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Kodandaram announces ‘Telangana Bachao’ meet on March 10


Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) President M. Kodandaram on Wednesday announced that ‘Telangana Bachao’ meeting will be held on March 10.

Releasing the posters of the programme, he said those who participated in Telangana movement will attend the meeting. He told the media that the meeting would be held with the same spirit with which the ‘Million March’ was organised to achieve statehood to Telangana.

He announced the future programme will be chalked out on the basis of suggestions received during the meeting.

Kodandaram said that Telangana state had not been realised because of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao alone but it became a reality because of the people’s fight.

Lashing out at Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), the TJS leader said the Delhi liquor policy scam shows how the BRS government was misusing power. He said one family tried to get its share in the scam.

Kodandaram alleged that Dharani portal for land registrations has been designed to help BRS leaders in land encroachments.

He said Chief Minister KCR was adopting double standards. “He is acting as a staunch democrat in Delhi but in Telangana he is functioning as an autocrat,” he said.

The TJS leader remarked that KCR’s style of functioning has become a curse for the people of Telangana.

During the Telangana movement, Kodandaram was heading the Joint Action Committee (JAC) comprising all political parties and non-political organisations fighting for Telangana state. He was considered close to KCR but they parted ways after the formation of a separate state.

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Prof. Kodandaram condemned merging his party into Congress


There have been rumours about Prof Kodandaram’s TJS party merging into Congress party from last couple of months. However, today he condemned such possibility and announced that his party will continue to fight for the people of Telangana. Details as follows.

There’s going to be some drastic change in political equations of Telangana in the coming days. While people like Sharmila who have thousands of crores are launching the parties and are confident of running the parties for many more years, the parties that don’t have such money and muscle power are struggling to survive. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan also revealed about the financial struggles to run the party recently. If a star hero like Pawan Kalyan also facing such financial issues, one can easily imagine how stressed leaders like Kodandaram could be.

Given this backdrop, there have been rumours about him merging his party into Congress. Moreover, there have been rumours about Revant Reddy trying hard to bring him into Congress forte. But Kodandaram today confirmed that he discussed with Revanth Reddy only about cooperating with Congress in the fight against TRS and there has never been any discussion about merger of the party.

We need to wait and see whether TJS will merge with Congress or not.

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Kodandaram supports Congress: Bypoll


The Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) led by Kodandaram has decided to oppose and defeat the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi in the Huzurnagar by-election. Kodandaram expressed his unconditional support to Congress nominee Padmavati Reddy, who is wife of Congress state president Uttamkumar Reddy. Kodandaram is a former partner in the Mahakutami alliance formed during 2018 Telangana assembly election. However, the TDP broke away from Grand Alliance and fielded its own candidate. Whereas, the CPI has announced its support to TRS this time.

The TJS support may be nominal but political observers consider this as a morale booster to the Congress at a time when it is being isolated on the state political scene. Kodandaram has taken this decision despite the fact that his party faced some problems with Congress in the past. He has an immediate priority to oppose KCR’s oppressive, family rule in the state.

Kodandaram fought alongside with KCR in the separate statehood agitation. But after TRS came to power, he distanced from KCR even as their differences grew bigger over the years. Analysts say that the TJS impact will not be big enough to change the winning prospects of anybody. Final result will all depend on how Uttamkumar Reddy counters KCR master strategies.

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KCR contesting AP polls will benefit CBN: Kodandaram


Telangana Jana Samithi leader Prof. Kodandaram says the Mahakutami’s defeat in Telangana elections is mainly because of too much delay in announcement of its agenda. Now that CM K Chandrasekhara Rao may guide his party to contest in AP polls, Kodandaram says it will only benefit TDP leader and CM Chandrababu Naidu.

Kodandaram is unhappy that the Congress and the TDP leaders did not listen to his words for an early announcement of Mahakutami agenda prior to polls. It left just 20 days for the allies to go to the people with their agenda but the Professor feels there should be a minimum of 50 days to convince the voters about their agenda. However, the Congress leaders told him at that time there was positive voters’ mood for their alliance and the agenda issues would not require so much attention.

With regard to KCR Federal Front, Kodandaram says there is no scope for this experiment in national politics as of now and it would be better to speak less about this. He comments sarcastically that only KCR would know to whom exactly that the Federal Front benefits would go. His comments are significant as the TDP leaders are already saying KCR front is aimed at benefitting the BJP-led NDA coalition in Delhi. TDP has criticised that KCR is aiming to split anti-BJP vote by luring some regional parties and hurt the Congress.


