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Megastar to grace Bigg Boss 4 Final

The fourth season of Bigg Boss is coming to an end this weekend and the grand final will take place on Sunday. Nagarjuna is hosting Bigg Boss 4 and the house has Abhijeet, Sohel, Akhil, Ariyana and Harika are the contestants left in the final race. There are a lot of speculations going on about the Chief Guest who would grace the occasion.

It is heard that Megastar Chiranjeevi has been finalized as the guest and he gave his nod already. Chiranjeevi graced the final for Bigg Boss 3 and this would be the second time he will make his presence. Chiranjeevi is currently shooting for Acharya and he will shoot for the Bigg Boss 4 final tomorrow.

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Bigg Boss 4 Final: Who is the Guest?


The fourth season of Bigg Boss did not start on a satisfactory note because of the list of contestants announced. But the show turned out to be decent and passable because of the tasks. But the audience have been complaining that the episodes in the recent weeks are quite boring and lacked interesting stuff. With Bigg Boss 4 coming to an end, Star MAA is in plans to end the season on a high note. There are several speculations about the special guest for the grand final.

The initial rumors revealed that Superstar Mahesh Babu will be present for the final. From the past couple of days, there are speculations that either Megastar Chiranjeevi or Young Tiger NTR will surprise the viewers and audience in the final. Star MAA is said to have finalized the guest and kept the guest as a surprise. Nag along with a couple of heroines will shake his leg in the final. The final of Bigg Boss 4 will take place on December 20th and Abijeet is heading the race as the title winner. Akhil, Sohel, Ariyana, Harika are the other contestants left in the house.

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Satires on social media: Monal may be the Bigg boss-4 title winner


Bigg boss season 4’s downhill continues since last few weeks. Netizens have been firing on Bigg boss for being biased towards certain contestants and spoiling the show. Most of the evictions in this season looked like- not based on the voting pattern but the pre-determined decisions of Bigg boss makers. Especially most of the criticism is directed towards Bigg boss saving Monal and giving undue favors to her.

Monal got saved this week too:

Monal is one contestant who bottomed in the voting for most of the weeks. Every week, based on social media voting patterns, analysts announce that Monal got the least votes and may leave this week. But Bigg boss makers save her every week. This has been happening since the week when Kumar Sai left the house. Not only Kumar Sai, but many other housemates were made scapegoats to save Monal just because they didn’t have flirtatious relations in the house with anyone.

The secret of Monal getting saved:

Many opine that she is giving a lot of footage to Bigg boss show with her tears, flirting, and by becoming the cause for the fight between Abhijit and Akhil. Some others opine that there might be other reasons like having a good PR manager or having a prior agreement with the makers of Bigg boss while joining the show. Contestants like Surya Kiran in an interview revealed that they were communicated before joining the show itself that they will be in the house for only 1 or 2 weeks. This means Bigg boss editors might have intentionally telecast the footage of Surya Kiran that will negatively project him so that he would leave in 1 or 2 weeks as per agreement. If that is the case, they might have made a similar agreement with Monal to continue her till finals or for more than a certain number of weeks in the house, By seeing the way she is getting saved week after week, it looks like a possibility.

Satires that Monal may be title winner:

Now as Monal got saved this week also, most of the netizens are opining that Bigg boss makers might have already decided on day-1 to make her a finalist. There are just 2 more evictions in this season and Monal may get saved and become the finalist if she just survives these 2 evictions. It looks like Monal continuing next 2 weeks is very much possible as Bigg boss is intentionally giving tasks related to Monal to Akhil and Abhijit and dragging the torturous triangle story of Akhil-Monal-Abhijit.

Some netizens are asking that if Bigg boss can manipulate voting numbers during the eviction and send strong contestants out week after week, why can’t he do the same thing on the day of finals. Even though it looks like far-fetched logic and pure satire, it cant be really ruled out. At least, she may become a finalist. Bigg boss makers just have to make 2 more contestants ‘Bakhraas’ (scapegoats) to send her to the finale. Probably, in the process, they may also make the lakhs of the audience who watch the show and vote ‘Bakhraas’too.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Lasya or Monal , who is leaving the house?


Nominations of this week are really interesting. Except Akhil and Avinash, all the housemates are in nominations this week. As the game is heading towards climax, the competition is getting intense. As per the reports, both Lasya and Monal are in danger zone this week. Details as below.

