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Naidu humiliating IAS, IPS officers: Sakshi Media


Is Chandrababu Naidu no more a favourite of the bureaucrats? In the past, he was known for giving lots of respect to IAS and IPS officers more than even his MLAs and Ministers. But these days, Naidu is openly making threatening statements against the officials on the issue of political harassment and non-stop police cases. Now, objecting to this, the Jagan Media asks how Naidu can call GN Rao a useless IAS officer. Can anyone pass such comments on a retired officer who has served the state for decades in various capacities including as a District Collector?

Why is this sudden concern from Sakshi Media towards officials? For some weeks, the morale of the officials is getting hit because of open criticism of their biased functioning. A very senior leader like JC Diwakar Reddy has passed bitter most comments against the police who couldn’t do anything except threatening to file cases. Now, in respect of GN Rao issue, his report favouring ‘AP Capital shifting’ became an object of ridicule because it read exactly like the statement made by CM Jagan Assembly in advance. Obviously, such instances are making rivals bold enough to describe officials as the ruling YCP activists. Even the senior officials are getting demotivated and feeling stuck in ugly political crossfire. No doubt, Sakshi Media is doing some damage control before bureaucrats lose more confidence in the ruling leadership.

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Sakshi Media silent on Jagan Delhi tour


The Modi-Shah duo are giving shock treatments by not giving formal appointments to AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan these days. They are meeting YCP MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju frequently but not caring to meet CM and his favorite MP Vijayasai Reddy even once. Now again, Jagan Reddy had to cancel his two-day visit in Delhi half way and rush back to Andhra Pradesh. Various reasons are being given. But unusually, Sakshi media is maintaining silence on the issue. It has not put out any stories on return of CM and the reasons for that so far.

One fact is certain that the Prime Minister’s Office has not confirmed or responded to the AP CM request for appointment so far today. The same is the case with Amit Shah Office. Amid these disappointments, Jagan is returning without waiting for PM appointment any further.

Delhi political circles are full of rumours that all doors are closed for Jagan Reddy and his favourites like Vijayasai Reddy and Mithun Reddy. BJP is also angry over YCP demand in Lok Sabha for Special Status to AP which the Centre has already dismissed as a closed chapter.

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Ad business: Sakshi half page equal to Eenadu full page


Journalists are greatly surprised when Jagan Reddy Circar started giving bigger ads to the non-Sakshi media papers recently. Especially, Eenadu was given a full front page advertisement while Sakshi was given just half page ad on the launch of government’s Arogyasri monthly assistance programme. So, common readers may feel that the largest circulated Eenadu is being given due share as per the official guidelines. But the real facts present a different picture.

The government has approved arbitrarily high ad rates to the Sakshi Media. It’s so illogical that Sakshi half page will cost equal to Eenadu full page. Some say Sakshi may get even higher rates. These ad rates variations are being considered beyond the common business logic. Analysts say that there’s a method to this madness too.

A general impression is that Sakshi is literally run with AP people’s hard earned money. It has no real big business other than government ads. Moreover, many Sakshi employees are getting government salaries while they actually serve the paper. Now, the master plan is to dilute the negative impact of this unfair business practice. But, nothing can be hidden for long from the search lights of the media.

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Sakshi report on Jagan-Shah meeting


The Sakshi Media is known for its misinformation campaigns against rivals. But nowadays, it turned very desperate by putting out unbelievable stories on CM Jagan meeting with Amit Shah in Delhi.

Sakshi writes that Union Home Minister Amit Shah expressed his total happiness with the Polavaram reverse tendering process initiated by AP. What more, Shah was said to have expressed full praise when Jagan told him about how the re-tendering helped in saving Rs 858 Cr in Polavaram project. However, such reports naturally raise doubts whether Amit Shah would go against his cabinet colleague Union Jal Sakthi Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat who has already opposed Jagan’s reverse policies.

The BJP AP leaders are taking strong objection to the Sakshi false reports on Amit Shah. They ask why would Shah make such serious comments contradicting other union ministers. There is no official statement from Shah Office. Clearly, Amit Shah didn’t give much importance to AP CM which is evident from how Jagan was just given a casual appointment on a day when Shah was busy with his birthday celebrations.

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Rs 5 Cr spent on advertisements: Jagan economy


AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy frequently tells about the financial crisis in Andhra. Senior Minister Botsa Satyanarayana even said there is no money even to pay employees’ salaries in time. But now alarming facts are coming out on how huge public funds are being spent wastefully. Latest documents revealed that over Rs. 5 Cr was spent on newspaper advertisements alone on CM Jagan’s swearing function.

