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22 % Bihar candidates in Phase-1 have criminal record


Bihar Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analyzed the self-sworn affidavits of all 583 candidates who are contesting in the first phase of Bihar assembly elections, 2015.The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) was established in 1999 by a group of professors from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad. In 1999, Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed by them with Delhi High Court asking for the disclosure of the criminal, financial and educational background of the candidates contesting elections. Based on this, the Supreme Court in 2002, and subsequently in 2003, made it mandatory for all candidates contesting elections to disclose criminal, financial and educational background prior to the polls by filing an affidavit with the Election Commission. We give the salient points of the report released today.

Highlights of the Analysis

Criminal Background

• Candidates with Serious Criminal Cases: 130 (22%) candidates have declared serious criminal cases including cases related to murder, attempt to murder, communal disharmony, kidnapping, crimes against women etc.Candidates with Criminal Cases: Out of all the 583 candidates, 174(30%) candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves.
• Candidates with cases related to murder: 16 candidates have declared cases related to murder (Indian Penal Code Section-302). Pradeep Kumar of the Janata Dal (United) (JD(U)) fromWarsaliganj constituency has declared 4 charges related to murder while rest of the candidates face one charge each. 7 Independent candidates have declared cases related to murder.

• Candidates with cases related to Attempt to Murder: 37 candidates have declared cases ofattempt to murder (IPC Section-307). Ramswarup Yadav, an Independent candidate from Hisuaconstituency faces 5 charges related to attempt to murder. 1 candidate fielded by Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), 1 by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), 3 by JD(U), 1 by Jan Adhikar Party (Loktantrik) (JAP(L)) along with 1 Independent candidate have each declared 2 charges related to attempt to murder.

• Candidates with cases related to Crimes against Women: 11 candidates have declared cases related to crimes against women. Nityanand Kumar, an Independent candidate from Suryagarhaconstituency and Rajiiv Nayak, an Independent candidate from Jamalpur constituency have each declared1 charge related to rape (IPC Section-376) against them. Suman Kumar Singh, an Independentcandidate from Kahalgaon constituency has declared an offence of dowry death (IPC Section-304B).
• Candidates with cases related to causing Communal Disharmony: 2 candidates have declared cases relating to causing communal disharmony. Shakuni Choudhary of Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular) from Tarapur constituency has declared a case related to injuring or defiling place of worship with intent to insult the religion of any class (IPC Section-295). Rambalak Singh ofJD(U) from Bibhutipur constituency has declared a case related to promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony (IPC Section-153A).

•Candidates with cases related to Robbery and Dacoity: 5 candidates have declared cases related to robbery and dacoity. Ram Lakhan Singh of BJP from Teghra constituency has declared 1charge each related to making preparation to commit dacoity (IPC Section-399) and assembling for purpose of committing dacoity (IPC Section – 402). Baiju Kumar Rai, an Independent candidate,from Ujiarpur constituency has declared 1 charge each related to dacoity (IPC Section-395), making preparation to commit dacoity (IPC Section-399) and voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery (IPC Section – 394).

• Candidates with cases related to Kidnapping: 9 candidates have declared cases related toKidnapping. 5 candidates have declared offence related to kidnapping or abducting with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine person (IPC Section-365), and 4 candidates have declared offence related to kidnapping or abducting in order to murder (IPC Section-364). 5 candidates have declared more than 1 charge related to kidnapping against themselves.

• Party wise Candidates with Criminal Cases: 14 (52%) out of 27 candidates from BJP, 14 (56%) out of 25 candidates from Communist Party of India (CPI), 8 (20%) out of 41 candidates fromBSP, 11 (46%) out of 24 candidates fielded by JD(U), 9 (50%) out of 18 candidates from Samajwadi Party (SP), 8 (47%) out of 17 candidates of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), 6 (75%) out of 8 candidates fielded byIndian National Congress (INC), 8 (62%) out of 13 candidates of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) along with 8 (67%) out of 12 candidates of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)) and 45 (23%)out of 192 Independent candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits.

• Party wise Candidates with Serious Criminal Cases: 10 (37%) out of 27 candidates fromBJP, 7 (28%) out of 25 candidates from CPI, 6 (15%) out of 41 candidates from BSP, 9 (38%) out of 24candidates fielded by JD(U), 7 (39%) out of 18 candidates from SP, 6 (35%) out of 17 candidates of RJD, 4 (50%) out of 8 candidates fielded by INC, 6 (46%) out of 13 candidates of LJP along with 5 (42%) out of 12 candidates of the CPI(M) and 38 (20%) out of 192 Independent candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits.

