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Odisha CM says no to both NDA and Mahakutami


Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik has made a clarification to all leaders who are trying to push their respective national level alliances and fronts. He said his party will contest the 2019 general election all alone and without tie-up with any party or front. He asserted the Biju Janata Dal will not become close to either the BJP-led NDA or the proposed Mahakutami. It means BJD will not consider KCR’s Federal Front as well. Ahead of elections, his comments assumed significance.

Analysts say Navin Patnaik is taking all the care not to get trapped and stuck between national parties and their fronts at this juncture. He wants to maintain a safe distance. It is already clear AP has lost heavily due to lack of enough central funds after the TDP broke away from the NDA last year. Moreover, Chandrababu Naidu’s direct confrontation with the Modi government has created a big rift in the Centre-State relations.

Patnaik is carefully avoiding such political standoff. He is also under heavy pressure to counter the BJP’s big efforts to win more MP seats in 2019. The BJD won 20 seats while the BJP got one seat only in 2014 election. The Congress could not get a single seat. The BJP is hopeful of winning more seats as it had done well in panchayat elections there.


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‘Praja Kutami’ joint manifesto promises farm loan waiver


The ‘Praja Kutami’ (People’s Alliance) of Congress, TDP, TJS and CPI has released its joint manifesto for December 7 election in Telangana. They have promised one-time waiver of Rs. 2 lakh farm loan for the farmers. They will reduce age limit for pensioners from 60 years to 58 so that more poor families will get benefit out of it. All outsourcing employees will get revised pay on the basis of court order for ‘equal work and equal pay’. At least 1 lakh jobs will be filled within the first year of Praja Kutami coming to power in the state.

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president Utham Kumar Reddy said TJS leader Prof. Kodandaram will head the committee to ensure implementation of the manifesto and there would be total transparency and accountability in governance under the alliance. Kodandaram said those consuming below 100 units of power will get free supply.

The Praja Kutami manifesto promised formation of government agencies to replace private firms to provide job opportunities for Telangana workers seeking jobs in the Gulf. The alliance leaders assured to protect interests of all those sections discriminated and marginalised by KCR government in the past four and half years.

TDP Telangana president L. Ramana said only those promises which could be implemented were included in the joint manifesto and a close study would be made all over the state to formulate special plans to extend all these benefits to the intended sections of people. In agriculture sector, the Praja Kutami assured to execute irrigation projects, ensure minimum support price and stabilise crop prices.

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Mahakutami shall win to save Telangana people, says CBN


As Telangana election day comes closer, rival parties are making unsparing attacks on each other. TDP president and CM Chandrababu Naidu has said ‘Mahakutami’ parties should win in order to safeguard the interests of the people in neighbouring state and there will be no justice to them as long as KCR is the chief minister. During his visit to Guntur, CBN said KCR is trying to provoke feelings along regional lines while the TDP is working to ensure harmony between peoples of Telugu states.

CBN said the TRS was making needless allegations against the Congress leadership on the special category status to be given to Andhra Pradesh. In fact, it was the TRS leadership which has backed the decision to confer the special status on AP since the residual state was facing greater problems. Naidu asserted that despite all, AP would continue to extend its cooperation and Telangana should also see better development.

CBN recalled under the TDP government in united state, there was unprecedented growth and development in the capital city of Hyderabad. He said it was solely because of the TDP regime that Cyberabad was developed with booming software industry there and the Outer Ring Road was laid to usher in greater connectivity in and around Hyderabad.

Naidu accused YSR Congress Party of secretly supporting the TRS and the BJP in Telangana election and their plans would not work out as the people were against the unjust regime. He recalled the international airport was successfully brought into a reality in Hyderabad during TDP regime.

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One more national media survey predicts TRS win

Times Now survey in Telangana elections 2018

It is known news that, earlier IndiaToday – Republic TV’s survey predicted TRS win in Telangana elections. Now Times Now – CNX survey also predicted TRS’s victory in Telangana elections. As per Times Now – CNX survey, TRS will get 70 seats. As 60 seats is the magic number to form government, 70 seats is clear majority to form government.

