the show as per their whims and fancies:

It seems Bigg boss Telugu makers team is not running the show professionally as it is supposed to be. There are doubts among the audience that makers have a personal bias towards some of the contestants. The way they saved Monal last week and made Kumar Sai a scapegoat irked the audience. A similar negative reaction was seen when Devi and Swathi evicted. If there is a negative reaction from the audience once in a while, it is understandable but getting the same negative reaction every week is something that makers need to introspect.

No top entertainers this season:

Even though one housemate gets the Bigg boss title winner award, he doesn’t need to be the one for whom the audience watch the entire season. For example, Shiva Balaji became the season 1 winner because of his honesty and genuineness. But the major entertainers of the season were Navadeep and Hariteja who made the audience glued to the TV sets on weekdays. It is not an exaggeration to say, Navadeep carried entire season 1 on his shoulders. Similarly, season 2 captivated the audience with each of the viewers becoming either a Kaushal fan or a Kaushal anti-fan. Also, season 3 had very good entertainers like Sreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar who were the finalists. As of now, even after finishing half of the season, it looks like no contestant in season 4 who can solely run the show. Avinash is trying his level best.

Bigg boss lagging behind MAA serials:

The current season is running successfully solely because of a lack of proper alternate entertainment during this pandemic situation rather than the real strength of the show. Also, as per reports, in recent times, the Bigg boss show is lagging behind the serials of MAA TV in ratings. Nagarjuna announced that he will not be available for the next 21 days because of the shooting of his upcoming movie Wild dog. Samantha is likely to handle the next 2 weeks as well in addition to the special episode on Dasara. We need to see how this will impact the show.

We need to wait and see whether Bigg boss makers try to fix the issues or continue to control the show based on their personal biases.

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Bigg boss today: One of the most boring Saturday episodes


Bigg boss season 4 is seeing lots of ups and downs in terms of viewership. Though it started with low ratings in the first week due to unfamiliar contestants. the show picked up later and it was going on good until a few weeks ago. But recent decisions of Bigg boss, monotonous tasks, and irritating behavior of some of the housemates dragged the viewership of the show to the bottom. Adding salt to the would now host Nagarjuna also not available and that made even weekend episodes boring. Despite it is a Saturday episode, today’s episode is undoubtedly one of the most boring Saturday episodes in the history of Bigg boss Telugu. Details as below.

“Prema Modalaindi” movie:

Today’s episode is filled with the mock movie made by the housemates. Making this kind of movie is also one of the familiar themes for the big boss audience. This movie was made in the house under the direction of Abhijit, Divi being the assistant director. Among others, Noel is DOP, Amma is choreographer, Lasya is a makeup woman. Akhil-Monal, Avinash-Ariyana, and Mehboob are the artists in this movie. Avinash seems to have provided the script. Sohail and Harika did an item song. There is nothing to discuss the story of this movie. But the efforts of Mehboob and Harika are worth mentioning.

The buildup that tested the patience of the audience:

It seems the decision of not having a host for this Saturday is confirmed at the last minute and so Bigg boss makers filled the episode with some junk. They organized a premier show for this move with Ariyana as an anchor interviewing other cast and crew, then there was a red carpet and there were awards in several categories to ensure each of the housemates gets some award. Overall the buildup that was given is no less than an oscar event. After the premiere show is over, there was a party to celebrate the success of the movie “Prema Modalaindi” and all the housemates danced and enjoyed the evening. Usually, this kind of theme is restricted to one episode but it was dragged too much in this season.

It is not an exaggeration to say that, the only part that was enjoyable in today’s episode is the promo of tomorrow’s Samantha episode that was telecast in the end. We need to wait and see how will be the fate of season 4

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Bigg boss: Avinash is the new captain of the house


In Bigg boss 4, one contestant who entertained the audience from day one and has a steady graph is Avinash. He became captain of the house for the first time. 

