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Jagan rule is worse than Britishers dictatorship, says Varla Ramaiah


The British dictatorship was not so worse than the Jagan Mohan Reddy Government and the State had not witnessed such authoritarianism even during Emergency in 1975, said TDP politburo member, Varla Ramaiah.

Ramaiah pointed out that TDP general secretary, Nara Lokesh, announced 40 days ago about his 4000-km-long pada yatra during which he will personally meet the youth to know their problems.

Lokesh said that the youth in the State got unnerved and that he will explain the current scenario in the State after which he will give a road map for them, Ramaiah pointed out.

“Though he has explained it so clearly, the Government remained silent, and I personally wrote to the Director General of Police (DGP) on January 9 seeking permission for Lokesh’s pada yatra. Till January 20, the DGP did not respond and after I sent a reminder, the next day he sent a letter to me seeking all the details like who will be meeting Lokesh and where,” the TDP politburo member said.

The letter appeared to be very ridiculous as the DGP wanted the details of the vehicles in Lokesh’s convoy, the route map and other particulars.

“When Lokesh is undertaking the pada yatra for 400 days how will anyone know who will be meeting Lokesh, where, when and in which village,” he asked.

Stating that this was never in the history of the country, Ramaiah wanted the DGP to rethink on such matters. ”

Lokesh will be meeting lakhs of people, including the youth, particularly those affected by the Government policies. How can such details be provided,” Ramaiah asked.

When late Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, undertook pada yatra during the Chandrababu Naidu government no such issues were raised and no obstructions were caused to his pada yatra, he stated.

“In fact, wherever necessary security was tightened,” he pointed out.

Even when Sharmila was on her pada yatra, she did not face any problem, he said and felt that the Chief Minister should realise all such facts, Ramaiah said.

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Guntur stampede deaths are by govt, says Varla Ramaiah


TDP politburo member, Varla Ramaiah, on Monday said that Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, is totally shaken on noticing the massive gatherings for the public meetings of TDP president, Chandrababu Naidu.

Ramaiah asked as to how three persons died, particularly after Chandrababu left the venue, though 200 policemen were on security duty. “The State government should answer whether the three persons really died in the stampede as reported or they were done to death,” he asked.

Stating that he will certainly blame the Chief Minister and his Government for the deaths, Ramaiah said that unable to digest the fact that huge crowds are gathering for the meetings of Chandrababu, the government resorted to this kind of incidents. He suspected the role of sleeper-cells of the ruling party behind the death of the three persons in the Guntur incident.

Ramaiah suspected that the three persons were done to death only with a view to creating hurdles to Mr Chandrababu’s meetings and demanded that Guntur District Superintendent of Police, Ariff, order for an impartial inquiry to bring the facts to light as to who is responsible for the deaths.

Suspecting a conspiracy behind the killing of the three persons, Ramaiah demanded that cases under Sections 120 (B) and Sections 302 be registered against the persons responsible for the deaths. He said that in the Guntur incident all the fingers are pointing towards the State government and stated that the Ministers, who generally respond very late towards any incident, reacted very fast on Guntur incident and visited the spot immediately.

Observing that this Government never encourages the poor to celebrate their festivals, the TDP politburo member said that the State government only tried to cause damage to the programme organised by a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) to extend some helping hand to the poor for which Mr Chandrababu Naidu was the chief guest.

Demanding a CBI probe into the whole incident, Ramaiah felt that the facts will not come to light if the State police conduct the inquiry. He is also of the opinion that the Government will not give a free hand to the Guntur Superintendent of Police to conduct an inquiry into the whole issue as facts will come to light.

Pointing out that in November last year itself the YSRCP leaders Tweeted that the real politics of Jagan will begin in January, he felt that if an NRI who has come forward to help the poor, is subjected to this kind of harassment by the government who will take the initiative in future to extend a helping hand to the poor. It is really atrocious that Srinivasa Rao of the Vuyyuru Foundation was taken into custody, he said, adding that the TDP strongly condemns the arrest.

Ramaiah suspected conspiracy behind the deaths of the three persons and advised the Chief Minister to know the fact that his assets will not sail with him forever.

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Varla Ramaiah complaints to NHRC on Macherla incident


TDP politburo member, Varla Ramaiah, on Monday complained to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on the Macherla incident.

In a letter to the NHRC, Ramaiah said that the negligent attitude of the State police costing the State heavily with the law-and-order situation miserably failed. Stating that the State police colluded with some ruling party leaders following which the human rights of the common man is completely at stake and the recent incidents that took place in Macherla are the best example for this.

Local MLA, Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy’s brother Venkataram Reddy resorted to onslaught on the public, particularly the activists of the major Opposition party, the TDP, with private goondas, Ramaiah said in his letter. These goondas physically attacked women and even children in the houses of the TDP activists, he said, adding that they even set ablaze their houses.

The hired goondas of the brother of the local MLA attacked the participants who were taking part in the peaceful rally of TDP incharge, Brahma Reddy, he stated. The local police played only the role of an audience on the onslaught that continued for over six hours, he pointed out in the letter.