Interestingly, all Ministers and MLAs bluffed at that time that only Rs. 29 lakh was spent for swearing-in. They praised a lot saying Jagan preferred a simple function considering economically crisis-hit Andhra that TDP has left behind. Now, a completely different picture is emerging. Out of Rs. 5 cr, the government gave Rs. 2 cr only towards Sakshi Media advertisements. These details are revealed after documents came out based on RTI Act appeals.

TDP leaders say that this shows how YCP leaders can tell total lies to the Andhra people on any issue. The whopping expenditure details have triggered massive discussions in social media especially those linked to the opposition parties. No YCP leader is daring to open his or her mouth on this till now.

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Sakshi PROs in reverse gear: Jagan inspiration


Nearly 250 journalists and office boys of Sakshi Media have already joined as PROs and assistants in different ministries and departments in AP Secretariat. They have already drawn salaries from the government. But still, they are continuing as the Sakshi employees as well. The management has asked them to resign from Sakshi since they have been given government posts.

However, the PROs are unwilling to resign from their Sakshi jobs. Rather they would like to give up government appointments since they are just contract jobs without any job security. Initially, only a few employees came up with this argument but later all the 250 staff took this decision. Eventually, the issue was presented before Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy who is left wondering how to find a mutually acceptable solution.

Reports say that the Sakshi management doesn’t want to bear salaries and expenses of excess staff any longer. It has been a long problem because too many excess staff are recruited over the years. Too many power centres and their eagerness to protect their groups’ interests have complicated these problems. Obviously, Jagan company is trying to rehabilitate Sakshi excess staff in government departments, which doesn’t look that easy.

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Is AP Secretariat a ‘Sakshi’ branch office?


Ninety per cent of the Secretariat employees supported Jagan during 2019 elections. It was because of their anti-Chadrababu sentiment for a variety of petty reasons. Now, they are repenting their foolish mistake every single day. The reason is that these government employees at all levels are reduced to mere clerks and dummies. They have to do simply clerical work based on orders from the Jagan advisers. Even IAS officers are made to see all this as silent spectators. They are only required to put their signatures and nothing more.

To their utter disbelief, ‘Sakshi’ media employees are spreading in every department at all levels. Sakshi teams are seen everywhere right from advisor level to office boy. The entire Secretariat is under close watch and guard of Jagan Media which is greatly embarrassing the employees.

The employees associations have also discussed about this but they are keeping mum considering the aggressive nature of CM Jaganmohan Reddy. Some employees are however openly commenting that Secretariat has become like a branch office of Sakshi these days. Sakshi team Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy and GVD Krishna Mohan are advisors at top level. Apart from this, Sakshi staff are appointed as outsourcing staff in every minister’s peshi.

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Jagan government transfers crores of rupees to Sakshi


CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy spoke of savings and austerity measures in view of the bad financial position. But, crores of rupees of government money was directly transferred to Sakshi media for advertisements. This has happened on the occasion of celebration of the YSR Rythu Dinotsavam today. Nearly Rs 3 Cr and more was reportedly transferred to Sakshi. Questions are now being asked whether this is not wasteful expenditure.

Social media is full of comments on the YCP government’s liberal money transfer to Sakshi when there is Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi and other papers which didn’t get expected patronage. Several critics commented that the latest incident proved that Jagan is not going to observe financial discipline when it comes to benefitting his own companies.

YCP sympathisers are countering criticism saying that the previous TDP rule gave similar treatment to Sakshi. Critics say that there was at least some discipline during Naidu regime but now the ruling party is resorting to direct looting of public money in the name of advertisements.

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‘Sakshi’ calls attacker a professional killer but police dismiss it


‘Sakshi’ newspaper, a family-run media of Jaganmohan Reddy, is giving a new meaning to credible and fair journalism. It is describing today’s attack on Jagan as a murder attempt, while police say the attacker was a Jagan fan and he did it for publicity. Sakshi is also saying the miscreant carefully tracked and attacked YCP president with a premeditated plan. It further said Jagan suffered a serious injury.

On their part, officials of Airports Authority of India (AAI) said Jagan underwent first aid in the hands of a duty doctor of Vizag airport. Then Jagan took the Hyderabad-bound flight at around 1 p.m. The incident took place at 12.40 around noon.

