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TV9 competes with Sakshi to praise Jagan policies


Number 1 Telugu news channel, TV9, is transforming into a non-aggressive, biased media after the change of management. This is happening along expected lines as the channel slipped into the hands of real estate giant and top contractors lobby which is friendly to CM Jaganmohan Reddy. Especially, TV9 is heaping lots of excessive praise on YCP Circar and struggling very hard to project Jagan Reddy’s extremely controversial policies in a much positive light. In the process, the channel is becoming a laughing stock and especially it is getting very bad image in social media.

Many past admirers are now calling TV9 as Sakshi-2 and part of Jagan Media dedicated to praising YCP programmes endlessly. In the good old days, Ex CEO Ravi Prakash took all the care to balance its controversial news coverage. No political party owned it up. Sometimes, YCP used to call it a pro-TDP channel and vice versa. RP used to criticize and attack all parties in an issue-based manner. His only target was TRP ratings. Accordingly, the channel flourished equally well. The present management has totally changed TV9 coverage. The channel eventually became the voice of Jagan Regime rather than the voice of the people.

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Media watch: TV9 ‘Mukhamukhi’ program turns pale without Jaffer


It is known news that news reporter Jaffer left the TV9 channel recently and ‘Mukha Mukhi’ program, which brought him a lot of fame is now handled by another lady journalist. But it looked like the program became pale without Jaffer. Details as below.

‘Mukha Mukhi’ and Jaffer:

‘Mukha Mukhi’ is one of the popular programs in TV9 and reporter Jaffer became popular in both the Telugu states with that show. When Jaffer handled the show, politicians, sometimes, used to leave the show abruptly as they could not answer the questions put forward by him. The bravery displayed by Jaffer was appreciated by many. However, as everyone knows, Jaffer had to resign from the TV9 channel as management has issues with him. Reportedly, the new management did not like it when Jaffer met former TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash and sought an explanation from him, As they were not satisfied with the explanation, they forced him to resign from the channel.

‘Mukha Mukhi’ after Jaffer:

Lady journalist Haseena now entered the shoes of Jaffer. She interviewed Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy, who has landed in controversy recently after a woman officer complained against him. Some people are calling him ‘Chintamaneni of YSRCP’ already. CM Jagan allowed police to file cases on Kotamreddy, but political opponents criticized that the cases filed on him are very weak cases. Given this background, anchor handling ‘Mukhamukhi’ program with him should have completely embarrassed him by asking the right questions and, more importantly, by countering all his answers. But that did not happen. Haseena, the lady anchor who handled the show after Jaffer left, did ask some right questions but obviously those questions were prepared beforehand. When it comes to countering the answers given by politicians (Sridhar Reddy in this case), she did not come any closer to Jaffer. Despite having some video proofs of Kotamreddy threatening officials, she could not embarrass him anytime during the interview. Even though she tried to emulate Jaffer at times, by asking questions like ‘do you see any cauliflower in my ears’, which are trademark dialogues of Jaffer, she could not make the interview powerful. In fact, by the end of the show, it looked like Sridhar Reddy was able to prove his upper hand over the reporter in this show.

We will have to wait and see whether this program will regain its popularity without Jaffer.

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V6 Sathi’s new avatar on TV9 begets mixed reactions


At a time when the anchor of V6 channels ‘Teenmaar’ program, Siva Jyothy aka Savitri left for Bigg Boss 3, the program’s real showstopper Bithri Sathi moved to another news channel. A week ago he surprised everyone by joining TV9 as he shared a picture where he is collecting an appointment letter from TV9 Rajnikanth.

From last couple of days, Sathi is appearing on TV9 as ‘Ismart Sathi’, a new segment that will feature him cracking jokes in the Telangana accent he speaks with. Introducing him to the world on the eve of Vinayaka Chavithi, this program got launched. So what is the first take of people on this new program featuring Sathi?

First of all, getting connected to a Telangana slang anchor/host on TV9 is a big deal because the channel never used such stuff earlier. Now that the channel is owned by businessmen who back TRS party, one can understand why Bithri Sathi turned Ismart Sathi for them, but his jokes lacked that previous punch we must say.

The choice of news Satthi speaks about and the careful satires are yet to catch the pulse of audiences as they lacked that vigour they used to have when the comedian is in V6. For now, the show has begotten only mixed reactions from all quarters.

