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Bigg boss today: Robos vs Humans


Bigg boss season 4 is going on with great ratings as of now. The audience got accustomed to the show despite the fact that many of the contestants are initially not known to them. Tuesday is the day of the luxury budget task in Bigg boss house.

The task of robots vs humans:

Today Bigg boss divided the entire house into two teams, one of humans and the other of the robots. There will be a silver egg and it represents the life of a robot. The humans team has to kill the robots by breaking the eggs. Robots can protect the egg. If the humans can kill all the robots, they will win. Evenif one robot survives, robots team will win.

There is some interdependency between the teams. All facilities of the house like washroom, kitchen etc will be in control of robots. But robots cant charge themselves. Humans have to give charging. if no charging is done, robot will die automatically. On the other hand, humans cant access kitchen, wash rooms etc. If they need food or want to access washrooms, they need to charge robots.

The teams:

Humans team consists of Akhil, Amma Raja sekhar, Divi, Noel, Mehaboob, and sohail. As humans need to exhibit the resistance power by not taking food, not using wash rooms, Bigg boss ensured candidates like Gangavva are in robots team. Abhijit, Devi, Lasya, Avinash, Gangavva, Harika, Sai etc wee in robots team.

The game:

Both the teams have put full efforts. Human broke the egg and killed Devi. Later humans team resisted bio-needs to ensure robots die because of lack of charging. Humans team covered cameras and used clothes to prepare sort of wash room and used it to relieve themselves. But Bigg boss gave warning not to cover cameras. Later, robots requested them for charging but humans did not agree. Robots team almost lost the hope of surviving. Ariyana wanted to try something instead of sitting idle while running out of charging but was discouraged by Abhijit. Harika also observed the something and said humans team carried with them polythene covers to relieve themselves, if it is pressing and as they are stooping down to that level, it is impossible to get charging from them.

The game will be continued tomorrow. The catch in the game is , only the contestant from winning team will be eligible to contend for captaincy this week. The task will continue tomorrow too.

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Bigg boss: Devi or Ariyana or Mehaboob?


This week nominations are interesting. A total of 7 contestants have been nominated for eviction this week – Devi, Lasya, Ariyana, Kumar, Mehaboob, Monal and Harika. As of now it looks like Devi, Ariyana and Mehaboob are bottom 3 and one or two out of them may leave this week.

Lasya, Harika and Kumar are safe:

Out of the 7 contestants nominated for eviction, as of now, Lasya, Harika and Kumar Sai are safe this week. This is as per the voting trend as well as their following outside the house. Lasya is well known person compared to many contestants of this season. She has followers on her social media channels. She also has earned fans from a section of the audience through her TV earlier programs.

Harika is also popular through her social media channels. But more than that she is playing the game really nice as of now. She is not part of any (irritating) romantic threads in Bigg boss house as of now. The way she is putting her arguments also liked by many. More than all this, after seeing the fake elimination of her last Sunday, people have come to conclusion that she will continue here for a few more weeks.

Kumar Sai actually fell short of expectations. People know him as comedian and expected comedy from him. But he is either serious or passive in the house. But sudenly he got some sympathy voting as most of the housemates didnt mingle with him properly. Moreover the way housemates like Akhil snubbed him during nominations also made people sympathize with him. Going by this trend, it looks like Sai is safe this week.

Devi, Ariyana and Mehaboob are bottom 3:

Mehaboob is passive most of the times in the house. He is seen active only while dancing or practicing dance. But he has better following in social media compaed to the other two. But it needs to be seen whether all his followers vote for him given his passive nature in the house.

Ariyana is also in th bottom 3 because of her childish behavior. The way she frequently says, “I will do whatever i wish” irritates people So far she did anchoring task in the house and there was nothing from her side that surprised or entertained the audience.

TV9 Devi is definitely more intelligent than many others in the house but she seems to have attidue or compatibility issues with co-contestants. She has been complaining that all the housemates are sidelining her though it is not the case actually. Monal is neither in the bottom 3 nor in the top 3 at this moment as per the number of votes.

During the last 2 weeks it was very clear about who will leave this week on the day of nominations itself. But this week,all the 3 i.e. Devi, Mehboob and Ariyana are all getting almost similar number of votes with very slight difference. We need to wait and see who will leave this week.

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Bigg boss today: Musical chairs and fake elimination


The previous episode of Bigg boss season4 Telugu ended with the elimination of Karate Kalyani. Today Nagarjuna asked her to name the bottom 5 and the top 5 contestants of the house. Before that, Kalyani told a ‘Hari Katha’ to the audience.

The top 5 and Bottom 5 as per Kalyani:

Kalyani named – Divi, Harika, Amma Rajasekhar, Abhijeet and Monal as the top 5 contestants of the house. She also named – Gangavva, Sohail, Sujatha, Sai
Ariyana, as the bottom 5 contestants of the house. She gave her reasons for her decision on each of the contesntant.