•Red Alert Constituencies*: 37 constituencies in the first phase of Bihar assembly elections have 3 or more candidates with declared criminal cases.

*Red Alert Constituencies are those which have 3 or more candidates with criminal cases contesting elections.

Financial Background

• Crorepati Candidates: Out of the 583 candidates, 146 (25%) are crorepatis.

• Party wise Crorepati Candidates: 18 (67%) out of 27 fielded by BJP, 19 (79%) out of 24 candidates from JD(U), 11 (65%) out of 17 candidates from RJD, 6 (33%) out of 18 candidates fielded by SP, 6 (75%) out of 8 candidates of INC, 8 (62%) out of 13 candidates of LJP, 3(7%) out of 41 candidates of BSP and 42 (22%) out of 192 Independent candidates have declared assets worth more than Rs. 1 crore.

• Average Assets: The average of assets per candidate contesting in the first phase of Bihar assembly elections is Rs.1.44 crores.

• Party wise Average Assets: Among major parties, the average assets per candidate for 27 BJP candidates is Rs 2.15 crores, 41 BSP candidates have average assets of Rs 1.63 crores, 24 JD(U) candidates have average assets worth of Rs 4.63 crores, 8 INC candidates have average assets worth Rs 8 crores, 17 RJD candidates have average assets worth of Rs 4.08 crores, the average assets per candidate for 18 SP candidates is Rs 78.27 lakhs, 13 LJP candidates have average assets of Rs 2.7 crores and 192 Independent candidates have average assets of Rs. 1.23 crores.

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BJP wants Pattiseema to be named after Chandrababu


Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday turned tables on YSRCP Congress by asking the party to state whether it would support the Pattiseema project or not. So far, YSRCP has been posing the irksome question to chief minister Naidu to tell the people whether he was supporting the special status of not.

Today, state assembly took up Pattiseema Project issue for the debate. As the opposition leader Jagan was away in Pulivendula to participate in death anniversary of YS Rasekhar Reddy, deputy leader J Nehru spoke on the subject. Elaborating on the benefits of Pattiseema project, being taken up on Godavari, Naidu said the project was meant to divert Krishna water to Rayalaseema, which is a drought prone area.
“We want transfer 80 TMC Godavari water to Krishna barrage. The water thus saved in Krishna will be transferred to Rayalaseema. Now tell if you are opposed to taking water to Rayalaseema which was the objective of Pattiseema, or not,” Naidu asked and wanted straight answer.

YSR Congress leader Jyothula Nehru found difficult to answer in clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ . He said his party was not opposed to linking of the rivers, but they were opposed to the way the project was being implemented. “We are opposed to the motive behind the construction of Pattiseema when Polavaram was to be taken up with more benefits. Pattiseema is not a irrigation project, but a money spinning project,” he said.

BJP floor leader, Vishnukumar Raju, who normally used to take critical stand against TDP on many issues, this time, became cheerleader of chief minister Naidu. He said as a civil engineer he knew more about Pattiseema than Nehru. ” It is amazing that the state government is able to finish the project in just eight months and one should appreciate the efforts of chief minister Naidu. Going an extra mile, he suggested to the house that the project should be named as “Chandranna Pattiseema scheme” to the cheers from the treasury benches.

Then Nehru described the BJP as the tail of TDP, which was objected to by Raju stating, BJP could cut tails of YSRCP if it wants. Chief minister also defended BJP stating that it was a national party and there was nothing wrong in Raju’s appreciation of TDP’s work.

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A case of better late than never


In a belated move, the Telangana BJP is planning a state-wide tour to campaign against the anti-people policies of TRS government. BJP state president G Kishan Reddy and BJLP leader K Lakshman announced this today. They criticized the lack of sense of priority on the part of the TRS government in implementing the project. “So, we want to put pressure on the government by mobilizing the people to take up the ongoing projects and complete them immediately, instead of going in for new projects,” they said.

“If the state government invests Rs 1,000 crore, four important projects in the water-starved Mahbubnagar district would be completed within a year. These projects can irrigate thousands of acres and help farmers come out of poverty, which is forcing them to commit suicides. Instead, the government is laying foundations stones for new projects with huge expenditure, ” G Kishan Reddy said.

