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Etela Rajender in race for BJP Telangana president post?


Etela Rajender joined BJP only eight months ago. But he has emerged as the top and influential leader in Telangana BJP within a short span.

This is because Etela Rajender was a popular political figure in Telangana who worked in TRS along with KCR from 2003 to 2021. He actively took part in Telangana statehood agitation, won Assembly elections from TRS for five successive terms. After Telangana state was formed in June 2014, CM KCR took Etela into his cabinet and gave him finance portfolio considered as No.2 in cabinet after CM post from 2014 to 2018. KCR again made Etela as health minister in his second term in office from 2019 to 2021.

But due to political confrontation with KCR in second term, he was sacked from cabinet in May 2021. Etela resigned to TRS and his Huzurabad MLA post, joined BJP, contested Huzurabad bypoll as BJP candidate and trounced TRS even after KCR spent thousands of crores of rupees to defeat Etela.

Etela attracted the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and union home minister Amit Shah by defeating TRS in Huzurabad.

At a time, when KCR has launched a battle against Modi and BJP and bringing all parties across India together to oust Modi and BJP from power in 2024 Lok Sabha polls, the BJP high command is reportedly considering Etela for BJP Telangana president post to check KCR and TRS in Telangana. BJP high command reportedly believes that only Etela is capable to dethrone TRS and KCR from power in Telangana.

The present BJP Telangana president Bandi Sanjay term ends in March 2023. Bandi Sanjay was appointed as president in March 2020 and his three year tenure will end in March 2023. This means Sanjay is left with only one year tenure.

The Telangana Assembly polls are scheduled in December 2023 and BJP high command reportedly feels that the time will be ripe to make Etela president in March 2023 so that he can handle Assembly polls for nine months and defeat TRS.

Etela’s track record of active participation in Telangana statehood agitation for 12 years, his popularity, successful political career and hailing from Backward Classes are his advantages that no other BJP leader in Telangana can boast of.

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Eatala-Bandi Sanjay fight forces “prize catch” go back to TRS


Former Mayor of Karimnagar Sardar Ravinder Singh is back to where he belongs.. On Thursday evening, Singh,who rebelled against KCR, returned to the TRS.. He met KCR and has all but joined the TRS. Thus Ravinder Singh’s revolt has ended as fast and as tamely as it began.

Ravinder Singh fought as a rebel candidate for the local body constituency MLC elections recently. He rebelled after he was denied the party ticket.. He was backed by Huzurabad MLA Eatala Rajender. However, he lost the election. But, he somehow managed to make a dent into the TRS fortress by weaning away several ZPTCs and MPTCS.

But the biggest problem for Ravinder Singh was that the BJP did not open its doors for him. Party state president Bandi Sanjay, who is also from Karimnagar, has firmly rejected his plans to enter the BJP. In fact, Singh began his career as an ABVP worker and later worked as a BJP activist. However, with Sanjay firmly backing his entry into the BJP, Singh has no option but to rejoin the TRS.

Sources say that Sanjay was upset at Singh being promoted by Eatala. He felt that Singh and Eatala could open a front against him in Karimnagar district. He also wanted to teach Eatala a lesson for not consulting him about Singh beforehand. All these have made Ravinder Singh go back to the TRS.

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TRS Govt tightening noose around Etela’ neck!


Although TRS suffered a shocking defeat in the hands of BJP’s Etela Rajender in recent Huzurabad Assembly bypoll in November, the TRS government in Telangana seems to be in no mood to leave him in assigned land grabbing cases.

Following the directions of Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao, Medak collector ordered re-survey of lands owned by Jamuna Hatcheries on Hyderabad city outskirts in Medak district to ascertain how much extent of assigned and ceiling lands were grabbed.

Jamuna Hatcheries is owned by Etela and his family members.

Medak collector Harish on Monday (today) disclosed the findings of the re-survey of lands and confirmed that Jamuna Hatcheries has encroached 70.33 acres of assigned and ceiling lands in Masaipet and Atchampet mandals in Medak district.