Avinash Vs Ariyana for captaincy task:

During the monsters and humans task, both Avinash and Ariyana were part of the same team. After finishing the monsters task, except Ariyana, all the monsters were converted to humans. When Bigg boss asked the captain Noel to name two best performers during the task, he named Avinash and Ariyana. So both of them became the contenders for captaincy.

The task:

As part of the captaincy task, Avinash and Ariyana were given two carts. They have to transport the housemates to the stations allotted to them. Whoever have transported more people will be the winner. However, the catch is that, housemates may choose whose career they want to enter. This means the contestant who has more acceptance of others has more chances of winning the task.

Avinash wins:

Initially it was a tie between both of them. But finally Avinash emerged as winner. House was divided into two with half of them supporting Avinash and the other half supporting Ariyana. There were discussions about whom to support. Housemates like Amma opined that entertaining person like Avinash can keep  the house happy as Captain.

Ariyana loses but got appreciation:

Ariyana list the captaincy to Avinash. But during the game, housemates like Abhijit told her that they were ready to support her g if she can give an assurance that they we will be exempted from all the domestic work for next week by her (if she becomes captain). But Ariyana refused to do so and told she is ok to forego the captaincy but not agree to show bias on someone after becoming captain. This stand of her got appreciation from the audience though she lost the task.

New rules by Captain Avinash:

After becoming captain, Avinash set some new rules to the housemates to ensure then they follow all the rules of the house. Even though the punishments set by Avinash look funny, they ensure the housemates adhere to the rules. These new punishments set by Avinash surprised the house.

We have to wait and see how will be the captaincy of Avinash. 

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Bigg boss tidbits: Too much of negativity of Bigg boss 4 in recent times


Bigg boss show, that has been running successfully, suddenly received a jolt from the audience and netizens as they have been openly criticizing Bigg boss in recent times. Details as below:

Dip in ratings?

It seems the ratings of Bigg boss came down recently. There seem to be 2 main reasons for this. The first one being, the supposedly family show turning into a youth show and families are distancing themselves from the show and the second reason being the wrong eliminations and biased nature of the Bigg boss. Reportedly, the ratings of the show came down drastically for the latest reported week

Family show turning youth show:

Bigg boss season 1,2 and 3 were watched by the entire family without any hesitation. Some sporadic episodes focussed on glamor show in the previous seasons too but they never lasted long. But this season, which is filled with more youngsters, and more ‘pairs’ than the previous seasons, is looking more like a youth show than a family show. Monal hugging Akhil frequently and their romantic thread making the family audience impatient. Harika and Abhijit thread also producing a similar reaction but with slightly less impact. The kissings and huggings, especially after the lights were off, not going well with most of the audience.

Continuous wrong eliminations:

The latest elimination of Kumar Sai irked the audience and anyone who watches the show can clearly guess that this decision is not based on the votings of the audience. Polls conducted by almost all websites proved that Monal is the most disliked contestant but the makers of Bigg boss, for some unknown reasons, wanted to save her. A similar reaction was seen for Swathi Deekshit and Devi’s eliminations. The eliminations that were incongruent with the audience’s opinion were Surya Kiran, Karate Kalyani, and Sujatha. These wrong eliminations in recent weeks making the audience distance themselves from the show.

Other factors:

The other factors like – cliched tasks and the overaction of some of the contestants also causing a lot of damage to the show. Season 4 started grandly but immediately saw a dip in ratings as the audience initially was disappointed with the list of contestants. But slowly the show picked up and got huge ratings. At that point, instead of sustaining the ratings by showing a fair game, Bigg boss makers seem to have taken the steering into their hands and taking decisions according to their whims and fancies.

We need to wait and see if Bigg boss makers mend their ways and present a clean and fair show to the audience or continue to show the content as per their whims and fancies and eliminate contestants as per their ‘personal choices’.