“The government announced a whopping Rs 35,000 crore for the Palamur-RR lift irrigation project and is not willing to release just Rs 1,000 crore for four important projects in the district which are in the final stages of completion?” he wondered. Dubbing the TRS government `a government of words and not work’, Reddy said that “the chief minister has tendency to give assurances on stage during his tours and forgets the moment he leaves the venue.”

Reddy and Lakshman opposed the cheap liquor policy of the state government stating it was meant to serve the vested interests.

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TDP – BJP clash expected for Warangal seat


In an embarrassment to BJP, this time round Telugu Desam party, which smells anti-incumbency generating in Telangana state, wants to field its candidate from Warangal Lok Sabha constituency in the ensuing by-election , wresting the seat from its NDA ally. The party leaders are of the view that the chances of winning the bypolls have become brighter due to the anti-people policies of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. Spiraling prices, growing opposition the cheap liquor promotion in the state, and corruption in the irrigation projects, inability to address the unemployment problem, failure in honoring loan waiver fully etc, the TDP thinks would work in its favor. So, the party, wants to field its candidate, to send at least one TDP MP from Telangana state to Lok Sabha. So, all TDP Telangana leaders are putting pressure on party president Chandrababu Naidu to take back the seat from Bharatiya Janata party.

In 2014 elections, following the electoral understanding between the BJP and TDP, the cycle party left the seat to BJP, which fielded Parameshwar Ramagalla against TRS candidate Kadiyam Srihari. While Congress fielded sitting MP Sircilla Rajaiah. The, BJP however, ended up poor third, despite Modi wave. Not to take chances, TDP wants to wrest the seat from BJP for the byelection to be held soon.

BJP sources told Telugu 360. com that no decision had been taken on the Warangal constituency stating the constituency is allotted to BJP. BJP argument is like this:

” The Warangal is going to bypoll due to resignation of Kadiyam Srihari. The constituency is given to BJP as part of alliance between TDP and BJP. As the election is part of the present LoK Sabha, insisting on taking back the seat is unfair.” BJP sources did not agree with TDP argument that the situation was conducive to TDP.

“This is wrong. It’s true that anti-incumbency is gaining ground against TRS government . That it works out in favor of TDP is a million dollar question. Because, the TD P image has been sullied in the cash-for-vote case. TDP should give handle to KCR to attack in by-polls. And by raising voice against TRS in the past 15 months, BJP indeed has become stronger. It would be better for TDP not to make it an issue,” the sources said. BJP sources refuse to be cited his name as the TDP had not made it intention public.

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BJP turns the tables on TDP on Land Acquisition


In retaliation to the TDP’ attempt to put the blame on the BJP for Centre’s denial in according special category Status to AP, the saffron party is giving chief minister Naidu pinpricks over the ongoing land acquisition controversy in new capital development region in Guntur district.

The BJP has maintained honorable distance from the issue. It did not venture into defending the TDP’s attempt to build a world class capital when Janasena president Pawan Kalyan warned state government of serious consequences if it were to proceed on land acquisition, on Sunday.

The BJP leaders seems to have decided to adopt ‘wait and watch’ approach so that their party is not dragged into unwholesome controversy. While Andhra BJP leaders were silent, it was union minister Bandaru Dattatreya who pitched in to extend support to farmers’ rights.

“Acquiring lands for the construction of new capital is the State government’s responsibility. Hence, the TDP government should see that the farmers, who are surrendering their lands, are compensated adequately as per the Land Acquisition Act. They should also be rehabilitated at the earliest,” Bandaru Dattatreya said in Hyderabad.

He advised the TDP government against adopting hostile attitude towards the farmers, who are not able to reconcile to the fact that they are set to lose their multi-crop fertile agricultural lands for the sake of construction of the new capital in AP.

“The TDP government should try to convince the farmers to get their land willingly. The Centre is of the view that farmers should not suffer due to land acquisition. We want the State government to keep farmers interests in mind before taking away their lands,” Dattatreya said.

AP BJP leader Y Raghunadha Babu said though his party is in favor of constructing world class capital city for AP, it did not want the farmers to suffer.

