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Did AP assembly fail monsoon test?

Andhra Pradesh assembly building flunked the first monsoon test. The three-month old building constructed at a cost of 120crore rupees couldn’t sustain heavy downpour on Tuesday at Velagapudi in Guntur district. A video posted by YSR Congress party on its social media page shows the water pouring from the damaged false ceiling and AC in the Opposition Leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s chamber. The YSR Congress Party is visibly making a mountain of the leak.

YCP leaders who were on a fact-finding mission today, were denied entry into the assembly premises. Consequently, they staged a dharna at assembly gate with black cloth tied around their mouth. The opposition party leaders criticized that the new secretariat is already in ruins. As per the reports even the media was barred from entering the Assembly premises.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu expressed anger over the water leakage in the assembly. He asked the CRDA commissioner to probe into the incident and report with the details. On the other hand, the CID officials examined the reasons for water leak in the Jagan’s Chamber. The CID found that the rainwater pipe on the chamber was cut. Assembly Speaker Kodela Shiva Prasad said that the CID was investigating the possibility of a conspiracy.

CRDA Commissioner Ch Sridhar reportedly said that there were no shortcomings in building construction but the leakage was due to a pipe sunk into the ceiling as part of recent electrical work. He said that water entered as the sunshade was not of enough length in some building. He asserted that the required repairs are being done and moving forward precautions would be taken for future constructions.

The temporary assembly was built in a record time of 190days and about hundred crore expenditure buildings in a tech-savy manner. Even if the quality of construction was assumed to be blameless, the maintenance of the structure is in debateable. Despite being a a small issue, the TDP government should take it up seriously, to avoid being grilled about the permanent structures.

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Protesting for AP SCS is better than recapping bifurcation


Chandrababu Naidu frequently advises officials and people to give up conventional thinking and adopt contemporary thought process. However, when it comes to his way of operating, the TDP supremo on any occasion will keep recapping the state reorganization and the bigoted treatment meted out. The citizens of the state are done with the past and for a better future voted Naidu to power. But Chandrababu instead of instilling faith about prosperous future hums the same tune of reorganization and the associate trauma.

Congress which did not even get deposit in 2014 elections is not as hopeful for 2019 elections either. Almost three years into bifurcation, finally some energy is seen in the APCC cadre after Rahul Gandhi’s public address on Sunday. People will neither forget the ordeal of bifurcation nor will they overlook special category status which Naidu had to forgo. The leaders and people should think of what is needed right now and take decisions accordingly instead of recollecting things of past.

Rahul said he will now fight for the special status at national level which has become a sentiment, even though UPA’s state bifurcation was done in an unjust way. The chances of coming to power in 2019 are bleak for congress, nonetheless they are giving it a shot. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan extended support for the cause which is way better than opposing them. On the contrary Chandrababu not only criticized Rahul but also spoke unfavourably about the supporters allegedly terming them as anti AP.

When the state was divided, BJP also backed the bill and in 2009 even Chandrababu supported the idea of Telangana. BJP believed in one-vote two states. TDP which believes in alliance Dharma went ahead and shared the stage with BJP which could have opposed the bill in 2014. But after coming to power both at center and state, everyone is aware what the two allies did to the state. Chandrababu is cognizant that the center is meting out step-motherly treatment but he is unable to raise voice against Modi.

If TDP tries to mount pressure on BJP-led NDA for SCS, almost all party leaders from AP will extend support. But due to various reasons TDP cannot do so. Chandrababu should better let the other parties question instead of commenting on their past deeds. It may be recalled that KCR in his first every meeting Simha Garjana called Jharkhand Mukti Morcha leader Shibu Soren, to address the rally, because he was aware that he needs support of parties at national level. Likewise, Congress realized that it needs support of other parties, specifically because Modi government indirectly alleged that other states will also demand for SCS as one of the reasons for backtracking. Also, another reason being, most of the prominent APCC leaders joined BJP or TDP or YCP.

The display of black flags and slogans against Rahul Gandhi led by MLC B Venkanna and workers was visibly a political stint and not approved by the people. TDP failed to question BJP for backpedaling on elections promise, but are now raising flags against Congress Vice President. Chandrababu wants people to forget about SCS calls it closed chapter, but wants to remind people of bifurcation because it has to remain open till TDP is in power, which according to him is forever.