Observing that even after the codon and search operation conducted by the police, the YSRCP workers attacked the TDP activists with lethal weapons, Ramaiah said in his letter that the local police took into custody the TDP leaders and issued an order that they should immediately leave Macherla.

Stating that some senior police officers are solely responsible for the local police acting in such a way, he said that Additional Director General of Police (Intelligence), Seetharamjaneyulu, and Superintendent of Police (SP), Ravishankar Reddy are only trying to satisfy the ruling party leaders resulting in the miserable failure of the law and order.

Ramaiah in his letter to the NHRC wanted a thorough probe to be conducted into the whole episode and see to it that those responsible for the incidents be punished. He also wanted action to be initiated against the police officers responsible for the failure of the law and order.

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Jagan failed to review law and order even once, says Varla Ramaiah


Sexual assaults in the name of love by misusing technology are being reported regularly in the State after the YSRCP came to power, said the TDP leaders. Party politburo member, Varla Ramaiah, along with others participated in the last rites of Tapasvi, a medico who was a victim to the sexual assault by her own boyfriend.

Vala Ramaiah, told media persons that the present-day youth are completely misusing technology for committing crimes like sexual assaults. In the past three-and-half years, Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, did not conduct even a single review meeting on law and order.

“Where is the need for such a government which is not bothered about the safety of people, particularly women,” Ramaiah said. Youth is misusing the technology only to cheat the girls in the name of love. Boys are alluring and enticing girls using technology and the case of Tapasvi, who fell victim to this, is a classic example of this, Ramaiah added.

Such incidents are being reported regularly from almost all parts of the State, he said and asked what this government is doing. “Yesterday it was Ramya and today it is Tapasvi, who fell victim to the sexual onslaught in the name of love,” he stated.

Expressing serious concern that the Police Department is not able to maintain the law and order in the State, Ramaiah said that had the police taken timely action after Tapasvi lodged a complaint, she would not have fallen victim to the artificial love. “The police are mainly interested in serving the Chief Minister and harassing the Opposition parties’ leaders,” he added.

Besides Ramaiah, former chairperson of the Mahila Commission, Nannapaneni Raja Kumari, former zilla parishad chairperson, Gadde Anuradha, and TDP incharge for Pamarru, Varla Kumar Raja, took part in the cremation of Tapasvi.

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Why Police Association is indulging in politics, asks Varla Ramaiah


TDP politburo member, Varla Ramaiah, on Tuesday questioned the leaders of the Andhra Pradesh Police Welfare Association as to why they are indulging in politics instead of striving for the welfare of the police personnel.

When the ruling party leaders use highly objectionable language these police welfare association leaders are keeping mum but when the Opposition parties leaders criticise the ruling party leaders, these association leaders are highly critical of them, Ramaiah told media persons here. Why these association leaders, who always claim that they strictly go by the law, do not dare to question CID chief Sunil Kumar, who totally violates the law, he asked.

When the police officials suffer from different issues, these leaders do not open their mouth but when someone criticises the ruling party leaders, they come out openly and this clearly indicates that the Police Welfare Association is only trying to safeguard the interests of the YSRCP leaders, he commented. Ramaiah advised the welfare association leaders not to indulge in politics and invite troubles.

He said that TDP president, Chandrababu Naidu, reacted immediately when the party leader, Chengalraidu used some words against the police officials. Still the welfare association leaders are trying to politicise the statement made by Chengalraidu though Chandrababu pulled him up immediately, he stated.

Ramaiah said that such police officers will only fall prey to politics if they continue such attitudes. Recalling that a constable, Prakash, was suspended when he submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister on some genuine demands and why these association leaders did not respond when such injustice was done to their own colleague.

What happened to them when a YSRCP MLA caught hold of the collar of an inspector in Nellore district and why they are keeping quiet when MLA, Parthasaradhi, used some objectionable language against the police officials in Krishna district, he asked. Why the welfare association leaders did not open their mouth when Minister, Seediri Appalaraju, also used highly objectionable language against the local police officials, Ramaiah said.

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Jagan eclipse haunting AP, says Varla Ramaiah


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) politburo member, Varla Ramaiah, on Tuesday felt that Andhra Pradesh is reeling under deep crisis as the State is caught in the Jagan Mohan Reddy eclipse and it is the duty of the people to get rid of it and only then they can live happily.

Talking to media persons, Ramaiah said that it is neither lunar nor solar eclipse that the State is caught but it is the Jagan eclipse that is haunting Andhra Pradesh. The Jagan Mohan Reddy government is functioning so shamelessly, and the remarks made by the division bench of the Supreme Court that the law cannot be a partner in the political vengeance of the State government are evident enough.

If Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, has any ethical values he should immediately step down, Ramaiah stated. Had great leaders like the late Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, N T Rama Rao or Nara Chandrababu Naidu been in the post of the chief minister, they would have resigned to the post immediately, he commented.

