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Monal comments on Harika indicate Bigg boss is a scripted show


Actress Monal Gajjar got more fans through Bigg boss show than through the films in which she acted as heroine. Her latest comments on Bigg boss show and Harika indicate that the show is scripted rather than natural. Details as below.

In season 4 of Bigg boss Telugu, Monal is one of the most controversial actress as there were several allegations about Bigg boss makers saving her from eviction despite getting the least votes. But she is one of the most benefited contestants this season as she got multiple offers after the show. She did an item song in “Alludu Adhurs” and reportedly she got more remuneration than what she received earlier as heroine for a film. Also, she got offer as judge for a dance show program on TV, thanks to the glamour she spilled during the Bigg boss show. But, in a recent interview, she made comments that her dressing in the show was based on the suggestions by Bigg boss makers. She even went on to say that, makers forced her to wear further shorter dresses but she denied. Then the makers asked Harika to wear such shorter dresses, for which she obliged, Monal added.

While Monal’s comments clearly indicate about Bigg boss makers deciding the dressing of the contestants, the audience opine that even those so called romantic threads in the show also might be scripted by the big boss makers themselves. On the other hand, fans of Harika are condemning the comments of Monal.

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Bigg boss winner Abhijeet inundated with offers


Bigg boss season 4 ended couple of days back on a grand note. Though the season had several ups and downs and did not have much viewership in last few weeks, the way it ended gave a feeling of successful program to the audience.  But one major complaint on bigg boss show is that it failed to ensure big opportunities for the winners of the show. The careers of title winners Shiva balaji, Kaushal and Rahul did not improve after the show. However, Abhijeet seems to be breaking that sentiment.

Abhijeet is inundated with several offers after big boss show. Reportedly, most of them are web series and OTT movies. Given the current boom of OTT, the artists targeting OTT are expected to have good prospects in the future. Apart from web series, Abhijeet also seemed to have got some movie opportunities. He is approached by Samantha’s show in aha app which is having very good viewership. 

Overall, it seems, Bigg boss show has helped Abhijeet in a grand way. 

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Megastar Chiranjeevi enthralls as the chief guest of BB 4 Finale


Bigg boss season 4 ended on a grand scale today. None other than Megastar Chiranjeevi joined the show as chief guest to award the trophies to the winner. As everyone already knows Chiranjeevi is an excellent orator, and he always entertains on the stage. He shared very good camaraderie with Nagarjuna on the stage.

Chiranjeevi passed some punchlines on Abhijeeth and Abhijjeth was pleasantly surprised by that. He also poked fun at Akhil’s love story with Monal. Chiranjeevi then spoke to the housemates individually.

He told, he brought special Mutton Biriyani for Sohail. When Sohail told, he is planning to make a small movie, Chiranjeevi assured him that he will help him by doing a cameo in his film. He called Ariyana a fighter and appreciated her game. He compared Avinash with yesteryear comedian Rajanala. Chiranjeevi told he sees himself in Mehboob as he also used to work so hard in his youth. He also gave 10 lakhs to Mehboob. He also assured Divi of an opportunity in his upcoming movie. He also asked Nagarjuna about the progress of Gangavva’s house construction. Then AV was shown about the progress of construction of the house.

Overall, Chiranjeevi’s presence really graced the grand finale and Chiranjeevi once again proved his comic timing as well as stage sense. Abhijeet became the winner of season 4.

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Bigg boss 4 Grand Finale: Abhijeeth is the winner

Bigg Boss Season 4 Telugu finally came to an end today. Abhijeeth, Akhil, Harika, Ariyana and Sohail finally reached the grand finale of the season. The finale was convened on a grand scale with several celebrities like Anil Ravipudi, heroines Praneetha, Lakshmi Roy and Mehreen joining the show. There was also a musical show by the music director Taman that entertained the audience.

Harika is the first one to be eliminated:

Director Anil Ravipudi and heroine Mehreen joined the show in this grand finale. The first contestant to eliminate was Harika and Mehreen held her hand and walked her into a crane. Meanwhile, Anil Ravipudi told, his daughter is a big fan of Harika.

Ariyana is the next:

Then Nagarjuna gave an offer to the remaining 4. Heroine Praneetha joined the house with briefcase with an amount of 10 lakhs and if any of them want, they can go out of the house with that amount. But none of them took the money. Then, heroine Lakshmi Roy walked Ariyana out the house.