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Kodandaram revolts against Congress: Mahakutami problems


Prof. Kodandaram of Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) has raised banner of revolt against the Congress by deciding to field their party candidates in three seats in violation of alliance. As part of Mahakutami seat sharing, Asifabad and Station Ghanapur seats were allotted to Congress but TJS has decided to field its candidates as well.

Kodandaram has also decided to bring in TJS nominee in Mahabubnagar segment which was allotted to TDP originally. TDP has also announced Erra Sekhar’s name for contesting from here. Kodandaram is also expected to contest from Janagama, which is in the eye of a controversy as Congress leader and ex minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah is trying to get this ticket.

As part of seat sharing, Congress allotted 8 seats to TJS, 14 to TDP and 3 to CPI. The CPI has agreed for the seats given and began electioneering in their respective segments. But TJS is going against the Mahakutami agreement following pressure from within the party ranks.

The 12 seats that TJS is contesting are Mahabubnagar, Station Ghanpur, Asifabad, Dubbaka, Medak, Malkajgiri, Warangal East, Miryalaguda, Amberpet, Siddipet, Janagama and Vardhannapet. With the TJS decision to violate alliance understanding, Mahakutami leaders are concerned over its impact in other segments as well. Congress and TDP leaders are beginning damage control efforts to convince TJS and also their own leaders in problematic segments.

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Mahakutami seat sharing not yet finished, says Kodandaram


Prof Kodandaram of Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) has dismissed Congress leaders’ statement that the ‘Mahakutami’ seat sharing talks have been finished. Kodandaram now wants winnable seats to be allotted to it. While CPI is demanding more than 3 seats allotted to it by Congress, TJS appears satisfied with the 8 seats allotted for it.

However, Kodandaram is afraid that the Congress would be back to its old ways of deceiving its friendly parties. It’s learnt that Congress has expressed willingness to Kodandaram contesting from Janagama assembly segment.

As of now, Kodandaram continues to bring pressure on the Congress for giving the seats where the TJS is strong. On its part, the CPI is demanding more seats and suitable compensation in the form of MLC seats in future.

Congress is going ahead with its plan to announce its first list of candidates on Saturday. It has to deal with dissatisfied aspirants who would be denied tickets.

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Grand Alliance troubles: Blow to Kodandaram dreams


Right from the beginning, Prof. Kodandaram’s efforts to dominate ‘Grand Alliance’ have met with failure. He planned to claim over 20 seats for his party Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS), which cannot be achieved. After much delay and prolonged discussions, the major ally Congress has decided to give 10 seats to TJS. TDP will get 15 and CPI 4 seats respectively.

A few days ago, reports emerged saying that Grand Alliance troubles in seat sharing were sorted out with mutual agreement between Congress, TDP, TJS and CPI. But things are not as smooth as they appear to be. Troubles resurfaced in Grand Alliance as TDP has now objected to giving 10 seats to TJS.

TDP Telangana leaders’ argument is that it will be a serious damage to prospects of Grand Alliance if more seats are given to Kodandaram party. They told Congress that TJS has no such strength at field level, and it would be fetching for Grand Alliance if TJS is given less number of seats where it can win with certainty.

Kodandaram has come under pressure because of this and he kept continuing discussions with Congress leaders hoping for a solution. But other TJS leaders are angry and they want to contest elections alone. Kodandaram’s opinion is that this will not benefit TJS much and it will also split anti-KCR vote that will lead to eventual victory of TRS in December elections.

It seems Kodandaram and his party are ending up in a dead-end eventually. BJP is trying to become friendly to TJS but analysts say it will not be possible because of ideological differences.

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Kodandaram refuses to share dais with Rahul Gandhi


Bigger challenges have cropped up in front of AICC President Rahul Gandhi ahead of his tour to address three public meetings at Bhainsa, Kamareddy and Hyderabad in Telangana today afternoon.

Congress State leaders could not convince their Grand Alliance partner Kodandaram of Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) to share dais with Rahul. The issue has already sent a wrong signal to the cadres and leaders down the line with suspense still continuing on the finalisation of seat-sharing talks between these allies.