The Chief Minister is exploiting the services of the CID officials to harass his opponents, he said, adding that CID chief, Sunil Kumar, is functioning like the head of the YSRCP-affiliated organisation. Chargesheet has not been filed even in a single case in the past three-and-half years though several arrests have been made in this period, he added.

Jagan is using the CID only to harass the leaders and activists of the Opposition parties, he maintained. From taking into custody TDP state unit president, Atchen Naidu, till the recent arrest of another TDP senior leader, Ayyannapathrudu, all the arrests were made at midnight and what prevented the police from taking them into custody during day-time, he asked.

The Chief Minister should tell the public what sort of message he is sending to the future generations by adopting such vengeance and the repeated pulling up by the courts, Ramaiah asked. There is absolutely no transparency in the administration and there is no evidence that the Jagan government is following the provisions of the Constitution, he maintained.

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TDP wants CBI to question Jagan in Viveka murder


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) politburo member, Varla Ramaiah, on Friday demanded that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) question chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy in the murder of his paternal uncle, Y S Vivekananda Reddy, to bring the facts to light.

Ramaiah, at a media conference here, said that facts like who killed Vivekananda Reddy, the reasons for his murder and how he was done to death will come to light only if Jagan is questioned by the CBI. The main culprits behind the killing can easily be found if Jagan is interrogated, he felt.

The TDP politburo member feels that all the developments, from the day Viveka was done to death to till today, are taking place under the direct supervision of Jagan. The Chief Minister is certainly guilty of the murder, Ramaiah said and demanded Jagan to come out openly on the statement made by his sister, Sharmila on “Annayya killed Bababi” (Brother killed Uncle).

Sharmila told the media in New Delhi that her own brother killed her uncle, he said and stated that when a murder charge is levelled against a Chief Minister, he should immediately resppond on it. He should come out openly either accepting or denying the charge, Ramaiah stated.

There are doubts among the public on Jagan as to why he is not responding on such serious charge when the Opposition levels simple allegations against him he immediately reacts, Ramaiah said. If Jagan has any ethical values, he should immediately come before the media to tell the public whether he has any role in the murder of his uncle, the TDP leader maintained.

When Jagan’s own sister, Sharmila, has openly given a statement to the CBI on who killed their uncle and who are behind the murder and he was done to death with regard to a dispute on Kadapa Lok Sabha ticket, there is no meaning in Jagan still maintaining silence on the issue, Ramaiah stated. Ramaiah recalled that Jagan came before the media minutes after his uncle died stating that he died of a severe heart stroke but within seconds he changed tack and said that Viveka died after blood vomiting.

Even a baseless allegation has been made against the TDP national president and then chief minister, N Chandarbabu Naidu, too, he added. Ramaiah suspected Mr Jagan’s hand before chasing the CBI officers out of the State and Kadapa MP, Avinash Reddy, shouted at the CBI officers right inside the court with the support of Jagan.

Also, the Special Investigation Team (SIT), which was probing the murder case of Mr Viveka, suspended inspector, Sankaiah, but within a week his suspension was revoked, and he was given posting at a place of his choice, he said. Such incidents never happened in the history of the State. The TDP politburo member is confident that the TDP will come back to power in the coming elections and will teach a lesson to officers like Sankaraiah.

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Jagan misusing his power to delay, dilute Viveka murder case probe, says Varla Ramaiah


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) politburo member, Varla Ramaiah, on Thursday demanded the resignation of Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, as he is misusing his position to delay the investigation into the murder of his paternal uncle, Y S Vivekandanda Reddy.

Ramaiah told media persons at the TDP headquarters here that Jagan Mohan Reddy should feel ashamed at the comments made by the Supreme Court division bench. The Chief Minister is making every effort to dilute the murder case by misusing his power, he added.

Vivekananda Reddy’s daughter Sunitha Reddy knocked at the door of the Supreme Court seeking transfer of the murder case of her father to some other State, Ramaiah pointed out and said that Jagan, who is sitting in the Chief Minister’s chair, should feel guilty of this. Though it is more than three years and seven months since Vivekananda Reddy has been executed, till now no measures have been initiated to bring the accused to book, he said.

It is a known fact that the State government is not cooperating with the CBI, which is investigating the case, and the local police, in fact, are trying to safeguard the accused, all these issues clearly indicate the active role of Jagan in neutralising the case, the TDP politburo member said. If Jagan has any ethical values, he should immediately step down from the post of the Chief Minister, he said.

The CBI too, in its affidavit submitted before the division bench of the apex court, agreed with Sunitha Reddy that the witnesses and the investigative officers are being subjected to various kinds of inconvenience, Ramaiah observed. The CBI also agreed with the view that even one of the accused, Dasthagiri, who turned approver in the case, too is being harassed.