Sohail twist:

When Sohail, Akhil, and Abhijit were still in the house, Nagarjuna gave them an opportunity to them. There was a gold color briefcase with three handles which has 25 lakhs amount in it. The offer was that if anyone wants to take the money, they can take it and leave the house. While Akhil and Abhijit and didn’t take the chance and waited for the trophy, Sohail utilized the opportunity and took the amount. Sohail’s family members also approved his decision. He initially told that he will give 5 lakhs to an orphanage and 5 lakhs to his Mehboob. But Mehboob told that he will also donate that 5 lakhs to the orphanage. Finally, Nagarjuna pitched in and told, he will take care of the donation and Sohail and Mehboob can take all that money home.

Akhil vs Abhijeth?

The final battle was between the arch rivals of the season – Abhijeeth and Akhil. Nagarjuna walked both of them on to the stage. Then Megastar Chiranjeevi joined the show. As usual, Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi shared nice camaraderie on the stage.

Finally Nagarjuna announced that Abhijeeth is the winner of the season. Both Akhil and Abhijeeth spoke well after the award of trophee. Abhijeeth’s mother requested Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna to bless both Abhijeeth and Akhil equally.

With this the season 4 Telugu came to an end.

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Bigg boss nominations: Its a matter of luck

With 7 members in the house, the nomination process is getting tough and intense. This week, Bigg boss made the process tricky and ‘luck-based’.

The first phase of the nomination process:

Bigg Boss asked the contestants to run into the garden once a buzzer sound is heard and wear the hat place there. Some of those hats will have a red color inside. Those who get the red hat will be nominated. This will be the first phase of nomination. In this phase, Sohail and Monal got lucky as they got green hats and the rest of the 4 i.e. Abhijit, Akhil, Ariyana, and Avinash got nominated. Harika is out of the process as she is the captain. This process is different compared to previous nominations as luck played a major role in this process.

The second phase:

In this phase, the 4 contestants who are nominated can request those who are safe to swap with them. Avinash requested Monal for so long but she didn’t agree to swap. The same happened with Ariyana too. Her discussion with Monal led to an altercation. More than these 2 conversations, the conversation Akhil with Monal was very interesting. Despite their friendship, she did not agree to swap with him and Akhil seemed to have pissed off with her answers. Abhijit told, he was moved by the gesture of Monal’s mother, who told Abhiit is her favorite player and so she doesn’t want to swap with Monal. He announced he doesn’t want to swap with anyone. During the process, at some point of time, Sohail asked Akhil that he will swap with Akhil but Akhil did not agree as Sohail initially denied when Akhil requested.

The third phase:

As the swap did not happen with anyone, Bigg boss gave power to Harika to swap one of the nominated persons. She swapped Monal with Abhijit. She told, she couldn’t find any reasons to swap Sohail. She admitted that Monal is also playing well but compared to Sohail, Monal is weak and so she swapped her. She also gave valid reasons to swap with Abhijit.

Overall, Akhil, Ariyana, Avinash, and Monal are in nominations this week.

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Bigg boss tidbits: After Lasya’s exit, it is all bachelors house


In Bigg season 4, Lasya had to leave the house in recent eviction as she got lesser votes than all other contestants. During the nominations, she told Ariyana that she would not consider her a competitor at all. But it seems, that statement backfired as the audience thought it is too arrogant of her to give such a statement. As a result, she got lesser votes and had to leave the house. There is an argument that Monal got even lesser votes but the Bigg boss saved her and made Lasya a scapegoat, but the audience now got accustomed to seeing Monal getting saved by Bigg boss irrespective of votes.

But there is another observation by the audience that now, after Lasya’s exit, the house is full of bachelors. Usually, this doesn’t matter but amidst the allegations that this season becoming “Pulihora” season, this observation gains some significance. The audiences believe that, in this season, Bigg boss makers are eliminating the contestants as per their own whims and fancies, instead of votings. There is a widespread opinion that the contestants who flirt with someone in the house or have a special friendship with an opposite-gender person are being saved for the footage. As of now, except Sohail, the rest of the housemates have been playing in pairs like Abhijit-Harika, Akhil-Monal, and Avinash-Ariyana.

We need to see how the show will be in the upcoming weeks with all the bachelor contestants.

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Bigg boss: Nominations and altercations

In Bigg boss season 4, today’s nomination process was filled with heated conversations and bitter arguments. Details as below.


Akhil nominated Abhijeet and Harika.
Ariyana nominated Abhijeet and Lasya.
Sohail nominated Harika and Abhijeet
Lasya nominated Ariyana and Monal
Harika nominated Sohail and Monal
Monal nominated Avinash and Lasya
Abhijeet nominated Sohail.
Avinash nominated Abhijeet and Monal.