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Lokesh challenge to Jagan puts YSRCP in jitters


Vijayawada: The open challenge thrown by Minister for IT, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Nara Lokesh to Opposition leader Y S Jaganmohan Reddy for an open debate on development had fixed YSR Congress leaders. The YSR Congress leaders across the State have reacted to Lokesh’s challenge finding fault with the young Minister for challenging the Leader of Opposition.

Lokesh had blamed Jaganmohan Reddy alleging that the Opposition leader is obstructing the developmental projects in the State. He cited the example of the government bringing Kia Motors to set up a car manufacturing unit in Ananthapur district and alleged that Jaganmohan Reddy had instigated the farmers there not to give their lands for the factory. Similarly, he said that Jaganmohan Reddy had tried to mislead the farmers of the capital villages against land pooling and the farmers of Godavari district against the Pattiseema Project. He also accused Jaganmohan Reddy of spreading misleading and false campaign against him and the TDP through Sakshi media group. He recalled a photograph in which he was speaking to Home Minister Chinarajappa during the party meeting and said that the Sakshi media had misrepresented the facts to create rift between two castes.

The IT Minister said that his father Chandrababu Naidu was working hard to develop the State despite having no office in the temporary capital. He said that the government in the last three years had mobilized over Rs 1.35 lakh crore investments to the State. He felt that Jaganmohan Reddy, instead of supporting the government was creating hurdles for the government at every stage. He dared Jaganmohan Reddy for an open debate on the developmental initiatives of the government.

However, the challenge had caused jitters for the YSR Congress as the leaders while refusing to accept the challenge try to find fault with Lokesh. The YSR Congress spokesman Ambati Rambabu wanted the TDP to accept CBI probe into the corruption charges against the government. He discounted the open debate and said that the debate would not serve any purpose but wanted the TDP to accept for the CBI enquiry.
Former minister and YSR Congress senior leader K Pardhasaradhi also discounted the challenge by Lokesh and asked Lokesh to tender open apology for his charges against Jaganmohan Reddy. He dared the ruling party leaders to come for debate on Polavaram and Pattiseema projects.

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Narayana Reddy murder, AP TDP chief turns tables on Jagan


Vijayawada: The Andhra Pradesh TDP president and Minister for Energy, K Kala Venkata Rao, turned the tables on YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy in encouraging faction fights in Rayalaseema region.

Taking strong exception to Jaganmohan Reddy’s charge against the TDP in the murder of Ch Narayana Reddy in Kurnool district, the TDP chief said that it was Jaganmohan Reddy’s family that was responsible for the faction killings in the region. Jaganmohan Reddy’s grandfather Y S Raja Reddy and father Y S Rajasekhar Reddy were known factionists, he said and alleged that the Congress government during Rajasekhar Reddy’s regime as Chief Minister had killed 159 TDP leaders including former minister Paritala Ravindra. In Kurnool district alone, the YS family had killed 29 TDP leaders and cadre, he alleged.

Kala Venkata Rao said that Narayana Reddy’s family too was a known factionist family in Kurnool district. Narayana Reddy’s father Siva Reddy was alleged in the murder of Boya Peda Ellappa and China Ellappa of Cherukulapadu village in 1983. It was in retaliation, Siva Reddy was killed in 1985 by Ellappa’s sons, the TDP leader said. He further said that Narayana Reddy is accused in the Kuruva Beesanna and Lakshmanna murder in 2005, Nakkala Naganna of Cherukulapadu village, Co-operative bank employee Kuruva Chinasomanna and others. He said Narayana Reddy is an accused in several cases in Veldurthi, Emmiganuru, N Racharla, Kurnool, Adoni, Athmakuru police stations.

The AP TDP chief said that Narayana Reddy’s murder was the reaction to his own faction activities and the TDP had no role in it. He sought to advise Jaganmohan Reddy to know the facts before making charges against the TDP for political gains. He said that the people of Rayalaseema region, particularly those from the Kurnool district are aware of the faction politics of Narayana Reddy and Jaganmohan Reddy. He wanted the YSR Congress leaders to stop encouraging faction in the Rayalaseema districts at least now.

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Varla Ramaiah sees Jagan’s hand in Justice Katju remarks


Vijayawada: Telugu Desam general secretary and AP Housing Corporation chairman Varla Ramaiah suspected the hand of YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy in the anti-government statement issued by Supreme Court former judge Justice Markandeya Katju. The retired judge had asked for dismissal of the State government following the arrests of social media activists in the State.

