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Nara Lokesh boasts about ‘Mahanadu’ Conclave success!


AP IT Minister Nara Lokesh showered praises on the ‘Mahanadu’ team for successfully hosting the ‘Mahanadu’ Conclave here in Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada. Speaking to a group of reporters, Nara Lokesh claimed that over 43,000 people have attended the ‘Mahanadu’ Conclave.
‘This is the first time such a huge crowd turned up in the history of TDP party. In comparison to the Mahanadu Conclave held in Vishakhapatnam last year, the turnout is 33% more this time around.

Despite tens of thousands of people turning up for the mega event, we made sure that no one faced any trouble. This is only possible with the TDP party, given the leadership, and the discipline it inculcates in its supporters and cadre. BJP, which has cheated Andhra Pradesh is our primary enemy. BJP is acting like oxygen for the YSRCP, which is breathing through a ventilator’, said Nara Lokesh. No wonder, ‘Mahanadu’ has turned out to be a great success, given the fact that 14 committees were appointed for the conclave. Looks like Nara Lokesh, who declares his assets annually, forgot to declare the expenditure incurred due to ‘Mahanadu’ to the exchequer.

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Aggression on cards! Nara Lokesh fires on Pawan Kalyan!


Gone are those days, where political leaders were cautious in making remarks against opposition leaders. This is the age of ‘aggression and counter criticism’. Right from the Prime Minister, to the gully leaders, everyone is being on the offensive side.

AP CM’s kin and AP IT Minister Nara Lokesh is no stranger to that. Reacting to Pawan Kalyan’s allegations made against him, Nara Lokesh criticized Pawan’s attitude and nature. ‘

‘Do you expect me to remain calm, and brush away the allegations on me? There is absolutely no need for me to even respond to the allegations passed on me. Will Pawan Kalyan rate Chandrababu Naidu, who has been working hard for the development of Andhra Pradesh?’, question Nara Lokesh.

If Pawan Kalyan has proofs of my corruptive practices, he could have directly called me up and confronted me. How is that, Pawan Kalyan suddenly realized that AP government is corrupted? That too after four years of association with us?’ questioned Nara Lokesh.

He further went on to say, ‘comments with respect to my grandfather hurt me a lot. I am someone who is highly disciplined. Without complete information, how can you allegate someone?’.

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Nara Lokesh takes a brutal dig at T-Hub


Andhra Pradesh Minister of IT Nara Lokesh took jibes at Telangana’s government’s prestigious startup initiative T-Hub. Speaking on startup approach taken by governments at the CII summit, he said, “We don’t charge you for seating. You come to my building and we charge Rs5000 give you a seat to work? We don’t do that. We follow Cohort model, wherein we mentor you for free of cost”.

It may be recalled here that T-hub charges around Rs5500per seat for a startup exclusive taxes. Startups cannot afford that much money as they don’t have funds and are always in crisis. Lokesh said, “In AP when you talk about Innovation and startups, you don’t see buildings. I believe that is not where startups are. We think big buildings are going to solve this problem. Absolutely not. I strongly believe that it is about mentoring mentoring and mentoring”.

Telangana government will be launching a new building T-hub Phase2 which will be the world’s second largest incubator. The construction of this building is in progress and will be inaugurated towards the end of this year spread over 3.5 lakh sq ft.

Lokesh certainly did an upright research before speaking at a conference of this massive scale. He has hit the nail on the head by addressing the ground realities of the problems faced by start-ups. Startups don’t need building, they can work from anywhere, with an internet connection. What they need is guidance from people who have industry experience. Experts often spoke about market access while startups have often complained about lack of proper mentors in India.

Lokesh said that AP’s startup model is purely based on mentoring and giving access to market. These words were like melody to the ears of startup founders.
“In AP my budget for accelerator is one million dollars and it is among top six accelerators in the country today. They operate out of rented premises. If you want an office it is going to cost me two million dollars, I would rather put that money on 20 companies and mentor those companies and grow those”, he said.

However, one thing common in the speeches of both IT ministers when it comes to speak about startups is that, they both tend to give reference to only specific startup. While KTR always speaks about the RTA m-wallet app, Lokesh always speaks about Biodegradable banana fiber shaving brush and each brush costs 3Rs.