As per the survey, Mahakutami with Congress, TDP, TJS and other parties will get total of 38 seats. Out of this, Congress gets 31 seats, TDP gets 2 seats and other parties of Mahakutami i.e. TJS, CPI and others – all together will get another 5 seats. Out of the remaining parties, BJP will get 3 seats and AIMIM will get 8 seats. So it will be cakewalk for TRS, as per this survey. It also mentioned, TDP will get only 1 seat in GHMC area and another seat in South Telangana

PartySeats in 2018Seats in 2014Swing

As per the survey, while TRS, Congress, AIMIM gain compared to 2014, TDP seems to biggest loser compared to 2014, followed by BJP

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Venumadhav’s comedy in politics


Comedian Venu Madhav always had political aspirations. Even when he was busy with movie, Venu Madhav used his mimicry talent to campaing for TDP. Even during Nandyal Bypolls, he campaigned for TDP and made sharp comments on Jagan during campaigning. He expected TDP ticket from Kodada in last elections itself but that couldn’t materialize. This time also he expected the same but because of the alliance, he couldn’t get TDP ticket again.

But he wanted to enter electoral battle this time and he nominated from Kodada constituency as independent candidate. When he went to file his nomination papers, officers rejected them citing mistakes in those papers. Venu madhav corrected the mistakes and filed the papers again and his nomination was accepted. By seeing his determination, people thought he would try his best this time to get elected as MLA. But finally he withdrew his nomination after ‘Mahakutami’ leaders discussed with him.

It is known news that Venu Madhav has been saying that he will contest elections at any cost this time. But after seeing his withdrawal, people wondering what he is up to in politics. People don’t understand why he filed nomination and why he withdrew later.

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Exclusive: Kodandaram may get ‘CMP implementation’ portfolio against Dy. CM post!


The chairman of Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC) and chief of Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) party Professor Kodandaram may get a new portfolio ‘CMP Implementations’ if the Mahakutami/Prajakutami forms government by winning the poll-fight with largest seats.

As per the preliminary agreements, Mr. Kodanda has to get Deputy Chief Minister post but, due to the community-based equations, sources said that he was agreed to take any other portfolio.

The sources also said that the decision was proposed by the AICC chief Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Mr. Kodanda said okay to it. “The Congress party and its alliance parties in Prajakutami have been preparing its manifesto as well as a Common Minimum Programme (CMP) for the development of Telangana state. Mr. Rahul expressed his opinion that Mr. Kodandaram is suitable person to take care of the new portfolio as he interested in concentrating more on CMP during talks on seats,” they added.

The Congress Chief also decided to give powers to the implementation committee of CMP with making it as statutory body and Mr. Kodandaram is behind the decision. “In initial stage, Rahul thought to announce Kodandaram as the CMP body’s chairman as well as Dy. CM. But, while sorting out community-based priority in portfolios, CM will be from Reddy community and the Dy. CM will also go for Reddy community if Kodandaram chooses the post. It may send negative message among other communities so that, Mr. Kodanda has backed from the post of Dy. CM. Following this latest development, Rahul directed state leaders on the proposals of new portfolio on CMP implementation,” the sources added.

The Dy. CM post will be third sacrifice to Kodandaram after the formation of Mahakutami which changed its name as Prajakutami later. Kodanda expressed his interest in contesting from Janagoan but, due to the pressure from ex-Minister Mr. Ponnala Laxmaiah, it was neede him to sacrifice the ticket. Later, the congress announced Kodanda as Prajakutami’s candidate from Miryalaguda. But, due to few other equations from ex-Minister and senior congress leader Jana Reddy, Mr. Kodanda stepped back.

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‘Mahakutami’ faces problems in Miryalaguda segment


Professor Kodandaram, leader of Telangana Jana Samithi, is voicing concern over the Congress party’s activities in Miryalaguda assembly segment. BC leader R. Krishnaiah is contesting from this segment now which is being opposed by TJS. Kodandaram has earlier agreed to give Janagama ticket to Congress former minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah. The professor took that decision to protect the interests of the BC leader.