Ramaiah said that Jaganmohan Reddy has been doing several futile attempts to come out of the CBI cases in different forms. He recalled the interview of former chief secretary Ramakanth Reddy against the CBI cases and his complaint to Prime Minister Narendra Modi against two officers, Umashankar Gowd and B S Gandhi. He alleged that Jaganmohan Reddy is now trying to influence the Supreme Court retired judge to speak in his favour which resulted in Katju’s statement condemning Chandrababu Naidu’s government.

The TDP leader sought to advise the YSR Congress chief to stop indulging in cheap tricks to influence the courts, investigating agencies and the retired judges. He said that the courts would order punishment to Jaganmohan Reddy soon.

Ramaiah took strong exception to the threats of YSR Congress leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy who called upon his party leaders to get ready for a war with the TDP. The TDP leader wanted to know what kind of war that the YSR Congress leaders were planning against the government and the TDP. “Are you planning for a war with weapons or bombs in the Kadapa style?” he asked. He also asserted that the government under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu would save the government, the State and the people from the war to be launched by the anti-social elements of the YSR Congress.

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Disgraceful acts by NRIs, demeaning Chandrababu

Distance, place and occasion are of least importance for YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) followers when it comes to belittling Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. A screenshot of an email surfaced on social media, in which allegedly Indian NRIs wrote to Texas City Secretary office to arrest Naidu. It is apparently an act by the opposition party followers who in the note accused the CM of killing “20 poor wood cutters who work as daily laborers”.

Naidu who is touring the United States is participating in several fund raiser events. The email accused that the front row seats are being sold at price as high as 1000USD. The note requested the Irving mayor to stop the fund raiser event on May6th, 2017 at Irving City Hall, Texas.

It also stated that sandal-wood killings as state sponsored mass murder and violated human rights. Pointing to the Wikipedia page for details of the case, the email accused the Telugu Desham Party(TDP) leaders of having close ties with sandal-wood mafia. The city secretary’s office responded by saying that they would inform the Mayor and city council. However, as there are no proofs, the city council did not move forward. The mayor informed the police who noted that they were sent with falsified intentions and enhanced the security to the CM.

Chandrababu has emerged as a figure who could attract investments from abroad and has garnered support from the Indian diaspora. This is a ridiculous step taken by the alleged YCP supporters as it is not only demeaning the CM but also Indian leaders’ prima facie. YCP leaders however claim that this is not done by their followers and is nowhere related to them. TDP leaders in the state, said that strict action will be taken against the one who sent the emails. Human rights are universal but when the case is under judicial purview, the party responsible should stop becoming self-proclaimed adjudicators and be more virtuous.

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Lokesh asks Jagan to prove charges or apologise


Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh IT Minister Nara Lokesh took serious note of the criticism on him by Leader of Opposition Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.
Interacting with the media persons, Lokesh referred to the comments made on him by Jaganmohan Reddy during the latter’s Rythu Deeksha in Guntur the other day. Jaganmohan Reddy had said that people were calling Lokesh as Pappu for his inapt handling of things. He also said that some leaders were calling Lokesh as Locash as the young Minister was insisting on commissions for every work done in the State.

Reacting to these comments, Lokesh dared Jaganmohan Reddy to prove his charges. He said he had dedicated his life for the service of the people and had never indulged in any case. He alleged that Jaganmohan Reddy had misused the office of his father as Chief Minister and had amassed wealth landing finally in the jail. Unlike Jaganmohan Reddy, he was serving the people with commitment and dedication, Lokesh said. He wanted Jaganmohan Reddy to prove the charges or tender an open and unconditional apology to the people of the State. He said that if Jaganmohan Reddy failed to prove or apologise, people of the State would teach him a fitting lesson.

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Two more YCP MLAs to join TDP soon?

Vijayawada: At least two more MLAs from the YSR Congress are set to jump into the ruling Telugu Desam Party in the next few weeks. This time, it is from the Srikakulam district. Minister for Power and TDP AP president K Kalavenkata Rao is now dealing with these two legislators and the formal switch over is likely to happen either during the Mahanadu or later.

The YSR Congress had lost 21 MLAs so far who have crossed over to the ruling party. While the turncoats Bhuma Nagi Reddy died, his daughter Bhuma Akhila Priya and others, C Adinarayana Reddy, N Amarnadha Reddy, R V Sujayakrishna Ranga Rao have become the Ministers. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu said that he would compensate the others in the days to come and there are chances of accommodating them in the Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanams (TTD).

