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Why are TDP biggies wary of taking on Kodali Nani?


Why is YSRCP motor-mouth Kodali Nani going unchallenged? Why is the Opposition TDP not taking him on? Why are the TDP leaders not countering Kodali Nani’s abrasive and abusive comments? The TDP is finding itself unable to effectively counter Kodali Nani’s comments.

Minister Kodali Nani especially targets Chandrababu and Lokesh. His attacks are vicious and he uses words that are demeaning. But, none of the TDP biggies are countering him. No one is talking to the media to deflect Nani’s criticism. Earlier, Devineni Uma, who belongs to the same social category that Nani belongs to, used to counter him effectively. But, internal party dynamics have relegated him to the background. He is not coming out in defence of the party chief these days. Even when he speaks, the media coverage is minimal.

Leaders like Atchen Naidu, Kala Venkat Rao and Ayyanna Patrudu are not even responding to Kodali Nani’s vituperative attacks. Leaders like Yanamala are claiming that they are too senior to counter him. Earlier leaders like Prattipati Pulla Rao and Yarapatineni Srinivasa Rao used to issue counters. But these days, they are totally off the radar. In fact, Pulla Rao is not even active in the party affairs.

All this is having a demoralizing effect on the party cadre, especially in Krishna and Guntur districts. Recently when Lokesh went and met the kin of the killed TDP leaders in the Rayalaseema region, Kodali Nani gave them an acid tongue lashing. He particularly targeted Lokesh and the attack was particularly abusive. Yet, there was no counter from the TDP. No leader worth his salt countered him. Why are the leaders from the same community as that of Kodali Nani not reacting, the party cadres ask. Will TDP top bosses do something about it?

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Kodali’s all out attack on Naidu, Ramoji, RK, TV5 Naidu


As expected, CM Jagan Reddy used his last weapon in his armoury to attack his rivals. He is none other than Minister Kodali Nani who has begun his belated but bitter criticism of the opponents. Kodali directly attacked Chandrabau, Ramoji Rao, ABN Radha Krishna and TV5 Naidu, saying that these foursome were suffering from symptoms that were more dangerous than even Coronavirus. These four persons were spreading all lies to defame the Governments.

Kodali told the people that PM Modi and CM Jagan were working efficiently to control the Covid epidemic at the national and the State levels. But the above four persons were not able to see the good work being done by the AP regime. In a single day, over 6 lakh people were administered the Corona vaccine in AP. Why can’t these four persons see this as an achievement of the State Government?

Minister Kodali strongly defended the booking of a case against Chandrababu Naidu, saying that the TDP chief created a scare among the people. The CBN420 virus originated in Naravaripalle to destroy the State as a whole. CM Jagan has written two letters already to the Centre for vaccines supply. Chandrababu’s madness reached a peak.

Kodali said it was not easy to procure vaccines and the Government would transfer Rs. 1,600 Cr to Chandrababu’s account if he could get 10 lakh doses per day for AP. It was not like mixing water in Heritage milk to buy vaccines at this critical time.

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Kodali predicts 4.5 lakh majority in Tirupati bypoll


Amid non-stop allegations, the YCP Ministers have started making counter arguments on the issue of bogus voters in the Tirupati by-election. They say that if there is indeed a problem of fake voters, then the overall polling percentage would have touched 90 percent and above. But actually, just 64.29 percent polling was recorded in the just concluded bypoll and this is over 15.47 percent less than the voting percentage in 2019.

Making these logical arguments, Minister Kodali Nani has come before the media and straightaway launched a scathing attack on the Opposition parties. He asserted that their party would not need any bogus voters for winning the by-election. The Minister confidently said that the YCP nominee would get anywhere around 4.5 lakh majority in the Tirupati bypoll.

Nani’s latest claim further raised doubts among the rival parties about the extent of violations that could have been resorted in the election. On its part, the TDP is challenging whether the YCP Ministers would swear on the God of Tirupati that they did not bring fake voters from outside constituencies.

Even before the poll, the YCP claimed it would get far higher majorities than before and they would cross 3 lakh or 5 lakh. Now, the latest figure given by Nani is 4.5 lakh. The result would be announced on May 2.