Either ways, Lokesh certainly sounds to be better equipped with ground realities than KTR who has been promoting only one app and T-Hub from past two or three years.

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Nara Lokesh launches ‘Made in AP TV’


Dixon Technologies which has a unit in Renigunta electronics manufacturing cluster-2 started engineering its products. Minister of IT&C Nara Lokesh launched the “Made in AP” television by the company. The firm gifted the first TV to Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala, while Lokesh was given the second television set.

The company was setup with an investment of Rs 150 crores. Once the full-fledge operations of the company commence, it will generate employment to around 2000 people. The company will soon start manufacturing cell phones, washing machines among other electronic items from its plant in Tirupati. Speaking on the occasion, Lokesh hoped that the company reaches new heights.

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Xerox to commence operations in Vishakapatnam


Xerox company is Visakhapatnam all set to provide employment for 500 people and said that it will be creating around 5000jobs if the government extends cooperation. The firm said that fifty percent of the 5000 will be IT jobs while the remaining will be BPO jobs and wanted the government to allocate land for construction.

Minister of IT&C Nara Lokesh who is reportedly in conversation with management, responded positively and said that space would be allocated to immediately to start operations with 500 people. The IT department officials presented the office space available to company to start its first phase of operations with 500 employees in Visakhapatnam.

The process of assigning land and completion of construction will take around two years. So, the Minister suggested to start operations from the Millennium Tower which is nearing completion at the sea-facing Madhurawada IT SEZ. In this regard, the minister had ordered the officials to prepare the plan.

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Nara Lokesh’s office witnessing many visitors with various problems

Andhra Pradesh Minister of IT&C Nara Lokesh in a very short span credited himself for generously resolving the issues raised by people on social media. However, apart from the requests online, the minister is often seen offline interacting with visitors and hearing their grievances at Secretariat.

The Minister so far received around 5000 requests/complaints of which only around 1242 belonged to his departments. Nonetheless, instead of sending his visitors away, Lokesh is accepting their requests and directing it to relevant departments. People are reaching out to him on several issues like CMRF, allotment of house sites and some of them informing him that their names went missing in the pensioners’ list.

People with grievances are making a mandatory stop at Lokesh’s office, even though there is Kaizala’s Connect to CM app and the Call Centre for grievance redressal. He collects all the requests and grievances and is sending them to pertinent departments for redressal. He has an internal process through which his department register complaints, directs them to the concerned departments and follows up until the issue gets solved.

Lokesh is always making some time to meet individuals who stop by at office. Evidently the 5th block at the secretariat is often seen busy with the number of visitors increasing each day.

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AP needs to look beyond the hype, IT exports not in a good shape


Minister of IT&C Nara Lokesh claimed that there is a boom in IT sector in the Andhra Pradesh particularly with more than 30 companies coming forward in the past 90 days. He also promised that they will generate three lakh jobs in the next two years.

However, the figures related to the IT exports are not reflecting the hype created by the government. In erstwhile AP, IT exports attributed to ₹61500crore with Telangana’s share being ₹60000crore while AP contributed ₹1500crore. Three years down the lane, post bifurcation, IT exports of TS have increased to ₹1lakh crore while that of AP is ₹2000crore.

Vice President of the IT Park Association O Naresh Kumar told DC, that the low numbers are due to the IT policy which is appealing on paper but the realization has a lot of room for improvements. He also said that there are neither office spaces nor do the firms receive incentives as assured.

Power Minister K Kala Venkata Rao said that the state is spending ₹3,600crore on modernization of the power sector. However, though the tariff is ₹6.5per unit in AP, after adding hidden charges it is coming to ₹9.5per unit which the highest in the country.

Vishakapatnam contributes 80% of the ₹2000crore while the remaining comes from Kakinada and Tirupati. Reacting to the accusations that the state failed to attract IT industry, Lokesh earlier this week, said the names of the candidates who secured jobs will be uploaded in a portal.

Despite leaders promising several jobs and inaugurating many firms, most of them are small Indian consulting firms which do body shopping abroad. There were no real big companies which will make a substantial contribution to exports. The IT Minister hopefully uploads the data or cites reasons for the snail pace in IT exports.