‘Sakshi’ claimed that the attacker was working at the restaurant whose owner Harshavardhan is stated to be a TDP leader. The paper did not report the version of attacker’s brother who said the miscreant is a Jagan fan and these videos were telecast on many media channels.

‘Sakshi’ says attacker Srinivas has tried to cut neck of Jagan and the cockfight knife used by him was very sharp though it was small. It further said the attacker is a professional killer. The paper demanded a deep investigation to bring the actual persons behind the incident to book. Police said the attacker has no prior criminal background.

Jagan always talks about credibility and fairness, but his media house seems to be ignorant of these values.

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Sakshi Family page became ‘Sakshi’ for YS Family drama


Family drama is most popular and most successful genre when it comes to Telugu movies. Because audience connect with such family dramas very easily as most of their lives also have similar family drama. It seems family lives of politicians also not an exception for this. And recently, “Sakshi” family page became ‘Sakshi’ (witness) for such family drama in YS family.

It all started with Priyadarshini Ram. People still remember this “love doctor” who was former movie director and once key person in Sakshi paper. He is currently taking care of Sakshi Family page. Recently, he thought of publishing a full page article on Sharmila as it was 5 years since her ‘padayatra’ before 2014 elections. Ram thought it would be a brilliant idea to make people nostalgic about Sharmila padayatra which was undertaken by her when Jagan was in Jail and he expected it would give boost to the party cadre.In fact, Sharmila was the only woman politician in the state to have done such extensive foot march touring entire State. So Ram prepared entire story on this and took it to Rani Reddy, who is close aide of YS Bharathi. Priyadarshini Ram Reddy had even taken latest interview from Sharmila about her experiences during padayatra. The article was supposed to be published on 29th July.

However what was proposed by Priyadarshini Ram Reddy was disposed by Y S Bharathi, and she clearly told that no article covering Sharmila padayatra would be published in Sakshi paper. Bharathi justified it, by saying when Jagan himself is doing Pada Yatra covering other padayatra will divert people’s attention from Jagan’s tour. So in the last minute Priyadarshini Ram article on Sharmila padayatra got scrapped and the article on Ghantasala’s wife,that has been in cold storage for a few days, got published on that day. So it sent clear signals to Sakshi staff that nobody,including Sharmila would get coverage, other than Jagan in Sakshi paper.

Priyadarshini Ram Reddy had to oblige this as he had no option other than this. Once, he was a very key person in Sakshi paper and Sakshi TV. But later he had to leave Sakshi as there were differences between him and bigwigs of Sakshi. Actually one of his relatives had a blog in which he published series of articles that it is the ‘creativity’ of Priyadarshini Ram that made Jagan a mass leader as he was the one who designed all the articles, editorials and TV channel stories on Jagan after the death of Y S Rajasekhara Reddy. Even people at Sakshi were of opinion that Priyadarshini Ram himself is boasting in private talks about himself and saying he was the one who “made” Jagan. Obviously, this did not go well with Jagan and his family and he was shown the exit door. Later Ram himself got compromised and came back to Sakshi. But he was not given a prominent position like before, but was asked to take care of Sakshi Family page only. Now, it seems, he doesn’t have full control on even family page also.

So this incident prove two things. First one Priyadarshini Ram Reddy cannot make a story even in family page without the consent of YS Bharathi, and second one, “it seems all is not really well within YS family too.

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Sakshi’s “over-enthusiasm” yet again


YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy continued his Praja Sankalpa Yatra on Day 33 Rapthadu constituency of Ananthapur district. As always he met people and asked them their problems, asked them if anyone is happy with current government and assured them each and every problem will be resolved as soon as he forms next government. At YSR Colony, he talked to students and told them that he would take the responsibility of their education and his government would come out with schemes that would help the students. Some students even took selfies with YS Jagan.

While presenting this incident, Sakshi paper published the photo of the students standing on the compound wall of school and presented it as students were so eager to see Jagan and they scaled compound wall for this. Actually it is very unsafe for kids to scale any compound wall and stand there for some time as any small mistake would cause a major incident. At least Sakshi could have avoided such photograph. But Sakshi is always overenthusiastic.