As of now Abhijeet and Sohail are completely in the safe zone. Surprisingly Abhijeet is getting a very huge number of votes compared to earlier weeks. Sohel also suddenly rose to the top slot. Ariyana got sympathy votes after being targeted by all the housemates couple of weeks ago. This leaves, Harika, Lasya and Monal at the bottom layer. Out of the three, Harika has better prospects to get saved. So finally Lasya and Monal are in the danger zone.

Between these two, Monal got huge negative feedback right from the beginning. But Bigg boss makers saved her several times by manipulating the feedback received from the audience, as per the reports. But, later Akhil fans started voting her whenever Akhil is not in nominations and this helped her. This week also Akhil is not in nominations, but still she is getting very least number of votes.

Lasya, who was considered to be the finalist in this season, gradually losing her fan base, mainly because of not showing her true personality and also being passive in the games. There is an opinion among the audience that she is confined to the kitchen most of the times in the house. Also the way she told during the nominations that, she never considered Ariyana as a competitor for her, conveyed to the audience as the arrogance. Actually that single statement from Lasya may cost her a lot.

Still, as of now Lasya is having slightly better edge over Monal in terms of votes. But we need to see whether Big boss makers really eliminate Monal as per the votes or makes Lasya another scapegoat to save Monal, as they did with several other contestants in this season.

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Bigg boss: Just like lover boy Rahul, Akhil also goes to secret room


In Bigg boss, there are some themes that recur in each and every season. One such theme is separating love birds of the season and capturing their emotions. In Bigg boss season 3, Rahul sipligunj was sent to secret room and the emotions of punarnavi were captured. Big boss was able to fill two episodes of the season with those emotions. It seems now it is time for Bigg boss to repeat the same theme in season 4.

Separate lovebirds is a recurring theme in Bigg boss:

Today Bigg boss asked all the housemates to tell the name of 1 person who is strong in the house and may come in their way. House has to take unanimous decision and that person will be sent out of the house. Most of the housemates took the name of Akhil and Ariyana but Akhil got more votes. Later other housemates also changed their opinion and named Akhil. Abhijeet did not take anyone’s name. Finally after house announced that it is Akhil, he was asked him to pack the bags and leave the house. Later Akhil was seen appearing in secret room.

But housemates seems to have clue about this secret room:

Even though Bigg boss told that that person will be sent out of the house, most of the housemates did not really believe it. Sohail was seen telling Akhil that he will be back soon in the house, when he was leaving. Monal and Sohail were seen crying after Akhil left the house. Abhijit Lasya and Harika were seen apathetic for this.

Abhijeet was able to predict that this is not for elimination and Akhil might be in secret room. Abhijeet intentionally highlighted the mistakes committed by Akhil during the week. Abhijeet clearly told that it doesn’t make any difference even if he is watching from some where, indicating his guess that Akhil might be in secret room.

The way Monal hugging a pillow while remembering Akhil also clearly conveys the audience that the housemates really have a clue that he might be in secret room.

Another recurring theme:

Later big boss was able to introduce some rift between Akhil and Abhijeet as Akhil was observing from secret room whatever Abhijeet was talking. In the last season, the similar kind of rift was being introduced between Rahul and srimukhi by Bigg boss.

As of now Bigg boss season 4 is going very much on predictable lines. Also the show is witnessing lots of up and downs in terms of quality and viewership. Definitely this season is not upto the mark compared to the previous two seasons.

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Tidbits: Bigg boss planning to save Monal despite getting the least votes?


Bigg boss season 4 is going on successfully with huge TRP ratings. With one contestant leaving each week, the competition is intensifying among the contestants. As per reports, Monal is set to leave the house this week if the votings are considered as criteria for eviction as per the rule. But Bigg boss makers may give a twist and save Monal if the reports are to be believed. Details as below.

9 Nominations but the real danger is only for 3:

This week, – Abhijit, Akhil, Ariyana, Divi, Lasya, Monal, Harika, Kumar, and Noel are in the nominations. Abhijit, Lasya, Harika and Akhil is leading in the votes this week too, Divi and Kumar Sai are also getting better votings than the others. , So the contestants who are in the danger zone are Noel, Ariyana, and Monal.

