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Nani’s new film titled Adigo Alladigo Srihari Vaasam

Natural star Nani is going through the best phase of his career with a sensational success rate. Almost all his movies since the last year turned out to be hits at the box office. He is currently busy shooting for a romantic entertainer titled Ninnu Kori. After this he will work with Dil Raju for MCA.

According to the latest update, Nani will reunite with Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha fame Hanu Raghavapudi for a comedy caper. It is learnt that the film has been titled Adigo Alladigo Srihari Vaasam. The film will go on floors once Hanu wraps up Nithiin’s Lie which is currently on floors. The makers are planning a mod Summer 2018 release.

More details about this interesting project will be revealed soon.

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Nani’s next moves to Vizag


After a memorable 2016 with back to back hits, Natural star Nani kick-started this year in style with a blockbuster in the form of Nenu Local. Now, the talented actor is busy shooting for an upcoming romantic entertainer titled Ninnu Kori. The film’s first schedule happened in USA, where major part of the talkie part has been shot.

The team returned to Hyderabad last month for a short break. The latest update reveals that next schedule started in Vizag where key scenes featuring the principal cast are being canned by the unit. This schedule will proceed till the end of this month.

Debutant Siva Nirvana is calling shots for the film which has Nivedha Thomas as the female lead. Gopi Sundar is the music composer.

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” Nenu Local ” Review : A youthful entertainer !


Nenu Local Movie Review

Nenu Local Review

Telugu360 Rating : 3/5

Nani is one of the most bankable actors in Tollywood at present. All his recent movies proved to be a safe bet for all parties involved. He bagged back to back hits in the last two years and phenomenally improved his box office stamina.

After playing the boy next door roles in his recent movies, the Natural star is going to be seen as a happy-go-lucky engineering student. Nenu Local is directed by N. Trinadh Rao and has happening beauty Keerthy Suresh playing Nani’s love interest. The impressive trailer has furthered the expectations on the film. The pre release business is promising and the film is set for a good opening today( Feb 3rd).

Let’s see if Nani can continue his success streak with Nenu Local or not. Here is the detailed review of Telugu360

Local boy Babu (Nani) is a happy go lucky guy with absolutely no direction or purpose in life. As a B.Tech student, he makes numerous attempts to clear his under grad backlogs. At this time in his life, he chances upon Keerthy (Keerthy Suresh), a perky, cheerful girl from a loving, affectionate family. Babu tries his best to woo Keerthy, but all his initial attempts are thwarted. Just like his never ending attempts to clear his backlogs, Babu does not give up and finally wins her over. With the love track going smooth, its just the time for the twist in the movie. It looks like a typical father of the girl opposing the love, only in this story, the father of the girl is also Babu’s professor from B.Tech. Eventually Keerthy promises her dad that she will choose her life partner as per his wishes. The rest of the story follows Babu as he resolves all the issues and gets his girl – the director and the dialogues going a long way in making this movie fun to watch.

Lead Actors:

Nani’s reputation as Natural Star is so apt as he delivers a knock out performance, yet again. Employing his renowned comedy timing, along with the newly introduced mass histrionics, Nani takes “Nenu Local’ on the success path. Keerthy Suresh is well suited for the role, her facial features a right fit for the leading lady. Her performance is good, though a little workout time is not a bad idea. Andala Rakshasi fame Naveen Chandra is a surprise but a good surprise. Posani Murali Krishna acted in a hilarious role, thankfully not going overboard. His scenes with Sachin Kedekar (who played Keerthy’s dad) are a riot!


Nenu Local is a time tested formula, which is very well molded to suit Nani’s body language. The hero’s characterization is one of the strongest points of this movie and the hero’s dialogues and the attitude can be expected to connect well with the youth. A lot of funny one liners and youth oriented dialogues are packed into this latest entertainment from Nani. Coming to the love track, it starts off as a typical boy tries to get the girl to fall for him thread. It slowly progresses into a well etched story midway, but falls into the commercial trap towards the end – just like the movie content.