The collector stated that Jamuna Hatcheries has encroached assigned lands belonging to 56 persons and constructed huge sheds and used assigned lands for non-agriculture purposes against the norms and without obtaining any approvals from the government.

He said the government will initiate legal action against encroachers and also officials who helped them to grab assigned lands.

It remains to be seen how CM KCR will proceed now against Etela Rajender for encroaching government lands. Will he seize lands from Etela, file cases against him and arrest him?

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Eatala turning out to be a silent killer in Karimnagar


Former minister and KCR’s bête noire Eatala Rajender is fast turning out to be a silent killer. He is said to be working silently on eating into the TRS votes in the upcoming local body MLC elections in Telangana. Who outwardly is busy meeting people like Ramoji Rao, Art of Living Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar, is secretly working to defeat the TRS in the local body MLC elections.

His first major victory is getting senior TRS leader and KCR loyalist Sardar Ravinder Singh to resign from the TRS. Sardar Ravinder Singh is one of the early entrants to the TRS and was the mayor of Karimnagar. Locally popular, he is a corporator for a record six times. Eatala reportedly stayed in touch with him and influenced him to resign from the party. Now Ravinder Singh is a rebel MLC candidate in Karimnagar.

Eatala is said to be working to influence TRS MPTCs, ZPTCs and sarpanches to vote for Ravinder Singh. He is already in talks with the local body representatives and is said to be weaning several of them away. The united opposition needs another 330 votes to defeat the TRS. Eatala is said to be working on strategies to get these votes from the TRS stable.

The TRS has herded all its local body representatives to Leonia resorts on the outskirts of Hyderabad to ensure that they do not resort to cross-voting. It is rare for a ruling party to work hard to keep its flock together. If Eatala succeeds in defeating the TRS MLC candidate, it would be seen as a major victory.

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Eatala in touch with six TRS MLAs, big action likely after MLC elections


Is the BJP eyeing six senior TRS leaders? Is it trying to bring them into its fold? Will this be a trigger for the other disgruntled TRS MLAs to make a beeline to the BJP? Will this plan be put in place soon after the MLC elections? If sources are to be believed, the answer to all these questions is a resounding “yes”.

Both Huzurabad MLA Eatala Rajender and BjP vice-president DK Aruna giving final touches to a “Operation Akarsh” plan. At least six MLAs, a majority of them from the North Telangana, are said to be deeply unhappy with the way KCR is running the party. They are said to be in touch with Eatala Rajender. In fact, these MLAs have reportedly helped Eatala on the sly during the recent byelection to Huzurabad. They are now planning to join the BjP.

At the same time, DK Aruna is said to be in touch with several Congress leaders and is luring them into the BjP. Sources say they have already kept the national BJP leadership in the loop about their plans to lure leaders from other parties into the BJP. Sources say the defections could happen soon after the MLC elections as several leaders are unhappy at being sidelined in the TRS.

Sources say at least six MLAs from the TRS are in touch with Eatala Rajender. They reportedly met at a rendezvous on the outskirts of the city. These MLAs are planning to switch sides after the MLC elections. Sources say that KCR may not immediately take action against these MLAs even after they switch sides. This is because he does not want six more byelections. Even if a half of them are lost, KCR’s position would be seriously dented.

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Why some BJP leaders are worried about Eatala’s moves?


A section of the BJP is keenly watching Huzurabad’s newly re-elected MLA Eatala Rajender and his moves. This section is doubtful about Etala’s intentions. To add fuel to fire, his recent comments in TV show on the ABN Andhrajyothi, have become a hot topic for discussion among the BJP circles.

During the course of his interview to ABN Andhrajyothy CEO V Radhakrishna, Eatala repeatedly reminded hi of his Left background. On one occasion, he said that both he and his wife were from a Left background and added that their honesty and fighting spirit are because of their left ideology. This sure is not music to the ears of the Right wingers for whom everything Left is an anathema.