Monal getting least number of votes:

Monal’s hypocrisy, double standards became the topic of debate among the audience. Especially when Akhil took her name during nominations, she shouted that it is a national channel and one should not try to tarnish her image on such a national channel. But later, she was seen hugging, flirting with Akhil, and playing a double game with Abhijit, which is also telecast on the same national channel. At some point, despite spilling glamor, she became unbearable to the audience. All this is reflecting in her votes.

Bigg boss saving some favorite contestants is not a new thing:

Bigg boss saving some contestants at the cost of others is not a new thing. In the previous season, the reports came during the week when Rohini left, it was Rahul who actually got the least votes that week. But later, he went on to become the title winner. In the same season, Punarnavi was saved by the Bigg boss many times. He gave some very silly tasks to her (like go and hide in a secret room, which is just beside her bed) to save herself from nominations. When Ramya Krishna hosted the show during the same season, she saved all and reports were that Punarnavi was supposed to leave the house that week. It seems Bigg boss saved her multiple times because of the footage she was giving to the show. It was known news that Rahul’s flirting with her (‘Pulihora’ in terms of Vennela Kishore) was liked by a section of the audience.

Bigg boss to save Monal for the same reasons?

It seems Bigg boss wants to save Monal now for the same reasons. She has been giving footage to the show because of the romantic thread with Akhil. In fact, she moved close to Abhijit also but later, some developments widened the gap between them. Also, Akhil is seen expressing jealousy whenever she comes closer to Abhijit. All this is giving a lot of footage to the show.

Who will be evicted in that case?

So, there have been reports that Bigg boss may want to give a chance to her by saving from eviction this week. If that is the case, who will leave the house is a big question. In the week when Rahul was saved Rohini was evicted, it seems Shiva Jyothi was in the next position after Rahul but Bigg boss evicted Rohini who had better votings than Rahul and Shivajyothi. By going by the same logic, Bigg boss may evict anyone except the contestants from the top layer like – Abhijit, Lasya, Harika, and Akhil this week. This puts all others like Kumar, Ariyana, Divi, and Noel in the danger zone.

We need to wait and see whether Bigg boss goes by the audience voting or he will give a twist by saving Monal.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Noel, Monal, and Ariyana are the bottom 3 this week


Bigg boss has eliminated 5 contestants so far from the house and the stage is set to evict the 6th one from the house. As per reports, Noel, Monal, and Ariyana are the bottom three this week. As of now, all these three have a very marginal difference in votes and it will be very difficult to predict at this moment who will get saved and who will leave.

A huge number of nominations every week:

Unlike the previous seasons where a maximum of 5 or 6 members used to be there in the nominations, this season 7 – 9 members are there in the nominations every week this season. This week, – Abhijit, Akhil, Ariyana, Divi, Lasya, Monal, Harika, Kumar, and Noel are in the nominations. Abhijit, Lasya, and Akhil are leading this week too, as always. Harika’s graph also steady and she is not facing any danger as of now. Out of the remaining 5, Divi and Kumar are getting better votings than the others. It seems Kumar is still getting sympathy votes. This leaves Noel, Monal, and Ariyana at the bottom layer.

Noel started strong but suddenly became very passive:

Noel started the game very strongly and his presence was very much felt in the first three weeks. But ever since he went to jail, he is seen as very passive and dull. Moreover, it seems he faced some health issues but Bigg boss makers never revealed this to the audience clearly. Sometimes he was seen limping but the related footage was not aired. So he is looking dull in almost all the episodes. All this is impacting his voting pattern.

Ariyana is the underdog of this season:

Ariyana joined the house as a noob but quickly proved herself during the tasks. He straight forward talk and sincerity in robots task saved her from the eviction that week as Devi, a stronger contestant, got. lesser votes than her. This week also, she is getting a good number of votes but the top5 contestants are getting more votes and she is definitely in the danger zone.

Monal’s hypocrisy and double standards putting her in the danger zone:

Monal is one contestant who shocked the audience this season. She shocked the audience initially with her continuous weeping. Then her double standards puzzled the audience. When somebody points fingers at her behavior, she questions them and says,” this is a national channel and how can you tarnish my image”. But later she is seen hugging and flirting with Akhil forgetting the cameras. Netizens started questioning her double standards and this is reflecting in her voting pattern.

Overall, all the bottom 3 contestants have valid reasons to be there in that layer as of now. We need to wait and see who will leave this week.

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Bigg boss 4: Nominations day


Bigg boss season 4 is going on interestingly and almost 5 weeks passed so quickly. Monday as the day of nominations and as always today’s episode also was intense.