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Bigg boss: Monsters vs Humans


Certain tasks are very common in the Bigg boss show and repeated across the languages and different seasons. Monsters vs Humans is one such task.

The task:

As per this task, contestants are divided into two groups – naughty monsters and good humans. The goal of the monsters is to irritate humans and the task of humans is to convert monsters into humans. They will win if they can convert monsters into humans. While this is the main theme, there will be many sub-tasks and as and when humans win the task, one of the monsters will be converted into humans.

The teams and the performances:

Abhijit, Noel, Monal, Amma, Lasya, Divi, and Sohail were part of humans and Akhil, Mehboob, Avinash, Ariyana, Harika were monsters. After the task, started, humans were on the winning streak. They converted Akhil and Harika into humans initially. Harika gave a terrific performance in the task by making the house messy. But when she was converted into humans, she got offended as the monsters’ team did not take her name initially. She also told the Bigg boss that she will not help the humans team. But Mehaboob, Avinash, and Ariyana gave them the tough fight.

Ariyana surprised the audience by completely changing her body language as a monster. Her walking style, makeup, etc all resembled monster. Avinash also entertained the audience with his mythological dialogues. Mehboob, as always, gave a tough fight to the opposite team.

Avinash and Ariyana are the best performers:

Bigg Boss gave a task to humans to fill the drums with water from the swimming pool. Mehboob, Avinash, and Ariyana fought with vigor. But they made a mistake by throwing the drum into the pool. Bigg boss finally considered that drum inside the pool as a filled drum and announced that the humans’ team is the winners. They converted Avinash as a human after this.

Later Bigg boss gave another task to lift one monster into the air and ensure that person is in the air until the buzzer sound. Humans caught and lifted Ariyana and thereby won this task. Later they converted Mehboob as human.

No worst performer in this task:

When Bigg Boss asked the housemates to select 2 best and 2 worst performers, they selected Avinash and Ariyana as the best performers. But they could not find any worst performers as everyone put their full efforts into this task. Bigg boss announced that Avinash and Ariyana are contenders for the captaincy task.

Housemates got luxury budget items and they were excited with the gifts received.

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Bigg Boss Nominations: Unfair and Biased

Bigg boss Telugu makers seem to be carried away with the recent ratings of the channel. The audience, whoever watched the show this Monday felt Bigg boss wants to take the steering into his hands and manipulate the nominations the way he wanted.

Nomination process:

Bigg boss unilaterally divided the contestants into pairs and asked them to discuss between themselves and decide, who will be nominated and who will be saved. This means, in each pair, one person will be nominated and the other will be saved. As the pairing process is arbitrary, Bigg boss can choose the pairs in the way he wanted.

Monal vs Akhil:

Out of these two, Monal got nominated and Akhil got saved. As these two are not playing the individual game but playing a combined game, this week nominations may not do more harm to Monal despite there is a lot of anti on Monal. That is because, as Akhil is not in nominations, his fans may vote for Monal. It seems Bigg boss makers want to save her week after, for the reasons best known only to them. despite her irritating behavior. There were many reports that it was Monal who was supposed to leave last week but the Bigg boss team made Kumar Sai a scapegoat to save Monal. Already people are getting many doubts about someone in Bigg boss editors team/ managerial team are helping her.

Harika vs Abhijit:

Again these 2 are stronger candidates. Harika cried that it is totally unfair to have one of them in nominations. Abhijit nominated himself and saved Harika, unlike the other pair where Akhil saved himself and nominated Monal.

Sohail vs Avinash:

After a lot of deliberations, Avinash nominated himself and saved Sohail.

Lasya vs Divi:

These are not on good terms in the house, there is no enmity but at the same time there is no friendship between them. Lasya asked Divi to give her a break from the nominations as she has been in the nominations continuously for which Divi agreed. This may prove disastrous for Divi as she is not getting a very huge number of votes.