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Corporate twists: TV9 gets a new CEO

TV9 Group appoints Barun Das as new CEO. He will replace Mahendra Mishra, the interim CEO, who has been in that role ever since the management sacked former CEO Ravi Prakash. TV9 group released an official press note and remarked that appointment of Barun das as CEO will help the channel to become a dominant national player in the broadcast and digital news space.

Background of the appointment:

It is known news that former CEO Ravi Prakash, who has been with the channel since it foundation had serious issues with the new management as they allege that Ravi Prakash has stopped them from taking full control of the channel despite buying majority of the stakes. However Ravi Prakash argued that the new management bought the channel deceitfully and the violated corporate laws. The war between Alanda media, that has bought TV9, and Ravi Prakash is still ongoing. Meanwhile, TV9 appointed Mahendra Mishra, the CEO of TV9 Kannada as group interim CEO. Now, managment has taken decision to appoint permanent CEO and their choice is Barun Das. After appointing Barun Das as TV9 CEO, Mahendra Mishra will be Principal Advisor to the Board of TV9.

Background of Barun Das:

Barun is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata and the London School of Economics. Earlier, he did as the CEO of Zee Media limited. He also worked in ABP News, India Today Group, Astro All Asia Network. He is also the vice-president of News Broadcasters Association.

Mahendra Mishra also being troubled by TV9 new management?

Meanwhile, there have been rumors among media circles about Mahendra Mishra, the interim CEO of TV9 group, also being harassed by the new management of TV9. It is known news that he was close aide of Ravi Prakash and it is because of Ravi Prakash he got the opportunity to lead TV9 Kannada, despite he doesn’t even know Kannada language. After sacking Ravi Prakash as CEO, new management asked him to takeover that position, but, as per reports, he initially denied the offer. If grapevine is to be believed, TV9 management threatened him to withhold his amounts that he got as profits from TV9 shares to the tune of 8 crores. As per the same rumors, Myhome Rameswara rao didn’t oblige his requests but asked him to settle it with Srini raju, previous owner of TV9. But Srini raju told him that he had already sold his stakes and he need to check with new management.

What ahead for TV9 with Barun Das as CEO:

Even though the group is claiming that they have big plans, it lost the respect of audience ever since the controversies broke out. It is still at top slot because the competitors failing to rise above the bar. We will have to wait and see whether Barun Das will bring any revolutionary changes and whether he will gel well with the new management.

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Ravi Prakash to start a new channel soon


Ravi Prakash, former CEO of TV9 is contemplating to start a new channel on his own. He has already started groundwork on the same. As per Ravi Prakash offline statements, there is huge gap in current Telugu media as all the channels are pro-government and no channel is strongly questioning the governments of Telugu states. Details as below.

It is known news that, after the change of the management, the relation between the management and then CEO Ravi Prakash turned sour as the management alleged Ravi Prakash is not allowing them to take over full control of the channel. On the other hand, Ravi Prakash still has 10% stake in the channel and approached NCLT through actor Sivaji (who became popular with Operation Garuda theory last year) to protect his rights a minor stakeholder.

Meanwhile, the latest update is that Ravi Prakash has started groundwork to start a new channel. Knowing this, many investors approached him and expressed their willingness to invest in his project. However, Ravi Prakash is cautious on selecting his investors so that he will have all the freedom in the channel even at later point of time.

Wee will have to wait and see by when will this channel be materialized.

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TV 9 Ravi Prakash do or die battle with My Home Rameswara Rao


The battle of egos knows no limits. TV 9 Ravi Prakash is like a wounded tiger whose war will stop at nothing less than personal satisfaction. Now, he got the much-needed support from the Delhi powers. Being a popular TV news journalist, he has huge contacts everywhere. This is what corporate giant My Home Rameswara Rao failed to realise what can be the potential of the common man. No doubt, by comparison, Rameswara Rao is much taller figure than Ravi Prakash. But that is only till the Delhi powers favoured him and his protector KCR.

In the corporate war, Ravi Prakash has enough knowledge of inside irregularities to shake up the TV 9 new management consisting of Rameswara Rao and Megha Krishna Reddy. But, Rao used his influence with KCR and filed cases against Ravi Prakash who appeared to have lost the game initially. But the real game started now. The IT raids began on Rao. It is s seen as the tip of an iceberg. Rumours are that Ravi Prakash has got blessings from the Delhi powers. The TV 9 former CEO is expected to take the fight to its logical conclusion. He has already shared TV 9 internal information like use of black money with the constitutional bodies in Delhi. Right now, the common media man has got some upper hand over the new media moghul.