Congress State President N. Uttam Kumar Reddy has requested Kodandaram to take part in Rahul’s meetings saying that this will be needed to leave a feel-good factor among the alliance partners. But Kodandaram had simply rejected the proposal saying that he would be ready to share dai only when the seat sharing talks reached a logical conclusion.

Kodandaram has been demanding 15 to 17 seats for his TJS party while Congress is willing to allot just nine seats. Congress leaders say that they cannot give so many seats because of the compulsions to accommodate other alliance partners including TDP.

The deadlock in seat sharing has come as a big embarrassment to Kodandaram whose TJS party is contesting the elections for the first time and its real strength among masses is untested. The professor is in a huge dilemma as to compromise and accept whatever is given by Congress or to go ahead to contest alone outside of Grand Alliance. He also clarified strongly that TJS will not use Congress symbol in this election as Central Election Commission will soon issue a separate symbol for their party soon.

Meanwhile, Congress leaders are preparing to make Rahul’s meets a grand success. Congress president will address meetings at Bhainsa at 1 p.m., Kamareddy at 2.30 p.m., and Hyderabad at 5 p.m. He is going to highlight Congress stand on double bedroom houses, 12 per cent reservations for tribals, issues of minority community and land distribution to the poor.

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‘Bhasmasura hastam on Kodandaram’s head’


In initial days, Congress Telangana leaders gave an impression that they would fully accommodate and get along with other partners of Mahakutami in a friendly manner.

As December polls come closer, the same leaders are giving sleepless nights to alliance partners especially to Kodandaram and his Telangana Jana Samithi. They are not giving any solution to deadlock in seat sharing talks and they keep on dragging the issue till last minute in the name of finding winning candidates.

Now the situation has come to such a sorry pass that Kodandaram will have to agree for whatever Congress leaders will offer. At this crucial phase of electioneering, the Professor and his self-respect crusaders cannot afford to break ties with Congress and contest alone in early polls. Moreover, they are yet to get an election symbol of their own to effectively go into the public and make it popular at this stage.

From the beginning, Kodandaram has bargained hard for at least 20 seats out of 119 without realising how difficult it would be to deal with and convince the shrewd Congress leadership. Now Congress leaders seem to give lowest possible number of seats to TJS and this may be less than 8.

On his part, TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu moved strategically beginning his bargain from 25 seats and finally demanding at least 15 seats as TDP won as many seats in 2014 elections. Naidu used his experience and political logic which forced Congress not to antagonise or outsmart TDP at this stage. As a result, Congress is thinking of giving 10 to 12 seats to TDP now.

But Kodandaram and his TJS party’s fate has become a subject of curious discussion all over Telangana. As an analyst has said it, Congress has returned to its old ways already and it has forgot immediate task of ensuring unity to unseat KCR. By weakening Kodandaram after raising his hopes till now, Congress is causing damage to Mahakutami’s overall prospects.

Eventually, it is like Bhasmasura hastam that destroys everyone on whose head it falls. And, Congress will be a victim of its own mistakes.

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Prof. Kodandaram may get Dy. CM post!


The Mahakutami in Telangana state may announce its offer to give Deputy Chief Minister Post to the president of Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) Professor Kodandaram under its alliance, if the Kutami forms government in upcoming Assembly Elections. Meanwhile, the Mahakutami is supposed to announce Kodandaram as chairman for ‘Manifesto Committee’.

Sources from Congress Party told ‘Telugu360’ that a meeting organized in a prominent hotel on Sunday had decided to give priority to Kodandaram by proposing him as Dy. CM as well as Manifesto Committee’s chairman. “Meanwhile, the Congress desires the TJS to contest on congress party’s symbol in order to overcome confusion among rural voters. The congress’ core committee has also decided to maintain similar priority to TJS on par with the TDP,” the source added.

The Core Committee of Congress party has also constituted a committee with senior leaders Mr. Jana Reddy, Mr. Ponnam Prabhakar, Mr. Chinna Reddy and Mr. Vinay Kumar to ensure adjustment of seats among the parties in the Kutami. New joining from TRS was also discussed in the meeting, the sources said.

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Kodandaram to launch new political party in Telangana today?


Kodandaram Political Part, Telangana Today

Kodandaram, chairman of all-party Telangana Political Joint Action Committee (T-JAC), which is formed for fighting for separate Telangana state and currently working as Telangana activist group, made a sensational statement yesterday that . soon the T-JAC organization is transforming into a political party.