Mehboob vs Ariyana:

Mehaboob and Ariyana argued for so long. The way Mehaboob spoke sometimes earned sympathy for Ariyana. But Mehaboob was adamant and finally, Ariyana nominated herself.


Even though he is the captain of the house, he is into nominations because of the previous task, He seems to believe that unless we come into nominations, our vote base will not be built, which is true. But as he is also not getting the top votings like Abhijit or Akhil or Harika, he is also in the danger zone. If he gets evicted, he will create history as the person evicted despite being the captain.

Overall, Monal, Divi, Ariyana, Noel, Abhijit, and Avinash are in the nominations this week.

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Tidbits: Bigg boss partiality towards Mehboob yet again?


Bigg boss game is turning biased gradually as the makers of the show seem to be putting their personal interests into the show. There seems to be an opinion among the audience that Bigg boss intentionally saved Mehboob this week. Details as below.

During the nominations, Bigg boss arranged the contestants into pairs. In each pair, one will get nominated and the other will get saved. While pairing, Bigg boss paired Akhil with Monal, both are good friends. In the same way, he joined Abhijit and Harika. It was a tough decision for them as they are thick friends. Going by the same logic, one expects the next pairs to be Avinash & Ariyana and Sohail & Mehboob. Because. Avinash is the best friend of Ariyana in the house. The same way Sohail and Mehboob are also very thick friends and Bigg boss could have paired them.

But it seems just to save Mehboob from nominations, Bigg boss made adjustments in the pairs. He paired Avinash with Sohail and Ariyana with Mehboob. As everyone knows, Sohail initially helped Mehaboob during the coins task and he helped Sohail in the captaincy. Later Sohail saved Mehaboob from the nominations as Bigg boss gave him extraordinary power to save one from the nominations. Definitely, this is payback time for Mehaboob and if Sohail had been paired with Mehboob, he would have requested Mehboob to save him. It seems Bigg boss avoided this by making them part of two different pairs and thereby helped Mehboob from nominations.

Bigg boss saving Mehaboob:

This is not the first time Bigg boss saving Mehboob.

  • In the first week, he was the most passive person but Surya Kiran was evicted.
  • In the week when TV9 Devi left the house, as per votings, it seems Mehboob was at the bottom rank
  • When he was in nominations once, Bigg boss asked Sohail, captain of the to save one. He didn’t ask any of the previous captains like this. Everyone understood that Bigg boss did this just to save Mehboob
  • In the week of Swathi Dikshit eliminations also, most of the social media handles predicted his exit as he got the least votings as per many portals.
  • Now, Bigg boss intentionally placed Mehboob and Sohail in different pairs.

We need to wait and see if Bigg boss wants to continue his favoritism in this season or he will provide fair game and real entertainment to the audience.

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Kumar Sai big bomb and Akhil’s arrogance

Finally, the suspense is revealed. It is Kumar Sai who left the house this week. As per the reports, Bigg boss saved Monal despite getting the least number of votes as the makers want to run the romantic thread between Akhil and Monal for a few more weeks. While leaving Kumar Sai requested Nagarjuna to give a chance to narrate him a story for which Nagarjuna agreed.

As part of the show, he was asked to compare the housemates with different vegetables and explain the qualities. His comparison is as below:

  • Ariyana – onion for having the behavior of different layers and the radiance she exhibits
  • Avinash – Banana, for eating lots of bananas during the task.
  • Akhil -Curry leaves for not really winning the tasks though he is trying
  • Amma- Bitter gourd for his ‘bitter’ nature
  • Abhijit – cucumber, as he is as cool as cucumber
  • Lasya – Corn for the cunning smile
  • Noel – Cabbage for layers of personality
  • Sohail -Groundnut as he can be timepass to anyone around him
  • Divi – Pineapple, as it is also hard outside but sweet inside
  • Harika – Brinjal, the king of vegetables
  • Mehboob – boiled egg, as he as strong as that

Akhil arrogance:

Whenever any contestant is leaving, the housemates will be usually a little generous towards him. Even if he says something negative, they take it easy. But when Kumar compared Akhil with curry leaves and said he is not winning the tasks, he immediately retaliated that, “you won the tasks but you are out of the house and even though I did not win, I am inside the house.” This looked like arrogance but it seems Kumar Sai didn’t take it hard.