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TV9 Ravi Prakash presents himself before cyber crime police


TV9 former CEO Ravi Prakash today presented himself before cyber crime police. Recent Supreme court order, that is seen as jolt to Raviprakash, seems to have forced him to present himself before the police.

It is known news that TV9 was bought (90% share) by Alanda media from Srini Raju but, as per the complaint by Alanda media, Raviprakash obstructed them from taking over full charge of the channel. There are also complaints on Raviprakash of forgery and selling the logo of the channel unauthorizedly. Ravi Prakash moved to high court as well as supreme court for the anticipatory bail but he didn’t get any relief.

With no option left for him, today he presented himself before the cyber crime police. The details of of the police inquiry are yet to come out.

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Ravi Prakash ‘Golmaal’: selling TV9 logo rights & diverting ads to Mojo


New details are coming out regarding various fraudulent activities done by TV9 former CEO Ravi Prakash after the copies of police complaint and FIR came out. As per complaint filed by the new management of TV9 against Ravi Prakash, the two main complaints against Ravi Prakash are selling TV9 logo To Mojo TV mala fide intention & diverting TV9 ads to Mojo TV. Details of Police complaint as below.

Against whom:

  • V. Ravi Prakash,
  • M.V.K.N Murthy
  • Hari Kiran Chereddi (Mojo TV)

What are complaints:

  • Fabrication of documents,
  • cheating,
  • criminal breach of trust
  • Causing wrongful loss to the company (in order to cause wrongful gain to other company)

Selling TV9 logo to Mojo TV for 99,00/-

As per the police complaint by Alanda media, Ravi Prakash sold TV9 logo rights to Mojo TV for 99,000 Rs and that transaction also shown wrongly in the records. As per the complaint by Alanda media to police- “We submit that said two persons being the Directors of the company having felt that they are going to lose control over the Board of the company, created and executed a Deed of Assignment dated: 31-12-2018 allegedly transferring the copy rights and registered trade mark No. 16036317, TV-9 of the company and other Trade Marks of the Company in favor of Media Nxt India Pvt Ltd, in which said Sri. Hari Kiran Chereddi is having vested interest, for a alleged consideration of Rs.99,000/-. On verification of records the alleged payment of Rs.99,000/- was made by Media NXT India (P) Ltd to ABCL for other repairs and maintenance expenses on 22-01-2019 and recorded in the books on 28-02-2019. The said payment of was wrongfully shown as consideration for the trademarks and copy rights.”

Diverting TV9 ads to Mojo TV:

Now, the allegation is, by showing Mojo TV also ‘part of TV9 group’, Ravi Prakash diverted the ads worth of 32 crores to Mojo TV. There have been rumors that Ravi Prakash has some vested interests in Mojo TV and has even invested in Mojo TV. Now the latest allegations are in sync with those rumors. And, this is definitely criminal breach of trust as Ravi Prakash used his position as CEO of TV9 to benefit other company/ channel Mojo TV at the cost of causing wrongful loss to TV9. Moreover, all this transaction happened without the knowledge of 90% stakeholders.

Frivolous case at NCLT to hide all these wrongdoings?

Alanda media also observed that Ravi Prakash entered into agreement with actor Shivaji (more popularly known as Garuda Shivaji in recent times) with ante-date documents only to file some frivolous case at NCLT so that it will cause hindrance to the new management in their proceedings. The police complaint by Alanda media notes, ” We submit that Sri. V. Ravi Prakash and Sri. M.V.K.N Murthy created an ante-dated Share purchase agreement between Sri. V. Ravi Prakash and one Sri. S. Shivaji and on that basis initiated a frivolous litigation before the National company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Hyderabad Bench and the same was already brought to the notice of Cyber Crime Police Station, Cyberabad Cammissionerate by M/s Alanda Media wherein FIRs vide Nos 84/2019, 87/2019 U/Sec 406, 420, 467, 471, 120 (B) IPC and 66, 72 of IT Act were booked and the investigation is in process. On further verification of records it was also noticed that Mr. Hari Kiran Chereddi is also involved in this conspiracy and thus requesting for investigation.”


It looks like Ravi Prakash has breached the trust by selling TV9 logo rights to Mojo and by diverting the ads to Mojo. Moreover, creating ante-dated documents with the purpose of some wrongful gains is considered as serious crime in corporate law. We will have to wait and see on further updates on this case.

