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Etela Rajender suffers high fever, takes a break from Padayatra


Is Etela Rajender giving a break to his padayatras in Huzurabad assembly constituency? Sources said that his health condition has deteriorated due to continuous padayatras in the constituency. He is said to be suffering from high fever and leg pains. The doctors reportedly advised him to take a break from the hectic and intense padayatra for some days.

Etela, who is now on a Praja Deevena Padayatra, has become very weak. Doctors examined him at Kondapaka village in Veenavanka mandal of the Huzurabad constituency. They found that he was having high temperature due to continuously walking during the rains and hot son. Inclement weather has taken their toll on him. Relentless walking also has caused severe leg pains. The ankle is also strained. The doctors advised him immediate rest for some time.

BjP sources said that Etela’s wife Jamuna Reddy will continue with the padayatra while Etela is under rest. Once the health condition improves, Etela might rejoin the yatra, they said. Sources said that arrangements are being made for Jamuna’s Padayatra in various villages of Huzurabad constituency.

It may be recalled that Etela Rajender has resigned from the assembly due to what he called the insult caused by TRS boss KCR. Since his resignation, Etela has launched a padayatra in his constituency to reach out to his voters and supporters. The ruling TRS too has taken it as a prestige issue and has been doing everything it can in Huzurabad. Several ministers, MLAs are already camping in Huzurabad. The prestigious Dalit Bandhu too is being launched from Huzurabad only.

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When will Eatala chant “Jai Sri Ram?”


The BJP workers and fans across are longing to hear those two slogans from its newest icon. The icon in question is drawing huge crowds. He is sporting a huge Tilak and is donning the saffron stole. He is spitting fire and brimstone. But, those “two slogans” are not coming forth from the mouth of this worthy leader. The BJP workers are getting impatient as the “leader” continues to avoid mouthing those slogans.

We are talking about Eatala Rajender. Eatala, who fell out with KCR, had joined the BJP amid fanfare. But, a dyed-in-the-wool Leftist, Eatala Rajender has not so far uttered the two slogans that the BJP workers yearn to hear. He has not so far said “Bharat Matha Ki Jai” and “Jai Sriram.” Interestingly, no BJP leader ever ends his speech without chanting either Jai Sriram or Bharat Matha Ki Jai. These two have been their mantras.

Yet, Eatala, who began his political activism as a PDSU activist and has worked underground in the Naxal movement for quite some time, remained true to his beliefs even as a TRS leader. His transition to the TRS was natural. It is only now that he has fallen out with KCR and needs the support of a strong political party. So, he chose the BJP. Though he has joined the BJP, he, it appears, has not embraced its ideology.

As of now, he is covering every nook and corner of Huzurabad assembly constituency. But, he has never said “Jai Sriram.” His speeches end with the typical “Jai Telangana.” Even during his campaign, he is speaking only about what he has done for Huzurabad and how his politics are intertwined with the constituency. Rarely is he mentioning the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the schemes of the BJP government at the Centre. The BJP activists are now increasingly asking themselves if Eatala has mentally and psychologically still outside BJP.

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Etela letter to KCR: Leaked or forged?


A letter purportedly written by Etela Rajender to Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has gone viral on social media in which Etela expressed apologies for resorting to anti-party activities and pleaded KCR to give him one last chance to correct himself.

Though the letter has no date to know when it was written, the contents of the letter indicate that it was written a day after T News channel aired sensational assigned lands encroachment news reports against Etela in May.

In the letter, Etela admitted of holding ‘secret meetings’ in Bengaluru, Pune etc against party leadership in which TRS leaders from Peddapalli district also participated.

Etela said he held those meetings after he was misled by few leaders but he had nothing against KCR and TRS. Etela said KCR had given him many opportunities in party and government more than he deserved.

Questions arise whether this letter was deliberately leaked by TRS to embarrass Etela and BJP.

However, Etela denied having written any such letter to KCR. He alleged that it was a ‘forged letter’ written by TRS on his name. He lodged a police complaint today seeking action against those who forged his letter.

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Etela’s ‘close friends’ in TRS under KCR’s scanner!


TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has kept a close vigil on TRS leaders who are known to be ‘close friends’ of sacked health minister Etela Rajender, who joined BJP recently.

KCR is reportedly obtaining intelligence reports on the movements of Etela’s close friends every day.

There is a buzz in party circles that KCR is not relying just on intelligence reports but also roped in his close aides to track the movements of Etela’s close friends in TRS.