Akhil versus Abhijeet:

Akhil and Abhijeet were having a strained relationship right from the beginning. Initially Monal was trying to build special relationship with Abhijeet and Akhil was vying for the same slot, leading to a triangular. But later Akhil wanted to sort out the differences and Abhijeet also readily accepted friendship. It seems Bigg boss makers did not like this and the next week Akhil was in secret room. We don’t know whether Bigg boss makers specifically told Akhil to target Abhijeet or he himself decided to do so, but the bottom line is , he targeted Abhijeet severely after coming from secret room.

Akhil is showing inconsistency in his behaviour. When Nagarjuna told him to leave the house when he was in secret room, he cried like a baby but after he came out, he behaved like an angry young man.

Sohail versus Harika:

During a task on Sunday, Harika told that sohel is like a fireball that doesn’t make any noise. She also added that despite his provocation, people don’t bother about him and his efforts are wasteful. Though she told it in a positive way, it was conveyed in a negative way and Sohail got offended. He raised the same point and nominated Harika. But she retaliated with equal force and that led to a bitter conversation.

Overall, Abhijeet, Lasya, Harika, Monal, Ariyana and Sohail are in nominations this week.

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Bigg boss: Mehboob evicted, all housemates become emotional


In Bigg boss season 4, today Mehboob evicted from the house and the house was filled with emotions. Before the eviction, there were a lot of games in the house as it is Sunday. But this episode will be remembered more for the emotions during eviction than the fun and entertainment.

Sohail and Mehboob were the bottom two:

Abhijit, Sohail, Harika, Monal, Mehboob, and Ariyana were in the nominations this week. In the first two days, the trend emerged in social media that Mehboob is getting the least votes. Abhijit, Harika have been getting good votes since the beginning. Ariyana, who was nobie at the start improved her voting tremendously as she was targeted by 7 contestants at a time in the nominations. So the real fight was between Sohail, Monal, and Mehboob. As Akhil is not in the nominations, his votes seemed to have diverted to Monal and that saved her. With this, the bottom two turned out to be two thick friends. Sohail recently getting good footage in the show. Moreover, his childlike nature is connected to the audience. His Singareni card also improved his voting further. All this made Mehboob leave the house although he is a strong contestant than the housemates like Monal and Sohail.

Sohail and Mehboob: The best friends of the Bigg Boss Telugu

Sohail was seen uncontrollable when it is announced that Mehboob is leaving the house. They both were very good friends in the house. They don’t have any thick friends among girls. So they were moving together in every task. They both sacrificed for each other many times. In fact, they were in unison on every debate. Probably these two are the best friends of Bigg boss Telugu till now.

But this will indirectly help Sohail:

But It looks like Sohail will be indirectly benefitted from this move, as far as the game is concerned. In Bigg boss, there is a theme of shared voting. With Mehboob leaving the house, his voting will be undoubtedly shifted to Sohail and it will be no wonder if Sohail lands up in finals.

We need to wait and see how will be the game in the next episodes in this season.

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Bigg boss 4: Kumar Sai to re-enter?

Bigg boss season 4 is going in a directionless way. With each week, for the last 4 weeks, the graph of the show is going down. As per the latest update, Bigg boss makers are planning to re-enter Kumar Sai into the house again. Details as below.

Bigg boss season4 makers’ overconfidence:

Bigg boss show got better in Telugu with the passing of each season. Bigg boss season 2 was much bigger than big boss season 1 in terms of the number of votes polled in the grand finale. Bigg boss season 3 broke all the previous Bigg boss Telugu records in terms of TRP. Seems this success made the team Bigg boss 4 over-confident. Their over-confidence and take it for granted attitude was visible right from the list of housemates. They selected contestants who are not known to the audience much. Audiences don’t know many of them like- Sohail, Akhil, Ariyana, Mehboob, Divi, etc Audience wants to see how the celebrities behave in different situations rather than youtube stars who are just like the guys next door.

Kumar Sai’s unfair eviction:

The overconfidence of makers doesn’t stop at the selection of the contestants but they thought they can ‘design’ and manipulate the game and fool the audience and still tell that the eliminations are based on the voting of the audience. When Devi was eliminated, the audience thought she might have got fewer votes despite having a good name. But when Monal was getting the worst feedback and least votings on every social media handle and yet getting saved, the audience was clear that Bigg boss makers are running this season as per their whims and fancies. Everyone opined that Kumar was made the scapegoat to save Monal.