TV9 Devi Nominated for the next week:

As part of the eviction, usually, the host of the Bigg boss asks the leaving candidate to throw a Big bomb on any one of the housemates. This week, Nagarjuna gave the opportunity to Kalyani to directly nominate some one for the eviction next week. Kalyani nominated Devi Nagavalli for the eviction. It is to be noted that she has NOT been nominated in the first 2 weeks.

Musical chairs:

As it is fun day, Nagarjuna asked the housemates to play a game similar to musical chairs. In each round, two contestants will play the game.
In Akhil Vs Abhijeet round, Akhil won the game.
In Monal Vs harika round, Monal won the game.
In Mehaboob Vs Sohail, Mehaboob won the game. But both of them gave very tough fight and Nagarjuna appreciated their sporting spirit.
In Devi Vs Amma Rajasekhar round, Devi won as Amma Rajasekhar gave it up for Devi.
In Sujatha Vs lasya, Sujatha won the game.
In Gangavva Vs Sai, Gangavva won the game and their round was funny.

Fake elimination of Harika:

Bigg boss gave a twist in the eliminations process. This week a total of 9 members were nominated. Gangavva was saved and Kalyani was evicted in previous episode. Out of the remaining 7, 5 contestants were saved eventually. Monal and Harika were the final two left for the eviction. Nagarjuna asked those 7 contestants who were not in the nominations this week to save one out of Monal and Harika. After – Akjil, Ariyana, Devi, Lasya, Divi, and Mehaboob gave their voting, Monal and Harika were in tie with 3-3 votes and it was Sujatha who got the chance to break the tie. Sujatha saved Monal. Harika was asked by Nagarjuna to pack up the luggage and leave the house. All the housemates gave her a very emotional adieu but when Harika was about to step out Nagarjuna stopped her and revealed that it is fake elimination just to warn the housemates not to self-nominate again.

Overall it was a very enjoyable and engaging episode.

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Bigg boss tidbits: After social media trolls, Nagarjuna now calls her ‘Gangamma’


Bigg boss is one show that keenly follows the feedback of social media and accordingly adapts or corrects itself. After the weekend episodes, the audience felt that Nagarjuna corrected himself based on social media feed back. Details as below.

Gangavva is one special contestant in the house. She came from a very rural background, faced many hardships in life, and later became popular on social media as ‘Gangavva’. It is her popularity in social media that got her a chance in Bigg boss show. As the audience knows her as ‘Gangavva’, the host Nagarjuna also called her with the same name i.e. Gangavva. But this backfired and social media filled with a lot to sarcastic memes on Nagarjuna for this. As everyone knows, Gangavva is in her early sixties and so is Nagarjuna. So, netizens created funny memes on Nagarjuna calling her as ‘Avva’, despite having an age difference of just a couple of years.

It seems these memes reached Bigg boss makers or Nagarjuna and so this week Nagarjuna called her as ‘Gangamma’ instead of Gangavva. But anyway, the audience was very happy to see Gangavva again healthy and active during weekend episodes.

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Bigg boss: Karate Kalyani eliminated and double elimination, both as expected


In Bigg boss season 4 Telugu, Karate Kalyani becomes the second contestant to leave the house. This week there were a total of 9 contestants nominated for the eviction but immediately after the nominations, most of the audience predicted that Kalyani will be evicted this week. But Bigg boss gave a ‘double’ twist this weekend.

Bigg boss tidbits: Karate Kalyani in the danger zone

Bigg boss tidbits: Double eliminations this week?

Earlier social media has been spreading rumors that there may be double eliminations this week as two wild card entries joined the house this week. Some reported that Sai and Amma were having less voting and so one of them may exit. But some others predicted that Gangavva may leave the house on health grounds. However, Gangavva was the first contestant to get saved this week. Bigg boss host Nagarjuna also told that there will be a double elimination this week.

Harika to be sent to secret room?
However, as per the latest rumors, it is not Gangavva or Amma or Sai that is leaving the house but it is Harika who will be eliminated from the house this Sunday. Moreover, it is not going to be real elimination but it will be a fake elimination like that happened with Rahul Sipligunj in previous season.

We need to wait and see whether somebody will be really eliminated as part of double elimination or Harika will be sent to secret room as part of fake elimination.

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Bigg boss today: Heroes and zeroes


Bigg boss season 4 is going on with good ratings. Host Nagarjuna opened the show today saying the site got better ratings this week than the previous week. The audience felt happy seeing Gangavva recovering his health. One task that occupied today’s episode fully is the task of ” Who is the hero and who is the zero”

Before starting on this task, Nagarjuna reprimanded all the housemates for voluntarily nominating themselves for the eviction. In fact, the audience was also surprised by seeing the contestants not putting efforts to save themselves and and taking the nomination process easy.