More importantly, in reply to a question, Rajender said that had he contested as an independent, he would have got more votes. This is being seen as a direct indictment of the BJP. This has raised several eyebrows in the BjP circles. Significantly, all through the campaign, Eatala and his wife Jamuna were unhappy with the way the top leaders of Telangana behaved with him. They were not only uncooperative but were also putting spokes in Rajender’s work. So, Rajender had to seen the national leadership’s help to rein in the local leaders.

There is also a buzz that the Congress is trying to woo Eatala Rajender into the party. Some even say that Revanth Reddy has shifted his votes to the BjP only after striking a deal with Eatala The agreement was that EAtala would shift to the Congress after winning on a BJP ticket. However.this appears to be too far-fetched. But, a section is wary of Eatala’s moves, especially after his comments on the TV chat show.

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Big embarassment for speaker as Etela takes oath as MLA today


It will be a big embarrassment for Telangana Assembly speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy when Etela Rajender will take oath as MLA at 11.30 am on Wednesday.

Etela Rajender is all set to take oath as MLA from BJP in Speaker’s chamber on Friday.

When Etela Rajender resigned as TRS MLA on June 12 this year after confrontation with TRS chief and Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao, the speaker denied appointment to Etela to meet him to submit resignation.

With this, Etela was forced to submit his letter to Assembly secretary Narasimha Charyulu.

Etela felt very humiliated at speaker’s treatment towards him as he was a six-time senior MLA from Huzurabad since 2004.

Etela said speaker denied appointment to him with a fear that KCR will get angry if he meets him.

Etela also felt very insulted after his resignation was approved by the speaker within minutes of submission and even before he came out of the Assembly building.

Etela said the speaker accepted his resignation within minutes due to fear of KCR.

Etela later joined BJP and trounced TRS in recent Huzurabad bypoll even after KCR spending thousands of crores of rupees.

Now, speaker has to administer oath to Etela on Wednesday.

In this way, Etela is taking revenge on speaker who humiliated him.

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How Eatala’s money power is a “threat” to many BJP leaders?


Eatala Rajender’s style of electoral campaign and his money power have raised the bar for the BJP workers. By any standards, Huzurabad byelection perhaps is the costliest election ever in the Telugu states. The ruling TRS has reportedly spent huge amounts and what is important is that Eatala Rajender too matched the TRS in spending.

Now this is the talk of the town in the BjP circles. Most of the BjP leaders are said to be surprised at the kind of money that was flushed down the campaign drain in Huzurabad. The party leaders and workers feel that by his spending Eatala has brought in a new culture into the party and that it would not be possible for other party leaders to match Eatala in the spending.

As is the BJP’s wont, thousands of party leaders and workers have camped for weeks on end and campaigned for Eatala Rajender. But, they were surprised to find the kind of amenities and facilities provided to them by Eatala. Swanky farmhouses were provided to them and vehicles were reportedly arranged for them. This was something new for the BJP workers. Normally, the workers and leaders are content with whatever facility is provided to them, but in Huzurabad, Eatala reportedly arranged top class facilities for the party leaders and workers.

Now many BJP leaders reportedly are worried. What if they have to contest and people from various parts of the state join the campaign? Will they be able to provide such facilities as were provided by Eatala? Hasn’t Eatala raised the bar so much that it has become difficult for other leaders to sustain the campaign if election were held in their respective constituencies?

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Etela’s land grabbing inquiry reports gather dust in KCR’s office!


TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao sacked health minister Etela Rajender from his cabinet in May on charges of encroaching assigned lands and temple lands.

KCR devised a ‘perfect sketch’ to target Etela. First, his channel T-news telecasted a series of news reports on Etela’a land grabbing soon after polling for municipal elections ended on April 30 this year.

Within a day on May 2, KCR took away health portfolio from Etela and made him a minister without portfolio. Again the very next day, he removed Etela from his cabinet. KCR did not stop with this.

He appointed two inquiry committees one headed by Chief Secretary and Siddipet collector and another comprising of senior IAS officers.

These IAS officers surveyed Etela’s huge land parcels of his poultry farms within hours on a war footing and submitted reports to CS and CMO stating that Etela encroached assigned lands and temple lands for his poultry farms.