“We would not keep calm, if the interests of the farmers are not taken care of while acquiring their lands for the capital city,” he warned when asked for a comment’

Talking to T-360 BJP state vice-president K Kapileswaraiah is also of the opinion that the TDP government should acquire only as much of land as is required for the construction of the capital city.

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Special Status : War Clouds Gather in Andhra Pradesh


The “special status’  is  generating too much heat in Andhra Pradesh. The remark of union planning minister Rao Inderjit Singh that no state was special, stirred up harnet’s nest in the state. political parties are sharpening their knives to attakc TDP and BJP. The BJP, however, is trying to distance itself from TDP on the issue stating Centre was ready to assist the state in every possible way in lieu of special status. For BJP the special status is a settled matter. 14 th finance commission addressed it  and matter is fait accompli.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, who visited the state last week and assured to the people that was ready to visit any place to fight for Special Status, on Saturday telephoned APCC president N Raghuvira Reddy to inform him that he would go to any extent to fight for special status to AP. He said all Congress MPs are meeting on Monday in New Delhi to prepare an action plan. Raghuvira Reddy said APCC would formulate its own action plan.

Even CPM also pitched in. Senior leader Prakash Karat said CPM would fight for AP’s cause.
“Just because special status was UPA government’ commitment NDA is not supposed to deny the much wanted special status to AP. We will fight for it,” Karat said in Hyderabad.


Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, who address party workers in Vijayawada today is said have opined that Andhra Pradesh which faced painful division should not be equated with other states for the application of general fund devolution formula.


“Andhra Pradesh has been divided against our wishes. It was centre who thrust division on us. We were denied capital, revenue, water, power etc. To recover from the division A P needs special status. We want special treatment  from the centre. We will continue to put pressure on centre,” he told TDP extended meeting.

BJP however defended the union minister statement. Purandeswri, the rising star of BJP in Andhra firmament, said state’s requirements had already been taken care of by 14 th Fiance Commission. The 14 th Finance Commission had increased to devolution of funds to states up to 60 per cent to meet the growing requirements. And the centre was ready to extend all support to the AP, she told media in Vizag.


In menatime, Anantapur MP J C Diwakar Reddy, who is known for bizarre statements, today said in Vijayawada that chief minister knows it pretty well that the special status was not a realizable demand. “So, we are fighting to get more funds to state of Andhra pradesh,” he said rediculing Pawan Kalyan’s statement that TDP MPs were not doing enough on the demand.


“It seems he has a plan to hit the streets to get special status. We have staged dharnas in parliament, stalled the House and represented many union ministers. If Pawan Kalya is ready to lead us , we would  walk behind him,” he said in Vijayawada.

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Does BJP have future in Telugu states ? Post-Pushkara Analysis


Two Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, appear to be not in the side of Hindutva of Sangh parivar brand. The Godavari Pushkaralu in the two states have been celebrated with Telugu fervor without any saffron being painted to the event. For the first time India, such a large congregation of Hindus, remained untouched by Vishva Hindu Parishad or any other Sangh Parivar outfit. We know the Kumbh Mela is totally colonized by VHP. By associating itself with such religious congregations VHP normally “Hindutvize”  the event and pave the way for  BJP’s entry. Surprisingly, the Godavari Pushkaralu of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have been celebrated without any shade of saffron. Even the visit and holy dip of VHP International working president Pravin Togadia had largely gone unnoticed. Togadia, whose supreme strength is courting controversy, also had been silent when he was in Antarvedi of East Godavari district. He did not utter a single word about Hindutva- very unbecoming of Todagia.

Chandrababu Naidu.

Normally, Sangh Parivar appropriates all rights of celebrating the Hindu festivals. VHP establishes coordination committees for the festivals like the one in Hyderabad, Bhagyanagar Ganesh Utsava Samiti. The sound and fury of Nimajjanas in Hyderabad has been the result of overwhelming participation of Sangh groups. VHP was found on the date of Lord Krishna’s birth. It organized first world Hindu Conference on the occasion of Kumbh Mela in Allahabad. Dharma Sansads were organized in Haridwar and Allahabad Kumbh Melas. By these sessions VHP had been successful  in bringing majority Sadhus under its fold. It organized Sanskrit Sammelans. In fact, the VHP activities during Kumbh Melas had prepared a cultural ground for the entry of BJP. The areas of BJP influence are exactly the areas where the VHP controls the melas and festivals. Even Ayodhya movement owes its brith to these VHP congregations. Of course, Karnataka is an exception.