Heroes and zeroes:

Nagarjuna asked each of the housemates to tell who is the hero and who is the zero in this house in their opinion. They have to name one person as hero and made them sit on a throne like chair. Also, they need to name one person as zero of the house, i.e. the person who is least eligible to continue in the house and throw them out through a psuedo-exit door.

Noel’s hero Amma and zero Sai:

Noel started this task and named Amma Rajasekhar as the hero for the entertainment in the house and also the modesty he is showing towards other housemates despite being a star director. He named Kumar Sai, wild card entry into the house, as zero. He mentioned the way he behaved during the nominations one of the main reasons for considering him as zero.

TV9 Devi’s scathing attack on Amma:

TV9 Devi called Ariyana Glory as hero and told she is taking lot of humiliation from other housemates and yet sustaining in the house. The reasons that Devi mentioned did not seem logical. It seems Devi just reciprocated Ariyana on her early comments that ‘Devi is the perfect person in the house’. She made scathing attack on Amma Rajasekhar and named him as zero. It is known news that Devi, Harika and Divi acted in Amma Rajesekhar’s comedy skit earlier. It seems she didnt like Amma Rajasekhar’s ‘low class comedy’ (in opinion of Devi). She went on to say she doesn’t care if he is a big director outside the house. Rajasekhar got shocked by her attack.

Lasya too attacks Amma Rajasekhar:

Anchor Lasya too named Amma Rajasekhar as zero. She found fault with her comedy lines and called they are mean. She called Gangavva as hero and praised her clarity of thought as well as her fighting spirit.

Amma Rajasekhar’s outburst:

Apart from Devi and Lasya, couple of more contestants called Amma Rajasekhar as zero. Amma Rajasekhar got offended by the way he is thrown out by the contestants. At one point every contestant named Amma Rajasekhar as zero. This made Rajasekhar cry and he requested Nagarjuna to send from the house before he loses all the good name he earned in his life. He told Nagarjuna that nobody in life threw him out like this. He also added the reasons that are taken by the contestants are not at all justified.

Avinash and Divi support to Amma Rajasekhar:

Later Avinash named Amma as a hero and praised him for entertaining the house. Divi strongly supported him and told, she also acted in the same skit in which Devi acted but she doesn’t find fault with the way he suggested using the cushions during the skit. She also added that, house would have been a hell without an entertaining person like Rajasekhar. Gangavva also named Amma as hero. At this point, Nagarjuna tried to convince him and said he has to take both positive feedback and negative feedback equally.

Overall, the entire task of ‘Hero and Zero’ revolved around Amma Rajasekhar. Other contestants who were named by the most housemates are Gangavva (in positive sense) and Karate Kalyani (in negative sense).

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Bigg boss season 4 launch episode creates record TRPs


Bigg boss Telugu is growing bigger and bigger with each season. The launch episode of Bigg boss season 4 Telugu hosted by Nagarjuna broke records of TRPs and Nagarjuna thanked the audience on this.

The season 1 launched by Jr NTR created new records when it was launched. NTR’s first episode got a TRP of 16.18 and the grand finale got a TRP of 14 as per reports. Later during season 2, Nani’s first episode received a TRP of 15.05, and Bigg boss 2 grew bigger and bigger, also due to the Kaushal factor. It is only after Bigg boss 2, MAA TV got the top slot among Telugu entertainment channels. With King Nagarjuna taking over season 3, Bigg boss ratings reached new heights. The launch episode and grand finale of season3 hosted by Nagarjuna broke all previous records of Bigg boss including the ratings of seasons hosted by NTR.

Now the TRP ratings of the season 4 launch episode proved how successful is this show among the Telugu audience.

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Bigg boss: Jabardasth twist and Gangavva sickness


In Bigg boss season 4, one more wild card contestant entered the house today. Jabardasth Avinash, also known as Mukku Avinash, joined the house today. Even though his name has been popping up since the beginning of this season in social media, for some unknown reasons, he didn’t join the house until the 10th day.

Jabardast Avinash entry:

But as soon as he joined today, he made his presence felt among the housemates. He was warmly welcomed by almost all the housemates, mostly because of his friendship with them outside the house. Unlike Sai, another contestant who entered the house as a comedian, Avinash was able to mingle with the housemates right from his entry into the house. His ramp walk with Gangavva entertained the housemates as well as housemates. His conversation with Monal in which he funnily proposed her also evoked some laughs. Overall, he was able to do justice for the expectations of him as a comedian.

Sujatha confused

Meanwhile, Jordar Sujatha looks confused. When some housemates casually told her that Abijeeth and Noel are ‘singles’ in the house out of whom she can select one, she took it very seriously and started thinking about what made them think like that. But Abhijeeth rubbished this calling she is like a sister to him. Noel also clarified on similar lines to her. But she still got offended by the way Abijeeth dismissed such a possibility.