All but one song are pretty average, both in terms of tunes and the making. Generally for these genre movies, the commercial range is very dependent on the producer’s ability/willingness to spend big money on. It is not unusual for movies with non-saleable cast or other business constraints, to work on shoestring budget – in fact it’s quite understandable and actually appreciated. However, one would think that with Nani’s dates confirmed on a well-known banner, the production house would try to elevate the movie and the hero to next level. Unfortunately that is not the case with Nenu Local. This movie proves a point ‘What you pay is what you get’ to production house. That said, director Trinadha Rao does deliver a commercially well packaged movie which will for sure be a minimum guarantee.

On the technical departments, Devi Sri scored well on three songs, though the background score could have been better. Nizar Shafi’s photography is average, adds to the local flavor of the movie. Editing is crisp and editor Prawin Pudi proves once again that he is the best fit for this kind of movies.


  • Nani – the ease in his performance, his comedy timing and the mass histrionics
  • Screenplay and Dialogues from Prasanna Kumar Bezawada
  • Theme appeals to today’s youth
  • Clean comedy, no dull moments


  • A routine run of the mill story
  • Second half is pretty predictable, nothing in new in terms of treatment
  • Songs could have been so much better

Verdict :

Nenu Local is a typical comedy entertainer. The first half is a major asset to the movie, second half is OK. If you don’t mind typical formula movie or you like a Nani movie, go for it. While youth segment of audience may embrace, others may opine this as an average content movie. Regardless, yet another minimum guarantee film for Nani & Dil Raju.

Telugu360 Rating : 3/5

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Nani’s Majnu Review : A Clean Entertainer


Majnu Review, Majnu Movie Review

TELUGU360.com Rating 3.25/5

Actor Nani, who is back in reckoning with back to back hits, is gearing up for the third release of the year, Majnu.  Directed by Uyyala Jampala fame Virinchi Varma, Majnu stars newbies Priya Shri and Anu Emanuel as the female leads. The trailers and posters caught up well with the audience. The music composed by Gopi Sundar garnered a good response from the music lovers. Anandi Arts,Keva Movies together produced the film which has hit the screens worldwide this Friday. Let’s us see if Majnu extends Nani’s dream run at the box office. Here is our complete analysis of the film.

Story :

Aditya (Nani), a native of Bheemavaram, works as an assistant director in SS Rajamouli’s team. He meets Suma (Priya Shri), an IT SAP consultant. Suma enjoys Aditya’s friendly banter and flirting and starts to fall for him. Aditya, being the decent guy he is, proceeds to tell her about his love for his hometown girl Kiran (Anu Emanuel) and his failure at keeping his love alive. His frankness further impresses Suma in spite of Aditya’s attempts to discourage her since he is still in love with Kiran. The twist to the plot arrives in the form of Kiran as she enters into Aditya’s life yet again.

So why did Kiran to walk away from Aditya in Bheemavara? Why did she come back again? How does Aditya handle the two women walking in and out of his life? Is there a clear answer to this seemingly triangular (?) love story?


Majnu is not a new concept with creative script, but it appeals to the audience. The light hearted scenes, visually appealing frames from the director Virinchi Varma, a classy touch to the overall treatment work in favor of the movie. The director made sure that the audience in engaged and entertained all through the movie, making it a pleasant watch.

The vital aspect of this movie is the Aditya-Kiran love story in Bheemavaram. The director has established the sensibilities of the two lovers to perfection. His portrayal of their histrionics is very natural and excellent. A couple of scenes that standout are the auto rickshaw scene with Chiranjeevi’s Malli Malli idi Raani Roju playing in the background and the birthday scene with Aditya and Kiran in her bedroom. Nothing new or crazy on the Aditya-Suma flirt episodes, but they are good enough to be liked.