But, the Telugu Pushkaralu, which attracted about 8.5 crore people, were totally free of Sangh parivar’s influence. In the both the states,  they looked state sponsored, with chief ministers alone taking control of the situation. In the case of Andhra Pradesh, chief minister Chandrababu Naidu made Rajahnundry temporary capital to oversee the mega event of Maha Pushkaralu. Neither Naidu, nor T-CM Chandrasekhar Rao left an inch of space for Hindu right wing organizations. Or is it largely the nature of Telugu people not to ‘Hindutvize’ the practice of worshiping “Talli Godavari”.

K Chandrasekhar Rao

The  Hindu-Telugu mobilization was so massive that YSRC president Y S Jagan was also compelled to feel that a holy dip was politically important though with cross hanging from his neck.

The Pushkaralu  partly answer the BJP’s existential conundrum in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Both governments ensured that sangh parivar did not sneak into pushkaralu. Both Naidu and KCR emerged more Hindu than any other Hidutva leader.

The Telugu lands have largely proven immune to Modi wave. Despite clear Modi wave across India before the 2014 elections, Modi managers failed to tame united Andhra Pradesh. The fact that  the party had to settle down for an alliance with Telugu Desam party itself was the admission that it was difficult to paint saffron Andhra or Telangana regions.

One year into office at the center under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, the party is not still sure of the road it has to take to become independent of Telugu Desam party in Andhra Pradesh.

According to sources in the party there has been a two-line struggle going on among the top brass of the party. Line one, there is no need to antagonize a strong NDA partner in AP by attempting to graduate itself from an ally- status to an independent party. The  rival line is that the objective of BJP is to emerge stronger and should be in a position to form the government someday. The BJP, the sources said, is not averse to play caste card to attract new sections of the Telugu society. If the sources are to be believed, the party is on lookout for a strong Reddy or Kapu leader to lead the party so that it could make forays into the new communities. The term of incumbent party president Haribabu will end in December.  The strategy is that since Hindutva is not all a force in Telugu lands, let us go in for social engineering.

As many Reddys and Kapus are disillusioned with existing parties, BJP wants to attract them by  having  party president from these castes. Sources said, names of party leaders such as MLC Somu Veerraju, senior leader Challapalli Narasimha Reddy, party AP general secretary S Suresh Reddy, former minister Kanna Lakshminarayana etc. are doing rounds in the party circles. Some in the party argue that former union minister D Purandeswari, though a Kamma, is a right bet to free the party from the influence of TDP

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Is DS Quitting Congress?


Former minister, twice PCC president, a party veteran from Telangana, “D Srinivas is planning to leave the Congress. He may join TRS. Joining BJP is  also not ruled out.”

This is the talk in Gandhi Bhavan, the Telangana Congress headquarters, and in Nizambad, Srinivas’ home town. Ask any of his aides, pat comes the reply, “What is the option before him?”

The party is insulting him, they allege.

The man, who earned the moniker of “winning-horse” in the company of YS Rajasekhar Reddy  from Congress high-command in his heydays, is now persona non grata in 10, Jan Path, Sonia Gandhi’s residence in New Delhi. After the defeat of the party in 2014 elections many T-Congress leaders have fallen from the grace of  party high command. One such leader is D Srinivas, who is popular as DS. DS expected renomination to the Legislative Council this time. It did not happen amid changed equations.

“He was not only denied the MLC ticket, but had been thoroughly humiliated by the party. The party picked up Akula Lalita from his home district. DS was not all informed about the decision. In fact, Sonia Gandhi thought of re-nominating him. But, some leaders like Digivijay Singh influenced her against DS,” one of his close aides told telug360.com.

It was not the only instance where he was not consulted.  On many issues, he was kept out of loop and one such important occasion was Rahul Gandhi’s Telangana visit in May, 2015.  When Rahul was in Nirmal in Adilabad district, DS was not allowed to meet the party vice president. According to his aides, of late even Sonia Gandhi’s office is also not enthusiastic about arranging madam’s audience to DS. When he brought his predicament in state party to the notice of party president through some friends, she had reportedly informed him that such issues should be tackled at the state level. It is in stark contrast to the respect he commanded from 10, Jan Path some time back.  Sonia Gandhi used to summon him to Delhi even at the slightest disturbance in the party before the division of the state. He was the only leader from Telangana to have unrestricted access to 10, Jan Path. His clout was so much before the 2004 election that while appointing him as the PCC president for united Andhra Pradesh, the then AICC general secretary in charge of the state Gulam Nabi Azad described DS and YS as winning horses. Again in 2009, calling him a winning horse, party appointed him as PCC president for the second term. On both occasions he lived up to his moniker.