Kodandaram is now concerned that the Congress is not reciprocating and it is hurting the interests of TJS at every step. Even in the Mahakutami seat sharing, the Congress has prolonged the matter and caused initial problems for the allies. Later, the Congress promised to give 8 seats to TJS but has in fact given just 6 seats. This has forced Kodandaram to go ahead and make his party put up candidates in 14 segments.

The TJS has been appealing for mutual cooperation between the Mahakutami allies regardless of the problems cropping here and there. Consequently, Kodandaram expected the Congress to extend its cooperation with TJS after he sacrificed his own seat when he dropped out of race for Janagama. He has appealed to the Congress leaders to abide by the alliance dharma which is necessary to unitedly oppose the rivals.

Regardless of the differences, Kodandaram has decided to take part and share dais at the Sonia Gandhi’s election meeting at Medchal. Mahakutami allies are preparing to make this meeting a show of strength.

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‘Mahakutami’ blow to Marri Shashidhar Reddy in Sanathnagar segment


Politically long-established Congress family of Marri Shashidhar Reddy received a big blow from ‘Mahakutami’ as his Sanathnagar assembly segment ticket is now allotted to Telugu Desam Party as part of alliance seat sharing. Son of former CM late Marri Chenna Reddy, Shashidhar Reddy has a long-standing relationship with Sanathnagar voters. Over the years, his influence has declined leading to his getting reduced to a third place in 2014 elections.

Now TDP has allotted Sanathnagar ticket to its senior leader Kuna Venkatesh Goud, who is preparing to take on TRS candidate and Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav. In 2014, Talasani won from Sanathnagar segment on TDP ticket but later defected to the TRS and became minister. In this election, Sasidhar Reddy contested on Congress ticket and he could not even secure a second place.

Considering the latest political situation, the Congress has weighed winning chances of nominees and eventually allotted Sanathnagar to TDP. This has enraged followers of Shashidhar Reddy who threatened the Congress party with dire consequences. He asserted that if he was denied ticket, he would look for his own alternatives and that he would have his own commitments to fulfill. Seeing the threats from Sasidhar Reddy, the TDP leaders have appealed to the Congress to do damage control and ensure that there would be no split of Mahakutami vote bank. Congress high command has also spoken to Shashidhar Reddy to go soft but he seems to have taken it very serious. His followers are also threatening to work against the Mahakutami candidate.

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Kodandaram revolts against Congress: Mahakutami problems


Prof. Kodandaram of Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) has raised banner of revolt against the Congress by deciding to field their party candidates in three seats in violation of alliance. As part of Mahakutami seat sharing, Asifabad and Station Ghanapur seats were allotted to Congress but TJS has decided to field its candidates as well.

Kodandaram has also decided to bring in TJS nominee in Mahabubnagar segment which was allotted to TDP originally. TDP has also announced Erra Sekhar’s name for contesting from here. Kodandaram is also expected to contest from Janagama, which is in the eye of a controversy as Congress leader and ex minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah is trying to get this ticket.

As part of seat sharing, Congress allotted 8 seats to TJS, 14 to TDP and 3 to CPI. The CPI has agreed for the seats given and began electioneering in their respective segments. But TJS is going against the Mahakutami agreement following pressure from within the party ranks.

The 12 seats that TJS is contesting are Mahabubnagar, Station Ghanpur, Asifabad, Dubbaka, Medak, Malkajgiri, Warangal East, Miryalaguda, Amberpet, Siddipet, Janagama and Vardhannapet. With the TJS decision to violate alliance understanding, Mahakutami leaders are concerned over its impact in other segments as well. Congress and TDP leaders are beginning damage control efforts to convince TJS and also their own leaders in problematic segments.

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Sonia Gandhi to visit key segments of TS in just two days


The Chief of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Ms. Sonia Gandhi would visit key segments in Telangana State in just two days and her schedule is officially confirmed on 22 and 23 of this month.

The congress leaders said that the campaign of Sonia would change the expectation and estimations of other parties and would lead to the victory of Congress as well as Mahakutami candidates whose graph is poor as per the surveys. “In Karnataka elections too, she held campaign on behalf of ex-Minister M.B.Patil and her tour was scheduled suddenly at that time as Mr. Patil was about to lose the election and the campaign of Sonia changed the mind-set of voters though the Prime Minister Narendra Modi held three road-shows on the same day,” they said.