With this, several TRS leaders are tensed and avoiding personal or secret meetings and even avoiding talking over phones with a fear that their phones are tapped by intelligence officials.

These days all TRS leaders are making only WhatsApp calls with a belief that those calls are safe and can’t be recorded.

It is widely believed in TRS circles that Chevella MP Ranjith Reddy and Manakondur MLA Rasamayi Balakishan are under KCR’s scanner every day. Both these leaders are known to be ‘close friends’ of Etela in TRS.

While all other TRS leaders are competing to attack Etela to get into the good books of KCR, it’s not the case with Ranjith Reddy and Rasamayi.

Both are still adopting a silent stand on Etela. While Ranjith Reddy is known as a poultry business partner of Etela for long, Rasamayi is known as Etela’s follower since Telangana statehood agitation days.

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Kadiyam Srihari attacking Etela for MLC seat!


TRS senior leader and Telangana former deputy chief minister Kadiyam Srihari started attacking his former colleague Etela Rajender all of a sudden, who recently quit TRS and joined BJP.

TRS chief and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao sidelined Kadiyam in both party and government after TRS came to power for second term in December 2018.

He did not take Kadiyam into his cabinet. KCR also did not renew his MLC membership though his term ended in May. Kadiyam is now jobless in TRS.

He is desperate to secure MLC post but KCR is ignoring him. He made repeated attempts to meet KCR but he did not give appointment. Even when KCR visited Warangal MGM Hospital recently, everyone seen live on TV screens how KCR humiliated Kadiyam by not looking at him when Kadiyam wished him and tried to go near him. KCR’s security personnel pushed Kadiyam away.

Kadiyam is angry at KCR for ignoring him and he is not active in TRS for the last two years. At this juncture, Etela’s episode unfolded and Kadiyam is making desperate attempts to attack Etela to get into the good books of KCR and secure MLC nomination.

Kadiyam said Etela joined BJP though he was humiliated by BJP as none of the top BJP national leaders turned up during his joining programme in Delhi recently. He said this proves Etela has no self respect.

But the question arises why Kadiyam is continuing in TRS by compromising on his self respect when he was humiliated by KCR recently in Warangal in full public glare and not even giving him appointment to meet him.

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BJP looks to bounce back with T’gana set to see another by-election

With former minister Eatala Rajender resigning from the Telangana Legislative Assembly, the state is set to witness another by-election in which the ruling TRS and the opposition BJP will once again face each other.

Rajender, who will be joining the Bharatiya Janata Party next week, has given the saffron camp another chance to project itself as the real alternative to the Telangana Rashtra Samithi in the run-up to the 2023 Assembly polls.

The Huzurabad constituency, which Rajender had been representing since 2009, is expected to see a tough fight. The BJP will be upbeat about its chances as Rajender has never lost an election from the seat, where he enjoys a good support base.

The TRS, on the other hand, will go all out to retain the seat in the politically significant Karimnagar district. This constituency has been the party’s stronghold since 2004.

In 2004, V. Lakshmikantha Rao was elected from Huzurabad on a TRS ticket. He retained the seat in the by-election in 2008.

Rajender, who was first elected from the Kamalapur constituency in 2004 and retained it in the bypoll, was shifted to Huzurabad in 2009. Since then he had been winning the seat for TRS.

One of the founding members of TRS, Rajender maintained his grip on the constituency. In 2009, he defeated his nearest rival V. Krishna Mohan Rao of the Congress by 15,035 votes. In the 2010 bypoll, Rajender increased his victory margin to nearly 80,000 and this time his nearest rival was M. Damodar Reddy of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

In the 2014 elections held just before the formation of Telangana state, Rajender retained Huzurabad with a majority of 57,037 votes. K. Sudershan Reddy of the Congress finished as a runner-up.

Rajender continued his winning streak from Huzurabad in 2018, defeating his nearest rival Kaushik Reddy of the Congress by 47,803 votes.

The BJP hardly had any presence in Huzurabad in the elections held in the past. In 2018, its candidate P. Raghu polled only 1,683 votes, which was less than NOTA votes (2,867).

However, with Rajender joining its ranks, BJP leaders are confident of wresting the seat from the TRS.

They believe that the saffron party will repeat its Dubbak performance in Huzurabad. In the by-election to the Dubbak Assembly constituency held in November last year, the BJP had pulled off a sensational victory to stun the TRS.