Bigg boss in correction mode now?

Even after getting negative feedback during Kumar Sai eviction, Bigg boss makers continued to eliminate strong candidates and save the ‘Pulihora batch’ (the name given the contestants who think flirting with others in the house is better than playing the game to continue in the show). All this backfired and currently, the show is receiving terribly bad feedback. Nagarjuna stopped announcing the ratings long back. Netizens stopped voting because they know it doesn’t really matter. All this seemed to have reached the Bigg boss team. They want to address the issues. By re-joining Kumar Sai, it seems, they want to address the negative feedback on the show.

As of now, Kumar Sai re-entry is just a rumor. We need to wait and see whether Kumar will rejoin the house or not.

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Nag takes coronavirus test: Bigg Boss team relieved


The other day Megastar Chiranjeevi got contracted with coronavirus and the actor is under home isolation. The veteran actor requested all those who came in contact with him to take up coronavirus tests. Nagarjuna along with Chiranjeevi met Telangana Chief Minister KCR last weekend. Nagarjuna had to take up coronavirus test after Chiranjeevi was tested positive. The coronavirus test of Nagarjuna resulted negative.

The top actor is busy with Bigg Boss season 4 during the weekends. The makers of Bigg Boss 4 are tensed as Nag would miss two weekends at this time if he is tested positive for coronavirus. But with Nag tested negative, the team of Bigg Boss 4 is completely relieved. The top actor wrapped up the shoot of Wild Dog recently and he is completely focused on Bigg Boss 4 for now.

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Bigg boss nominations: Ariyana targeted by ALL


In Bigg boss house, as every one knows, Monday is the day of nominations. The details of nominations as below:

Mehaboob nominated Ariyana and Harika
Harika nominated Ariyana and Mehaboob
Avinash nominated Harika and Monal
Sohail nominated Ariyana and Abhijeet
Abhijeet nominated Ariyana and Sohail
Akhil nominated Abhijeet and Ariyana
Lasya nominated Ariyana and Mehaboob.
Monal nominated Ariyana and Mehaboob
Ariyana nominated Monal and Sohail

Ariyana was nominated by almost everyone:

Except Avinash, almost each and every housemate nominated Ariyana. It seems getting the captaincy, as predicted earlier, was a bane to her. They all pointed out her dictatorial behaviour during her captaincy. It seems Ariyana and Avinash are being sidelined by other housemates nowadays. As Avinash is having immunity this week, housemates could not target him. She got 7 votes. She was later seen feeling pain on her head, as all those who nominated her broke bottle on her head. We need to see whether the audience sympathize with her for being targeted by the others or the audience also target her.

Housemates get confused to nominate:

As most of the housemates left the house already and those who are continuing have already become friends, they are finding it difficult to nominate, especially the second person. Sohail took lot of time to decide on second nomination. Each of them nominated blindly Ariyana but were hesitating to take the name for second nomination.

Akhil backstabbing of Abhijeet:

Akhil and Abhijeet were 2 strong contestants in house this season. Actually at the beginning of the season nobody knows Akhil. The initial focus was on Abhijeet and Monal as they were hero and heroines in the film industry. But Akhil got recognition by flirting with Monal. At the same time Bigg boss makers projected it as a triangle between Monal, Akhil and Abhijeet. At some point of time they both were fighting vigorously during the nominations. But as the time passed, Akhil realised that flirting with Monal alone cannot help him to be saved in the game. He himself offered compromise with Abhijeet and later Abhijit also became his friend.

While nominating, Abhijeet initially nominated Ariyana but while nominating the second person he told, he is unable to decide upon . He clearly stated that Akhil also became his friend and so he is not nominating him. But when his turn came, Akhil nominated Abhijeet by citing some silly reasons, which shocked Abhijeet. Abhijeet condemned the way Akhil nominated him for silly reason. Akhil, after nomination process is over, came to Abhijeet, gave him a chocolate and tried to placate him.

Except Avinash, Lasya and Akhil, all other housemates are nominated this week.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Amma Rajasekhar repeats what Mumaith Khan did


Amma Rajasekhar left the house today. He was supposed to leave the house last week itself but he was saved by Bigg boss which was unfair. Whenever Bigg boss saves a contestant by showing bias like this, it will generate anti-sentiment in the audience against that contestant. The same happened with Amma and he had to leave the house the next week itself. But his eviction reminded the audience, Mumaith Khan’s eviction in Bigg boss season 1.