Gangavva becomes sick:

Gangavva is a special contestant in the house. Almost all the housemates are taking special care of her. However, she is still feeling uncomfortable in the house because of the age factor, and the different climate. Bigg boss called her into the confession room and inquired about her health. She explained to Bigg boss that the physical beatings she received from her drunken husband years back are still giving her body pains. She also explained other health issues like joint pains etc. Bigg boss assured her of the best medical treatment and hoped she will be alright soon. He also told her some encouraging words by reminding her of her physical as well as mental strength. She admitted that she is really a strong person but told that AC house doesn’t suit her body and the entire climate of the house is different for her. The way she explained her loneliness in life to Bigg boss made the eyes the most of the audience moist. Lasya took her to the medical room.

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Bigg boss: ‘Possessive’ Akhil and ‘Weeping’ Monal’s romantic thread irritates audience


Bigg boss season 4 today episode also full of dances and entertainment. It looked more like watching a dance show rather than a reality show, as per some audience.

Talent show:

Bigg boss today gave task to the housemates to entertain the housemates and the audience. As part of this task, Harika and Mehboob danced for ‘Top lechipoddi’ song. They took help from Amma Rajasekhar on choreographing the song. Monal and Sohail danced for “Vana vana” song while Amma Rajasekhar performed a solo dance. Noel and Lasya were judges for this talent show. Abijeeth, Akhil and Devi did a short skit. The judges awarded Mehboob and Harika the top performers award.

Akhil-Monal-Abhijeeth irritating love triangle continued:

In each season of Big boss, we see some love stories blossoming. Some stories get connected to the audience and some stories irritate them.This season, Akhil – Monal- Abijeeth triangle story is coming on the screen in each and every episode. Akhil Sarthak has been trying to get closer to heroine Monal. He was seen feeding her, and he was seen feeling jealous when she is talking to Abijeeth. Abijeeth seems to be talking to her casually but Akhil is showing the expressions of over possessiveness. Whether it is his real feeling or he is doing it for the game is not known yet but it has now become very clear that he wants to show the expression of jealousy and over possessiveness in regards to Monal.

Housemates noticed Akhil’s feelings:

Today Abhijeeth conveyed the same to Lasya and Sujatha. Though they didn’t believe initially, later they observed Akhil feeling restlessness when Monal was practicing dance movements with Sohail and confirmed on what Abijeeth said to them. Akhil is showing no hesitation to show his keenness to get closer to Monal. However, his moody nature and over possessiveness are making audience disconnect with him.

Akhil’s moody and jealous nature hampering his prospects:

Akhil seems to be not able to digest even the slightest compliment given to others in comparison with him. On the day of launch of the show, Akhil did 50 push ups on the stage. During this weekend episode, Nagarjuna very casually said to Akhil that his push ups are nothing compared to Sohail’s push ups in secret room where he did push ups carrying Ariyana on the back. But after this statement of Nagarjuna, Akhil’s face expressions quickly turned pale and he could not hide his unhappiness and jealousy in his face.

People do want to watch good love stories in reality shows but they do so when the people involved in that story are adorable and like-able. But as Akhil is too moody and Monal is ‘Narmada’ river of this season, people are finding it hard to connect to their story.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Gangavaa to leave in 4 weeks ?


In this Bigg boss season 4, one special contestant who has attracted the housemates as well as the audience is Gangavva. Even though she was initially thought to be a strong contestant because of her following in social media , It seems her fans are in a confused state now. There is also a discussion going on that she may leave the house in 4 weeks or so. Details as below.

Gangavva army wants to make her the winner:

Gangavva has millions of followers on her social media channels. On the day one itself ‘Gangavva army’ was formed. When she was nominated for eviction in the first week, she was saved by the audience and her fans with a huge margin of votes. Even though she is not able to participate in physical tasks, her straight talk earned her many fans. While all her fans have decided to make her the winner, she gave a shocker to her fans by repeatedly saying in the show that she wants to exit from the show after some weeks.

Gangavva doesn’t want to continue till the end of the show:

She clearly indicated that she doesn’t want to continue in the show till the end. It seems she is not very comfortable in the show. It seems the house and the games do not suit her age, her lifestyle and her attitude.She even requested the host Nagarjuna last week to send her out as early as possible. For this, Nagarjuna replied it is not in his hands as well. She was the first one to voluntarily nominate herself for eviction this week. All this put the audience in confusion whether to vote for her or to vote for some other contestant who wants to continue in the house till the final week.

Bigg boss makers are in no mood to send her out. But..

However, Bigg boss makers want to give her some more time as she is getting really good voting. Reportedly, the show is getting good viewership in rural areas because of Gangavva. But if she continues to request for sending out, makers of the show seem to have already decided to send her from the house after the 4th week or so.

We need to wait and see whether Gangavva will stay in the house till the final week or leave the house in the next couple of weeks.