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Ravi Prakash has no option but to start new channel?


TV 9 former CEO Ravi Prakash is standing at the cross roads. This is something not easy to digest for a professional who has worked hard for a decade and a half to make TV 9 what it is today. He has been levelling allegations against the Alanda Media and My Home Chairman Jupalli Rameswara Rao that they have conspired to take away the channel from his control. Still, Ravi Prakash has explained his emotional attachment and his desire to conduct shows for TV 9.

However, the new management is not at all interested in continuing or allowing Ravi Prakash to conduct shows on TV 9. They have made this clear already and they reiterated the same several times. It is because of this he has hinted at starting his own channel with the same determination to develop it.

TV industry is full of speculation that Ravi Prakash would have no chance left but to open his channel now. They are also saying TV 9 former CEO has taken it as a prestigious issue and he has already got a good forum to develop his new channel.

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Allegations on Ravi Prakash — What is his camp saying?

TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash’s issue has been dominating the news cycle for last few days. After Ravi Prakash has resigned from TV9, people are curious to know his whereabouts and also about a bunch of allegations were levied against former CEO of Tv9.There has been no response from Ravi Prakash’s camp and this has caused a one way news cycle without any reponse from other party. Telugu360 tried to get in touch with some current employees of TV9 to get other side of the coin

Allegation -1 : Ravi Prakash forged  company secretary Devender Agarwal’s signature 

Rebuttal – Devender Agarwal has resigned as company secretary of ABCL on March 28th 2019 . TV9 directors approved his resignation after multiple requests from Devender. Ravi Prakash’s camp alleges that directors made a futile attempt to upload new directors through Devender Agarwal, at 2:30 AM in the morning, but were unsuccessful as his resignation was already in effect. Ravi Prakash camp alleges that the new management updated directors through backdoor method. Where is the case for forgery here asks Ravi Prakash’s camp? In fact, they contend that it is new management team that has to be under the scanner as they updated new directors through backdoor.

Allegation – 2 : Share transfer agreement with Sivaji 

Rebuttal – Share transfer agreement between Sivaji and Ravi Prakash is a completely private party transaction. Ravi Prakash’s camp argues how does it matter to new directors on how this transaction was executed. It could have been just a word of mouth, white paper or demat and it is completely up to the two persons involved in the transaction on how they want to execute this.

Allegation – 3: Funds transfer to MOJO TV

Rebuttal — Marketing team in TV9 tell telugu360 that there was an official agreement between TV9 and MOJO TV and since TV9 is the No #1 Telugu channel it frequently has ‘spill overs’. In these cases, TV9 sells these additional ad inventory to MOJO TV at a 10% commission. Today tv9 owes payments to MojoTV. The TV9 team also informed that MOJO TV management was very upset with such false and baseless allegations where the transaction was fully documented on both sides.

Allegation – 4: TV9 Bharatvarsh funds 

Rebuttal — Ravi Prakash’s team tell that they were able to launch Bharatvarsh with half the budget they initially projected. In fact, Ravi Prakash team contends that they were able to bring buzz to the channel by inviting Modi to inauguration due to Ravi’s connections.

Also, Ravi Prakash’s camp contends that they were blindsided by myhome’s investment into TV9. Megha  approached Ravi Prakash with a minority investment into TV9 and later Myhome related persons entered into the deal contents Ravi Prakash’s team.

Will Ravi Prakash come out and tell his side of the story ? Wait and watch in next few days.

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TV 9 Ravi Prakash went underground?


The Cyberabad police special team and crime team launched a manhunt for TV 9 former CEO Ravi Prakash. They have tried to contact him but all his cell phones are switched off for the last few days. Once again, the police teams enquired at his residence and with his friends who said they were not given any information about where he has gone.

The Telangana police are investigating a case of forgery filed against Ravi Prakash who in turn accused his opponents of hatching systematic conspiracy to remove him from the organisation that grew enormously with his hard work. The new management has asserted that Ravi Prakash is just like any other share holder but he is creating hurdles in the transition of management.

Ravi Prakash lawyer has contacted the Cyberabad police and asked for 10 days time. The police already questioned TV9 former CFO Murthy. They are also giving notices to actor turned activist Shivaji who is also not turning up for police questioning.

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Buzz – Ravi Prakash and Team to be forced out of TV9!!