“Even in Dubbak, we hardly had any presence but we put in a lot of hard work to emerge victorious. We are confident that we will repeat the performance in Huzurabad,” a BJP leader said.

It was following the Dubbak victory that the BJP started projecting itself as the only alternative to TRS. The party’s central leadership too started focusing on Telangana.

A month later, the saffron party came out with an impressive performance in the elections to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). In the 150-member municipal body, the BJP increased its tally to 48 from just four seats in 2016.

It not only emerged as the main opposition in GHMC, but also deprived the TRS of a clear majority.

Following these victories, the BJP has intensified its efforts towards the goal of capturing power in the 2023 Assembly elections. However, the outcome of the elections to two graduate constituencies of the Legislative Council in March and the recent by-election in Nagarjuna Sagar came as a disappointment for the party.

The BJP could not retain a Legislative Council seat and finished a poor fourth in the other. In Nagarjuna Sagar, where the main contest was between the TRS and the Congress, BJP candidate Ravi Kumar Naik polled only 4 per cent votes and had to forfeit his deposit.

Just as the BJP was looking for some course correction to strengthen the organisation ahead of the 2023 polls, the Rajender episode gave it another opportunity to prove a point.

When Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao dropped Rajender from the cabinet last month following allegations of encroaching the lands of farmers, the buzz in the political circles was that he will quit the TRS to float a new party or join hands with the leaders of smaller parties.

However, the 57-year-old leader, who served as Finance Minister in the previous TRS cabinet and held the health portfolio till recently, decided to join the saffron camp. He visited New Delhi to meet BJP President J.P. Nadda and other leaders before taking a decision to join the saffron camp.

Rajender ended his nearly two-decade old association with the TRS and mounted a scathing attack on Chandrasekhar Rao.

Several followers of the former minister will also be joining the BJP with him. Political analysts say this will lift the morale of the saffron camp.

However, fresh from its victories in the Legislative Council elections, Nagarjuna Sagar bypoll and clean sweep in the elections to eight urban local bodies, the TRS is likely to go all out to defeat Rajender on his home turf and thus deal a blow to the BJP’s renewed attempts to emerge as the viable alternative in the southern state.

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Etela quits assembly, but Is he still in two-minds?


Finally, after a month of his sacking from the TRS cabinet, Etela Rajender has submitted his resignation in speaker format to the Assembly secretary. Prior to that, Etela set out from his Shamirpet house ahead of a cavalcade and a motor cycle rally and reached Gun Park in front of the assembly to pay his respects to the Telangana martyrs.

Interestingly, as if to deny him a photo-op, Speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy was not present to receive the resignation paper. He cited Covid as the reason for skipping the programme. Eatala has submitted his resignation letter, containing a single sentence in speaker format, to assembly secretary. He said he was not allowed to take his friend and former MLA Enugu Ravinder Reddy to the media point to address the media.

But, his confusion over joining the BJP was very clear even at the time of his resignation. Speaking before the gun park, he said Left ideology was his DNA and that he was now joining the right ideology. But he said he was secular to the core. “Neither left nor right ….. my ideology is the service of the poor and the downtrodden,” he said. Etela said he was fighting against a despot.

Etela did admit that several of his Left colleagues, ideologues and intellectuals were against his joining the BJP. But, he had to take a stand and was hence joining the BJP. He said he would fight the bypoll in Huzurabad and said that he knew that KCR would use government power and money power to the hilt to defeat him. But, he said the fight in Huzurabad was going to be a fight between the people of Telangana and KCR’s family. He exuded confidence that he would come out victorious. He sought support from everyone from RSU to RSS to defeat KCR.

Etela is likely to join the BJP on June 14 in Delhi. He is likely to take the membership of the party in the presence of BJP national president JP Nadda.

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Etela ends suspense on TRS and BJP!


Former health minister Etela Rajender, who was sacked by Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on May 2, has finally made up his mind on when to quit MLA post and when to join BJP.

Etela held a press conference on June 4 and announced resignation to TRS and MLA post.

However, he did no submit his resignation to Legislative Assembly Speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy to quit MLA post so far.

This gave anxious moments to TRS leadership. The TRS was confused whether to wait till Etela submits resignation or complain to Speaker to disqualify him from Assembly for ‘anti party activities’. Though it became clear that he will join BJP, there was no clarity on when he will join BJP.