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Bigg boss today: Dance, Skits, and Entertainment


Bigg boss season 4 is getting mixed responses as of now. While some of the episodes are super entertaining, some episodes are turning average. Today’s episode is fully focussed on providing entertainment to the audience but the episode is successful only partially.

Harika utilized the opportunity only partially:

Harika is known as a talented artist from her youtube shows. Until today, she didn’t get a good chance to showcase her talents in Bigg boss house. Today Bigg boss gave her an opportunity to entertain the house, She danced, sang a song, did a skit and did ramp walk and tried to impress the house. Though the house was impressed, the audience felt she didn’t utilize the opportunity to the fullest, given her talent. One contestant who fully utilized given opportunity in recent times is Divi, who changed her prospects with a single episode in week-1.

Skit and ads:

Bigg boss gave another task of doing a skit to the housemates. In this skit, Karate Kalyani is a nagging mother in law who harasses her daughter in law. Her daughter is Divi and she keeps rejecting all wedding proposals. Akhil is a young man from America who wants to marry Divi. Abhijeet is Kalyani’s son and Sujatha is his wife. Devi is a servant maid and Sai is an accountant. Akhil mistakes maid as daughter of Kalyani’s daughter and falls for her. Accountant Sai also shows interest in marrying Devi. Later, Akhil tries to impress Divi but she rejects the proposal after seeing Akhil’s views on villages and country people. But finally, Sujatha convinces him to marry Divi and Kalyani realizes about the good nature of her daughter in law.

The skit is ok but Kalyani’s performance in the skit was very good and she proved she can really fit in the roles similar to those of Suryakatham of yesteryears. TV9 Devi as a servant maid also did a very good job. Sujatha, Abijeeth, Divi, Akhil, and Sai are ok. There were also some TV ads enacted by housemates. One ad led by Gangavva and another by Amma Rajasekhar ae just ok.

Prior to these entertainment programs, Harika is seen feeding Abhijeeth. Abhijeet is seen flirting with Monal later. During the conversation, Monal said Abhijeeth that Ariyana likes him a lot. Amma Rajasekhar is emerging as an entertainer. His dance with Kalyani and prank on Mehboob evoked some laughs.

Overall the episode was partially successful in entertaining the audience.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Devi Nagavalli repeating the mistake of Ali Reza


Devi Nagavalli, fondly called as TV9 Devi by the audience, is playing well in Bigg boss till now. But the analysts say, she is repeating the mistake done by Ali Reza, Details as below.

One contestant who is keenly watched by many during this Bigg boss season 4 is Devi Nagavalli. She doesn’t need an introduction to the Telugu audience. When she joined the show, host Nagarjuna also told that he is scared of her. As of now, housemates are also giving positive feedback on her. The contestants like Ariyana and Surya Kiran spoke very highly of her so far during the show.

Ali Reza’s perfect analysis on his early exit and the mantra of winning Bigg boss:

One contestant who got similar high positive feedback in the previous season was Ali Reza. He was applauded a lot on physical tasks. At one point, he was considered as the probable winner. But he got evicted very early from the show. However, later when he joined the house as wild card re-entry, he analyzed the reasons for his early eviction from the show very nicely. He told as he was playing well and behaving nicely with housemates, he didn’t come into nominations for many weeks. This has done more harm than good to him. While other contestants who are getting nominated week after week are gradually building their vote base and fan base, Ali Reza missed such opportunity as he didn’t come into nominations. So, as soon as he came into nominations, his low vote percentage caused him to exit from the house. He concluded that coming into nominations and getting saved by the audience frequently is the real mantra of building a fan base in the Bigg boss show.

Devi doing the same mistake now?

Devi seems to be not knowing this common pattern of Bigg boss. On Monday, a total of 9 contestants got nominated. Many week candidates are also there in the list. She should have opted for nominations this week so that she would get some vote base and fan base. But by not doing so, she seemed to have missed an opportunity. Analysts say, if Devi avoids nominations for the next couple of weeks, she may exit the very first week she gets nominated.

However, it is too early to conclude as it is just the second week. We will have to wait and see on the prospects of Devi Nagavalli in Bigg boss season 4 Telugu.

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Bigg boss nominations: We are sailing in the same boat


Monday is nominations day in the Bigg boss house. Today 9 contestants nominated for eviction.

Akhil-Monal-Abijeeth’s irritating triangle :

In each season of Big boss, we see some love stories blossoming. Some stories get connected to the audience and some stories irritate them. In the previous season, Rahul-Punarnavi’s story is one of the main reasons for Rahul to continue till the last week though he has some other good qualities. This season, Akhil Sarthak is seen trying to flirt with Monal. At one point he asked Monal to feed him. Abhijeet also is seen getting close to Monal. But as of now, this triangle story is irritating the audience. Monal’s continuous weeping and Akhil’s moody behavior is the reason for this. We need to see how this triangle story will turn in the future.