The director has taken good care with songs and they blend beautifully into the story and are well received. The first four songs take place in the first 45 minutes of the movie and yet acceptable due the soothing music and good lyrics. Music director Gopi Sundar should be applauded for his expertize here. The song ‘Oyyy…. Megham la… TelindEy na chinni manaseY’ is definitely the best song in the lot with the party song ‘Andamaina Chandamama’ coming in as a close runner up. The songs ‘Kallu Moosi…’ and ‘Jaare Jaare.’ are nice melody numbers while the first song ‘Aadara nee ishtam aadaraa’ featuring a flash dance is average.

On the flip side, the rationale behind Kiran’s change of mind (twice) is not explained well. The first half of the movie contains some feel good moments, while the second hand is dealt with more comedy instead of progressing as an emotional story. Highlighting the emotions could have made this movie memorable.

Vennela Kishore’s comical role in the second half turned out good. Very good photography and editing by Gnansekhar and Pravin Pudi. Good production values from Gemini Kiran’s Anandi Arts and Keva Movies.

Actors :
Nani, a versatile actor, played the protagonist role with ease. His effortless acting brings the character to life.

The two debutante heroines, though not great looking, are good fit for their roles. Anu Emanuel as Kiran is lovely in her half sarees and the occasional modern wear. Skinny Priya Shri as Suma is OK, her trendy costumes look good. The makeup and costumes department should be appreciated.

Posani Krishna Murali’s comical role in the first half; Vennela Kishore’s comedy in the second half
Special appearance by S.S. Rajamouli in the first and last scenes of the movie. Clearly Rajamouli enjoyed playing himself on the big screen. The satire on himself and Prabhas’ marriage (linked to Bahubali -3) is very hilarious.

Special appearance by Raj Tarun in the climax.

Positives :

-Lighter vein subject with a classy touch
-Natural Star Nani’s performance
-Clean and situational comedy
-Bheemavaram Love story
-The two debutante heroines did a good job in their first movie

Negatives :

-No strong enough reason for Kiran changing her mind.
-Cliché pre-climax
-Predictable second half

Verdict :

Majnu is a clean and classy entertainer. No heavy moments or boringly routine scenes, it’s all about love, music and fun. The second half is a bit predictable though. At the Box Office, the range might depend on the competition and the off-season may impact openings. Definitely another great success on the cards for the Hit machine Nani. A definite must watch for entertaining evenings (or mornings!).

TELUGU360.com Rating 3.25/5

Release Date : September 23, 2016
Director : Virinchi Varma
Music director: Gopi Sunder
Production Company: Anandi Arts, Keva Movies
Cinematography : Gnanasekhar
Starring : Nani, Anu Emmanuel, Vennela Kishore

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Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gaadha Review : Complete Entertainer


Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha Movie Review

After a huge round of aggressive pre release promotions, Nani’s Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha has hit the screens today. Hanu Raghavapudi of Andhala Rakshashi fame is the director and Mehrene Pirzada is making her debut as the female lead in the film. 14 Reels Entertainment banner, who produced films like Dookudu, Legend, Aagadu and 1-Nenokkadine is the production unit for this much anticipated film.


Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gaadha(KVPG) has a variety and interesting plot. It’s mainly about a Cowardice young guy Krishna(Nani) and his lover Mahalakshmi(Mehrene). Set in RayalaSeema, this lighter vein and suspense mixed plot runs in three parallel threads which eventually becomes one. First thread is cute love story between Krishna and Mahalakshmi, Second one is faction rivalry between Rajanna and Appi Reddy, Third one is Brave police officer ACP Srikanth(Sampath)’s tirade against Hyderabad’s under world (Murali Sharma).

And each one of these threads has one unique genre Romance, Action and Suspense respectively. Krishna and Lakshmi who pretends to be hating each other in public are actually childhood lovers who kept it as best secret in the village for 15 years. How this couple is linked to Rajanna, How Rajanna is linked to ACP Srikanth, How the conflict point ( Kidnap of ACP’s kids) occurs and resolved,watch it on big screen.

Story is one of the best in recent times.

Lead Actors :

Nani who got applause for his comedy timing in his previous movie Bhale Bhale Magadivoy has taken it further in KVPG.Be it in teasing scenes between him and heroine ( or) in childish scenes along with kids (or) in frieghtened by presence of factionists scenes , Nani simply excelled.