Ariyana nominated Monal and Mehboob. It is known news that Mehboob and Ariyana both supported Sohail for the captaincy but Ariyana pointed out the way Mehboob behaved during that episode. She also nominated Monal for the hypocrisy she showed during the previous nominations. It is a known thing that Monal had nominated anyone nominated her in previous seasons.

Divi nominated Noel and Mehboob. She pointed out that Noel is behaving artificially with her. She also pointed out that Mehboob broke her trust during the task.

Noel nominated Divi and Abhijit. Noel nominated Abhiijit and told that he is a very strong candidate and will not leave the house soon. He nominated Divi, who nominated her.

Harika nominated Ariyana for the way she played in the hotel task. She reminded Ariyana’s words during the task that she will not trust Harika. She also nominated Kumar for the mistakes he did during the task.

Abhijit nominated Mehboob for the foul language he used during the game. He also nominated Akhil (as usual). The intense war of words between Abhijit and Akhil in the previous week’s nomination is very well known to the audience.

Lasya nominates Divi and Mehboob. Lasya’s rivalry with Divi is well known to the audience as they have been nominating each other many times. She also nominated Mehboob for his arrogant behavior during the task.

Mehboob nominated Divi and Ariyana. Both of these girls nominated him. He tried. Mehboob’s arguments with other housemates irritated the audience.

Sohail nominated Ariyana, who had some war of words a few hours earlier. He also nominated Kumar Sai who also argued with him earlier.

Amma Rajasekhar nominated Lasya because of the argument she had with him in the kitchen earlier. He also nominated Abhijit because of his behavior during the hotel task. It is a known thing that both were in the same team but they had some bitter arguments during the task.

Avinash nominated Divi for her sarcastic comments on him. He also nominated Abhijit for his mean comments on him regarding secret tasks. It seems Abhijit belittled Avinash’s efforts during the secret tasks.

Monal nominated Ariyana and she passed some allegations on her, which are new to the audience. She also nominated Divi for highlighting her relationship with Akhil.

Akhil nominated Abhijit (as usual) and made allegations on Abhijit’s role as ‘Sanchalak’ during the captaincy task. He told Abhijit failed as he saved the contestants who should have been failed in the task earlier than him. But he did not give the exact names of the persons who failed in the task. He also nominated Ariyana.

Kumar Sai nominated Harika, who has been nominating him for several weeks. He also reminded her that she spared those who stole her money but nominated the one who saved her money. He also nominated Monal for her mood swings and the behavior associated with those mood swings.

Sohail got special power from Bigg boss to save one contestant and obviously, he saved Mehboob.

Overall – Abhijit, Akhil, Ariyana, Divi, Lasya, Monal, Harika, Kumar, and Noel. We need to wait and see who will leave the house this week.

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Bigg boss makers really building house for Gangavva


Gangava, the special contestant of Bigg boss season 4 Telugu, finally left the house of Bigg boss on Saturday. Her leaving fo the house made housemates emotional and Nagarjuna assures her of building a new house for her. But as per reports, Bigg boss makers are really planning to building house for her. Details as below.

When Gangavva entered Bigg boss house, many people wondered how she will play. Others who didn’t know her searched for her details. She was originally a farmer in Lambadipally, a village situated 200 kilometres from Hyderabad. She worked as farmer as well as agriculture labor. She faced many hardships in life. But when she was in her late 50s, she was approached by some people for YouTube channel. ‘My village show’ hosted by her went on to become huge success and even international media recognised that show. What happened next is the history as many celebrities and politicians started appreciating her.

She played the game well in the house initially but later, after 2 weeks, she started getting health problems and she requested Bigg boss to send her home. However, Bigg boss gave her the best medical treatment and ensured her recovery. After that she again became active in the house but last one week she has been appealing to Bigg boss to send her off from the house. Bigg boss agreed for the same. While leaving, she asked Nagarjuna to have one small house built for her in the village. Nagarjuna also agreed for that and assured her of building a new house. Many thought Bigg boss team is just formal here and agreeing for her request. As it is known to everyone, she lives in a small ‘kachcha house’ and while answering to Akhil, she told that she didn’t even lock the house before coming to the show as there is nothing much in her small house and also the villagers usually do not lock their houses.

But as per reports, Bigg boss team, which woks very professionally on everything that they take up, have taken this assurance serious and are in plans to get a new house built for her before the next season of Bigg boss house. They want to start it before the final episode of this season, as per reports.