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Kodali comments force TDP into defensive mode


Everytime, there is a political crisis, Minister Kodali Nani comes to the fore to defend CM Jagan Reddy and the YCP. Especially, when there are huge corruption allegations against the CM, the Minister raises his voice. Almost all the time, Kodali’s attacks on the TDP go along personal lines. He unhesitatingly calls Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh in different abusive terms which other politicians usually avoid.

In his latest attack also, Kodali has used unparliamentary language against Naidu and Lokesh. The attack came at a time when the TDP levelled ‘quid pro quo’ allegations against Jagan Reddy in allotment of sand mining to one particular bankrupt company with total rights in the State.

After the Jagan Government lost the CID cases in the High Court, the YCP faced a bitter attack from the TDP. The YCP leaders were not able to come out with counter attacks. The TDP started challenging Jagan Reddy to prove his party allegations against Naidu in the Amaravati assignment lands.

At such a time, Kodali came on to the scene and launched a personal attack to which the TDP was found searching for the right language to counter the Minister’s attacks. Undoubtedly, the TDP is unable to match with the abusive words that are being used by the YCP Ministers from time to time. Obviously, the YCP leaders fearlessly use any sort of language because they have got support from above. But, the TDP leaders are thinking twice before making any comments considering the moderate language usually used by their party top leaders.

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Jagan offers ‘Siva Ratri’ puja at Gudiwada


The Siva Ratri utsavams are being held with great fervour all over Andhra Pradesh. Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy took part in the celebrations at the NTR stadium in Gudiwada. Minister Kodali Nani and other leaders participated.

The Chief Minister performed ‘abhishekam’ to Sivalinga on the occasion. Kodali appeared in his devotional attire. A large number of devotees of Siva attended and offered puja at the venue. The organisers held special prayers to mark the significance of the day.

The chant of Siva resounded in major shrines like Srisailam, Srikalahasti, Amaravati, Kotappakonda and other temples. The devotees arrived in large numbers to offer their special prayers. Temple fairs were held to mark the occasion.

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Kodali can speak to media but should not insult SEC


It has become a regular ritual for the ruling YCP Ministers to get involved in cases but soon find relief from the courts. Now, the High Court of Andhra Pradesh has cancelled the order of State Election Commissioner Ramesh Kumar who banned Minister Kodali Nani from speaking to the media.

The High Court has given permission to Kodali to speak to the media. But at the same time, the court has ordered him not to pass comments on the SEC. Also, the court has just given interim orders on this issue. The SEC lawyer has argued that the Minister made insulting comments against the SEC at his press conference dated 12-2-2021. Kodali’s comments were in the manner of making the SEC look like an inefficient institution in the eyes of the public.

The SEC lawyer further argued that a person occupying the high post of a Minister should maintain self restraint and should give respect to a constitutional institution like the Election Commission.

However, the Minister’s lawyer told the court that the SEC has powers only with regard to the conduct of the election process. The SEC cannot take away the Minister’s right to freedom of expression.

On hearing both sides, the court gave interim orders giving relief to the Minister. A similar order was given in respect of Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy in the past.

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High Court shock to Kodali Nani, asks for tapes


The High Court of Andhra Pradesh has refused to give immediate relief to Minister Kodali Nani without seeing the videotapes of his statements made against the State Election Commission (SEC). The SEC lawyer has asked the court not to give its order without seeing the tapes. Problems arose in the past when the High Court gave relief to Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy and MLA Jogi Ramesh without checking what they said against the SEC.

Kodali Nani moved a House Motion before the High Court today as it was a holiday being a Sunday. Nani’s lawyer told the court that the SEC has banned him from speaking to the media and holding official meetings as well even though the Minister has not said anything hurtful.

The High Court then asked whether Nani’s lawyer had attached the video showing Nani’s statement against the SEC. When he said that it was not attached, the court asked him to provide the video tomorrow. The hearing was also postponed for Monday afternoon at 2.15 p.m.

SEC Ramesh Kumar took a serious note of the SEC getting adverse orders from the court in the case of Peddireddy and Jogi Ramesh. This time, he made sure that the court should get to know full details of Kodali Nani’s outburst against the SEC before issuing any order.