However, Etela has now finally decided to resign to MLA post tomorrow (June 12) and join BJP on June 14.

Etela will visit Telangana Martyrs Memorial at Gun Park, Hyderabad, in front of Legislative Assembly building first and pay tributes to martyrs on Saturday.

Soon after, he will proceed to Speaker’s office in Assembly and submit his resignation letter.

Etela will join BJP on June14 in the presence of BJP national president JP Nadda in New Delhi.

So, it’s now officially confirmed that Huzurabad will face bypoll within six months.

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Etela testing patience of KCR by delaying resignation!

Etela Rajender is playing a ‘hide and seek game’ with TRS as well as TRS president, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao by delaying his resignation to TRS and MLA post even making an announcement to this effect on June 4 by conducting a press conference.

KCR sacked Etela from his cabinet on May 2.

KCR and TRS party was expecting Etela to resign to TRS as well as MLA post immediately after.

It’s more than a month since he was sacked from the cabinet, but Etela continues to remain in TRS and continuing as MLA even today.

Etela took more than a month to make an announcement on submitting resignation to TRS as well as MLA post on June 4.

However, Etela is yet to send resignation letter to TRS officially.

Etela did not send resignation letter to Legislative Assembly Speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy either to quit from MLA post so far.

The TRS planned to dismiss him from the party and disqualify from the Assembly in the first week as Etela did not resign.

But Etela prevented them by announcing resignation to TRS and MLA post on June 4 on his own. However, Etela did not submit resignation though it’s nearly a week since he made the announcement.

Etela on the other hand is now touring his Huzurabad constituency and preparing for bypoll. He is luring TRS leaders and cadre to his side.

KCR and TRS are in a fix over how to proceed further as Etela is delaying resignation further and testing his patience.

They are now waiting for Etela to join BJP to disqualify him from Assembly as reports confirmed that Etela is joining BJP on June14.

If Etela joins BJP without resigning to Assembly on June 14, the TRS plans to disqualify him from the Assembly immediately forcing bypoll in Huzurabad within six months.

In any case, Etela is surely testing the patience of KCR and TRS.

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Etela episode: Who is the biggest gainer

Who is the biggest gainer in the Etela episode? If TRS insiders are to be believed, KCR’s nephew and Finance Minister T Harish Rao is the biggest gainer in the whole episode. Now, Harish has managed to win the confidence of KCR and has now emerged as the to-go man to counter Etela’s strategies.

Prior to Etela episode, Harish Rao could not charm his way into KCR’s inner circle. The information about the Bengaluru meeting of Etela Rajender and another meet of Jagadish Reddy were reportedly broken to KCR by Harish Rao. Party insiders say that the information was very valuable for KCR to checkmate Etela Rajender and corner him. KCR’s moves left Etela with no contingency plan and he was quickly sacked from the party. That Etela took such a long time to respond to KCR’s moves itself shows how helpless he is. Party insiders also say that it is this helplessness that unwillingly drove him into the arms of the BJP.

Left to himself Etela would not have joined the BJP, which is ideologically unsuitable for him, and would have preferred to form a new party. He could not join the Congress as the people were not viewing the party as an alternative. Thus Etela was helpless and was forced to join hands with the BJP. Both he and the BjP know that this is going to be a difficult relationship.

In this whole episode, Harish made big gains. Now, he has been given the responsibility of politically defeating Etela in Huzurabad. Now, he is camping in Huzurabad to ensure that Eatela’s support base is weakened. If he manages to defeat Etela in the upcoming Huzurabad bypolls, he can walk away with crowning glory.

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Sharmila invites Etela into her party!


YS Sharmila, the sister of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy, who recently registered her party’s name “YSR Telangana Party” with the Election Commission of India, has invited sacked Telangana health minister Etela Rajender into her party.

Sharmila extended invitation to Rajender while addressing her party’s functionaries at her Lotus Pond residence in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Sharmila held a meeting with her party’s key leaders of all districts in Telangana to discuss her party’s political strategy ahead of party’s formal launch in Telangana on July 8 on the occasion of her late YSR’s birth anniversary.

Sharmila discusses at length with her followers on taking up state-wide padayatra soon after party’s launch to bring party closer to people and expose the failures of TRS government over the past seven years.

Sharmila wants to attract students, youth and unemployed during her padayatra by focussing on KCR’s government’s failures in issuing job notifications though nearly 2 lakh vacancies exist in various government departments.