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Two months of Son-rise in Andhra Pradesh, shines bright

Telugu Desam Party leader Nara Lokesh is turning out to be more than just Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s only son, by outperforming at work after taking oath as Minister in April. Lokesh was bestowed with portfolios of Minister for Panchayath Raj, Rural Development, IT&C. He is not only gaining expertise in the assigned roles but also has exceeded the expectations of his father. The minister who had a rough start, is now delivering beyond anticipated. The rural development minister’s chamber has witnessed a surge in the number of visitors, where he is seen accepting requests and complaints from people and party cadre. If reports are to be believed, not one file related to his departments lies pending. Lokesh ensures to take special precautions in clearing vigilance related files. It may be recalled that he was available for public grievance redressal in the absence of his father, being the only minister to be available to public at that time. He is responding to the requests on social media, electronic and print media and giving orders to officials to look into it.

With the inaugural of Jalavani call center, his ministry has become a role model for other departments. In a bid to resolve drinking water problems, Jalavani Call Centre with toll free number was setup which is receiving overwhelming response from the public. He received around 4,848 complaints of which 2,194 complaints were cleared while 1,124 complaints are being addressed. With the assistance from other departments, the works related to 915 complaints will be carried out.

Lokesh launched the ‘Palle Palleku LED Velugulu‘ an exercise to replace 5 lakhs conventional bulbs with LEDs within 45 days. The long-term plan is to setup 32 lakh LED bulbs in all the 12918 villages in the State within a year’s time.

To ensure that all villages in the State will have CC roads, rules were modified. His department of Panchayat Raj is actively working to complete the target set to to lay 12,000 km CC roads and provide underground drainage connections in the villages with more than 5,000 population.

A pilot project of underground drainage system and also the vermi-compost units was taken up under solid waste management in the villages in East Godavari. Lokesh aims to start 53,393 vermi-compost units in the state out of which 7,847 units have been already been grounded.

He is working on re-assigning reserves to the constituencies and is focussing on allocating more funds to the regions that got less funds in last three years.

The TDP leader is working towards bringing NREGS and pension schemes under real time governance at a very fast pace to solve various issues in both the schemes.

His department is finalising the modalities for the establishment of Drinking Water Corporation through which every household will get drinking water through tap connection within two years. He aspires to complete the NTR Sujala Sravanthi water plants at Uddhanam by July ending.

With the onset of monsoons, to prevent seasonal diseases and improve hygiene the Panchayat minister announced construction of underground drainage in villages which have a population of more than 5,000.

As a minister of IT, Lokesh was able to get all the necessary permissions in a record time of 45 days earning him appreciation from the industry, specifically in attracting IT major HCL Technologies to invest in the state.

The IT&C minister inked an agreement ANSR company which will be investing Rs 1000 crore to create 10,000 jobs in the next 10 years, to transform Vishakapatnam into IT Hub.

He was modest enough to accept that he doesn’t know much about the villages, as he spent his entire childhood in Hyderabad. Despite the rough patches, Lokesh seems to exceed expectations and continues to shine brighter than anticipated.

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Nara Lokesh opens 7 IT firms at Medha


Vijayawada: Minister for Information and Panchayat Raj Nara Lokesh had formally inaugurated the offices of seven IT companies at the prestigious Medha Towers at Gannavaram on the outskirts of the city on Wednesday.

Medah Towers, a six-floor building right in front of the Gannavaram Airport was built a decade ago to make it the IT hub for the State. However, it remained unoccupied even after the bifurcation. The efforts of the State government took so long to finally make it the IT hub with IT Minister Lokesh formally inaugurating the offices of the IT companies. These seven IT firms are set to provide employment to over 1600 persons in the State.

The companies including Grupo Antolin, Melsova, EP SOFT, Yamyah IT Solutions, Chandu Soft and Rotomaker have opened their offices here. These companies deal in high-end automotive interiors designing, IT consultancy, digital educational services, IT/ITES services, projects and products among other things. This was possible with the initiative of the AP Non-Resident Telugu Society headed by Ravikumar Vemuru, who is also busy organising the 10-day tour of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in US.

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Pawan Kalyan has to stand up and take charge


Konidela Pawan Kalyan marched against his brother and courageously established Jana Sena, which stiffened the spines of other politicians. But Jana Sena Army is unable to take charge in creating the revolution it projected to do. Nara Lokesh is addressing problems of people on twitter. The rate at which the problems are being acknowledged and solved is faster than the rate at which Jana Sena issues press releases inked by Kalyan. Even YSRCP ensures that it is available for people in some way or the other. It’s high time for Jana Sena to do right things over easy things.