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TDP gets sweet victory in Kodali Nani native village


Minister Kodali Nani has been making unsparing attacks on Chandrababu Naidu, Lokesh and other leaders. His attacks have led to the SEC ordering a case to be booked against him. Now, Kodali suffered a severe setback and the TDP got a morale-boosting victory. The TDP supported candidate won the panchayat election in Kodali’s native village, Yalamarru. It is located in Pedaparupudi mandal in the Pamarru assembly segment.

Though Kodali is representing Gudiwada segment in the Assembly, the defeat in his native village located in the neighbouring segment is being seen as a big victory for the Opposition cadres. TDP candidate Kolluri Anusha won over the YCP candidate with a majority of 271 votes. The news brought great cheer and they took her in a procession amid fireworks. Kodali Nani’s wife’s village is also Yalamarru. Despite the presence of his relations and strong ties, the TDP defeated the YCP there.

The TDP also celebrated its victory in the native village of YCP MP Gorantla Madhav in Anantapuram. The TDP candidate won it unanimously there.Both Kodali and Madhav were known for their bitter criticism of Chandrababu Naidu. With the latest victories, the Opposition are in an upbeat mood.

The State Election Commission has been taking stringent steps which left YCP Ministers Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy and Kodali Nani with no choice but to keep silent on the election process.

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Ramesh orders criminal intimidation case against Kodali


State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar has started using the powers vested in him to put a full stop to the YCP Ministers’ non-stop attacks. As the head of an autonomous, constitutional institution, Mr. Ramesh Kumar has now ordered the Krishna District SP to register a case against Minister Kodali Nani.

The SEC ordered for registering a case against Kodali under sections 504, 5050(1)(c) and 506. These sections were for the Minister deliberately insulting the SEC, provoking feelings and for criminal intimidation against the Election Commission. The SEC instructed the SP to book the election code violations against Kodali. Now, the ball is in the court of the police district boss. Right now, the police all over the State are under tremendous pressure from the YCP.

This is the first time that Ramesh Kumar has straightaway ordered the police to book cases. He has even mentioned the sections of the IPC under which the SP has to book the cases.

Ramesh relatively gave a lesser punishment to Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy who however got some relief from the High Court. This has not brought change in the YCP Ministers’ attitude. The SEC was greatly angered by the refusal of Kodali Nani to give reply to his show cause notice. As usual, the YCP would once again go to the court seeking relief from the SEC order to file cases against Kodali. All roads lead to the court nowadays in AP.

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SEC very short deadline to Kodali on ration vehicles


State Election Commissioner N Ramesh Kumar has changed his tactic. Everytime, he is taking serious action, the YCP Ministers and MLAs are getting relief from the court. This time, he has begun to issue notices and release the same in the media. In his latest move, Ramesh has given a notice to Minister Kodali Nani on the issue of ban on ration delivery vehicles in the poll-bound areas.

In a very attacking tone, Ramesh Kumar issued a show cause notice to the Minister asking him to give his reply in person or through a representative to the Election Commission. He gave a very short deadline for the Minister’s reaction by not giving him even a day’s time. Kodali Nani has passed damaging remarks against the SEC for ordering removal of the YCP colours and the CM photo from the ration vehicles. The Minister promptly replied, refusing to give his reply and merely asked the SEC to withdraw his showcase.

Ramesh Kumar has also given a notice to YCP MLA Jogi Ramesh for his threats to the voters. Jogi Ramesh has threatened to remove pensions and Rythu Bharosa and other benefits if anybody was found voting for the Opposition parties. As these videos of Jogi Ramesh got viral, the Election Commissioner has taken a serious view of this.

The SEC has also ordered Jogi Ramesh not to speak to the media to make comments against the Election Commission. The MLA is also threatening to go to court. Only recently, Minister Peddireddy got relief from the court against the SEC ban to speak to the media.