As we have been exclusively reporting, TV9 top management crisis has been escalated to a point of no return. The consequences may lead to departing of founder team of TV9 very soon from the firm.

After acquiring majority stake in ABCL ( Parent group of TV9) , Megha Constructions Krishna Reddy and MyHome Group Rameswara Rao have replaced four of the board members ( which were earlier held by Srini Raju’s iLab) recently. Reportedly Jagapathi Rao Jupally, Sangu Samba Siva Rao, A. Srinivasa Rao, P. Kaushik Rao are the new directors. Ravi Prakash, Clifford Pereira and Murthy are the other three from the old team , still remaining in the board.

From inception of TV9 , major stake holder Srini Raju ( 80% stake ) never involved in editorial affairs , Ravi Prakash had complete control over the channel operations as well as editorial programming . But , it has been reliably learnt that new board has started muddling in the editorial affairs a lot to the dislike of Ravi Prakash.

It has been reliably learnt that , as per NCLT ruling related to Saif Partners, there shouldn’t be any changes to Board of TV9 ‘s parent company ABCL. Ravi Prakash has now approached court claiming the changes in the board is illegal. As Ravi Prakash is a minority stakeholder, there is every possibility that he and his team might be forced out of TV9. According to our highly placed sources , this might happen as soon as in next few weeks. A high profile meeting with a key person in TG government might decide the fate.

We’ll have to wait and see if TV9 can continue to hold it’s numero uno position if Ravi Prakash’s team exits. Unarguably Ravi Prakash is the mastermind behind the TV9’s rise and continuation of it’s numero uno status.

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Uttam Kumar Reddy fires on TV9 for telecasting CPS survey


Yesterday, TV9 telecast a survey done by an institute called CPS (Center for Psphological Studies). This survey predicted 94-104 seats for TRS and 16-21 seats for Praja Kootami led by Congress. (Click here for : CPS Survey predicts 94-104 to TRS: how far it will impact voters?). Later, TV9 took Uttam Kumar Reddy on phone line and sought his response on this CPS survey.

Uttam Kumar Reddy fired on TV9 and told TV9 is becoming worse than T-news channel owned by KCR asTV9 is openly supporting TRS. Uttam called this CPS survey as bogus survey and CPS as well as TV9 were bribed by TRS to influence Telangan voters. He challenged TV9 and asked whether TV9 will shut their office if TRS doesn’t get 94-104 seats as predicted by CPS survey. He questioned TV9 for telecasting such baseless story just couple of days before the elections and asked what is the intention of TV9 in telecasting this story. He also lambasted psephologist from CPS and told these people are sold out to KCR.

Whether this CPS survey will turn true or not will be known in a span of a week.

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It’s official. TV9 into hands of ‘My home’ Rameshwar Rao


The news of TV9 ownership change has been in the news for last few months. After Srini Raju, who has most of the stakes in the channel, decided to exit the venture, many investors came forward to have some stakes in this channel. As of now it is confirmed that Rameshwar Rao, owner of My home group, officially took over part of the stakes.

It is known news that, Rameshwar Rao is very good friend of TRS supremo KCR. So there have been predictions that the channel will turn completely pro- TRS party. However, at this moment, there is no change in editorial policy or no significant organisational changes in the channel.

So, at this moment, there will not be any major shift in the way channel is handling its news and analysis. But it looks like there will be a gradual change in the channel and it will slowly but surely turns into a pro TRS channel.

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TV9 avoids PK speeches, but promptly telecasts TDP counters


TV9 today telecast Chandra Babu’s response on Pawan’s sensational comments about somebody conspiring to kill him. It also telecast response of other TDP leaders like Prattipati Pulla Rao, Chintamaneni and Babu Rajendra Prasad on Pawan statements.

Chandrababu responded to Pawan comments and said that there is police system in the country and one has to believe in the system. He also added that, his government doesn’t spare anyone if they try to create unrest in society. He also told, it is not correct on the part of Pawan Kalyan to make such comments.

Chintamaneni earlier reacted strongly to Pawan’s comments and challenged him to contest against him. He also reacted to “Assembly Rowdy” comment on him saying he will also win again like Shivaji (Mohan Babu character name in Assembly rowdy movie) from his constituency. Later, Babu Rajendra Prasad and Prattipati Pulla Rao also reacted very strongly to Pawan’s comments. All these statements found good coverage in TV9. It is very much understandable political parties reacting strongly against the comments made by political opponents.