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What secret force is blocking Viveka murder case probe, asks Varla Ramaiah


TDP politburo member, Varla Ramaiah, on Tuesday asked what secret force is frequently blocking the murder case investigation of YS Vivekananda Reddy, who was the paternal uncle of the Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Varla Ramaiah said that it is a known fact that the alleged murder of Vivekananda Reddy has become sensational across the State and asked who is the anonymous person who is blocking the investigation of the case. Who is the accused in the case, spending crores of rupees and engaging the services of advocates paying Rs 50 lakh per appearance to argue the case before the Supreme Court, Ramaiah asked.

Who appointed a famous advocate like Abhishek Manu Singvi to argue the case and even threaten the senior officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), he asked. The local court and the High Court rejected the bail petition of Devireddy Sivasankar Reddy, an accused in the case, and he is not rich enough to engage the services of Abhishek Manu Singhvi by paying Rs 50 lakh per appearance to argue before the Supreme Court, Ramaiah pointed out. The people of the State should know the secret hand behind the payment of such a huge amount to the advocate, he observed.

The apex court has commented that Sivasankar Reddy can influence the witnesses, the TDP politburo member said and demanded that the persons involved in Viveka murder case be made public by accelerating the investigation. He mentioned that none other than Sunitha, the cousin of Jagan Mohan Reddy, approached the Kadapa District Superintendent of Police seeking protection and this clearly indicates that there is no security for women in the State.

The TDP politburo member wanted to know the reasons as to why the CBI could not further investigate the cases in the State. Supreme Court senior advocate Abhisek Manu Singhvi, who was scheduled to place his arguments before the Green Tribunal on Polavaram project, is busy arguing the bail petition of Sivasankar Reddy, he maintained.

This reflects the frame of mind of Jagan who is least bothered about the Polavaram project and the future of the five crore people of Andhra Pradesh but is worried about the bail petition of Sivasankar Reddy, Ramaiah stated. He appealed to the people of the State to at least realise now that leaders like Jagan Reddy should not be voted to power again and demanded that the State Government make public which is the secret force behind the whole episode.

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CBI nervous of taking up probe into cases in AP, says TDP


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is not fair in taking up investigation of the cases in Andhra Pradesh, said the TDP politburo member, Varla Ramaiah, on Wednesday.

Ramaiah told media persons that earlier the police were a bit scared of the CBI officers and now, after the YSRCP came to power, it is the other way round. The law and order machinery in the State is totally non-cooperative to the CBI but still the Central investigative agency is unable to initiate any action against the local police, he added.

In fact, a sort of fear psychosis is haunting the CBI officials in the State and the Central agency officers are frightened of the local police, he said adding that this kind of situation is prevalent in the State after Jagan Mohan Reddy has become the Chief Minister. There is no clarity in the CBI probe into the alleged murder of Jagan Mohan Reddy’s paternal uncle, Vivekananda Reddy, the TDP leader said.

Though the CBI officials are well aware of those persons involved in the murder of Vivekananda Reddy, but are unable to take them into custody due to the reasons known to everyone, Ramaiah felt. Whenever the CBI gets ready to take into custody those behind the murder of Vivekananda Reddy, each time the Chief Minister rushes to New Delhi and then the CBI does not move forward for some unknown reasons, he observed.

“I think for the first time in the history of the State, cases are being registered against the CBI. If this is the system one can easily imagine what will be the future of the State,” he maintained.

There were several instances wherein great personalities, even the chief ministers were jailed and none other the former prime minister, late Indira Gandhi was imprisoned for 14 times. Now, the situation is totally different and the Chief Minister is dictating terms to the CBI. If Jagan orders not to take into custody a particular person, the CBI ceremoniously is following his orders, the TDP politburo member noted.

Is the Chief Minister above law, he asked and pointed out that the CBI till now has not interrogated the accused number one Jagan and the accused number two, Vijayasai Reddy, he added. Why the CBI has not questioned Vijayasai Reddy YSRCP MP, Avinash Reddy, are not interrogated yet in the Vivekananda murder case, he asked.

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TDP Urges NHRC to Take Action on Police for Custodial Torture of Party Cadre in Anantapur


Alleging custodial torture of TDP cadre at Yadiki police station limits in Anantapur district, the party National General Secretary and Politburo member Varla Ramaiah urged the National Human Rights Commission to take stringent action against the police for this inhuman act, in a letter on Saturday. He alleged that the police lodged false complaint, subjecting victims to custodial torture, violated fundamental rights of the victims and violated ethics code of police. In spite of several representations and complaints to the NHRC about police excess in Andhra Pradesh, there has been no change in the police highhandedness and functioning.

Varla Ramaiah stated that, “A section of police in Andhra Pradesh have turned monstrous and are terrorizing opposition voices using torture, midnight arrests, threats and are functioning like the goons and henchmen of the ruling YSRCP”.