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Chandrababu will not let NTR get Bharat Ratna: Kodali Nani


Andhra Pradesh Civil Supplies minister and firebrand Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) leader Kodali Sri Venkateshwara Rao on Tuesday said Telugu Desam Party (TDP) supremo Nara Chandrababu Naidu will not let the late NT Rama Rao receive the prestigious Bharat Ratna award.

“At Mahanadu, they claim that NTR should be given Bharat Ratna but in proper format they never give this demand. Did Naidu take a cabinet decision that NTR should be given Bharat Ratna?” questioned Rao, who is popularly known as Kodali Nani.

He said Naidu doesn’t even ask for that award to NTR in the capacity of TDP supremo and alleged that he suspended NTR from the party and grabbed his chief minister’s seat.

“As long as Naidu is alive, he will not let NTR receive Bharat Ratna because he is the first enemy of NTR,” alleged Rao.

Rao also did not mince words in criticizing Naidu and alleging that he was responsible for the death of NTR.

The YSRCP leader noted that in the event of Bharat Ratna being given to NTR, technically it will be received by his wife Lakshmi Parvathy as she is alive.

“When a husband wins Bharat Ratna, the award will be given to his wife not to daughters, sons or sons-in-law. That means Lakshmi Parvathy will go and receive the Bharat Ratna award, which he (Naidu) doesn’t like. So that’s why he never proposes to anyone to give Bharat Ratna to NTR,” claimed Rao.

Other than merely repeating this wish at the death anniversary, he said Naidu doesn’t do anything beyond on this matter.

Conferring the award on NTR is a longtime demand of his supporters and admirers across the state.

Naidu is the son-in-law of NTR

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Kodali’s ultimate idea to ‘persecute’ Naidu, Lokesh, etc


No wonder, the YCP Government may take its ‘arm twisting’ tactics to the next level against the TDP leaders. Already, cases are being filed against Chandrababu Naidu, Lokesh, Atchannaidu and everyone who raises voice. Lower level TDP leaders are becoming victims in murders as well.

Now, YCP Minister Kodali Nani has come out with a new idea which is indeed alarming. He may have made a political statement but all such comments are coming true one by one. Kodali has recommended that wholesale narco tests should be conducted on Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh to make them tell the truth.

The Minister says that these narco tests should be conducted on Ashok Gajapati Raju and at least 10 TDP leaders so that they will reveal what happened in Ramateertham. Already, Vijay Sai Reddy accused Ashok Gajapati of failing to safeguard Rama statue in his capacity as the Chairman of the Temple board.

Whatever, Kodali Nani’s latest statements have sent shockwaves in the AP political circles. Analysts say that the YCP is indeed using every available option to suppress the voice of Naidu and TDP. It is not surprising that the narco test idea is brought forward to threaten the TDP.

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Kodali Nani gives a new definition to Google search


The YCP uses its firebrand Minister Kodali Nani usually to target Chandrababu Naidu, Nara Lokesh and TDP coastal leaders belonging to one particular caste. Now, Nani is used to target the just-retired High Court Judge Justice Rakesh Kumar. Kodali Nani mocked at the way in which the judge included in his order his comments on Jagan’s 6093 search data in Google.

Very coolly, Kodali clarified to Justice Rakesh Kumar that the same Google was giving a different account of Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy. When the YCP admirers pressed the computer button, the Google was saying that Jagan Reddy was a strong leader who successfully fought with a 40-year old political party in AP. The search engine would also say that Jagan Reddy never touched anybody else’s feet and never surrendered before others.

Kodali Nani explained to the judge that the Google would give information as per the wishes of those who browse. This is why the judge has failed to get correct information about Jagan Reddy in the Google search. If there was a proper search, the Google would give all right information.

In the whole argument, the Minister did not talk about number 6093 as mentioned by the judge. Undoubtedly, Justice Rakesh Kumar dealt a severe blow to the CM and his admirers by including his sarcastic comments on Jagan’s track record in his last and final order on Build AP Mission before his retirement.

Another final twist is how Kodali can redefine Google search when his education background is well known. He himself said that he is 8th passed and 10th failed.