Sources from the party said that the UPA chief would visit North, South and Central Telangana in just two days and would cover key assembly segments. “She will take part in three public meetings where we are expecting the gathering about 3-5 lakh public. She is suffering from some health issues and she must reach the three places by road. So that, the TPCC is planning for two-day trip of the supremo of the UPA,” the sources added.

Meanwhile Ms. Gandhi will take part in few road shows along with TPCC chief Mr. Uttam Kumar Reddy and other party seniors.

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Mahakutami seat sharing not yet finished, says Kodandaram


Prof Kodandaram of Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) has dismissed Congress leaders’ statement that the ‘Mahakutami’ seat sharing talks have been finished. Kodandaram now wants winnable seats to be allotted to it. While CPI is demanding more than 3 seats allotted to it by Congress, TJS appears satisfied with the 8 seats allotted for it.

However, Kodandaram is afraid that the Congress would be back to its old ways of deceiving its friendly parties. It’s learnt that Congress has expressed willingness to Kodandaram contesting from Janagama assembly segment.

As of now, Kodandaram continues to bring pressure on the Congress for giving the seats where the TJS is strong. On its part, the CPI is demanding more seats and suitable compensation in the form of MLC seats in future.

Congress is going ahead with its plan to announce its first list of candidates on Saturday. It has to deal with dissatisfied aspirants who would be denied tickets.

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CPI not happy with 3 seats offered by Congress


The CPI leaders are unhappy with the allotment of just 3 seats by the Congress party as part of seat sharing. With this, the Mahakutami is expected to face problems in immediate future. The CPI has asked for not less than 5 seats and the party leaders are meeting in Hyderabad on Friday to discuss the latest situation to decide their future course of action.

CPI state secretary Chada Venkata Reddy has expressed objections already over seat sharing and he has taken up the issue with Prof. Kodandaram, whose party Telangana Jana Samithi was given 8 seats. TJS has been demanding not less than 10 seats but the Congress has not honoured its request.

‘Mahakutami’ has already lagged behind in electioneering what with TRS making quick strategies by announcing its candidates quite early. With the CPI not likely to give its full cooperation, Mahakutami candidates will have to do a balancing act in some segments. As per information, the three seats allotted to CPI are Husnabad, Wyra and Bellampalli. In addition to this, CPI is demanding for Kothagudem seat as well considering its strong support base in coal belt.

Meanwhile, Prof. Kodandaram’s reactions are not yet known after allotment of 8 seats to TJS. He is currently discussing this within party leaders. Mahakutami partners are under pressure to make sacrifices in order to have unity to oust KCR from power.

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Mahakutami: 93 for Cong, 14 for TDP, 8 for TJS, 3 for CPI and 1 likely for TIP


The Congress party announced that it would contest in 93 assembly segments leaving 14 for TDP, 8 for TJS and 3 for CPI. This total comes to 118 seats. The remaining one seat has been promised by Congress to Telangana Inti Party (TIP) which was formed by friends-turned-foes of KCR.

Congress Telangana Election Affairs Incharge R.C. Khuntia spoke to the media after holding talks with high command at Sonia Gandhi residence in Delhi. He said that their party had finalised names for 74 segments out of 93 and the first list would be made public on November 10. The candidates for remaining 19 segments would be finalised after a meeting with Rahul Gandhi. A final decision was yet to be taken on Telangana Inti Party.

The first list for 74 segments has been handed over to Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president Uttam Kumar Reddy. He will formally announce the list at a media conference in the presence of other Mahakutami partners at 11 a.m. on November 10. The internal party discussions will be held on remaining 20 segments on November 11 and 12. These seats involved sorting out of rebel problems.

With this, curtains came down on the prolonged stalemate in seat sharing talks among Mahakutami partners.

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CPI threatens to break tie-up with Mahakutami


Mahakutami problems remain unresolved with Telangana Jana Samithi and CPI continuing to demand their share of seats from Congress. CPI has threatened to break away from Grand Alliance and contest alone in next month’s elections. CPI Telangana general secretary Chada Venkata Reddy has announced that their party is ready to contest in 9 assembly segments. They are Husnabad, Bellampalli, Kothagudem, Alair, Munugodu, Pinapaka, Devarakonda and Wyra.