Sharmila said Etela is joining BJP to save himself from cases filed by KCR government.

She said it has become common to file cases against those who leave TRS and it has also become common for those who face cases to join BJP.

Sharmila said they would always welcome Etela if he wants to join her party.

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Etela’s show of strength in Huzurabad, received a grand welcome!


Sacked health minister Etela Rajender on Tuesday held a massive show of strength in his constituency Huzurabad, which is heading for bypoll soon.

Etela visited his constituency for the first time after he announced resignation to TRS and MLA post recently.

Etela received a grand welcome from his supporters and people in the constituency. Etela conducted road shows in several mandals of the constituency. People in large number thronged his roadshows which resembled like an election campaign.

Etela came down heavily on TRS and TRS leaders for hatching conspiracies to end his political life by levelling false land encroachment allegations.

Etela said erstwhile Karimnagar district was the centre of Telangana statehood agitation and Huzurnabad, which falls in Karimangar district, will now become a centre of second phase of Telangana agitation to dethrone autocratic and feudal government of KCR.

Etela said KCR cannot win Huzurabad bypoll by distributing money and liquor to voters like he was doing in all the elections in Telangana as Huzurabad people are determined to teach KCR and TRS a fitting lesson in the bypoll.

Etela also lashed out at ministers for criticising him saying that they are not human beings but robots whose job is just to read the scripts send from Pragathi Bhavan.

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Will These two deadly weapons in KCR’s armoury defeat Eatala?


KCR is readying up two most powerful weapons to defeat Eatala Rajender. And what are they? The first weapon will undercut the BC card of Eatala. The second weapon will simply rob his political capital off. Both these weapons will leave Eatala Rajender with no political weapon to counter KCR.

Highly places sources are claiming that KCR has prepared plans to declare Huzurabad as a separate district. This one move has the potential to make Eatala Rajender totally irrelevant. The political mood in the district will completely change and Eatala will lose all his political capital. If sources are to be believed, KCR will make the announcement before the election notification and snatch the initiative away from Eatala.

What more? If sources are to be believed, the to-be carved out district would be named after former prime minister PV Narasimha Rao. PV’s native village falls under Huzurabad assembly constituency. This will help wean away old-timers and the Brahmin community from Eatala’s fold. The Brahmins, who are traditionally the BJP supporters, too would move to the TRS.

The second major weapon in KCR’s quiver is to bring in a big ticket BC leader. TDP Telangana president LV Ramana is being brought into the TRS. Minister Errabelli Dayakar has already spoken to him and invited him into the TRS. Ramana himself has not denied this and said he would soon take a decision. Significantly, he has not refuted Errabelli’s claims. Ramana, a prominent BC face who comes from the powerful handloom weaver community, will be able to wean away a section of the BCs from Eatala Rajender.

KCR has timed Ramana’s defection in such a way that the whole political discourse in Huzurabad will change. This will affect Eatala’s prospects. If both the moves are unveiled, Eatala will have a tough time. Let’s wait and watch how KCR place the game of political dice.

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Etela has second thoughts over contesting from Huzurabad?


Is Etela Rajender having second thoughts about contesting from Huzurabad? This question is now being hotly debated in the Telangana political circles. Etela, who has rebelled against KCR and has resigned from the party and the MLA post after he was sacked from the ministry, reportedly is mulling whether contesting from Huzurabad is the right strategy.

Sources close to Etela say that he is now planning to put up his wife Jamuna Reddy as the candidate. He will campaign for her and ensure her victory. He feels she is the right candidate in Huzurabad bypolls. But, why Jamuna Reddy? Those who know how to read Etela’s mind say that this move will help in garnering the Reddy vote in a big way.

Huzurabad constituency has considerable number of Reddys. By putting up Jamuna Reddy as the candidate, he can get the Reddys on his side. The BCs will in any way side with him. He will take a major cut in all other communities because of the work he had done for the past 20 years.

Sources also reveal that by putting up Jamuna Reddy, a significant chunk of women voters will also vote for him as Jamuna Reddy is well-known to many women in Huzurabad through her social work activities. Jamuna Reddy is not a passive politician’s wife. She plays very active role in shaping Etela’s politic. Another reason why Etela is planning to make his wife the candidate from Huzurabad is because the TRS would find it difficult to criticize Jamuna Reddy. Some allegations that the TRS might level against Etela will not apply to Jamuna Reddy, who is a new face in politics. If Jamuna Reddy becomes the candidate, Etela will be able to campaign freely, sources say.