Almost all the political parties in the state are visible and take a stand either by opposing or acknowledging happenings. Kalyan takes forever to decide on which topic he should speak. The pace at which Jana Sena recruitment is happening will surely give competition to government job recruitments process.

The chilli farmers are facing crisis for quite sometime now. Was Hindi Chauvinism more important topic than farmers? Was responding to Tarun Vijay’s comment critical than addressing sand mafia?

It would be better if Kalyan stops sitting on the fence and starts picking sides. It will give a chance for people to evaluate the stance of his party. This neutral outlook in critical situations is not going to help the victims. The ultimate measure of Jana Sena is not where Kalyan chooses to stand but the party’s policies during challenging situations. There is no point in having conversations with Harvard political strategists when the core idea of setting up the party “to question the government” is not being religiously followed.

Even google image search returns his pictures in top five when searched for a part-time politician. The actor keeps snoozing off which is not suitable for a person who aims to be in full-time politics. The last time he was called “part-time politician” he accused TDP leaders of being part-time politicians who are available full-time and more visible. Nara Lokesh resigned on paper to Heritage and responds to almost every incident.

At least hire temporary employees to act on behalf of the party till the recruitment is completed. The ultimate measure of a party is not where it chooses to stand but where it stands during challenges. People will start ignoring a part-timer who makes random statements without being aware of the state’s political developments. In democracy, people are going to rate Kalyan as politician, they might hate him, shake and break his party, but how strong and quickly the Jana Sena Chief reflects back on issues is what makes him a leader.

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‘Political Punch’ Ravi Kiran failed to learn from his arrest in 2014


In the past 72 hours, Andhra Pradesh political and social media space was abuzz with the arrest of Inturi Ravi Kiran. He is an administrator of a Facebook page ‘Political Punch’, which is Pro-YSRCP, notorious for morphing images of AP chief minister and his son Nara Lokesh. Some of the media projected this incident as government’s suppression of social media. However, emerging details show this is not the first-time Mr. Ravi Kiran was detained by the police.

On 5th August 2014, Vishakhapatnam police detained Inturi Ravi Kiran in Mahbubnagar in a case filed by then YSRCP Araku MP K. Geetha. She complained to police that a Facebook page run by Ravi Kiran posted vulgar comments and cartoons humiliating her. When reports surfaced in the last week of July 2014 about the MP Geetha’s defection from YSRCP to TDP, Ravi Kiran allegedly posted derogatory content against her. A case under Section 66 (A) of Information Technology Act-2000, section 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult modesty of a woman) of Indian Penal Code and the Prevention of Atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes-1989, was registered against him along with one other person. Ravi Kiran spent 15 days in jail in this case. This did not stop him from posting political abusive satires on social media. He created another Facebook page ‘Political Punch’ in November 2014.

On April 21, 2017 Ravi Kiran got into trouble, for posting a photo which showed Nara Lokesh, asking his father to send him to “Peddhala Sabha” (Upper House), while a banner of a kissing couple placed in front of the state’s new Legislative Council building, said that it was for “adults only”.

Ravi Kiran claims to be an ardent fan of late YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Ravi Kiran’s wife confessed on television that his husband works for YSRCP office. However, he stated that the page is not associated with the YSRCP. He claims to be hired by YCP social media cell only a year and half ago while the page was created two and half years ago.

Though Ravi Kiran was released by the police yesterday, if reports are to be believed he will be prosecuted by the legislative body using the assembly privileges for its contempt.

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Nara Lokesh is made Industrial Promotion Board member

Vijayawada: In a swift move, the Andhra Pradesh government had issued a GO giving a new membership to the State Industrial Promotion Board (SIB). The government had extended the membership to Minister for IT and Panchayat Raj, Nara Lokesh.

The SIB, headed by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu as chairman has Ministers Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, C Adinarayana Reddy, K E Krishna Murthy, P Narayana, S Chandramohan Reddy, P Satyanarayana and K Kalavenkata Rao, while Chief Secretary Dinesh Kumar is member secretary. As the Board had to be reorganized after the reshuffle of the State Cabinet, the government grabbed the occasion to include Lokesh in the Board, through a special GO.