When everything was set to arrest Etela and send him to jail, Etela approached courts and obtained stay orders on inquiry. Later, he realized that KCR will not stop political vendetta with court stay orders and to protect himself he joined BJP in June.

After Etela joined BJP, there is no talk about inquiry into Etela’s land dealings although High Court later stated that the government can go ahead with the investigation.

Now Etela trounced TRS in Huzurabad bypoll and became an MLA. Etela became even more powerful and his influence at union home minister Amit Shah level has increased with his victory in the bypoll.

Now KCR will not dare to touch Etela at this stage. With this, all the inquiry reports on Etela’s land dealings are gathering dust in Chief Minister’s Office (CMO).

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Will Eatala be another Himantha Biswa Sarma for Telangana BJP?


Will Eatala Rajendra become Telangana BJP’ Himanta Biswa Sarma? Himantha was a diehard Congressman spiting at BJP. Suddenly one day, he began having problems with the bosses in the party. He went to Delhi to complain with Rahul Gandhi. Rahul insulted and sent him back. Hurt and aggrieved, Himantha joined the BJP. Now, Himantha is Assam’s Chief Minister. He is the most committed man for the BJP and is the unquestioned leader of the party in the whole of the North East .

Eatala too was a diehard TRS leader. He cared two hoots for the BJP. But soon, he began having problems with the party’s supreme leader, who insulted him and did not even allow him into the Pragathi bhavan. Eatala too was hurt and aggrieved. He too joined the BJP. He fought hard and won from Huzurabad. Now, will Eatala Rajender be another Himantha Biswa Sarma? Is he the man that the BJP waiting for in Telangana?

If sources are to be believed, the BJP top leadership is seeing a future chief minister in Eatala Rajender. Eatala has friends across the spectrum. There are lot of TRS biggies who could follow him into the BJP. He might undertake a state-wide yatra and address public meetings galore to expose the TRS and KCR. The BjP feels that his experience will be helpful for the party. After all, Eatala is a seven-time MLA, two-time Minister and the leader of the Opposition.

Highly placed sources say that the BjP leadership is seeing another Himantha Biswa Sarma in Eatala. Is Eatala Rajender ready to become Himantha Biswa Sarma of Telangana? Let’s wait and see how things unfold.

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See who is savouring the success of Eatala Rajender


One person who must be feeling quite smug after Eatala Rajender has trounced the ruling TRS is the burly AP Jitender Reddy. AP Jitender Reddy was the incharge of the elections from the BJP for Huzurabad. Unassuming and affable, Reddy worked behind the curtains and played no mean role in the victory of Eatala Rajender through his deft planning and effective strategising.

Initially, the BjP has designated G Premender Reddy as the party’s election incharge. But, Eatala objected to it by raising questions about his experience and efficacy. It was only after the national leadership’s involvement that Jitender Reddy was brought in. Jitender Reddy, who has been an MP twice in the past, is known for his electioneering skills. Ever since he was entrusted with the responsibility, Reddy remained confined to the constituency and worked very hard to mobilise support for Eatala.

Earlier, he was incharge of the election in Dubbak. In both Dubbak and Huzurabad, JItender Reddy’s work has won everyone’s appreciation. Both Dubbak MLA Raghunandan Rao and Huzurabad’s Eatala were very happy with his work. Now that the BjP has won both the elections, Reddy’s importance has gone up many folds in the party.

Reddy is now seen as a go-getter in the party. His stock has gone up in the party and is work is recognised at the national level. Reddy has been a two-time MP. He has won in 1999 on BJP ticket and later won on the TRS ticket in 2014.

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Etela to target Harish, Gangula, Suman constituencies!


Despite government power and money power exerted by TRS, the BJP’s Etela Rajender emerged victorious in Huzurabad Assembly bypoll with a good majority of over 24,000 votes.

TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao has deployed ministers Harish Rao, Gangual Kamalakar, Koppula Eshwar, MLAs Balka Suman, Challa Dharma Reddy, Guvvala Balaraju etc in Huzurabad constituency for five months to defeat Etela.