Currently, he is the captain of the house. If he had survived this week, he would have continued 2 more weeks in the house. But he left the house while he is still captain of the house. It is not very common. An exactly similar thing happened with Mumaith Khan in Bigg boss season-1. She was also captain of the house when she was leaving the house. Leaving the house when one was captain is definitely bad luck because they will lose not one week’s (potential) remuneration but two week’s remuneration. Reportedly, most of the housemates are paid on a per week basis.

We need to wait and see how the show will be in the upcoming weeks.

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Bigg boss: Suma entertains, Amma leaves


Today is the Sunday episode. In Bigg boss’s house, it is a fun day episode. Today Bigg boss invited anchor Suma to join the show and entertain. Bigg boss show is not able to provide entertainment in the required dosage to the audience in recent times. But the episodes in which Bigg boss makers invited outside entertainers like hyper Adi in the past and Suma today are very much successful.

Suma entertains the audience:

Anchor Suma is known for her spontaneity and sense of humor. But today she exhibited her exemplary skill in imitating others. She imitated almost all the housemates and their body language. She also passed some very satirical comments on the housemates that evoked laughs. Her imitation of Sohail’s body language and his way of talking was so good. The way she imitated Ariyana also brought down the house.

Initially, Nagarjuna announced that there is going to be a new wild card into the house. Suma also initially told the housemates that she is going to join the house today. But not only the audience but also housemates did not believe that she will join the house.

Avinash’s emotional outburst:

After saving all the other contestants, Nagarjuna told both Avinash and Rajshekhar to go into the confession room to know who out of those two will leave the house. At that time he became so nervous. It seems he is under tremendous financial pressure. He revealed earlier that he was on the verge of suicide during lock-down due to these financial issues. As Ariyana knows these things she was seen requesting Avinash not to take any hasty decision like suicide in case he is evicted. The way she requested Avinash moved the audience. But after some time, Nagarjuna told the house that both are evicted as this week is for the double-elimination. This shocked the housemates. But finally, it turned out to be a prank and Amma left the house.

Amma Rajasekhar leaves the house:

Amma Rajasekhar was supposed to leave the house last week itself but Bigg boss allowed him to continue in the house. He was also made a contender for the captaincy task. He won the captaincy also. But the way he behaved after becoming the captain irritated not only the housemates but also the audience to some extent. Out of the nominated contestants, he is definitely the weakest contestant. After Surya Kiran, Karate Kalyani, and Sujatha, this is the week when audience pulse and Bigg boss decision are in sync.

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Bigg boss season 4 heading towards a disaster?


Bigg boss season 4 is going ‘averagely’ in recent times. During 3rd, 4th and 5th weeks, the show was having very good viewership and the number of votes was also so huge. But the votes dropped later and as of now, reportedly, the show is heading towards a disaster.

Nagarjuna repeatedly saying the audience that elimination is purely based on voting:

This week also Nagarjuna started the show by saying to the audience that the elimination process in Bigg boss is done purely based on the audience voting. But this is not the first time Nagarjuna is saying this. In recent times, Nagarjuna has been saying this repeatedly in this season.

As everyone understands, Nagarjuna is trying to convince the audience that there was no bias in the elimination process so far. But the audience is not believing these claims as they follow the game clearly. Also when 90% of the social media sites predicted Mona’s eviction, Bigg boss saved Monal. Kumar Sai and Divi were made scapegoats. The same thing happened with Mehboob once as Bigg boss saved him when he was weak.

Many audiences stopped voting:

With all this, even the people watching the show are not willing to vote.and commenting in social media that, Bigg boss team do not care our votes and they eliminate whoever they want. Except Karate Kalyani, Surya Kiran and Sujatha, most of the eliminations were not in sync with popular vote. Audiences are creating memes that nobody should take Monal’s nomination seriously as Bigg boss anyway will save her no matter whether the audience vote or not.

Nagarjuna not talking about the ratings of the show for last several weeks:

During the previous seasons, Bigg boss hosts used to disclose the huge ratings the show got last week. Nagarjuna too did it once this season but he has not been revealing the ratings recently. As per the reports except the hardcore fans of Bigg boss, most of the people stopped taking this season seriously and some of them stopped watching the show totally.