Debutante Mehrene as Mahalakshmi is super cute. With milky white complexion,lovely features and decent action she has a good start in TFI.

Sampath as a honest and fire brand police officer ACP Srikanth has done justice to the role, It’s Prudhvi who brought life into comedy part in second half. Murali Sharma as mafia don David is adequate. Senior actress Annapurna played a little role. Satyam Rajesh, Prabhas Srinu and Brahmaji got short but significant comedy roles.The three kids will be liked by all with their cute action

What worked well ?

*  Mixed Genre of the movie has elements to appeal all sections of audience
* Comedy as the main quotient,suspense and crime elements appeal to the youth
* The chemistry between the lead pair is good
* Even the beaten to death (in other movies) Factionists thread been dealt stylishly and in engaging way
* References to Nandamuri Balakrishna, Pawan Kalyan’s Attharinti Daredi sequence worked well
* Songs are funky and colorful
* Pre-interval episodes came out very well

What should have been better ?

– There is five minute short duration lag twice in second half.
– Main story thread becomes slightly redundant once Krishna starts towards Hyderabad on his rescue mission.
– One or two more super hit songs would have accelerated Boxoffice status to next level
– Visual Effects in one particular scene are so cheap

Technicians :

Writer and Director Hanu Raghavapudi makes it to big league with this movie. Complicated story been told in so simplified manner and credit goes to the director. Photography by Yuvaraj is excellent and natural beauty of RayalaSeema has been captured well. Music and background scores are good too. Editing should have been a bit crisp.

Production Values and Promotion by 14Reels is upto their banner reputation and film looked rich yet under control budget.Producers must be appreciated for identifying the good script,casting it well and trusting the director

Verdict :

It is very hard to make a film which appeals to two contradicting genres (Families and Action movie lovers). Hanu Raghavapudi had succeeded in this aspect by narrating KVPG with tightly knitted screenplay and differently. First Half is Good, Second half is equally good except few glitches.

Overall, A clean Comedy family and action entertainer. Watch It !

Telugu360.com Rating : 3.5/5

Cast: Nani,Mehrene, Sampath, Prudhvi , Murali Sharma, Annapurna, Brahmaji, satyam Rajesh etc.
Cinematography : Yuvaraj
Editor: Gowtam Raju
Music: Vishal ChandraSekhar
Producer: Ram Achanta, Gopinadh Achanta,Anil Sunkara
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction: Hanu Raghavapudi

Click here for Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha Telugu Review

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Nani’s next a whodunnit !


Talented actor Nani is back in reckoning with a thumping success of his recent romantic comedy Bhale Bhale Magadivoi which was directed by Maruthi. He is currently busy shooting for Hanu Raghavapudi’s film which is tentatively titled Jai Balayya. The shooting of the film is on the verge of completion.

In the meantime, Nani’s next film was formally launched yesterday in Hyderabad. Mohan Krishna Indraganti, who directed Nani in Astha Chamma, will wield the megaphone for the film. Telugu360 has exclusively learnt that the film is a murder mystery laced with thrills and twists. The plot revolves around a murder whose mystery unravels in the end. The director already stated that the film will be thread a new genre in Tollywood with a gripping narration.

Avasarala Srinivas will play a crucial role in the film. Nivedha Thomas and Surabhi will play the female leads. The regular shooting will commence very shortly.

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Jai Balaiyya title not final


The filmmakers say that Jai Balaiyya is just a working title and the final one will be announced at an appropriate time. The shoot of Nani and Mehrene Kaur Peerzada is going on and yet to be wrapped up. Since it is going at a snail’s pace, Nani has also given his dates to Indraganti Mohan Krishna’s film and the shoot began yesterday. In the film produced by Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta, Nani apparently plays a die hard fan of Balakrishna. This is the second time the title will undergo a change. The first working title was “Mahalakshmi tho Pelliki 150 kms dooram”.