Political JAC chairman Kodandaram announced that there is a strong necessity for new political party in the state of Telangana. He also told there will be an announcement this sunday regarding the new political party. Political Joint Action Committee (JAC) is meeting today and will have wide range discussions on the formation of new political party. Though he didn’t clearly mention whether the name of the party will be revealed tomorrow, he clarified that there are several names already considered and that also will be discussed in today’s conference. The meeting will be attended by social workers, social activists, and experts from various fields.

There have been rumors since several months about Kodandaram plunging into politics soon. But there was no clarity on whether he will join opposition party Congress or he will have his own outfit. Probably upcoming announcement from Kodandaram will clarify many such doubts but we will have to see whether he will be able to start a new era in Telangana politics.

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Season of political start-ups!


Kamal Hassan and Kodandaram political Parties

Indian movie actors and actresses have a penchant for politics. After charting out a successful career in acting, dabbling in different roles, many wish to be reborn in a political avatar. From Bollywood to Tollywood and down south, we have many heroes and heroines who have turned ‘public servants’ with lofty ideals but failed on promises.

The latest to join the long list is Kamal Hassan who has finally put an end to rumours and speculation by announcing his decision that he is ready for a political avatar in real life. Unfortunately, one can’t run a party and get votes –winning hearts and minds won’t be enough – by mere rhetoric or cine dialogues. It’s money that talks. Kamal set a funding target of a modest Rs 30 crores for his political start-up and expects his fans to contribute. Given his fan following in the country and outside of it, it may not be an unachievable goal. But, after launching the party, can it run on fans’ patronage only?
Nevertheless, the actor’s entry onto Tamil Nadu political stage can significantly change the present scenario and the two-party Dravidian matrix, dominated by pro and anti-Amma (the late former chief minister Jayalalithaa) forces. Those who are fed up with the internecine political battles can find refuge in Kamal Haasan’s camp. Though it’s a far-fetched suggestion, Tamils would like to wait and watch his untested performance on the emotion-charged and sentiment-filled political theatre. But, he has to watch his tongue before embarking on campaigns. Religious comments like Hindu terrorism and diatribes against the rich (they are the first to get involved in plunder) won’t help him push his agenda.

In Telangana, Chief Minister KCR’s beta noire Prof M Kodandaram is veering round the view that it’s not a bad idea to convert his Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) which spearheaded the separate state movement into a political party.

In fact, ever since the two comrades in arms fell out soon after the formation of a new state, there were faint hints that Kodandaram should launch a political party “to fight for justice to farmers and students” with the help of like-minded people. The professor is known for his leftist leanings and leftists’ support to him in case he floats a party is not ruled out.

More importantly, Kodandaram’s hobnobbing with Congress leaders has not gone down well with the ruling TRS and its leaders deride him as ‘Congress agent.’ Notwithstanding that kind of taunts, Kodandaram sees mutual benefit if he goes with the main opposition in the state. Moreover, he draws considerable support from farmers and students, the two segments that stood by KCR earlier. If his political ambition takes wings, the new party is expected to have an arrangement with Congress to take on TRS in the next poll.

The question being asked, however, is can Kamal Haasan and Kodandarm bank on the fan and student following, respectively, to bring down the ruling parties with money and power? Indeed, it’s a start-up dilemma!

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New Political party For 2019 Assembly Elections : TJAC


A proposal was seriously being considered by the TJAC to launch a political party before the 2019 Assembly elections, said Telangana Joint Action Committee chairman Prof. Kodandaram. The main aim of the party would be to take on the “undemocratic regime of the TRS”.

Prof Kondandaram, addressing at the extended steering committee meeting of the TJAC said, “This is a proposal which is being considered seriously. If the situation continues in the state, we will have to think seriously about launching an alternative political force.”

The TJAC leaders and activists demanded that a party be launched as a strong alternative to the TRS. The meeting was attended by the leaders and activists in large numbers from all the districts.

Addressing to the media later, Prof Kondandaram said, “We will intensify our agitations against the state government for its failure on agriculture and employment. Farmers suffered huge losses on account of spurious seeds, adverse weather conditions and lack of minimum support price. Students did not get jobs as government has failed to fill lakhs of vacancies.”