This season got the tag of “Pulihora” season:

This season, unlike the previous seasons, has most of the bachelors as housemates. So bigg boss makers tried to ‘pair’ the housemates. Even though the housemates did not have such chemistry, ‘Bigg boss’ and ‘Nagarjuna’ repeatedly tagged some housemates as pairs. Moreover, the initial triangle of Monal with Abhijit vs Akhil was too irritating for most of the audience of the show. At some point, the show fully depended on such romantic threads and got the tag of “pulihora” season. But the problem with this approach is that whoever plays the game seriously without indulging in such flirtings were eliminated by Bigg boss and those involved in flirting were saved by Bigg boss, for the sake of the footage.

We need to wait and see if the Bigg boss team wants to correct the mistakes and show the fair game or continue the game as per their whims and fancies and lose the viewership.

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Bigg boss today: Kamal Hassan saves Harika


Bigg boss season 4 is going on like a bumpy ride nowadays. Some espides are good but some are pale. Most of the netizens are accusing the arbitrariness of Bigg boss makers in the eliminations, saving some contestants and showing bias by giving opportunities to only selected few.

Shining light and fading light:

Nagarjuna asked each of the housemates to tell who, in their opinion, is a shining light and who the fading light in this house is.

Abhijit gave the shining light tag to Monal and the fading light tag to Amma Rajasekhar.
Ariyana gave the tag of the shining light to Avinash and the tag of the fading light to Abhijit. The way she articulated the reasons for this was really good. It seems Ariyana is one contestant who has so much clarity on the game in this house.
Nagarjuna put a question to Monal as well as Akhil whether the other person is just a friend or more than a friend. Both of them answered that the other person is ‘just a friend’. Then Monal gave the tag of the shining light to Akhil and the fading light tag to Ariyana. In addition to Monal, most of the housemates opined Ariyana’s captaincy was a dictatorship.
Sohail gave the tag of shining light to Mehboob, as expected, and, given the fading light tag to Ariyana, which is also as expected.
Avinash gave the tag of shining light to Ariyana and fading light to Monal.
Harika gave the shining light tag to Lasya and the fading light tag to Avinash.
Lasya, in turn, gave the shining light tag to Harika and gave the fading tag to Ariyana.
Mehboob gave the shining light tag to Sohail and the fading light tag to Ariyana.
Amma Rajasekhar gave the shining light tag to Ariyana for supporting him during the T-stand task. He gave the tag of fading light to Akhil.
Akhil, in turn, gave the fading light to Amma and he gave shining light to Monal, as expected.

Kamal Hassan’s entry:

Today is the birthday of Kamal Hassan, the host of Bigg boss Tamil. So, makers of the show tried some innovation by engaging both the shows on the same screen. While Bigg boss Tamil is going on Nagarjuna from Bigg boss Telugu connected with him and the housemates of the both houses were introduced to each other.

Finally Kamal Hassan saved Harika for this week.

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“I am not allowed back into Jabardasth show”, says Avinash in Bigg boss house


Avinash revealed that Mallemala clearly told him that there is no coming back into their show (Jabardasth) after the Bigg boss show. He expressed concern about getting nominated again and again and getting a bad name in the house Details as below.

Avinash is one contestant whose graph is ever-growing in Bigg boss house. he was a non-controversial person in the house till last week. But Noel changed all that with one episode. He condemned the comedy of Avinash. Avinash was upset very much by this. It is known news that he was in deep financial troubles during the lockdown and on the verge of committing suicide as he bought a house on loan just before the lockdown. He clearly told his financial necessities in one of the previous episodes. But the last 2 days was a very turbulent time for Avinash as Noel, Abhijit and Harika have been targeting him. At one point, after getting nominated, he told Sohail in a sad voice that “They also (Mallemala) clearly told that they won’t allow me back in their program (Jabardasth) and here getting nominated week after week.

It seems Avinash is in deep stress because of financial reasons and worried about the future if he gets evicted from the show early. We need to wait and see how this affects his game in the future.

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Bigg boss still biased during the nominations?


Bigg boss gave a twist during the nomination process yet again. After the entire process of nominations is over, Bigg boss gave an additional opportunity to the housemates to get saved from the nominations.

Bigg boss told that there will be another task and the nominated housemates need to stand at a specific place and there will be a stand to support their face. They should not remove the face from that stand no matter what may happen. Housemates can force them to move them out of that stand. Abhijit, Avinash, Harika, Amma and, Monal were in the nominations.

Sohail vs Akhil fight:

Akhil targetted Amma Rajasekhar and Mehboob tried to protect him. But Akhil behaved a little rude to Mehboob and that irked Sohail. He targeted Monal and irritated her a lot. Finally, this led to a strong war of words between them. They not only raised voices but were seen as if they may physically attack each other. But later they cooled down.