Akhil seems to be displaying childish behavior a lot of the times and it is not an exaggeration to say he is surviving in the house only because of the ‘romantic thread’ (in terms of Vennela Kishore, “Pulihora”) with Monal. He has not won in any physical tasks. When he could not make as many pushups as Mehaboob, he showed jealousy and behaved cranky though Mehaboob is his friend. Today also, he lost to Lasya during the fun game.

Big bomb:

Kumar Sai, when asked to throw the big bomb of cleaning washrooms for the entire next week, he has thrown the same on Amma Rajasekhar. It is to be noted that Kumar did not throw it on Akhil though he offended Kumar Sai.

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Kumar Sai was made a scapegoat by Bigg boss to save Monal?

There were reports from Friday that Bigg boss planning to save Monal despite she got the least number of votes this week. Now Bigg boss proved them true.

Click here:Tidbits: Bigg boss planning to save Monal despite getting the least votes?

Is Bigg boss turning biased?

It seems Bigg boss is turning biased towards certain contestants. In one of the previous episodes, when Mehaboob was in nominations, Bigg boss gave Sohail, the then captain of the house, a chance to save someone in the house. He would save Mehaboob, given their friendship, and finally, he did the same. It seems, in Telugu Bigg boss, this trend started only in season 3. In season 1 and season 2, Bigg boss eliminated based on the votings and the decisions of Bigg boss were very much incongruent with the opinions of the audience.

In season 3, during the week when Rohini was evicted, as per reports, Rahul was supposed to leave the house. But Bigg boss wanted to ‘push’ the romantic thread of Punarnavi and Rahul to the audience for a few more weeks so that the thread gets registered with the audience. For the same reasons, he saved Punarnavi during the week when Ramya Krishna hosted the show.

Monal got the least votes this week:

As per the reports, and also as per the predictions by every social media handle that follows Bigg boss Telugu, Monal got the least votes. But she has been giving a lot of footage to the show by running a romantic thread with Akhil. She also initially tried to move close with Abhijit but he didn’t like her hypocrisy. Meanwhile, she got a lot of negative feedback for the double standards she demonstrated. E.g. during the nominations, she shouted at Abhijit not to tarnish her image as all this will be aired on a national channel. But the same Monal was seen hugging and flirting with Akhil after lights went off. Moreover, her continuous weeping also irritated the audience. All this reflected in the votes.

Kumar Sai was made scapegoat:

As soon as reports came out that Bigg boss wanted to save Monal despite getting the least number of votes, many started predicting who would leave the house this week. In season 3, when the Bigg boss wanted to save Rahul despite getting the least number of votes that week, it was Shiva Jyothy who was in the next position. But Bigg boss wanted to save her also for some reason and all this became a bane for Rohini, who had to leave the house. Now the history repeated and it seems Kumar Sai was neither at the bottom rank nor the next rank as per the votings. But still Bigg boss chose him to evict and it’s just his bad luck.

Probably Bigg boss may need to listen to the feedback of social media and mend the ways and go by the voting if he doesn’t want to lose the audience.

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Bigg boss: Read their minds


Bigg boss weekend episodes are always interesting. Mainly because of the curiosity among the audience to know who will get saved and who will leave the house. Also, fun games are entertaining most of the time. This weekend episode also was interesting.

Nagarjuna corrected the housemates:

As a host, Nagarjuna’s duty is not only to present the content and host the show but also to correct the housemates for their mistakes. He did the job so well today. He suggested Noel to not stop the tasks intermittently. It is known news that Noel gave the task halfway as felt Kumar Sai is cheating in the game. He also corrected Avinash for bursting out on captain during the week and alleging that he behaved biased during the tasks to favor the Akhil team. But he appreciated Sohail for doing a good job as captain. He also appreciated Lasya for drinking the drink with a nasty smell.