He maintained that, “In this regard, I would like to bring to your notice about the custodial torture of victims in Yadiki mandal, Anantapur district. The ruling YSRCP supporters pressurized the local animator to resign in an unjustified manner. Consequently, TDP supporters protested against the injustice of the ruling YSRCP. As a result, the YSRCP supported filed a false complaint with the police. The police in turn have summoned the following people to the police station on 24th August 2022 in the name of inquiry: M. Ramanjeneyulu, aged 35, M. Raja, aged 26; M. Nagarjuna, aged 30, Gujjala Raju, aged 36, Gujjala Siva, aged 34, Gujjala Simhadri, aged 16, Gujjala Dhanalakshmi, aged 32.”

He explained that, “The Yadiki police barring Gujjala Dhanalakshmi had retained remaining people at the police station and had subjected them to custodial torture. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Tadipatri, Chaitanya had particularly tortured the victims with fibre lathi. As per the reports, the said DSP, Chaitanya had forced the victims to place their fingers on the slab stone and beat on the fingers with fibre lathi”.

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TDP complains to Andhra DGP against senior IPS officer


Senior Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader Varla Ramaiah on Thursday complained to Andhra Pradesh Director General of Police (DGP) Gautam Sawang that senior IPS officer P.V. Sunil Kumar is allegedly indulging in unconstitutional activities.

He alleged that Kumar established an organization called AIM (Ambedkar’s Indian Mission) and has been carrying out divisive activities under its banner.

“Kumar, a senior civil servant in AP and currently working as additional DGP, CID, has been making derogatory statements that are unsuitable to the conduct of a civil servant,” claimed Ramaiah.

The TDP leader complained that the IPS officer’s alleged statements are against the spirit of unity in diversity and the Constitution of India.

According to Ramaiah, Kumar said that the British brought education and health to Dalits and went on to claim that these statements undermine the Constitution as envisaged by its architect B.R. Ambedkar.

Ramaiah claimed that such statements put the vision of Ambedkar aimed at uplifting socially deprived sections of India in the dark.

He alleged that in one AIM meeting organized by Kumar, Moka Satti Babu, additional superintendent of police (ASP), Krishna district spoke in support of terrorists.

“Babu in his speech drawing the example of terrorist that hit the World Trade Centre with aeroplane has asked the youth to emulate such commitment. Further, he said that only a commitment to die parallel to that of the terrorist will help,” he claimed.

According to the TDP general secretary such speeches are instigating the youth in general and Dalit youth in particular.

“In effect, the statements made by the two officers mentioned above are not in good taste and are derogatory, illegal, unconstitutional and divisive in nature,” he claimed.

Babu alleged that suspicions have been raised about the motives behind AIM and alleged that the organization is being used as a front to perpetuate divisive politics and hatred.

He claimed that those statements attract the application of IPC Sections 124 A, 153 A and 295 A, including asserting that Kumar and Babu violated All India Service (conduct) Rules, 1968.

“Therefore, it is appealed to initiate action against such erring officers pursuing divisive agenda by invoking terrorists and colonial rulers,” he wrote to Sawang.

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APPOA misrepresented Naidu comments, says TDP


The TDP has strongly objected to the latest statements of the AP Police Officers Association (APPOA). The Opposition party accused the APPOA office bearers of deliberately misquoting Chandrababu Naidu with respect to his call to the TDP cadres to file private cases against the erring police officials. The TDP chief just told their party leaders to file online complaints and private cases if any police officer continued to harass them with false cases by colluding with the ruling YCP leaders. But, APPOA President J.Srinivasa Rao released a note saying that Mr. Naidu had given a call for filing ‘false cases’ against the police and this was totally objectionable.

Taking strong objection, TDP Politburo Member Varla Ramaiah demanded the APPOA to take back its statement and stop making such defamatory comments against the former CM. If the APPOA office bearers continued to indulge in such objectionable activities, the TDP would drag them to the court in future. Instead of solving the problems of the police force, the APPOA was now solely surrendering to the wishes of the ruling party leaders.

Mr. Ramaiah asked why the APPOA did not react at all when the newly recruited, innocent SI was jailed while it was the local YCP leader who was responsible for tonsuring of Dalit youth in East Godavari district. Also, one CI and one Head Constable were sent to jail because of the heinous YCP leaders’ activities that led to the joint suicide of four members of a family in Kurnool district. Another SI was booked and jailed for beating up a youth for not wearing a mask. The APPOA did not bother to go to their rescue and did not even raise their problems before the DGP or even the Chief Minister.

Mr. Varla Ramaiah asked why the APPOA failed to react to abusive anti-police comments being made by the YCP leaders. Whereas, it was twisting statements of Mr. Naidu out of context and issuing wrongful statements without any principles. One YCP leader used highly abusive language and called the police and the local SP impotent. No action was taken in this regard. MLA RK Roja also used unparliamentary language. MLA Kasu Mahesh Reddy spoke of the police officials as touching his boots for favours. The APPOA did not give the slightest reaction. MLA Undavalli Sridevi passed derogatory comments against a local CI but the police force was swallowing all such comments.

Mr. Ramaiah termed the APPOA statement against Mr. Naidu as a ‘bundle of errors’ and demanded it to withdraw the same.