They undertook extensive campaign against Etela Rajender saying that Rajender failed to develop Huzurabad constituency since 2004 and even after working as minister in TRS government from 2014 to 2021.

However, none of them could stop Etela Rajender from winning this bypoll.

Now Etela has decided to pay back to these leaders in the same coin.

Etela has decided to hold public meetings in Harish Rao’s constituency Siddipet, Gangula Kamalakar’s constituency Karimnagar, Koppula Eshwar’s constituency Dharmapuri, Balka Suman’s constituency Chennur and Challa Dharma Reddy’s constituency Parkal.

Etela will expose these TRS leaders in their own constituencies how they failed in securing Dalit Bandhu scheme, double bed room houses, ration cards, community halls, Aasara pensions, job notifications, other welfare schemes etc despite being in ruling party and despite working as ministers and MLAs in TRS government.

Etela wants to prove that all ministers and MLAs in TRS are only dummies and they can’t dare to ask KCR for funds and schemes for development of their constituencies.

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Huzurabad by poll counting: BJP’s Etela heading for victory


Huzurabad voters seem to have delivered a deadly blow to ruling TRS in Assembly bypoll going by the early trends in the counting of votes which started at 8am on Tuesday (today).

BJP candidate Etela Rajender is leading over TRS in every round of counting although with a slender margin.

Five rounds out of total 22 rounds counting have been completed so far and Etela secured lead in all five rounds.

TRS secured lead only in postal ballots. But in EVMs counting, BJP leads in all five rounds so far.

Etela is leading by nearly 2,000 votes over TRS after 5 rounds of counting.

BJP leaders are confident of winning Huzurabad bypoll by over 10,000 votes.

Although KCR spent thousands of crores of rupees in Huzurabad to win by poll, voters seem to have rejected him going by early trends.

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Eatala Rajender is BJP candidate for Huzurabad bypoll


Former Telangana minister Eatala Rajender will contest Huzurabad Assembly by-election as the BJP candidate.

The party on Sunday officially announced Rajender as its candidate for the bypoll scheduled on October 30.

Rajender had joined BJP in June after resigning from the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and quitting as MLA from Huzurabad. This came after he was dropped from State Cabinet by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao following allegations of land grabbing.

Sunday’s announcement cleared the uncertainty over the candidate. Earlier, Rajender’s wife Jamuna had dropped hints that she may enter the fray as BJP candidate.

She had said that whether Rajender contests the poll or she enters the fray, it is one and the same.

Rajender was dropped from Cabinet following allegations that he encroached lands of some farmers in Medak district for the poultry unit run by his wife and son. Rajender, however, denied the allegations and said that he is ready to face even a judicial probe into his assets.

He was elected to the Assembly four times from Huzurabad on the TRS ticket. He was first elected in 2009 and retained the seat in the by-election held a year later.

He was elected again in 2014 and was made Finance Minister in the first TRS government. In 2018, he retained the seat and was made a minister again, but given the Health portfolio this time.

Rajender has been associated with TRS since the party was floated by Chandrasekhar Rao in 2001.

TRS has already announced G. Srinivas Yadav, president of the party’s student wing, as the candidate. He filed the nomination on October 1.

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Former minister Etela Rajender has quit TRS to join BJP in June.


Etela joined BJP with the hope that the BJP national leadership will ensure the early conduct of bypoll for Huzurabad Assembly seat vacated by him.

Rajender specifically brought to the notice of BJP national leadership that his victory will be certain if bypolls are held early and it will be an advantage for TRS if they are delayed.

Rajender expected Huzurabad bypoll to be held in September along with West Bengal bypolls. But the Election Commission on Saturday issued West Bengal bypolls notification but kept Huzurabad bypoll on hold until festival season is over. 

The festival season in Telangana ends with Diwali on November 4. This would mean that Etela has to wait till November-end for Huzurabad bypoll.

Etela has already incurred huge expenditure to keep his followers and cadre intact since he was sacked from KCR’s cabinet in May. The TRS is luring leaders and cadre away from him by offering good packages and posts.