If somebody remembers, Sakshi published a photo and wrote a weird comments when YS Bharati was undertaking some yatra before 2014 elections. Probably it was during the time when Jagan was in Jail. Sakshi published a photo of Bharati doing yatra, people following her and a goat also seen in the photo. The article had a heading “Goat too (Meka saitham)” and the article said, “goat also joined Bharati’s yatra. In fact it followed Bharati and group for more than a kilometer. This led to people discussing whether that goat also showing solidarity to YS Jagan’s family. Some of them even thought that goat also beneficiary of some of YSR schemes. Anyway goat showing solidarity to Bharati yatra is widely discussed in the town..”. This is how the article went. Those who follow Sakshi regularly still remember that article.

Sakshi should come out of such overenthusiastic articles. Such articles will do more harm than good. In the case of students photo also, they should have avoided such photo which causes their parents nervous and presented it in some other way.

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Media Watch: Sakshi completely sidelined Pawan?

Some time back there was wide debate in social media whether Sakshi Channel is insecure about Pawan Kalyan. It happened during launch of NTR-Trivikram combo movie. Pawan Kalyan was chief guest for that function and almost all print media reported the camaraderie and rapport between Pawan and NTR during the launch of the movie. Surprisingly one of the leading news papers Sakshi completely ignored Pawan’s presence. Telugu360 reported that incident and debate happened in social media. Similar thing again happened yesterday and this raised doubts whether Sakshi decided to completely sideline Pawan Kalyan even in cinema page and special editions except for any criticizing articles on Pawan Kalyan.

Yesterday Sakshi published an article with the title “Class Mass and Cash” in which performance of Tollywood in the year 2017 is analyzed. The feature photo they published included all major heroes like Chiranjeevi, NBK, Mahesh, etc. Also included heroes like Nitin, Nani, Vijay Devarakonda, Sharvanand etc. Only one person conspicuous by his absence in this photo is Pawan Kalyan. Actually Pawan did not deliver any big hit in the year 2017. If that is the reason for omitting his photo, same should have been done for Mahesh Babu also who did not deliver a hit in 2017. Usually this kind of small things need not be scrutinized. But as this is happening time and again one gets a doubt that it might not an aberration but it must be a conscious decision by Sakshi. While Pawan’s photo missing in such feature articles, any negative stories or criticism on Pawan is never missed in Sakshi.

Actually Sakshi is not the only to follow such strategies. Even Eenadu daily also did almost similar act when it omitted mentioning Dasari Narayana Rao for more than a decade. it is known news that Ramoji and Dasari did not have proper terms almost for a decade. Initially when Dasari started Udayam news paper, it directly impacted Ramoji’s business and they became business rivals. But it is actually after starting of ETV in 1995 the relation between Dasari and Ramoji really went haywire. The root cause of the issue was the tariffs in ETV for movie trailers and Dasari tried to unite Telugu film industry against ETV and urged film makers not to give any ads to ETV. ETV and Eenadu paper retaliated that movie by omitting Dasari name in their media. Even when they telecast movies directed by Dasari in ETV, they used to delete the frame that contains his name (story-screenplay-dialogue-direction Dasari Narayana Rao) . ETV did this for all his movies for almost a decade. But later Ramoji and Dasari patched up.

Now Sakshi seems to be following the same strategy. But definitely it’s a bad strategy. Because when later they talk about other media channels and other print media as “yellow journalism” definitely these kind of small things also will be revealed in the discussions and question Sakshi’s credibility too.

We have to wait and see if Sakshi continues the same strategy in future or this is also just another aberration from Sakshi.

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What is the use of Jagan giving interviews to Sakshi media again?


Jagan, who finished one month of pada yatra, gave a special interview to Sakshi TV yesterday with Kommineni interviewing Jagan. Not very surprisingly, Jagan was same old convenient questions by Sakshi employee Jagan and Jagan gave same old answers.

While the questions were like – what you have observed in this one month, how people are reacting to your tour, what they are thinking about Chandra Babu ruling, the answers that Jagan gave to these questions were not beyond the imagination of even a school goindg kid in AP state. Actualy Jagan should have utilized this opportunity to give interview to any other media channel so that he could reach wider section of people. People who follow Sakshi already know all these things and Jagan telling same things in Sakshi TV is really of no use, in terms of reaching any wider section of people.

It is to be remembered that Jagan has NEVER given “open” interview to any of the Telugu channels other than Sakshi. Once, when Ravi Prakash was handling the ‘Encounter’ program in TV9, he revealed in the same program that TV9 requested Jagan for Encounter program but he declined. Even in English media also Jagan used to give ‘closed’ interviews to NDTV that had (at that time) strategic agreement with Sakshi editorial board . Jagan need to face other TV channels directly and answer their questions logically, so that he could reach to wider audience i addition to Sakshi audience.