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Pawan fires sarcastic comments at Kodali Nani


After a long time, Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan targetted his strong attacks on the ruling YCP leaders. He began a tour of Krishna district today. At a road show held in Gudivada town, the Senani mockingly said that the YCP leaders were having total concentration on running gambling dens but not good administration and good governance. The criticism was apparently aimed at hitting Minister Kodali Nani who represents the Gudivada segment in the AP Assembly.

Pawan expressed concern and strongly objected to the State Government and the ruling party leaders for showing indifference to maintenance of roads. Nobody in the Government was bothering to repair the roads that have become unmotorable. It is high time that the same people who gave 151 out of 175 MLA seats to the YCP should question its regime on the bad maintenance of roads.

Jana Senani commented that the YCP leaders were showing good efficiency in running gambling dens but not in serving the people. On its part, the Jana Sena would continue to agitate till all the farmers get justice and their crop compensation because of damages in heavy rains.

Also, Pawan warned that his party cadres would courageously confront the YCP leaders who were making arrogant threats and adamant remarks against the Jana Sena.

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Chandrababu sent to underground drainage by voters: Kodali


The Eluru mystery illness and its continuing impact on people has brought a new kind of politics before the people. This is counter allegations between the ruling and the opposition parties on the drainage systems. Minister Kodali Nani has taken strong objection to the remarks made by former CM Chandrababu Naidu who has said that earlier today that the YCP Government has not even ensured cleaning of drainage systems. This was why the outbreak of mystery disease took place in Eluru.

In a sharp reaction, Nani went on hurling abuses on the TDP chief, saying that Chandrababu Naidu was like a curse hanging on the head of the Telugu Desam Party. Without any proper logic, Mr. Naidu was wrongly politicising the Eluru incident. Nani further said that the cheap politics of Chandrababu Naidu had upset so much that the voters had sent to the underground drainage never to recover from that.

These days, CM Jaganmohan Reddy has been using Minister Nani exclusively to attack Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh once again. Several incidents were coming up one by one embarrassing the Government like the cyclone, Eluru disease, etc. Every time the TDP chief tried to corner the YCP, Kodali Nani was coming to the forefront to issue aggressive counters.

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Kodali’s reverse attack on TDP rout in GHMC polls


Strange are the ways of the Andhra parties in Hyderabad. The TDP contested the GHMC polls. The Jana Sena fielded candidates but withdrew them to help the BJP. The YCP didn’t contest at all but it was greatly overjoyed and in a celebratory mood over the TDP debacle.
As expected, YCP Minister Kodali Nani came forward and launched a bitter attack on Chandrababu Naidu on the issue of the GHMC polls. He said that all the 106 candidates fielded by the TDP lost deposits. The TDP doesn’t deserve to be called a national party any longer.
Nani further said that Chandrababu has destroyed the TDP over which its founder NTR’s soul would feel great pain. Going by how the TDP fortnues were getting spoilt, it would not get the Opposition status in the next AP elections. Naidu would not become even the Opposition Leader. Naidu has turned the TDP into an ineffective party with no identity. It wouldn’t be possible for Naidu to face a people’s leader like Jaganmohan Reddy.
On their part, the TDP leaders support Naidu’s decision, saying that it is better to have contested and lost than never to have contested at all.

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Ramesh Kumar complaints to Governor on Kodali Nani


State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar seems to be in no mood to take nonsense from the YSRCP leaders.

After a barrage of objectionable and derogatory remarks against him, Ramesh Kumar has now decided to take up the matter seriously.
The SEC on Thursday lodged a complaint with Andhra Pradesh Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan against Kodali Nani for the insidious remarks he made against the election commissioner.
Along with the letter, Ramesh Kumar has sent clippings of the remarks made by Kodali Nani to the Governor. In his letter, Ramesh Kumar stated that Kodali Nani was trying to instigate the employees against the state election commission. Ramesh Kumar sought immediate action against Kodali Nani.

Criticizing Ramesh Kumar, Kodali Nani said the government employees were not ready to take part in election duties due to the severity of Covid-19.