Now, DS, who has been with the party since his NSUI-college days, is now totally cut off from the party.

His bad luck he could not win any election since 2009.

This is the background of the talk about his imminent quitting of the party.

Talking to telugu360.com, a close aide of DS admitted that TRS was one option as relations with party do not seem to returning to normality.

“TRS has been inviting him for quite some time. The party has even offered him local body constituency MLC seat for which election are likely to be held soon,” they say adding that some time back, BJP sources also had contacted him. “BJP has big assignment for him in Delhi,” they claimed.

According the aides DS is waiting for some rapprochement. Because, the former APCC president is finding it very painful to severe a 40-year long bond with Congress.







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HRD Minister Smriti Irani in Trouble


The union HRD minister Smriti Irani landed in a trouble as a local court in Delhi accepted a plea against her alleging that she submitted fake  educational credentials.

The court, while taking the cognizance of he complaint has posted the hearing to 28 August. The lawyers of Smriti Irani have said that the court gave time to complainant to prove his allegations. They, however, said that the court must have not taken cognizance.

It may be noted that Smriti Irani-in her election affidavit filed during 20o4 elections-mentioned that she completed her Bachelor of Arts in 1996 from Delhi University. On contrary,  she has mentioned that she’s a Bachelor of Commerce graduate in affidavit filed for Rajya Sabha polls in 2011.

Meanwhile, Congress party demanded Smriti Irani to resign to HRD ministry. It may be recalled that Smriti Irani came under heavy criticism when she was offered HRD. She then appealed to the people to judge her by her work and not by her education. BJP, so far, has not responded to fake degree row.

(Phani B)

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BJP’s Ram Madhav Caught on Wrong-foot on Yoga Day : Govt Apologizes


[dropcap]R[/dropcap]am Madhav, the voice of RSS in BJP and the only Telugu RSS leader to achieve national recognition, was caught on wrong foot on the Yoga Day- not because he faltered in performing Yoga at historic Jan Path in Delhi on last Sunday.

He chose to criticize an important and respected dignitary of the country on the day for not showing up at Jan Path.

But he chose wrong targets, Vice President Hamid Ansari and Rajya Sabha TV he controls. The reason is obvious.

Having not found the Vice President around on Yoga Day, he tweeted “Two questions. Did RS TV dat runs on Taxpayers money completely blackout Yoga Day event? While President participated d VP gave a miss?” It immediately drew criticism from all quarters. Ram Madhav, now BJP general secretary, did not make sure if the Yoga Day was being observed as government event or a voluntary program.

It was a voluntary program. And also the Vice President had not been invited. Ansari’s office clarified later.

Even on Rajya Sabha TV coverage also he committed faux pas. The event was not ignored by RSTV. The Social media responded with YouTube links of the RS TV coverage of Yoga Day.

Scenting the strong reaction, Ram Madhav immediately removed his tweets. However, the government had to apologize to the Vice President. Union minister of state for AYUSH Shripad Naik tendered his apologies when media sought his reaction to the tweets of Ram Madhav.

“Unknowingly, something happens, we apologize for that. It should have been avoided. It’s a mistake. He (Ram Madhav) agrees. He apologized. He withdrew his statement,” Naik said.

On not inviting the Vice President, the minister cited protocol and said the vice president can’t be invited to an event where the Prime Minister is chief guest.

“That is protocol. That’s why we did not send invite to the Vice President. President and Vice President are above the Prime Minister as per order of precedence and we cannot invite them accordingly.” The minister said.

Interestingly, the growth of Ram Madhav in RSS is phenomenal. Madhav is born into a Konaseem Brahmin family in 1964. He studied polytechnic. Later earned his masters from Mysore University. A voracious leader and astute analytical skill, Ram Madhav attracted the RSS bosses’ attention through his flawless articulation. Before moving to Delhi as spokesperson of RSS, he was associate editor of RSS Telugu magazine Jagruthi, published from Hyderabad. As a spokesperson during NDA days in late 1990s he was a success. Equally fluent in English and Hindi as in Telugu, Ram Madhav is most accessible leader for media. After advent of Modi era in 2014, RSS deputed him to BJP where he was appointed general secretary. He played crucial role in the bringing together BJP and PDP to form a first BJP government in J &K. Recently he authored a book “Uneasy Neighbors: India and China after Fifty Years of the War”.