We need to wait and see how true are these reports. But if, true, Bigg boss team really deserves an appreciation.

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Nag all set to miss Bigg Boss 4 for three weekends?


King Nagarjuna is the first veteran Tollywood actor to return back to work after the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic. The actor is hosting Bigg Boss 4 and he also wrapped up a short schedule of his upcoming movie Wild Dog, an action saga. Going with the latest update, Nag will have to miss Bigg Boss 4 for three consecutive weekends as the team of Wild Dog will fly to Thailand for the film’s shoot. The movie unit acquired all the necessary permissions to shoot in Thailand forests.

The team of Wild Dog will fly to Thailand in a special chartered flight and will complete the schedule in three weeks. Nag informed about this to the team of Star MAA and they are in the hunt for the right host for these six episodes. As of now, no actor or anchor has been approached as a replacement for the veteran actor. Nag will join the shoot of Bigg Boss 4 once he completes the shoot of Wild Dog. Solomon is directing Wild Dog and Matinee Entertainments are the producers.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Makers create confusion to avoid damage due to leaks


Bigg boss season 4 Telugu is garnering top TRP ratings on par with IPL despite having no top celebrity in the house. However, there has been one complaint on the show regarding the leakage of details about eviction through social media. It seems Bigg boss makers are now able to create confusion in social media regarding this.

Leakage problem causing damage to the show :

On the first weekend, Surya Kiran got evicted. But social media announced it a day before the episode was telecast. The next weekend, Karate Kalyani got evicted but everyone predicted on the day of her nominations itself that she will be evicted during this. All this has been making the audience lose interest in the episode. Bigg boss makers started taking precautions from 3rd week onwards. Till the last day, there was confusion about the eviction. Though most of the audience who watch the show predicted Mehboob to pack the bags, it was Devi who left the house, courtesy anti-fans of TV9. Even social media was also divided till the last moment about the eviction.

Makers trying their best since 3rd week:

Now, this week also there has been divided opinion on the eviction. While a section of the audience predict Mehaboob to pack the bags this time because of his arrogance and the mistake during switch coin, another section of social media is reporting that Swathi Deekshit is going to be evicted. It seems Bigg boss makers successfully blocked the channels through which leakge of information has been happening. As the information is blocked, now social media is depending purely on predictions based on the game and so confused to conclude who will be evicted this week.

Mehboob or Swathi or both:

On the day of nominations, people predicted that Sohail, Mehboob, and Swathi are part of the bottom 3 contestants this week, though the order may vary. However, Sohail seems to be in the safe zone now despite his anger at other contestants. Though he is safe for this week, his anger may cause him damage in future weeks.

Mehboob was supposed to leave last week itself. But as per reports, a section of the audience (whether they watch the show or not), wanted Devi to get eliminated and voted for Mehboob on the last day. This saved Mehboob last week. But this week also he is in nominations and he got negative feedback this week too. He is likely to get eliminated.

Swathi Deekshit joined the house as a wild card just a week ago. She couldn’t build her vote base yet. So, she also has a high chance of getting eliminated.

As there are too many contestants in the house now, there is a possibility of double elimination too. In that case, both Mehboob and Swathi may leave the house.

We will have to wait until the episode to know who will leave the house this week.

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Bigg boss today: Entertaining episode


Bigg boss season 4 has been greatly engaging the audience and holding their interest. Today’s episode focused mostly on entertainment provided by the housemates. Out of all the housemates, Avinash and Amma rajasekhar are turning very good entertainers in the house. In the last two episodes, both of these contestants are entertaining the housemates as well as the audience.

Avinash has been living up to the expectations since the day one. He has been providing comic relief in the show. In yesterday’s episode he gave comedy dubbing for the conversation between Akhil and Swathi Dikshit. It was hilarious and similar to the scene of Venu Madhav in Tammudu movie of Pawan Kalyan.

Today also Avinash did great job when Bigg boss gave him an entertainment task. As per this task, all the women contestants in the house has to treat Avinash face as mirror and express their emotions in front of the mirror. Avinash has to give commentary for their words in a comic way. Avinash utilised this opportunity in a great way. He gave very hilarious commentary for each of the liners uttered by the ladies.