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DGP should check facts before writing letters, says TDP


Director General of Police Gautam Sawang’s letter to Ex CM Chandrababu Naidu has triggered heated exchanges. Now, the TDP asked the DGP to verify facts before writing ‘arbibtrary and unconstitutional’ letters on a murder attempt case. How could the DGP unethically say that the TDP leaders attacked Dalit judge S. Ramakrishna’s brother Ramachandra? The real facts were strikingly contradictory to Mr. Sawang’s statements.

TDP asserts that Pratapa Reddy, who was one of the attackers, was not working in the TDP ever since the local body elections. In fact, Pratapa Reddy got his mother’s nomination on TDP behalf withdrawn after accepting inducements from YCP leaders. He has been moving with YCP leaders ever since. The police boss turned blind to these facts and spoke in such a way as to favour the main accused Kumar Reddy and two other YCP leaders. The DGP’s letter to Naidu on September 28 was totally unlawful, unethical, undemocratic and unparliamentary going by how he overstepped the boundaries of his police duties.

TDP senior leader Varla Ramaiah asked the DGP to do some soul searching whether the ongoing atrocities on Dalits and different sections would not be enough to say that the law and order was deteriorating in Andhra Pradesh or not. This was why Mr. Naidu made his comments. The DGP totally failed to respond when 12 gangsters abducted and raped a Dalit minor girl in Rajahmundry with no action taken against them. An innocent SI was arrested while the actual culprits were let go in a Dalit youth tonsure case. No action was taken against the perpetrators who locked up five women and a handicapped man inside their hut and set itself ablaze. A Dalit youth was beaten to death just for not wearing a mask. The DGP should say whether these incidents were not enough to say that he had failed to ensure proper law and order in the State.

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Is Botsa buying a fort belonging to Vizianagaram Rajas?


YCP crisis manager and Minister Botsa Satyanarayana has risen from humble beginnings to high peaks in a long political career. He is now in the unenviable position of defaming and demolishing Amaravati Capital at the behest of the Chief Minister. Botsa has passed damaging remarks against Amaravati now. Greatly provoked at this, TDP Politburo Member Varla Ramaiah demanded the Minister to explain to the people how he rose from a lower middle class background to become so rich that he was now trying to buy a fort of the Vizianagaram Maharaja’s family. Because of his corruption background, Botsa has no moral standing to criticise Chandrababu Naidu.

It is well known that Botsa was held responsible for Volkswagen not coming to Andhra Pradesh and his comment on loss of Rs. 11 Cr in the scandal was still considered a laughing stock in the state. The TDP argues that if Volkswagen came to the state, it would have created 50,000 jobs by now to the youth of AP. Unlike Mr. Naidu, the YSRCP leaders were committed only to amassing their personal wealth through mindless scams and corruption.

Varla Ramaiah scoffed at the Minister’s comment that Amaravati was developed for benefitting only one caste. Botsa seemed to have no educational qualifications also going by how he was making meaningless statements. If Capital lands belong to only one rich caste, then the Minister should prove it. In fact, of the total 29,881 farmers who sacrificed their lands for Capital city, there were 20,490 small and marginal farmers who contributed less than an acre. There were only 12 farmers who contributed between 20 and 25 acres. Another 142 farmers contributed 10 to 20 acres. Botsa should check these facts before making false allegations against the TDP.

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What’s progress in Viveka murder probe? TDP asks CBI


TDP Politburo Member Varla Ramaiah has asked the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to place before the people the details of its investigation into the sensational case of YS Vivekananda Reddy murder in Kadapa district last year. The people as well as the AP Police were eager to know the progress of investigation as 100 days have passed since the High Court ordered the CBI to probe the mystery murder.

Mr. Ramaiah said that the HC had specifically told the CBI to ignore the fact that Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has withdrawn his earlier petition for CBI probe. Obviously, this comment of the court was aimed at asking the CBI not to be influenced by any considerations while investigating the case. It was on March 10 this year the HC ordered the CBI probe while Jagan Reddy withdrew his petition on February 6.

The TDP leader demanded the Chief Minister to explain why he was remaining silent even though there was no major progress in the murder case of his own uncle. It is over a year and three months ago Vivekananda Reddy was brutally murdered in his own house on March 15, 2019. The culprits were not yet caught and no suspects were identified even though Viveka was a senior politician and VIP who served in different capacities as an MLA, an MLC, a Minister and an MP. Moreover, he was the blood brother of former Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy.

Mr. Ramaiah asked the CM to write letters to the Prime Minister and the Union Home Ministry for speeding up the Viveka probe. Jagan Reddy’s complacency till now shows that his Government has different priorities. The YCP and AP Police were only busy with taking political vengeance. If anybody posts against the ruling party on social media, he or she will face serious cases and harassment. From the constable to the DGP, everybody will be chasing such silly social media cases while high-profile cases like Viveka murder are ending up like mysteries forever.