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Nani’s next to go on floors on December 2nd


As reported earlier, talented actor Nani will soon team up with Astha Chamma director Mohan Krishna Indraganti for his next film. It is learnt that Indraganti has readied a script which will tread a new path in Tollywood. In a recent interview, he confirmed that the film is a romantic thriller laced with fantasy elements.

Telugu360 has exclusively learnt that the regular shooting will roll out from December 2nd. Surabhi and Nivedha Thomas have been roped in as the female leads in the film which also features Srinivas Avasarala in a crucial role along with Rohini, Tanikella Bharani and Ramaprabha. It is heard that all the characters have equal importance in the film.

Nani is currently busy wrapping up his next film in the direction of Hanu Raghavapudi.

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Avasarala Srinivas in Nani’s next


Talented young artists Nani and Avasarala Srinivas made their way into tinsel town with the cute romantic entertainer, Asthma Chamma, which was directed by Indraganti Mohan Krishna. Both of them have come a long way in their careers. The hit combination is ready for an encore.

As reportedly earlier, Mohan Krishna is ready with a script for Nani. The project will roll out once Nani wraps up his current film in the direction of Hanu Raghavapudi. It is learnt that Avasarala Srinivas will play a crucial role in the film.The remaining cast and crew will be announced very soon.

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Hanu-Nani film at Araku


Mahalakshmi Tho Pelliki Dooram..150 kilometrelu is progressing briskly. The shooting is currently on in Araku. Starring Nani and Mehreen Kaur Peerzada, the film is being directed by Hanu Raghavpudi and is produced by Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta. Soon after this he will be joining the sets of Indraganti Mohan Krishna’s movie that has Surabhi and Nivedha Thomas playing the main characters and Mani Ratnam’s bi-lingual. Both the genres are diverse and Nani has been in an upbeat mood following the success of Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. Hanu Raghavpudi has taken a long break, it will be almost three years since he directed his first film Andala Rakshasi.

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Nani to romance a young actress in his next


Young actor Nani, who is on cloud nine with the terrific success of his latest rom-com Bhale Bhale Magadivoi, is currently busy shooting for his upcoming film in the direction of Hanu Raghavapudi. The regular shooting of the film is going on at a brisk pace.

On the other hand, his next film in the direction of Mohan Krishna Indraganti will go on floors in November. As per the latest update, young actress Surabhi has been roped in as the female lead for this film. Surabhi made her debut in Tollywood with Sundeep Kishan’s Beeruva and she is now shooting for ‘Express Raja’ with Sharwanand.

It is learnt that Mohan Krishna, who directed Nani’s Ashta Chamma, has readied a breezy love story for Nani and Surabhi will be seen as a rich girl in the film. More details about the project will be revealed soon.

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BBM : Non-stop Family Entertainer with loads of Comedy

[intro]Director Maruti creates a U-Clean film that will draw youth as well as family audiences, who  didn’t warm up to his earlier films. Natural Star Nani scores  the second super-hit of the year.[/intro]

It is quite rare for a director caught in trappings of making obscene and flippant films to outgrow them and make a convincing family entertainer. But that’s what this film Bhale Bhale Magadivoi is – an extra-ordinary family entertainer of 144 minutes with towering performances by a fresh starcast. If anybody had preconceived notions about Maruti as a film-maker who makes you laugh with silly plots and midnight masala gags, BBM is a revelation of sorts. Maruti has transformed his style of comedies to reflect refined tastes of a family audience perhaps due to the presence of Nani as the hero and Allu Aravind as the presenter. Yes, BBM is a non-stop entertainer that pulls out all stops to make you laugh and cry at times with vastly improved production values – and Nani gets his second hit of the year after Yevade Subramanyam.