Amma Rajasekhar also has been providing entertainment in the house. He imitated the dance steps of Lasya, Harika and Ariyana today. He has been doing pranks on the housemates and most of the housemates have been enjoying his jokes.

Mehboob , who has been passive in the house in the previous episodes, displayed his talents today. He taught dance movements to each of the housemates keeping in mind one signature moment from their behaviour. His efforts were greatly appreciated by the housemates.

Prior to this, there was a fancy dress competition sponsored by a popular showroom. All the housemates were dressed in the garments provided by the show room, did a fancy dress show and ramp walk. Actually this was a competition. After the competition men’s team selected Gangavva as the best dressed woman and women’s team selected Avinash as the best dressed man. Both of them got very good prize money.

Later Sujatha raised concerns on Avinash and Lasya. She did not like the comedy commentary given by Avinash during the task. She also objected on Lasya announcing Avinash as the best dressed man on behalf of women’s team. Avinash got offended after knowing that Sujatha got offended by his satires. He wanted to ask Bigg boss not to give this kind of tasks in future but Ariyana stopped him.

Overall this was an entertaining episode.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Mehaboob leaving the house this week


As per the latest reports, Mehaboob is the contestant packing bags this week. As soon as the nominations are over, many thought Devi or Ariyana or Mehaboob will leave the house this week. Mehaboob was comparatively in a better position than the other two, but one mistake cost Mehaboob a lot. Details as below.

Click here:

Mehboob was not a familiar person the audience who don’t follow much of social media. But he has a very good following on social media. That following saved him in the house till now. Even at the start of this week, Ariyana and Devi were weak compared to him. But during the humans vs robots task Mehaboob did a lot of overaction and lost his temper. When the robots team tricked Divi to enter the house and get trapped, Mehaboob shouted at the robots team, rather in a cinematic style, “If you really have courage, try capturing me, not a girl like Divi”. His challenge and shouting did not go well with the audience and it seems this is the reason for Mehboob getting the least votes this week.

It seems Devi got just 1% more votings than Mehboob. Surprisingly, Ariyana, who was at the bottom of the ratings on the day-1, significantly improved her voting after the humans vs robots task. Her one-liner that, “Instead of sitting idle,I want to try even if I am sure about losing the game” seems to have worked well with the audience. So, it seems that one task completely changed the prospects of the nominated housemates.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Season 4 getting bumper ratings


Bigg boss season 4 is getting top ratings of late. The launch episode of season 4 broke all the previous records of launch episodes. But later the rating dipped. But as per the latest update, the ratings have skyrocketed. Details as follows

This season started with a bang as the audience has been waiting for the show for a long. This season started 3 months later than the previous season because of COVID 19 pandemic. But the show could not sustain the ratings. Ratings dipped because the audience was disappointed with the selection of the contestants. Also, the romantic tracks that the makers tried boomeranged. So, the makers of the house corrected themselves immediately and sent some wild card entries into the house. This strategy worked and ratings improved a lot as Avinash was able to live up to the expectations and provide entertainment. The host of the show Nagarjuna himself announced last week that the ratings that season 4 Telugu got are one the topmost ratings for Bigg boss across the country.

As per the latest reports Star MAA TV ratings have skyrocketed in recent times and the channel at second place is lagging at least by 35%. This is a huge margin. We need to wait and see whether Bigg boss season 4 will sustain these top ratings or not.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Allari Naresh link for Bigg boss contestants


Today, Swathi Deekshit entered as the wild card in Bigg boss house. After this, there has been discussion in social media about Allari Naresh link to Bigg boss Telugu contestants.

In Bigg boss season-1, Archana was in Bigg boss house and it is known thing that she debuted into Tollywood with Allari Naresh’s movie ‘Nenu’. Later, in Bigg boss season 2, Nandini Rai joined Bigg boss house. But she later acted in Allari Naresh movie ‘Silly fellows’. In the current season, Monal Gajjar is already in the house. She is best known to the Telugu audience as the heroine of Allari Naresh’s Sudigadu. Now, Swathi Deekshit, who joined as 3rd wild card in this season, also acted in Allari Naresh’s Jump Jilani movie.

Memes are being circulated in social media about this link of Allari Naresh. Some say, Allari Naresh heroines are not getting good opportunities later and so they are joining Bigg boss house. Anyway, Allari Naresh’s link to Bigg boss is discussed in social media.

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Bigg boss today: Wild card entry brought party mood


There’s one more wild card entry into the Bigg boss house today. This is 3rd wild card entry in Bigg boss season 4.