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Sakshi misdefines “Rajanna Rajyam”

Sakshi misdefines “Rajanna Rajyam

Jagan started his foot march Praja Sankalpa Yatra” last week and that has been going on successfully till now. Before starting this Pada yatra, Jagan requested CEOs of all TV channels to give proper coverage for his pada yatra. Some of them obliged it and some not. But Jagan’s own Sakshi channel and daily have been giving the full coverage to his state tour and presenting different articles/stories on the same. But while doing so whether intentionally or not, Sakshi is portraying Jagan’s slogan “Rajanna Rajyam” in a wrong manner which is causing more harm than good to Jagan,

Sakshi wrote in his today’s edition, that some farmers whom Jagan met told him – “During YSR regime, nobody asked them to pay electricity bills, even nobody fixed electricity meters for SC/ST houses. But now, their during Chandra Babu’s regime, life is miserable. If we take the bike out, we need at least 500/- . Police are penalizing us 100/- for not having driving license, another 100/- for not having helmet and petrol prices are ever increasing. In addition there is GST. If we don’t pay electricity bill on time, we are penalized with 100/- late charge. After going through all these suffering, why should we vote for Chandra Babu again”, they questioned. This is the article published today in Sakshi.

Even though Sakshi’s intention of portraying Rajanna Rajyam as pro poor government is good, Sakshi’s story is actually misdefining Rajanna Rajyam. On the other hand, it is actually answering the question “Why middle class people always kept Jagan at bay though rural people are supporting Jagan”. As per Sakshi’s definition Rajanna Rajayam is this – “You don’t have to pay electricity bills, you even don’t have to have electricity meters at your home though you are using electricity, you will not be penalized if you drive without helmet and even without driving license”. This is is the meaning Sakshi is conveying through that article. So, if somebody is using electricity and not paying the bills, obviously government will increase the tariffs and get it collected from those (middle class) who pay bills regularly. So, obviously Sakshi is scaring middle class people on consequences of Rajanna Rajyam restoring in the state.

To be frank, there have been so many good things that late YSR has done and Sakshi should have focused on those to portray Rajanna Rajyam in a good way. For example, the projects that he built, the schemes that he introduced like 108, ArogyaSree.. these all could have been highlighted as part of Rajanna Rajyam instead of misdefining Rajanna Rajyam. But as always, Sakshi didn’t bother on the logic and focused on emotions and churned out article that cause more harm than good to Jagan. Let’s see if Sakshi corrects its mistake or not!!!

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Sakshi keeps mum on Jagan appearing before court today


Jagan has started pada yatra in a grand way and so far his party and cadre is also buoyant with the response the from the people. Sakshi, obviously has been completely focusing on Jagan’s tour and giving full fledged coverage of pada yatra. However, Sakshi did not say a word about Jagan appearing before court today as he is bound to do so on Friday because of the ongoing cases.

It can be understood that Sakshi never mentioned these cases and his appearance before court till now because it is owned by Jagan and also because it is a regular ongoing process with no specific updates. But now, as his pada yatra will be halted for a day because of this, at least in that context this should have been covered as a news just to inform people that there will be a break for pada yatra today. But Sakshi kept mum and didn’t even mention Jagan’s appearance before the court and consequently stopping pada yatra for a day.

Of course, gone are the days when people believed single source for any kind of information and people get to know all they want to know from either other channels or from social media, in some cases when no daily and TV channel reports. So, anyway people know Jagan’s one day break on every Friday whether sakshi reports it or not.

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Exclusive – Divya Reddy’s growing influence in Sakshi and YSRCP

Divya Reddy’s growing influence in Sakshi and YSRCP

YSRCP Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been working hard to end up victorious in the 2019 elections. However his family dominance turned out to be a huge threat for his party. Divya Bollareddy, a cousin of Jagan’s wife Bharati Reddy turned out to be a reason for many leaving the party. She is an NRI from USA who lived there for 10 years and moved to India. Educated at Illinois Institute of Technology, she worked at Motorola for a decade before moving back to India.

Divya Reddy was appointed as the President of IT Digital for Sakshi group. It was with her dominance, many veterans working in Sakshi called it a quit. Veterans at Sakshi were concerned with lack of journalism experience of Divya Reddy and Point to failure of digital initiatives in English and other languages which were started under her helm.