Meanwhile, two more MLAs, Kambala Jogulu and Viswasarayi Kalavathi are set to cross the fence soon. The two legislators are not happy with YSR Congress chief Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and are uncomfortable in the party these days. Jogulu, a senior legislator was first elected on TDP ticket from Palakonda constituency in 2004 but switched over to the Praja Rajyam Party and contested unsuccessfully in 2009 elections from Rajam Constituency. In 2014, he contested on the YSR Congress ticket from Rajam constituency and won. He now wants to go back to his parent party, TDP.

Kalavathi is the first time MLA from Palakonda constituency. She had contested on the PRP ticket unsuccessfully in the 2009 elections.

The AP TDP president and Minister is actively pursuing the entry of the two legislators into the party. This would happen mostly during the TDP’s Mahanadu, which is scheduled to be held in Visakhapatnam for three days from May 27.

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Modi might spring surprise as Sonia unites opposition for President


BJP is known to spring surprises when it comes to naming its candidate in elections. The July presidential elections will probably be similar to the face-off between VV Giri and Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy in 1969. It is indisputable that a staunch supporter of Congress Pranab Mukherjee will not be given another term as a President. Unlike the US, India has no restrictions on the term of President. Except for VV Giri who was not only President but also an interim president, India never had same president for two consecutive terms.

As the country awaits surprise from BJP several names have surfaced. L K Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi, Sushma Swaraj and Sumitra Mahajan are likely in the race. Even RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s name appeared. Advani mentioned that he is not in the battle. With the Babri case surfacing the chances for Advani and Joshi are bleak. However, there are chances that a Dalit candidate may be named as a President.

Narendra Modi may just pick Governor of Jharkhand Draupadi Murmu a tribal candidate from Odisha as the NDA Presidential candidate.

Congress is already in consultations with its allies about the candidate they will be nominating. AICC President Sonia Gandhi will probably organise a meeting with leaders of non-NDA parties to pursue plans for tapping a common candidate. The names of Deva Gowda, Sharad Yadav and Hamid Ansari surfaced from the opposition parties.

The Presidential elections are indirect elections done through electoral college. NDA is mighty in Lok Sabha but UPA has strength in Rajya Sabha. In such situation, the support of regional parties becomes crucial. The elected members of the Legislative assemblies of the 29 states and the elected members of the legislative assemblies of the Union Territories of Puducherry and Delhi are significant as BJP doesn’t have half way mark yet. The support of AIADMK, TRS, YSRCP and BJD are imperative now. Speculations are rife that the regional parties do not want to vote for a congress candidate.

The values of votes polled by MP is 708 while it is not equal for all MLAs in the country. Based on population and number of elected legislators, the vote value of MLAs is considered. In UP the vote value of an MLA is the highest at 209 while the lowest vote value is from Sikkim at 7. The vote value of TS and AP MLAs is 148.

President Pranab Mukherjee’s term expires on July 25,2017. It would be elevating if NDA proposes a non-politician as it did in 2002 by making Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

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Pawan Kalyan has to stand up and take charge


Konidela Pawan Kalyan marched against his brother and courageously established Jana Sena, which stiffened the spines of other politicians. But Jana Sena Army is unable to take charge in creating the revolution it projected to do. Nara Lokesh is addressing problems of people on twitter. The rate at which the problems are being acknowledged and solved is faster than the rate at which Jana Sena issues press releases inked by Kalyan. Even YSRCP ensures that it is available for people in some way or the other. It’s high time for Jana Sena to do right things over easy things.

Almost all the political parties in the state are visible and take a stand either by opposing or acknowledging happenings. Kalyan takes forever to decide on which topic he should speak. The pace at which Jana Sena recruitment is happening will surely give competition to government job recruitments process.

The chilli farmers are facing crisis for quite sometime now. Was Hindi Chauvinism more important topic than farmers? Was responding to Tarun Vijay’s comment critical than addressing sand mafia?

It would be better if Kalyan stops sitting on the fence and starts picking sides. It will give a chance for people to evaluate the stance of his party. This neutral outlook in critical situations is not going to help the victims. The ultimate measure of Jana Sena is not where Kalyan chooses to stand but the party’s policies during challenging situations. There is no point in having conversations with Harvard political strategists when the core idea of setting up the party “to question the government” is not being religiously followed.

Even google image search returns his pictures in top five when searched for a part-time politician. The actor keeps snoozing off which is not suitable for a person who aims to be in full-time politics. The last time he was called “part-time politician” he accused TDP leaders of being part-time politicians who are available full-time and more visible. Nara Lokesh resigned on paper to Heritage and responds to almost every incident.