However, TV9, which claims itself working for better society, completely avoiding giving coverage to one political party but promptly telecasting counter comments on that party is surprising. TV9 is not at all covering Pawan Kalyan meetings and his speeches either through Live or through recorded videos. In fact it is not even giving scrolling about Pawan Kalyan statements during his public meetings. If TV9 is mentioning something about Pawan Kalyan, you can make sure that it is about ruling party leaders condemning his statements.

If TV9 really wants to avoid Pawan Kalyan completely from their channel, they can avoid Pawan Kalyan comments as well as the counter comments on him by the ruling party. Long back, Eenadu used to avoid Dasari Narayana Rao name completely in their newspaper as well as in the ETV. In fact while telecasting movies in ETV, it used to cut the titles frame in which Dasari Narayana Rao name is mentioned as writer and director. Eenadu avoided both positive as well as negative news on Dasari Narayana Rao for a while. But what TV9 is doing is different – it is completely avoiding positive news as well as plain reporting of Pawan Kalyan statements. But it is very promptly telecasting when other party leaders make scathing comments on Pawan Kalyan or janasena.

In fact TV9 did similar strategy in 2008 and 2009 during PRP times. It used to completely avoid Chiranjeevi meetings or his comments but promptly telecast counter comments by the leaders of then ruling Congress Party. We will have to wait and see how people will respond on the selective coverage and selective presentation of TV9 (in case of Pawan Kalyan).

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TV9 Srini Raju himself giving leaks to media?


Leading dailies have been publishing news about Srini Raju exiting TV9 and selling-off his stakes in the channel. Recently an English daily published news that Megha Engineering and MyHome have picked up nearly 80% stake held by Srini Raju owns TV9. The daily also added that the company was valued at Rs 456 crore for the transaction. However, here is an interesting update about this.

As per sources, till now, no financial transaction has happened regarding this as published by many dailies. It’s still in discussion stage. Finalization of this deal might not happen till mid of the next month also. It seems, TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash is still trying to work with some big investors as the deal with MyHome and Megha not yet closed.

However, all these dailies are getting these leaks from none other than Srini Raju himself. He is giving leaks to media as he wants to get out of this venture as soon as possible. So, while Ravi Prakash is still trying for a better deal, Srini Raju wants to close the deal asap and giving leaks to media that deal is already over. It is not sure why he wants to finalize this at the earliest, but it is for sure media houses getting these leaks straight from the horse mouth.

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TV9 interviewed Pawan without revealing channel identity?

Pawan Kalyan yesterday visited Kurnool quarry blast victims and he attacked CM Chandrababu Naidu while speaking to media. However one interesting thing happened yesterday. Pawan Kalyan video byte responding to the questions of journalist appeared in Tv9 yesterday. By seeing this interview of Pawan Kalyan in Tv9, audience were surprised because he didn’t give any interview to TV9 after he slammed media channels for attacking him and his family personally. In fact, some of Janasena fans blocked TV9 after Pawan called for that.

Couple of days back also Pawan Kalyan was seen asking TV9 camera person to go back and let other channels cameras (read it 99tv) come to the front line. The video that captured this incident happened during ‘Pingali venkayya program’ went viral on social media. Even earlier also, similar thing happened. During his North Andhra tour, ( at Vizag Shipyard) when Pawan Kalyan was speaking holding mikes of some news channels, TV9 reporter came to Pawan and asked him to hold TV9 mike too, but Pawan ignored him.

With this background, Pawan giving interview to TV9 channel surprised audience. Janasena fans, miffed with this, contacted Janasena media in-charge people. But janasena sources said that that reporter who interviewed Pawan did not reveal his identity that he is from TV9. Moreover, the mike he is holding also doesn’t have the logo of TV9. Usually any bite taken by TV9 reporters will have TV9 logo on the mike. So, it seems TV9 reporter took the interview of Pawan Kalyan without revealing his identity.

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Kathi Mahesh issue: Show Cause Notice to TV9

Kathi Mahesh issue: Show Cause Notice to TV9 Today Telangana DGP Mahender Reddy convened a press meet and informed media about exterminating Kathi Mahesh from the city of Hyderabad for 6 months for allegedly creating social tensions in the city.