Now sources informed Telugu360 that YS Jagan appointed her as the IT cell ordinator for NRI department of YSRCP which irked many NRIs. With no option left, many NRIs left their positions with Divya Reddy’s arrival. A NRI who was disillusioned with recent developments lamented – “This is akin to appointing a Reddy as a BC Commission head. How can Jagan appoint a non NRI to this post”? A trend of appointing his relatives has been getting repeated in YSRCP and YS Jagan is yet to realize the consequences. Its high time for the young politician to realize such things and bring some efficient people on board.

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Mahesh Babu Thinks YSR & Jagan are Amazing Personalities


Superstar Mahesh Babu who is busy promoting his latest flick Spyder termed former Chief Minister Y S Rajashekar Reddy and Opposition Leader Y S Jagan as “amazing personalities”.

Mahesh gave an interview to Sakshi news channel with the host being actress-cum-politician RK Roja on Monday.

While the actor often expressed his aversion towards politics, Roja managed to ask his opinion on Late YSR with whom his father superstar Krishna had a great bonding.

Mahesh said, “Keeping aside politics, I have met Rajashekar Reddy garu. My father is very close to him. Jagan garu was also there at that time. I think they are amazing personalities to be honest.”

However, the SYPder ensured to restate his reluctance towards politics. Mahesh said that he wants to grow old by acting in films only and doesn’t want to explore the political space.

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Chandrababu deplores Sakshi’s report on stealing water


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu came down heavily on opposition leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy for accusing him of stealing water. Pointing out at the report run by Sakshi Newspaper about diverting huge quantity of water from Pothireddypadu, Naidu asked, “How can giving water be termed as stealing?”

It may be noted that Jagan owned media house Sakshi, ran a report on drawing water from Pothireddypadu in two different styles based on the region on Thursday. While in Telangana edition they critiqued Naidu for stealing water, in AP edition, they just said the water diversion has been halted.

AP CM deplored that Sakshi in its Telangana edition are writing only with the intention to provoke people of the neighbouring state. TDP supremo asked, “Why are you obstructing us from providing water to Pulivendula and Kadapa?” He said that the Krishna waters are being used in equal proportion in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He critiqued the opposition for stalling everything and that too in a very ghastly manner.

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Cases against Sakshi TV and Jagan for violating Election Code


A case has been registered against Andhra Pradesh Opposition Leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Sakshi Channel at the Hyderabad police station on Wednesday for violation of Election code of conduct. State Election Commission chief Bhanwarlal filed the complaint against the news channel for broadcasting survey on Nandyal by poll. It may be recalled that the election commission prohibited the media houses from broadcasting exit polls or surveys on television. However, Sakshi ignored the order and went ahead to broadcast news in the name of survey on Tuesday. Police registered a case under Section 126A and B.

On the other hand, a case has been registered against Jagan in Nandyal three town police station for violation of election code. TDP leaders complained about his poor remarks on Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu made as part of Nandyal byelection campaign. Central Election Commission has directed the Kurnool district collector to take action, as his remarks come under violation of election code. The case has been registered under Sections 188, 504, 506 and under Public Representation Act for violating model code of conduct.

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The Rising Importance of Jagan in Eenadu

The special attraction at C Ramoji Rao grand daughter’s wedding last week was the presence of the opponent Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. While it could be termed as courtesy call, it did give rise to several discussions. Known to be arch-rivals, the media barons are being more cordial to each other which is evident from their regular interactions at several functions. However, one significant change is the coverage the Opposition leader is getting in Eenadu in recent times.

The media house which had a tag of being inclined to TDP and NDA is unexpectedly publishing stories about Jagan. Previously, one would need a lens to find an article underscoring Jagan in the paper. However, the direction of the winds seemed to have changed, especially with Eenadu putting Jagan’s speech as front page banner item. Be it the YSRCP Plenary sessions last month or Nandyal public meeting on Thursday, Eenadu’s coverage had raised several eyebrows in disbelief. The coverage has been reportedly way better than Jagan’s own Sakshi.

This is a bombshell for the ruling TDP especially with the channel and newspaper continuing to give weightage to Jagan. While the TDP leaders keep wondering the reasons for Eenadu to promote Jagan, it is definitely a relief to the readers.

Is Eenadu gearing up for future winds and adjusting its sails now? Is it Modi meets Jagan after effect? Hope, Eenadu’s choice of covering Jagan reflects hopes and not fears.

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