At least hire temporary employees to act on behalf of the party till the recruitment is completed. The ultimate measure of a party is not where it chooses to stand but where it stands during challenges. People will start ignoring a part-timer who makes random statements without being aware of the state’s political developments. In democracy, people are going to rate Kalyan as politician, they might hate him, shake and break his party, but how strong and quickly the Jana Sena Chief reflects back on issues is what makes him a leader.

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YCP IT wing chief appears before Thulluru police

Vijayawada: The YSR Congress IT wing chief C Madhusudhana Reddy appeared before the Thulluru police in a case filed against them for their postings against the government in the social media. Social media activist I Ravikiran also appeared before the police and gave a written statement on his social media posts.

The Thulluru police have summoned both Madhusudhan Reddy and Ravikiran for their posts against the government and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Minister Lokesh. Ravikiran was picked up from his house last week and was released later after questioning for his post on Legislative Council and Minister Nara Lokesh. Ravikiran said that he had given a statement about his social media posts which were not limited just to the TDP. He said he had political posts and cartoons on most of the political parties depending on the political development. He denied the police charges that he had connections with the YSR Congress.

Madhusudhana Reddy said Ravikiran had no connection with the YSR Congress or the Sakshi media group. He said Ravikiran is an independent activist and is known for his political posts on every political party.

He further said that the YSR Congress IT wing had never posted any cartoons defaming either Chandrababu Naidu or Lokesh. “Our social media posts are only against the government. We try to expose the anti-people policies of the government from time to time. We never entertained posts personally targeting Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh,” Madhusudhana Reddy told media persons. He further said that their posts were biased towards people.

Meanwhile, the Thullur police who have recorded the statements of both Ravikiran and Madhusudhan Reddy and have asked them to appear once again on April 30.

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Varla Ramaiah wants CBI to seize Jagan’s passport


Vijayawada: Senior Telugu Desam leader and AP Housing Corporation chairman Varla Ramaiah had asked the CBI to seize the passport of YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy to prevent him from leaving the country. As the CBI court is scheduled to give its verdict on CBI’s plea for cancellation of Jaganmohan Reddy’s bail petition on April 28, Ramaiah hinted at the possibility of the leader leaving the country to avoid arrest.

Ramaiah recalled that Vijay Mallya had fled from the country to avoid arrest and feared that Jaganmohan Reddy too would escape if the government and the courts remain silent. He further said that Jaganmohan Reddy had already sought permission from the court to go for holidays to New Zealand. He said that Jaganmohan Reddy is facing 11 charge sheets, while his assets were attached by the Enforcement Directorate in 4 cases. Stating that the government was having tough time to bring Vijay Mallya who is accused in Rs 9,000 crore, he wondered how can the government allow Jaganmohan Reddy who is accused in Rs 43,000 crore fraud case.

The TDP leader further alleged that Jaganmohan Reddy was also trying to influence witnesses in the CBI cases, besides misleading the courts. He cited the interview of former chief secretary Ramakanth Reddy in the Sakshi media and said that the interview was an open attempt by Jaganmohan Reddy to mislead the courts.

He took strong exception to the YSR Congress leaders drawing parallels between Jaganmohan Reddy and Nara Lokesh. He said that Jaganmohan Reddy had indulged in criminal activities when his father was chief minister, while Lokesh was extending welfare programmes to the party cadre with his father as Chief Minister. “There is a complete difference between Jaganmohan Reddy and Lokesh and it is unfair to compare them. Lokesh is not a criminal and corrupt like Jaganmohan Reddy,” he asserted.

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‘Political Punch’ Ravi Kiran failed to learn from his arrest in 2014


In the past 72 hours, Andhra Pradesh political and social media space was abuzz with the arrest of Inturi Ravi Kiran. He is an administrator of a Facebook page ‘Political Punch’, which is Pro-YSRCP, notorious for morphing images of AP chief minister and his son Nara Lokesh. Some of the media projected this incident as government’s suppression of social media. However, emerging details show this is not the first-time Mr. Ravi Kiran was detained by the police.