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Can Rajender pose a challenge to KCR’s leadership?

The exit of former minister Etela Rajender from the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) marked the end of a cold war between him and Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and sparked a debate on the impact the former would have on the ruling party with his joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

A month after being dropped from the state Cabinet following allegations of land encroachment, Rajender on Friday announced his decision to quit the party and also resign as a member of the Legislative Assembly.

Though Rajender’s announcement to end his nearly two-decade-long association with the TRS and decision to join the saffron camp may not have any immediate impact on the ruling party, the development may encourage others unhappy with the leadership of Chandrasekhar Rao aka KCR to raise their voice.

The development came at a time when Telangana entered the eighth year of its formation under KCR, whose leadership so far remains unchallenged.

“Exit of Eatala Rajender reiterated the fact that TRS is synonymous to KCR, and he is the sole proprietor of the party. The claims of multiple owners to the pink brigade can be put to rest. This development will re-establish supremacy of KCR, and this is an answer to all future dissidents in the party,” said political analyst Palwai Raghavendra Reddy.

While KCR and his party will defend the action against Rajender by citing his alleged acts of omission and commission, the bitter allegations by the former minister are likely to embarrass the TRS leadership and provide ammunition to the otherwise weakened opposition.

KCR, who revived the Telangana movement in 2001 by floating the TRS, continues to have a vice-like grip over both the party and the government.

In fact, the action against Rajender, who has been his confidante since the formation of the party, is believed to be a well calculated move to nip in the bud any possible rebellion or challenge to his authority.

While there had been reports of a fissure between KCR and Rajender for more than three years, the TRS chief took everyone by surprise by ordering a probe against him after a group of farmers from Medak district complained that Rajender grabbed their lands for a poultry unit owned by his family.

The action came when the state was in the grip of a Covid surge and Rajender as the health minister was busy holding meetings with officials to review the pandemic situation. The chief minister himself was recovering from Covid at his farmhouse.

As the officials went on record that 66 acres of land was encroached, KCR stripped Rajender of his health portfolio on May 1 and the next day dropped him from the cabinet.

Rajender, a member of the Assembly from Huzurabad constituency in Karimnagar district, hit back at KCR and alleged that there is a conspiracy to defame him.

The former minister faced another probe as KCR formed a committee comprising four IAS officers to investigate encroachments and illegal transactions of Sri Sita Rama Swamy temple land at Devarayamjal village in Shamirpet near Hyderabad. Rajender and his supporters had allegedly encroached 1,521 acres in the village.

Eatala, one of the founding members of the TRS and a six-time MLA, had entered KCR’s bad books a couple of years ago when he took potshots at him on a few occasions.

“The minister’s post is not anybody’s pittance. We are the owners of TRS who have carried the party flag,” Rajender had said at one party meeting.

On another occasion, he remarked that he reached his position not because of his caste but by his sheer hard work.

“I am not here because I am somebody’s son,” Eatala had remarked in what was believed to be an attack on KCR’s son and minister K.T. Rama Rao.

Rajender said he quit the TRS because he did not want to continue as a slave. Alleging there is no freedom for ministers and MLAs to function, he said they are treated like slaves.

“In the past I resigned several times from the Assembly for the sake of self-respect of Telangana. I am resigning again but this time for my self-respect as I can’t continue as a slave,” he said.

Interestingly, Rajender also claimed that Finance Minister T. Harish Rao too faced humiliation.

Harish Rao is KCR’s nephew and there have been reports of a chasm between the two ever since the TRS started projecting his son Rama Rao as his political successor.

“The TRS was born from the movement and is not run like a family party like Lalu Prasad’s or Mayawati’s parties. Telangana state was achieved with sacrifices of thousands of people and not with a handful of people,” Rajender said while targeting KCR for promoting his son and daughter.

Political analysts say by raising the issue of self-respect and KCR promoting his family, Rajender may be encouraging other TRS leaders unhappy with the leadership to speak out.

The counterattack by TRS on Rajender has been on expected lines.

“He is talking of self-respect after being dropped from the cabinet following allegations of land encroachment. How can he acquire assigned land of the poor which is illegal. He has more respect for his properties than the law of the land,” said TRS legislator P. Rajeshwar Reddy.

Now that Rajender has decided to quit his Assembly seat and sail with the BJP, all eyes will be on Rajender’s stronghold Huzurabad.