In the last four months, Etela’s funds have reportedly dried up to maintain his followers and cadre in Huzurabad and is struggling to mobilise more funds to maintain this tempo for another three months.

Etela reportedly told BJP leaders that CM KCR has the advantage of spending thousands of crores of public money in the name of development programmes and welfare schemes like Dalit Bandhu in Huzurabad since May and he too was forced to spend crores of rupees to maintain his followers and cadre.

Etela is said to have asked BJP leaders how can he compete with KCR in funds and spend more funds personally if election is delayed further. He said all his money will go down the drain even if he spends because TRS will win if elections are delayed.

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Eatala’s campaign vehicles change colour from saffron to blue?


Why have some campaign vehicles of Huzurabad’s BJP MLA candidate Eatala Rajender been painted blue instead of BJP’s saffron? This question is rankling the political observers watching the events unfold in poll-bound Huzurabad. The blue campaign vehicles of Eatala, though with a Lotus symbol on it, are rambling in and out of the constituency.

When Eatala decided to take on KCR, the first thing he did was to change the colour of his social media DPs. From pink, they became light saffron. Then the map of Telangana had a powerful fist on the DP. Later, on the day when he became a BJP member, it tuned saffron. So, when some of his campaign vehicles suddenly turned blue, there is predictable commotion not just in the BJP but also among the political circles. Was he trying to come of the BJP? Was he planning to come up with something new? These were the questions asked.

Meanwhile, it became clear that Eatala was not even thinking of leaving the BJP. In fact, that is perhaps the last thing on his mind. It was Eatala’s compulsion that he had joined the BJP and not otherwise. The blue campaign vehicles are meant specifically for the areas inhabited by the Dalits. Eatala understands that Dalit Bandhu scheme will surely dent his vote. So, to reach out to the Dalit areas, he has decided to invoke Ambedkar, Phule and Jagjivan Ram. At the same time, he felt that saffron may not appeal to the Dalit area. Hence he opted for the blue colour, which is often identified with Dalit activism.

Sources say he is also worried that fomer IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar factor too could cut into Dalit votes. Hence, he felt that the blue colour will help him in reaching out to the Dalits. Interestingly, in other areas, the campaign vehicles are still in saffron. So, Eatala’s strategy seems to be – saffron campaign vehicles for other areas and blue vehicles for Dalit areas. Well! Let’s see if this strategy works out.

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Harish Rao gets Etela Rajender’s post!


Finance minister T Harish Rao’s prominence has increased in TRS party and government ever since Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao sacked former health minister Etela Rajender from the party in May.

Harish Rao who was sidelined in the party after KCR’s son KTR became party’s working president in December 2018, suddenly came back to focus due to unexpected political developments in TRS leading to ouster of Etela Rajender from the party and bringing bypoll in Huzurabad.

Harish was given the task of winning Huzurabad Assembly bypoll. He has been aggressively campaigning in Huzurabad against Etela for the past few days.

On Saturday (today), KCR rewarded Harish Rao with one more post.

He was made president of All India Industrial Exhibition Society, the post that was held by Etela for the past seven years till he was ousted from the party.

The society holding the most popular Exhibition in Hyderabad also called as Numaish in Exhibition Grounds, Nampally, every year, for the past 80 years.

The society also runs several educational institutions.

The society elected Harish Rao as the president following the instructions of CM KCR.

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Etela in wheel-chair more dangerous, feels TRS

Huzurabad politics have taken an interesting turn now. With Etela hospitalised and needing a knee surgery, his campaign would be in a wheel-chair. The TRS feels that Etela in wheel-chair is more dangerous. He already has a lot of sympathy among the people of Huzurabad and his campaign in a wheel-chair could evoke more sympathy, TRS leaders feel.

Meanwhile, internal survey reports showed that despite all the high decibel campaign against him in Huzurabad, Eatala still enjoys a significant edge among the voters. The surveys have also shown that the virulent campaign by the TRS leaders is actually proving counterproductive. As a result, the TRS ministers and leaders like Gangula Kamalakar, Koppula Eswar, Errabelli Dayakar, Challa Dharma Reddy, Satish Babu and Sunke Ravi Kumar have slowed down their criticism of Etela. Reports say that the comments of Gangula and Errabelli, both turncoat politicians who joined the TRS from the TDP, are being ridiculed by the people. Even Etela’s long time friend Harish Rao is wary of campaigning against him in Huzurabad. Harish Rao has not visited the constituency in several days.