Gangavva becomes captain of the house:

Noel who was in Jail earlier got released in today’s episode. Gangavva was seen involving in active conversations with the housemates today. She was seen imitating the housemates from the humans team who got frustrated during the task. After the humans vs robots task Gangavva, Abhijit, Harika, and Avinash were named as the best performers and the contenders for the captaincy task. Bigg boss gave each of them a bowl of color water and whoever saves their water will become captaincy. Gangavva got support from most of the housemates and so became the captain of the house.

Swathi Deekshit entry and the surprise gift:

As reported earlier, Swathi Deekshit entered as wild card entry into the house. Her entry was planned grandly by the makers. She joined the house with a face mask while all the housemates are dancing. There was curiosity among the housemates about who she is. After maintaining suspense for some time, she introduced herself to the housemates.

Then Bigg boss announced a task for all the men in the house to impress her and get a surprise gift. All the men competed to impress her. Abhijit, Akhil, and Noel sang for her. Avinash and Amma Rajasekhar made her laugh with funny words. Mehboob did 100 pushups for her. However, she finally expressed her decision that Amma, Noel, Akhil, and Avinash impressed her. In fact, she didn’t name Avinash’s name but he himself went ahead and took it granted that she was impressed by him. The surprise gift was the party lounge for these men along with her. The rest of the housemates cant enter the party lounge. These 4 men enjoyed the party dancing with her.

Sohail and Mehaboob’s frustration:

While the four men were partying with Swathi Deekshit, Sohail and Mehaboob were seen having deep conversations about not having ‘pair’ for themselves. They were seen saying ‘without a pairing girlfriend, despite the efforts and performances in the tasks, they will be in danger zone in the house.

Overall this was an entertaining episode with fun, celebration and entertainment. This was a perfect follow up episode after the three episodes filled with the intense task of humans vs robots. task.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Kumar Sai gets sympathy voting


Bigg boss season 4 entered into its 3rd week. Surya Kiran and Karate kalyani left the week in the past 2 weeks. This week, Devi, Lasya, Ariyana, Kumar Sai, Mehaboob, Monal, and Harika nominated for eviction. Out of these, one contestant who got sympathy voting is Kumar Sai. Details as below.

Sai entered as wild card contestant after the first week. Right from the day-1, the housemates didn’t mingle with him properly. He was even asked by the housemates to voluntarily nominate himself during the ‘boat task’ for the same reason. He conveyed the same to Nagarjuna that joining the house as wild card is actually a disadvantage. Even today also most of the contestants nominated him citing silly reasons. More than that, the way he was snubbed by the housemates like Akhil during the nominations also creating sympathy on Sai. At the same time, Sai is giving answers to the housemates without raising his voice.

Going by the trend, it seems Kumar Sai may get saved this week too. We need to wait and see who will leave the house this week.

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Bigg boss today: Heated arguments and interesting nominations


Monday is the nominations day in Bigg Boss house. As two weeks passed, the audience got connected to the housemates and so the nomination process also became interesting.

Devi and Lasya nominated:

Devi Nagavalli was nominated for eviction even before the nomination process beginned for this week as Karate Kalyani threw big bomb on her. Then Bigg boss gave Noel, captain of the house, special opportunity to nominate someone. That person will be surely in nominations and rest of the housemates should not take his or her name for nominations. Noel nominated Lasya using this opportunity. Actually, its a mistake by Noel to nominate strong candidate like Lasya. Because of this, Lasya came into nominations for the first time and she will start building votebase now onwards. She may not leave the house this week as there are many more week contestants than her in the house. Same applies to Devi as she is also nominated for the first time now.

Nominations and arguments:

Sujatha vs Harika:
When Sujatha had to take crucial decision yesterday to send one contestant out of the house between Monal and Harika, she chose Harika. That later turned out to be fake elimination but the incident created gap between Harika and Sujatha. Harika nominated Mehaboob and Sujatha, both of which chose Harika for eviction (fake) in previous episode. Later Sujatha also nominated Harika and this led to heated argument between them. Harika had similar strong argument with Mehaboob.

Akhil vs Sai:
Akhil seems to be having anger issues. During the nomination his body language towards Sai and his rude words creating negative impression on him. Sai also nominated Akhil but in both the situations it was Akhil who was snubbing the other. Sai also nominated Mehaboob.