To create awareness among the people on these issues, the TRS would hold round-table meetings in all districts, said Mr. Kodandaram. And also apart from this, build a movement against the TRS government.

“The government is misusing police machinery against us. We have not witnessed such a heavy police restrictions even when Seemandhra rulers ruled us. The TRS government is not allowing us to tour districts to take up any programme. We are illegally detained,” Prof. Kodandaram said.

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KCR says Kodandaram is overrating himself; Here are the highlights


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao thanked Singareni workers for helping TRS affiliated TBGKS triumph in Union polls. The TRS supremo spoke on a wide range of issues at a media conference held in Pragathi Bhavan on Friday. Here are the highlights

Kodandaram is overrating himself

Chief Minister came down heavily on TJAC chairman Professr Kodandaram. KCR said that the professor is a disillusioned person and never wanted TRS to form the government. He said that the professor went to Delhi to speak to Sonia Gandhi and Digvijay Singh to prepare their manifesto. He challenged the professor to join politics. Kodandaram is over-estimating himself. KCR said that he coined the word ‘JAC’, indicated the rules and sacrifices were made by TRS. Kodandaram was nominal head suggested by Professor Jayashankar while everything was done by him. Kodandaram was not even a Sarpanch of a village. He questioned if the professor was a national leader. He said that the turnout for professor’s Yatras was not even 500.

Will fullfill Singareni promises

Every assurance given to the Singareni workers will be fulfilled. Despite all the opposition parties backing AITUC, the workers have trusted TBGKS. There is no organization that won 45% of the votes in the Singareni election except TBGKS. Singareni workers will be given upto Rs. 6 lakhs interest free loans. KCR critiqued the unions for signing against dependent jobs in 1998. Dependent jobs will be provided as compassionate appointments. Bayyaram mines will be given to Singareni. He said AICC leader Kuntia campaigning for Singareni elections is inexplicable. Wont privatize Singareni, RTC or electricity departments.

Action against abuses on Social Media

CM said that puerile gangs are writing unpleasant words on social media against the ruling party. He said the government welcomes constructive criticism but not blatant lies. KCR warned that any writings against the chief minister, ministers and the representatives of the public will face dire consequences.

Uttam Kumar Reddy is Dora

Deploring the opposition party’s reference of “KCR Dora”, the TRS supremo said that Opposition leader Uttam Kumar Reddy is a Dora. Dora is not a caste, it is a cult. I am not a Dora. Opposition is halting all the projects as they are unable to bear the development in the state. He critiqued V Hanumanth Rao for his statements that the government will give donkeys after giving sheep and buffaloes. KCR said former Deputy CM Damodar Raja Narasimha was hindering the Kaleshwaram project. He said TDP doesn’t exist in Telangana.

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Political Conspiracies or clouded view of TRS?

The rampage at Khammam Chilli Market Yard this week and the incidents at Mallanna Sagar almost a year ago, both have a thing in common – the TRS government claiming that it is political conspiracy of the opposition parties. Both the cases come under the purview of CM’s nephew T Harish Rao who is the Marketing Minister and the Irrigation Minister of the state.

In both the cases, unidentified men were held responsible and the government has details of the case against the people behind the acts. Kodandaram was arrested and opposition parties were blamed for conspiring against government

TRS alleged that the Congress leaders stooped to filing cases with forged signatures in the name of deceased farmers of Singaram and Vemulaghat villages. On other hand TRS leaders, said that the Minimum support price will be decided by the central government. BJP rubbished the claims and said that AP government sought centre’s assistance to stabilize prices during fluctuations, but the Telangana government has been refusing to use this scheme.

The police took over the place in the two incidents. Outcasts especially political parties trying to enter the village or market Yard were not allowed. As the tensions built up at Mallanna sagar, in August, section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code was enforced in the Vemulghat village. Likewise, In the Khammam Commissionerate, 144 section is in force from today.

Last week Andhra Pradesh Agriculture Minister SomiReddy ChandraMohan Reddy said that Telangana farmers are bringing Chilli from Khammam and Warangal to the Guntur Market Yard, because of the prices being offered by the CM Chandrababu Naidu.

It is worth pondering, if the villagers of Vemulaghat in Medak district who have been on a relay hunger strike for the past 330 days objecting against the Mallanna Sagar project, is a political conspiracy of opposition.