Meanwhile, Etela has been admitted into a corporate hospital in Hyderabad. The doctors suggested that he undergo a surgery on his knee. They suggested that he take a rest for at least 10 days. After that, he would campaign on a wheel-chair. Sources say that Etela has confirmed input that there would be no bypoll in September. Hence he has decided to undergo the much-needed surgery to his knee. Meanwhile, his wife is conducting the outreach in the constituency.

KCR is likely to visit Huzurabad on August 16 to launch the ambitious Dalit Bandhu programme. Huzurabad has been chosen in view of the upcoming bypoll in the constituency. The bypoll has been necessitated by the resignation of Eatala Rajender from the assembly and the TRS.

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Etela Rajender suffers high fever, takes a break from Padayatra


Is Etela Rajender giving a break to his padayatras in Huzurabad assembly constituency? Sources said that his health condition has deteriorated due to continuous padayatras in the constituency. He is said to be suffering from high fever and leg pains. The doctors reportedly advised him to take a break from the hectic and intense padayatra for some days.

Etela, who is now on a Praja Deevena Padayatra, has become very weak. Doctors examined him at Kondapaka village in Veenavanka mandal of the Huzurabad constituency. They found that he was having high temperature due to continuously walking during the rains and hot son. Inclement weather has taken their toll on him. Relentless walking also has caused severe leg pains. The ankle is also strained. The doctors advised him immediate rest for some time.

BjP sources said that Etela’s wife Jamuna Reddy will continue with the padayatra while Etela is under rest. Once the health condition improves, Etela might rejoin the yatra, they said. Sources said that arrangements are being made for Jamuna’s Padayatra in various villages of Huzurabad constituency.

It may be recalled that Etela Rajender has resigned from the assembly due to what he called the insult caused by TRS boss KCR. Since his resignation, Etela has launched a padayatra in his constituency to reach out to his voters and supporters. The ruling TRS too has taken it as a prestige issue and has been doing everything it can in Huzurabad. Several ministers, MLAs are already camping in Huzurabad. The prestigious Dalit Bandhu too is being launched from Huzurabad only.

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When will Eatala chant “Jai Sri Ram?”


The BJP workers and fans across are longing to hear those two slogans from its newest icon. The icon in question is drawing huge crowds. He is sporting a huge Tilak and is donning the saffron stole. He is spitting fire and brimstone. But, those “two slogans” are not coming forth from the mouth of this worthy leader. The BJP workers are getting impatient as the “leader” continues to avoid mouthing those slogans.

We are talking about Eatala Rajender. Eatala, who fell out with KCR, had joined the BJP amid fanfare. But, a dyed-in-the-wool Leftist, Eatala Rajender has not so far uttered the two slogans that the BJP workers yearn to hear. He has not so far said “Bharat Matha Ki Jai” and “Jai Sriram.” Interestingly, no BJP leader ever ends his speech without chanting either Jai Sriram or Bharat Matha Ki Jai. These two have been their mantras.

Yet, Eatala, who began his political activism as a PDSU activist and has worked underground in the Naxal movement for quite some time, remained true to his beliefs even as a TRS leader. His transition to the TRS was natural. It is only now that he has fallen out with KCR and needs the support of a strong political party. So, he chose the BJP. Though he has joined the BJP, he, it appears, has not embraced its ideology.

As of now, he is covering every nook and corner of Huzurabad assembly constituency. But, he has never said “Jai Sriram.” His speeches end with the typical “Jai Telangana.” Even during his campaign, he is speaking only about what he has done for Huzurabad and how his politics are intertwined with the constituency. Rarely is he mentioning the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the schemes of the BJP government at the Centre. The BJP activists are now increasingly asking themselves if Eatala has mentally and psychologically still outside BJP.

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