No winners:

Bigg boss clearly announced that if someone saves his face till the end he will be saved from the nominations and if more than one person saves themselves, no one will be the winner. Abhijit again proved he is lazy and he quit the game. Harika was eliminated from the task by Bigg boss. But Monal, Amma, and Avinash saved themselves and so Big boss announced there is no winner in the task as more than one person saved himself.

Bigg boss partiality towards Sohail:

During the nominations, Sohail also got 2 votes i.e. from Ariyana and Monal. But the Bigg boss did not include him in the final list of nominations. In the previous weeks, the contestants who got only one vote also were in the nominations. E.g. Swathi Dikshit was evicted in the week when there was lonely one vote for her nomination. There are several examples like this. But Bigg boss saved Sohail despite he got 2 votes this week, This kind of partiality of Bigg boss hampering the show in this season.

Why this additional task at all?

Also, there were times when as many as 9 persons were in the nominations. But this week, after excluding Sohail, there were only 5 persons in the nominations but still Bigg boss wanted to save one of them. It looked like the Bigg boss wanted to save someone specifically but it didn’t work out.

Overall, Bigg boss season 4 is going without a direction and it will not be long before the audience declares that this is a disaster season if Bigg boss makers continue the show as per their whims and fancies.

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Bigg boss: Long process of Nominations


Usually nomination process in Bigg boss is confined to one episode but this week it was prolonged to more than one episode this time. There were bitter arguments during these two episodes.

Ariyana vs Sohai:

Ariyana is the captain of the house. She has instructed some punishments to those who violate the rules. Today Sohail was seen sleeping and Ariyana asked him to jump into swimming pool as per the rule. Sohail did not agree and told that he will do it in the evening as he has just finished the bath and also he has caught cold. This led to bitter argument between the two. Later Sohail was nominated by Ariyana. As Ariyana is captain, Sohil could not nominate him. Ariyana also nominated Harika

Abhijit vs Avinash:

Avinash and Abhijit are not in good terms since Noel targeted Avinash while leaving the house. Abhijit sided with Noel during that argument. Avinash nominated Abhijit and his friend Harika, probably keeping in mind that these two are working against him. Later Abhijit also nominated Avinash. During these two processes, there was a heated argument between the two. Abhijit warned Avinash not to do “entertainment” by pulling his name. Avinash retaliated saying he is an entertainer and continue to do the same.Harika also retaliated Avinash by targeting him in nominations.

Abhijit vs Amma:

Same thing happened with Amma Rajaeshar too. Abhijit nominated him and commented about his childishness and arrogance. Initially he started by talking about Amma Rajasekhar’s personal success in the life, but Amma told not to talk about his personal life in this house during nominations. This led to war of words. While Amma targetted Amma’s short temper, Amma targetted Abhijit’s laziness during the tasks. Amma Rajasekhar too nominated Abhijit and Akhil and he had heated arguments with both of them.Harika also nominated Amma.

Monal’s aversion for egg and Akhil’s surprising nomination of Monal:

Monal being a vegetarian, felt scared with the thought of breaking the egg on other’s head or somebody breaking egg on her head. But Bigg boss accepted her request and gave some concession to her. She nominated Sohail, She also nominated Lasya. it is to be noted that Lasya earlier nominated Monal. Akhil nominated Monal and that was surprising not only to the housemates but also to the audience.

Overall – Abhijit, Akhil, Avinash, Amma, and Monal are in nominations this week.

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Confused Bigg boss says No elimination this week, fooled the audience who voted


Bigg boss season4 Telugu that started with a bang seems to be heading towards a disaster. Bigg boss makers running the show as per their whims and fancies is the main reason for the huge dip in the ratings. As the Bigg boss team is not caring about the votes polled by the audience and saving the persons whoever he wanted and eliminating the contestants as per their convenience, many netizens announcing on social media that it is simply a waste of time to vote for Bigg boss this season. Another similar incident happened this weekend as Nagarjuna saved all the nominated contestants this week.

The drama of who will exit between Amma and Mehboob:

This week, Amma Rajasekhar, Ariana, Mehboob, Akhil, Lasya, and Monal nominated for the eviction. Among these, Ariyana, Akhil, and Lasya have a good fan base. Ariyana improved her voting significantly in the last 3-4 weeks. Monal had the least voting earlier, but Bigg boss saved her several times by making other contestants like Kumar, Divi, etc. This week it seems Amma was at the bottom position and the next being Monal and Mehboob with a very small difference in the votes as per reports. As Bigg boss has already run the drama with Monal earlier, this week the Bigg boss team decided to do a similar drama episode with Mehboob and Amma. Both of them were sent into the confession room.