Mr. Ramaiah also asked Viveka’s daughter Sunitha to demand the CBI and the Central government to complete the investigation at the earliest. For reasons not known, Viveka’s daughter has also become silent ever since the High Court ordered the CBI probe on March 10. On its part, the TDP would appeal to the HC to review the case investigation and call for a progress report on the CBI probe.

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What is wrong if Ramesh Kumar met BJP leaders, questions Ramaiah


TDP politburo member Varla Ramaiah on Tuesday tried to douse off political fire that erupted following Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar’s meeting with BJP leaders in a star hotel in Hyderabad.

The senior TDP leader unleashed a broadside against the YSRCP leaders stating that there was nothing wrong if Ramesh Kumar met BJP RS member Sujana Chowdary and former minister Kamineni Srinivas at Park Hyatt in Hyderabad. “Is Sujana Chowdhary or Kamineni Srinivas anti-social elements. Are they terrorists? What is wrong if Ramesh Kumar met the two leaders,” Ramaiah questioned.

He said Ramesh Kumar met Kamineni Srinivas to discuss the case with the BJP leader as he was one of the petitioner’s who challenged the Andhra Pradesh government’s ordinance that cut short the tenure of SEC to three years from five. “The High Court ordered the Andhra Pradesh government to reinstate Ramesh Kumar. Instead of reinstating Ramesh Kumar, the Andhra Pradesh government had undermined the judiciary by dishonouring the court’s directive. In a sheer display of defiance, the Jagan government had moved the Supreme Court. In the Supreme Court, the Andhra Pradesh government had to swallow a bitter pill after the apex court observed that the government cannot play with constitutional functionaries and declined to give a stay to HC order of reinstating Ramesh Kumar. Despite the SC order, the government has not reinstated Ramesh Kumar. Ramesh Kumar’s so-called meeting with the BJP leaders comes in this backdrop,” Ramaiah lashed out.

Further, the senior TDP leader stated that Ramesh Kumar met the senior BJP leaders to apprise the situation to their central leadership with the Jagan government repeatedly undermining the court verdicts and constitutional bodies. “How did Sakshi TV, the mouthpiece of Jagan’s YSRCP, get hold of the CCTV footage? How did the CCTV footage from Park Hyatt leak? Obviously, it is a selective leak which is a breach of privacy. Further, there are no cases against the three people in question who had a private meeting in Park Hyatt. They are not terrorists. They are not accused, no criminal cases are pending against them. So, what is wrong if they meet,” Ramaiah questioned the YSRCP leaders.

Ramaiah’s comments come in the wake of the meeting of Sujana Chowdary and Kamineni Srinivas with Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar in Park Hyaat which has triggered a political row.

The meeting at Park Hyatt gave much needed ammo to the YSRCP government to attack Ramesh Kumar. Earlier in the day, CCTV Footage showed Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, Sujana Chowdary and Kamineni Srinivas walking into Park Hyatt separately. They then walked into a room in the hotel where they huddled for more than one hour. After the one hour meeting, the CCTV footage showed all the three walking out of the room separately. The meeting raised questions on whether a constitutional functionary can meet political leaders, especially when Ramesh Kumar’s case is pending in the Supreme Court.

Political Vendetta

In an act of political vendetta, Ramesh Kumar was removed as SEC after he put off civic body polls citing Coronavirus. The Andhra Pradesh government promulgated an ordinance which had cut short the tenure of SEC to three years from five years and in a tearing hurry appointed former Tamil Nadu judge Kangaraju as SEC.

The move was challenged in the AP High Court which had reinstated Ramesh Kumar as SEC. On it’s part, the Jagan government had filed a Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court which had observed that the government cannot play with constitutional functionaries while turning down the plea to stay HC order reinstating Ramesh Kumar. Currently, the case is pending in the SC.

Back-door ordinance

After the HC verdict reinstating Ramesh Kumar, Rajya Sabha MP Sujana Chowdhury said Jagan had brought shame to the AP government and dragged its prestige to the streets.

“Where was the necessity to bring an amendment through the back-door (in the form of an ordinance) to change the term and eligibility of the SEC? The Jagan government received a massive mandate of 151 seats in the Assembly, now this does not mean that the government will disregard the constitutional framework and democratic norms,” he had said.

Further, Sujana Chowdhury said, “It is high time Jagan realised that his government should work within the constitutional framework and that his government cannot stretch beyond its limitations and should uphold the dignity of judiciary. He should come out of his monarch mindset and focus on the welfare of the state. At least now, he should put politics aside and seriously work towards putting the wheels of the economy on the right path.”

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YCP RS nominees accused in criminal cases: TDP nominee Varla


Telugu Desam Party Rajya Sabha nominee Varla Ramaiah on Friday took potshots at the YSR Congress Party, saying that its RS nominees were not having a clean record and they have got criminal cases in different parts of the country.
Mr. Ramaiah said Minister Mopidevi Venkata Ramana was a co-accused along with CM Jaganmohan Reddy in the CBI illegal assets cases.