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TJAC Chairman Kodandaram arrested again


Telangana Chief Minsiter K Chandrashekar Rao chose silence when facing students, on the other hand tried silencing the Professor Kodandaram. The TJAC chairman along with other leaders who were visiting the Khammam market yard to highlight the problems of the farmers were detained by the police. Police have allegedly said that they were arresting following the orders from their superiors.

Earlier in the day, Kodandaram had to face groups of angry TRS members who raised slogans demanding the professor to leave at Mothkur and Suryapet market yards. The CM has been taking up oppressive measures especially with a section of the state. This is second arrest of the professor in last two months. It’s high time for the TRS government to ease the level of suppression especially of the voices that are questioning them.

Both OU students and the TJAC were all part of the Telangana movement. Even if they don’t get the due credit, at least let them protest peacefully. The relationship with Professor Kodandaram has been bitter for a long time now. However, KCR’s silence at OU centenary celebrations reveals the facts about his souring ties with the student community.

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Kodandaram to implead himself in farmers’ case


Chief of Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) Prof M Kodandaram along with former registrar of agriculture university Prof Jalapathi Rao filed a petition in the Hyderabad High Court on Tuesday seeking to implead themselves as respondents in a PIL earlier filed by the Vyavasaya Jana Chaitanya Samithi, which challenged the inaction of the state in preventing the suicides.

The Telangana Vidhyavanthula Vedika, a wing of the TJAC, represented by its president Prof Kodandaram, and the Telangana Rythu JAC, represented by Prof L Jalapathi Rao, sought the court’s permission to produce their research results on the issue and the recommendations to the state to bring relief to the debt-ridden farmers and their kin.

They submitted that a thorough research had been conducted to find out factors driving the farmers to take the extreme step in the absence of any support from the government. They said the ‘variety of distorted and catastrophic policies’ as resposible for the spurt in farmers’ suicides across the state of Telangana. Supporting the PIL filed by the Vyavasaya Jana Chaitanya Samithi, they sought the court’s nod to submit the recommendations of Telangana Rythu JAC round table conference held on Sept 28 this year to address the issue.

They suggested that the recommendations of MS Swaminathan commission should be implemented in the interest of the farmers. A division bench of the high court had earlier directed both the Telangana and AP governments to file counters in this regard.

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Kodandaram to don a new role


Prof M Kodandaram is planning an agitation for farmers. As his political JAC is now almost defunct with its activities getting reduced to periodic meetings of in-consequence, the political science teacher from Osmania university, is all set to reincarnate himself into a farmers’ leader. He is also planning a separate JAC for farmers. For the past two months he has been busy with farmers agitations. He participated in tractor rally in Telangana, later part took in the national rally of farmers organized by another political scientist Yogendra Yadav.

To prove his commitment to farming community, he demanded a compensation for the crop lost due to failure of monsoons in Telangana. He demanded that Rs 10,000 be paid per acre for lost crop and Rs 50,000 as bank loan to take up alternative activities. Kodandaram talked on the need to have a separate JAC to fight for the cause of farmers. He is of the opinion that the farming sector is passing through a serious crisis.

Today he participated in dharna organized by Telangana Rythu Rakshana Samiti (TRRS).“This is the second year in succession that drought has hit the district. There have been no rains after July and the farmers have lost hopes.. Banks are failing to extending credit tof farmers despite assurance from the government,” Kodandaram observed addressing farmers at a dharna in front of the Collecorate at the district headquarters on Friday organized by TRRS. it is not known yet if upcoming JAC would fight against the

TRS government or confine itself to the ‘general welfare of farmers’ talk.

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Is Kodandaram launching a new party?


Telangan JAC chairman and university teacher Prof M Kodandarao appears to be dissociating from his mentor and chief minister KCR. There has been speculation about the his future course of action. Some say he is planning a new political outfit with a post-separate state agenda while other say he would launch a mass movement for the time being around issues the TRS government ignored and the issues thrown up by the bifurcation.

In Telangana he is a loner now. Though he still wears the title “JAC chairman” on his sleeves, few take him seriously. Though now and then he raises his voice against the issues like section 8, shifting of Osmania General Hospital etc. they were proven inconsequential. Once a commander of umpteen number of JACs that sprang up in very town, street and village, the soft-spoken political science teacher is now rendered non-entity in Telangana politics as well as administration.  He has not been given any role in the so called reconstruction of Telangana. One of the brilliant teachers of Osmania university is retiring next months. The post-retirement oblivion  seems to be haunting him.