Party sources say Madhav has designed a strategy for Andhra Pradesh as well. His plan is to attract leaders from all communities to strengthen the BJP as a force in Andhra Pradesh. His friends say he is for charting an independent course instead of sailing with TDP as a minor ally. BJP leaders are clueless about when he would put his agenda to practice.




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KTR Invites Venkaiah Naidu for International Summit


Telangana IT minister K Tarakarama Rao (KTR) met the union minister Venkaiah Naidu today in Delhi.

Although this meeting gained significance in the wake of the ongoing probe in to the infamous cash-for-vote scam, KTR told the media that he had held no secret meetings with Venkaiah Naidu.

Briefing more on the same, after meeting the BJP senior leader, KTR has said that he invited Venkaiah Naidu for an international conference that is scheduled to take place on August 22 and 23.

Venkaiah Naidu said he would attend the meeting, added Harish Rao. Responding to one of questions, KTR said that Andhra and Telangana people were living together like brothers in the common capital Hyderabad.

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Telugu CMs Convene High Level Meetings With Police


Chief ministers of Telugu states are busy convening high-level meetings with their state police. While Chandrababu is reportedly pressing their police for drawing curtains to the cash for vote scam without bringing in his name, K Chandrashekar Rao is meeting governor ESL Narasimhan and discussing the developments of the investigation.
The reports earlier said that the centre gave assurance to Babu that it would look into the matter. Now that BJP is coming under scanner over Sushma‘s issue, it reportedly clarified Babu that it would not intervene in the cash for vote scam issue.
On the other hand, K Chandrashekar Rao held meeting with ACB DG, AK Khan this morning. Whether Chandrababu’s name would be included in the charge sheet is now becoming the topic of the town.

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Does India Need Conflict of Interest Law?


As the union minister Sushma Swaraj admitted that she helped tainted IPL ex chief Lalit Modi in getting the required documents to travel the United Kingdom, the demand for conflict of law is certainly the main point of analysts while the political opponents press for Sushma Swaraj’s resignation.
Before we demand for Swaraj’s resignation, on moral grounds, why not learn about ‘conflict of interest,’ and it’s need for country.
Conflict of Interest:
When a person, who is at a responsible job, can misuse the power that he possesses on encountering a person close to him who requires his official help– is called conflict of interest. In simpler words, it’s a clash between the official power and personal relations where the latter usually wins over the former in the absence of stringent laws.
First came into scene:
Germany’s supremo Adolf Hitler first brought in conflict of interest laws as he firmly believed that his military had greater ambitions, which could be affected due to personal favouritisms.
There are basically two types of conflict of interest–self dealing and nepotism. In self-dealing, a person will directly deal with the opposite party whereas in nepotism, kin and kith of the person in power will press for favours.
What happened in Sushma Swaraj’s case:
Sushma Swaraj’s daughter, who is an advocate, was dealing Lalit Modi’s case. It is known that Lalit Modi was wrapped up in the infamous IPL scam that kept him and the country in bad light. Also, he was asked not to move to any other country.

After Sushma Swaraj came to power, her daughter apparently sought favours-amounting to misuse of powers-from her.

Accordingly, as Sushma Swaraj admitted, she helped her daughter get the travel documents of Lalit Modi so that he could shift his base to the United Kingdom.
This is a clear case of nepositism as Sushma Swaraj’s daughter is involved.
Earlier instances:
Many such cases came into the picture earlier in India. UPA’s then chairperson Sonia Gandhi time and again hit the headlines for allegedly helping out her son-in-law Robert Vodra in many scams.
Implementation in corporate offices:
Many corporate offices have their own conflict of interest policies, accordinly, no husband and wife would be allowed to work in the same company as they might not be discharging their duties properly trying to favour eachother.
Need for conflict of interest law:
The country undoubtedly needs a strong conflict of interest law so that the leaders, like Sushma Swaraj, will time and again think about the law before they give into the demands of their kin and kith.

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