Venkata Reddy has also cautioned Congress against taking wrong decisions. CPI is confident that they have strong presence in 40 assembly segments where they can influence the election result.
Meanwhile, Mahakutami seat sharing is not yet completed as partners stuck to their demand for their share. With this, Congress has decided to consider and limit itself to 90 seats.

Congress Telangana chief Uthamkumar Reddy has announced recently that they will contest in 95 seats. But Kodandaram and party refused to come down. Now Congress is considering to give 29 seats to partners as against 24 earlier.

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Mahakutami: 95 seats for Cong, 14 for TDP, 6 for TJS and 4 for CPI


The Grand Alliance partners have finally reached a conclusion on the number of seats to be shared among them for December elections in Telangana. Congress, which is the main opposition party, will contest 95 out of the total 119 seats. It has agreed to give 14 seats for TDP, 6 for Telangana Jana Samithi and 4 for CPI.

With this, the troubles in seat sharing between allies of Grand Alliance are solved. The Mahakutami leaders and cadres are in an upbeat mood after the sudden turn of political developments at the national level. The readiness among anti-BJP parties including Congress for a front has sent positive signals.

Election analysts say the national level anti-Modi sentiment among opposition parties may have an impact on the Telangana polls in December as well. Already, TRS chief KCR is moving to counter this effect and chalking out strategies to counter Mahakutami.

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EC’s focus on phone tapping of opposition leaders


Following series of complaints and allegations from the opposition parties and leaders from Mahakutami on phone tapping, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Telangana State Mr. Rajat Kumar on Friday wrote a letter to the Director General of Police (DGP) Mr. Mahender Reddy seeking the details of the leaders whose phones are being tapped.

Meanwhile, the CEO sought answers from the DGP on few other issues. The CEO asked the DGP in the letter that, “What are the criteria for phone tapping? Whose phones are you tapping? What are the reasons?”

The leaders from Mahakutami including Mr. Uttam Kumar Reddy, Mr. L.Ramana, Mr. Chada Venkat Reddy and Dilip Kumar had submitted a representation in this regard to the CEO on Thursday. Meanwhile, the brought few other issues to the notice of the CEO including public meetings at the CM’s camp office, CM’s posters on MMTS trains etc. and the CEO responded positively on their complaints and ordered the respective departments to probe into the issues.

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Congress to contest from 90 segments!


At last, the alliance parties in Mahakutami have come to a conclusion on the sharing of assembly segments and the leading party of the alliance, Congress, will get as many as 90 seats.

Sources from the Kutami told ‘Telugu 360’ that in order to defeat TRS party in the assembly elections, all the heads of the alliance have come to an understanding to do not pout on major segments and the number of seats. “The conclusion of a recent meeting has decided to give 90 segments to congress party followed by 15 to TDP, 10 to TJS and CPI will contest from the remaining 4 segments,” the sources said.

Another source from TDP said that after the meeting by AP CM Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the leaders of TDP-TS have agreed to bind the rules of alliance and do not demand more seats. “We are focusing on the 15 seats where we have stronghold and a good vote bank. Similarly, our leaders conveyed the same message to other parties in the Kutami,” the source explained.

Professor Kodanda Ram’s party TJS is also happy with the 10 seats and the party has already selected suitable candidates with winning chances. The CPI is also adjusted with 4 seats in order to prevent TRS party in forming the government again.

Sources said that all the party heads would announce the list of candidates on a same dais. “The announcement may take place in coming two or three days,” the sources explained.

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‘Bhasmasura hastam on Kodandaram’s head’


In initial days, Congress Telangana leaders gave an impression that they would fully accommodate and get along with other partners of Mahakutami in a friendly manner.

As December polls come closer, the same leaders are giving sleepless nights to alliance partners especially to Kodandaram and his Telangana Jana Samithi. They are not giving any solution to deadlock in seat sharing talks and they keep on dragging the issue till last minute in the name of finding winning candidates.