Divi vs Monal:
These two contestants also nominated each other. Monal seems to be clever and knows what to do in the house. Divi yesterday told Nagarjuna that she frequetly lies. Monal waited till nominations and very cogently put her arguements and countered Divi. Divi is also an equal to Monal in putting the arguments effectively. Divi’s other nomination was Sai and Monal’s other nomination was Ariyana.

Ariyana vs Sohail:
Sohail and Ariyana’s argument also was intense when Sohail nominated her. But Ariyana didnt nominate him. She nominated Monal.

Abhijit vs Sujatha:
Sujatha seems to be having a confused relation with Abhijeeth. No one knows what is in her mind (or heart rather) but she felt offended when Abhijit called her she is like his sister. At the same time, she doesn’t openly tell anything. Today they both nominated each other. Abhiit also nominated Ariyana.

TV9 Devi and Amma Rajasekhhar still carrying the enimity started during the comedy skit. Devi nominated him along with Sai. Mehaboob nominated Ariyana along with Harika. Avinash nominated Harika and Mehaboob.

Overall nominated for eviction this week are – Devi, Lasya, Ariyana, Kumar, Mehaboob, Monal and Harika. We need to wait and see who will leave house this week.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Abhijeet turning over confident ?


Bigg boss season 4 is going on with good ratings as of now. Initially Abhijeet is thought to be finalist. But it seems he is turning over confident nowadays. Details as below.

Bigg boss house always will have a mixture of people from different categories. There will be some choreographers, comedians, singers, TV artists, models etc. But out of these contestants, heroes always have an edge. In Bigg boss season 1 Telugu, Shiva balaji and Navdeep became the finalists. In season 2, Tanish was finalist. In season 3, Varun Sandesh was finalist. So, probably Abhijeet also might be thinking that he will be finalist because he is the only constant in this season who did as hero in movies. Also, the way he nominated himself recent week shows his over confidence, opine many. Moreover, the way he rejected the opportunity of becoming captain of the house also seen as sightly arrogant.

Even the host Nagarjuna gave similar feedback to Abhijeet today. We need to wait and see whether Abhijeet mends his ways or continues to behave over confident.

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Bigg boss today: Comedy skits and punishments


Bigg boss season 4 is going on with good ratings as of now. Today there were a couple of skits, some punishments, and some drama in the house.

Comedy skits:

Even though there were lots of dances and songs, there was not much comedy. But the entry of Jabardasth Avinash changed the mood of the house completely. He brought all the housemates into a comic mood with his funny talks. Devi, who is usually seen in a serious mood also did some pranks on Avinash. Today there were two comedy skits. The first one was Gandaragolam skit by Kumar Sai, Amma, Divi, Devi, and Harika. The second one was ‘Cinema shooting skit’ by Kalyani, Monal, Akhil, Avinash, and Sujatha. Both the skits were average. But Noel and Lasya who were supposed to be judges and decide the winner based on their judgment took the decision based on the feedback of Gangavva.

Amma Rajasekhar was seen offended by the judgment and openly criticized the judges. Lasya and Noel also were seen discussing whether their decision was hasty. Bigg boss indicated that both of them were winners by sending gifts to both the teams

Punishments time:

The house of Bigg boss has some rules. One of them is to speak in Telugu always. The contestants like Monal who don’t know Telugu as well as some contestants like Abhijeeth, Harika, and Noel etc were seen speaking in English most of the time. Also the housemates are seen moving lazily when Bigg boss called them. Considering all these, Bigg boss gave some funny punishments to all the housemates like doing situps, writing impositions etc.

Noel is the new captain:

Bigg Boss asked the housemates to select 4 housemates to compete for the captaincy based on who entertained the most in luxury budget tasks. Abhijeeth, Noel, Kalyani, and Mehaboob were selected by the housemates. When Bigg boss asked these 4 to justify themselves about their candidature, Abhijeeth and Mehaboob did not seriously justify themselves. Kalyani showed her keenness to become captain and Noel expressed a balanced view without either showing keenness or denying his candidature. Housemates unanimously selected Noel as captain from these 4 competing contestants.

Offended today: Monal and Devi

While in the house it is very common for someone or the other to get offended by the other housemates. Monal offended by Avinash repeatedly taking her name to generate some comedy. Devi also felt she was sidelined by the housemates ever since the day of nominations.

Overall this was an engaging episode.

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