Amma accepted the bumper offer:

During the captaincy task, there was a deal to half shave his head and beard. But Amma Rajasekhar denied the task as it makes just one of the contenders for the captaincy but not the captain. Today Nagarjuna gave a bumper offer to the team that if anyone agrees for shaving his head and beard half side, he will be saved from the nominations next week. When team members were oscillating on the offer, Nagarjuna gave another interesting offer that he can not only save himself but also save another person (instead of himself or herself) from nominations next week. After a lot of dillydallying Amma agreed to take up the deal and Noel shaved his head and beard onside. Later when Nagarjuna asked him whether he wants to save himself or save someone else, he saved himself

Game: Read the minds of others

Later Nagarjuna played a game with the housemates. Bigg boss makers already collected feedback from the contestants about what they think about others in the house. Now Nagarjuna asked each of the housemates to stand up and then read out one negative statement given to them by someone in the house. They have to guess who wrote that negative feedback. This game was interesting as the audience also kept on guessing along with the contestant about who could have written such a statement.

Overall it was an interesting episode. The contestants like Noel, Lasya, and Harika got saved in this episode. We need to wait and see who will leave the house this week.

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Bigg boss: Very emotional episode

Today’s Bigg boss episode is one of the very emotional episodes in Bigg boss Telugu. In every season of Bigg boss, there will be an episode where the housemates turn nostalgic. This is a similar episode and the childhood and family photos of the contestants are shown to them and they are asked to share an emotional episode in their life.

While childhood photos of the contestants were shown, all the housemates become very emotional and most of them cried a lot. However, the housemates like Abhijit, Kumar, Noel, and Akhil were seen composed. 


Later, Ariyana explained the incidents from her life. She told her parents were divorced when she was 5 and she was brought up by her mother. Her mother was a nurse in a government hospital. She brought up Ariyana and her sister without the help of anyone. Later Ariyana became an anchor and she recalled the times when she did events for 500 rupees or so. Her narration made the audience also emotional.

Monal, Sohail:

Heroine Monal also recalled her poverty during childhood and became emotional while recalling her mother going door to door to sell sarees. Sohail recalled her father meeting a minor accident while working as a miner in Singareni. Mehboob recalled his bonding with family members.


Lasya started her narration revealing that she is from a farmer’s family. She revealed an incident in which, her mother was working on a farm when she was carrying Lasya. As it was almost the 9th month, her mother got pains when she was at the farm and nobody was there to help. She walked almost 1 km to reach the house and then gave birth to Lasya. Also, Lasya apologized to her family members for marrying the person of her choice against the wishes of her parents. She also recalled another incident where she borrowed 1.5 lakh for her father’s surgery.  


Noel revealed that he came from a very humble background and his father did many low-wage jobs including rickshaw pulling. He also revealed that his father was a very big fan of Chiranjeevi fan and he used to listen to Chiranjeevi songs a lot and opined that, probably his musical talent came from his father. He revealed an incident when he showed his father, the movie in which he acted, and explained the reactions of his father. Amma Rajasekhar also explained his bonding with his mother. 


Out of all, Harika’s narration moved the audience a lot. She started her narration on a casual note and told that it is during her intermediate she came to know that her parents were getting divorced. She stayed with his father for a few years but she had to look after all her needs by herself. Later she moved to her mother’s house. She told that, in the last 5 years, there was no single communication from his father. She added, she almost forgot his name while filling a form. She rebelliously added – she doesn’t want to go back to her father.

The narrations of Abhijit, Kumar, Akhiil, and Divi were not shown in the episode.  The episode made the eyes of the audience moist and definitely one of the very emotional episodes of Bigg boss Telugu. 

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