Speaking to reporters at the polling venue, the TDP nominee deplored that another YCP candidate Ayodhya Rami Reddy was facing over 10 criminal cases all over the country. Moreover, Rami Reddy has done nothing for the state of Andhra Pradesh. He would not make himself available to serve the people here.

Mr. Ramaiah pointed out that Parimal Natwani does not belong to Andhra Pradesh and he was chosen just because he is from Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Group. If CM Jagan Reddy was committed to the empowerment of the SC, he should have given one RS seat to them. Instead, the CM gave both the seats to the BC candidates named Mopidevi Venkataramana and Pilli Subhashchandra Bose.

Mr. Ramaiah asserted that unlike the YCP nominees, he is not facing any cases in any court. He stressed the need for voicing the Ambedkar ideology in the Parliament. If the YCP weaker sections MLAs have any conscience, they should have voted for the nominee who would fight for their issues at the national level.

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‘Paint your face black, Jagan govt should hang its head in shame’


The Supreme Court verdict ordering the Andhra Pradesh government to remove YSRCP colours on government buildings and panchyat offices was welcomed by all leaders cutting across political parties.

Welcoming the SC directive to the Jagan government on YSRCP colours, TDP, Congress and the Left parties demanded that the government should immediately resign for the loss of face at various courts, including the High Court and Supreme Court. The leaders slammed the Andhra Pradesh government for taking unilateral decisions without taking consensus from different political parties and ruling the state with in an autocratic manner to the point to even dishonouring the courts verdicts. They said Jagan government should paint its face black with SC verdict.

The Jagan’s dispensation was being challenged in courts on almost every important policy decision. Several petitions were filed challenging the state government’s controversial decisions in the recent past, and the Jagan’s dispensation had to swallow a bitter pill in the court battles by losing all of them. With over 60 cases in last one year of the YSRCP rule.

Senior TDP leader Varla Ramaih noted that the AP government had set a record of sorts in court battles by losing a series of cases in the High Court.

“The Supreme Court verdict on removal of YSRCP colours on government buildings should be an eye-opener to the Jagan government. The Andhra Pradesh government should at least now open its eyes to the reality and respect courts. Despite the court verdicts, the Jagan government is hell-bent on dishonouring the judiciary. It is high time that the Andhra Pradesh government listen to the voice of the people and accordance to the law,” senior TDP leader and politburo member Varla Ramaiah noted.

Citing former chief ministers Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy and Janardhan as examples who quit office after the High Court made certain observations agains the then governments, Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee working president Tulasi Reddy said, “This government should hang its head in shame after the SC verdict ordering removal of YSRCP colours on party buildings. If the Jagan government has left any shame, it should immediately resign. In the past, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy and Janardhan Reddy had quit after the High Court made certain observations. Further, the government officials should bear the cost for removal of YSRCP colours on government buildings. This government seems to have no shame left and continuinig in office unabashedly,” slammed Tulasi Reddy.

Despite a series of debacle at the High Court and the Supreme Court, the Jagan government has not learnt any lesson, BJP Rajya Sabha MP G V L Narasimha Rao said. “The Jagan government should focus on how to make the lives of people colourful and not spend its resources on painting party colours on government buildings. No government in the country has recieved such ignominy before courts as the YSRCP government. The government should desist from ruling in an autocratic manner and focus on welfare of the people,” GVL Narasimha Rao noted.

The Andhra Pradesh wing of the Communist Party of India said the judiciary is under constant attack from the state government, the defiant attitude was sending a wrong signals among the common people. “The Andhra Pradesh government seems to have not learnt any lesson from the recent court verdicts and defying the judiciary with impunity. The government should honour court verdicts and follow democratic norms. It should take decisions by taking consensus and engage in consultations with all the parties. Just because the government enjoys majority does not mean that they can act according to its will,” lashed out Communist Party of India leader CPI State secretary Ramakrishna. The chief minister has long made a habit of twisting the arm of individuals and institutions but the problem is that such attempts are rarely successful and the government would be most unwise to try to adopt them as a method of governing, he said.

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Jagan has no moral right to continue


The TDP has welcomed the High Court judgement reinstating SEC Ramesh Kumar, saying that it was a victory for the Constitution, for democracy and for ethical values in society. The Opposition party asserted that Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has no right to continue and he should step aside, owning moral responsibility for the debacle in the court.

TDP Politburo Member Varla Ramaiah said that the YCP Government’s multiple advisors should ponder over the latest blow and advise the Chief Minister to step down following the court’s disapproval of his action. He said that the High Court has saved democracy in AP and renewed people’s faith in the Constitution.

The TDP leader asserted that the YCP should no longer drag on the legal issue by going to the Supreme Court and focus on correcting its mistakes in the best interests of the people. CM Jagan should realise that he was insulting the Constitution and Dr. Ambedkar by trying to permanently remove a constitutionally appointed SEC. The YCP leaders including the Speaker of Assembly made lots of cheap comments against Ramesh Kumar but now they had to cut a sorry figure.

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