It is known news that Kathi Mahesh had made scathing comments on Ramayana and Hindu gods which drew ire from various sections in the society and cases have been filed across Telugu States. Finally Telangana police have decided to take action on Kathi Mahesh and he has been exterminated from the city of hyderabad as per The telangana prevention of antisocial and hazardous activities act, 1980. At the same time Telangana DGP revealed, the channel that telecast this news repeatedly and thereby created social tensions also been given a show Cause Notice as per cable TV Regulation act for violating program code.

Even though the DGP did not directly reveal the name of TV9 directly, it is very clear because Kathi Mahesh made these comments during the debate in Tv9 channel. Also, DGP added, action will be taken on the channel as per the law after seeing the reply from the channel.

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Exclusive: TV9 to start 3 new news channels

TV9, numero uno channel in Telugu is all set to start 3 new channels – TV9 English, TV9 Tamil and TV9 Hindi. TV9 founded in 2004 and is owned by Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited (ABCL) It has grown exponentially in last 14 years.and currently it has channels in other languages too , like – TV9 Kannada, TV9 Gujarati and TV9 Marathi. In Telugu too it has Jai Telangana TV ( formerly TV1). Now in addition to these 5 channels, TV9 is coming up with 3 new channels –

TV9 English,
TV9 Tamil and
TV9 Hindi.

TV9 English – . Through this English channel, TV9 is planning to focus on Southern states. It is known news that all English channels currently focus on northern states and central politics and they do little focus on news of southern news. Many, call these English channels as National media, probably it’s a misnomer as these channels are not giving “uniform” coverage to the news of all states. It can be recalled here that – in 2014, when KCR gave a power point presentation in Telangana assembly, KTR pointed out that nobody in national media wrote or talked anything about it and had it been done by someone from Delhi or other Hindi belt states, national media would have praised a heap on them. We will have to see, if TV9 English can address such things and become voice of south India at national level.

TV9 Tamil – TV9 seems to be of opinion that, there is no channel in Tamil that gives non-partisan news and so banking on huge success for Tamil. Tamil Nadu has the distinction of having the highest number of party owned TV channels. Foe e.g. Sun TV and Kalaignar TV owned by and supporters of DMK party. Jaya TV belongs to AIADMK . Ramadas’s PMK has Makkal TV. Tamil Maanila Congress launched Velicham TV in 2016 and its boss Thirumavalavan also affiliated with politics and was part of Vijaykanth led People’s welfare front in last elections. Captain TV is another channel in TN and it was started by Vijaykanth’s DMDK. Even though it is not news channel and it is a general channel like MAA TV or Gemini TV, they telecast Vijaykanth’s political tours live. Recently channels like Puthiya Thalamurai, Thanthi and Polimer are getting good ratings as these are not affiliated to political parties directly and TN audience are preferring neutral channels rather than parties that are affiliated to political parties. So, obviously TV9 too has good scope in Tamil Nadu if they can present news neutrally.

TV9 Hindi – Even though there are many channels in Hindi, it seems TV9 wants its presence felt in Hindi belt too.

TV9 currently has terrific ratings in Karnataka and Telugu. In fact top most Tamil channel’s ratings (Polimer) are much less compared to TV9 Telugu or TV9 Kannada. TV9 is market leader in in respective markets where it has presence. We will have to wait and see how TV9 will make it mark in these new areas.


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Demystifying TRP: Is TV9 viewership dipping down?


There is ongoing war between Pawan Kalyan and a few media channels. As everyone knows it all started with Pawan Kalyan accusing a few channels colluding with ruling TDP party after Sri Reddy using cuss word against his mother. There has been curiousity among political and media circles to see whether Pawan Kalyan call to boycott these media channels has really any impact. Since Pawan Kalyan gave call on 20th April, it is almost 3 weeks now and we have already seen that as per last week ratings still TV9 rules the roost. (https://www.telugu360.com/telugu-news-channels-latest-trp-ratings/) . Now latest data has been released and even though still TV9 is occupying the top slot, there has been considerable drop in the overall viewership of TV9. Before getting into the details of this let us first demystify what this TRP is all about.

An impression is when an ad is fetched from its source, and is countable. In other words, an impression is the display of an ad to a user. Usually these impressions are counted in 1000s. Advertisement cost is usually charged as cost per thousand impressions. For e.g. TV9 in week 18 (Apr 28 to May 04) has 32885 thousand impressions (i.e. 3.288 crore impressions) while it has 42690 thousand impressions in week 16 (Apr 14 t Apr 20). That means, there is 22% drop in the impressions of TV9 from Week 16 to week 18. That means if 100 people watched an ad in TV9 in week 16, in week 18 it reached only 78 people. But this doesn’t mean 22% drop in ad revenue because there will be several adjustments, modifications and negotiations between marketing teams of these channels and the agencies that bring ads .