On 5th August 2014, Vishakhapatnam police detained Inturi Ravi Kiran in Mahbubnagar in a case filed by then YSRCP Araku MP K. Geetha. She complained to police that a Facebook page run by Ravi Kiran posted vulgar comments and cartoons humiliating her. When reports surfaced in the last week of July 2014 about the MP Geetha’s defection from YSRCP to TDP, Ravi Kiran allegedly posted derogatory content against her. A case under Section 66 (A) of Information Technology Act-2000, section 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult modesty of a woman) of Indian Penal Code and the Prevention of Atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes-1989, was registered against him along with one other person. Ravi Kiran spent 15 days in jail in this case. This did not stop him from posting political abusive satires on social media. He created another Facebook page ‘Political Punch’ in November 2014.

On April 21, 2017 Ravi Kiran got into trouble, for posting a photo which showed Nara Lokesh, asking his father to send him to “Peddhala Sabha” (Upper House), while a banner of a kissing couple placed in front of the state’s new Legislative Council building, said that it was for “adults only”.

Ravi Kiran claims to be an ardent fan of late YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Ravi Kiran’s wife confessed on television that his husband works for YSRCP office. However, he stated that the page is not associated with the YSRCP. He claims to be hired by YCP social media cell only a year and half ago while the page was created two and half years ago.

Though Ravi Kiran was released by the police yesterday, if reports are to be believed he will be prosecuted by the legislative body using the assembly privileges for its contempt.

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YSR Congress gets elevation; Ummareddi is Leader of Opposition in Council


Vijayawada: The Opposition YSR Congress has a point to celebrate today. The party, which is the main Opposition in the AP Assembly, has been recognized as the main Opposition in the Legislative Council too. Its MLC and senior leader Ummareddi Venkateswarlu, is named as the Leader of Opposition in the Council, as the Congress which has been enjoying the recognition lost it on March 30, following the retirement of its members, including C Ramachandraiah, who has been serving as Leader of Opposition.

As the Congress could not make it to the Assembly or win any local body to have its MLCs, the party had lost its Opposition status after the retirement of its sitting members. Following this, the YSR Congress had emerged as the main Opposition party with 9 MLCs on its count. The party also has the support of the three PDF MLCs representing the teachers and graduates constituencies.

The Congress now has one MLC from the Assembly quota, A Lakshmi Sivakumari, who is scheduled to retire on March 29, 2019, four MLCs from the nominated quota, including Council chairman Dr A Chakrapani, who is to retire on May 28, 2017. The Congress would also set to lose two MLCs, Chakrapani and R Reddeppa Reddy in May, K Satyanarayana Raju and T Rathna Bai in February 2020 that would completely seal the presence of the Congress in the Council.

The Congress exit had given elevation to the YSR Congress in the Council with Chairman Chakrapani issuing orders recognising Ummareddi Venkateswarlu as the Leader of Opposition. Ummareddi assumed charge in the Council on Friday morning.

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Nandyala is all set to be high voltage electoral battle

Vijayawada: Though not decided or declared yet, the by-election to Nandyala Assembly Constituency in Kurnool, is all set to see a high voltage electoral battle. Besides being a tough one between the ruling TDP and Opposition YSR Congress, it is also set to make a few nail biting developments within the ruling TDP.

The by-election is for sure as its sitting MLA Bhuma Nagi Reddy died last month. Though Nagi Reddy was elected on the YSR Congress ticket, he defected to the TDP in his last days. It is for this reason both the YSR Congress and the TDP are staking claim for the seat. The YSR Congress which had won the seat in 2014 elections is firm on winning it again and prove its hold, while the TDP wants to wrest the seat as Bhuma was with it in his last days. However, the two parties are yet to name their candidates and it would be clear only once the Election Commission notifies the schedule.

There is a big internal fight going on within the TDP with the family members of Bhuma Nagi Reddy insisting on having the ticket to the family members on one side and Kurnool senior leader Silpa Mohan Reddy staking claim for the seat. Though it has been a formality in the Telugu States to give the by-election ticket to the family members of the deceased MLA, the practice is all set to be kept aside this time for the MLA had defected in his last days. Having won the seat in 2014, YSR Congress claims for it, while having the MLA in its bag, the TDP too is claiming. For these two reasons, the election is set to be a real battle field and the voters would have tough time to decide. The YSR Congress is strong once again with the Gangula family joining the party after the death of Bhuma Nagi Reddy and thus the party had gained its lost ground.