The Board would meet every month and explore the opportunities to promote industries in the State. The Board would also make recommendations to the State government on its industrial policies and the strategies to attract new investments across the State. It would give clearances to the new industries in the State including establishment of industrial estates, identification of industrial corridors and allotment of lands for the industries.

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Lokesh Launches Mission-100 in GHMC


Nara Lokesh, TDP’s second in command, appears to be shouldering too big a responsibility for his age. With all familiar faces gone from the party in Hyderabad, TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu must have thought it is the right opportunity for his son Lokesh to prove his management skill learnt and sharpened in Stanford Business School, US in setting the T-TDP house in order. Lokesh is made in-charge of the party in GHMC elections. As national president of the party, Naidu might have thought, campaigning in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections is too local an affair for him. To promote somebody else, there is no one around. So, faced with Hobson’s choice Naidu entrusted the job of leading the party in ensuing GHMC elections with his son Lokesh Naidu.

So far so good. But Lokesh should conduct himself in such a way that his presence should instill confidence among the leaders and party workers. One should not forget the ground realities and make tall claims that do not suit his age and experience. Lokesh is said to have held his second round meeting with GHMC leaders to evolve the strategy for the GHMC elections. In the meeting, he told the local satraps of GHMC area that Telugu Desam party is going to bag 100 divisions out of 150 division in the GHMC area. If the BJP’s tally is added it would cross 115 to 120. This means, TRS and MIM joint tally would not be more than 30. Given the party’s predicament in Hyderabad, where barring one or two, all its MLAs had switched over to TRS, such claims look ludicrous. Because, the party lost the GHMC more than 12 years ago. Between then and now many tumultuous events like the division of Andhra Pradesh took place. In the aftermath, even his father could not muster courage to stay put in Hyderabad for the ten-year period of joint capital backed by AP Reorganization Act-2014

Even to generate hope among the TDP cadre, the figure is too big to be talked about.
Before launching the campaign to win 100 seats, Lokesh should first reveal his poll plank for GHMC elections. Can he talk of TRS government’s failure and ask the Seemandhra people to defeat TRS in Hyderabad in the backdrop of flourishing bonhomie between his father and T-chief minister KCR. Unless a villain is made out of KCR and his government, Lokesh is unlikely to draw voter’s attention in Hyderabad now.

Once known for pungent tweets against KCR and KTR, Lokesh is a mellowed man now. He stopped his sarcastic tweets on TRS leaders. Interestingly this coincides with Naidu extending invite to KCR to attend the Amaravati foundation laying ceremony as a special guest. The plaque at Amarvati bears testimony to this change in Naidu-KCR relations. GHMC is going to be a real test for the political acumen of rising son of ‘sun rise state’.

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GAD clarification on Abheeshta appointment


Andhra Pradesh government on Wednesday issued clarification on the appointment of Sitapati Abheeshta as Officer On Special Duty (OSD) in the office of chief minister Chandrababu Naidu (CMO). Raising the secrecy surrounding the appointment of  Abheeshta, APCC president N Raghuvira Reddy asked the government to explain as to how a non-qualified person  had been appointed in CMO with crucial responsibilities. Raghuvira also alleged that Abheeshta had been appointed just because he was friend of Nara Lokesh, son of chief minister Naidu, and  Lokesh was  gaining access to  the government  information  through Abheestha.

In the backdrop General Administration Department has issued a clarification this evening with referring to the name of Raghuvira Reddy. The following is the full text of the rejoinder:

***      ***

A news item is published on 28-10-2015, to the effect that Sri S.Abheeshta, who has been working in the Chief Minister’s office, has not been officially appointed. The said news item is false, totally baseless and concealing the facts.

It is informed that the proposal for appointment of Sri Abheeshta as OSD to Chief Minister was dealt with in file C.NO.4/OP.II/2014. Based on the request received from the Chief Minister’s office orders were issued in O.O Rt.No.25 GA (OP.II) Department dated 16-6-2014, appointing him as Officer on Special Duty to Hon’ble Chief Minister coterminous with the tenure of Chief Minister. It was indicated therein that the terms & conditions of appointment will be issued separately. The terms & conditions of appointment were issued in OO Rt.No.370 GA (OP.II0 Dept., dated 21-8-2014 with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their UO No.5335/79/A3/HR.I/2014 Dated 5-8-2014 and after obtaining the orders of Chief Minister through Minister for Finance.