Lasya captaincy:

As a captain, Lasya announced a post of ration manager and allotted it to Amma Rajasekhar. As she is the captain of the house this week, she need not participate in the nominations task.

Nominations task:

There is a boat in which all contestants have to enter. The boat will pass through nine ports and one contestant has to get down at each port and whoever gets down will be nominated for this week. At the first port, Abhijeet asked whether Gangavva wanted to get down and nominate herself. She initially denied but got down later. Noel voluntarily got down at the second pot. Monal did the same at 3rd port. As per the housemates, all these three are confident about getting saved through voting.

At 4th port, all the housemates forced wild card entry Sai to leave but Sohail left voluntarily. At 5th port Karate Kalyani left the boat voluntarily. Amma Raja Sekhar was the 6 th person to get down the boat. Meanwhile, there was discussion among housemates at kitchen about comedian Sai not getting down despite being wild card and despite telling that he doesn’t have any objections to get down. He was the 7 th person to get down the boat. Later Harika left the boat. It seems 8 is her lucky number. Abhijeet was the last one to get down the boat.

The insecured 6:

As Lasya is Captain of the house, she is not in nominations. Out of the remaining 15, a total of 9 nominated for eviction and 6 contestants saved themselves. Mehaboob, Ariyana, Akhil, Devi, Sujatha and Divi saved themselves. It seems all these 6 are not confident of getting saved through voting.

We need to wait and see who will get evicted this week.

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Comedian Sai Kumar entered Bigg boss house


It seems Bigg boss makers heard the feedback on the list of contestants of this season .As everyone knows, the audience was disappointed by seeing the first episode of this season. One of the reasons is – there is no comedian in thev house this season. Secondly, most of the contestants are youtube stars and not really ‘celebrities’ in terms of the common audience. Thirdly, there are more contestants who don’t know Telugu.

But now, Sai Kumar Pampanna, comedian of tollywood joined the house as wild card entry. He has been in the industry for last 16 years working in the direction department but later turned a comedian. He got recognition from the movie like “Ee rojullo”, bus stop etc. He told that, he is more keen on weilding a mega phone and he is rejecting characters to work on the scripts for his directorial debut. On the question that whether joining house as wild card entry is advantageous to him, he told it is actually disadvantageous to him as the housemates may not readily accept him.

We will have to wait and see how his journey will be in the house.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Surya Kiran’s excellent analysis on contestants


As the audience predicted, Surya Kiran got evicted from the Bigg boss season 4. He is the first contestant to leave the house this season. While leaving the house Surya Kiran was given the pictures of some animals and asked to relate those animals to the contestants. The way he analyzed the housemates’ characters and related to the animals really show his talent and observation skills.

He related Gangavva to the ant and said as an ant can carry 30 times of its own weight, she also carried 30 times more hardships in life compared to what she can handle.

  • He related TV9 Devi to Crocodile and said crocodile can live on land and water as Devi can also live anywhere. Moreover, Crocodile doesn’t attack anyone but if someone tries to harm her, the crocodile doesn’t leave them and he told Devi is also the same.
  • He related Monal to a peacock and said peacock knows when the rain will come but Monal doesn’t know her eyes will rain
  • Sura Kiran related Harika to a snake for her sharpness
  • Ariyana is related to an owl, the animal that has night vision. Surya Kran explained that Ariyana also has a vision on the things that others don’t have on.
  • He related Lasya to the donkey and told as she is the captain of the house now, she has to carry the entire burden of the house.
  • Noel is related to the fox and told that he is as clever as fox.
  • Surya Kirna related Kalyani to Monkey and told Kalyani also jumps from branch to branch.
  • Akhil is related to buffalo by Surya Kiran. He told Buffalo is the most useful animal but it depends on others how to utilize it.
  • Surya Kiran related his friend Amma Rajasekhar to Lion and told Lion should make others shiver.
  • He related Divi to a tortoise, who is a bit slow. But Surya Kiran told, unless a tortoise falls upside down, no one can do anything to a tortoise.
  • He related Jordar Sujatha to a dog and told she is most trustable person in the house.

By seeing the way Surya analyzed the contestants, the audience thought it would have been nice if such a talented person stayed in the house for a couple of more weeks. But it seems his impatience worked against him.

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Surya Kiran exits from Bigg boss: Bad luck or flaw in the show?


Sunday episodes of Bigg boss are always enjoyable. One reason is the curiosity among the audience to know who will get saved and who will be evicted. Second reason is the fun games and entertainment on Sunday.

Games time:

Sunday is funday in Bigg boss house. Today also host market started the show with a game. This Jugalbandee game designed to bring out the dancing talent of the housemates. Amma Raja Sekhar was judge for this game. One female contest and one male contestant has to dance for the given number. TV9 Devi, Divi danced well but one contestant who utilized the opportunity given by this game the best is Mehaboob and he danced really well. He got top score from Amma Rajasekhar as well as Nagarjuna.