“By joining BJP, Eatala indicated that he needs a safe haven and support of the party in power in New Delhi. He did not show the might to start a party of his own or fight as an Independent to win the seat he currently represents,” said political analyst Raghavendra Reddy.

The by-election in Huzurabad will be the fourth in the state in three years and will provide the BJP another chance to prove itself as an alternative to the TRS.

After wresting the Dubbak Assembly seat from the TRS and posting an impressive performance in the elections to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) late last year, the BJP suffered humiliation in recent elections to two graduates’ constituencies of the Legislative Council and by-election to Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly seat.

Analysts say the BJP may gain in the narrative by projecting itself as the real alternative to the TRS. With Eatala joining its ranks, the BJP will be hoping to garner more votes.

The TRS, which appears to have bounced back after the shock defeat in Dubbak, is likely to go the whole hog in Huzurabad to check both the BJP and Rajender.

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This former deputy CM is watching Etela’s moves closely


He was once the most powerful leader in the undivided Warangal district. He was an MP and a minister. He even went on to become the deputy chief minister of the newly formed Telangana. But, today, he is finding his political career at a crossroads. Not just that. All his attempts to project his daughter too have come to a naught.

Yes. We are talking about former deputy CM Kadiyam Srihari. He was the unquestioned leader in Warangal. But, now his term as an MLC too has come to an end and there is very little hope of his getting re-nominated as the MLC. By the time the next assembly elections are held, he would become too old to contest. His biggest worry is that two of his internal rivals in the undivided district are now well-positioned. While his rival in Ghanpur assembly constituency Dr Rajaiah is a sitting MLA, while Errabelli Dayakar Rao is a minister.

More worrisomely for him, all his attempts to project his daughter Kavya as his heir have failed. In 2018 assembly elections, he had done hard lobbying for her. However, KCR did not consider his request. The chances of her getting a party ticket in 2024 appear quite remote.

As a result, Kadiyam Srihari is a disillusioned man these days. He is unhappy that he is not being consulted in party matters and that his vast experience in governance is not being utilized. But, he seems to have fewer options. Sources say that he is keenly watching the political moves of Etela Rajender. Indications are that he too could raise a banner of revolt If the winds are favourable. It remains to be seen what future holds for him and his daughter.

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Harish fires on Etala, says he will never cross KCR’s line!

Finance minister T Harish Rao opened his mouth on Etala Rajender’s episode in TRS for the first time on Saturday.

Harish did not react on Etala episode though Etala is repeatedly claiming in his press conferences that Harish too facef several insults and humiliations in the TRS along with him.

Harish on Saturday issued a statement strongly condemning Etala’s comments.

Harish stated that KCR was not only his party president, but was also his teacher and guide as well as a father-figure to him.

“I have repeatedly said this on many occasions and would like to clarify once again. I will follow the orders KCR until my last breath
and will never cross the line,” he said.

He asserted that he was duty-bound to obey the orders of the party president and CM.

He declared that he was a committed, loyal and disciplined worker of TRS and has been working to achieve the party’s goals since the party
was founded in 2001. He further said that it was his duty as well as responsibility to complete any task assigned to him by the party and
its leadership.

He said Rajender may have many reasons to leave the party and it is his decision to stay or quit the party, but his absence will not make
any difference to the party.

“The opportunities given to Rajender by the party were greater than the services he rendered to the party,” he said.

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Winning Huzurabad is more important for KCR than Etela


A lot depends on which way the Huzurabad byelection will go. Yes. Now that Etela Rajender has resigned from the TRS and the MLA seat, a byelection is inevitable. The outcome of this bypoll will surely decide Etela Rajender’s future, but it will also decide the future of several silent dissidents in TRS.

If Etela manages to win, then it will open the floodgates and many TRS leaders, who are unhappy with KCR’s working style, will get emboldened. They will start voicing their opposition and if possible challenge KCR. If he loses, the disgruntled elements will bide their time.

In fact, Huzurabad bypoll is like no other bypoll. All other bypolls were caused by the death of the sitting MLA. This is the first instance of an MLA resigning the MLA post by openly rebelling against the TRS leadership. Thus, if Etela manages to win, it will be a big signal to the silent dissidents in TRS. For instance, the term of six TRS MLCs, who have won from the MLAs’ quota has recently ended. By next January, another 14 MLCs are due to retire. In addition, one nominated MLA will retire on June 16. This means, 21 of the 30 MLC seats will go for polls.