Most of the housemates wanted Mehboob compared to Amma:

Then Nagarjuna asked the housemates who among these two would they like to see in the house back. Except for Avinash and Ariyana, everybody voted for Mehboob. The rest of 6 housemates votes for Mehboob. Most of them gave the same reason that Amma Rajasekhar had seen most of life and Mehboob is young and disciplined. So, finally, Nagarjuna told Mehboob is saved and disappointed master packed his bags and got ready to leave the house.

Bumper offer to Amma:

Later Nagarjuna revealed that he is also saved as Noel was already eliminated from the house because of health reasons. He revealed that Noel requests that no one should be eliminated this week. As everyone knows, no contestant or even the host can really have a say in the elimination process. It seems Bigg boss makers wanted to save Amma and that’s the reason they blamed Noel. Not stopping at this Nagarjuna also announced that Amma is a direct contender for the captaincy next week as most of the housemates voted against his continuation in the house.

Are Bigg boss makers fully confused?

With this move of Bigg boss to save Amma despite getting the least votes (as per the host announcement), the audience who spent the entire week voting for their favorite contestants felt being fooled by Bigg boss. If Bigg Boss wants to save the contestants as per their own wish, they can continue to do so but they should not ask viewers to vote for their contestants. It seems Bigg boss makers are in confusion after spoiling the show and they are taking further wrong decisions.

We need to wait and see whether Bigg boss 4 will revive its goodwill or continue the same and become the worst season so far in Telugu.

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Bigg boss today: Noel eliminated from season 4 though not in nominations

Noel is eliminated from Bigg boss season 4 today. Even though he is not in the nominations, he had to leave the house because of health reasons. His conversation with housemates while leaving had a lot of drama.

Details as below:

Who is your Villain?

Before Noel coming on to the screen, Nagarjuna played a task with the housemates. He asked the housemates to name who is the villain of you in the house so far.

  1. Akhil named Abhijit for obvious reasons
  2. Sohail named Ariyana though she did not nominate him even once
  3. Amma named Akhil for his arrogance
  4. Mehboob named Harika and she named him. Their rivalry is continuing ever since he named her during a fake elimination.
  5. Avinash named Lasya and Lasya named Avinash. They seem to be continuing the hangover of the arguments happened during nominations
  6. Akhil and Monal both named Lasya

Noel’s health problem:

Noel got an acute spondylitis problem in the house. At some point, he was unable to walk also. Doctors advised him of special treatment and so he left the house intermittently. There was a hope that he will come back like Nutan Naidu of season 2 after recovering health but he seems to have decided not to come back to take complete treatment. As he had decided not to come back, he was invited on to the stage with Nagarjuna

Noel’s emotional conversations with some housemates:

The housemates who were hoping for him to comeback got shocked when they came to know that he is leaving the house permanently. He predicted Abhijit, Lasya, and Harika to be in the top 5 list. His conversation with Harika was emotional. Lasya also missed him a lot and cried after knowing the news. Abhijit was seen composed but he felt the emotion too.

Noel’s firing on Avinash and Amma:

Noel asked Amma and Avinash to stand on one foot for some time and then reminded that he felt a thousand times more pain than this because of his health problem every morning. Then he reminded the incidents when Amma and Avinash poked fun of his pain. He gave them a serious lecture about not repeating such things in the future. However, both Avinash and Amma strongly retaliated and told that they did not do that purposefully. Both of them apologized as well but did not accept his statements.

Bigg boss’s scheme with ‘Noel’ backfired?

Actually, Noel is ‘Relangi Mavayya’ of Bigg boss season 4. He never was rude to anyone. He was one of the very few contestants who did not lose temper even during the nominations. Such a person attacking Amma and Avinash vehemently surprised the audience as it is not his real behavior.

Many felt that the Bigg boss team might have asked Noel to behave the way he behaved while leaving. Even though he initially attacked Avinash and AMma with fierce arguments, later he could not continue the same pace, and this raised doubts among the audience that, it was not the real him.

As Avinash and Amma defended themselves fiercely, Noel could not continue his attack. With Abhijit also joining the arguments, the situation became completely messy. The host Nagarjuna was also simply watching all this mess for so long before intervening. It looks like the scheme of Bigg boss makers to ‘create’ a high-voltage episode seriously backfired.

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