Later, there was another game called ” Rhymes pictionary “. It is kind of dumb charades game and contest has to draw the picture of a rhyme and the other contestant has to guess the rhyme. Lasya, being a mother of months old kid, seems to know all the rhymes well and excelled in this game.


Akhil Sarthak is the first one to get saved today. Bigg boss played the song titled “Akhil” to communicate that Akhil is saved from eviction. Later, Mehaboob got saved and Nagarjuna communicated this by showing a portrait of Mehaboob. He got overexcited to know this. At this point, Divi and Surya Kiran were left in the danger zone. While Divi looked confident at this time, Surya Kiran looked bit nervous. But as expected earlier, Surya Kiran got eliminated from the show. Amma Raja Sekhar and Monal Gajjar became emotional seeing Surya Kiran leaving the house. Monal told, he was like an elderly figure in the house, and seeing him leave the house is making her cry. Almost all housemates gave him a warm send-off.

Bad luck of Surya Kiran or flaw in the show:

Some say it is bad luck of Surya Kiran and there are other contestants who are actually weaker than him. There are some contestants who irritated the audience a lot during this week like Karate Kalyani with her nagging behavior and Monal Gajjar with her incessant weeping. But they are not in the nominations. Had one of them been in the nominations, probably Surya Kiran would have been saved.

Another reason for his exit is the show is dominated by social media stars this time. To be frank, contestants like Mehaboob and Akhil didn’t do anything in the house for last one week. But their social media following seems to have come to their rescue. Even though Surya Kian is a big director, he doesn’t have a following in social media like Mehaboob and Akhil.

However, some others say, he shouldn’t have overreacted for small mistakes of other housemates in the first week itself. his impatience seems to have worked against him.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Lasya becomes the first captain of Bigg boss season 4


This Saturday, Lasya became the captain of the house, Finally, it was revealed that ‘Who is Kattappa’ task is to select the captain of the house. Before announcing this, there was a game played in the house to give suitable titles for the housemates.

Titles/ Nicknames given to the housemates:

The Bigg boss show runs on emotions and emotions are based on characterizations. In each season, the audience gets connected with the certain contestant and vote for them. Their characterizations are also revealed through nicknames each season. Today, Nagarjuna asked Ariyana and Sohail to award some titles to the housemates out of the given list. As per the task, they gave below titles to the housemates. Some of these titles going to become baggage for the housemates and it will be difficult for them to get out of these tags in case the audience also gets connected to them.

Jordar Sujatha is given the title of Chameleon who changes colors instantly
Divi- is given the title of ‘Bitterness’ as she is not easy going.
Akhil Sarthak- He is given the title of “Romantic” by Ariyana. It seems Bigg boss is forcing a ‘connection’ between them.
Karate Kalyani is given the title of quarrelsome
Harika is given the title of drama queen of the house but Nagarjuna did not agree with it.
Surya Kiran is given the title of lazy bum as he doesn’t do much work in the house.
Abhijeet is given the title of dust bin but it didn’t suit him
Noel is given the title of the loudspeaker of the house.
Topper: Gangavva is given the title of the topper
Devi is given Ms. Perfect title
The crying baby title is given to Monal as expected
Bhakra title is given to Lasya as she is becoming the scapegoat in the house.
Mirchi title is given to Mehboob
Joker title is given to Amma Rajasekhar, who has become an entertainer of the house.
Lasya is the captain, thanks to the ‘Who is Kattappa’ task:

It is known news that Lasya got the most votes from the housemates when they were asked to tell who is Kattappa in the house. Finally, it was revealed in the latest episode that all this is to select the first captain of the house.

We will have to wait and see how Lasya will handle the house.

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Bigg boss: Feedback on housemates for the first week


The episode started with Nagarjuna saying, ‘we will come to know who Kattappa is’. Later, men were seen swimming in the pool, and Monal, etc were talking and commenting about them. Meanwhile, it rained and all the housemates started dancing.

Characterizations getting established:

Gangavva shared her flashback and the hardships she faced in life. She was also seen saying whenever she wants to quit, she will inform Nagarjuna one week before and exit the house.

Amma Rajasekhar is slowly establishing himself as an entertainer. He tried to flirt with Divi yesterday and it backfired. Anchor Ariyana is trying to flirt with Amma Rajasekhar but he is retorting to her in a comedy way. He played a prank on Karate Kalyani today. He asked her to sing a song and as planned all the housemates started dispersing immediately after she started singing.

Abhijeet was seen showing some interest in Monal. He is one of the most eligible bachelors in the house.

Surya Kiran already established himself as an impatient person. He is behaving like a director who tries to correct others. Today also while selecting items based on a luxury budget, there was chaos and Surya Kiran got impatient by seeing the unplanned approach of housemates in selecting items.