This is not the first time that Ramesh Kumar had faced derogatory remarks. In the past, YSRP Rajya Sabha MP V Vijay Sai Reddy called Ramesh Kumar a dog who was seated on a golden throne and said he should be called “Naravari Gabbilam” (a bat of Nara family), while YSRCP MLA Ramachandra Reddy called the SEC as a “vedhava” (stupid). It is not just the MLAs and MPs, Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy himself has attacked caste motives to Ramesh Kumar after he postponed the local bodies elections in March citing Covid-19 pandemic. Casting aspersions on the neutrality of Ramesh Kumar, and hinting that he was biased towards the TDP owing to caste considerations, Jagan Mohan Reddy alleged, “the-then CM Chandrababu Naidu appointed Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar as SEC because both of them belong to the same social group, and now, Ramesh Kumar is showing his bias.”

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‘Agnyatavasi’ SEC hand in glove with Zoom Babu: Kodali


As expected, the ruling YCP Ministers and Advisors began their scathing attacks on State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar on his proposal for the February local polls. Minister Kodali Nani, who is known for using the foulest language possible, has begun his attack from the front lines. Nani said that Nimmagadda apparently has no trust in the Constitutional institutions though he himself is the head of such an institution.

Nani wondered why the SEC was preferring to respond to the open letters written by Chandrababu Naidu but not agreeing with the Government’s position. No Government employee is ready to take up duties for the local body polls in view of the Coronavirus pandemic. It was shameful on the part of the SEC to decide to hold local polls simply based on the appeals made by the TDP leader.

Kodali Nani described Nimmagadda as an ‘Agnyatavasi’ who sits in Hyderabad and holds consultations with the Zoom Babu Naidu. Both of them joined hands to cause severe losses to the life and property of the people. Though the virus situations was very serious, the SEC was adamantly and arrogantly wanting to hold the elections. However, the Government and the Government employees were not prepared to hold the polls.

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Ramesh cannot follow his own Constitution: Kodali


YCP’s most unsparing Minister Kodali Nani has made a devastating attack on State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar. He mockingly said that Nimmagadda would continue for a very short period of time in his office. At the most, he will continue as SEC for another three or six months. After that, he will retired and stay permanently in his Hyderabad residence having nothing to do with Andhra Pradesh.

Kodali Nani asserted that Nimmagadda cannot follow his own Constitution to conduct the elections without consulting the Government. The Minister outright said that the local body elections cannot be held in the next few months. A second wave of Coronavirus infections are expected to hit the State in November or December. In such a situation, the Government’s chief concern would be to protect the lives of the people.

Minister Nani further clarified that like before, not many staff could be shifted from one place to another for election duty. Moreover, because of Coronavirus, voters might not come out of their homes to cast their votes. In the interests of people’s health, the Government has no idea to hold local body polls now.

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Kodali Nani encouraged by Sajjala to comment on PM: TDP


Has PMO taken a serious view of Kodali Nani’s remarks? TDP leader Varla Ramaiah’s statements are confirming this. He has strongly objected to the highly objectionable comments made by YSRCP Minister Kodali Sri Venkateswara Rao (Kodali Nani) on Prime Minister Narendra Modi with regard to holding puja in temples.

Mr. Ramaiah accused Jagan Reddy Government’s Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy of encouraging Kodali Nani to pass such distasteful comments against none other than the Prime Minister.

The TDP senior leader asserted that naturally, the top leadership of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) took very serious view of the AP Minister’s outbursts that dragged Modi’s name into the needless controversy on the presentation of sacred silken robes at Tirumala temple.

Mr. Ramaiah said that after allowing the Minister to speak mindlessly, the YSRCP leadership was now trying to defend him by saying that Kodali Nani was not an educated person and that his comments were made out of lack of awareness of propriety and decorum. Now, the YCP leaders were pleading with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to excuse the AP Minister taking pity for his innocent remarks.

It may be recalled that a controversy has been raging over AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy presenting sacred silken robes to the deity at Tirumala temple alone. The Sadhus, Hindu organisations and the TDP have been demanding the CM to present the robes along with his spouse. But, Mr. Jagan Reddy has defiantly ignored these demands.

At this juncture, Kodali Nani has told the BJP leaders to first ask their Prime Minister to bring his spouse while visiting temples. Nani had also asked why PM Modi did not take his spouse for puja at Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

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