There are many claimants for these seats. For instance, whether Kadiyam Srihari gets an extension is very important. This SC leader is already unhappy and if he is denied seat, he might switch over. Similarly, Kotireddy of Nagarjunasagar stood down for Nomula Bharat in the recent bypolls. He needs to be rehabilitated. Leaders like former council chairperson Sirikonda Madhusuudhanachary, former MLC Karne Prabhakar and others are expecting MLC seats this time. Several other ticket aspirants and MLC hopefuls too will raise their voice if they are denied tickets.

All these hinge on Huzurabad byelection result. Hence, these bypolls are more important for KCR than to Etela Rajender himself. Winning this seat is of critical significance for KCR. So, expect him to pull all stops and marshal all resources to defeat Etela.

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TRS exposed Etela’s ‘dual standards’ on Rythu Bandhu!


In a big embarrassment to former health minister Etela Rajender who announced resignation to TRS party and MLA post on Friday, the TRS has exposed the ‘dual standards’ of Etela Rajender on KCR’s pet scheme Rythu Bandhu.

While addressing a press conference to announce his resignation on Friday Etela Rajender claimed that he had opposed giving Rythu Bandhu to ‘rich farmers’ who pay income tax and who roam in Benz cars but KCR did not agree.

To counter Rajender’s claims, TRS exposed how Etela, his wife Jamuna and his son Nitin Reddy were claiming Rythu Bandu since the scheme was launched by KCR in 2018.

Though Etela and his family pay income tax, own big poultry industries, own huge assets in the form of lands and Etela himself being MLA since 2004 and minister since 2014, entire family is claiming Rythu Bandu.

The Telangana government has credited Rs 10.24 lakh Rythu Bandhu to Etela family which owns 65 acres in Devaramyal on Hyderabad city outskirts in the last three years. Though Etela family is not doing agriculture in these lands and running poultry industries and commercial godowns, they are claiming Rythu Bandhu meant for agriculture investment support.

On the other hand, several TRS leaders including KCR and several rich farmers have voluntarily foregone Rythu Bandhu under “give it up” option given by Telangana government.

But Etela and his family claimed Rythu Bandhu proving that preachings are meant only for others but not for those who preach.

The TRS released account details of Etela family to prove how much Rythu Bandhu amount was credited in their accounts questioning if Etela was really concerned and sincere about Rythu Bandhu should reach only poor farmers, why did he avail it all these years.

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See who is feeling happy at Etela Rajender joining BJP!!


Know which politician is reportedly feeling smug and happy over Etela Rajender leaving the TRS and joining the BJP? Well, it’s not KCR nor minister Gangula Kamalakar not even TRS Rajya Sabha MP Capt. Lakshmikantha Rao. It is YS Sharmila. Yes. Sharmila’s political existence was under threat ever since Etela rebelled against KCR.

Etela became the hottest topic of political buzz and the political class in Telangana, which was looking for an alternative, suddenly moved away from YS Sharmila to Etela Rajender. With the rumours flying thick and fast that he would form a regional output to counter KCR, Sharmila camp was worried. It was worried that it would lose political relevance and several political leaders, who would otherwise have joined Sharmila’s to-be-born party, would walk into Etela’s camp.

Ever since Etela came, Sharmila found it difficult to grab media attention. The trickle of leaders who were joining her stopped. Even in districts like Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Khammam, the second and third level politicians had gone into a ‘wait-and-watch’ mode. All these have left Sharmila camp quite worried.

However, with Etela opting for the BJP, Sharmila is believed to be quite relieved. This has kept her hope of a space for anti-TRS, anti-BJP, anti-Congress political party alive. Hence, soon after it became clear that Etela would resign from the TRS, Sharmila revealed the name of her party – the YSR Telangana Party. And hours after Etela left the TRS, the announced ad hoc spokespersons for the party.

The party announced that Indira Shobhan, Pitla Ram Reddy, Konda Raghava Reddy, T Devender Reddy, Epuri Somanna, Sayyid Mushtaq Ahmed, Bhumi Reddy, B Ravinder and Matin Mujaddedi would officiate as its spokespersons. Leaders from Sharmila’s party have also begun making calls to several second and third level political leaders asking them to join YS Sharmila’s party. Once Corona wave subsides, Sharmila will become active again, party sources said.

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