Nagarjuna’s feedback on characterizations of housemates:

As it is Saturday, Nagarjuna joined the house and asked whether they made good ‘connections’ with the housemate they were asked to develop the connection. Later he gave feedback on the way they behaved in the last week.
Noel – Nagarjuna told he is overthinking about everything
Ariana – Nagarjuna asked her to calm down her temper
Akhil – Nagarjuna asked why he cried for small things and reminded he is the most desirable man and tears won’t suit him.
Monal – Nagarjuna gave her the tag line of the Narmada river for incessantly shedding tears in the house.
Lasya – Nagarjuna commented that it seems still something lacking from her side.
Mehboob – Nagarjuna told he is still passive in the house and it is high time he should show his talents to the audience.
Abhijeet – Nagarjuna told he needs to work on his anger issues
Divi – He praised her for the nice observations but told she needs to come out of her ‘own space’
Devi – Devi retaliated that she has been doing her level best and she is doing many things that she never did earlier
Surya Kiran – Nagarjuna gave him the feedback that he is behaving like a director rather than a contestant.
Karate Kalyani – Nagarjuna told that she is causing misunderstandings in the house and also reminded about her nagging
Gangavva – Nagarjuna told that she is going to stay here for many more weeks.


Abhijeet is the first housemate to get saved this season. Later Jordar Sujatha, got saved and she was over excited to know this. Gangavva also got saved this week. So, Surya Kiran, Divi, Mehboob, and Akhil are still in the danger zone.

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Bigg boss day 4: Who can prepare the best tomato pulp?


In Bigg boss house, Thursday is the day of tasks. Usually, the captaincy task is started on Thursday and will continue the next day too. This time also the same pattern is followed.

Divi’s impressive observations:

Divi is a relatively unknown face to the audience. She came from web series background. She has been in nominations and she didn’t have much footage in the first three episodes. However, today Bigg boss asked her to tell her observations about all the contestants. The way she explained some positive and some negative points about each of the contestants without offending them really impressed the housemates as well as the audience.

Later Gangavva also expressed her opinion on each of the housemates in a chit chat and all the housemates enjoyed her conversation. She called Abijeeth ‘apple boy’ and Surya Kiran is like feud or Panchayat president of the village.

Who is Kattappa task for Ariyana and Sohail:

Bigg boss asked Sohail and Ariyana to come into the confession room and gave a task. They have to talk to each one of the rest of the 14 housemates and seek their opinion on who could be the Kattappa in the house. As Bigg Boss didn’t directly ask the housemates to cooperate with Ariyana and Sohail, they thought these two might be doing a task and didn’t cooperate with them. However, some contestants cooperated with them and expressed their views on who could be Kattappa. It’s only TV9 Devi, who guessed there is no Kattapa in the house.

The task of the week: Prepare tomato pulp

The task is to prepare tomato pulp from the tomatoes. Whichever team prepares the best tomato pulp will win the game. The quantity of pulp prepared as well as the quality of pulp is considered while selecting which team has prepared the best pulp. Tomatoes and bottles are sent via conveyor, members can compete for getting more tomatoes and bottles. Only one member from each team can come to the conveyor to collect tomatoes. They cant cross the red line over there.

For this task, the housemates are divided into 4 teams as below:

Yellow team: Devi, Divya Mehabooba
Blue team: Sujatha, Abijeeth, Kalyani
Red team: Amma Rajasekhar, Noel, Harika
Green team: Akhil, Monal, Lasya

Ariyana and Sohail are quality check managers. Gangavva is their assistant. Director Surya Kiran is the coordinator of the task. The task started today and will be continued in the next episode too. We need to wait and see if this task is going to decide who the captain is or if the ‘Who is Kattappa’ concept is to decide the first captain of the house.

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Bigg boss 2 Winner Kaushal interesting comments on Gangavva


Bigg boss season 2 Winner Kaushal commented on Gangavva entering Bigg boss house, her prospects in the house and how long she will be in the house. Details as below.

Gangavva is really a special contestant in Bigg boss house this season. She is 57 years old, not educated and does not know much about the game. But still there’s Gangavva army who is trying to ensure she will continue in the house. It is known news that, in season 2, Kaushal also had similar army which helped him win the title. Kaushal responded on Gangavva and praised her saying she is really an inspiration for many. On the question that how long she can survive in the house, Kaushal predicted that she will be in the house at least till 10 th week. He also responded on the question whether she can survive without doing tasks. As of now, the common opinion is that Gangavva may entertain the audience but she may not match other youngsters in physical tasks. Kaushal responded on this and reminded that Geetha Madhuri, runner up of season 2, also did not perform any task in season 2 and yet reached finals.

It seems, Kaushal predictions on Gangavva are reasonable and she may continue for many more weeks as is evident from the huge number of votes she is garnering. But at the same time, people are opining that, Kaushal is still carrying negativity on his co-contestants as is evident from his comments on Geetha Madhuri.

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