The above clearly shows that Sri Abheeshta is working as OSD to Chief Minister on the strength of the above orders issued. Therefore there is no truth in the allegations made that he is working as OSD to CM without any orders from GAD.

It is further informed that temporary appointments are made in Government as and when Government wishes to appoint experts in certain posts. There are precedent cases where Government have appointed outsiders. The outside experts will be appointed with a specific rank. Some will be appointed with cabinet status and others with fixed remuneration. Therefore the Government is within its powers to appoint Sri Abheeshta as OSD to Chief Minister.

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Nara Lokesh critcises Jaganmohan


Knowing from the media that he will be invited to foundation laying ceremony for the capital on October 22, the main opposition party in Andhra Pradesh YSRCP chief Jaganmohan Reddy on Thursday evening released an open letter stating that he will not be attending the event as he does not want to be a part of any scams. He also alleged that the state government is developing the real estate business and not the capital city.

Reacting on Jagan’s comment, Nara Lokesh who is the TDP general secretary at both AP and Telangana came hard on Jagan. He stated that Jagan is not able to come to his senses that the dream of AP people is coming true.

He also asked the YSRCP’s leader to donate his 1 lakh cr for Amaravati.

Criticising Jagan, Lokesh tweeted, “Unfortunate Jagan declined to be part of building Amravathi. Hope it comes to his senses that it’s a dream come true for 5cr Andhrites. If he changes his mind, can be part by donating his 1L Cr @ http://www.amaravati.gov.in first, before making baseless comments on @ncbn.”

We have to wait and see how YSRCP will counter these comments from the son of Chandrababu Naidu.

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Naidu appoints party committees


With the rise of son on the TDP horizon, TDP president Chandrababu seems to have emboldened to appoint a central committee to the party, which is hitherto unknown. Apart from party politburo and separate committees for states of Andhra Pradesh, Naidu appointed a central committee to the party. As Nara family is now in the complete grip of party affairs, Naidu appointed N Harikrishna, son of NT Ramarao and his brother-in-law to the politburo. This appointment, it appears, is to keep NTR family in good humor. Because, Harikrishna is keeping himself aloof from the party activities for quite some time. Naidu will remain the party president. After Lokesh-Brahmani marriage and Balakrishna becoming MLA, the battle for NTR legacy between Nara and Nandamuri families was over. This is said to be the reason for Harikrishna’s disappearance from the party activities.

Politburo members : Ashok Gajapati Raju, Y. Ramakrishnudu, K.E. Krishnamurthy, K. Srinivasulu, R. Chandrasekhar Reddy, S. Chandramohan Reddy, T. Devender Goud, E. Dayakar Rao, Uma Madhava Reddy. Ramesh Rathod, Nama Nageswar Rao, Chinna Rajappa, Pratibha Bharati. Motkupalli Narasimhulu and N Harikrishna

Ex officio members: Nara Lokesh Naidu, YS Choudary, Kala Venkatrao and L Ramana.

Vice presidents: P Ramulu, Garikipati Mohan Rao, Magunta Srinivasulur Reddy.

General Secretaries: Nara Lokesh, Revuri Prakash Reddy, Konakalla Narayana,

Official Spokespersons: Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu, Kumar Goud, Bonda Umamaheswar Rao, Payyavula Kesav, Peddiredy

Treasurer : Sidda Raghavarao

Disciplinary committee: M Sherif (convenor), Somisetty Venkateswarlu, Arikela Narsa Reddy.

Andhra Pradesh state committee

President:  KalaVenkatrao

Vice Presidents: Karanam Balaram, J R Pushpa Raj, Metta Satyanarayana, Bandaru Satyanarayana, Venkateswara Choudary,

General Secretaries: Gorantla Buchhaiah Choudary, Varla Ramaiah, Reddy Subramanyam, Nimmala Ramanaidu, B V Jaya, Nageswar Reddy

Official spokespersons: YVB Rajendra Prasad, Dokka Manikya Varaprasad, Mullapudi Renuka, Muttamsetti Srinivasa Rao, Panchumarthi Anuradha, Mallela Linga Reddy, Jupudi Prabhakar

Treasurer: BC Janardhan Reddy

Telangana State committee

President: L Ramana

Working president: Revanth Reddy

Vice Presidents: Mandava Venkateswara Rao, Sayanna, Annapurnamma, Vangala Swamy Goud, Yusuf Ali, Chada Suresh Reddy, Krishna Yadav, Arikapudi Gandhi.