So, he has chosen a way out to prove that he is still relevant in Telangana. He joined hands with another Professor Yogendra Yadav of New Delhi and participated in his Farmers Rally yesterday. Yadav, after quitting Aam Admi party, floated an outfit ” Swaraj Abhiyan, to fight for a ” Just India”. Talk is that Kodandaram will work under Swaraj Abhiyan banner for some time and work towards cause of farmers.

Many think, all those who are disillusioned with the policies of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao would rally around the Osmania Professor and he would again acquire a JAC-like dimension to bring the TRS government to its knees and force it to work for people’s Telangana.

Giving credence to this speculation, prof Kodandaram accused TRS government in Delhi of doing nothing for farmers of nascent state. Interacting with media in national capital, he rubbished the talk that there were no suicides among the farmers of Telangana.

“The estimates of union government say about 800 farmers committed suicides in Telangana. All previous governments are responsible for this tragic situation. Unfortunately, the TRS government also has done nothing to prevent the suicides among the farmers,” the TJAC chairman said.



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Is Prof Kodandaram relevant in TS politcs?


Prof. M Kodandaram, one of the brilliant professors in Osmania Univesrity, and committed intellectual  to social causes, is in wilderness now.

The man, who imparted credibility to the T-movement, when it was in crisis, is directionless, aimless and is confined to the JAC meetings, which are not taken seriously anymore.

TRS president KCR has swept him aside. He is  not needed in the so called reconstruction of Telangana. The professor has not been given any significant role in Telangana state for which he sacrificed much. After the achievement of Telangana, sources said, KCR doesn’t want him in streets leading JAC, the right place for the teacher is the class-room .

” How long would he continue in the movement? Doesn’t he want to go back to college and teach lessons?” was what KCR reportedly asked some scribes sometime back when referred to Kodandaram’s position in TS. Now that Prof Kodandaram is superannuating in September, the question is what would the Osmania university teacher do post-retirement?

For long, along with Prof Jaisankar, Kodandarm was ideologue of Telangana agitation, working from behind screens, giving intellectual support to KCR’s agitation. When  it was felt that somebody, who is not a member of any political party, should lead the movement to make it broad based, KCR artfully brought Kodandaram into street fight as the convenor of newly created Joint Action Committee. His presence lent credence to movement and electrified it. The JAC almost replaced the TRS. Entire Telangana used to respond to his call for rasta rokhos or Million Marches in Hyderabad. He was arrested and beaten by police. After Jaisankar, he is the only one being referred to as “Kodand Sir” by the youth of the state.

people assembled at a call given by Kodand

The growing influence of the professor created rift with KCR.

According one version, Kodandaram’s caste Reddy (he never uses the suffix) also plyaed part in consolidation of JAC into a force because Reddys belonging to all parties accepted the leadership of Kodandaram in the form JAC. Post-Telangana, elevation of Prof Kodand (Reddy) would give boost to Reddy politicians and might even become a threat, is said to be the worry of KCR. Result is total elimination of Kodandaram from the political scene.

Kodandaram also chose to remain silent swallowing the insults heaped upon him. He has not been able to raise his voice against any of the demolition- decisions and controversial projects of KCR government. As a professor of politics, he should have led the opposition to the politics behind KCR’s plans to demolish the heritage building of Osmania General Hospital. But, his reaction was not commensurate with his teachings about the T-heritage.

Many believe Prof Kodand would not remain idle after September. What would he do? Would he join TRS? Given his understanding of KCR’s politics, an invitation from TRS is unlikely. Joining Congress or BJP also do not seem a possibility.

Some of his colleagues in the T-movement foresee the prospects of  JAC emerging in a new avatar- a non-political forum for all forces- to work as powerful pressure group which can’t be ignored by the KCR’s government while taking decisions that would affect Telangana society lock, stock and barrel.


Kodand, with his Marxist moorings, has been associated with people’s movement in the region for decades. Arguably he is the second most popular leader of Telangana after KCR. We have to wait for a couple of months to see if Kodandaram is a force in peace-time politics too. Or would he choose to remain an arm-chair intellectual, now and then offering “general and inconsequential” opinions on government policies?

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