The ruling TDP is already feeling the heat with Silpa Mohan Reddy being firm on contesting the by-election. He lost the seat to Bhuma Nagi Reddy in the 2014 elections by a small margin of 3,604 votes. Earlier, he had won the seat on Congress ticket for two successive terms, 2004 and 2009. This time too he is mounting pressure on the TDP leadership to give the ticket to him as the seat belonged to him. Moreover the TDP had already compensated the Bhuma family by giving a Cabinet berth to Bhuma Akhila Priya. Mohan Reddy had even threatened to quit the TPD and contest either as Independent or join the YSR Congress. While YSR Congress has not made up its mind on fielding the Silpa family in case he defected, it is said that Silpa Mohan Reddy is firm on contesting the seat, which would give a tough time to the ruling TDP.

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Pawan Kalyan backtracks on Special Category Status protests

The less men think, the more they talk. Especially when one is sitting in a luxurious room this hot summer and whenever possible following politics is bound to access social media and tweet about it. Wise men speak because they have something to say and then we have Pawan Kalyan who speaks because he has to say something.

In fact, media critiqued the leaders of congress and YCP for raising SCS issue as there is no strategy and it is a “closed chapter” as per the ruling party. When the state was united to fight for the cause of SCS in January, Kalyan did not come forward to lead it but continued to tweet. Now that people seemed to have accepted it, he is seen congratulating YCP and TS Congress leaders for supporting.

Anyone who speaks for SCS will get Kalyan’s support. After the special category protest, in the press meet, he said that Jana Sena will soon start protesting for SCS. It is apparent that he is influenced by the ruling party, who seem to back track on their words. After the press meet in January, the Jana Sena chief took up various issues and side tracked this issue. Never again he spoke about protesting for SCS. If the actor is serious about it, he wouldn’t find reasons like in February groups exams, in March tenth exams, in April Eamcet exams etc. If protesting on twitter will get SCS, then the state would have got status in the republic day week itself.

Jana Sena chief said that the TDP MPs forgot the insults they faced during the state bifurcation. What about the students who were beaten up during January26? Isn’t it an insult to the youth who hoped that this would trigger agitation? The actor who takes tweet-holidays, is portraying himself like Chandrababu Naidu, who out of nowhere speaks about bifurcation just to remind people of the injustice meted out by Congress and keep them in sync with TDP. In fact, following Naidu’s guidance, even Kalyan ensures to remind people of the bifurcation.

He even questioned if the central government would ever divide Uttar Pradesh. I think the actor-turned-politician may want to find out how Uttarakhand was formed before tweeting. It was carved out from UP and was created by NDA led BJP under leadership of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It’s high time for Kalyan and all other leaders to stop talking and start taking action, to stop promising and start proving.

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`Defected’ YSRCP MLAs in restlessness!


Almost all the 20 YSRCP MLAs, who have defected into ruling Telugu Desam Party seems to be in restless in Andhra Pradesh. During shifting their party loyalties though almost of them claimed they were joining TDP without any per-condition, only to support development agenda of chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, each one of them were assured specific `rewards’.

But even several months after, they are worrying not a single promise is being honored. Meanwhile, they are worrying with the issue of Congress MLAs defection into TRS in Telangana was referred to a constitutional bench of the Supreme Court. If the apex court decides to issue specific guidelines for assembly speakers with regard to examining `disqualification’ notices, Andhra Pradesh state assembly speaker will not be exempted.

Atleast four MLAs were promised ministerial berths. They include Jyothula Nehru, Bhuma Nagi Reddy, Sujay Krishna Rao. One among two minority MLAs Chand Basha (Kadiri) and Zaleel Khan (Vijayawada) were also assured ministerial berth. But since more than a year Chandrababu Naidu is dragging cabinet expansion with one or other plea.

According to informed sources governor ESL Narasimhan has conveyed his difficulty in administering their oath as similar issue from Telangana is pending before High Court. It may be recalled in Telangana TDP leaders complained against Governor for administering the oath of their party MLA Srinivas Yadav, who is now functioning as a minister, without resign as MLA. Governor reportedly stated that without High Court dispatches this case, it would be not proper on his part to administer oath by a similar `defected’ MLA in AP.

Most of the `defected’ MLAs are particularly said to be discontented as their presence is not felt by TDP circles. None of them were taken into any party committee, nor being invited for party conventions. In most of the constituencies, the police, revenue and other authorities are following directions from respective party incharges, rather than their instructions.

Few months back, sensing their discontent Nara Lokesh, party’s general secretary held a meeting with former YSRCP MLAs from Prakasam district. Most of their grievances are very simple, but seems to be sensitive too. They complained that local SI, CI, MRO, RDO etc are not caring them, but following only local TDP incharges. Party leadership also seems to be clueless in settling their grievances.