The story is not new but the treatment is fresh and energetic filled with metric tonnes of humor that makes you ROFL. Lucky (Nani) is an agricultural scientist who forgets things easily. Not the variety that makes one a Ghajini or a patient of Dementia or Alzheimer’s but something that looks dangerous yet fleeting enough to retrieve oneself. Any task that is assigned to him or an appointment to meet gets messed up because Lucky’s mind gets diverted by some other thing when he is stopped in his tracks by some other thought. A good dimension to explore creatively – and Maruti makes capital of this aspect of memory-loss with a brilliant screenplay that stretches a normal love story weaved around Lucky’s character into a gripping story. Lucky falls in love with Nandana (Lavanya Tripathi) one day as a mind-diversion, and his life changes forever after that – with a prospective father-in-law Murali Sharma and his cute daughter Nandana. Lucky covers up the follies committed out of  his forgetfulness into virtues that get extolled by Nandana – which lead to many unintended hilarious consequences. The first half creates some Woody Allen-type comedy while the second half recreates Shakespearean touch of a comedy of errors with telling humor.

The story is predictable after the first half and lags a bit post-interval as the director beats it up to drive home the same point without newness. But the overall effect is, by far entertaining and packs unlimited humor without the grand-daddy-presence of Brahamandam. Maruti is known for a good sense of humor – and the film blends situational humor into the funny characterization of hero Nani as Mr Forgetful with a host of actors like Srinivas Reddy, Vennela Kishore, Praveen adding to uproarious laughter. Nani and Lavanya Tripathi sizzle as the lead pair with a good chemistry. But the actor who steals the show is Murali Sharma, as the father of Nandana. After spending almost a decade in Tollywood and doing many forgettable roles, lady luck smiles on Murali Sharma finally. Seen throughout the length of the film as much as Nani, Murali shines with his baritone voice and million-buck lines. This film will mark a career-turning point for him and we could see more of him in Tollywood.

[pullquote position=”left”]Nani has been treading the road less traveled so far – and this film will get his stock up again.[/pullquote] As a character with incurable forgetfulness, and yet loves a girl of his dreams, Nani plays many shades with ease, he is betting on movies with good content and this film proves he means business better than most heroes who still can’t figure out a good script from a bad story. Content is one thing, but content-management is another – Nani is becoming adept at sublimating himself to a good story with intrinsic content and a good starcast. In his last film, he let someone like Vijay Devarakonda steal the thunder. In this film, he makes Murali Sharma walk away with honors – how many heroes have this kind of guts? That’s why he is special. He can mint comedy, sadness and romance with equal confidence and have a swagger that doesn’t put you off – and this film is testimony to his versatility. However, one thing Nani needs to watch is the monotony that is creeping into his voice modulation. Most of his antics involving voice modulation are becoming banal because he speaks with the same volume without changes in texture. His experience as an RJ should let him build layers of improvisation on his voice culture. Lavanya Tripathi is quite fresh and cute in her demeanor and looks – and should give a run for money to many of the existing top-slotted heroines who cannot show nuanced emotions. [pullquote position=”right”]With a one-corner dimpled face and a vivacity that strikes you in all varieties of costumes, Lavanya can go places with her screen presence and sparkling expressions.[/pullquote] Sometimes glamor is not just over-exposure and overkill as the heroines make it out to be; Lavanya has rekindled the essence of a promising heroine. For both Nani and Lavanya, the color-coordinated dressing in blue color enhances their natural vibes with each other on screen.

Music by Gopi Sundar enhances the watchability of BBM. The man who composed the music for Bangalore Days gives a fresh music with a distinct sound  to Tollywood audience who are used to unimaginative music arrangements. In the quest for speed and rhythms, most music directors stopped using simple chords, chorus humming and traditional instruments in today’s songs. More so, they are not giving a chance to new voices. In the five songs which are all set in different tempos but simple melodic mixes, Gopi Sundar tries Mandolin, fusion music in the Endaro Mahanubhavulu and fresh voices like Renuka Arun. Despite the mix-up in pace of songs, ranging from slow to fast beats, nobody got up from the seat for any of the songs yet they looked fresh in choreography as well as visually. Mottamodati Saari is also rich and fresh-voice-rendered number. The range of music and the BGM scores suggest Gopi Sundar can go a long way, provided our success-seeking film-makers give him more chances. Cinematography by Nizan Shafi shows Maruti’s film in a totally different and respectable light. From the first film Eerojullo to now, Maruti has shown the most-stupendous transformation.