Now the situation has come to such a sorry pass that Kodandaram will have to agree for whatever Congress leaders will offer. At this crucial phase of electioneering, the Professor and his self-respect crusaders cannot afford to break ties with Congress and contest alone in early polls. Moreover, they are yet to get an election symbol of their own to effectively go into the public and make it popular at this stage.

From the beginning, Kodandaram has bargained hard for at least 20 seats out of 119 without realising how difficult it would be to deal with and convince the shrewd Congress leadership. Now Congress leaders seem to give lowest possible number of seats to TJS and this may be less than 8.

On his part, TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu moved strategically beginning his bargain from 25 seats and finally demanding at least 15 seats as TDP won as many seats in 2014 elections. Naidu used his experience and political logic which forced Congress not to antagonise or outsmart TDP at this stage. As a result, Congress is thinking of giving 10 to 12 seats to TDP now.

But Kodandaram and his TJS party’s fate has become a subject of curious discussion all over Telangana. As an analyst has said it, Congress has returned to its old ways already and it has forgot immediate task of ensuring unity to unseat KCR. By weakening Kodandaram after raising his hopes till now, Congress is causing damage to Mahakutami’s overall prospects.

Eventually, it is like Bhasmasura hastam that destroys everyone on whose head it falls. And, Congress will be a victim of its own mistakes.

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Mahakutami: 95-97 seats for Cong, 12 for TDP


Congress has offered 12 seats to TDP as part of the ongoing seat sharing talks among Mahakutami partners in Hyderabad.

The offer comes amid TDP leaders’ demand for at least 15 seats considering the fact that their party won 15 MLA seats in 2014 elections despite strong Telangana sentiment there at that time.

Because of compulsions of coalition politics, TDP leaders are said to have given word to Congress to consider their latest proposal of 12 seats amicably.

Meanwhile, Congress offered 8-10 seats to Kodandaram’s Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) as against TJS’s demand for 18 seats. CPM is likely to get two seats.

There are still minor issues to be sorted out to finalise seat sharing. However, a broad understanding is arrived at among partners not to precipitate matters. Congress may contest 95 to 97 seats as against 10 to 12 of TDP, 8 to 10 of TJS and two seats for CPM.

Mahakutami leaders have reached unanimity on candidates to be fielded in over 70 seats and the list will be announced as and when seat sharing talks conclude with mutual agreement.

Sources say that partners are dealing with seat sharing issues in a friendly atmosphere so that there will be no scope for any falling apart. Unity among Mahakutami partners is considered immediate priority in order to unseat what they call ‘dictatorial KCR’.

To hasten the finalisation of seat sharing, a new committee is formed with Jana Reddy as its chairman with a mandate to complete the task by October 20.

On their part, Congress cadres are preparing for Rahul Gandhi’s coming public meetings at Bhainsa, Kamareddy and Old City in Hyderabad. Several TRS dissidents will join Congress in the presence of Rahul. Congress leaders say that many TRS senior leaders are unhappy as they do not have self-respect in TRS and because of KCR’s family-oriented approach.

TRS MLC Ramulu Naik is all set to join Congress but he has asked for Yellendu ticket in Khammam region.

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Prof. Kodandaram may get Dy. CM post!


The Mahakutami in Telangana state may announce its offer to give Deputy Chief Minister Post to the president of Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) Professor Kodandaram under its alliance, if the Kutami forms government in upcoming Assembly Elections. Meanwhile, the Mahakutami is supposed to announce Kodandaram as chairman for ‘Manifesto Committee’.

Sources from Congress Party told ‘Telugu360’ that a meeting organized in a prominent hotel on Sunday had decided to give priority to Kodandaram by proposing him as Dy. CM as well as Manifesto Committee’s chairman. “Meanwhile, the Congress desires the TJS to contest on congress party’s symbol in order to overcome confusion among rural voters. The congress’ core committee has also decided to maintain similar priority to TJS on par with the TDP,” the source added.

The Core Committee of Congress party has also constituted a committee with senior leaders Mr. Jana Reddy, Mr. Ponnam Prabhakar, Mr. Chinna Reddy and Mr. Vinay Kumar to ensure adjustment of seats among the parties in the Kutami. New joining from TRS was also discussed in the meeting, the sources said.

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