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Pawan Kalyan c/o Eluru , ….Jagan still lost in Hyderabad?


Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan’s decision to shift base to Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, has raised several eyebrows in the political circles. TDP chief and AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is the one who first shifted to Vijayawada even before State is set for division. Now, the Jana Sena leader is making Eluru his care of address c/o. The Congress party too set up an office in Seemandhra.

But the YSRCP, which is exuding confidence that it would come to power in AP in 2019 election, is however tightlipped over shifting its base to AP. The YSRCP seems to be fighting a lone battle in Hyderabad. Now, this has become a hot topic among the political circles.

While all the major parties – the TDP, the Congress, and the left parties are monitoring their political activities from Seemandhra region, the YSRCP, a principle opposition party in AP, is working from Hyderabad. For any crucial meeting with regard to the AP politics, the leaders have to come all the way to Lotus Pond in Hyderabad. Besides this, party chief Jagan have to start from Hyderabad to attend any protest programme in Andhra Pradesh.

In fact, the YSRCP has not ground left in Telangana. Chances of faring well in coming elections are also too less. At this juncture, there is no point in sticking to Hyderabad leaving a chance behind to the TDP to benefit is a foolish move, opined the party functionaries.

Pawan is giving a good fight to the YSRCP by connecting to the people with public meetings. From the farmers of the capital regions to the victims of Aqua park, Pawan is addressing the concerns of the people. If Jagan failed to notice, there is severe fear among the party cadre.

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AP Minister’s ingenious way to launder money


The Indian government has taken numerous preventive measures to curb money laundering. But, that doesn’t fully hold back some of our politicians and industrialists.In recent Panama Papers and Offshore leaks many industrialists names from Telugu states were listed for transactions from tax haven countries. Though not all are illegal,we know most of them operate in Tax havens to launder money. Now, after Indian government has enacted stringent measures, our politicians are discovering an innovative way to launder money.

A Telugu politician has found out an ingenious way to launder the money. In USA, most of IT consulting firms are owned by Telugu people, who crave access to powers that be in Telugu states. This astute minister, who is known for switching parties, used this leverage and started buying companies in association with a NRI producer.The team identifies mid size consulting companies and then either acquire them completely or buy a share.

Telugu360 has first hand information of some consulting firms, which were approached with an acquisition proposal.In this modus operand, where in money is channelized through benami, the minister and the producer pay minimum required amount to acquire the consulting company in dollars in USA (to avoid suspicion) and remaining is paid as cash in India.After acquiring the IT company based out of USA, post tax revenues will be transferred to India by setting up a sister company in India. Now, all this money will be clean money.

It is also reliably learnt that some popular names in Telugu diaspora in USA are brokering the deals between the IT company owners and politicians.

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‘Roja’s supension’ report submitted to Speaker Kodela


Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao on Saturday revealed that he had received the report from deputy speaker Mandali Budha Prasad committee, which studied the issue of suspension of YSR Congress MLA Roja for one year.

Talking to media, he said action will be taken as per the rules of the House. Speaker will put the action, the committee recommended, to the approval of the House in the budget session after the passage of the budget. Buddha Prasad committee had been appointed to study the circumstances that led to the suspension of YSR Congress MLA RK Roja for one year. The government moved the suspension motion following her objectionable and abusive language against ruling party woman MLA in Assembly in the previous session. The fact finding committee is said to have recommended the action against the MLA for her behavior which it felt certainly lowered the dignity of the House and brought dispute the legislature. Roja is said to have used objectionable language against chief minister Chandrababu Naidu as well.

The committee was set up following the suspension of Roja on December 22, 2015 when the house witnessed unprecedented pandemonium. But, YSR Congress maintained that opposition members resorted to obstructing the house when the treasury benched had provoked them. The party however, raised the leakage of uncensored clippings of live proceedings and sought action. The opposition party also challenged the speaker decision to suspend the member for one year stating that speaker had no authority to suspend any member beyond the current session.

Later speaker appointed the committee to examine the whole gamut of issues that led to the suspension .

The committee had it final meeting yesterday and submitted the report to the speaker today. The committee has beside Buddha Prasad, T Sravan Kumar (TDP), Vishnukumar Raju (BJP) and G Srinkanth Reddy as members. According to sources, the committee is said to have found strong ground for the action taken against Roja.

Many other names from Opposition party are also said to have come in for the scrutiny of the committee. While TDP and BJP members affixed their signature on the report, the YSR Congress member Srikanth Reddy has submitted a dissent note.

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