General Secretaries: Kothakota Dayakar Reddy, Sandra Venkataveeraiah, Seethakka, KP Vivek Goud, Bollam Mallayya Yadav, Satish Madiga, Amarnath Babu,

Treasurer: Premkumar Jain.

Media committee : M A Salam, Prakash Reddy

Rytu Samiti President: Pratap Reddy,

Telugu Mahila President: Shobharani.

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Leadership transition set in motion in TDP


Setting in motion the long pending transition in the party, 65 year old TDP supremo Chandrababau Naidu today appointed his son Nara Lokesh as the general secretary of the national committee. As a general secretary he is also made exofficio member in the politiburo, the highest policy making body of the party. With these appointments, Lokesh is expected to get unusual access to the party high-level meetings.

Following the bifurcation of the state Andhra Pradesh, Telugu Desam party is planning to become a national party by expanding its network outside the successor states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.Once it becomes a national party, there would be increased interactions at national level warranting appointment of a suitable leader, who can articulate TDP ideology in English, if not in Hindi. Now, the responsibility will fall on Lokesh, a Harvard business administration graduate.

Even though Lokesh is just in-charge of party workers welfare trust, he has been playing important role in the network building of the party. The role he is playing in internal matters of the party reminds one the role Chandrabababu Naidu played during the time when NT Ramarao was the chief minister in 1980s. By working as coordinator of the party, Chandrababu Naidu took the entire party under his command in such a way that it made the coup in 1994 against NT Ramarao a smooth affair. in the past twenty years, Naidu used to deal himself with party internal affairs. He did not delegate the party internal organization work to any leader in the party.

Now, as chief minister , he is embarked on massive project of building the world-class capital city, Chandrababu is compelled to promote Jr.Naidu as the leader of the party slowly. In party affairs and governmental affairs Naidu doesn’t take anybody into confidence. One can see this in his style of negotiating with the Singapore with regard to the capital construction. Every crucial decision is taken by Naidu alone. He is ensuring his presence in every round of talks with Singapore. Normally, heads of the government, after signing the MoU, leave the matter to the senior officials and experts. No head of the state wishes to participate in the every round of talks with other governments. In the case of TDP government, as far as the capital city is concerned, nobody matters in the state government except chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. So, he is forced to promote his heir apparent to take care of the party affairs.

In the recent extended meeting of the party held in Vijayawada, senior leader Kimidi Kala venkata Rao suggested to Naidu that Lokesh be appointed general secretary of the party. Now, Kala venkata Rao is appointed Andhra Pradesh TDP president and Lokesh general secretary of the party.

For the past few months Lokesh has been going around the state inaugurating training camps for the party workers. He addressed youth and students. As the culmination of these program, the made public the assets owned by his family and family owned Heritage food. From now onwards, as general secretary of the party, he will play an extraordinary role in the party affairs. This appointment has catapulted him to the top slot in the organization. This is will pave the way for his take over from his father Naidu in 2019 by which time Naidu will be nearing 70. Party sources say after 2019 depending upon the political situation, Naidu may switch over to national politics like Mulayam Singh of Uttar Pradesh. Once the capital project takes off, the hype created by Amaravati would help the TDP sweep polls which eventually lead to the anointment of Lokesh as leader TDLP as it happened in the case of Akhilesh Yadav in Lucknow- this is the master plan of Naidu according to sources in TDP.

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Jagan is far richer than ‘milk vendor’ Lokesh


Setting an example to all those families which are politically connected, Nara Lokesh Babu, son Chief minister Chandrababau Naidu and TDP leader, today declared assets of his family and the family owned company , Heritage foods.

Whether one believes it or not, the son of three-term chief minister is living a modest life and can’t be considered rich by any stretch of imagination, in today’s standards. He doesn’t fall in the category of rich as he doesn’t possess enviable assets compared to YS Jaganmohan Reddy , son of another chief minister (late) YS Rajasekhar Reddy.