TRPs are calculated using the denominator as the total target audience, and the numerator as the total impressions delivered to this audience x 100.

TRP = ( impressions / total target audience) *100
For e.g. If total target audience for these channels is taken as 7 crores,
TV9 TRP in Week 16 = (4,29,60,000) / 7,00,00,000 ) *100 = 60
TV9 TRP in Week 17 = (3,66,02,000) / 7,00,00,000 ) *100 = 51
TV9 TRP in Week 18 = (3,28,85,000/ 7,00,00,000) * 100 = 45

Are these TRPs published and available for common people?

No. Calculated TRPs are distributed to seeking agencies (like advertising agencies) and TV channels. What is available in public domain is just the number of impressions of only top 5 channels across the genres. But it is to be noted that these number of impressions are directly proportional to TRP ratings of the channels. Common people can calculate themselves to get approximate TRP ratings based on the impressions.

Weekly data of news channels in last 3 weeks:

  Week 16 [Apr 14-20]

Impressions (‘000)
Week17[Apr 21-27] Impressions (‘000)Week 18[Apr28-May04] Impressions (‘000)
1TV9 telugu42690 (TRP 60)36602 (TRP 51)

32885 (apprx TRP 45)

2NTV Telugu

27968 (TRP 40)

28359 (TRP 40)

26353 (apprx TRP 38 )

3V6 News

26122 (TRP 34)

25874 (TRP 34)


4TV5 News

22287 (TRP 31)

21826 (TRP 30)

5T News

21428 (TRP 29)

20889 (TRP 29)


So what we can infer from above data? Obviously, TV9 viewership is in downward trend while remaining channels maintained approximately steady trend

Percentage change from Week 16th to week 18th

  Week 16 [Apr 14-20]
Impressions (‘000)
Week 18[Apr28-May04] Impressions (‘000)Percentage change from Week 16th to week 18th
1TV9 Telugu42690



2NTV Telugu




3V6 News




4TV5 News




5T News




It is clear that TV9’s viewership is down by 22.97% in last 3 weeks approximately. Also, other channels also seen dip in viewership in last 3 weeks but their dip in viewership is much less compared to TV9’s dip in viewership.

Comparison between Telugu Top entertainment channels and Top News channels


Top entertainment channels

Week 18 impressions '000

Top News channels

Week 18 impressions '000



TV9 Telugu32885

2Zee Telugu440901


3Gemini Tv394127

V6 News22797

4ETV telugu349222

TV5 News21759

5Star Maa Movies193731

T News 20755

It is interesting to see the huge gap between entertainment channels and news channels. Top entertainment channel in Telugu is MAA with 4,49,474 thousand impressions where as top news channel TV9 has 32885 thousand impressions. That means top news channels impressions is not even 10 % of top entertainment channels impressions. This is the reason, ad cost in entertainment channel being much higher than that in news channel.

How much of this could be attributed to Pawan Kalyan effect

Obviously fans of Janasena want to believe that this dip in Tv9 is because of Pawan Kalyan as he made wildest allegations on this channel and asked his followers to boycott this channel. On the other hand, people who want to believe Pawan Kalyan’s call has no impact at all attribute this dip in viewership to the lack of any breaking news during this period. There is truth in both of these arguments and it is really difficult to conclude which argument is ‘more’ correct.

It is also to be noted that TV9 has Record TRP of 92 during the week of Sridevi death. compared to that 92, current rating of approximately 45 is much less. but you have to note that when there is a breaking news like Sridevi death mystery, Jayalalitha death mystery, beautician Sirisha mystery Tollywood drug case, there is the general upsurge in the viewership of news channels. Lack of such breaking news also might be reason for the drop in viewership, says some. But it is to be noted here that Channels other than TV9 have almost maintained a steady trend with no significant drop. So here comes the argument that this could be because of Pawan Kalyan effect. It is obvious that he has so many fans in Telugu States. If only certain percentage of his fans have completely blocked this TV9 channel, there must be drop in viewership at least to that extent.

Now if we combine both the facts that a section of people have completely stopped viewing TV9 and the lack of breaking news – we get the answer. Not one of these reasons but the combined effect of these 2 reasons might be the reason for the dip We will have to wait and see how long this trend will continue.


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