The director puts a disclaimer at the start of the film with an Alfred Hitchcock quote: “When Drama begins, logic ends.” Perhaps, he is mindful that some of the criticism can come his way for his treatment of the hero’s medical condition. As the drama gets into an overdrive, you get an idea that nobody wants to have hero Nani get examined by a doctor for any cure for his malaise. These days, your own smartphone can be programmed to remind yourself out of any situation. But nobody, neither his father or mother, or his lover ever get the thought to explore a cure for his mental condition or see a doctor. And there is no attempt from Nani to regroup himself for navigating life. It could be a multi-tasking addiction – this creates some contrived humor at times but the overall message is clear: Despite memory-loss and related problems, you can overcome everything with good ambition, the love of near-ones and a ray of hope for the future. Maruti has delivered this message with a subtlety and light-heartedness that will surely win him more family audiences than he ever got in his career so far. Commercial format keeps changing all the time but this film will stun all the critics of Maruti – he created one helluva of a family entertainer with an outstanding comedy touch. The climax scenes remind you of many recent Tollywood films but the grip continues almost till the end. Watch it with family  – it is going to be loads of fun and the best entertainment of the year so far.

Rating: 3.75/5

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Bhale Bhale Magadivoy off to a flying start


Nani is back with a bang. After a spate of flops, Nani got a big hit with Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. Bhale Bhale Magadivoy is off to a flying start at the box office in USA and India. In India, BBM started with almost 80% occupancies which is huge taking into account the track record of Nani before this film. Most surprisingly, BBM grossed $71K from USA premiers which is a mind boggling number. In USA, BBM is now looking at handsome profits for all the parties involved thanks to low landing costs. Maruthi and Nani have a winner on hands now which will be a money spinner in India as well. Geetha Arts’ sister concern Geetha Arts-2 produced this film in association with UV Creations.

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Nani as Bala Krishna fan


Young hero Nani is awaiting the result of his film Bhale Bhale Magadivoy which is releasing tomorrow. Meanwhile he is busy promoting the film and shooting for his next film simultaneously. His next film is being produced by 14 reels entertainement and is being directed by Hanu Raghavapudi of Andala Rakshasi fame. In this fame Nani will be seen as a hardcore fan of Nandamuri Bala Krishna eho hails from Ananthapur district in Andhra Pradesh. This film is tentatively titled Jai Balayya and is 40% complete. This film is being extensively shot in and around Anathapur district.

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Mani Sharma to compose music for Nani


Music maestro Mani Sharma, who is once a leading music director in South India film industry, is now short of offers and he has been on a downward spiral lately. Recently, he has shown signs of making a comeback with some films in his kitty. The latest update is that he will soon compose music for young hero Nani’s next project which will be directed by Indraganti Mohan Krishna. Nani is currently busy shooting for an untitled film and his project with Mohan Krishna will go on floors later this year. The makers have confirmed Mani Sharma as music composer and soon he will start the music settings for the film. Mani Sharma has recently worked for Balakrishna’s Lion and also gave back ground music for NTR’s Temper.

Telugu360 is always open for the best and bright journalists. If you are interested in full-time or freelance, email us at Krishna@telugu360.com.

Bhale Bhale Magadivoy Releasing On September 4th


Nani and Lavanya Tripathi’s Bhale Bhale Magadivoy is all set to release on September 4th 2015. This memory loss theme romantic comedy is hot in trade circles post the release of its music and theatrical trailer. Music scored by Gopi Sundar is super succesfull and the theatrical trailer clearly established the high comedy quotient in the film. Nani is making a comeback of sorts with this film after a string of not so succesfull films at the box office. Director Maruthi is working around the clock to ready the film for release. BBM is being mixed in Dolby Atmos sound. Bunny Vas is producing the film on Geeta Arts 2 banner.

Telugu360 is always open for the best and bright journalists. If you are interested in full-time or freelance, email us at Krishna@telugu360.com.



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