According to the 2015 election affidavit, YSR Congress president YS Jaganmohan Reddy is one of richest politicians in India with declared assets of Rs 365 crore. It rose with jet speed from the declared asset of Rs 77 crore in 2009. When compared to Jagan’s properties, the assets of Nara family ( Chandrababu Naidu, wife Bhubaneswari, son Lokesh Naidu and daughter-in- law Barhmini) pale into insignificance before the YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Because all put together, Nara family owns assets worth just Rs 45. crore.

Let us a have a look at Nara family’ s assets. Lokesh Naidu property’s net asset value is Rs 7.67 crore, which includes a farm of 10 acres and a farm house constructed at a cost of Rs 2.20 crore, which he said was pledged to Bank of Baroda.Stating that every year in September he would release the details of family assets, Lokesh said his father Chandrabababu Naidu, the poorest of Nara family, owned just an asset of worth Rs 42.4 lakh while his mother Bhuvaneswari Rs 33 crore. The net value of assets owned by his wife Brahmini was put at Rs 4.77 crore. According to Lokesh, the Heritage company, whose principal activity is doing business in milk and milk products, possess the assets worth Rs 2073 crore in 2014-15.Elaborating on the activities of Heritage, Lokesh said the company was providing direct employment to 4284 people and indirect employment to 15000 people.

He said he had no intention to launch a newspaper or TV channel. ” I am deriving great pleasure in this milk business which I can’t derive from setting up a cement plant or news channel. Our family doesn’t harbor any idea to launch news channel,” he said taking an indirect dig at YS Jagan. According Junior Naidu, transparency was the corner stone of Heritage and the company chose to take reduced profit by spending more on the farmers. He said the Heritage purchases milk from 3 lakh farmer. ” We have set up welfare trust to look after the welfare of the farmers. All member-farmers get accident insurance along with expenses for health,” he said.

He had plans to develop the Heritage brand into a globally recognized one.
He said many attempts had been made by Congress leaders during YSR regime to get an inquiry into his assents, but could not succeed. He urged all political families to do the same to introduce an element of transparency and honesty into the politics.

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Lokesh mobilizing youth support to father


Nara Lokesh Babu , who is going to play key role in party affairs today participated in an impressive gathering of students and youth in Kandukur, Prakasham district. Lokesh inaugurated the TDP Cadre Training Centre at Prakasam Engineering College. He is expected to concentrate on recruiting and moulding the students and youth for the TDP ideology of development of the state. According to party sources, Lokesh Babu is given responsibility of mobilizing youth to support TDP governments policies, which of late attracting criticism from opposition parties. “In Andhra Pradesh, students are not actively involved in TDP politics. The students activity is confined to the Left parties and BJP, and to some extent Congress. TDP doesn’t have an effective student and youth wing. Lokesh will concentrate on this aspect and mobilize youth opinion in favor of Chandrababu Naidu’s efforts to make Andhra Pradesh, a global destination of investment, which is going to create job in lakhs,” TDP sources involved in the Lokesh activities told Telugu 360.com

A senior party leader and politburo member, who doesn’t want his name quoted told this correspondent that Naidu wants to channelize youth energy to silence opposition onslaught on the developmental projects of TDP government.

“Chandrababu Naidu seems to have observed that Prime Minister Modi was being robustly defended by youth globally for his initiatives. He has highest youth following among the contemporary political leaders in India. Such a support is needed to rebuild any country or state. TDP president also wants harness youth power. Lokesh is on the job of mobilizing support Andhra youth wherever they are. Lokesh is given the responsibility of building youth force,” he said.

Already pressure is building on Lokesh to enter party organization and become in-charge of organizational matters. In a recent high level meeting party held in Vijayawada, politburo member and senior most leader of the party, Kala Venkatarao suggest to CM to appoint Lokesh as secretary-general of the party and make him in charge of organization. Naidu, though diplomatically chose not to respond to the suggestion in public, is indirectly encouraging his son to become the youth and student leader of the party.
The Kandukuru meeting, said the TDP leader, had proven the young Naidu’s capacity to attract the youth and sustain dialogue with them for longer time. “This is the quality of the leader”, he added.
Now we have to watch keenly the moves Lokesh takes to become the self-made leader or end up as son of Chandrababu Naidu.

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